The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TUN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 1961 Voting from Connecticut To Texas Tightens Both Democratic, GOP Races ,,. By The Associated Press ... Voting that ranged from cairn | In Connecticut to tumluluous in Texas tightened both the Republican and Democratic races for' presidential - nominating votes today. Feuding Texans started out with two conventions yesterday and wound up with four. Each put up delegations to the national conventions in July at Chicago, where Ihe question of which to recognize must be decided, Connecticut's Republican convention nt Hartford named a 22-vote delegation and, in Florida, Dem 'ocrats Jn a primary elected a delegation with 24 votes. The upshot: Gen. D wight, Eisen- hou-er pulled within 22 votes of Ohio Sen. Robert Taft in the Republican pre - convention vote- gathering. Sen, Richard Russell of Georgia apparently jumped to one vote behind second-running W. Av- ercll Harriman hi the Democratic race. Tahulalion Marie Hence, the Associated; Press tab- uintion of nation-wide delegate strength — based on concessions, pledges, instructions and avowed preferences — now shows: Republican— T;\ft 404, Eisenhower 382. Nomination requires 604. Democratic—Sen. Esles Kefauver of Tennessee 117, Hnrrimnn 85 Russell 84 Va. Nomination needs 616. Florida Democrats divided their 24 convention votes apparently on the basis of 19 tor Russell and five for Kefauver. Primary returns pointed thai way, but were coming n slowly and, could change Ihe spread. Texas Republicans met nt a Mineral We Us convention to name a 38-vote delegation. Many Eisen- nower backers were denied seats at (he meeting, anri they walked out and set up their own fit rile gathering. 33 For Eisrnliowrr While the Tart-dominated convention picked a delegation lined up 3r> for Taft and three for Eifert- hoiver, the other meeting nnined its own delegation—3;i for Ei.son- '•. hower and five for Tafl. At San Antonio, fists Hew when Loyal Democrats boiled the Democratic convention, guided firtnly by Gov. Allan Shivers, named an unln.slruclerf delegation, Shivers, a hitter critic of the Truman administration, favors Russell. Of Ihe walk-out (fro up, many like Kefanver and others In- vor House Speaker Sam Ray burn of Texas. Iowa Democrats nnd Alabama Republicans were naming convention delegates today—'24 In Iowa and four in Alabama. Deer Block Roads FT. FRANCES, Ont. tfl — Large Numbers of deer are a menace on the highway from Fi. Frances to Kenora, Motorists report I Ii c animals so tnme this spring that they stand In the middle of (he highway In groups, refusing to tnox'e until cars are withing- a few feet ot thorn. SHE LOST H»;n HEART TO HKN'HV — Henry Krajewski of Srcaucus, N. J., haA hern promised some beautiful support by UiJMe Nelson, of Atlantic City. when lie runs for President on Ihe "Poor Man's Party" ticket. Krajewski, who promises "no pfRBV deals" in Washington. Is a pig farmer. Feuding Texans Put Two Shows Each on Road Democrats, GOP To Send Split Sett Of Delegates to Meet slruclcd delegation to th» Democratic National Convention. Forces of the Loyal Democrats led by Fnsan Dicksoc. of San Antonio and Conner Rep. Maury Mnvcrlck of San Antonio Insisted on delegates pledged to support the parly nominee. To be seated at the July conventions arc 33 Texas Republican delegates and 52 Democratic delegates, Liberals Take Walks The liberals led by Maverick and Dlckson walked out of the Democratic convention at San Antonio without asking a vote. They knew they were- hopelessly out-numbered. They held a rump meeting and declared they were the "real . . !3y MARTHA C.Ql.K .. .. MIN 1'jR A Ij Vi EI jiff?, Tex. L-P— imu u 1:^1,3 i (-(.1 iimy we i v. uie rt:ai Feuding Texns Republic™-; and \ Democrats" because they look Ihe ._ husy for mon(I)S jn j part y pi ec ipe, * The official breakup among the Republicans occurred when the Ikeinon stomped out of the Tnft- clotninated convention here chanting, "We want Ike. They joined their exiled cohorts —Iho Eisenhower rielegatos disqualified by the State Executive Committee Monday and again the stale convention—In a rump intra-pnrty family fights, have put two shows each on the road. Each party is sending fw sots of delegates to the naiioiml conventions in Chicago. Each parti- is barily split in Texas. Republicans split over Sen. Toft o! Ohio and Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Democrats split over the party loyalty pledge. Anti-administration leader Gov. Allan Shivers opposed the pledge and wanted an unin- convention across the street. Delegates Unlnslructcd The Tnft faction named an im- Reds Are Given Question List Used on POW's PANMUN.JOM, Korea ',-P — 'Hie United Nations truce delegation to- Tunnel is Located on Moon's Surface NEW YORK UP) —There seems lo be a tunnel on the moon. This tunnel has glassy walls, and is several miles long. It would make ft fine shelter for rocket-explorer. 1 ; of the moon. The evidence for the tunnel discovery is reported today by H, H. Ninlnger, director of the American Meteorite Museum, Winslow, Aria., In Sky and Tclc- ecope, a leading Journal on astronomy. The tunnel WHS made, not by moon-men, but a mctror or shooting *>tnr, Ninlnger suggests. The meteor traveling 20 to 30 miles a second crime sivnepinpj low across the mnnn'.s fare, nnrt bored clear through a mountainous ridge scvernI thousand feet Iilsh. It left craters on each side and presumably n wide, ghssy-wnlled corridor through the rlrijre, connecting the two craters, The glaze came from thick moon dust or rubble that wns molted and cooled to form a glazed cylinder by the passage of the meteor. day for the first, lime gave the Communists a of questions used In Rcrcenmjj captured Reds on whether they would return to Com iimn ist territory. The Allies say that only 70.000 of ICE) ,000 cnplnrr/J .soldiers nnd ; civilian Internees hrtvc said they' would return willingly. The official list nf functions: I. "Would you like to return to China (North Korea)?" If the answer was yes. the prisoner was listed for rppfttrtatkm ivlthrnit further inning. a. "Would ynu forcibly resist repatriation?" It the answer wns no, the prisoner was listed for ro- prttrintinn. If U was yes. he wns n&kccl additional questions: 3. "Have you carefully considered the important effect of your decision on your family?" 4. "Do you realize Hint you may stay at Kojc for n longer time that) those who choose repatriation and have already returned, home?" 5. "Do you understand that the United Nations Command has never promised to send you any cer- lain place?" G- "Despite your decision, If the United Nations Command should repatriate you, what would you do?" The prisoner was listed for repatriation unless he mentioned suicide, fight to death, escape, braving death or similar intention Lo avoid a return. Moscow Hers Fi/mT rouble; New Pictures Planned MOSCOW W)—The Moscow film .studio—-which has recently boen itn dcr criticism—Is coming out with a new program of pictures. "Unfortunately, last year the studio did not cope with this task ami preparation of scenarios was unsatisfactory," says S. Ksiznetsov. director of the Moscow film studio "We were obligee] to plan only on the basis of one scenario to each producer. And this led to uncompleted -scenarios being used for film production, work having to be! continued on them during the shooting of the film, which had a bat! effect on regular release of films," he say.?. KENTUCKY'S FAVORITE nstructcd delegation, but 35 were nown to be for Taft and three (or isenhower (or President. The Eisenhower convention intruded 33 for Elsenhower and ve for Tatt. They argued lor 45 rnlrmtcs before deciding on the "isenhower instruction, They were in a fighting mood, nyway. Malcolm McCorquodale, Houston Itorney who was the Eisenhower orwomion chairman, declared he ad the word their case would be aken to the Republican National Committee. Ho said Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Massachusetts sent word he was 'thoroughly disgusted with the Republican state Executive Com- nittee in Texas" and was calling n the national committee "to turn his thlnsf inside out." Back In Taft convention hall, Henry Zwciiel, national OOP com- miltecman from Texas and state Taft campaign director, chargec hat Lodge had an orKanization "of New Deal Democrats trying to cross party lines for the "purpose of taking over a conservative Re publican oi-'^nnization in Texas." Basis ot Reason That was the basis of the reason he Tart-dominated Stale ive Committee gave for throwing out Eisenhower delegation In 34 contested counties. They B«V» El* enhowcr people two of ch« contacted counties and split two. Both Democratic faction* at Kaa Antonto claimed confidence In ultimate victory. • They facea a new sertec o* precinct and county meeting* to b« climaxed by another state convention In September. The Supreme Court has said that convention may have the lest word on what electors cast the state's Demoeratio vote (or President. The Taft convention Billed through Its meeting. Chairman L. J. Benckenstein ot Beaumont rapped several times to call a would-be speaker out of order. There were no protest*. A man played the organ vhtle the committees made their report*. Delegates drifted out and by the 6:06 p.m. quitting time the hall was only half-fined. Some 4,000 had filed In earlier during the day. s In the last 30 year* mor« than ft thousand commercial varieties of fruits and nut* have been introduced. 6 DAYS FREE TRIAL! We'll install absolutely FREE in your office or horn* a Frigidaire Window Model Air Conditioner. Enjoy cool comforl for (i days and if you're not completely satisfied . , . you're not obligated to buy. TODAY! • Frigidoir. Win<fow-M«M cool, filter, dry, om j c(rtu . l<rt« freth air. • 2 II'IM—far KOIM M oftk*. 1 Mef«-MI.Mm«honi»mh«i ipociol S-Year*y. USES NO WATER F Window Model AIR CONDITIONERS ^T\ lalseM & White I iefore You Buy J - — t ~^r STRAIGHT BOURBON .because it's ounce a Man's whisky! SARLY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY • Lounviil* I, I HALSELL & WHITE Main & Division FURNITURE CO. Phone 6096 You find thi» "eye shade" band of darker color only on the genuine "Easy-Eye Glasi" pioneered by Buick, end all glass used in Buicks \s ripple* free, ground and polished plaie safety glass. 1950 1951 "BUCKS" CONTINUE PILING UP—Bank accounts continue lo grow according to reports from the Federal Reserve Board. Above Newschart shows bank deposits, bolh saving and checking, since 1945. Checking account deposits mounted to over $107 billion while saving account deposits were over $60 billion halfway through the second quarter o! 1852. LIMITED TIME ONLY Tussy Ice Cologne SI AlWAVS BE CAREFUl DRIVIN3 i only Three Scents Sentimental Conlrftbnnd Slunning pastel loncd metal cases, to easy to carry in your have wilhyou always. Three diviue fragrance;! Cologne can't spill because it's solid. Just stroke on your ekirj T vherever you may b«! ) each phi tax Y OU may have to look twice to see it —but a lot of the new Buicks have n soft blue-green tone in all glass areas — plus a slightly darker band which shades down from the top of the windshield. And you have no idea what comfort all this adds to hot-weather driving. Its name is "Easy-Eye Glass"*—which tells only half the story. While it filters out 18% of the glare (and tones down the dazzle of oncoming headlights at night) —it also cuts down sun-heat as much as 50%. So it's the best cure we know for hot laps in summer driving, when the sun beats down on the windshield. iVlaybe you'd like to try this out before you buy your next car. And while you're trying it out—you can also discover how it feels to boss around a Fireball 8 Engine, that puts its own exclusive added wallop into a high-compression valve-in-head power.plant. You can sample the sure-footed way a Buick settles into a curve —the way the front wheels seem to seek their course automatically — the smooth surge and falterless ease with which Dynaflow Drive* feeds the power — the level confidence of Buick's million dollar ride. Item can get an idea also of the room, 2-door, 6-{wst*ger Sv$er Rivier*. the comfort, the smartness, the thrill that your dollars buy in this brilliant performer. So why not arrange for a demonstration soon? Equipment, ttccetivrres, trim and models ore subject to tkangt K'ilhoul notice. Wheel C.reils sLimiorii on RoodmaHer, opfi&nj * extrt coil on otbff Series..^Optional at extrt coil—*v*it*tti en most models. 'Standard o* Roadm,isler, Dptioiui i un other Sertii. Sure is true for'52 When belter automobiles are built BUICK WOODS DRUG Blytheville will build them LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK Co., Walnut & Broadway, Phone 4555

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