The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 10, 1939 · Page 8
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 8

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1939
Page 8
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*AGE EIGHT THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. FRIDAY, NOV. 10, 1939. RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Key itation of each network to listed In the programs. The Network!: WBAF—WTAM,WTMJ, WOT. WLW, W8M. WMAQ, WOOD. WWJ. WJZ — WL8, WTMJ, WMAQ. WXYZ. WfcW, WOOD. WABO—WJR, WHA3, WBBM. SPEND FIRST. DAYS OF FREEDOM IN MIAMI CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 840, KDKA 980, KPAB 770, KF1 040. KMOX 1090, KOA 830, KTW 1020, WBBM 770, WCPL 970, WBAL 1060, WOCO 810, WABC 8f», WKAR 850. WDAP 610, WBAP 660, WENB 870, WON 720. WQY 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS 820 WHO 1000, WIBO 570, WJJD 1130, WBM 650, WJB 750. WJZ 760. WtS 870, WLW 700, WMBI 1080, WKZO 690. WMAQ 670, WOOD 1270, WOW 590, WOWO 1160, WSB 740, WTAM 1070, WT1O 1060, WKBZ 1500, WTMJ 620. (Eastern Standard Time) NEW YORK, Nov. 10.—Advance schedules indicate the networks will observe two Thanksgivings—the 23rd and the 30th—with special programs in keeping with the season. Already arranged for the 23rd on NBC is' President Roosevelt's Thanksgiving day message, to be delivered from the annual Founder's day dinner at Warm Springs foundation in Georgia. Also to be heard this day will be an hour-long dramatization. "Thanks to America," a historical tribute. CBS plans a pickup from London and Berlin to outline how Americans are observing Thanksgiving overseas. On the 30th, the broadcasts are expected to consist mainly of football, although all three chains—NBC, CBS and MBS— expect to have football also on the 23rd. In addition to WJZ-NBC, CBS and MBS will carry Pope Pius' message in English, as delivered from the Vatican at noon Monday to Catholic University of America, observing Its semi- centennial. TONIGHT: Europe—WABC- CBS 8:55, 11; MBS 9, 10:20, WGAF-^TBC-East 11. WEAF-NBC—8 Lucille Manners concert; 9 Waltz Time; 9:30 George Jessel show; 10 Guy Lombardo; 10:30 Searchinger comment. WABC-CBS—7:30 Prof. Quiz; 8 Kate Smith hour; 9 Johnny presents: 9:30 First Nighter; 10:30 Kay Kyser's music. WJZ-NBC—7:30 Bush veld songs; 8:30 Robison's Buckaroos; 9 Plantation party, 9:30 Rev. Dr.i Samuel McCrae Gavert on the radio code; 10:15 Keep America Out of War Mass Meeting, Senator Burton K. Wheeler. MBS—8:30 Sinfoinetta; 9:30 Football quiz; 10:45 Talk Gen. Clias. P. Summeral. What to expect Saturday: Armistice day features—MBS 10:45 a. m., WJZ-NBC 10:58 a. m. American Legion ceremonies at Arlington; WABC-CBS 12:15 p. m., Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Speakers, five foreign diplomats; WEAF- NBS.i, Second Division Observance; MBS 3 Queen Elizabeth message from London Football—JWEAF-NBC 1:45 p m., Princeton-Dartmouth; WABC- CBS 1:46, Army-Harvard; MBS 3:05 lowa-Notre Dame; WJZ- NBC 3:15, Texas A & M. Southern Methodist Europe NBO-Chains 8 a. m.; WABC-CBS IS CULLED NAZI ENVOY AT SOVIET PARTYi His first winter of freedom since he was imprisoned eight years ago on tax violation convictions, will be spent by "Scarf ace" Al Capone, prohibition- we have already written one opinion." In Justice Court Arraigned before Justice Lester Blodgett Wednesday afternoon Charles Brown, 25, Ludington, pleaded guilty to a charge of driving an automobile after his license had been revoked. He paid a fine of $25 and $3.35 costs rather than serve 30 days in period overlord of Chicago gangland, at his palatial home at Palm island, Miami, Fla. His release la scheduled for Nov. 19. St. Mary's Lake PT-A Has Meeting | St. Mary's Lake Parent-Teach-1 er association met Friday evening. Nov. 3. ! Plans were made for aj Thanksgiving supper to be held; at the schcolhouse Wednesday' evening. Nov. 15. for all patrons Former Cashier of Pentwater j of the°schooi. 'A program win State Bank Charged with Embezzlement ! be given after the supper. county jail. Arrest was by city Secret fedeml GRAND RAPIDS, Nov. 10.— 8a.m., 6:45 p.m. WEAF-NBC—12 Noon Milestones in music; 6 p. m. Kalten- meyer's kindergarten; WABC- ,0138-11:05 a. m. Ohio State U. concert; 6:30 p. m. What's Art To Me. WJZ-NBC—12:30 p in Farm Bureau Federation; 6:30 Renfrew of the Mounted. Legislators Fight for School Funds LANSING, Nov. 10.—(/P)—A group of legislators seeking to forestall a $500,000 reduction in the state's grant for the tuition of rural pupils attending city schools placed their appeal before Attorney General Thomas Read Thursday. Rep. Sdson V. Root of Paw Paw and Senator Miles M. Callaghan of Reed City, Reoubli- cans who were active in the school aid fight that prolonged the regular legislative session, contended that the legislators intended the state to "shoulder the entire burden of non-resident tuition. Read interpreted the law, in a recent opinion, as reducing the $3,600,000 tuition fund in the same proportion as other forms of state aid for schools "My department will .gladly look into the law again," the attorney general said in re- Ed Carroll of Hibbing, Minn., called at the John Eppinger! home recently. He formerly hv- | indictments I ed witn llis parents on the farm j now owned by William Ka&s. i His father, William Carroll, built ------ , . the house on the KO.SS farm, pleaded guilty to a charge of yi- Thursday when the two were : wnich is lhc okle _. t Qne in this Io _ Albert Sweikhart, Ludington, against a doctor and a former j bank cashier were disclosed, elating a city ordinance forbid- j arraigned in federal court on : calitv ding parking on a public street I respective charges of narcotics i for over 48 hours when arraigned ! law violation and embezzle- i before Justice Blodgett Tuesday ! rnent. afternoon. He paid costs of $3.35. was arrested by city j police. Dr. William Heard, of Pentwater, charged with selling | morphine tablets, stood mute i and a plea of innocent was en- Arraigned Thursday afternoon ' tered for him. Bond was set at | tive homes'"here. Glenn Hogenson and Ruth Allen of Baltic Creek were last week-end guests at the William Hogenson home. Florence and Emily Peterson | and Harriett Soven>.on were lu-lj week-end quests at their re.spec-j AP Correspondent Picks Fasting Indian Above Dictators of World We RSfccd Jim Mill a, famed AP correspondent, back in lite United States for a short visit after 22 years bustling around the globe, to name and describe, the outstanding personality among all tnc mighty men he has written about. Here is what he su id: (By JAMES A. MILLS) NEW YORK—(/I 1 )—In a world of power politics and dictators, the most powerful man in the world sits cross-legged on a mat beneath the Indian sun. He rules not by force or violence but by the sheer power of his personality and .spirituality. He is Mohandas K. Gandhi, who wears no uniform except a loincloth and holds no job expect, that of India's private Citizen No. 1. He hates adulation, pomp, violence and intolerance. And instead of exhorting followers t'o thrust out their chins, he tells them to turn their other cheek. Yet he wields more influence than any fuehrer. To 3GO.- 000.000 dusky Indians, he is both political leader and spiritual guide. Many worshio him not merely as a saint but .as a< god. His followers compare the bizarre little 96-pound wr.iith to Buddha, Confucius and Christ. Gandhi's influence is felt far bevonrt India. The hearts of Englishmen 4.500 miles away skip a beat each time he skips a meal. To my mind he 'is one of history's most remarkable fisures. Duce Too Bullyish Because of the guif between him and the dicators. T was anxious to get his reaction a few years ago whon ho talked with II Duce. After the interview, he greeted me with a slv smile and whispered: "That fellow is too much of a bully and a blusterer to suit a person like myself." Gandhi derives much of his tremendous power from the fact that his non-violent tactics exemplify the national character. Indians are the most submissive people in the world. Manv refuse even to kill a mosquito. Under his leadership the backward ueople have' made phenomenal progress toward srif-'-ifivfrnmoni. Of British provinces in are now administered duins. It is Gandhi'.-; dream that. In- Sugar Grove Mr. and Mrs. Charles Selander and sons and Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and family, all of Copemish, were Sunday dinner. guests, Nov. 5, at the William Buffenbarger home. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Buffenbarger and son, Roger, visited at the J. W. Paxton home in Mills district Sunday, Nov. 5. iU?. and Mrs. Hans Thomson Because of (lolicatc 1 political conditions in the mother countries In Europe, the news sr.ollii;ht \vr.s turned on the Russian embassy's celebration of the 22nd anniversary of the October revolution. Washington society, gencraHy »:Ueiv:-(cd in who would ^or.-.?, was more interested in who would not c^.ne. Several diplomats were absent, but among those present were the <>nr,:in charge d'nffairp, Hang Thomsen and his wii'e, ;;h.v>Y;i above, r.nd the fr'innisli minister, rrocor.e. 'authority on behalf of the Indian masses and advocates wilh the toleration in dealinu British government. " Though aging, he is alert and astute and speaks Enuli.s'n easily. He desires passionately io visit America but doesn't "feel he can spare the time nov;. One reason the United States appeals to him is that before 1776. it too was striving to break away from the British empire. Drinks Goat's Milk Gandhi still drinks his Boat's milk daily: and has often ask- mc to share it with him. Ho drinks the milk nut to be eccentric, but because he has found it helps relieve Ins chronic complaint, hh;h blood pressure. The puny leader lives like the most abject, untouchable. He dresses in a loincloth and "dhoti" 'shawli because that is the national ;;arb of 1 he untouchable. In fact, he rails himself ••un'or.rhablc." All his money !:iif.s iu :!;•• ]>'•<'•.-. U'i'.-n ii'it tr.ivi'Iin.; he live-. 1 : in -, : >M,,I hut in liit: \Var:ih.i di^rc! t>;' CVi!!rr:l India in the field, lie abhors because ac'.mi: him over in : or like a gypsy crowds, possibly ••rs nearly bowl :yinu to Kiss his at his protests fret. I! w:;. ih.'H ccnv.spup.dents dro])pccl the title Mahatma 'mea'iino; ••Great Soul"> in favor of plain Mister. He once said of the title Mahatma: "I! >!inks ir. my nostrils. I r!;; 1 . not a 'Groat Soul' or a •sail:'.' I am made of the same coiTiintible flesh and have the ne ir.iiHir.-, the. po'ires 1 and weaknesses untouchable. 1 ' NOTICE MEAT PRICES HAVE COMK DOWN! Direct from farmer to consumer. BEEF KOAST, finest quality, young, lender lb. RIKLOIN STKAK lb. ROUND STKAK 11). PORK SHOULDER KOAST, young pig lb. PORK •« Q^ STEAK ib.JLOl/ PORK CHOPS, lb. RING BOLOGNA, no filler, finest quality 2 Ibs. PORK SAUSAGE, small, finest quality lb. FRANKFURTERS, small finest quality lb. BACON, regular slab, .. lb. PICNIC HAMS lb. PURE LARD, finest quality, lb. VEAL SHOULDER ROAST, milk feel lb. Oldest, largest meat market in the city. Louie Eliasohn Phone 152 019 S. James "The Place Where Your Dollar Works Overtime." ISc lOc 20c the 11 India. 0 by In- before Justice Blodgett on a reckless driving charge, a 17- year-old Hamlin township youth, pleaded not guilty and demanded trial. Trial was set for Tuesday, Nov. 14. The youth was released upon his own recognizance. Arrest was an outgrowth of an automobile accident which occurred last May. Arrested by sheriff's department, Charles Bendenski, 51, resident of Custer township for the past four months, pleaded guilty to a drunk and disorderly charge when arraigned before Justice Henry Seeba this morning. His $3,000 and he was ordered to appear before Federal Judge Fred M. Raymond Tuesday. Carl K. Oldt, former cashier Mr. and Mrs. Carl I/-ntx and family accompanied Mr. and Mr.s. Eugene Kass and daughter. Joanne, to Whitehall Sunday, of the Pentwater State bank at i Nov. 5. where they were gue.sts Pentwater, was charged with i embezzling 51,500. He likewise; stood mute Thursday and a plea of not guilty was entered for at the Ed Seitz home. Mrs. Lentz and Mr.s. Seitz are sisters. Mr. and Mr.s. John Eppinger and Mrs. H. H. Johnson were dia will have obtained pendenee from the British pire—<jr at. least dominion us—before he dies He is 70. Fas Is Effective His threat, of fastiirj death is still effective in ing conces:;i ;n.s from the If lie .should ever die incle- Em- stat- no\v till forc- Britas a him. He was released on $5.000 i Sunday dinner guests, Nov. 5, at bond for appearance Tuesday. Oldt, resident of Branch township in Mason county in recent months, ceased his connection with the Pentwater the William Hogenscn home. A jolly Hallowe'en party was enjoyed at the St. Mary's Lake school Tuesday. Oct. 31. The party was planned and carried bank in August, 1938. The embezzlement charge was preferred by federal examiners. He fine was suspended but he was I is a former secretary of assessed costs of $10.25. Unable i Pentwater school board and ex- to pay he is serving rive clays in member of the village council. county jail. Custer Miss Anetta Donnora Dr. Heard, Pentwater's only ! resident physician, has prac- cut by commitiee.s of the children of the school. They had decorated the room appropriately ,. and had prepared various .stunts, 1 • contests and games. At the end of the party they enjoyed a luncheon. result of such a fast, the action among the native,; might be extremely .serious. Despite his power, the British find him preferable to Subhas Rose and similar Indian leaders who clamor for immediate freedom. Most Britishers realize that Gandhi's death would "JC tl^> ,-, 1 Ctl L- £1 lOoS 10 iltll ^ 1 till Q as to India because he is the only one who speaks with full TEMPERATURE TODAY AT 11:00 Weather Forecast I.oil i ,• M'r!ij-:i!t: I.I,, :,| M,MU ;ni'! liini'li <<.;c!cr tuniclil : S.iliir- il.n xi jit-! • le, .,|irl i-unl iiiui M rnlri. »,ii: t , M -r in ,-.>-[ .mil ••"••'I '• i" r'M.ii . i.ii.' • ( ni'l W.n •• lt:r :m>-.| i.! l.'l s.i I Hid.iv <;<.-m> sKuvtv i: — — .Oroides iiie i'ucl vim receive y.iii •,'.:!iii y-Mit'iliiiit; more, yen v.aiit sci vice. I'nu:ipt flliciein and courteous service c.-ni IK- had |>y us. TMtt UiWNGTON !,l ; MBKK CO. For Correct Tir.,e Phone 99 CASH WAITING for Your Old CARS—T1UTKS and TRACTORS AT Auto arts PHONK 7:>S CRKAMKRY CORNKUS TONKJHT 0:1.-) :',0c :ind KJr SAITRDAY ONLY A STRAIGHT SHOOTER... who shoots to Production during 1900 was 4,192 cars. ticed medicine there was a i years. last week-end £uest of Miss j June Beadle. i Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Johnson and family were guests Sunday, Nov. 5, at the E, P. Reene home. In the afternoon, ac- accompanied by Mr! and Mrs. Reene, they called at the Dewey Reene home, Rev. and Mrs. Faye Wing and Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Wotring of Woodland were guests Monday, Nov. 6, of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Lehman in South Custer. The Wings and Wotrings were returning from Traverse City where Rev. Wing had assisted in meetings at the Church of God and Mr. Wotring had given one of his interesting chalk talks. Ivan and Frank Morse Bachelor were guests Saturday li. S. and Canadian produc- about 10 , tion of passenger cars during the j twelve months ending with September 1939, totaled 2,892,000 yeai ' units valued wholesale at $1,776,157.000. the •%,^ip$i^ MsfSalelot! rand- eorge night, Nov. 4, of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Woodhead. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wing, Miss Dora Jane Long and Fred Connelly were enterta^ed Sunday evening, Nov. 5, at the H. E. Wilson home in South Gus- Why Fuss with a Dangerous Old Furnace When You Can Enjoy the Comfort and Uconomy of a New Holland Furnace Sold on Easy Terms and Payments! When it comes to heating—your problems are our problems, and we can assure you of prompt, efficient Venice . . whether it's installing a new Holland Fur- |Iiace Of giving friendly advice, we always enjoy the ppportunity of helping you. 'PHONE US FOR EXPERT REPAIR SERVICE. (oliand Furnace Go. i 080 Office at 607 W. 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Why not try 11 glass today! Been NO F ATTiNI N& S VR U PS ADD E D '.jut uuMiai «unune ca. ouiuu r "Mfrrie Melody Crime News and True Adventure" Matinee Saturday 25c and lOc. Nights 30c and lOc.

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