Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 23, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1933
Page 6
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»6 THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVEN^ G.MARCH HUHBOLDT NEWS Ouild Sunday School Class of Presbyterian Cborch Uel^s_^yiget- iitg in Church Wednesday. HliHilBPLDT, Mar. 22.—Mrs. Hollis Flint and little daughter Shirley Ann, of Humboldt, left Monday for, a few; days' vl^t wtfh her-fiiothr^. er, iMrs. P. C. Irwlii atid sietfer, Mis.s •Julia Irwin of Ida. ; Mrs. Luther Clover and family had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Bennett of lola. •, Mr. and Mrs'. Wayne Smith of Humbol<yi are., the proud parents <rf a 7-pound daughter bom to them -March 20. . Mr. and Mrs. Chester Cliatterton 'of Humboldt entertained several relatives from Colony over Sunday. Mi-B. M. A. Fisher of North Tenth iiSlreet is reported to be suffering fiom an. infected toe which is proving quite- troublesome. • ; Mrs. Alfred Lamb of South Ninth 'street who has been experiencing trouble with an infected leg, undei--: jvent a minor operation Wednesday afternoon, and is. nott| resting nicely. , A small outbreak tire occurred Wednesday afternoon in the alley .Jjack of Hatch's meat market due tp rubbish igniting and flames spread,- ing to some old'timber adjoining. While the firemen were called out, the fire was subdued by Albert Horn a.ssisted by Milton Amos by the tim.e ihe firemen arrivedv Fortimiately no damage to property was sustained. • The Humboldt high school bas- kDtbaU team enjoyed a supper at the high school Wednesday evening. , - •jThe Guild Sunday school class ol the Presbyterian church held , Its regular meeting at the church Wed- nesda!y afternoon, and following & short; business session the following officers were elected for the ewr suing church yea;r: Mrs. T. A. Baijc- back, president;. 1418. John Wakefield, vioe-prcsident; Mrs. Barfqot, secretary; Mrs. Ed Smith, treasurer, and Mrs. O. W: Horn, teacher, Mrs. Frank Miller, Mrs. S. Harmon, M^. L. Holischneider .and .Mrs. Etta Simmons were also in attendance in addition, to th& above names meo- tloned, including Miss Lunetta Redfield. . I An all day nieeilng of the Big Creek' Ladies' Aid. society, east of Humboldt, was, held Tuesday at tfte home of Mrs. C, P, Xasley. The day was spent quitting, dinner being sprved at noon. Those in attenji-. ance were: Mr. and Mrs. Lee L^ley, Mrs. Luke Lasley and daughtfe^ Alice Eileen, Mrs. F. M.' Whitwor^i, Mrs. Boliert Johnson and spa. Lewis Lee. Mrs. Eben Claus and daughter Vivian, Mrs. rHoyt- M. Lefever, Mrs. William Tomllnson, Mrs. Samuel Switaer, Mrs. Harry Briley, Mrs. A. Tliompson, Mrs. Walter Boerstler, Mrs. Robert Bates, Mrs. C. E. Wanamaker, Mrs. Ray Russell. Mrs. T. Franpisj.. Mrs. Ethel; Mprlau. Mrs. Harry Hile, Miss Irma Wanamak^r, Miss GVneth Lefever. Miss Sylvia Whitworth and Merle Lasley. Mrs. Cecil V. Brlnkmeyer and son David Baird visited in Chahute Tuesday .ivith Mrs.-..Brinkmeyer's mother, Mrs. J. Jordan. M1.SS Bernice White, southeast of Humboldt, has about recovered from her attack of appendicitis. Mr. and Mrs. v. B. Richardson, southeast of Humboldt, entertained as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mi^s. C. A. King of Colony, and their son Dwight and family of El Paso, Tex., and Mr. and Mrs. 1. C. Greer>>and daugbter Marjorle. . / Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Whitfe anS daughter, Bernice, southeast of Humboldt,- ^ were - Sunday dinner gueats of Mr. and Mss, Arthur White and son Max, of ctmnute. Ira Boman, southeast of Hum- holdtvWaa in Chani^ Tuesday for' the transaction of busia ^ss. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Ermey. southeast of Humboldt,, were in Chaniite Wednesday for the transaction of business. A. H. Dreyer, boy scout executive, of the Seliaa area, was here today In the interest of boy scout work. The M, B, S. club has arranged to hold a party at the liome of Mrs. Ennis; Starkey of Humboldt. Thursr day, April 13, The next regular meeting Is scheduled for March 30 a.t the home of Mrs. C. Wright. Miss Martha Bulk of Humboldt attended a wedding anniversary dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ledford west of Humboldt, Sunday. GAS CRT EVENTS Mrs. H, W. Cheney to EnterUlri. W. C. T. U,. at Next, Mectin^'on . Tuesday at Her Home. GAS CITY, March 21.—Mr. and Mrs. Perry Abbott of South Gas entertained with a birthday party Saturday in honor of their grand- chi}dren Joe Jr. LaRue and Albert Diamond district were | callers Tueis- day morning at the S. Skeen home. .1 I cUnton Stroud is visVting in Kan.- sas City witlj his cousin. Ralph Coffee. I Miss Velma StiUer j of Chanute and Gerald Dykes of Neosho Pall^ are vLsltlng at the honie of Mi-, and Mrs. Roscoe "Thomas, j Mrs. Joe Brundage -and son LaRue, visited Tuesday at the Perry Abbott home in SouUi G«s. Mr! and Mrs. J. P. Wilhite. and Trick Xtebox Cake. 2 squares unsweetened chocolate 1 caa sweetened condensed ,<nilk cup vrtiter •^aniUa, wafers ..Melt chocolate in double boiler. Add condensed milk and stir Until mixture thickens. Add water. Line Ipng narr(W( mouM. wiith iwaifb paper a^id cover bottomi with tbhi layer of chocolate mixture. Cover \;S!ith> a l|iy^ of "ipneeda. i Bakers" yanilia vafera. Then add a. ^yer of chocolate mixture and another layer of wafers. Set in. refrigerator 3^4 hoursi Turn out on platter, remove paiJer, and- serve in sli^s plain or with whipped w^anx. j_6,.portlQOs Lynn Brundage, whose birthdays' aire on the 18th, 19th and 21st re- i ""^^ ''I'^- Will Ronslck and two spectively. Those present were the children of Huipboldt, were Sunday honor guests, Mr, i and Mrs. Joe visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Brundage. and Mrs. Ralph Perkins Mnurlce. Rasebaugh, I and son Victor Carl. 1 Frank Pi-ase caUed at the Mrs. Belle Wood!of East Gas vis- I Sunday- yternoon. ited Sunday, with Mrs..Dora White. Mrs. Fred Morris and children, The W. C. T. U. Will meet Tuesday afternoon, March 28, atl the home of Mrs. H. W. ctianey. I The county were Sunday visitws at the homej;president, Mrs. NelHeMcCormack, is of Mr. and Mrs. O.iC. McGrew. ; exnected to be nresenti I ,1 expected to be present'; Miss. Hazel Benton, wl»o has re-|| Misses Kathrj-n Thpmas. Maud and Llllle Morgan motored to La- Harpe Sunday night. Mrs. H. W. Chaney \).yted at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Peter- turned from Caney, Kas., to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 9- H. Benton Inj Liberty district, spent a-few days last week with Miss Clairine Johnson. Mrs. Lucy Coriiell and Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Holten motored to Wan- nersburg Friday afternoon. Mrs. Maurice Rosebaugh who has been quite ill, is much improved. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Humes have moved from Claremore, Okla., to their property on North Main, formerly the Martin property. Victor Carl Perkins spent Sunday vyith his grandmother Mrs. Lena I»erkins. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Perkins were afternoon visitors. Mrs. May Boyer was an all night guest Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Potter. Mr. and Mrs. Thjurmg.n Morris,of III AUt) 48 lb. bag Jersey Cream. 65c rLvUlV 48 lb. bag Daisy ,. ....89c Peanut Butter, 2 lb. qiiart jars 19e Lee Jell Powder, any flavor, pkg.. .5c Jelly, any flavor, 9-oz. glass 9c ItlX i IVTiV 1 2 Junket Powder Free • ^ W Oysters, 2 small cans i5e Prunes (small but sweet) - 3 lbs. 15c -Peaches (large fancy dried) ... 3 lbs, 25c Apricots (ripe clean fruit) 2 lbs. 25e Sugar, 20 pound bag 89c Honey (Clear Sections) .. Each 12c Oats, lO pounds ^ulk 19c Om*on Sets (any coior) ^art 5c Toilet Paper ,iGauze 10c RoHs for 5c Cookies, Special Pound 19c BACON MorreU Pride Sliced Lb. 19c BUHER Creamery Lb. 19c K.C. Baking Powder r. Large can Laurel Sliced Bacon Lb. 15c Shoulder Pork Roasts Lb, 7c Ham Roasts; pound . 10« and 12c, Spare Ril)s, per pound 6c Bacon Squares^ home cured, pound 7c Morrell's Pride Bacon Squares, lb 8c Bulk Kraut, fresh barrell, pound .5c Large Wienies, per pound .10c Spare Rib®, per pound 6c Lard» Pure, per pound .5c Hamburger Lb. 8c; 4 lbs. 25c Sausage , Lb. 8c; 4 lbs. 25c Picnic Hams, home cured, per pound 8e Dill Pickles, nice size 5 for lOe Minced Ham (pure meat, no cereal) Lb. 15c Corned Beef, per pound — 12V^c Heavy Bacon, half or whole slab, pound 10c Heavy Beef Roasts Baby Beef RbASTS Tender Chuck Lh.l2V2C Circle No. 7. Methodist Church, WOI HoW a Food Sale Here Saturday. McFADDEN }^iM STODDARD BEEF BOILS Lb. 4e Baby Beef Boils son in lola Saturday afternoon. M«- Vem Peterson dnd daughter Kathryn of Humboldt, | spent Tuesday with Mrs. Lena Perkins. Mr. and Mi-s. Ralph Perkins were also callers there. j • Mr. and Mrs. Phil Kckering and Mrs. Ethel Scruggs of JKincaid visited Sunday, at the Tom V Webber home. The M. E. Ladies' Aid will give, an entertainment at the Gas school house Friday night, Mafch 2^1. Mr, and Mrs. Hoscoe Thomas and Miss Velma Stitzer and Gerald r>ykes motored to Toronto Tuesday. Will and Andy Arthur of Lone Elm visited Monday, at the home of the former's nieceJ Mrs. Roscoe Thomas, \ Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Bergsten of Savonburg visited Tuesday at the Holten home. Mr. and Mrs, Fred Tompkins and family and Grandma Tompkins attended the funeral of the lale Sue Tompkins at Melvern. Kansas, Sunday afternoon. IMAGINE BEING' lA ^lE TO " LPRIKK IT , TIME •'YET i ACTKiALLY MH^m-fQ^if^rn LESS HUSBANDS AND WIVES Onion .Soup. 3 onions tbsp. butter 3 cups beef broth 2''. cups evaporated milk Dash of cayenne Salt and pepper 3 ."Stale rolls, cut in halvfes 1 cup grated clicese Chop onions fine and saute li> butter for a few minutes, being careful not to brown them. Add broth, and simmer until onions are tender, tiic'i add milk and seasoniufcs. Poui' into individual baking dishes over rolls, rolls with cheese and set under broiling flame to toast cheese. Two bouillon cubes dissolved in. 3 cups boiling water may be •substituted for the beef broth, yield 6 sonings, \Ve ai-en 't •'spoofing' a bit, when V'-c. say that onion soup has ,brough!. renown to many a hostess. It's ow. o[ tiiofe special tilings. Have you a house lor rent? Or for sale? 'Want to buy anything? 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I So Miller^s Corn Flakes a Large Boxes — I9e RICE Fancy Blae Rose 5 Lbs. 240 Apricots and Peaches, Sliced Tall Cans — 2 for t9e Cookies f re^li & Fancy 2 Lbs. 25c CELERY Oranges Bunch 5c Cal. SeeSess 2 Doz. HaHbue — Pound 18c Longhern Cheese Lb. 12c Creamery Butter Lb. 19c Ole0 — Pound Sc Milk, Jersey — Quart 40 Cream foir Wlii»ping — % Pint Je Corn Fed — Heavy Beei Steak ^ Ll»s» 19c Beef Roast — Lb. ?c Fancy Baby Beef Steak — Pound ISc Roast Boils 101/2© Pouitd 6c Choice Pork Roast Chops — Sausage Fresh IMe Bacon Fancy Slieei ^ lAJi. 25c Pound 70 2 Pounds 18c Pou^sd 5c — Pou^Bd 5c Genuine Spriiig Laknb Chops — Pound 15c Roast — Pound lOc Leg-O-Lamb Stew — Lb< i2y2c 4c Notice Farmers! We pay Jc above market price in trade for your eg^. We klso buy your hogs and cattle. Leave your name and address at mt siore arid we will call to see thero. . I

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