Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 23, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1933
Page 5
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TOLA. KANSAS NEWS OF MILDRED raulfno Miller .Placed, In Readinc ' Division of ForcniiJo Content w ^ at Branson. r \ . MTLDRED. KiWi., Mnr. 23.—Mr. -[ nnd Mrs. Tllftliman Booth/Mrs. DaJe ' NvnvJon and John Vomk wore Sunt dfiy visitors 01 Frank'Ourluys. Mrs. Jim MftXT>,'cU of KonBae City, ^ &M Mrs. Jack BUigg of Olathe, ore hure helping care for their sister, •7 Mrs. Millard Heath, whose condt- S tlon remains about the same Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Mathews and Mr. and Mrs. Elza Bles^ng ol Kaji--. sas City, spent Saturday night and : Sunday at Jerry Hacketts, and Mr. •, and Mrs. Roy Harris and children were Sunday visitors. Mr. and Mrs. C. McGrew. Mrs. "'• Homer and Miss Ethlyn Leavitl of G»is City, called on. Miss Vet^a Huckett Saturday afternoon. ?>auline Miller won third place in reading in the forensic at Bronson ...Friday night. Mildred did not en- '-iter anyone in extemporaneous speaking. Among those from here ' - who went down for the forensic were -Mr. and Mrs.- Mont MUler, Mrs. r Stbugh, Miss Margaret Stough, Miss - Loiilse Hummiston and Miss Meri: -beth Ater. ~ ". Mi*, and Mrs. Roy Sidcrs, Mr. and ••. -.Mrs. Earl Cheezum, Mr. and Mrs. < Jim Cheezum. Joe Brown and Everett Hall attended the funeraV of V Prank Goyette at Elsmore Monday alfcmoon. 't Our basketball boj-s went to Ft. , ScOtt Prtday and Saturday to play /Ah the regional tournament. They ^ ^defeated Pfescott Friday nigiu and '/were defeated b>' LaC.vgne Saturday I : afternoon. V: Among those who went to Ft. ' Scott besides the team were. Supt. and Mrs. W. M. Grove. Charles Gnr- rlson, Albert Irwin, Misses Margaret • Stough, Dorothy Moore, v Wanda Reynolds. Bernice Norton,- Mi-s. Stough and Uvs. Ganrtson. Relatives of Emmett ,LaMunyon have received a letter troin tl;e«i ; 'telling of their experience in tli? : earthquake at Long: !Bcach, Calif. , -Their dl.shes and everything breakable hi the house was destroyed. ,, and their furniture badly broken and damaged. Gladys LaMunyon had a sweet shop up in tue busi- < nesE part of town and v.e undcr- •-, stand it was badly dahiaged. Lloj-d Reynolds and tanUly were • dinner guesUs at Russtll Reynolds 1 Sunday. Mrs. Hayse Hunsaker went to the •St. John's hospital Saturday after. noon to see Mrs. Earl Sheffer of Elsmore, who is there recovering . • from a major operation. Mi-s. Shef- ! fer's many friends here are glad she > is fjetting along allr right. Woodrow Heiilin of Kansas City, • spent Sunday at Floyd Walton's. • Misuses Vera and Vclmai Gillham ' spent Sunday with Afiss, Dene. Spill. man. ^ ,y , - ' Mr. and Mrs. John Sfe^dor and • Betty Jfian and their guests Mrs. C. ' p. Meador and granddaughlfr of ^dalla. Charley Sanders and lam- '•-•iiy, William Meador and Ml^ Pran; cis Trobridge of Indepeadeflce, went - to Moran Saturday an««iWfc-alhuier •'- with Mr. Meador's grandniother, ' Mrs. 'Ann Blakely. Miss Veta Hackett who has been out of school for almost a month, •suffering from an infected . tooth, •. went to Gas City Tuesday evening • ' to resume her school work. ' : Mrs. R. R. Nevitt Jr.. and Delia - Ann went to Garnett Friday evemng - and spent the week-end with - friends. RoUin went up for Sutiday dinner and Uicy accompanied him home. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Isaac and Billie Lee were dinner guests at the Ater hoiae Sunday. Ed Bradford and family .sjjcnt ' Sunday at.Charley Burrows. Hu'ocrt Brown went to Fredonia Sundivy to work at the cement plant there. Dick Hickman si^riit Wcdnesdny. i with hlR dauRhter, Mrs. Earl Green - und Mr. Green at Mtirati. Mi-s. C. D. Meador and lilt!- pranddnuRhter. Ann Lornlne Fulloii. of Sedalla, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Sanders and family, William Mead- NSWERS via the Santa Fe lilbmia W Arizona ONE WAY COACH FARE FROM lOLA Th« SANTA CE now pro- vld*« comfort* never before our chair cor patrons. Ladles' lounge and smoking room. Also washroom for men. • 100 pounds free baggage allowance—and liberal stopovers. 4 rrMf Ncrvav lunoft MoaM mo^ fining fooan MVS yon mammr. *40 ' AUo Ooorf in Tourlit Steeper • ••.pluf herth fare SIMILAR FARES EASTBOUND " J. F. Dlckensheets, Ag:eht, A. T. & S. F. Ry., lola, Kansas. Imtf bsoltMH cBnnmlng cooah and loiiHil (am to Caltfsrnia and Alliono. T HE CALIFORNIA CON'DOR is rivaled In size only by the South American condor and some species of the albatross. Antlcostl Island Is In the GULF OP ST. LAWRENCE. ECUADOR produces most Faa- gma hats. or and .Miss Francis Trobridge of Independence, came Friday and visited until Sunday at John Meadors. The Sander^ spent part of the thne with his parents in Rising Star district. Mont Miller and family spent Sunday at Hoy Cooks, near Bronson. Rev. J. C. Lane preached at the church Sunday night. Bob Browns have moved to a farm near Xenia. Tills takes the four cluldren out of our school, who entered a month agx>, when they moved to town. The Parent Teachers association will be held- Thursday night. A good program has been plaimed and everyone is invited. T • Salmon En Coqallles. 2" table-spoons fat 2 tablespoons flour teaspoon salt V: teaspoon pepper 1'.- cups milk •"^i cup fine bread crumTJs 1 egg 2 tea.spoons Worcestershire 2 tablespoons chopped green pepper 2 ciipf canned salmon fat, add flour, salt and pepper and mix until smooth. Add miik gradually, stirring constantly imtll mlKture thickens. Remove from fire, add slightly beaten egg, WOrcester- •shire. green pepper, and Vi of the crumbs. Mix well and add the flaked salmon. Put in greased scallop shells (or ramekins). Sprinkle top with remainder of cnimbs, which have been buttered, and brown in a liot oven (4(X)d F.) If desired, a little grated \ cheese may be sprinkled over the crumbs and left in the oven just long enough for cheese to melt. AJin Superior, Wis.—Tlie police give this out as a fact: Although "Buddy." PoUce Chief A. E. Buchanan's dog. is mascot of the department, it. sneaks out the - back door and liides under a bunk in a Jail cell every time Alex Piel arrives on the scene, Alex is city poundmaster. THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 23,1933. PAGE FIVE.. • • • WHERE TO MARKET (Recipes Selected Br Rntii Lynn.) • • • Omelet. 5 oggs 2 tbep. flour tap. salt Dash of pepper 1 cup evaporated milk 2 tbsp. butter Separate eggs. Beat yolks imtU lemon colored and thick, and whites until stiff but not too dry. Add flour, salt end pepper to yolks and mix until smooth, then add milk. Fold yolk mixture tboroug;hly but lightly Into whites. Heat butter tMibbling hot in large fryixtg or omelet pan. Pour in egg mbcture. Cover and cook over a low flame untiF bottom is well browned, about 20 minutes. Uncover and set In moderate oven (350d P.) to brown top. With a spatula or; pancake turner fold omelet and slide it onto a. hotr platter. Garnish with parsley. Serve immediately. Yield: 5 to 6 servings. Tills recipe Is an example of the good texture evaporated milk helps to provide in food. Serve the omelet with Jelly, to add color and additional flavor. Stuffed Tnrbsns of Fisb. 6 long fUlets 2 slices bacon % teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon salt 2-3 cup white bread crumts 2-3 cup com bread cnuniw 1-3 cup hot milk Mince bacon and fry until a delicate thrown. Add salt, pepper, crumb? and milk, and stir untU well mixed. Fit fillets Into greased muffin ringa arranged in a greased pan. Sprinkle with salt. Fill centers with stuffing, cover with greased paper and bake in moderate oven (3S0d F.) 20 minutes. r>ot with Wts' of butter and continue baking until delicately bron'ned. If desired add ',2 cup chopped nuts or V2 cup fried mushrooms to the stuffing. After a cream soup course, serve these with hot cheese biscuits, buttered splpach and a fruit dessert. Cucnmber Sauce. Beat Vj cup cream until stiff, and se.tson with salt and pepper. Peel 1 cucumber and discard seeds. Chop fine and drain well. Beat mto'thc cream. Chill., A little horse-radish may be added, if desired. This is delicious served with cold or hot flounder or broiled fresli salmon. Saace Normande. Melt 3 tablespoons fat, add 3 tablespoons flour, U teaspoon salt and a few grains pepper. Mix well. Add 1 cup hot fish stock gradually, and cook mitil mixture thickens, stirring constantly to keep smooth. Add \~ cup cream and 2 beaten egg yollcs, and cock 2 minutes. Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon Worcestershire. Ooodjwitli broiled salmon or baked fillet of sole (flounder). Our low range of prices makes possible a consistent saving on all of our foods today ... and every day! These prices are effective Friday and Saturday, March 24 and 25, ' in lola. OnionsJ'^Keepc^ 5 I«bb. 10c Carrotts XT"^. Large Bboch 5c Oranges Doz. 25c Carload of Seed Potatoes Just Received—Red River Ohiofl and Cobblers. BREAD &BUnER 1 Lb. Butter FAIttMONTS. RICHMOND OR CLOVERBLOOM 3 12 Oz. Logves AMERICAN YOUTH BBEAI) ALL FOR 27c Coffee nrk............. 3 lbs.53e Pineapple fuSs.^o^^^'^^ans..: :29c Crackers Ifalef 2 Lb. Box 18c Salt . S 26 Oz. Pkgs. 25c Flour ^ 4S Lb. Bag 59C Soap standard Size .. 10 Bars 23<e Sugar CeUoprne Packed 2 IbS. 15C TAll -^arAll California Dessert ^tgfm ^ «f Vftl" Assorated Flavors Af^e ^iv Prunes ^^^l^ane 4 lbs. 25c I.ONGHORN CHpSESE PEE LB. iOG Lard '^'^ Lb. 5c Bacon - - Lb. 10c Beef Roast l^T^.r... Lb. 8c A .Heal Itsrif—Fish Chowder. 2 pounds haddock fillcis 2 illc'es salt ijork dlccu 1 onion sliced 2 'i cups diced.potatoes 2 cups milk 2 teaspoon.<i salt H teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons butter l" tablespoon flour Cut fillets In unilorm pieces, not tco small. Fry pork until crisp, add oplon and cook until a delicate brcvn. Strain fat into chowder kettle, add fish, potatoes, salt and pepper. Cover with cold water, briwj;. to boiling point and simmer until potatoes are tender. Mix flour with a little water until smooth and ad'l to the chowder with the milk. Brins to boiling point again and add butter. Add a few split Boston.crack­ ers and serve very hot. This chowder, with hot buttered combread, a green salad, and lemon pie, makes a simple and satisfying meal. An economist has been defined as a man who knows everything and can't do anything. SKYROCKET March 22.—Mrs. Harve LudJum, Gladys, Lucille, Harrison and Eve- l^m. visited with their daughter and sUter Mrs. lAwrence Bollinger, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Baum ate dinner Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Will Alderman. Howard Jedry spent Sunday at the home of Henry Kamplng. Tom Zimmerman called on Lowry Page Sunday evening. Imogene and Jimmy Scars are spending a few days with their aunt Mr.s. C. Alderman. Lew and Herman Bigelow sawed wood for John Zhnmerman Tuesday afternon. Mr. and Mrs. Park Strunk ale Sunday dinner at the parental Krokstrom home. ' \ Han,-e Ludlum made a busihessZ trip to Walnut Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Harve LudlUm and family ate Sunday dinner at Warren Ludlum's. Robert Sears is helping Lowry Page with his farm work. Mrs. Cecil Baum. Mrs. T. Zimmer­ man and Pauline called on Mrs. John Zimmerman Tuesday afternoon. Mr.)and Mrs. Arnold Swanson and children were Sunday guests at Wendell Johnson's. Har\'e Ludlum made a business from the hatchery this week. The Ludlum young folks called on Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Holllngsworth Sunday evenhjg. Harold KroKstrom spent Sunday at Arthur Libby's. Irvln Holhngsworth was a business visitor In lola Saturday. Ira Bacon took a load of hedge posts to the" Holmes sale pavlUlon Saturday. A nice crowd attended the Sunday sclipol party at Old Elsmore last Friday night. The L. C. club met with Mis. I. C. Holllngsworth Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ludlum and D. A. were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd. CO.K. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Bacon and family ate Sunday dhmer with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Beamon. Self-service Grocery We Deliver $1 Orders Phones 214-^:^5 Spnng Planting Season Is at Hand! Red River Qhios, lOO-lfa. Bag Market Price Red River Cobblers, 100-lb. Bag Market Price Onion Plants, Burmudas, 2 Bunches.. 15c Onion Sets, White. Red or Yellow, Quart.. 5c Rhubarb Roots, 6 for...... 15c BULK AND PACKAGE GARDEN SEEDS PostToasties Or Corn Flakes. .10c Miiote Tapico 2 Packages.. 25e SWANSD0WN ..23C Gallon Plums, Italian Blue 29c Gallon iPeacheSv Sliced or Halires.. 35c Galloiti Apricots, Good Quality... S9c Gallon Blackberries...... S5c Flour Market Is Advanping, Buy Now! SUGAR, Fine Granulated, lO lbs.... 89c Apples, Winesaps or Arkanssis Blacb, 6 lbs. 25c Salmon, 2 Tall Cans, Q Q Brand..... 19c CofiSee ,S.S.S.Blend ,3lbs. ..... 57c _ _ . . _ L— [ Salad Dressing, S.S.S, Brand, Quart.. 25c Sandwich Spread, S.S.S. Brand, Qt. 25c Everything In Dtfied Fruits! WE BUY EGGS AMD CREAM! We SeU All Kin^s ot Feed ANYTHING THAT GROWS | FRESH GOODS! GREENE'S CASH GROCERY EVERYTHING FOR LESS SUGAR $Lbs .89c FINE GRANULATED Resins Sultanas, 25-Ib. Box $1.19 5 lbs. 25c Thompson Seedless 4-lb. Pkg. 25c • \ Peaches Rosedale Brand Syrup Packed. 2 No. 214 Cans 25c WALDORF Tissue, 4 Rolls 19c Pickles Sour or Dill, Pint Jars 10c i • Oranges Each^ ic SWEET AND JUICY Rice Whole Grain, 3 lbs. lOc SORGHUM Home Made, No. 10 Pail 49c CofiSee Sensation, lb. 3SC CofSee Rio, 2 lbs. 25c FLOUR Tl^ KANSAS SEAL 48-lb. sack 85c EMPIRE a^r^ 48-lb. DOC , Jersey Corn Flakes Crisco i Puffed Wheat 3-lb. Can Post Bran Rice Krispies 49c 2 Pkgs. OlOo 19c 2 lbs. 17c Sweet Potatoes Peck 15c SEED OR EATING Head Lettuce 2 for 15c SOLID HEADS P&GSOAP 10 Bars 25c I • r Lewman Ma)pket IN GKEENE'S GSOCERT PHONE 233 Beef Roast, lb. . .. 7c-8c Loiir Steak, per lb. 12c Round Steak, per lb. 15c Pork Roast, per lb. 7c Bacon Squares, per lb 7c Peanut Butter, per lb. 10c Lard, lb. 6e; 10 lbs. . 55c Dressed Hens, 3 to 5 lbs., lb 14c Sausage, lb. — 5c Fresh Side 6c

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