The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 8, 1974 · Page 21
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 21

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1974
Page 21
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falls (Ma.) Hinal Wed. May 8, 1974 22 How cold it was Stamps In The News 1 Af> Newtlealurei' By SYO KRONiSH YORK, Pa. (AP) - Four commercial cooling units all working at once can make a room "as cold as Hades," and that's what they were called on to do in the film, "The Exorcist." When the devil in the film causes the room to become extremely cold, it is necessary for the viewing audience to realize this by seeing the actors' breath change to vapor. It does, owing to the fact that the temperature on the set was brought down to zero. The refrigeration condensing units used are capable of lowering the temperature to 30 degrees below zero according to the manufacturer, Borg- Warner's York Division here. Mill Kalish, the engineer who sold the equipment, said they were designed to cool frozen- food storage areas. "These places are constructed to be cold," he said, "not like a movie set with all its lights, equipment and people generating a lot of heat. This is the problem we had to overcome. But with four units of this size, I would imagine the actors in the film felt like the frozen pizzas these units might normally cool," he added. BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio (AP)—A flyln, saucer hovers over the U.S. Capitol and Mayor William S. Meyer of Beliefontaine owns it. It's a commemorative 8-cent stamp honoring the late President Lyndon B. Johnson, one of a sheet of 32 Meyer bought from a friend. One stamp has a flaw that appears to be a flying saucer hovering over the Capitol in the lower corner. It shows above the right shoulder of the late president. Postmaster C.H. Hertenstein believes it could be the only one like it of the 150 million Johnson commemoratives printed. Meyer said he checked persons who bought similar sheets and could find none with the same defect. Hertenstein, also, did some checking among a packet of 4,000 similar stamps and found none with the defective marking. Meyer, a former stamp collector, said he bought the sheet of stamps from Donald Griest, an associate in the local American Red Cross chapter. Meyer noticed the imperfection almost immediately and of- fered to return the stamps. Griest, he said, didn't want them back. "I felt bad about taking it," said the mayor. Meyer has taken the stamp to several stamp shows and he said collectors seemed interested. The mayor himself stopped collecting about 15 years ago, but keeps an eye out for imperfects. "I still check stamps for ones like these," he said. "I have about a dozen defective ones." He has no idea what caused the imperfection. Some collectors have theorized the unidentified flying object marking probably came during the color processing. Meyer • wonders if something fell on the printing presses. "I may sell it someday," said Meyer. "But I'm in no hurry. I kind of like it." Here's the Answer Pakistan TV launches attack on illiteracy STRANGE STAMP-Bellefontalne, Ohio, Mayor William Meyer has found a defective stamp honoring Lyndon Johnson which appears to have an unidentified flying object in the background. By ANDYLANG AP Newsfeatures Q. —The paint on the outside of our wooden house is chalking in spots. Is it all right to apply latex paint over it? A. —Generally, latex paint does not always bond well to chalking surfaces. When repainting with exterior latex, remove the chalk by scrubbing, sanding or steel wooling. However, latex paint formulations have been improved so much recently, it is as well to read the label to see what it says about chalking. Or, if you wish, you can apply an oil-base paint over the old paint. Q. — Is there any advantage to having a stone hearth in front of a fireplace level with the floor? A. - Only that it makes it easier to brush sweepings into the fireplace. Raised hearths wider than the fireplaces are common in contemporary design. Q. —I'd like to apply a water stain to a wood floor to darken the color, but have been told that nothing with water in it should be put on a wood floor. Is that correct? A. —Generally, yes. What you should use is an oil stain or a nongrain-raising stain. By BRIAN JEFFRIES RAWALPINDI (AP) Pakistan Television .Corporation later this year will launch an embitious scheme aimed at overcoming one of the major drawbacks to progress, in the country — illiteracy. Those involved agree that the problem is immense. At present about 55 million out of Pakistan's total population of 65 million are illiterate. Every year the number of people who can neither read nor write grows by one million. Aslam Azhar, • managing director of Pakistan television, says: "There can be no question but that the campaign for adult education is the most clear, urgent and yet neglected need in Pakistan. Indeed it is here that education is engaged in a race against disaster." It is to combat this situation and, it is hoped, to eliminate illiteracy over the next ten years in conjunction with the education authorities that Pakistan TV is introducing educational television. Because the cost of a television set — about $400 - is far beyond the reach of all but a small minority in the country, educational TV will revolve around community viewing centers. The first 200 of these are to be setup in the Punjab province in the spring. Each center will be staffed with teachers trained to make use of the literacy programs that will be transmitted by PTV. The literacy course lasts lor six months. At the end of that time, if there is a 100 per cent success rate, the 200 centers in the Punjab will graduate 12,000 men and the same number of women able to read and write, and with a basic grasp of elementary mathematics. By spreading the centers all over the country and assuming the necessary teachers are available, those involved say that in theory it should be possible to make 41 million people literate in nine or ten years. However they agiee that a 100 per cent success rate is unlikely. The course that is to be put out on television is based on one pioneered by educational authorities in the Punjab, winch has graduated 100,000 people over the past 10 years. •Wlien the course was first started, says Vincent Davis, one of those closely involved in it, there was a 48 per cent dropout rate. But since 1968 this has leveled off at about 12 per cent. Educational TV in Pakistan will not be concerned just with making people literate. Over the long term, says Aslam Azhar, it is intended to develop a comprehensive series of- courses "designed to cover all aspects of the common man's day-to-day life and its problems and opportunities." Subjects to be covered include nutrition and health, agriculture, family planning, education o.U upbringing of chiklri'ii, ami tackling urban problems. A start on these specialized courses will Ix; made probably towi.n!.-: il;t OIK! of this year in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi, where 500 community viewing centers are envisaged. The course over six weeks will deal with child care. There will Ix: separate programs for men and women because those responsible feel there is a basic phyehological difference be- twee;i the sexes in their attitude towards children. The fathers' course will be aimed at suggesting how they can help their children have a more successful life. That for women will l>e directed more at the-sentiments of mother-love on the basis of "you want your child to be happy." Kducationa TV will also Fergus Falls (Mi.) Juru! Wed. 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