Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 23, 1955 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
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Wednesday, November 23, 1955
Page 17
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Did PA-2-4WO fir, • WANT AD Taker Merreil Whittlesey, who covers ton Star, telkrabout ah' unusual in- EVENING TIMES/ CUMBERLAND. MD* WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER' 23, 1955 7q See C •• ' ...... -•••'••• . . By JIM DAY ......'•' Times Scholastic Sports Editor There is an air of expectancy in the city this after- n ° 0n - Itis bein * taken in by:;the ; loptbali: rooters, of Allegany High and Fort Hill High as they look forward ;cident,that; tbok,p'!ac| : in the_Terps' j to the Turkey Day. collision tomorrdwrbetween. the-city Tlie liiieiips :qi:qu8st. of Syracuse.'several weeks igo'-^y/;- - : •'••:-;;'• '•'-". • '" . '.Instead of; jubilation over another/step 'in the direction of Mianii's"' brange.•'• Bowl, the Terps' dressing •;room,'.'scene was one that "tags 'at the heart- • strings'; -Husky ?B5ar.yl;ind grid- ders accustomed :to'!celebrat 5 ng victories .with joy6iis s . shouting were actually sbbbing.;\r :. :. it was'brought about .when Ralph ijjahd halfback who was an . 5|utO;-acciderit;last summer,' visited • '"'• '" •'•'- '• '" ^ J, ; it;will>b"e.recalled;:.starred St Potbmacjstate in -1952;and 1953 ; and big..-'things were, expected of •him this .season at Maryiand.';Prior ;,to going to the Keyser xollege, itreddie,played under: Roy JL'ester, ^resent Allega'hy .IJigh,..mentor,- at . . ; -* Purposed of-'tHe . visit by Fred's /father -'was ' to>returri 'some., equip- •ment- belonging : to Marylarid/ttiat ijfie had found- arhbng his ; spn's";.'ef- ifec.ts.' Coach"' Jim :.Taturh had-grant;|d 'Fr.eddie.~permssibrr .'to'. use .the Equipment ; for • his; - summer work- : OUtS.v. jK.:/.';'?;.,^''/..;^.;.;^;.-.'^..;. '.• ' Maryland ' j£$«l qJLtlie presence'" 6f' Rlr.;. Lee' ^ and;after;the:?pre;gaine'prayer, j * cip-captain BOD Pcliegrihi spoke : \^j ;jup: . vietrs-' win. ; this ;one^ for ' f:i AU-Ariierican" 'center." ... ^ After" a-f errapin.- victory; .the- ball ^generally -goes ' to one", of the . seniors,, but the players agreed, to .pre-. sent it to Freddie's "dad. Ed: Vereb, the other co-captain,' took the ' ball with the intention of presenting it jto;Mr. Lee, who was standing in: itiie doorway, waiting for Tatum... But the story goes that' the Terps' ' ; »ui. Lira otuij 6"^^ «H.*«V v..^ ~ — i— mrea giue anu win UK ui uie nuu- jleading'scorer'and "bread and but- ' day f ray> although on what may be iter.rrian" choked un.'.;Ed then pas- a "limitoH- hacic "•• A snnrinmnrp. aci .man. uuuntu uij.. jju_v"-" r"- a iumteu DasJS. rt. supnuuiuie, Ised. ,endr : BUl ; ^(aJker,;Avhp Doug' Walker,-has-'been 'groomed iswallowed^hard,-and,;; |o for 'duty;'in relief of the Camper :Pellegrint' : ^W' : -..-: :; ^ '', t .'"•'. '•-'' star! Walker's'Chief : claim to fame, '. Frank Tamburelio, who." as heretofore, has been as a member Iquarterbsck, does the handing-off O f the kicko'ff team and a touch- Iduring.'-a ge^ne, suddenly found down against Elkins late in the (himself on the receiving-end when game on a 16-yard run. '_.•'-. iPdle"r;ni alsi was unable to ful- A full house, perhaps the largest lp!l the trsk. Tambure'lo, in turn, crowd since the record-breaking .'e^ve the b?U to Tatiim and said: 9.792 who witnessed the memorable |!"You give, it to'Mr Lee, •.Coach." B-6 draw between the undefeated Tatum made the presentation, out when Mr. Lee began to weep, tears also trickled down the checks of the Maryland mentor. After that there wasn't a. dry eye in the dressing room. At : stake will be the city football supremacy,. the undefeated string of the Campers, a. nine-year' hold on the crown, either outright or by a tie for the Sentinels and an eight- game : win spree by the Red Raiders": . : • •• v •'••'• •••.'• Also there are the' highest h«pes of Camper rooters to win over the Fort Hill club since • nine long years ago {1945)V ••' 'These' 1 dreams have been' building ; up since 'the Records Of Teams LT ,G. RG RT RE QB LH FB- FOKT KILL :7^-jMorgantpwn 14', 12—Northwestern 6 43-LsSalIe ....-..:-.-., 0.. 21—Martinstiurg 20—Beall -..'..'r. 23—Handley.•'.-.. 20—Hagerstown. 26—Warren Co'nty 7 13—Westminster,-. 6 . 0 -• 0 . 7, 14- ALLEGANY '.32—Beall., ....... 14^Hagerstown' 18-^keyser . .;: ;26-rMont.. Blair : . 27—Martinsburg 33—LaSaJle ..... -33- Elkinsi...... 183—Totals ...... 185-iTotals :..:'. -Woii 8, Lost 1 .54 .-'Won 7/:Lbst o: Campers iaiinched the campaign and' then "clicked for seven' wins without once tasting defeat. ';'"• On 'the 'other 'side r of ;to"wn, Sen- tirier fans;;haye, been 'building up the same sort of feeling ever since the -first. Hijltopper triumph which now has vgfown into eight straight. Even; the opening /setback at the hand's .of Morgantown (W.Va.) High failed to.dim the loyal. Since;then, their Sentinerv eleven' has ; come through as:-it gets • its crack >at t the unbeaten ,wayS;bf Allegany. -.; •'.•' Fletcher Lone Question The teaips themselves are in tiptop shape. The long hard days of preparation are behind them. "The only;,doubtful .starter halfback Bob Fletcher, kingpin of the Camper offensive and leading scorer in'the city. .'.-.. • \ By taking light workouts, Fletcher has been able to nurse his in : jured side and will be in the holi- a' limited basis. ' A sophomore, ' powerhouses in I948; ; 1s : expected to work its way into the Greenway Avenue Bowll All reserved seats for the battle were sold out by Monday. Stadium gates will open at noon tomorrow and general admission ducats will be available. The Campers' success story this .Thomas Hajelberjer. ; Thurl: ! Roy ..:-,'.:;;.. • ••':T6m^ Shaw -1... r..-:; : 'Robert 'Appel ...".... Gerald Meeks ....'.. Edgar ^Parsons Fred Ringler ....... Ronald DetwUer. ... Larry 'Cessna .:.... •,:\WUllam Powell ..;.; Dalton Tlinegas .'::.. ,'Ev'erett ; Yankie Douglas Metz :...-.. . Carl Harbaugli . 'Russell McGaughey -Ronald. Bennett :'• Terry' Weltrhari . Jlike, McCullough ..... Gerald llarhmoiid .^.. Harry-.King ,..•.;...... Fred -'Downs '••'. .......... .'.'HaroUCvMalone -.:..... : Charles: O'Neal •-..;-.".. .-;-William'-' Liller..:.-.'-..'.'.:.; William .Lewis: ..V...L-; Ronnie Dick -i.. LT Barry .Sterner .;. ', • (co-captain) -.;.-. .''Rumples" Rice Jim Lucck "Pete" .Ch'aruhas,.. Jim Ketterman .....;. Carl Brown Rod Breedlove (co-captain) Don Paye Mike lease .. M Bob Fletcher IH Eddie Cecil ..' FB Don- Perdew RESERVES 'os. Flsyer -IS Doug Walker ;• .Harold Marker : r Harry Grimes B Dave Conlcy I Eugene. Rexroad ... iB Adrian KniRpenburg • Ken Johnson B • lionnie • Jackson '': Bill .Sitter, . ; - Ray Reuse ; Don Ware Bob Paye 'B John Vanetta —.— r Jerry Yankelcvitz • — Jim Deremer : Harry Yost ! Bob Goodfellow Martin Johnson ; Allen McGill ... HB Fred T'.ce '..:....:<..,.. [B Ernie Schramm y;' : ."»• Ronnie Cindy .. -i,-:V.'. Brent Dychc ...v;.; '•?.. HB. Stan Abramsdn ;.'....>. m L. i j««r,,o^i tn tatn thp ins tampers success story im: ZSnSlHn" £e^toteep ^'ha. been one of gradual im 1 v - '• --r . .r -P^^^IV nrovement as has that of the Sen ;it as a remembrance of Fred's Iteammales at Maryland. Mr. Lee 'acknowledged h's ' thanks to the .team and left with the ball tucked kinder his arm. .. ; . • ' •Another Pass Version • The origin of football's fonvard jpass is obscured in argument,:but (here is a version offered by the Current Packard Sports,Library: j In 1895, John Heisman, then\ j coaching Auburn, went to At-." i .lanla'.to scout Georgia against I North Carolina. He \ jvias on;the,; 1 field behind the North'Carolina -., ' team—as spectators were al{ lowed to be .in those days— ,^ T when the Carolina fullback re-" i treated toward him, hoping to ir.els. Both clubs have battle experienced gridders, six from the Campers playing in last year's loliday battle;while five Sentinels will beJmaking : their second start as first-stringers in the turkey ;ussle. '''.jjA:.'.-.'./ ':; ; Even In, Statistics . For Allegahy; end Rod Breedlove and tackle Barry Sterner, the Alco co-captains, .:along with guard ; 'Pete" : Charuhas, fullback .Don ''Ducky" Perdew, quarterback Don Paye and Halfback Eddie Cecil iave their, second chance of.halt- ; Surrounded .by Georgians, the 'Carolina player desperately. ; threw idownfield. • The moment .the receiver caught the ball, and set out ithrough the astounded. Georgians, ffleisman figured; the}/pass as^the ^'the flyingAvedge. ,.;;;• 1 Feeling the rules/'makers would Inever accept anything so,radical : as the; forward.-;pass" (the story ;goes), Heisrrian 7/aited from 1895 iuntil 1903 before urging that pas- Fsing be legalized.'^???; -' ; ';'• ;•'. f He was, refused.-but contin-, i ued to campaigh^fdr forward , -• '•• -"^"''U. became *' For the "Red "Raiders co-captains Jim Crawford,, halfback, and Ron Shaffer; end, will be winding.'up :heir second season as regulars as will;be;-tackle Dale Hillegas, halfback "Pooch" Lewis and quarterback George McKenny. All are seniors as are the Camper, six. Statistically; the clubs are: about even. Both ' have used powerful ground maneuvers for most of" their I passing until , i legal. I •••••;•' \Sports 't If you.have a general.admission fticket ::for .tomorrows' F.ort ,;K01- f Alle<!any game, .dpn^fe. go v ;ihto ..the I stands;" you will just be creating confusion,.as the only persons, jir.itted there are the ones holding ireserved-s?.:.t tic.':ots .: . -..Because itl'.e game is a sellouti many people ^vyith generol'admission ducats wili {undoubtedly arrive at the stadium i early in order to get choice spots |on the bank ... And a lot of peo- _ iple- will provide^their"'own seats m\ by '-carrying- folding' chairs 'into ••? the .'stadium ."." George Leith/ an '[ardent, Fort -Hill .follower, tells us f he'll have ,ari ! ear?on '.the radio and! j an eye onftclcyisiori tomorrow ••'•.;•.- ; |The "former-local-umpire.has been 'a patient at the County Infirmary for a number of, years following -a brain-operation at Baltimore'. . ' He saw,, one ,T»I» the Thanksgiving iDay tussles from his wheel chair, iatpp the stadium bank." but the (weather, he adds, isn't to his liking !'. .f. " listening to the broad- 1 cast of ihefgamei-' though, -iind j,watching Trios-Taxas A; ft M; ori f television.'^George 1 declarte .••?, r jlneidentellyV-Om Allegahy-Forl Hill !classic is being given, statewide ' (Continued on Page 19> touchdowns' with a passing. For seven minimunr of .„. . : games; Alle- 0 ...., has -averaged .204.9 yards rushing to"the 205.9 for Fort Hill in.nine starts. ' . Oh the combined passing-rushing totals, there is also little to choose with' coach" Roy : Lester's charges having a'slight iedge. .235.7 yards toi 233.8 for the'gridders of coach Bm- ; Hahn. :Allegany, in roUing to 23 touchdowns during its undefeated •'- string, has : averaged 26.1 points per fray for 193.markers. Camper 'opponents haye ; been'-helc to .onijfnine-TDs arid ;61 Jcpunters or an average of. 8.7 a. tussle. • '..The 'Red 'Raiders' 185,points have come ch one less TD,,27,- ( for a per- sjame effort of 20.5. Opponents-have been less fortunate than those of AUegariyi ; the'; Sentinel defense allowing only eight goal-line denting efforts in nine starts for.a miserly S.O average. :.•'•"• '• :•'••• • '•"" , • Five Scores In Alt Five Allegany scores have come through ; the air with quarterback Paye and Eddie Cecil sharing mos of 'the\aerial duties. •'• Only twice has - Fort Wll -been -'able to click foi TDs in the air lanes,.with sig nal-caller.Galen;McGregor lofting • In halfbacks Crawford and Lewis aiong» with John Kesler, the Sen t'mels ; have put' together ;a- bi( capabld of breaking up any; cpntes with Crawford doing>.most of the line faking while" Lewis and Kesler a junior, slice the ends on pitchouts and hahdoffs. Fullback Don H*m mersmilh. hts also, come into his own ? since ;beini; converted to the slot near the mM-way point of the seasofl and is * strong runner !: addition to having deceptive speed . McGrejor .will protmbly f ft the starting call at quarterback IP/ FORT HILL Player Ronald Shaffer ::...... (co-captain) Jack Davis John, Fogle >:....;..;.' Robert Brant .'........ David ^Dawson ;; Dale Hillegas ... ,..... .Tom : Snyder •;'..,.?;.;. Galen/McGregor ...... George -McKenriy •••.: ;; - "Pooch" Lewis o. ;•; ; :.; 'John Kesler ...-. ". ..; •Jim Crawford ;;'.:.:;. '...; (co-captain) ^ ;. -;-.'.v; , Byron. Valentine :;:.:;. ; Don Hanimersrnitlx' '.-.'-. 'Georife Stimmel ';'..;. Allegany s offensive hopes tomororw will rest on the shoulders of this" backfield quartet. Quarterback Don Paye hands off to Bob Fletcher. The first, two runners-on the left are halfback Eddie'.Cecil and fullback Don.Perdew. '•.'-.' OrThM Texas, TCTJ PlaceTilr On All-Star DALLAS, f ex.-(INS)-A versatile backfield with plenty of {running power and top-flight passing skill features the 1955 International News Service Southwestern All- Sectional football team announced today., . .__ ....-..' ;•"''•,-'-.;' : Cotton Bowl-bound ..Texas Christian, and Texas each landed three spots on the first team, . Texas A&M . listed two .and. Southern Methodist^ Baylor.'and Arkansas each placed one. . .. . ; The backfield of. Charlies Curtis. TOT's outstanding: quarterback, Henry Moore, the titanic Arkansas fullback, Walt Fbhdreh, the -Texas sophomore flash, arid Jim Swiafc, the nation's leading rusher, gives the team power, speed.; deception and excellent passingability, v' , Hurrying-Henry Moore was a-repeater in the, bacfcfieldi-- ; ;having made; last• year's INS: sectional dream .team. / '•'•'"'•.'.':/.:'": ' ,v Supporting the quartet is a heavy but, fast and mobile, forward .wall which included Center. Hugh Pitts, and INS selection last season...; ; Across the line—from end to end — .the INS team;; reads,..Henry Granminger; Baydr; Jack Powell, Texas' " A&il; ' Dennis Goehrmg, Texas, A&M;, r Pitte:; ; Kerb Gray, Texasr .Forrest' Gregg, :;SMIT anrl: Menan Schriewer,.Texas. "-^ .'-..,- •• Admittedly^ •='; inans' top-drawer, players bad to 'be dropped tb:-the second team ; or left'off; entirely'.. However; the.secbrid- squad should rate equal billing crwith the, first simply because : o£ the large number of outstanding^ players -ofv apr parently;.uniform ability,..,;-;•:. The intra-city contest is expected to be hard fought and very well could be decided by the toe. If Fort Hill finds a field • goal.. necessary, halfback : Jim Crawford will probably be the\ one to attempt itl He's.; kicked hvo already this year. Holding for him in the photo is quarterback .Galen McGregor. '(36) '(39) •(49) (50) (52) (53) (64) (65) (66) (67) (69) (74) (77) (80) (38) (91) ias shown^ more "deception than tfcKenny.'The latter .is ? better unner, but both have the advan- age- of being left-handed. Cecil; Fletcher arid Perdew have arried the brunt of Allegany's lotent ground game. In Cecil, the hampers have one .of the most lashiest runners in the area. Cddie reached his best production -hen rambling for four TDs against Elkins; He has been especially dept at running back punts, getting a;. 95-yard 'scoring jaunt gainst the Tigers,^-one for 85 'ards against Martinsburg and a 9-yarder in the 26-p' .victory over Montgomery Blair! Fletcher's all-around play cannot e.... minimized for Allegany. A trictly defensive specialist last all, Bob has 'found the range this eason and developed, into the Campers' top' runner. He slammed iver for nine TDs, including two igainst Potomac Valley Confer- :nce champion Keyser. • Like Crawford and Lewis of the Sentinels, Fletcher is also the jlacement kicker. Crawford has ent 13 through the uprights as has 'letcher: Lewis, being called on n the.last two Sentinel tilts, has our perfect efforts. Crawford also ias added to his dangerous running he ability to kick field goals, rack- ng up two this season.. Rally!To Win The first; was' : a six-yarder against. the 43-0 rout of he Explorers while the second kept the Sentinels' in"-the running against Handley of /Winchester, Va.v in the first;half, being!good or 12 yards. At the time the locals were trailing 7-0; but came: back with, typical Sentinel effectiveness Alco Yardstick LLEGANY . . OPPONENT ..... -i'otal first Downs '... 4: ,.; First Downs Rushing" & ... First .Downs faasing 1: ...' First .Downs. Penalties ....... • Lost on Downs,-..i'-..'. 1 . Passes "Attempted;;......... 7 1 ...:... Passes;,Completed '.:»•..••• 2 ,.. Passes Intercepted by ....... .,_.. Passes Incomplete .*..' * 6 '..-.Yards Gained 1-assihg '.-.-V.. 33: .9 Av. Yds. Gain Passing Per G.. 47.' Number.Of Punts .......... S: .2. Punting Average •.;...-..'..2S-! Own Fumbles liecovercd ..,.'. II .Opponent's tumbles Recovered .-13 Penalties -.-... i.: <> ; Yards Lost j-enaitics ....... 110 9l'. .Yards Gained Ku'slurig ....'V, 677 . . Yards Lost .Kusiuns ..-...^Ztu si;'..' Net Yards Gained Rusiiing j'\_ 4G'j 4.9 Av. Net Yards Hushing Pci- G. 67.0 50.... Total Net Yards Gained .:',. 8i)j i.7.. Total Net .Yards.Per Uaine ..114.1 1ouchdowns Touchdowns KUahing , Touchdowns Passing .: ,. TouchdoWus Punt Rcairn .... . Touchdowns KicKoH Kcturn ... Touchdowns Fumbie Recovery .. .. Touchdowns Biocsed KICK .... . Extra Points Attempted Extra Points Wade . Extra Points Placements .... ...-Extra Points'Plunge I 33 Points Scored 61 .1 Avg. Points Per Game — SCORE BV PERIODS LLEGANY ...;..... :26 58 39 60^183 PPONENT '"I f 2" 20-'61 n .the final half for a 23^7 conquest of the previbusly undefeated and 'nscored-uppn? Judges., 1 .-••, , • The. line i play," where the game will-probably be decided, has been particularly: outstanding; all season on "both; teams. The; Campers have moulded ?\together, one of?. the srnboth,esf 'functioning front walls nfyears :f wifh only\:" ; 67.0 'yard average on- : the ground by the op- Like Allegany,' : , the. Sentinels iav,e corrie up : with another ; solk defense, their foes being limited to 105.6 yards' per contest; Three times, the Hilltoppers have scored shutouts while on four other starts the victims hav.e been able to reg ister only one ;TD.< ! Only Morgan 14-7. ; and "Hagerstowti;in the :'2<M4 defeat, were able to ge across, the Sentinel goal more than or.ce.'.' : •'"''' ."•"'..'•'' '; -.;••.'.; • „-, ... Three Camper opponents, .were able to get a pair of TDs,' but: two came against a combination v o second and third stringers; Only powerful Keyser gave the Blue am White trouble, both;scores coming with the starting seven in the Beall pot a toochxiown afalns the resertei in loiinf $ JJ-«j w HagerstoiWi'S: husUing Hubs got sev«i poh«s «t the Martera in the 14-7 toss in the final perkxl as llegany rallied to win. : .LaSalle's nly TD was against a spattering subs as were the two six-point- rs by Elkins and Martinsburg. A trade mark of. Hahn-coached ams since the veteran mentor's ar'eer began : at Fort Hill has been he second-half spurt. The • story as been continued this fall with .1 of the 185 points coming, during ie last two quarters. ....'.The Campers have about divided heir scoring over the four stanzas, although being strongest in the econd with.58 points and fourth ith 60. Only 14 points have been egistered agains'- the Alco club in he first half while the Red Raid- rs also proved to be the stubborn- st on defense after intermission ith but two JDs being scored gainst them. ..'.'• llth For Hahn This will be the llth Turkey Day arn fielded by Hahn since taking he reins at Fort Hill. His clubs ave lost only.once, that by 17-6 in 942 :; in Hahn's first';season. Since eturnin? from Navy .service in 946, Hahn's teams have won sever mess while playing to -a .pair of es;' v : v:"- ; ': :''-ij*''*•*".& .".-; With . the IW :coine-frpm-:behind triuriinh last year.•the Sentinels re- ained full control of the city toga fter.'. the 7-7 draw? the ;;; previous ampaign." Sentinels playing under Hah'n have won 845 times whil ro'pping It'and playing to.six ties Lester, who was''- 1 *', quarterbacl or Hahn during ; his: coacninsi -• ca eer at Spencer (W. Va.) High vill be endinc his; fourth year as Jco mentor. In that span ' Jutt R«c«ivtd AUenrEdwards COMFORT 1.. Gwir«in»e«4 SHOES fwMEII : AVARAMt »III»>- : ,;''.'. $BB I *.-»* » 'Hi • f EBB'S 17 MtHmtrt l». Turkey Day Series Ye»r Score . Wimiinr Cosch 1936—ALLEGANY 19, Fort Hill 12 .. Ball 1937—ALLEGANY 6, Fort Hill 2 .... Ball 1938—ALLEGANY 14, Fort Hill 0 ... Ball 1939—ALLEGANY 13, Fort Hill 0 ... Ball 1940—FOR HILL 20, Allegany ,0 Long 1541—ALLEGANT 19, Fort Hill 0 ... Bat 1942—ALLEGANY 17, Fort Hill 6 ... B'ai: 1343—ALLEGANY 14,-Fort Hill 7 Bowers 1D44—ALLEGANY 7. Fort Hill 6 Bowers 1945—ALLEGANY 13, Fort Hill 12 Bowers 194S_FORT HILL 21, Allegany 0 .. Hahn 1947-FOHT HILL 25, Allegany 0 ,. Hahn 194g_FORT HILL 6. ALLEGANY 6 (tie) Hahn-Pencc 1949—FORT HILL 30, AlleRany 13 . Hahn 1930—FORT HILL 28, Allegany 0 .. Hahn 1951—FORT HILL 13, Allegany 6 .. Hahn 1952-FORT HILL 37, Allegany 13 . Hahn 1953—FORT H1LC' 7. ALLEGANY 7 (tie) Hahn-Lostcr 1954—FORT HILL 14. Allegany 7 .. Hahn ALL-TIME SERIES RECORD ' W. L. T. ALLEGANY 9 8 2 FORT HILL 8 9 2 Sentinel Yardstick 390 86 ........ Total First Downs .. 74 ...... First Downs Rushing. 10 ...... First Downs Passinj; First Downs Penalties 6 . ...... ... Lost On Downs .. 31 ........ Passes Attempted . 12- .'.:..".;.. Passes Completed ; 12'.': ---- Passes Intercepted By 12 ...... -. .- Passes incomplete •; 251...... Yards Gained Passing 17.9 Av. Yds. Gained Passing Per G. 43.3 18 ...... :. Number Of Punts ........ 30 32,1 ____ .... Punting Average . ..... ;.29.4 16 ............. Fumbles ...... 1 % ..... "IS 7 ..... Own Fumbles Recovered .... 11 ..Opponents Fumbles Recovered.. 9 41 .............. Penalties .; .......... . 28 360 ..... . Yards Lost Penalties ......300 360 . ..... Yards. Lost Penalties ...... 300 19?0 ____ Yards. Gained Rushing ---- 1151 117 ....... Yards Lost Rushing ....... 201 1853.. Net Yards Gained Rushing .. 950 205.9 Av. Net Yds. Rushing Per G. 105.6 2104 ... Total Net Yards Gained ....1340 233.8.. Total Net Yards Per Game .,148.1 Alco eleyens have finished on top 23 times while-being on the short :nd nine times and battling to ;hrce draws. This is the first un- Deaten team the" Alco squad has :aken into the holiday hassle under ester, his best previous club being the 1953 group which held a '-1 mark.and.then played the Sen- inels to a 7-7 deadlock. The Sentinels can tie Allegany n their overall Turkey Day rivalry with a'victory tomorrow. Since the beginning of the Thanksgiving tussles in 1936, the Campers have a one-game edge with nine wins, eight losses and the pair of dead- ocks. Both Fort Hill and Allegany eliminated LaSalle from a snare n the title with decisive triumnhs so tomorrow's winner, if there be one, wilMiold the 1955 grid supremacy outright. A tie will give both share in 'the crown. Officials for the contest are. New,on Anderson (West Virginia Wesleyan), "Chick" We ; hl (West Vir- irnia Wesleyan). Art Goldseh'en (Salem College) and William Kafer (Glenville College). Fights Last Night By The Ajsociatcd Press . HOLLYWOOD. Calif.—Ciwo Andrade. 136. Compton. Calif., stopped Kenny Davis, 131, Los Angeles, 7. <; HOLYOKE, Mass.—Bobby Coorchcjn*, 130, Holyokej outpointed Joey Garablno, 12S. New York; 10. MIAMI BEACH,: Fla.—Al Andrews. 163, St. Paul, outpointed Jimmy. Martinez. 16M«, Phoenix. Ariz., :10. FORT HILL .. fl Touchdowns Touchdowns Rushing ..... Touchdowns Passing Touchdowns Punt Return ... ... Touchdowns Klckotf Return .. Extra Points Attempted — Extra Points Made Extra Points Placements ... Extra Points Plunge ..:.:...... Field Goals 185 Points Scored 54 20.5 Avg. Points Per Gam« 6.0 ; SCORE BY PERIODS FORT BILL 44 30 52 59—185 OPPONENTS 19 21 7 7—54 Church League Week's Schedule - A>tERICAK LEAGDB (At TMCA On Frldty) 11 a. m. — LaValc Baptist (1-0) vs. Trinity Lutheran (0-0). NOON — Living Stone Brethren (0-1) vs. LaVale Methodist (0-1). 12:55 p. m. — St. Luke's Lutheran (0-1) vs. Holy Cross Episcopal (0-1). 1:50 — First Methodist CO-I) vs. Central Methodist (1-0). 3:45 — Kingsley Methodist (0-1) v«. Grace Baptist (1-0). 3:40 — Pentecostal Holiness (0-1) v«. Maccabees (1-0). 4:35 - Melvin Methodist (1-0) vi. St. John's Lutheran (1-0). BYE — Park .Place Methodist (1-0). NATIONAL LEAGUE (At YMCA On Satarfli) 11 a. m. — United, Brethren (1-0) vs. Centre Street Methodist (1-0). NOON — St. Phillips (l-«) vs. First Baptist KM). 12:55 p. m. — Grace Methodljt ( .-». St. Mark's (0-1). 11:50 — Cresaptown Methodist (1-0) v>. Emmanuel Episcopal to-l). 2:45 — Trinity Methodist (0-1) .vj. CaJ viiry Methodist (0-1). ... 3:40 — ; First Presbvterlan (1-0) v». First Christian (0-1). . • :•-. .-• 4:35 — Centenary Methodist (0-1) vj. Emmanuel Methodist (1-0).; )odgers Acquire Macou ranchise In Sally League NEW YORK-(INS)-Brooklyn Dodger vice president Fresco hompson announced last night hat the Dodgers have acquired the lacon (Ga.) franchise in the. South Atlantic League as a minor league arm affiliate. Thompson, director of the world hampions' farm system, said Maon replaces Elmira (N.Y.) as the' )odgers' Class A affiliate. . Best individual effort in Ivy League football was the game Reds . Bagnell of. Penn played against Dartmouth in;. 1950. The halfback made 450 yards. More People Are Buying Our HOMEOWNERS POLICY- Will 6Mly KMVM Tkii WHh T»»l. Geo; W; Brown Insurance MISS H. ILIZAIETH IIOWN ...^ Mtntflw. '. Cthnt Tatum Predicts Offensive Game MIAMI, Fla.- (INS) -Maryland oach Jim Tatum predicts that the range Bowl 'football game 'be- ween his undefeated squad and nbeaten Oklahoma Jan. 2 will be OPPONENT - n offensive battle unlike the de ensive straggle waged by the ame teams in the annual classic ast year. Tatum forecast on his ^arrival In Vliami yesterday to make prelim- nary arrangements for his eleven hat "the team that wins this-one vill have to. score at'least three ouchdowns." j Oklahoma beat Maryland 7 to 0> n the 1954 contest. : . j Tatum said he will bring a 55-i man squad to Miami on Dec. 26. Oklahoma and Maryland are rat- d first and second this week by nternational News Service. Posi QB FB HE. HB C "'•'• C G . :.-.. T •::'. TV E .' E Pos. QB FB HB HB C G G T T.'. E.: • TIRST'TEAH .'.. '-."-.; : .'~.'''-•'•'• .. Charles Gurtls:''TCtT "" ." ' : ' Henry Moore, Arkansas. Walter Fondreo, Texas James Swink, TCU Hugh Pitts, TCU Herbert Gray, Texas Dennis Gochrlng. Texas' AtM" Forrest Gregg, SMU Jacir Powell. Texas'AJaNt itenan Schriewer,.Texas Henry Gremminger. Baylor SECOND TEAM John Boach, SMU Jack; Pardee. fexas. AfcM John MarsAall,.SMU Don Mdlhenny; SMU • John Tatum.' Texas Don Goss, SMU Louis :I)erHomme.' Texis Don Cooper, TCU _, Orville Trask, Kicc Bri'an En^rram, TCU Eugene Stalling, Texas A&M E-X-P-E-R-T LUBRICATION Over 20 Ywrj I jtpen'enc* WM M Makts Of Cars SATISFACTION GUARANTEED HOLLAND'S ESSO SERVICE •EDFOKD AND MECHANIC ST5. Dial PA 2-1110 You haven't i.vJd until you've tried a ride with the new Whispering Power Evinrudcs. 'And now there are nine great new '56 models to choose from .. . 3 to 30 horsepower. Look them ovtr and trade now; in time to make !t'a wonderful family Christmas; Gift. You'n b« ahead 3 ways by- trading now: • i More motor, for * in the. new '56 Evinradew « Top tkiliar value foi yovaj * old : motor now. _ Top resale value if yon ewq? 3 dccida to seU Or trade. Buy How For Ghrifhnos Pgy Nothing 'tiU April 1 COSGROVE 252 N; CENTRE ST. DIAL PA 2-3040 FESTIVE THANKSGIVING LOWEST PRICES! Open All Day Thanksgiving! FREE DELIVERY-PA 2-1459 MARTIN'S LIQUOR JTORE IS •ALTIMOffi ST.

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