Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 19, 1948 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 19, 1948
Page 4
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12 July 17, lMgMaa«B City GUb«-GM*tU, Maaea City, U. Midwest Livestock (SATURDAY'S FRIGES) Albert Lea, Austin, Minn, Steady Trend Good Butchers— 140-150 Ibs 150-160 Ib3 '....'.'.'.'.'. »Z5.00 160-170 Ibs $2600 170-180 Ibs $2700 180-190 Ibs 190-200 Ibs '!."" 180-200 Ibs .".. 1J825 200-220 Ibs $28125 220-240 Ibs 128.25 240-270 Ibs $27.00 270-300 Ibs *35.75 300-330 Ibs $24.25 330-360 Ibs $23.25 Good Packing Sows— 270-300 Ibs $23.00 300-330 Ibs 523.00 330-360 Ibs $22.75 360-400 Ibs $22.00 400-450 Ibs $21.00 450-500 Ibs. $20.25 800-550 Ibs $19.75 Minn. 25c Higher $20.90 $22.90 $23.90 $26.50 $28.00 $28.50 528.50 $28.50 $27.25 $26.25 $24.50 $23.50 $23.25 $23.25 $23.00 $22.25 $21.25 $20.25 $20.25 Waterloo Steady $24.75 $26.25 $27.75 $28.00 $28.00 $27.00 $25.75 $24.25 $23.25 $23.00 $ 522.75 $21.75 $20.75 $20.75 $20.00 Cedar Rapids Steady $27.75 $28.00 $28.00 $20.75 $25.25 $24.00 $22.75 $23.00 $23.00 $22.50 $21.25 $20.25 $19.35 $18.50 Hogs Steady on Market Chicago, (IP) —Hogs were quoted at $20.25 to $29.25 on the livestock market Saturday. All other classifications of livestock also were nominally steady. The hog market developed an easy tone toward the close of the week. Compared with a week ago, prices ended 25 cents to $1.50 lower. Largest loss was In sows weighing more than 400 pounds. Butchers scaling less than 300 pounds showed most resistance to the slump. (USDA)— Salable hogs 500, total 3,500 (estimated): compared week ago: Butchers 25-75 cents lower, most decline on weichts over 300 Ibs.; sows 75 cents to $1.50 oif, most off on weights over 400 pounds. Salablo cattle 500 (estimated); total not given; compared week ago: Receipts locally more than twice as large as last week; fed steers and yearlings predominated; high-choice steers and yearlings closed strong to 50 cents higher; top went on to $40.50, with 3 prime head at $41, a seasonal record. Common, medium, good and low-choice steers and yearlings 75 cents to S1.50 mostly SI lower; heifers 50 cents higher on choice offerings, but $1 or more lower on other grades; good beef cows steady to 50 cents lower, but common and medium grades and canners and cutters 75 cents to S1.50 lower, common beef cows off most; bulls 50 cents to SI higher, and vealers $1 to §2 higher, reaching $32. High-choice long yearling steers reached 140.50 along with weightier cattle; 1414 Ibs. to $40; 1549 Ibs. to $39, and 1850 Ibs. to $38.75; high -choice 900 Ib, heifers uncovered all-time record at $39.25; most good and choice steers and yearlings $36®39.75; medium grades $25®33; bulk good and choice heifers S35®38.50; common and medium grades $23®32; high- good wintered beef cows reached $23; most good cows $26@28. Common and medium grades closed at »19.50@23, canners and cutters late at $15 to $18.50; sausage bulls sold freely to $26, few lights falling below $23; heavy fat bulls to $27.50; butchery offerings to $29; stocker and feeder trade firm, but available selection narrow at $25@30, fleshy, high-choice yearllnt's to $34.15. Salable sheep 100 (estimated); total not given; compared week ago: Spring lambs nround $1 lower, yearlings $1 to $2 lower, slaughter ewes weak to fully 25 cents lower; week's top on spring lambs $32.50, nothing sold above $31 late, closing sales good and choice native ewe and wether spring lambs $30 to $31, fat bucks discounted $1. Light cull springers down to $19; good to choice shorn yearlings No. 1 pelts $28 to $29 early, similar kinds late 526 to $27; most slaughter ewes $9 to $11.50, according to grade, load good and choice 142 Ib. westerns early $12.40. Wheat Price Slips Down Chicago, (&) —Wheat p ri c e s slipped further on the board of trade Saturday, the July contract going well under the government loan level for cash wheat here. Moderate hedging pressure was enough to knock prices down in view of limited milling and speculative demand. Feed grains also slumped. Weather was mostly clear in the midwest, speeding the oats harvest. That caused liquidation in July oats. Corn weakened on a good increase in cash corn offerings on a to-arrive basis from the country. Bookings totaled more than 100,000 bushels. Soybeans broke again in early dealings but quickly reversed their trend. The July contract came back sharply, being bid up the 8 cent daily limit at $3.82 at times. Washington news dispatches raised the possibility of action on the bill to remove federal taxes on oleomargarine at the forthcoming congressional session. Private cables said heavy rains were falling in central Europe, causing complaints of damage to the wheat crop from lodging and flooding. Wheat closed $-12 lower, July $2.25i, corn was unchanged to 1$ lower, July $2.10J-J, oats were 1 to 1| lower, July 86|-3, rye was unchanged to 4- lower, December $1.88J, and soybeans were 2 to 4 cents higher, July $3.78. Tells WSCS of Point Hope Life, School Clear Lake—Mrs. Earl Alexander, a teacher in the government school at Point Hope, Alaska, told of her work and of the people and of features of the country lor the program of the Methodist W. S. C. S. in the church parlors Wednesday afternoon. The school had 2 teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, for 93 children, many of whom could not speak English and many poorly nourished. Everyone wears a parka of cotton cloth over the fur one, she said, adding that for winter wear some of the parkas were made with the fur inside. Mrs. Alexander and daughter, Mary Louise, modeled several of the garments which were beautifully made and trimmed with various kinds of furs. She also showed the foot coverings used, called mukluks. They had capes of red fox fur, mittens of fox, other capes oi eider duck and loon feathers, also doll parkas. In winter the people wear one or 2 pairs of wool hose. The men of the village are expert in carving ivory, using walrus before the District Court of Mid County, r the Clerk ot taid Court; and at 1 'clock P. M., of the day above men- cm ed all persons interested are hereby otUled and required to appear, and show ause. if any they have, why said In- trument should not be probated and tlowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Mason City, Iowa, July 1, 948. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk of District Court By EVELYN SLOCK, Deputy NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATRIX STATE OF IOWA, Cerro . Gordo County, u. No. 6961. Notice Is hereby given, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Administratrix of the estate of John R. Carpenter, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. AH persons indebted o said estate are requested to make 1m- mediata payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. ANNA CARPENTER STANLEY L, HAYNES, Attorney Dated July 1, 1948. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court By EVELYN SLOCK. Deputy tusks. Press Flowers Seeds, Feed* 17 FOR SALE—Bajed hay. Red clover and alsike. SV* ml. W. Kenaett, M ml. N. Leonard Hauge. Help WtJ., Female 211 Basinets Opportunities 18 Suburban Grocery and Meat for Sale IN ESTHERVILLE Dolnf nice bu*lneM, living quarters with •tor*. Ill health reason. Call 430, JEsther- vllle. Priced right lor quick sale. Rent $40 a month. Wanted—Housekeeper on Farm Water pressure system. Lights. WRITE W-17, GLOBE-GAZETTE Service* Offered 27 FOR SALE WELL DRILLING, PUMP REPAIR, WATER SYSTEM BUSINESS NEAR MASON CITY Doing fine business and have plenty of material in stock. Other interests reason lor selling. WRITE W-15, GL9BE-GAZETTE WANTED—Beauty operators to work in Damon's Beauty Salon. Air conditioned. Short hours. No night work except Friday night. Guaranteed salary, plus commission or commission basis. Vacation pay, plus store discount. Apply Eva Behrens, manager. WANTED—Several teen aged girls to ride on detassellng machines. Transportation furnished. Write card giving age, height, phone number and address. Batz Seed Farms, R 4, Mason City. First Class Body and Fender Work Car Painting Free Estimates MASON CITY NASH CO. 1311 North Federal Phone Mason City Grain (Quotations Farmers' Elevator) At 10 a. m. Saturday No. 2 oats, 32 Ibs., 5 day 72c No. 2 oats, 32 Ibs., July 20 71c No. 2 oats, August 68c No. 2 yellow corn, 5 day ... $1.94 Soybeans, No. 2 $3.51 Soybeans, No. 2, Nov. 15 CHICAGO GRAIN CLOSE (Saturday's Market) Chicago, WHEAT— High ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK ItECEPITS Chicago, (ff 1 ) —Unofficial estimated live- Block receipts for Monday: Hogs 12,000; cattle 12,000; sheep 3,000. Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY—For Saturday OUT OF MARKET Jacob E. Decker & Sons CATTLE MASON CITY—For Saturday Good steers and heifers $33.00-38.00 Good to choice steers and heifers $31.00-33.00 Good steers and heifers $30.00-31.00 July 2.26V* Sept 2.29>/« Dec 2.31V* May 2.28',i CORN— July Z.m* Sept 1.78^8 Dec 1.60% May 1.62'ii OATS— July B8>/« Sept 8114 Dec 83 May 82r« RYE— Dec 1.88V* May SOYBEANS— July 3.82 Nov. 3.00 LARD— July 21.95 Sept 22.30 Oct 22.40 Nov 22.40 Dec 23.45 Jan 23.45 Low 2.25 y t 2.28 2.30 2.27 'A 2.07 3 ,; 1.7SVi 1.60 1.01 •'. -BlVi .82 1.88 1 /* 3.72 2.91 21.75 22.02 22.12 22.12 23.25 23.20 $2.65 Close 2.25V* 2.28Vu 2.30V8 2.27',i 1.76V* 1.60 1 /* 1.62 .86V* .80% .81','i .82 1.88'A 1.89 3.78 2.07 21.75 22.15 22.27 22.30 23.30 23.30 Medium steers and heifers $27.00-29.00 Fair steers and heifers S21.00-23.50 Plain steers and heifers §19.00-21.00 Choice cows $21.00-23.00 Good cows $20.00-22.00 Medium cows $19.50-22.50 Fair cows $17.00-18.50 Good bulls S21.00-23.00 Medium bulls $20.00-22.00 Bologna bulls $18.00-21.00 Canners and cutters $14.50-17.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Saturday Choice $28.00 Good $26.00 Medium $21.00 Common $18.00 Culls $14.00 CLIPPED LAMBS MASON CITY—For Saturday Good to choice $22.50-23.50 Medium $19.50-20.50 Common $15.00-16.00 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Saturday's Market) Chicago, (JP>— No wheat. Corn: No. 2 yellow S2.20'/i; No. 3 S2.22'/,; No. 4 $2.15V«; No. 2 white $2.73. Oats: No. 1 mixed 97c; No. 1 heavy white $1.06; No. 3 heavy white medium 9Bc. Barley nominal: Malting $1.60-95; feed $1.20-55. The ice went out one year July 18 and the freezeup was Sept. 15 One boat a year comes with supplies. The Alexanders had collected and pressed 56 different varieties of flowers which they displayed. The igloos were described the methods used in teaching, the entertainment, the holiday customs, the dog teams, the boats o skin, the weather ranging iron 67 degrees above to 43 below bero, and the whale fishing were noted. The people of Point Hope are American citizens and vote. They take quite an interest in politics and are either democrats or republicans. They use American money although much trade is by barter. Mrs. Alexander exhibited a number of slides showing the Eskimos and their homes and costumes, the midnight sun which passes around the horizon daily for about 2 months in the summer and is invisible for 2 months of the winter. In winter the moon is very brilliant. The stars and northern lights also give light on the %vhite snow. The people take from 1,500 to 2,000 seals a year and from one to 6 whales. They use whale oil, coal shipped in by boat and electricity for fuel. Wood from the river is used for the framework of buildings and for fuel. Whalebone is used for posts and cemetery markers. Use Sewing: Machines The school teaches English, arithmetic and some geography, civics and history. Since the Alexanders have been, there they serve a hot breakfast at the school and believe this has improved the health and cut the death rate from 15 the first year to 3 the 3rd. The children are bright and eager to learn. Each family has a Singer sewing machine head operated by hand. The wife of the postmaster has a treadle machine and also a portable organ so she is in a class by herself. The people know airplanes, dog teams and boats. One young man served in the army and learned to pilot a plane so is most popular. The Alexanders are the only white residents, at Point Hope. They return to Alaska in the early fall. Mrs. Alexander was introduced by Mrs. Arthur Johnson who was presented by Mrs. Chris Johnston, vice president. During the business meeting committee and circle quarterly reports were given. Sixteen guests were present. , Rooms Needed Mrs. Arthur Hammond an- OKIGIKAL NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA in and for Cerro Gordo County. Johanna Pelerien, PUInUJf, vs. Soren Fetersen, Defendant. You are hereby notified that a Petition of the above-named plaintiff in the above-entitled action is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the above- named Court and which Petition prays that Plaintiff be granted an absolute Decree of Divorce on the grounds of cruel nnd inhuman treatment such as to endanger her life and health and for the reason that you have deserted her without cause for more than two years. The Petition further prays that the plaintiff be awarded the custody and control of the minor children. For further particulars, see Petition now on file. You are also hereby notified to appear before said Court at the Courthouse in Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, on or before the 23rd day of August, 1948, and that unless you so appear, your default will be entered and Judgment or Decree will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Pe- FOR SALE—Tavern fully equipped. 20 miles to Mason. Doing $20,000 business yearly. Write N-15, Globe-Gazette. CHRISTMAS CARDS 50 FOR »1 With name Imprinted. They sell on sight, pay you big money; Stunning Leader 21- Card $1 Assortment—up to 50c profit. Religious, Everyday, Floral Notes, others. Samples on approval. HertelArt, 305 W. Adams, Dept. B-33, Chicago. DEGEN hardwood floor service. Laying, sending. Ph. 1672. OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZENORS House* for Sole 35 HOUSES FOR SALE 4 im. partly mod. hte., 8. VT. ... *4000.00 6 rm. mod. bungalow, S. W. Sec. 16500.00 6 rm. mod. h*e. (at heat. *"»«*-.,_. Central Heights WOOO.OO 9 rm. mod. hse., close In $12,000.00 6 rm. mod. hse. Gas heat, deeping porch. N. W $13.000.00 8 rm. mod hse. Close in. Good earner .' $10.800.00 Excellent Fore«t Park home. 5 rooms and bath downstairs. 2 bedrooms and bath up $15.000.00 W. L. PATTON, 109 E. State St. CARPENTRY—Large or small. Phone 4467-W or 4833-J. Investment for Sale BRICK BUILDING FOR SALE 33x125 feet. County Seat Town Northeast Iowa. Price $22,500 Have good lease for purchaser. WRITE W-19, GLOBE-GAZETTE WANTED 2 Exp. Night Waitresses and One Handy Woman in Kitchen of WITKE'S NEW CAFE, Clear Lake Also Exp. Waitress, 4 hours night's at WITKE'S BEACH LUNCH CLEAR LAKE WANTED—Experienced waitress. Crystal Lunch. FOR SALE—Clean cafe. Uptown, with 14 year lease and doing good business. Write Postoffice Box 1005. tition. JAMES R. BROWN 5','a South Federal Avenue Mason City, ]owa Attorney for Plaintiff REPORT OF A HOLDING COMPANY AFFILIATE OF A NATIONAL BANK Published In Accordance With Section 5211, U. S. Revised Statutes Report as of June 30, 1948, of North west Bancorporation, Minneapolis, Minn., which is affiliated with The First National Bank of Mason City, Iowa, Charter No. 2574, Federal Reserve district No. 7. Kind of business: Owns or controls, directly or Indirectly, capital stock of bank and other corporations. Manner in which above-named organization is affiliated with national bank, and degree of control: Affiliated by reason of common ownership or control, directly or indirectly vested in Northwest Bancorporation. Degree of control: 96.075%. Financial relations with bank: Stock of affiliated bank owned (par value) $384,300.00. Other information necessary to disclose fully relations with bank; None. I, O. A. Bvielow, Assistant Comptroller and Assistant Secretary of Northwest Bancorporation, do solemnly sxvear that the above statement is true, to the best of my kno"wledge and belief. O. A. BUELOW Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15th day of July, 1948. (Seal) M. J. LINDQUIST, Notary Public, Hennepln County, Minn. My Commission Expires Aug. 3, 1952 Cafe, Soda, Beer N. C. Iowa town 800. Mod. apt. above. Money maker over 25 yrs. Good opportunity for baked goods. This place is nice. Sell or trade for house. BOX 25, SWEA CITY, IOWA CHRISTMAS CARDS WITH NAME Low as 50 for $1. Sell fast from FREE Samples. You make big profit. Up to 50% on easy 91. sales of 21-Card "Southern Beauty," other beautiful Assortments Samples on approval. SOUTHERN GREETING CARDS, 216 S. Pauline, Dept A-l, Memphis, Tenn. Rent Cars, Trucks "DRIVE-ITR-SELF" LANE BROS., Inc. 804 Fourth St. S. W. Phone 447 FOR SALE COLONIAL SPORTSMAN 20 FOOT ALUMINUM TRAILER HOUSE Equipped like new . . . $1400 BRITT CABIN CAMP FOR SALE—18-ft. factory built house trailer. Reasonably priced. L. Frasa- mar, Seavey's Trailer Camp. Charles City. FOR SALE—3 room house, lights, newly decorated. Possession now. $2.250. 3 lots, building on one, $700. George Van Every. Phone 3105. Will sacrifice Authorized Skelgas INSTALLATION AND SERVICE THIS NEW PHONE 5574 FOK SALE—Established portrait and commercial studio, county seat, northeast Iowa. Write H-17, Globe-Gazette. HAVE SEVERAL GOOD Full Time Year Around Positions Open . . . See MR. CLOUGH, YOUNKERS Egeland Skelgas and Appliance IB South Delaware Help Wtd., Male 20 THERE WILL be 4 or 5 Globe-Gazette routes in Mason City open this month. If you are over 11 years of age, come in and fill out an application. Ask for Bob Brophy. WANTED—Ford tune up man. Have a permanent position open for a sharp tune up man, excellent chance for advancement to the man with the Bluff. Call Service Mgr., Charles City Motor Co., Charles City, Iowa. WANTED—Women to take care of rooms. Full time and part time employment. Permanent work. Apply Hotel Eadmar. I REPAIR ALL MAKES OF Washing Machines Have Wringer Rolls Jor All Makes I sharpen lawn mowers, sell used refrigerators, washing machines and ice boxes. L. A. WRIGHT 218 Third N. E. Phone 1849-J i Story 4 Rm. Home Upstairs finished to give two extra rooms. Good location. Transportation. School. PHONE 3728-J FOR SALE BY OWNER NICE 3 Bedroom House Has Ige. living room and screened porch. Two car garage. Gas heat. Shaded yard. Well located. 115 SOUTH VERMONT Death Notices 1 LEE, William Arthur, 77, died Friday afternoon at the homo of his son, Harold, near Clear Lake, following an illness. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m., Monday at the Patterson-James funeral home, with the Rev. Alvin N. Rogness, pastor of Trinity Lutheran church, officiating. Interment will be at the Rockwell cemetery. TTie Patterson-James funeral home In charge. Situation Wanted 22 WANTED—Work of any kind either in or out of town. Maurice A. Osborne, 1109 Gth S. W. Ph. 4220-J. Help Wtd., Male, Female 23 WANTED—Someone to bale 100 acres of straw on shares. Alfred J. Peterson, 'A mi. W. of Kensett. WANTED—Married man for farm work. Sep. zettc. house. Write D-15, Globe-Ga- Authorized Maytag Sales and Service CALL 162 Pick Up and Delivery Service HOME APPLIANCE CO. 201-03 S. Federal, Mason City FOR SALE—By owner: 6 room, modern house. Gas heat. Tel. 4475-W. FOR SALE BY OWNER leaving town: 5 rm.. 1'A story. Built F. H. A. Will G. I Shown by appointment. 828 9th N." E. Phone 4B45-J. New House Trailer BARGAINS 25 Foot UNIVERSAL 5 2195°° WANTED—Dishwasher for machine. Apply Witke's Cafe, Clear Lake. Salesmen 25 WENTWORTH. SM/lc Dale Edward, 2317 N. Federal, died in the service of hts country, May 12, 1944, in the South Pacific near New Guinea. Services will be held at the chapel of the McAuley and Son funeral home at 4 p. m. Tuesday, with the Rev. F. W. Wcndland, pastor of Grace Evangelical church, officiating. Burial will be at Memorial Park cemetery. The McAuley and Son funeral home in charge. WILSON, T/Sgt. Darrell E., 937 9th N. E., died In a field hospital near Dcnshelm, Germany, April 4, 1945, from •wounds received in combat. Services will be held Wednesday at 2 p. m. at the chapel of the McAuley nnd Son funeral home, with Doctor Paul A. Peterson, pastor ol Wesley Methodist church, officiating. Burial will be at Elmwood cemetery. The McAuley and Son funeral home in charge. Funeral Director MAJOR Funeral Home. Phone 511. "Major Service Meets Your Need." Auto or Air Ambulance. WANTED Men for Shocking Oats Also 2 or 3 Good Monthly Men Top wages. Apply at once to KINNEYFARMS 9 Miles N. W. of Mason City MELVIN ECKARD, Foreman WANTED—Salesman. An excellent opportunity is open for a good used car salesman. Ford, Mercury and Lincoln dealership and we always have plenty of good cars to sell. A chance to make exceptionally good earnings and a permanent position for the man who can do the job. Write A-15, Globe-Gazette. WANTED—Work for tractor. Have mower, plows and dirt bucker. 1217 4th St. S. W. Call in evening. AUTO and trucTt repair »ervic«. Johnson Auto Repair. 14 6th St N. E. SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding—all makes. Parts and supplies. Mason City Appliance Store, 211 S. Federal. Phone 1103. 25 Foot $]QQ[-00 IRONWOOD l 7UJ 21 Foot ALMA '1895 00 FOR SALE—Black dirt, fill dirt del.; also ashes, rubbish hauled. Flu 1670-W. Cull« 12.50 GENUINE SPRING LAMBS Good to choice $29.00 EWES Good to choice $ 7.50- 0.50 Medium $ 6.50- 7.50 Common and culls S 5.00- 6.00 Produce (Quotation by E. G. Mor«t> MASON CITY—For Saturday Eggs, No. 1 44c Eggs, undergrades 33c Eggs, nest run 37c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. up 27c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. up ... 22c Light hens 18c Springs, heavy breeds 37c Springs, Leghorns 33c Old cocks, heavy breeds .... 15c Leghorn cocks 12c Eggs, at retail 43-53c Butter, Iowa State Brand . 87-89c Butter, Corn Country 86-88c FIND IOWA BEST Nora Springs — Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Ingersoll and 3 children of Chicago, Minn., arrived here in their trailer house and visited with Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Albert. The Ingersolls have just returned to the midwest after having spent a year touring the west, in search of a new location, and have now decided they prefer Iowa or southern Minnesota. Planes Spray Corn Borers Near Leland Leland—Corn fields which had been thriving in this vicinity began this week to show strong evidence of the corn borer. Farmers, who had been on the alert for the pest, started immediate action on spraying their fields. Hundreds of acres have been sprayed by plane with a preparation of DDT. Most of it in this vicinity has been done by the dry method. In some places a combination of water and DDT has been used. The planes fly about 10 feet above the ground. The method is said to be more effective when the borer is waging his activity in the upper part of the stalk. The sudden increase of the pest is thought to have been caused by nounced the laboratory school to open at the church at 5:30 Sunday evening when a reception is to be held for the instructors and out- of-town students. Rooms for persons attending are needed, she said, also more children to enroll in the primary and intermediate departments. Easy chairs are needed for the reception room. Anyone having a room available may contact Mrs. Ward Smiley. Refreshments were 'served by the Wesleyan Service Guild with Mrs. Harry Mason in charge of the punch bowl. Flowers decorated the serving table. The next meeting is Aug. 11. MEYER Funeral Home. A beautiful service need not be costly. Ambulance service. Phone 1505. McAULEY & SON Funeral Home. A distinguished, dignified funeral service. Ambulance. 8 South Adams. Call 651. Wanted,Young Man With Car BETWEEN 25-35 YEARS Neat appearing, with ability to meet public. This job has a real future. Fair salary while training. Contact Mr. Deutscher SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 123 North Federal SALES REPRESENTATIVE Builders' Hardware Exceptional opportunity for man with Builders' Hardware experience to contact lumber yards, retail hardware stores, etc.. in established protected territory. Exclusive, nationally known leading lines of Door Locks and Builders' Hardware. 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Write SMITH, INC., Greenfield 5, Mass. Business Locations 30 PATTERSON - JAMES Funeral Home. Known for Service. Ambulance, oxygen equipped. 322 N. Washington. Ph. 1140. Lost, Found The earliest historian, probably was Herodotus. FAIRMOUNT Maternity seclusion «ani- tarium for unmarried girls. Low rates. Working reduces expenses. Confidential. 1414 East 27th. Kansas City. Mo. Lost, Found LOST—3 months old, brown and white puppy. Finder please Phone 3506-J. WANTED Man to Wash Cars Pritchard Motor Co. SELL CALENDARS—Good sideline or full time. Every business wants them. Now 5s the time to sell. Free samples. Fleming Calendar Company, 6537 Cottage Grove, Chicago 37, 111. ADVERTISING BOOK MATCHES — World's largest direct selling mfgr. of Advertising Book Matches offers opportunity for profitable year 'round selling; Every business a prospect; No Exp. needed to start; Men or Women; Full or part time. Factory service; Low prices for high quality; Repeats; Sales Kit Furnished. Match Corp. of America, 3433 PA W. 48th PI., Chicago 32. FOR SALE B US IN ESS B LOG. on Main Street, Thompson, Iowa. CONTACT RUSS SHAY 204 E. Division, Clear Lake Or will be in Thompson Wednesday, July 21, 1 P. M. FOR SALE—New, used house trailers, S. Broadway Trailer Sales, Albert Lea. FOR SALE—Several homes and vacant lots. See L. H. Rud. 20V4 S-Federal. FOR SALE—NEW ALL MODERN 5 ROOM HOUSE and garage; gas heat, hardwood floors. Located at 627 Third N. E. FHA Approved loan of $7000. CALL 3074-J Rooms for Rent 32 FOR RENT — Sleeping 4799-LJ. room. Phone FOR RENT—Large sleeping room for 2. Girls pref. Close in. 525 S. Washington. FOR RENT—Large sleeping rom. Gentlemen. 225 3rd N. E. Apply at 231 4th N. W. MASON CITY LEGAL NOTICES Money to Loan 8 LOANS—$29 to $300. State Ftnanca 201 Weir bldg. Phon« 1033. SEE th« United Home Bank and Trust Co. for real estate mortgage loan*. the prolonged we^k. drought of last Ortale Heads Rotary Osage—J. W. Watts, manager of the Osage theater, has been named director of the Rotary club to succeed the Rev. George Stemm. County Superintendent Lou Ortale, vice president, has moved up to president due to the resignation of Ralph Morgan. Lake Boat Club to Display Pennants Clear Lake—Plans for a pennant to be used by members of the Clear Lake Boat club were completed and approved at a dinner meeting of the group at the Ritz club Friday evening. Lee Robison, Ames, designed the pennant and a supply has been ordered. Membership in the Outboard Boat club, Chicago, was deferred for the present but may be taken at any time desired. Verne Petersen, state boat inspector, explained the significance of various buoys anchored in the lake. They mark the reefs off Dodge's Point and "The Island" and the navigable part of South bay, he explained. Boats are to stay outside those marking the reefs and inside those in the bay. The next meeting is Aug. 20 at the Ritz. Each member is to make his own dinner reservations with the management. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR STATE OF IOWA, Cerre Gordo County, ss. No. 6936. Notice Is hereby given, that the tinder- signed has been duly appointed and qualified as Executor o! the estate of Jennie M. Tclford, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment: and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file tn the office of the Clerk of the District Court. E. W. CLARK D. H. FITZPATRICK, Attorney Dated July 1, 1948. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court By EVELYN SLOCK, Deputy NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County. ss No. 6947. Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate of Alice Gallagher, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All person* indebted «o said ctsate are requested to make Immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. C. A. PARKER D. H. FITZPATRICK, Attorney Dated July 1, 1MB. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court By EVELYN SLOCK. Deputy NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County. M. In District Court, No. 6962. June Term, 1948. To all wham It may e»ne«rn: You are hereby notified, that an In- (trument of writing purporting to be the lost Will and Testament of Richard A. McGulre, Deceased, dated January 11. 1847, having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday the 2nd day of August, IMS, is fixed (or hearing proof of came •t th» Court House In Ma ton City, Iowa, LOANS—See United Financial Service. 15Vb N. Federal, over Ford Hopklnj Drug Store. Phon« 67. WANTED TAP ROOM ATTENDANT Mason City Country Club, Phone 1512 Services Offered 27 FOR RENT—Room« for men, 2 blocks from park. 304 West State. FOR RENT—Sleeping rooms. Girls preferred. 407 1st S. W. FOR RENT—Rooms for gentlemen. N. Adams. Ph. 3228-W. 421 FOR SALE BY OWNER—5 room partly modern house. 703 S. Monroe. HERE IS A REAL BUY 8Rm. All Mod. Hse. in Plymouth. Auto, oil heater, auto, hot water, water softener, double garage, 2 lots. Poss. soon. Leaving town. DAVE RYAN, Realtor, Ph. 827 FOR SALE—Nearly new 27-ft. Travel- master trailer house. 3 rooms, elec. refrig., plenty closet space. Excellent cond. Call 120-J, Hampton, la., for information. VACATION MONEY $50—$100—$150—$200 AND UP Why not enjoy a worry-free vacation? $50 costs only $3.00 when repaid In 3 monthly installments. Larger amounts at repayment plans to fit your income. Loans to meet other needs also. 25 YEARS FRIENDLY SERVICE Security Loan Co. MAN WANTED to take over established home service route for 150 famous Watkins household necessities. Careful training furnished. No investment. About $40 to $50 a week to start. Write B-I7, Globe- Gazette. WANTED—Responsible young mnn for deliveries and learn magazine distribution business. Good salary. Phone 24D9-J after 6. Room 321 First Nat'l Bldg. Phone 412 CASH LOANS— $20 to $.100. Household Finance Corporation, 117Mi N. Federal. Phone 541. LOANS. Federal Discount. 1SV4 North Federal. Telephone 516. Seeds, Feeds 17 FOR SALE Second Cutting BALED ALFALFA A. E. SIMMONS, Hampton WANTED Menl8to45Yrs.Old in Canning Dept. JACOB E. DECKER & SONS INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER MOTORTRUCK SERVICE STATION HOURS: 8 A. M. to 1 A. M. Monday through Friday. Close at 12 noon Saturdays. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO., 610-12 South Delaware Phone 3200 FOR RENT—Sleeping rooms, mett working couple. 328 2nd N. W. Apts. for Rent FOR RENT—Apt. in Clear Lake, for couple. Write C-17, Globe-Gazette. FOR RENT—1 rm. basement apt., for work men; with garage. $4 wk. Ph. 647-W. Houses for Sale 35 WANTED—By experienced bookkeeper- accountant capable of managing department, work in or out of city. Write L-H, Globe-Gazette. FOR SALE—Cheap: Nice large house. 2Mi lots. Inquire 303 N. Elm, Clear Lake. FOR SALE—By owner: 3 bedroom house, modern. Has large living room with fireplace, heated sun porch, double garage. Phone 2075-J. Help Wrd., Female 21 Young Lady Wanted WILLING TO LEARN BOOKKEEPING Must be good in arithmetic. Five and one-half day working week with time and half over 40 hours. Location in Mason City business district. Handwritten application desired. WRITE L-17, GLOBE-GAZETTE AUTO REPAIR ALL MAKES OF CARS H & H MOTORS Sales—PACKARD—Service 12 Seventh St S. E. WANTED—Open ditch work. Creek straightening. Raymond Schultz, Marble Rock. Ph. 137. FOR SALE—A comfortable 3 bedroom bungalow in East Park Place Addition. Clean as a new dime. Fully modern with a full lot and a garage. Will sell for 58,400. Only $1,500 down. The rest like rent. J. B. Youngblood and Son. Ph. 36. or G. R. EVELAND, Phone 2046-W, Mason City WANTED—Marker and silk Ideal American Laundry. presier. $125 to S1SO month steady with room nnd board to right lady under 40 with beat references for housework. Builneu man and wife Jn ultra modern, protestant home in town near Maion City. Write A-16, Globe-Gazette. H & H MOTORS Sale, PACKARD Service Also repair any make of car. HAROLD HOOD 12 Seventh S. E. HEIMENDINGER TRANSFER LINE Office »t 823 Fourth St S. W. for experienced and economical local and long distanc* moving. CALL 1070 LAWNMOWERS sharpened at your home, guaranteed. $1.60. Ph. ai«5-J. ASHES and rubbish hauled; basement* cleaned. Phone 6487-W. FOR SALE Permanent Lake Shore Home ON EAST SHORE 5 rooms and complete bath. Modern kitchen, gas heat. Carpeted; furnished. Fine 40 ft. lake frontage, dock and boat rack. I. M. CALLANAN CLEAR LAKE NEW HIGHLANDS HOME— Here is a very fine two bedroom home of top quality construction, ready to occupy on August 1st. Here are some of the features that make this house a real home: Garage with overhead door and reinforced concrete drive, heavy 3 A" oak flooring throughout, beautiful chrome bathroom accessories, plenty of cupboards in the kitchen, double sink unit with swing spout and spray fixture, fluorescent cabinet light over sink, plenty of lights and outlet plugs, lots of closet space, landscaped complete with shrubbery, gas heat, large attic which can be finished into one or two additional rooms. F. H. A. & G. I. financing. If you are looking for an outstanding home in the best part of Mason City, this is it. See Associated Builders, inc., 309 First National Bank Bldg. Lots for Sale 36 FOR SALE—Good lots in the Highlands. Sewer and water. $400. Kcnnison, 2318 S. Bryant Ave., Minneapolis 7, Minn. MIRRORS r»«rrver«<I. Factory procesi. Guaranteed. M«ckct'«. Fhon* 7C2. AN APARTMENT FOR SALE V\ Home on Wheels 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, why rent, buy now. Such popular makes as Sportsman, Alma, Ironwood, Travelite, Fairway, Traillite. BUY THK BEST, they cost no more than ordinary trailer homes. OUR TRAILERS can be bought on monthly payments. FURNITURE ACCEPTED MS part payment WHY WAIT. BUY NOW W. B. FERRING. Dyersvllle, Iowa MILLER'S WEST HAVEN GROCERY 3235-lBth St. S. W. Phon* 4361 LARRY * CELHA BEVEY FOR SALE IN WILLOWBROOK ADDITION LOT NO. 1, BLOCK 16 Located on Circle Drive on west side. This lot has a 210 ft. frontage on the lagoon. CONTACT DR. M. L. HALE 121 E. Park Road, Iowa City, Iowa Acreage 37 Chart*. City Phon* 1707-J For Sale-3.75.Acres With Garage 36 ft. x 23 ft. East on Highway 103 out of North wood, Iowa. Priced U&OO. EARL WINTERTON Phone 350-LJ Humboldt, Iowa

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