The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 2, 1959 · Page 1
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 1

Austin, Minnesota
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Friday, January 2, 1959
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The Weather wrotures oround «ro AUSTIN Filibuste Foes Bare Proposals VOL. CXXXVt Express Fcor of a System Enacted by'Retired'Men WASHINGTON (AP) Koes of the Senate's filibuster rule contend that those who want it retained would bind the Senate to a system enacted by men long since dead or retired." A bipartisan Senate group expressed this idea Thursday in a brief designed to lay the legal groundwork for their fight to curb filibusters when Congress con . venes next Wednesday. The group said: "The suggestion that rules enacted by men long since dead or retired from public life should prevent the majority of the Senate of the 86th Congress from adopting its own rules is contrary to the very spirit of democracy." Continuing Body This was a reference to arguments by opponents of a rule change that since only one-third of the Senate membership is elected tvery two years the Senate is a continuing body with rules carrying over from one Congress to the next. Thia argument it a major key to success or failure of the pending fight to water down Senate Rule 22 which requires the vote of two-thirds of the entire mem- berehip to halt prolonged debate and bring an issue to a vote. Unlimited Debate On« the Senate is in aession a proposal to change the rules is subject itself to unlimited debate and thus can b* doomed from the start. Th« brief was submitted to Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the Senate's presiding officer, by Sens. Paul Douglas (D-I11), Hubert Humphrey (D-Minn), Jacob K. Javit* (R-NY) and Clifford P. Cut (R-NJ). They taid thej wanted to pro- dt Nixon with their major legal arguments in the event he is called on to give a ruling. Ships Ready to Evacuate Americans GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP)- The White House said today U.S. naval vessels are ready to evacuate Americans from Cuba if they are in danger, but that there appears to be no likelihood any such action will be necessary, fress secretary James C. Hagerty told a news conference that, on the basis of intelligence reports, there is no danger to any American citizen in the overthrow of the Batista regime. Hagerty had no comment on the nrrest and brief detention of three Associated Press staff members in Havana. The newsmen were released after questioning. "I didn't even know it," Hagerty laid. Weather AUSTIN, MINN., FRIDAY, JANUARY 2,1959 HERALD ARMED CASTRO PARTISANS — This armed woman 'Castro partisan and her companion with a submachine gun are part of a 26th of July group roaming the streets of Havana Thursday night keeping order in the absence of the national police. (AP Photofax) POINTED HOLIDAY REPLY SINGLE COPY 12 Pages The moderfl gfrr Jhtt w 'fcttf her toe* to dodge the h«*k • - Series of Huddles Held to Stamp Out Revolt by Liberals a Victor Castro Names Urrutia as Provisional Chief Armed Rebels Seize, Release Correspondents HAVANA (AP)-Armed Cuban Apply Peace Desire to Berlin, Ike Tells Reds WASHINGTON (AP) — A series of huddles centering around House Speaker Sam Raybuni (D-Tex) was expected today to stamp out a budding revolt against the labels fired today on the Havana power of the House Rules i p ° st building and arrested three Committee. j Associated Press staff men cover- The revolt is led by a sizable '"8 the city's post-revolt convul- group of self-styled liberals. The Rules Committee now is dominated by a coalition of Republicans and Southern Democrats, The liberals seek to limit the committee's power to bottle up i legislation. They would do this ei- 'ther by a House rules i or by the addition of a liberal j Democrat to the committee, now i composed of eight Democrats and (four Republicans. Return From Ranch GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP)-President Eisenhower has told Russian waders their professed desire for Mace should be applied to their handling of the Berlin crisis. He made a pointed reply in an exchange of New Year's greetings with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and President Kli- menti E. Voroshilov. Their message, delivered to Eisenhower's farm home near here, expressed hope that 1959 would see an end to "fears of the dan- ;ers of a new world war." • Fired Cablegram Eisenhower — watching a football game on television when the message came in — fired back a cablegram saying he shared the lussians' hopes, He agreed that 'genuine efforts" might well be fruitful. would then inevitably come under Communist rule. Eisenhower said the Russians' moves to take over Berlin "are not in accord with your expressed aspirations and hopes for peaceful { Rayburn returned late Thursday from his Texas ranch, where he has been vacationing since Congress adjourned last summer. He wouldn't comment on the rules proposals, but there were clear signs he would oppose them. He apparently was quietly sizing up the situation and lining up his forces for a showdown at the moment it seems to us critically mportant to ap'ply the sentiments expressed in your message to the Jerlin situation. In this connection, cannot fail to recall your government's declaration toward the people of Berlin." Not In Accord He referred to the Russians' an- inounced intention to make Berlin ! a free city — which would mean from a key coexistence." Then Eisenhower 1 reiterated the stand taken by the United States, Britain and France in formal notes delivered only Wednesday to the Kremlin. Those notes, rejecting Russia's demand that they agree within six months to leave Berlin, suggested a general conference on German problems. Welcome Discussion "The United States government," Eisenhower said, "repeats that, in Democratic caucus next Tuesday morning. Leaders of the liberal group reported privately that Rayburn already has wooed away much of the support the had counted on. sion. Larry Allen, roving AP correspondent; George Kaufman, Havana AP Bureau chief; and Harold Valentine, AP photographer from Miami, were taken to a police station but were freed 30 minutes later. Opened Fire Rebels carrying machineguns, rifles, and other weapons opened fire on the Post building. Several bullets smashed through the windows and into the walls of the Post editorial office adjoining the AP headquarters on the second floor. The Post is an English- NEVVSMEN (Continued on Page 2) HAVANA CELEBRATES — Photo shows group of riotous demonstrators celebrating 1 flight of Cuban President Batista STATE DEATH TOLL 7 Spring Valley Victim Dies A Spring Valley man this morn- Telephone calls even before Ray- j ing became Minnesota's third traf- burn left Texas, they said, con- ] fie fatality of the new year and dead set against changing rules. Lineup Unchanged Republican Leader Joseph Drinkall is survived by his wife, the holiday weekend, Harold the j the | tin; his son r Douglas, one year W. an atmosphere devoid of any kind Martin Jr - (Mass) has told news- of coercion and threat, it would welcome discussion on the question of Berlin in the wider frame- He went on to say: "As of this work of the whole German problem and European st'curity. Positive progress in this specific problem would, I deeply believe, give real substance to the hope that 1959 would witness great advances toward the goal of a just and lasting peace." The Russians' note was much like one they sent last year — by commercial cable and telegraph directly to the President rather than through diplomatic channels. making its presence known, like ther-wise. And how! After a white-less Sugar Futures Down After Batista Loss adopts rules for the new session. Pessimistic They are pessimistic about their chances, especially since they concede they have beene unable to obtain strong Republican support. There appeared little likelihood, too, that efforts of some liberals to deny a seat to Dale Alford of Arkansas would succeed. Alford, a professed Democrat, was elected to the House as an independent from the Little Rock district. A leading segregationist, he defeated incumbent Brooks Hays, a Democrat who has followed a moderate approach to integration. Hays has not contested Alford's election, but a special House com- I were being buffeted by a strong j mittee has recommended that Al- wind and temperatures were fall-j ford not be seated until there has city that, in this country's view, j This one came the same way. Weather Man Ornery to Set Stage for '59 A blustery, squalling 1959 is (any other new babe, today wea- Christmas, jsnow flurries and flakes today Havana Due for Mass Public Demonstration By LARRY ALLEN HAVANA (AP) — With all Cuba virtually in his hands, rebel leader Fidel Castro today triumphantly pro. claimed his native Santiago as the nation's provisional tapital and named Manuel Urrutia as provisional president. While Castro's success in his 25-month-old rebellion seemed close to complete, he still must bring his oft-proclaimed choice to Havana and install him in the presidential palace from which dictator Fulgencio Batista fled Thursday. To install Urrulia in the capital, Castro ordered a mas« public demonstration in Havana's Cen» iral Park at 4 p.m. today; ,"; State of Paralysis ' The country will remain m * state of paralysis from"« general strike ordered by Castro until Urrutia takes over In Havana. Castro spoke just before dawn to a huge crowd In Santiago, th« capital of easternmost Orient* province, after a parade of orators had hailed his leadership and his selection of Urrutia. Castro said the road to Santiago, A U S^ Ostendorf, 74, slruck and j second driver as Ernest'B7Erick-' occu P ied Thursday after the de- ibeen a long and hard one. Hs riding Cuban flag-draped automobile in streets of Havana today. (AP Photofax) holiday's remaining hours. Others on by said the De- jJong car was struck from behind accident. men he has an agreement with Rayburn which would leave the Rules Committee lineeup un- car driven by his brother-in-law, changed. There are two Republi-j Marvin Lee, also of Spring Val- Lyle of Whalan; and two other sisters, Mrs. Lewis Bai : Drinkall was a passenger in the J er, Chatfield, and Mrs, Erwin Frake, Cresco, Iowa. Funeral arrangements are Incan vacancies, and they are slated i ley. Drinkall, Lee and Mrs. Lee complete, to go to Reps. Edgar Chenoweth were riding on Highway «0. about Hencli Glenn French, 21, Anoka, was ( killed in the early hours of New | Yeai*s Day when his car. left the road and overturned in the Min- (R-Colo) and Carroll Reece (R- Tenn) if they want them. If the liberals lose in Tuesday's Democratic caucus, they probably will try again Wednesday when the House convenes formally and jury, skull fracture and multipl riding on Highway «0, about Heading for Tragic Record passenger, Ezra Knowles, alsoj of Dawson, were treated at the Canby hospital and released. The DeJong deaths, with that of John Brandt, 8, Windom, also on 1 Wednesday night, carried Minnesota's 1B58 traffic toll to 699, up ter. three miles east of Fountain, when | Minnesota's seven fatalities are A Montevideo man and two of .......... " the car went out of control on a, curve. Suffered Skull Fracture Drinkall suffered a brain in- part of a natiortal trend which his children died in a Wednesday may see a record established be- j night crash near Canby. They fore the count ends Sunday atj were Raymond DeJong, 42, his son mignight, national safety officials; Roger, 8, and his 18-month-old Mrs. Lee suffered a broken leg said. The State Highway Patrol called for motorists to use added baby. Hospitalized were Mrs. DeJong and four more of the couple's children — Leonora 13, Carl, 11, Sheryl, 9, and 5-year-old Darold. ing like needles from a Christmas tree. And 1959 just squalls away. "The wind's in my face no mat- NEW YORK (APJ—World sugar .ter which way I turn," the chill- futures dropped sharply today in led youngster said. "And it's cold heavy trading following the collapse of the Batista government in Cuba. March delivery was quoted Official U. S. Readings from HIE IIE&ALD Weather Site on Hoof of Fire Station: High previous 24 hours — 9. Low previous 24 hours — 4. Reading at 8:30 a. m. — 4. . „* L „,, _, ., ££ ~*, - «* .,„ ii.T'i.Y.tS Temperatures Recorded at THE IIEHALD Building: in Minnesota." The cold wave will settle throughout the state by nightfall id will be a guest, at least limit of THURSDAY January delivery, for which no daily limit applies, was quoted at 2.99 bid, off .07 of a cent. County Board to Set Hearing on New Brownsdale School Petition A petition to dissolve the Brownsdale school district and attach it to Hayfield will be turned over to the Mower County Board this afternoon. I P. M, •2 P. M. :» P. M. i P. M. :> P, M. B P. M. I A. M. :' A. M, :i A. M. 4 A. M. :> A. M. « A. M. 26 28 29 29 28 2« 7 P. M. 8 P. M. 9 P. M. 10 P. M. U P. M. ia p. M. FRIDAY 25 26 25 24 24 19 7 A. M. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 10 A. M. 11 A. M. 12 Noon . 28 j Sugar industry sources reported 271 that if the Cuban civil war is near- 27 ing an end, prospects are that 97 Cuba will produce most of the 5,- 2G1900,000 Spanish long tons of sugar, as recommended last week by the Cuban Sugar Institute. 15; Traders said today's selling was 11: based on the assumption that the 8; two-year Cuban revolt is coming 7; to an end. So the bulk of Cuban 61 crop will be coming to market, 51 thus increasing the world supply. been a full probe of his write-in campaign. Gives Support to Symington ST. LOUIS, Mo. (AP)-Chicago Democratic leader. Jack Arvey is rooting for Sen. Stuart Symington (D-Mo) for the 1960 Presidential nomination and waiting for the signal to work for him, the St. the number" of voTers""ne"e7ed to Louis Globe-Democrat said today, carry a Brownsdale school elec- [white and will create traffic hazards. Police officials warned drivers to be careful, to drive slowly, and The "story "from"" Washkigton i tion.' The board will then be required to set a hearing on the petition not less than 10 nor more than 60 days from today. The gong for another round in the four-year Brownsdale school battle sounded the last day of the old year with the filing of the petition with county auditor Graham Uzlik. Signed by 318 The petition of dissolution and attachment was signed by 318 resident freeholders of the Brownsdale district — just 36 short of of the children." Brownsdale has no high school facilities, but the School Board is paying tuition for students attending Rose Creek High School. Debt Provisions Suggested The petition requests that the County Board allow Brownsdale to retain its own bonded indebtedness and assume half the proportionate share of the Hayfield bond retirement load until 1973 when the Brownsdale debt will be liquidated. The request also calls for Brownsdale accepting full proper- ... . — - - - ^ watch for sheltered areas on the;quoted Arvey as saying "it highway where snow will collect | wouldn't take much of a nudge to and be packed into ice. Otherwise, | get me working for him as hard normal winter driving conditions I as I am now rooting for him vocal- were reported. Uy." Reasons given for filing the petition were to find secondary school facilities for Brownsdale district students and to promote "t h e best interests of the inhabitants Son Born fo tarry Vromans; May Be First of New Year The New Year babe let out his!man, 804 Lansing. The maternal lirst cry this morning at St. Olaf grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Hospital when 1959 was already a L ' Larso ". St. Ansgar. day old i Vroman works for the Austin 1 Aero Service. The first baby born at the hos- Thomag was the fc bab Pital was named Thomas by his ported lo THE HERALD * * parents Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vro- may ^ the winnef Q{ ^ Fifst man 607H lansing. And he almost B aby Contest. Entries in the con- b« the hospital nursery to bun-test must be postmarked by Sat- M-li. There wereu t any bu-ths New ; urday midui ht rf . , / Hear, Eve or New Uar. Dayjdoctor'. oflkil oertUic.te of ti»e the hospital. Tisoinas is the Vroman's third of arrival. Any baby born in the Austin! — . . , ...._....,..., ... «•*. uwwv Maau*ujJ~ tionate share of the Hayfield debt j tion plan is voted down, the order beginning in 1974. The County Board has no auth- neapolis suburb of Brooklyn Cen- 14 from the all-time record set (year ago. ! Debt Reaches Highest Point in State History ST. PAUL (AP) - Minnesota's debt reached the highest point in state history as books were closed for 1958, State Treasurer Val Bjornson reported today. He said debt now stands at $153,785,543.16 and added that "a definite New Year's certainty" is that the figure will go considerably higher Jn 1959. He said debt rose 33 million dollars in the last six months, more than 38% million in the past year. Rise Obvious Bjornson explained that 25 million dollar* in income tax school deficiency certificates issued recently will be retired as spring income tax payments come in, but that 28 million dollars still to be borrowed under building programs authorized in 1955 and 1957 "make a rising total obvious." The state's permanent trust funds rose just over four million dollars during the past year, the treasurer said, to a total of $297,- tion, will issue an interlocutory order dissolving Dist. 493, Brownsdale, and attaching it to Dist. 203, Hayfield. Hayfield Would Reply The Hayfield School Board would then have 45 days in which to set terms of debt assumption and submit it to Brownsdale district voters. If the plan is approved by a simple majority, the order of the Mower County Board becomes permanent, if the debt assump- is automatically cancelled. .. , the Hayfield Board does not j 683,953.70. The annual increase only under the dissolution a n d j act within 45 days the order would 1 was the smallest in many years attachment aw to set terms of (also become permanent and each as royalties from iron ore removed cieot assumption. district would keep its own bond-1 from state-owned lands declined The board, if it grants the peti- WEATHER BLAMED ed indebtedness. un the mining slow down. called Santiago "the strongest fortress of the revolution" and said its triumph was being crowned by making it the provisional capital for some 12 hours, until he and Urrutia go to Havana, Control Communications < ' ' Castro's supporters controlled all communications and every ra» dio broadcast referred to Urrutia as "provisional president of Cuba." Former President Carlos Prio Socarras, an exile In Miami sinc» Batista ousted him by military coup in 1952, arrived' meanwhils in Havana. Prio has supported Castro's revolt from exile. He and afi other revolutionary organizations recently agreed to accept CUBA (Continued, on page 2) Holiday Death Toll Rate Runs Ahead of Record 1956-57 Clip By THK ASSOCIATED PRESS | week ago apparently was not hav- Traffic 1501 ing much effect on drivers this Fires 2ti' weekend. Total 2141 Traffic deaths last year, esti- i mated at 37,000 by the council. By THE ASSOCIATED PKESS j averaged about 101 * day. But Traffic deaths across the coun-jthe slaughter on the highways try over the four-day New Year's (since the start of he New Year holiday were occurring today at j holiday count at 6 p.m. local time and East. Local blizzard conditions added to the traffic hazards in the high plains and upper Mississippi Valley. In the one-day New Year's celebration last year, 160 persons lost their lives iu traffic accidents. That was the highest total on record for a one-day observance nf i hp K<>u . Vo , ^ rj of the New Ye «r holiday. The Associated Prea, for coin- a rate which could exceed the rec- ! Wednesday topped the daily traf- ord for a similar New Year's week! fie toll in 1958. The count con . | end ' itinues until midnight Sunday. More than 40 hours aft^r the! Alarming Rate jparative purposes, made a survey start of the 102-hour holiday pe-! "The weather is bad and thei during a n °n-holiday period and riod, the death rate from highway i toll .is bad," the council said. "The i c °unted 341 traffic deaths, 106 accidents wag slightly more than; toll is proceeding at an alarming j killed in fire « ^ l °5 fatally in- 1 four an hour. If the pace con- irate. We appeal to every driver ! •J ured ta miscellaneous accidents. tinues throughout the period, the; to realize that he must hold nis I The P 6 "" 1 covered 102 hours from! record of 409 deaths set in the speed down and be doubly care- 9 P nl< Wednesday Dec. 10 to mid-'i four-day New Year's week end of iul." --•-•-- - . - - .11. Tlie others are Jerry, 2, and i Trade Area is eligible to win the' IVrry, 1. Thomas is the 13th grand- VJH for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vro- prizes offered by Austin merchants ; participating in the contest. WISCONSIN BAND IN PARADE—The 85-piece Oconomowoc, Wis. American Legion band marches past part of the big crowd which lined the parade route in Pasadena Thursday during the annual Tournament of Roses Parade. (AP Pho- tofax) BATISTA NEMESIS — Bearded rebel leader Fidel Castro appeared young and serious in this pose in 1957 at his mountain hideout in Cuba's Oriente province. (AP Photofax) 1956-57 would be topped. Kraoh 390 The National'Safety Council ha I Snow, sleet and rain in many i sections of the country added to s I the normal heavy holiday travel estimated the New Year traffic i Thursday and deaths took a sharp toll this year will reach m. j upturn after a comparatively safe I The council said the shock of:start. Treacherous driving "condi- I the 594 deaths recorded during the' lions were reported in many four -day Christmas holiday a|areas, especially in the Midwest night Dec. 14, the same length «« the extended holiday weekend. In one of the worst New Year's is Manuel TW f rrutia, formu ' Judge m Cuba's 0/iwtf Day accidents, six members of a vince «ind more recentiv an La Porte, Ind., family were killed: exile in New York who in the crash of « single engine j been chosen by ratx' plane in a farm field war Pon-j Fidel Ca$iro to Ea tiac, 111. They were en rout* borne! provisional from « vacation is California.

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