The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 31, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 4
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fttt HALVE** LfeAftfeft. MALV£RK. tOWA, AU60ST Si, 1118 Prol J. F. Stinard and son. Chartet, and daughter. Vary Margaret, arrived a week ago t*o4B Albany. Ke* tork. to join Mr*. Stinard who came some time ago to Visit her father, M. T. Davis, and other relatives. Mary Margaret has been spending the summer with friends at Alesan- George and Harrie Douglas ot Emerson were In Malvera Saturday afternoon. Ony Shepard and fasafly ot Durango. Colo, came in Wednesday of last week for a few days visit with Maivem relatives and friends, here and at Hastings. Mr. Shepard Is in the automobile dria Bay and the Thousand Is- f business In Dnrango. lands and Charles has been taking summer work In the state teachers' college In Albany. They drove from Alexandria Bay to Maivem in two days, making excellent time all the way through. Mr. and Mrs. John Dyson of Lyons. Nebr. and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Larson and little son of Oakland. Nebr. came last week for a visit with Mr. Dyson's sla- ter, Mrs. Charles Woru, and Other relatives and friends. Mrs. Larson is a daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Dyson. Our aged friend, J. C. Wort- tali, south ot town has been In very poor health for some time past and last week it was deemed best to take htm to the hospital In Clarinda tor care and treatment After a thorough examination there the physicians la charge have written his son, Marion, that there seems to be little hope for improvement, owing to his age aa he is past eighty, and physical infirmities. Rev. J. A. S. Cunningham, pastor ot the M. E. charch at Strahan. was In Malvern Saturday afternoon. Elmer and. Ellsworth Sowers, prominent farmers of Henderson, drove down Saturday and spent several hoars ia town visiting old friends and attending the sale. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Knight and Edel and Mr. and Mr*. Ted Wightman and son of Sidney left early Sunday morning tot Chicago where they will spend a tew days at the big exposition and visit friends. Willis Patrick and Henry Schiek of Emerson were over Saturday afternoon attending the sale and greeting old time friends. O. J. Davis of De* Moines was In town Thursday visiting L. A. Talbott and looking after business matters. Mr. Davis, who is connected with one ot the large insurance companies ot Des Moines, was formerly a resident of Malvern and has many friends here yet, always glad to *ee him. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kelson, J. R. McClymoad, and the Misses tsa Boreae and Edna Herts left early Monday morning for Chi' eago for a few days at the Exposition. Mr. and Mr*. Perry Wilson of the Wesley Chapel neighborhood visited here Sunday in the home of their son, Carl, and attended church in Malvern. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Roth of Omaha drove down Saturday afternoon and spent the evening with Dr. and Mrs. J. 0. Laird and Mrs. Roth and their guests. Fred" Boretie etnt horn* Sat- vrday from a two werts "Hett with his daughter. Mrs. gdn* Van steenberge*, and f**n«y tt P«**- rl* city. He jkfto *ttet*i the State F*tt at t>w Hotee*. Mr. aad Mrs. G«ti*te Maloney And ttttle «o*. James. *e*t to »e^ bit Monday f here Mr. ttatoaey is snpeftnteadent of the public schools, they have sfent the ***- mer with Mrs. Xatofeey'* mother, Mrs. Kllpatriek. \ Sure! We're ] ..HEADQUARTERS.. for the County School Books And we have every kind of school goods and equip, ment needed. Our PAPER is BETTER Now's the time to Buy your School Supplies! Pencils ... Pens ,,. Inks ... Crayons , . Paper Rulers ... Erasers ... Drawing Goods Ifs fun to go to school with this equipment and we're offering bigger values than ever. And healthy, delicious bulk and package Candies for hungry scholars. . Paul Berkhlffler drove in trom Shelby, ?iebr. Saturday night for a visit with his parent*. Mr. and Mrs. Andy 1. Berkhlmer, and to Join his wife and dsoghtir who had been spending a week here and who returned home with him Sunday afternoon. Mrs. F. i. Dnerr ot Council Bluffs and Mrs. John Dyson of Lyons, Kebr. who were visiting here the past week, visited Mrs. Eva Darbln a tew hoars Saturday. These ladles, then Pet and Lola Woodrow, were schoolmates ot Mrs. Durbtn. then Eva Dolph, at Tabor college many years ago, and this visit was a very enjoyable occasion to all ot them as they recalled many Incidents ot their girlhood days when, as one of them remarked, "We were all young and now we are all grandmothers." They still have young hearts and feelings and get a good deal of pleasure oat of life I giving pleasure to others. | Mr. and Mrs. Bernis Jones drove to Hamburg Sunday morning and spent the day with relatives and friends. They say that they had more rain at Hamburg than we had here. Mrs. Zelma Fletcher and daughters, Jane and Lorraine returned Sunday from Adel where they had spent a week visiting relatives. Mrs. Fletcher's mother, Mrs. Conant, who was so badly injured a year or so ago In an automobile accident has now so far recovered that ihe Is able to walk without assistance. Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Fryer and daughter, Doris, of Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. W. J. Kyle and Mrs. W. A. Lamson of Falrfleld came last Friday for a week end visit with Dr. and Mrs. J. O. Laird and Mrs. Mary Roth. Mrs. Marjorie Oelkers and Dr. William Miller of Des Moines and Miss Ruth Miller of Knoz- ville came Saturday for a short visit with Mrs. L. C. Miller and J. R. McClymond. They returned home Sunday evening. a*d Mr*. ti. . ««ft» Met wtth ptrtu I»*t Friday. SB **iwd«Wn tt much improved at ttrfs writing. Mr. a*d Mrt. E. C. SummWtt of MafUagtoB, lre*r. «re vttttlng Mrs. Stimmers'a brother, Lettie Shay and family. Mrt. Mnfiha Davis and daughter, Mrs. Little Shay, were In Conned Blttts Monday where they consulted Dr. Johnson In regard to Mrt. Davis's health. Miss viviin Priest retained home F>lday from Peru, fcebr., where she attended summer school. She leaves tomorrow for Kearney, Kebf. where she will teach again this year. Smart tfefl Coat* by "Redfern" and other fine coat makers. Slses from it to 60. — Mrs. (X O. Klekols' Apparel Shop, Snettan- doah. *4v, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Roberts moved last week Into the west apartment of the C. G. Wottt home east ot the Methodist church. Mai Frank will move from the Landis residence into the house vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. Miss Helen Marshall of the Iowa-Nebraska Light and Power company Is taking a Vacation this week and Monday went to Council Bluffs for a few days visit with her aunt, Mrs. Nellie Don* iner. Hrs. BaroW. WHitf »** Smday after i we**i ««* with the Fred Sfcfl «f*. Abtte and Mrs. Dalle* Crtswefl *ud baby, ftofeeft Allen, «** ««W from Omaha y«terd*y tor a vtttt wtth Malvera relative*. Mr. and Mi*. Frank Shaffitt retamed to Des Mtrtftes **«*«** to take up their work in the Des Moines schools. Miss Lots Reed of St. Paul, Mian, was the guest of Miss Eves Whltfield Sunday and Monday. Miss Frances Beaton returned home Wednesday from Beresford, So. Dak. where she had been visiting a sorority sister. Mrs. Clara Farquhar and John Carnahan and three daughters of Lincoln, visited in the Fred Farquhar home Sunday. New Fall Dremea in Satins, Faille Crepes, San Crepes, Velvets, and Wools. Regular and half sites from 12 to 60.- Mrs. Shop, adv. C. O. Nickels' Apparel Shenandoah. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker drove down Tuesday from Moville for a visit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. George Short Mrs. Oral Bower and two children returned Sunday to their home In Gnthrie Center after a week's rlsit with friends in this vicinity and Hastings. Mr. and Mrs. R. Wagner of Ankeny. Mr. and Mrs. Don Anderson of Des Molnes, Mrs. Ora McKay and children of Woodbine, The annaal picnic of the Hillsdale Sunday school *ill be held Friday, Sept 1, at the Olenwood Lake park. A basket dinner will be held at the noon hour with games and sports following. F*li* Sommer* Return* , (torn Septan to Wyoming Felt* Svtnater* ot Strahan came in yesterday from the irest and was in town a conple of hours while waiting to go down to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. 8. Summers, and we enjoyed a very pleasant little rteit with him. He has had a rery Interesting summer. He left Lincoln last March for Wyoming where he hud an order to paint some tnurtels for a big geological museum near Grey Bull. He finished tip the work a few weeks ago and slnee then visited an aunt, Mrs. Aztell, at Boteman, Mont *nd then cane home (or a couple of weeks vacation, before taking up other work. Mr. Summers Is achieving some little reputation as,an artist in mnriel painting as was evidenced in the order he has Just completed and he plans further rork in the fine arts, probably At Yale, In the near future. Re said the work in Wyoming as unusually interesting-doing t, as he did, in the shadow of the Big Horn mountains, and be has enjoyed his five months stay up there Immensely. He likes that climate and he certainly acquired a good healthy coat ot tan up there. A. G. Cole ot south of Emer- Mrs. J. F. McKay of Logan, Mr. son was in Malvern Monday morning on business. No admirer of the present economic situation, Mr. Cole believes that » and.Mrs. Cbaa.'Spratlen ofShen- andoah, and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Anderson and daughter, Kathryn, ware neata the B. J. COLLINS Drug Co. Phone 20 Malvero our difficulties. Sheriff W. a DeMoss had bust- ness in town Monday afternoon; Mr. and Mrs. Grant Chamberlain and Mr. and Mrs. A. C, TriTdy returned Sunday evening from a week's trip to the World'a Fair. They went to Chicago by way ot Wisconsin, visiting the Bev. and Mrs, Frank Tebow. On tfc* retwn they visited relatives of tie Triveiys in Illinois, Mr. mud Mrs. J. E. Randerson and Bate drove to Mason City Friday where they met relatives and the* drove on to Rockford, HL, for a visit with Mr. Randerson's parents. V. E. Molbolland rode with them as far as Des Moines. He returned Sunday, Supt. and Mrs. F. M. Davison were In Otttunwa Sunday and Monday attending to business for the Malvern schools. Miss Mona Graham of San J i For Sitirliy, M0iliy aid Tictliy COX Grocery Malvern celopbwie tom*to «**?« DAuon milk -~—<r *V=-T-- ***'J«™ WtSSI'.^. g« toit te from Chicago Wednesday morning to visit" her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, M. E. Bell, and to accompany her mother, Mrs. Oliver Brewster, who has been visiting here for several weeks, to their home la Portland, Ore. Mr. and Mrs. J, N. Summers and Mrs. & J, Anderson left early Wednesday morning for Des Moines to spend a few days at the State Fair, Mr, and Mrs. B, H. Cutler went to Dunlap yesterday where they will keep bouse for Me. Qntlerti father while the mother is 4n a Council Bluffs hospital tor treatment. Fred A. Mulholl*nd went to to Chicago the past w«k with Qtl- bert Oood and pwiy for a Tistt to the Exposition, Rev, EJbert Mckenwn return* J. R. . • Family Reunion Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hall and their son and daughter, Mr, and Mr*. L. W. Sipherd, who are visiting them, drove to New Virginia Sunday where they attended a reunion, of-Mr, Hall's,family. There are-nine brothers and.als- „ , had a wonderfully" good" time. Attend Brewer Reunion^at Fremont, Nebr. Sunday • Mr. and Mrs, Clinton Robbins and son, Glenn, Mr, and Mrs.-J. M. Steele, Julia Jean and Claire; Mrs, Frank Robbins, ST., Clifford Robbins, Robert Robbins, Miss Marie Riggins, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hurst, Hiss Valda Hurst. Mr, and Mr*. Max Benton, George Brower and Mr, and Mrs, Bert Kline and daughter, Barbara Jane, attended the Brower family reunion at Fremont, Nebr. Sunday, The Wofttean dants ol t«cO% *»«" man. who settled til Xfftt Cotraty in 1858, met t* their third aft* Baal pfente tost Thursday eft O* old home farm ol Charles S. Wortman ftea? Ashland, Nebr. The jHcntc *** held in * ««» bered spot close by the site of the first home of this pioneer, i*> tabltshed more than seventy years ago, when h« and his bride, Elisabeth Goldsmith, first set np housekeeping. There were eight children tn the original family ^-Wllliaip, Charles, Joseph, and Frank, and Maria, Martha, Mary, and tta> tlela —all Of whom hate patted to the beyond. The Picnic waa not no well at* tended this year M last owing to illness among many of the descendants bat those who did to were well rewarded and ft Very pleasant day was spent with' * big picnic dinner at noon and plenty of lee cream, cake, and watermelons at a later luncheon. The meeting waa presided over fay Judge Clifton 8. Wortman ot Ashland who now owns and live* on the farai where It waa held, and on which he was born. Hon. Otha D. Wearin at one ot the descendants gave the'princi- pal talk ot the Informal program which was held following the dinner. At the election of officers, Clifton 8. Wortman was named president and Mrs. Rachel Dolph Davis ot Malvern waa named secretary and next year's meeting will bo held tn Mill* county, probably in Malvern. Among the Mills county relatives attending the picnic were: Mr. and Mr*. Otha D. Wearin, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Wortman, Helen Wortman and Allen Wortman, Mr, and Mrs. Reed Wortman and W. 8. Wortman. ^ i titgi iverm* tgatt *ff CUM, W0fff fci lift p. to. HA. Vfcttt Of ftttt W*Jg«, tnd mile tt*x«8 fMWtf h* *ft hy thto tta« t* « tt IH fc*t fiMffeg oi titt 4tf£^ mmA. ^fra*|fcjF&iiB £ji& it 4ijt*. * a we vr9 KKnuog lof s> large at— ielraalSlCi6 ai IBS €o6ff practice ft tht p*r*o*ag* «t § p, m. Friday. Services fttxt Buhdsy *ni oa a* follows: Btrnday school at 10 M&Ji Urira-a afrit frfi B Jsti 44.*. && .fcy BDU pTvvOenig st 11 ft. ffi, Tnft tWttoft *tbj«tt wtlt be "A Said* t«g Motive." This i« Labof Sunday. W* export the emphasis of the ehnrfth service to be in keeping with the day, Woadrow Wilson Mid: "No stndy t* more important than the swdy of the Bible and of the trnthi which tt contains. The Sunday ftehooi lewon ot today is the code of morals of tomorrow, Too much attention cannot be paid to the work which the Sonday school tt doing." BftftfatChmfc ~, Bible Mhool at id. "W* do ottr f*M." wheret In the nation. DON tt mean also in the chttreh f Little l* said about this, bnt more should be said. The KRA ought to mean much and eoald la any community it practiced., tt applied to the church In sincerity and consecration great things would happen. No preaching service at the charch this Sunday. The pastor him been here all summer and preached twice through the summer. H* wants a Sunday to worship and hear a sermon and also to ho preached to. Preaching a week from Sun- tday. Under the new baseball code there ought to be an umpire behind every base. News of .the Churches Preabytetian Church Henry Dale White, Minister ' Sunday school at 10. Morning worship at 11. "Acquiring Spiritual Mlndedness" la the subject ot Mr. White's message to the Malvern Presbyterians after a two months absence. Pastor and people .are anl Aj_ -_ — ,__! l__"_il._ ' _»* A*.""* .>' Mateo, Calif., who has been spending her vacation at the home of her mother, Mrs. Emma Graham, of Council Bluffs, spent Sunday and Monday in the i. L. Conner home in Malvern. Mr. and Mrs, Charles M. WU- son and Charles L, Wilson, with Mr. and Mrs. Everett Buckingham. and Mrs. LaVeda Andrews of Auburn, Nebr. attended a din-' ner Sunday given fey Miss Mary Supple of Pacific Junction, honoring her asnt, Mrs. Ssrsh Brew Pickerel!, of Houston, T«*», Mr*. Pickerel! returned home with Mr*. Wilson and visited until Tuesday going on to Auburn tor * visit before returning |a her home, Mlsa Sarah Ruse of East Ub* erty «p«ot the we«k end wltt her eowrta, Betty Bfttfleld. Mr, and Mrs. fw4 *nd daughter, Elinor, Mos4»y trow Jaffi»i<a whers fe»Te been the past two with Hi* FBjr OT h J ajr'f m«*hjr, Mw, J. a y»j*. Mrt, ift ed yesterday to hjs Iwme in hoo, Nebr, after S W*8f* tion spent with Ms mother, Jlra, Awand* Nickersou, 494 other friends. ,; .' ~ - ' ~ K ew FWI H** In Crepes, and Tehran, LOT«JJP a* July and Js now r«av«fin|; very stowJy m Ifef the Shenandoab. <M»T, Malvern relative* Sure received announcement of th« birth of a CuUey F*mily He.union Suod»y at Fair Ground* Despite the bad weather about thlrty'five members of, the Qulley family met at the fair fbpfa ^W half Ot sandwiches and cocoa, The meeting at t p, m. will be led by Roberta Ranne. Officers ot C, B, societies ot Qlenwood, Henderson, and Champion Hill are expected to be present and help plan for the future county 0, S. rallies. All the young people of the church are cordially invited ot be present. The Century of Progress social has been postponed until Friday, Sept. 8, Methodist Episcopal Church Roy E, Qugeler, Pastor There was a fine attendance in church and Sunday school iwt Sunday as compared 'with the Sunday before, but we should Sanday for a reunion, Those present to partake of the bounteous dinner were: Mr, ana Mrs, Rob*rt QuHey and family of Bea> coaefl^d; Mr, a»d Mrs. Will Qr» field and fawlly of Oaceote; Mr. Mr*. Hftrtey Orlffln o| in4oah; Mr?. Jim Scott and, dr«n of OlejBWpgd? Mr, A»4 Mr», Bert CBljey and fs«Uy; Mr, and Mrs, FraBk QsUeyj Mr, »A4 Mrs. Fajfll, a«4 Mr, ft&4 Mr*. FMel tad family of Ma> Brother* drove in, fyonj visit feij bfo(,ber», HjtflHuft fiul bi» ftS. flf Im AfiKfiw, Jam 1m m •en Shoe Days 8*sak4&-rf&z>.3t- •ta&trrb.i&at&iLAi -aw«v^t..,.y,i» _ .*/ -our ^ 'rti,|ea«>er.%1«>a^ , styled,\comfortable shoes - (prices • ar*; atill way down) or ~r (3) Have us repair the old ,. shoes, You'll think , they're new when we finish and H doesn't cost much. ., Wo bar* good Work Shoes *t I*>w Prices, -. .fjig^iii ""iiswbfflr of ' •:< l ' --r«>?t}*^'jr-*»':^ at f^nwi "• vwff.iv;-.?-^'>;few Golden Bantam M* ' ^ **. t .Xi ^ ±±^ .-•JJ 4' ^K^^^»ym K T **Tt^^^pM|^^^a£^3|MS!£S^|S^M LQn ^>ii; ^£, ^Li^-^if ^iL^>! 5^-*^^%OTs

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