Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 23, 1933 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1933
Page 7
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TOLA, KANSAS— THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER; THURSDAY EVENING. MARCH 23. tnm -New York, Mar. 23. (APr—A swift .rebound in the share market inter- -lyirpted a decline which endured rive sessions today,' but prices settled back after an earjy upswing, : aOd gains of 1 to 4 points were .• niostly cut in half"the closing • t^tie was barely steady. Transfers K arflproxinated 950,000 shfire?. I The rally in shares was vigorous ; during the first hour, but trading ; turned extremely dull thereafter, as ' prices slid off from the best. Th^' - early upswing apparently gained , Impetus from short covering, and as • the demand from that soui-cc was satisfied, important buying power : seemed exhausted. Wheat and cot• tbi} moved in a similar course. American Telephone encountered ^ cJnisiderable selling, after rising 3»-j, - :ihd closed' with a net loss of a point. Case and Allied Chemical ; rose about 4 points, then . lost ; nJughly half their gains. A rise ' of 3 points in Union Pacific was • ciit to a fraction. Rails, farm im- V p^ments, mail orders, sugars and ; wfet stocks, showed conspicuous ; group firmness, and mostly closed • htgher. Among i-ssues finishing; up • a." point or so were Inisrnationai Harvester, American Sugar, Union 1 Carbide, American.Tobacco B; San- t.ii Fe, Consolidated Gas, and oth- •; eiB. A 2-polnt gain in U. S. SLecl • war,' virtually lost. •••J Hliih ? Cities Serv 2-.. SO of Ind 19', Amn Can .. . 59'» ; /.TAiT 99 •'/lifnn.Tob B 61 -'s . Atiaconda ...... 7 's ASchlson ... 45'', Auburn ' 36 • mth Steel 14', ^ Ciise 48 -S • Chrysler 10', : COns Gas 46 • C(ins Oil 5'j Dirug 34'- DuPont 39'.-• Gen Elec 14'.. Gen Motors 13 ' tut Hafv 24 '4 Mont Ward .... IS".. Packard 21.4 PCnney J C .... 22- N PhlUips Petr ... 6'; , Radio 4^'; : Socony 6'- Std Brands 17-'„ ' SO of NJ ...... 26">, > Texas Corp 13"', •; US steel 30r, Westingh E .... 26"s THE NEWFANGLED (Moneit Pop) brt, SUOAIS -YPU'VE HIS^O MS. VNOPRIED SCK- MADE -YOU SO U/STE Gertie and Al Get a Shock. By Cowan i ill ^Mwr 00 U JUST-. THAT.'I'M HIieO! YOb MEAN — >, BOUNCES! CWJWED H i iM YOU LOST yOUQ) OTHER yW09fi|5 ,>AR.|AFFEl. A LET ME GO ' • \ ? y - —^ 79 THERE'S SOMETH NC-I MlGHTV STRANr^K > ABOUT IT—Bt'-T -\LU . VME CAN DO i'ACF / THE M05IC Bride N^med By Doug Jr. liOW 2 'i 19 57'i 94'59>, 6\ 43'. 33'>. 13'u 45'9':: 43'.^ 5>s 33 H 37', IS '.'j 11-^ 22'- IS " I'N 22 6 4'-, 6 16 'i 26 12'i; . 29 • 25'. Clcse 2'i-4 ! 19'/4 .37'., 94 ',i 59'! 7 43 --i 33U 14 46 "4 9X. 43'5';- I 33-->, 38 14 11-; 22 13 H 22 6 4': 6', 17 26'', VIK 29 . 25'- , LOCAL PRODUCE • Eggs, firsts IQc Eggs, seconds 8c Eggs, thirds .. 6c fcpt^. untrnided 9c Hens, No. 1 8c Hens, No. 2 .6c Nf). 1 Springs, I'.i ibs. up 5c No. 2 Springs ' 3c Btitterfat, lb 12c Cocks 3c Geese, lb.- 2c Guineas, each 10c AVhlte Ducks, lb 3c /colored Ducks, lb 2c ' Hides, per ;!b Xc Mixed Corn, bu. 16c Yellow Corn, bu 16c V/heat. bu 33c K.nflr Com 15c I OaUs 1 10c l.ury iJoniinp, auove. is noiiey- iiiooiiing wfth Jorgen Dietz, who is suing Douglas Fairbanks Jr. for alloRed alienation of afTeetious of Dietz's former wife. Fairbanks Jr. said Miss Doraine i tried lo sell him a $300 piece of jewelry for $0000. jFairbanks called tbis an at|tempt at extortion. NEWS OF MORAN Mrs. J. H. Barrel! Entertains Members of Morah Unit of Farin Bureau Friday. down, $4.85-$5.50; good and choice 'X) 90-98 lbs., $4.75-5.40; ewes, 90150 lbs., $l'.75-$2.75. (X) Quotatiojis based on ewes and wethers. ' Kaasas City Ha.v. ;Kan6fiR City, Miuch 23. Kiiy 22 cars, uiichungt'd. 'API — KiinsaM City f'rodurc ',• Knrwiifl City, Mar, 23. fAPi— E«K.S 10, Other iiroduce uiichnn«('(l, KiinNiii. City Oriiln, K'linsiiN city, Mnv, 2:1. lAPiWhetit: !W cnrs J lilalii-r. No, 2, diirk hard, nom,, 4U -5a; No. 3. noni.. 4T--57; No, 2. hiird. 4T,, No. .1 nom., 47-.ifli-: No, 2, red, nom.. 47-fi2i!.; No, 3, nom,. 40'.-51'-, . Close: May 4.")',: Julv 45%. ^ Sept. Corn: 24 cars; ',-1 higher. No. 2. wJiltp. nom.. 27-27'_-; No. 3, nom.. 36' M -27; No.. 2. yellow 27; No. 3, nom.. 26!'.:-27. No. 2, mixed, nom.. 2G'::-27; No.. 3, 26'-. Close: May 25',: Julv 26\: Sept. 2£M. Oats: 8 cars; uncliangcd. No. 2. .white, nom., 19-20; No. 3. 19. Milo maize, nom., 5G-f;n. ' Kafir, hom.. 48-51. ' R\c. nom., 38-39. •Rnrlcy, nom., 25-28'J. K. C. Livestock Close. ' Sheep: Lambs slow.-iOc-15c lower; most fed wooled Iambs to packers S5.15-$5.40; «)me held higher. : Hogs and cattle unchjfhged. . Kansas City. March 23. iAP»— J Estimated live.stock receipts for to: -morrow: • ' Cattle l.OQO; hogs 2,000; sheep >A',100. Kansas City Livatock. Kansas CiLv. March 23. (AP)—U. •S. D. A.—Hogs 3.500; 560 direct; ; I'alrly active, mostly 5c higher than • Wednesday's average; top $3.75 on 180-240 lbs.; good and' choice 140160 lbs., $3,45 -$3 .65: 160rl80 lbs., $3.50-$3 .75; 180-220 lbs., Si3 .65 -$3.75; 220-290 lbs., $3.60-53 .75; 290-350 lbs., $3 .50-$3.70; packing sows S2 .90 -$3.35; stock pigs S2.40-$2.7>, Cattle 2.200;-calves 300; market generally' steady; choice 1340-lb. steers $5,50; best light weight steers $5.35; steers, good and choice 550900 lbs., $5.00 T $7 00; 900-1100 lbs., ' $4 .85-$7 .00; 110()-1300 lbs,, $4.25$6.50; 1300-1500: Ib.s,. $4 .00-$5,75; • t'ommon and medium $3.25-$4.83; lielfens, good ant choice $4,Q0-$5.75; cows, good, $2,75 $3,16; vealers, milk led, medium to choice S8XW-$6.50; Ktocker and feeder steers $4,00-$6.7 .'5. Sheep «,5«0; Mpw; nothing sold ' early; olienlnB.bids iiround aSc low- i>r; best led lambs held nbovo $9,50; lambs, (cood nndj choice (x^ 00 Iba. THE J. F.; GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. C. O. COGHILL, Manager POULTRY AND EGGS . Egg Cases and Supplies start Your Chicks Rlirht USE PILLSBURY 8TABTINQ/F00D Old and Reliable—Established 1911 Comer Monroe and Elm .(Just West ol the Water Tower) ELMCRBEK Mr, and Mrs. J. B. Overmeye:- or Ponca pity spent the week-end at the home of Mi', and Mrs, J. S. Overmeyer.ftnd family. Ml-, and] Mrs. Fred Smith and son v.i're oallcrF nt the A. T. Baker home simriny afternoon. Mr;,; John Bherrlll vlsHcd with Mrs. Sieve Town.send '.)!' csdny nfiernoon. Mrs, Elmer Conover and Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Ralph Shcrrlll and her f*l;il.rr, lolti, Wfcl) Mr. tmd .Min s))fnl Mr, .i .'itl fimlly, Mr. aiidj Mrs. Curly Sanders of Iol ;i. and Mr. and Mrs. Pole were callers at tlw home of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Drake Monday. . Mr. Tom Ewing spent Saturday nlgJ;t with; his sirter. Mra. J. Lamb and family. Mr. and Mi's. F. E. Provancha and. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Provancha were callers at |the G. W. Barker homo Monday evening. ^fr. and! Mrs. Earl McCall and d^iufihter. iMaxine. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tabler and son Don. and Mr. Edwin Lundrigan, all of Walnut, Kas.. Mr. Johnnie Geir and Mattio Nell of Hcpler, Mr. Tom Ewing of lola. Mr. and Mrs, J. A. Lamb anr! .son John Jr., sjjent Suno'ay at th'.' George Balla home. Mr. and Mrs. John Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Andrews, and Mr. and Mrs. George Rose and twr> daughters were callers at the W. S. V^x^yxi: home Sunday. Miss Geneva Carson silent Saturday with Winifred Balla. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Cannon and dauchter Virginia Cannon were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. E Provancha and family, Sim- dny. Mr. Porr>- Wboc^ and Lon Willson of Kar^lord, K-as., spent Wednesday at Mr. J. A. Lambs, Miss Virginia Cannon spent Monday night with Alice Provancha. Mrs. Colleen Call, Miss Doris and Donald Johnson called on Miss Winifred Balla Simday afternoon. Mrs, J. W. Rielly called on Mrs. G. W. Barker Monday afternoon. The A. C. club will meet with Mv;*, W, S. Drake on March 23. A small ad In the Classified columns often puts over a blK deal WAHTTOLBOKirOUHB? Tlie secret of kcepiivg younj; ii to feel youiiK—to do lliin you must watch your liver and bowelB— there's no need of hiivlntr a Ballo \y complcxJpn— dark rinuji under your eyes—pirnplcs —a bilious Jorik m your facc-ktull eyes with ho sparkle. Your doctor will tell you ninety per cent of all sickness comes from inactive bowels and liver. Dr. EdwardB, a well-known physician in Ohio, perfected a vegetable compound as a substitute for calomel to act on the liver and bowels, wliicli he jave to his patienU for years. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets are gentle in their action yet always effective. They help bring about that natural buoyancy which all should enjoy by toninc up the liver and clearing the system 01 impiuities. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets are knownby thekoUvecolor. 15c,,30c,60c MORAN, Mar. 21.—Moran friends extend sincere sympathy to D. R. Goyette and others of his family in the death of his father Prank Goyette of Ekmpre as a result of a motor car accident Friday near LaHarpe. Funeral services are to, be held this afternoon at ELsmore with Interment In tbe cemetery at that place. Other relatives and. friends besides the D. B. Goyette family who will attend the funeral from here include the J. J. Bowman family and a number of friends. Funeral services for Mr. Fred Schalek whose death occurred Friday evening at nine o'clock following a stroke of paralysis a ;few hours earlier were held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 at the Baptist church in Bronson, conducted by Rev. N. A. Peck pastor of the Moran Presbyterian church. The deceased was 84 years of age and the family had been residents of the community northeast of Moran many years. Since the death of his wife about nine months-ago Mr. Schalek has made his home with his son Lawrence and family. Other children surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Jim Tinsley. Moran: and Mrs. Dick Sisson, and'a son. Will, of the home address. Also a half brother John Bailey. Moran friends extend sincere sympathy to the family in their bereavement. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Prqut and children Kansas City came Saturday afternoon for a short visit with Mrs. Prout's sister Mrs.- E. T. Qilr more and family and with her father P. N. Hartzog and Mrs. Hartzog LaHarpe. Miss Gertrude Gilmore »1io had been in Kansas City the past two weeks visiting returned with them to her home here. Willis Messinger a former business man here, now of Kansas City, was in town Saturday calling on old friends., Misses Eva Hurley of Kansas City and Velma Shumard of Pittsbiu-g visited over the week-end with Miss Hurley's parents Mr. and Mrs. John Hurley and at the home of Miss Shumard in Colony. j Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Smith entertained a few days the last of the week their son Ted Smith and family of Wellington and on Sunday their son Blynn Smith and family of Oarnett and their daughter jMrs. Dee Mitchell and family of Cha- nutc. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Rees visited Mrfi, Rccs'8 uncle Andy Inman at LnHiiriX! Wednesday nlternoon and found him somewhat Improved in health. His frtend.s here hope he will soon be recovered. Mr, nnd Mrs. Lofjnn Price formerly of Marshall, Mo,, are here visiting and may decide to locate in Moran permanently. The following group of friends motored to Parsons Sunday where they were guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Rude and children; Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Brouillard, Rex Lee and Barbara Jean. Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Mendell. Kathryn nnd Betty Jo. Mrs. Harriet "Twineham and Virginia. Mrs. Ruby Kerschner, Mr. and Mrs. George Weast. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McAdam and George Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley -Barton and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bartlett. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McCormack and two sons Lorcn and John were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. |G. H. Ford and Marjorle. The Moran unit of toe farm bureau met in a called meeting Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. H. Burrell with the following members present. Mesdames Carl Shlvely, Clay Weast. F. : H. Pratt, L. O. Smith, Veva Hobart, Randall Day. John Day. E. E. Miner, Sarah Perkins. B. R. Nevltt. P. M. Doop, Ml D. Sickly. Ora Prettyman. Guests included Mrs. Frank Rees, Mrs. E. H. Bartlett. Mrs. Cal Hart, Mrs. A. L. Anderson and Miss Gladys Rogers. Rev. J. B. Williams was a dinner guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Burrell. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrin and daughter Paye went to Pulton Saturday where they are visiting relatives for a few days. . Ed Davis who has employment in lola spent the week-end with his family here. Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Cook and son Maurice of Chanute, called on a number of old friends here Sunday. Ladles of the Palrlawn Farmers union will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. C. Norton and complete the work of making a woolen comfort us a gift for Mrs, Q. E, Laccy. Mr. and Mri. Fred Apt and children of lolft were over night guMta Saturday of Mrs. Apt 's parents. Mr. tfnd Mrs. J. C, Norton. Other gtieats on Sunday were Major T. P. Llm- bocker nnd son Frank and Miss Elizabeth Apt of loin. ' • E. T. OUmore and daughter Miss Gertrude and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gllmore visited Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Hartzog and Mrs, E. T. Gllmore who has been assL'rt^ng In the care of Mi-s. Hartzog since she was injured by a motor truck several days ago. Mrs. Hartzog remains in quite a serious condition. The radical change In the weather will delay the farmers for a few days. The early gardens are planted as well as some fields of flax. PANTHER WOMAN^LION Itf AN The Panther Woman and the Lion Man met at the Paramount studios during the filming of "King of the Jungle," new Paramount picture coming tonight and Friday to the Uptown theater, in which Buster Crabbe, The Lion Man. chosen for the role in a national competition, is starred. Kathleen Burke, The Panther Woman, won the title in another national competition for the starring role in "Island of Last Souls," recently released. MT. PLEASANT John Starliper called at the home of A. L. Gemmill Sunday. Miss Elizabeth Johnson spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. Glenn Bangs and fanilly. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Enos and family spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bennett and Paulie. The evening was spent playing pinoclile. A. L. Gemmill visited at the Emmit Smith home Simday. Leo and Forest Chlckadonz spent last Wednesday with the E. A. Dey family. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ferguson and son Charles motoi-ed to Chanute Saturday. Mr, and Mrs. Andy Ludlum were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. FIoj^ Everltt and family. Mrs. Arnold Albert and Bobby spent Sunday afternoon with Mr, and Mrs. CarrOl Lander and Jean. Mrs, Floyd Everltt and Mrs. George Reodel were in Fort Scott Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Emmit Smith called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Early and son Friday evening. Mrs. Mason and Bill called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Starliper Monday. Grant Inman, Neal Howard, and Lucille Everitt went to Fort Scott Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Beaman spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Everitt. Willie Van Smith visited his grandfather A. L. Gemmill, Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Art Kyser called on Lloyd Nickles Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. P. W, Beaman called on Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Huss Sunday. A. L. Hess spent Sunday v,'ith Erling Cation. with Mr. and Mrs. Chester Linquist arid daughter Christine. Miss Elizabeth Johnson returned home Simday after spending the week-end with friends in Savonburg. Lucille Everitt visited Sunday afternoon with Mr, and Mrs. Charles Howard and family. The W. W. club met Saturday nl^ht at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I||B . Wings. Blanche and-Ruth Cox spent Sat- uiiday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Carol Landers and Jean. Mrs. George Reodel and daughter Bemlece spent Monday with her mother Mrs. Jim Parsons. Aleynne and Nellie Lee Bowen were Saturday afternoon visitors of Delia Savings," OF COLONY H. Ik Rhodes Chosen Unanimously For Office of Mayor at the Caucus Tuesday. SEAL ESTATB lltANSFERR | (Prom the Office <>f The lola I Abstract Co., lOa W. Jackson) | ; «i March 22. 1&33, Jay E. MoKnughan. a single man and Mary E. Cornett and L. O. Cornett, her husband to Rosa McKaughan. fractional NW. of 1924-20, $1.00. Roy Hamilton and Ada Hamilton, his wife to Wm. H. CoVlins, lots 1 and 2. and lots 8 tp 14 inclusive, block 8, Overstreefs' Addition lo Gas City, Kas., $1.00. Thos. O. Bright and Helen Bright, his wife and Jane Bright, a widow, to Andrew Stephan and Elizabeth Stephan. his wife. 10 and 31-lGOths acres, commencing 40 rods North of SW. comer of E. ^- of SW. ', of 29-26-21. $480.00.. S. A. Gard and Louisa M. Gard, his Wife to Miss Elva M. McCaU. 4',{: acres in SE. comer of N. of SE. H 3-25-18. commencing at , SE. corner; also 10 acres in NE. cor- Mr. and Mrs. Carol Landers and j ner of S. of SE, of 3-25-18. daughter Jean spent Friday evening $1.00. COLONY, [Mar. ,23— John Heinlein sent four teams of horses to Olathe Tuesday and Wednesday by C. V. Clark With his truck, to work on 45 miles of pipeline to be laid by the Kelly-Dempsey contractors. Beecher Heinlein is working there. Addison "Spud" Hendrix, who has been working in Barnard, -returned Tuesday to visit his mother, Mrs.. E. P. Hendrix. and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Oliver. Kansas City, spent the first of the week visiting Mrs. Oliver's brother. W. O. Wilson,;and family. H. J. Denton, J. W. Brooks and Paul Nye returned Tuesday evening from Kansas City with Guy Crammer.. Miss Myrtle Turner, lola, spent Supday with Miss Vieva Crammer. Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton were lola visitors Tuesday night. Eugene Parris. Garnett, visited home folks and friends in Colony Tuesday. Wade Mosing, C. K. Barrackman and son Jimmie were lola visitors Tuesday evening. Mrs. W. W. Minckley returned Sunday from Oswego where she had been visiting relatives for several weeks. Her son Osroe and Mrs. Minckley i-etumed with her and spent the day. Clark Williams visited friends in Tola Sunday. Burton Barron is working on the county road at Kincaid. Taylor Johnson. Lawrence, was in Colony Monday evening. The Butler-Madison branch of the Missouri Pacific railroad has changed from a daily round trip to bi-v/eek!y trips. The train makes a trip on each Tuesday and Friday. Messrs. Simon and Harrison, Welda, were business visitors in Colony Tuesday evening. M. A. Moore is quite ill at home. A caucus was held in the city hall Tuesday night for the purpose of nominating the city officers for the coming term. M. M. Brown was in charge of the meeting with L. O. Nickels as the clerk. It -was voted to call ttir ticket the "Citizens Ticket." after which in a short speech A. C- Wnllar nominated H. R. Rhodes, former state business manager and influential citizen of Colony, for mayor. 'The good-sized crowd unanl mously voted to close the nominations for mayor, J. H. Burnett was nominated as police Judge, The following gentlemen received hlghcit voles out of eleven nominees: A, F. Hu.Hkey, Dr, R. D, Pulllam. J, V. Schafge-s, E, H. Corbln and P. F. Schalnost, At the conclusion of the meeting,a vote of thanks was extended to present Mayor J. V, Schaf- gcs, and the councUmen, for the fine work they have done during the past two yenr.s. All present seemed to be well-pleased with the new ticket and everything seems favorable for a very successful term if the ticket carries the town. The regular meeting of the O. E. S. was held in Maspnic hall Tuesday night, with approximately sixty members and guests present. After the regular order of business was carried out. the banquet, honoring the Masons and Stars was held with Dr. Audra PuUiam. Worthy Matron of the O. E. S. as toastmistress. A number of responses were given. After the banquet, games were played and a program which included the following numbers was given: Piano solo, Lovine Goodell; reading. Althea Barron; piano solo, Edna May Caldwell; vocal solo, Mary Caldwell; piano solo, Treva Thompson. A number of guests were pres­ ent from othei> towns. The next regular Eastern Star meeting will be held on April 4. • OUT OUR WAY By Williams -THE. SAFETV "ZOME,, e 1833 Br HOI tXUMCX. OK. WEC. U. S. P»T. OfT. S -iij PLEASANT PRAIRIE Mar. 20.— Miss Julia -Livingston spent Friday night with Miss Ion? Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Perl Baker and Lois were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smoot and family. Ruth Jean Smith spent Saturday v.ith Betty Jean Pierce. Mr. and Mi-s. Clark Huber and son Charles, lola, spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Her-schel P'-aiiY^ and Ruth Jean. , • Mr^. Phillips spent Wednesday evening with Mrs. Ponsler. Mr.^and Mrs. Tommle Moss and sons spent Sunday altemoori witii Mr. and" Mrs. W.-A. Moss and Noltt. Mr. and Mrs. Hei-schel Smith arid daughters entertained Sunday Mr. and Mrs. I. O. Morrison. Mi-, and Mrs. Russell Morrison, On'ille, and Carol Bess. Mr. and Mrs. Herschcl Smith were in lola Saturday to see Mr. Smith's father C. 'W. Smith, who has been sick for some time. NOTICE. I, Jim Chezem, convicted on thj 31st day of January, 1928, of the crime of burglary, second degree, in Allen County, Kansas, will apply .on the 30th day ol March, 1933, to the Governor, at his .office in Topeka, Kansas, for a: Conditional Pardon. Signed, JIM CHEZEM. '2)-16-23-(3)-2-9-16. i WESTIlfGHQUSE KlFRIGpRATOtiS LetUsfehowYou An llspecial BARGAIN in De Luxe Refrigeration ROSS ARBUCiaE GARAGE : CHRTSLEB-PLYMOUTB Sales—Service—Parts LIVE STOCK Fooltty and Supplies HIO.HER PRICES paid for poultry for our retail trade. Brownie's, lola's Cream Headquarters. C!HICK SPECIAL-S. C. White Leg-, .-^ h6ms and Minorcas from wonderful flocks of b ood tested, certified ;. birds. We have one grade oi5lv, THE BEST, ajt $4.9,.'5 per 100, $^4 wr 500. Willson Farm Hatcheries. • (Formerly Cahtrell), 2 mi. south • on. 73V/. "Talk Chitks with WUl- son." FOB SALE—Oil brooder, now; singk- comb Red hatching eggs. Mrs. ; Jefferis. Mlldifed, Kas. EGGS—For hatching, large White English Leghorns. 5c above firsts. 'i."mile east of lola. Phone 953-21, , N, L. Vezie. | CUSTOM HATCHING SPECIAL We are starting our second Biff Smith incubator and cant fill it with our own eggs. For a limited .time only Sl.Zi5 PER TBAY OF 160 EGGS Ort $2.75 PER CASE. Wlllsons guaranteed hatching at ••less than ordinary Hatcheries charge. Take ladvantnge of this opportunity. We set every day. ' All Heavy greeds 5'ic Assorted Heavies 5c WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell> 2 miles south on 73W ' "Talk Chicles with Willson" NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT T:ie State of Kansas, Allen county, ss. In the Probate Court in and for said county. In the matter of the estate of Albert H. Newman, deceased. Creditors and all ! other persons iiitf.-rested in the aforesaid estate arc hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court in and for said County, sitting at the court house in lola. county of Alien, fetate of Kansas, on the 19th day of April, A. D., 1933 for a full and final s^'t- tlement of said Estate, and lor aji order finding and adjudging who arc the heirs, devisees and legateej of snid deceased. DORA A. NEWMAN. Administratrix of the EsLjite of Albert H. Newman, decea.scd. Miirch 23. A. D., 1933. i3)-23-30 I4 )-C-13 AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale SALES ^^^Se SERVICE I Dependable Used Cors and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terais PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Pbone 80 6 Auto Accessories Tixta, Farta BATTERIES —For your car,' $3.65 exchange; made of new material unconditionally guaranteed. The Major Co. Regular GAS^Wholesale—5'ic Federal Tax Paid—40 gal. $2 .60 VINE OIL & GAS CO. State and Lincoln Sts., lola TEXACO PRODUCTS — Gk)Odrioh Tires. Cash paid for used! cars. _Logan Re.vnolds. 307 'West Street. EMPLOYMENT 15 Situations Wanted—Female LAD'?-Wants work of any kindi 420 North Chestnut. LIVE STOCK 21 Hones, CatUe. Tehielea TEAM HORSES—Weigh 3000; team sorrel horses, weigh 2800; mare, t years old, weigh 1200; bay horse, 5 years old, weigh 1200: team mares, weigh 2400 ; 4 sets| work harness; 3 wagons; 3 discs; 2 culr tivators; 2 disc cultivators; 2i mowing machines; 2 hay rakes; 2 com planters; all kinds farming mar chlnery; 3 good ibulls; 25 ; fresh cows; 20 cows to freshen sooni Will sell on time. J. C. Butcher; PAIR OF IRON GREY MUtlES.^ Weight 2900, for sale or trade. Boyer, S. Washington, LaHarpe. 2 FINE GUERNSEY COWS-r-Werc fresh Jon. 1 and Feb. l. age 3 and 6 years; also 8 tons good alfalfa _hay. „Lce_L, Moore. Phone 980. 22 Poultry and Supplies CHICKS. Feeds, Poultry Equipment. Allen county's largest hatchery. Hatching thousands wecklyj liertU fled, blood tested! hwiest prices. Willson Farm Hatcheries (Formerly Cantrell), 2 ml. south on 73W "Talk Chicks with Willson." CUSTOM HATCHINO-^.50 per case; less thaa case lots, Ic per egg; chicks, 4iic and up. Taylor's Hatchery and Produce, 201 South Jefferson, lola, Kas. ^ CUSTOM HATCH—Ic In Modern Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have purebred blood tested chicks. Leg. Ac, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Russell Hatchery, Gas. Phone 955-3. OVERSIZE CHIC KB— Standard . weight Of good chicks is 9 lb.« " 106 chicks. Avdrage shipping weig/u, of SUNFLO'WJER CHICKS Is 12V.: - lbs. per 100, including 2Vj-lb. box. - sunflower chicks are 10% oversize. Before buying: chicks look at the fluff for color and luster; weigh a hundred. Are they actually iftom - blood-tested stock? SUNFLOWER I HATCHERIES, Gas City, Bronson. 83 Wante^LIve Stock WANTED TO BUY—Rhode Island J_Red pullets^_Clyjde Thompson. MERCHANDISE Si Articles i^or Sale FOB SALE—Nejw and used cream seiiarators; DeLaviil parts and service. Geo. ^. Marr. FOB SALE—Solid walnut antiques In excellent condition. Mrs. Choi;, : E; Kesler, Colony, Kas, OFFICE DESKS and Safes. Hoii- ninger's Fum.| Store, W, Madison, . I'"OR SALE—Bath tub, stool, hot water tank, hpater, kitchen sink arid gas-combinnilon rnnKc very ,_cUcap.. Geo. Ji Miirr, 27 Feed, Fi^cl, Ferdlicer* ALFALFA HAVi-Balod. for sale, M, E. Denning, 2 miles north on Stale street. LIME FERTILIZER— $1,00 ton, lolii Button Co.) Phone_l 162.^ 1^8 Household Goods USED Electric Washing Machine.s, $10 up. Hennlnger's Store. SEE the new all porcelain coal and > wood ranges in colors. We trade, Curtis Furniture, 10 N. Wash. 25 USED Oas Ranges, $2.50 up. , Hennlnger's Furniture Store. J^PRING PATTERNS in floor co\'er- ing and linolieum arc now In. Esti-, mates gladly ^iven. W. H. 'Wood .Fine Furniture Store, 202 S. Jeff, 29 Machinery and Tools I GOOD USED iKeystone disc har- ; row with tongue trucks, $15. Allen _County Implerhent Co. 31 Seeds, Hants, Flowers SWEET CLOVER — Cleaned, $U5 bu., and flax, free from weeds and •dodder, 85c bu. Nicholas, LaHarpe. 60O BUSHELS RED TEXAS OATS— For seed, good quality. Willard Smith, 4 miles north and 2 miles .west of Morani 32 Wanted—To Buy BICYCLES— Ji. and Bicycle Shop. Howard's Shoe ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flats APARTMENTS-pFurnished, in modern home; also room and board. Call at 320 Sobth Walnut. Real Estate For Rent Farms and Land For Rent ABOUT 12 ACRES new ground, 2' • miles northwest of lola. Clyde Thompson. 1 SUBURBAN—7 rooms, 4 acre tract i on hard road; spotted male hog ' ;for_8ale._phancy,.Oas, Kas. 81 Hooiei For Beat COTTAGE—5 rooms, modern, fur; nishcd. 420 Nprth Chestnut. ^^7:^<>^^ Bood locaUon. See O. E. Pees Re3l Estate For Skle AO Farms and Land For ^e ONE OP BEST jSSO-acrc farms Allen " i^^JJ 'y^ ^^^I P'"'<=e' ^'^ll financed, _JP :_a __Box 52m>lttsburg, Kas. Houses For Sale i;TVE-ROdM modem bungalow 515 North street, lola. Cundyj Gas. POfe SALE—The modern cottage on South Main street. LaHarpe, lately occupied by Dr. Lacy. J. H. Hamilton, lola.

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