The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 5, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1894
Page 12
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Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY AND 'WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. Tan BBNTIIIM, la the only newspaper In Ca ' mil county that IB printed all at bome and It con <Blnt more local and county news than any othe two papers ID this county. POWERS 4 COLCLO, Props. FRIDAT, OOTOBEB 5, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore'* shoe store. The cold "weather will soon be here. E. O. Taylor spent Sunday in the city Gall at Martin & Clovie' for Qlidde barbed wire. Patent photograph envelopes . for sal at this office. G. W. Wattles, of Omaha, spent Sun day in the -city. Herman and Qeo. Hick a are visiMn relatireB at Boone. Paints, Oils and Urushos at J. W. Hattou's. Diaeases of the «je, ea r, throat and MM. Dr. O. L. Wright, Gai troll. Mra. Dtz, of Chicago, is, in the city visiting her-slster, Mrs. Mut ison. M. '.Beach left Tuesday for a trip up the road on . legal b 'Usiness. Peter Bw-ger attended tb .« marriage o bis niece in.Kciest townshiip Wednesday DiBeases of women and children ft specialty. Dn. B. C.; EELL EY, Carroll, la Insurance, and money t o loan on teal estate at 6 per cent. Mm TIN & MABTIK Mr. 8immBj of thefirm of Simrns & Nou • comer, dyere, arrived in the city Satur •day. Hill EHe Griffln arrived in the city Monday and is visiting her sister, Urt.W. O. Rich. Hra. W. H. Burwellloft Monday fora • couple of days' visit with, a sister a • Odebolt. C. H.'.Flenker and 'P. J. (Jlbertz, o Washineton^townsbip,- were city visitors ; Baturdav. ; Dwight Noble is enjoying a visit from i bis uncle Josiah Stevens and wife of TJockford, III. Boos * LaimMin are offering the low• est prices on carpets and oil cloth of any one in the city. Supervisors 'Sexton, Von Glan and Dar- j gin were in the city Wednesday on committee work. Mr. and Mrs. E. 11. Burke are in Chir -cago spending the week. They will bo • homo in a few days. Mies Florence Bowon ran a nail Into . one of her feet last Saturday and was un•-. able to be at school this week. . T. H. Hardy left for Marelialltown Wed- tHisday for a few days' absence looking 1 ; after his property in that city. . Qeo. W. Bo wen was at Council Bluffs >the Utter part of last week on legai 'business before the federal court. J. D. WaUh of Chicago was in the city, 'Be expoctg to uoiLoro severe! days look- ting after hit farms in this county. •Mr. and Mrs. Geo. WetberiU entertain •ed a number •of their friends rery pious- :antly last Saturday night at whist. 1. R. Willey of Pleasant Valley was •fitting up with Chas. Buckman Monday •night. Charlev lissome bolter now. A large number Of ladies were preaen •*t »the opening of Cavanaugh & La~ JPlaat Friday and Saturday evenings. HABI Aif, of Charter Oak, it .in the city '.visiting old Meads. Bo was a resi- dont<«tf Arcadia for a number of years. Oorpriota on flour are right, suite •jbody, give it a trial and yon wil • >baok to the Yellow front for more Hmry|Mittleman kad the key which unlock** the little cabiwst at NockoU & Quant's slothing house-which contained the |86. H. W. Macomber returned Wednesday fromjan'OXtended trip in the eastern par •f the state, whore he had ibeoa on lega buiinoif, G. If. Watts, agent for the Standard Oil company, wai in Dos Molnes Wed> nesday oa business in the -intercut of Ihs company. It|appe«red rather dull ttls morning When it ww learned that there bad boon •o burglariM ot hold tips in the city dur of Uoohostor, arrived in the Friday in company with O. W. Wattlw, who WM looking utter builnos.8 iotoKeits in our city. Regular mooting of Signet Chapter No. 1, O. K. 8., Friday evening, Got. 0. Bupp«r at 0 •'clock. All requested to bo present. U. Simon, W. P. Mesdames dim Gnaw and W. R. Uo •utorlnluod a number of tfcoir lady f rleuile ywtorday afternoon at tite home of Mr*. Guam at 4 o'clock toa, Cbrii PageJ, of Hberidao towgiMp, purchased (ho property belonging to Mrs. TobJu and will move hero in the epring. Mr. P»g«l IB one of the successful farm- ers •who has acquired enough of thi world's goods so that he cau afford ti retire from hard labor and will move to this city with this in view. Ohaee & Sanborn teas and coffees were nsed exclusively on the World's fai grounds, selected for their snperio quality. Bold only by Merchant. P. M. Davenport returned Friday from 'Council Bluffs, where he had been on 'legal business before the federal -oour which is now in session in that city. E. N. Merchant was called to Nehras ka Tuesday by a telegram announcing the serious illness of his aged mothe •who has arrived at the ripe old age of 95 ' Read Nockels & Guam's dosing ou •"ad," for Ihey are determined to clos out their large stock and will offer spe cial inducements to the trade during th fall. Gus, Hoch, of Dedham, was in th city attending the meeting of th Democratic county central -committee and we acknowledge a very pleasan call. When you are looking for -fine plus! and upholstered furniture, parlor suit and oak chamber sets, remember tha Boos & Laughlin carry the finest line in the city. Saturday was a great one at the county treasurer's office, as it was the last for paying taxes without a penalty. A large number was on hand to settle with th> county. Chas. Hucknam and wife are both slowly recovering from their attack o typhoid fever. Mrs. Bucknam is said to be doing nicely and will soon be able to be about again. Julius Oponheimer and wife and their little sonChester were in the city spending the Jewish New Year with M. Simon am wife. Thia is the 5655th new year accord ing to their calendar. Merchant wante yon to oall at his store and see how few goods yon can bay for five dollars. Leave your Backs anc baskets at home, but put a doable box on yonr sled or wagon. The building owned by C. W. Bruner near the ball ground is being moved to the east part of 'the city, the railroad company having purchased the groum whore it formerly stood. The rain Monday night was simply immense and filled up the cisterns for the winter. Such a drenching at that in July.would have been worth many thous and dollars to this county. Lake City will put in electric lights end begin to take on city airs. A specie election was held last Monday to vote on granting a franchise and the proposition carried by a vote of 274 to 07. J. H. Anderson writes us from Sioux City that the report that Joe Patchen, the'famous race horse, had gono lame is [also and that he will go with Robert J. at the fair grounds on the llth. B. Meredith returned Wednesday from Graottenger where ho has been for sever* weeks. He will move his family there in a few days with the intention of making his homo in Palo Alto county. The company organized at Coon Rapids which was p'aying "A Trip Around the Horn" has concluded to take a trip up the horn and as a result there are several "artists" out of,a job. The court house is being heated now by the steam heating company of this city, The arrangement is temporary until the board meets in November when t will no doubt arrange for this service tor the coming year. The best thing that could bo done to stop burglars would be to have the electric lights run all night. It would not be very much of an additional expense anc would prove a great protection to tbe property of tbe city. Burglars, safe blower* and sluggers are all getting In their work in our city during the past few days. There are a lo of toughs in the city who no doubt, are at the botton of tbe whole affair anc will sooner or later come to grief. Congressman Dolliver arrived in the city lute Wednesday unannounced anc us a consequence was not mot at the train >y hi* admiring friends who would undoubtedly havo boon on band had they I»BVO beon advised of bis coming. l KonnH, of Dudbam, wa« in thocily Friday and Saturday appeared at he trcaeuror'i ottlce and paid the mulct ax on his saloon property. Shortly f tor bo hud learned that Lit place of luslaess bad beon destroyed io tno (Ire. The bald heads were greatly dlsap- lolutod when the news was given out tiut tbe female minstrels had canceled holr date for Jaet ovoolag and if (bo oport ii verified that it was done iu )olllvor's interest it will cost him Bovorul otea. Tho other uUornoon we went passing p Fifth itroot and saw a largo crowd ul Martin AJOlovii, hardware store. Our- o0ity prompted ui to peep Jn and aoe hut WBB the cause of all this commotion. a OAklug tlit) proprietor what it all uieiwt, tLuy replied, why cuu't you net), t'kieynre all here buying Riverside oftks and cook Stoves. ,1. M. Flgert, of Sheridan, was In the city Saturday and secured THE WEEKLY BENTINKL and New York World for another year. THE BKNTIKBL nnd the World for $2 is a great combination and many of oui subscribers are taking ad» vantage of it, John Nockeli says that the burglars were very foolish to spoil the safe lock and drill so many holes when the key laid right on top of the safe, nnd he says that the next time they come the whole safe will be open for them—nothing to do but turn the handle and open it up. Petty thievery is again breaking out In this city similar to what it did last winter. It is the opinion of many that the work is being done by hone talent. Some of these nights the police officers will make a catch that will tend to close this kind of business for a time at least. A shoe shop in our city was enterec Friday night by unknown parties. No great amount of damage was done but the proprietor will feel better disposed toward his customers if they call during business hours and it would not be so hard on the side windows, which were broken In. Rev. Miller was installed in his duties as pastor of the Lutheran church in Sheridan township last Sunday by Rev. Hermann ot Arcadia, He will deliver hie first sermon to his congregation next Sunday. He came here from Nebraska and ii well recommended as a citizen and a pastor. We have made arrangements by which we can furnish tbie paper and the twioe- a-week New York World all for only $2 a year. Here is tbe opportunity to get your own local paper and the New York World twice every week at extraordi nanly low rates. Address TEE SBNTI NBL, Carroll, la. Under the title of "Issues of tie Coming Elections," the October number of the North American Review contains two Important articles written respectively by Hon. TFilliarn L. Wilson and Ex-Speaker Reed, in which the principles on which both the great parties will go before the nation in the approaching campaign are outlined with precision and authority. Gottelieb Erieg and Miss Johanna Thiermann worn married Sunday in this city. They took the train Monday for a visit with Mr. Krfog's relatives who live up the Sioux City branch. Mr. Krieg is the faithful employe at Urbany's shoe store. He is a young man of excellent habits and will make a model hus- oand. Our etook is complete, goods fits* quality, popular prices. Tbe tariff or silver bill outs no figure with us. Don't think because we don't button hole yon on the street and beg yon to trade with as, we don't want yonr trade. Wedo, 'out think you are wise enough to ohotee the beet place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MEBOHANT. J. R. Whitney left for Sioux City Tuesday to take charge of the art de partment of the inter-stato fair. He has been appointed superintendent of this division and has made J. H. Anderson assistant superintendent. They both left this afternoon to assume charge of their duties and will be absent from the city until after the fifteenth, Judge Paine appointed;W. F. Bteigcr- walt and Morris McHeury as surveying commissioners to establish the boundary lines of section 29, Wheatland tow-nahip, of this county and to survey also the government subdivisions of Raid sections. Tboro has beon considerubl, dispute about the divisions in question and it is tiopod that this will settle all complaint satisfactorily, The Union Cornet Band treated the citizens of our city to a musical treat last Fiiday in the.nature of an open air concert. The streets wore crowded with spectators and the expressions were numerous commenting en the improvement the boys had made since their first appearance. Tho music wan good and delighted all who heard it. Success to luo Union Band. A man by the name of O. B. McLeain, of Cedar liapids, was in the city Monday and tried to work the Masonic lodxe of this city. It did not take the officers long to detect tbal he was an importer, but this was not done until he succeeded In taking ono of the brethren in for a small amount of money, llo did not remain very long in tho city and soon made himself bard to find. The Creston GA/.BTTK odlco bad a fire last Monday night,and although tbe dam- ago was quite severe it did not stop a single issue of the paper, The business and odilorul rooms and job department, 11 on the first floor, wore icoruhed badly. The composing rooms up slulri were not disturbed. It was u vory clone call and we congratulate Bro, Maclean that bo escaped M well as he did. Tho contract was lot this woek by tho trustees of ibo M. B. church to Bheror & Vuiur tut Ui 11 erection of a piirsonage on the lots JUKI south of J, il, Uickey'i roel donee. Tho specifications oall for a handsome building and as tliu contractors are meu to be rolled upon,this society will soon havo a building they may well 'eel proud of.—Qlldden Graphic. Kfforla ore bclug wade to secure tho services of lion. Horace Holes at a poitker hero at some time during tho coming campaign. Wo hopo tbftt tho kttompt may be yucceiuful uml that tho Itijsent and voters of Manning and tho urrouuding country may bu given the ipportuuilr of bearing thu political uesiionu of tbe day discussed by tbe bloat speaker in tho elate of Iowa. A trsouul letter from the ox-guYornor to! a Warren Democrat states that he ba promised to make one address in each congressional district in the state, bu that the naming of the place is . In the handi of the state central committee.— Manning Monitor. The section boys bad tbe depot yard in fine shape when the directors of Mil WHUkee arrived Tuesday night. The words "Coon Rapids" between the twi tracks, shows the section crew are skillei artists in making letters from pebbl stones. The stones are filled in with fine black cinders, then white-washed. It I a fine piece of work and must be seen to be fully appreciated.—Coon Rapids Re porter. The editor ot the Democrat made trip into the country one day this week and was surprised to see tbe smut on the corn. We remember about fourteen years ago when the smut, which was no one-quarter as bad as now, killed a grea amount of stock tor the farmers, We opine that a large per cent of cattle wil die In Sac county before next spring from this cause. Plenty of salt and all the water needed is what the farmers must provide.—Sac Democrat. The postoffice department had docidec to discontinue the sale of the "letter sheet." This is a good idea and the only wonder is that the conclusion was no reached long before it was. The order from the department says those who desire to use them or preserve specimens thereof should avail themselves of the opportunity. The letter sheet was a pet idea of Postmaster General Vilas who did all he could to popularize them, bu it was no go from the start. The saloon men are paying the first quarterly installment of the mulct tax quite promptly. Tbe amount thus collected is between four and five thousand dollars. We understand that there is a disposition on the part of those who pay to see that the othen do. This we think is right and every saloon man in this county should be made pay up or quit the business, for the tax is too much to ask some to pay and at the same time allow others to run "scot free." A pleasant entertainment was given Tuesday night at tbe Cbeasbro residence in honor of Rev. Hendrickson, of tho Baptist church, who has left for Brooklyn, N. Y., to take charge of a congregation at that place. A large number of the young people of tho city were pros • ent who enjoyed a pleasant evening. Mr. Hendrickson's friends were sorry to lose him, but they wish him success in his new field of labor. When the Herald attempted to shift all the responsibility onto Florencourt's shoulders for the abuse that it has heaped upon the Democratic candidates it did a cowardly act unworthy of friend Hungerford. Florencourt may haye a great many sins to answor for but ho has not been guilty of so falsely misrepresenting certain candidates on the Democratic ticket. If he had been we believe ho would bo man enough to run it and not crawl behind someone else. Howard Drake, while out riding Sunday afternoon on bis bicycle met with a serious accident. In coming down tbe hill in tho northwest part of the city his wbepl goi beyond bis control and ran off the sidewalk throwing him about thirty feet, injuring him quite seriously and brooking his wheel. He was taken to his home and was some time before he fully recovered consciousness. One of his limbs was badly injured, but he waa able to be out again iu a few days. The recent decision of the aposollo delegate, Mgr. Satolli,affecting liquor dealers has caused so much comment that an article on the subject which appears In the October number of the North Arnorlcan Reviow, entitled "The Catholic Church aud the Saloon," is certain to attract wide attention, especially as It Is written by Archbishop Ireland of Sir. Paul, who has taken a more prominent part In tho temperance movement than any other member of the Catholic hierarchy iu the United States. A party by the name of A. E. Fisher of Rockford, 111., appeared in tho city Friday and swore out a warrant charging At. Swender with embezzlement. He claimed that Mr, Bwender bad sold a tract of land in Nebraska to A, Docius for bis father and that he had failed to remit the amount of purchase to him. On calling on Mr. Bwender be turned over a mortgage for |500 and would have paid him the remaining f300 due but for Ibe fact that he claimed $50 addition as expenses iu coming out here and looking tho mat- tor up. Mr, Bwender claimed that was all unnecessary and no affair of his and refused to pay tho expense bill. About 9 o'clock Mr. Flsberbadtbe writ served. Mr, 8wonder gave bond before Justice Lynch for his appearance. Boon at lei this Fisher t«ok tho train and has not been soon since. The trial was set for Saturday afternoon but was post poued, The supreme court has reversed tbe do- ciuion of (lie Carroll district court iu the case of Detlef Hagge Jr. vs. Frank 1 la- gun. This case grew out of tho spring election at Arcadia and tbe particulars wore given in TIIK BKNTINBI. at the time tha case was tried in the lower court. Mensri. Haggo and liugan were rival candidates for councilman of Arcadia aud two or three votoi were thrown out jy tho catiTttSHlitf board, This left the result a tie and iu casting lots for tho position Mr, lisgan won and was duly ustulled as councilman. Bui Mr. liag- ge tbeugbt the votes that were (brown out should have been counted for him and brought suit iu tb« district court. The ouso was tried boforo Judge Paine, wbo held tbe bulloU should have beon TORTY ttlLLION CAKE5 YEARLY. THI PROCTER t GAMBLE CO., OIN'TI. counted for Hagge. and JJngan Wi therefore ousted from his position on thi council and Hagge took his place. Thii decision has now been reversed and Mr Hagge will have to step down and ou and Mr. Hagan will again assist in guid ing tbe destinies of the city on the divide, W. R. Lee of this city was counsel for Mr. Hagan in this case 'anc of course feels much elated over the re* suit. _ WILL CLOSE DURING OCTOBER, NINETEEN YEARS OF UNPRECEDENTED SCO- OESS. Dr. N. M. Wilson, tbe well known eye and ear specialist, wbo has so successfully practiced his profession in Marshalltown for the past nineteen yean, will close bis office October the first, for one month until November 1, 1894, and will spend his time in visiting many of the eye and ear infirmaries of the east in tbe interest of his profession, as well as mnoh needed recreation. Below are a tew names ol the many that were under bis treatment when tbe time come to close: 0. Barter. Ira, la. L. Smith, Gamer, la. L. F. Elllan, Keystone, la. Wllllan Lohberger.Garwin, la. A. Ennenga, George.lla. L. McLaughlln, Sheffield, la.' J.Z. Smith, Toledo, la. F. Johnson, Des Moines, la. A. Trohrg, Reinbeck, la. 3. Klnteut, Plato, la. M. Fay, Superior, la. B. Dorey, Quarry, la. A. Liddle, Ames, la. A. W. Gout, Laurens, la. J. Cramer, Reinbeck, la. W. Stattenberg, Traer, la. W. Abrems, Luther, la. L. Orain, Manning, la. 5. Lorensen, Garwln, la. C. A. Bishop, Garwin, la. Clans Wiese, Keystone, la. O. Hoempen, Gladbrook, la. Osmund Nelson, LeGrand. L. M. Burt, Green Mountain, la. Anna Perestorf, Coon .Rapids, la, E. Buxton, Deep Itiver, la. A. A. Scott, Lamonl, la. J. Mahon, MarshaJltown, la. S. C. Glger, Toledo, la. P. Holenback, Lauroug, la. W. W. Smith, Marshalltown, la. W. M. Spohr, Zearlng, la. Cora TPebor, Ellen Creek, Neb . S. Jelnlck, Chicago, 111. J. llunderberg, Mt. Carroll, 111. W. 0. IFallace, Sheffield, la. Allen Greson, Grlnnell, la. W. Curdeu, Ferguson, la. J. Van Lent, Arcadia, la. O. B. Olson, Handall, la. M. Sliiiner, Belle Plalno, la. S. U. Maoy, New Providence, la. Anna JtfcLane, Marsbulltown, la. B. Aday, Brooklyn, la. Krnina Brush, Heinbeck, la. C. Kelley, Grand Junction, la. J. M. Kalston, Conrad Grovo, la. E. G. Scuofteld, Linn Grove, la. Nora Sprague, Gllmau, la. C. Mulloy, Coon Rapids, la. William Hemm,Chapln, la. August Gruteman, Carroll, la. Belle Haherst, Marshalltown, ji. ,S. J. Stivers, Toledo, la. William Uoak, Laurel, la. Ida Nerern, Maruhalltown, la. Agnes Drum, Marshalltown, la. Joseph, L, Ilall, 3fovlllo, la. Mrs. James McKenzle, Maxtor, la. Julius Droeson, Donlson, la. James Clinton, Boone, la. if other Frasler, Afarulialltowu,Ia. A. T. Harrington, 3f eservey, la. G. A. Kuohl, Albion, la, D. C. Afat'ag, Laurel, la, O.O.Taber, Albion, la. Mtney Tbeeds, Gladbrook, Is. J.D.Jenkins, Arthur, la. Jtfary Matter, Marsballtown, la. Dela Olson, Gilbert Station, la. Joe Cooper, Marshalltown, la. Dr. Wilson ia a student of the well mown Brandon Bros., of£BeardsoD,'Ill., and a graduate in bis profession, With ils many years of experience in bis gnat iraalioa in Mareballlowo, wbiob bae not teen equaled in tbe state of Iowa, bis housauds ot patients cored can be found n avery city and village M well as ooan- ry throughout tbe entire north west. His old office will be again opened Nov. 1, 1804, witb greater taoUitiae tbau ever be- ON. CITY IOWA, Oct. 1, im. Council met In regular session -at tho of- floe of E. If. Parsons. Present, K, M. 'aruoiis, mayor; Maurloo Itowler, W. Blower, 0. 11. 11 oof t, K. N. Merchant, Bnui i'odd, J. A. NoNeill, If. 0, Itioh aud Wtu. J'rowhirldjfo, council. Minutes of previous meeting were road and approved. Mr. Ulovls appeared boforo tho council n regard to tho baud trouble asking tho use of tho city baud Instruments for tho baud. ou madu that tlio Union baud bo granted I ho use of tho baud stand the uiue as the Northwestern baud. Motion arrled. Motlou made that a duuiaud bo made by he mayor uud oity clerk ou tho North- wooturu baud for thu return of (ho buud Instruments to Hie band stand. Motion withdrawn. Motion made that the use of the band Instruments be given to the Union band and the same to be left iu the band stand. Yeaa and nays called for: Yeas, C. H. Hoeft, W. O. Rich, Sam Todd, M. Bowler and Wm. Trowbridge; nays, IT. Liewer, J. A. McNelll and E. N. Merchant. Motion carried. The following bills were acted upon and allowed: W.Stank, draylng 236 Todd & McAllister, board for prisoners.... 19 00 F. Franzwa, work on city waterworks 86 IS J. B. Hungerfortl, publishing proceedings of council elx months 1260 Electric Light & Power Co., lights to Oct. 1101 40 Wm. Trowbrldgo, time and •xpenses to • Omaha i 1000 E. H. Parsons, time and expenses to Omaha low 8. P. Hart, for plans and specification! f«r engine house IS 00 L.T, Anderson, oil, blanket and leather.. 310 R, E. Coburn, freight aud drayago on box of rubber coats ' i 81 R. B. Coburn, for M. O. Lilly Co., rubber coats nnd cups 51 M Martin & Clovls, bill of hardware.......... 8>(B D. 8. Supply Co., water gate u 00 " packing 1B«8 D. Joyco, lumber lasia N. A. Price,work on pump house 4 25 F.J. Beers, work on cemetery 75 if. R. Chllcote, attending L.' H. Nlchol* and family and cleaning house and grounds '. 4000 J. Bolster, cleaning tank $2 00 work on crossing 2 25-4 25 W. O. Rich, labor on pump i 80 3. Bolster, labor on crossings 600 D. Freeman, labor water works and cleaning tank 220 1. Johnston, help moving boiler 75 J. Wall, labor ou water worlie 3 95 ?. Bohner, labor on moving boiler 75 tf. Murphy, labor on water works 6 00 M. V. Hamilton, labor ou wator works i so i, Thomas, labor on pump i go Inlet, cleaning hoso 45 ). Mitts, police work on show day 3 00 J. Barger, police work on show day 3 00 5. Foley, police work on show day 8 00 r. Halley, police work show day i BO F. Brooks, pumping water two'nights 8 BO' O.D. Mitts, drayage 575 Green Bay Lumber Co., lumber 27 13 '.R. Whitney, pulley 9 00 C. M. Parsons, express ,3 45 ( freight 1408 I " 158 ' " 1215 i " 1348 v onocarcoal 23 75-65 42 | 'ook Well Co., steam pnmp and oulflt.... 013 20 ' Doa Homes Mfg and Supply Co., well supplies ^.'. 9144 A. Kefflo, engineer water ntation 2000 A communication from J. E. Crenger, agent ot 3. He N. W. B. B., requesting the passage of an rdlnance to vacate certain alleys, was read and ha following ordinance was acted upon: Ordinance No. An ordinance to vacate alloys In sixth street ddltlon to the town of Carroll, Town, and to con- ey the title thereto to the Chicago & Northwestern railway company. Be It enacted by the mayor nnd council, of the city of Carroll, In Carroll county, Iowa: SKCTIOH 1. That the alley running east ant west along the south side ot block two and a iart of block three, und the alley between blocks wo and three, running north and south ot the Ixth street addition to the town of Carroll, In Carroll county, Iowa, as the sumo was laid down n tho plat ot siild addition und recorded In the ffloo of the recorder of deeds of gnld county be, nd tho same Is hereby vacated. SKO. 1. That tho tltln to said alloys be and th* tune Is hereby vested In the said Chicago & lorthwestern railway company; and the mayor nd reoordor are hereby empowered and directed to execute and deliver to mild company a deed or said alleys whenever requested to do go by aid oompanyi upon their paying the expenses f eald deed, SKO. it. This ordinance being deemed of 1m- ortance, shall be In force and tuke effect on ud after Its passage. Motion mode that the ordinance bo adopted nd pBBsedJon Us first reading. Yoas, Merchant, f odd, Rich, Liewer, Hooft, MoNelll, Trowbrldgs nd Bowler. Nays, none. Motion carried, Motion inado tbe rules bo suspended and or- Inunoo passed on Us second reading. Teas, loNelll, Trowbridge, Todd, Merchant, Blob, Llower, Qoeft and Bowler. Nays, none. Moon carried. •Motion mode tho rules bo suspended and] rdlnance be passed on 1U third reading adopted. Toon, Howler, Hooft, Bleu, LI Todd, Merchant, Trowbridge and MoNelll, Motion carried and ordinance Adopted. Motion nude that we accept rood warrauU o! , It. Whitney lit a discount ot 25 per cent to b» aid out of road fund In spring of 1896. Carried. A proposition from A, K. Kefllo for furnishing boiler tor oil/ waterworks wus read and on motion was referred to water work* uouimlttw rTllh power to act. No further business motion to udjourn. Car- IDd. OUN SOUAOHTNKII, K. M. PA1ISONS, OltyOlerk. Mayor. Piles I Piles I itchinjr Plies. Symptoms moisture; intense itching and sting UK, most at night! worse by H«rutchTng, if ul owed to continue tumors form, which ofUn , lead iiid ulocrtrto, becoming very sore. Sway- ' «'• ointment ctop» thu ItoliliiK nnd bleeding, i> euls uluoriitlou mid in mont uuseu remove* the I uiuora. At druggists, or by mall, for W contif n\ Bwayno & BOD, 1'hlliulelphm. D -l'« Au active ogeut In ouch county In the „ Juitud States, to solicit subscriptions toi bo TwIco-a-Wuuk Kupubliu. A liberal onimlulou will bu puiil to Liislloru, rues, supurlntuniluiit circulation, lupubllc, St. Louis, Mo, NoUco. n the district oourtuf Iowa for Carroll couuti Out, term, A. 0, 1«H. In th« mutter of thu eitutu at Ann M. Holding, jceuBwl. Notice of lllluu of lluul report. Co U. u. Homing untl tlto uukuowu holm of Ann M. Baldingduoaasud: Youuiidvachof you are, hereby notllleU thai nu udiulmitrntor of thBentuloot Annll. liuld- iiK will Illo hu lluttl report ou or buforu the 80th ay et Octolmr.A. P. IBiH.ln the ollloo ot the clerk f the dUtrlct court of lowu, Iu and for Carroll county, and will unktliit nuid report bu approved, hu UoiuU uxouor»toU und hu dUrhurgud. _ Thai nuld luultvr will iionui uji for huurliig ttl ™ ne court huuio Iu Carroll, Diirroll county luw£ **' n thu ttOlli duy of Oct., IHlil.or iw DuoutheruultMr * It can be heard by tuo court, at wlilcU tin* nd plaooyou can •piNiiir and ohjcot if you «f" uJvlbod und If you full to du uo mild report ill e upprovod, tho admlatrutor dUnhtrgod U Wudi tiouertttuil. U. U. T AUuilultUittor Of tin) bstuttf uf iinu )|.

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