Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1974 · Page 26
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 26

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1974
Page 26
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DfcLAWARE COUNTY (PA.) DAILY TIMES Friday, March 1,1974 Coiriplete television programs KY\V Provided bv (he station Q WPVI CD \vrAt; (B WHYY Subject to change WPHL © \VTAF CD WKBS Bridge This hasty play saves contract FRIDAY March 1,1974 COPYRIGHT.O 1974 T.V. DATA, INC. 09 IV 10 EARLY MOVIE "Johnny Guitar" (1953) starring Joan Crawford, Scott Brady. © ® SESAME STREET . fD POPEYE CD LITTLE RASCALS 4:30 Q THE MERV-GRIFFIN SHOW 'ID OZZIE AND HARRIET ffi SUPERMAN, CD THE FLINTSTONES HOUR 5:00 Q THE MOD SQUAD {0 ® MISTEROGERS 1 NEIGHBORHOOD ID WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE 03 LOST IN SPACE 5:30 O NEWS © ® THE ELECTRIC GO. · fD SEA HUNT GD GILLIGAN'S ISLAND #' EVENING 6:00 Q Q 0 (0 NEWS (0 TODAY IN DELAWARE fD THE UNTOUCHABLES "The Antidote" 0D ZOOM 03 BEWITCHED "Sisters At Heart." Lisa uses wishcraft and learns a lesson in sisterhood. : . © STAR TREK "Spock's Brain" 4:30 0 0 NBC NIGHTLY NEWS 0 ABC EVENING NEWS DESIGNING WOMEN - . - , . , 03 CARRASC.OLENDAS 03 COURTSHIP .OF EDDIE'S, FATHER "Hello, : Miss BesF'nger, Goodbye." A glamorous jet setter is conducting learning- experiences with Edd}e and other children 7:00 R WHAT'S MY LINE? 0 TO TELL THE TRUTH Q TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES DD CBS NEWS :a TAKE 12 CD BONANZA "The Legacy." Ben's three sons seek vengeance . when they believe', their father has been murdered '··'©' AVIATION WEATHER © THAT GIRL . . ; ; "The Rivals.".Don and Ann's father.are ready to square off during a family week-end when their cars collide. ' 3D MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE "The Vault" 7:30 O SORTING IT OUT HI OZZIE'S GIRLS ,0 HOGAN'S HEROES Op' GREAT MYSTERIES "Under. Suspicion:" A concert pianist provides musical clues to the secret police in an effort to / . e x p o s e her lover as'a traitor to his country 1 CD'WALL STREET WEEK ·' W NEW JERSEY NEWS'REPORT' '. ® HOGAN'S HEROES "Is.There A Doctor In the House." Col. Klink is taken ill. 8:00 R 0.SANFORD AND SON 0 THE BRADY .BUNCH , "The Hustler." Mike's hoss presents the Brady's with a new pool table as a gift " ' CD DIRTY,SALLY Sally matches her wits and drinking ability with a railroader who is'trying to steal the land of an old friend. CD ® WASHINGTON: WEEK IN REVIEW CD OF LANDS AND SEAS "Belgium" JB EVERYTHING GOES CD THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW "The Return of Edwin Carp." Rob rounds up three notable personalities from the old days of radio for an ^Alan Brady "special." 8:30 0 0 BOB HOPE SPECIAL Q THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR M A N . "Doomsday and Counting." An earthquake activates ,a self-destruct weapon that will detonate a nuclear device and the only hope of survival lies in the bionic skills .of Steve Austin. C3 GOOD TIMES £0, BLACK PERSPECTIVE ON THE NEWS © EXPRESS YOURSELF GS THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW . 9:00 CD CBS FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE "The Sweet Ride" (1968) starring Tony Franciosa. Michael Sarrazin. The life and death story of the sand-and-surf dwellers of carefree Malibu Beach.- B MASTERPIECE THEATRE "Upstairs, Downstairs" (R) CD THE N I N E O'CLOCK MOVIE "Run Silent. Run Deep" (1958) starring Clark Gable. Burt Lancaster. The story about submarine warfare off the waters of Japan, revealing heroism cowardice and a sense of responsibility. @j) B I L L MOYERS' J O U R N A L 9:30 0 0 BRIAN KEJTH SHOW "The Titanic Sails Again." A sea-going con-man talks Dr. Jamison into accepting half interest in a catamaran as payment for a bill, but neglects to tell him of the boat's condition. ' O THE ODD COUPLE 09 I N T E R F A C E EE PHIL DONAHUE SHOW 10:00 EB O THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW Rod Fosx is "roasted" by guests Foster Brooks, Jackie Gayle. Nipsey Russell. Norm Crosby, Joey Bishop. Domond Wilson, Slappy White, Jim Bailey. Audrey Meadows and Rich Little. 0 TOMA "The Big;-Dealers." Outraged by the addiction of his nephew, Dave assumes a number- of phony identities to roach the chief of a major drug import operation. CD JANE MOORE AND . . . ·"Arthur Lowis" 60 GILBERT AND SULLIVAN CD PERRY MASON "The Case of the. Missing Melody" 10:30 CD RELIGIOUS AMERICA "Moet Me In Galilee" 03 NOT FOR WOMEN ONLY l»:00 R 0 0 CD NEWS CD AVIATION WEATHER CD ALFRED'HITCHCOCK PRESENTS "Gratitude" fW CAPTIONED ABC NEWS in SAFARI ' ;' ' "Gimtonmln Lnnd of Eternal Spring" CD NIGHT GAI.IERY "Spectre'In Tap-Shoes" 11:30 R Fl THE TONIGHT SHOW H MH LION 'DOLLAR MOVIE "" (lfif8) ptarrinp 'Robert Mftchum, Peter Falk.. The jronerhl in. ohanjc of. the Anzio invasion pi VPS''the Nazis t i m n to build defenses. 01 THE CBS LATE MOVIE · : 'VVild in. Iho Slror/a" (1P68) st.nrrinir SMIev Winters. Christ o'MifT Jones. A 2'1-yonr-okl Prenklenl. of (he 'united States trios In create (he world in his owri iniftgo. 12:00 1:00 1:20 1:30 2:30 4:40 fD THE LATE-SHOW "War Gods of the Deep" (1965) Btarrfng Vincent Price, Tab Hunter. The ruler of an under-the-ocean city kidnaps an expert in seismology and a young woman whom he believes to be the remcaration of his wife: : OD THE GHOUL MOVIE . · "The Beast With Five Fingers" (1946) starrine Peter Lorre,. J. Carrol Naish. A hand with an nv visible body commits murder and terrorizes the entire household of a dead pianist © KING OF THE HILL BOWLING ) O MIDNIGHT SPECIAL ; J , ' . ' ' · · Hosts: Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. 'Guests' Stylistics, Foghat, The Peter Yarrow Band, Al Wilson, Melissa Manchester, and Uncle Cnistv ' CD NEWS ' 0 CINEMA SIX C0 AFTER MIDNIGHT · CD BULLETIN BOARD ; ' '-' 0 NEWS C0 THE LATE SHOW I ' "That Certain Feeling" (1956) starring Bob Hope Eva Marie Saint. OQ LEAVE IT TO BEAVER NORTH (D) 1 * AQJ f K 5 2 * J98 + K J 7 4 WEST EAST 4 10753 4 4 : T Q J 1 0 6 4 ^ A 9 7 * 62 4 7 5 4 3 4 A 6 * 9 8 5 3 2 . SOUTH ' 4 K 9 8 6 2 f 83 4 A K Q 1 0 *Q10 Neither vulnerable West North East 'South 1$ Pass 14 Pass . 2* Pass 4* Pass Pass - Pass Opening lead--¥Q . COPYRIGHT © 1974 March 2, 1974 5:45 (J) Town and Country 6:00 Q Across the Fence fpl Sunrse Semeister 6:30 (c) .Consultation ' O Best of Wake Up 6:55 |3 Ngws 7:00 gg Me end You and Us 13' Home. Farm, Gardon. Q Cisco Kid Q3 Scooby Doo Movie 7:30 fe) You ·f-| Capt. Noah QJ Percy Platypus 8:00 (c) Q Lidsville f3 Bugs Bunny Qi) Hair Bear 8:25 00 Black History 8:30' Q @ Acfdams Family f£f Yogi's Gang U) Sabrina (0 Misterogeri £J) Would You Believe PTH Kathryn Kuhlman 9:00 Q 0 Emergency '·{·J Super Friends O Sesame Street fTT) Gene London Show Q] Han-y Bristow Sho* AFTERNOON 12:00 | To Be Announced l|3 Vision On QJ The Jetsons (Ji) Pebbles, Bamm, Bamtn jj) The Electric Co. © Western Theatre "Treasure of Ruby 'Hills" Z. Scott 00 R.J. and Company CH) Weekend Movie "Adventures of Robin Hood" Errol Flynn 12:30 (cj To Be Announced Q Rap Up · HI Here Comes the Sheriff fli) Fat Albert Cl Hodgepodge Lodge gg Wally's Workihop 1:09 Q Bobby Goldsboro Q Q Basketball St. John's vs. Providence .fli) Children's Film O Zoom 03 All-Star Bowling 1:30 O Career 360 fFJ Gomer Pyle 2:00 (® Outdoors J0 Special of the Week T.V. DATA, INC. 50 Action Movia "The -Set Up" (1949) Robert Ryan 9:15 (Q Bulletin Board 9:30 :0 0 Inch High (D Nutrition .Viewpoint 10:00 Q Q Sigmund 0 Rescue Rangers ID My Favorite Martians (0 Electric Company (Q Black on White 03 Blue Ridge Quarto} 10:30 'gj 0 Pink Panther ·^3 Goober Qi) Jeannie {Q Misterogen (D Spanish' -Show 03 Gospet Music Q3 Roller Game 11:00 (0 0 Star TreV f^ The Brady Bunch (0 Speed Buggy fpl Sesame Street 11:30 00 Butch Cassidy ;0 Mission: Magic :QD Josia in Outer Space £0 Blair's World · - £B New Life Time fD Dr. Shock Presents "Viking Women and . · the Sea Serpent" "House of Dracula" (1945) Lon Chaney 03 Wrestling Q:) Saturday Matinee" "Angels with Dirty Faces" James Cagney 2:30 (0 Movie "Conquest of.'Space" 11955) Walter Brooke ' "Killers from Space" (1954) Peter Graves 3:03 0 0 .Basketball Indiana vs. Ohio 03 Wrestling .4:00 (0 Sesame Street 03 This Week in the NBA QJ) Soul Train 4:30 03 Flip Side 5:00 0 Arnold Palmer's Golf Q Wide World Sports 0 World of Survival Q3 The City (0 Mister Rogers (JJ Wrestling 03 Georgie Woods Show ED Wild, Wild West 5:30 0 Porter Wagoner 10 The Electric Co. ByJACOBYSON "Haste makes waste," does not always apply at the bridge table. South looked over dummy quickly. He didn't like that queen of hearts lead. Obviously, dummy's king of hearts was going .to be worthless to h i m . Stili, the contract appeared to be pretty safe. Or did it? South saw that he would have to r u f f the third round of hearts. Then he could draw trumps and concede a trick to the. ace of clubs. Suppose the trumps were going to break 4-1. An unpleasant thought, indeed! Could he-do anything about it? He could try! South ruffed the third heart and promptly played his 10 of clubs. Wet had to make a split second decision. He couldn't afford to hesitate and then duck so he ducked quickly. Now South had one club trick. in. He played dummy's three trumps; entered'his hand with a diamond; drew the last trump and cashed the rest of the diamonds. If West had gone right up with the ace of clubs he could have beaten the contract, by prompt\y leading a fourth heart. No matter which hand South trumped in. West would eventually collect a trump trick, provided he handled his subsequent plays perfectly. The bidding has been: l West North East South fe 1+ !* 1* Pass 4V Pass 5+ Pass .? .You, South, hold: * A K 7 6 ' f A K 7 6 +3 2 *K 103 Wha| do you do now? A-Just bid five hearts. You can't take care of the first two diamond leads and il'looks as if your.partner can't either. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead, of bidding five clifes, · your partner has bid five diamonds over your four hearts. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Do you remember when? Jetinneffe Laws weds Thomas Bayard McCabe 50 YEARS AGO - An elaborate wedding was celebrated in the Swarthniore Presbyterian Church at 8:30 o'clock Thursday night when Miss Jeannette Everett Laws, daughter of Mr. · and Mrs. James WalthanrLaws of Park Avenue, Swarthmore, became the bride of Thomas Bayard McCabe, son of Mr. and Mrs. William R. McCabe, of Selbyville, Del. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. John Ellei-y Tuttle, pastor of the Swarthmore Presbyterian Church, which was decorated with ferns and white flowers in honor of the occasion. JOLLEY'S SEAFOOD Take-Out Service 1121 Potfer St., Chester CLOSED WILL RE-OPEN MARCH 13 The maid of honor was Mrs. William M. Harvey, sister of the groom. She wore orchid crepe satin and carried Columbia roses and orchid sweet peas. The four bridesmaids, Miss Helen De Maris, of Philadelphia, cousin of the bride; Miss Mary E. 'Simmons of Media; Miss Elinor A. Bye of Swarthmore, and Miss Dorothy E. Larned, formerly of Swarthmore, were similarly attired in charming gowns of 'peach, crepe satin, with silver lace, and silver slippers. They carried arm bouquets of Butterfly roses and sweet peas. The flower girl, Miss Elaine Bradford, of Swarthmore, wore a ruffled white organdie dress, with knot of peach ribbon on the shoulder. She carried a silver basket of pink roses. The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, presened a picture of exquisite beauty in her costume of ivory satin, which was made in princess style, with court train, and was trimmed with old family lace and orange blossoms. man was Isaac Darlington, of Swarthmore, and the ushers were James W. Laws, brother of the bride; William K. Hoyt, of Teen ton, N.J.; John C, White of East Orange, N.J., E, S. Wagner of Philadelphia; James Lamb o f : Swarthmore, and William M. Harvey of Philadelphia, .Following the ceremony a reception was held at the Strath-Haven Inn, which was beautifully decorated with ferns and smilax. Mr. McCabe is secretary and sales manager for the Scotl Paper Co. 75 YEARS AGO - The wall of one of the three - story double houses contractor Joel Lane is building on Kerlin Street above Fifth Street collapsed today and wrecked the building. Six workmen were injured. They were Delaware Rumford, Frank. Rumford, Martin Burns, Absalom Parsons, William Shaw and James Neal. · · 25 YEARS AGO - Delaware County's fire loss during 1948 was estimated close to $2,500,000 at a meeting of the Delaware County Firemen's Association Monday night. The estimate, made by William E. Wunderlich, financial secretary, was based on a' fire loss totaling $1,026,937 reported by 41 of the 73 member fire companies. The. companies responded to'a total of 2,610 alarms during the 12 months, according to 'the report by the county's fire marshal, Frank A. Dolan of Darby, , ' k- . ' · ' ' Your birthday FRIDAY, March 1 - Born today, you have an uncanny sense for money -- for making it, investing It, spending it, etc 'You have'an excellent business head ^and know instinctively when, 'where, and how much to invest. At the same time, you know just what must be held back, for how 101%, and to what avail. · · You need little advice and will accept little of it from others on financial matters. Even from experts, .you;hesitate, to .take suggestions, for you are the kind of .highly .individualistic person who needs all the credit for success he can possibly get--and is willing to take the blame for any failures. The world of commerce and finance is not the only world, in which you 'are comfortable, however. You possess a genuine appreciation for and understanding of artistic undertakings, particularly where music is concerned. You could well become personally and actively involved in such arts -- not merely as a hobby, but as a second career. Whether vocation or avocation, music and the arts in general always will give you more pleasure than anything ·else in life, with the possible exception of romance. Something of a worry-wart, you find it difficult to let nature take her course. When things seem to you to be taking too long to develop or to culminate in some successful end, you are not willing to remain patient, to stand by calmly, quietly, while things work themselves out. Rather, your instinct is to take the bull by the horns and to force matters to the point of successor failure. In so doing, you often experience the latter. To find what is in store for you tomorrow, select your birthday. and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be your daily guide. SATURDAY, MARCH 2 . ' PISCES (Feb. 19-Mafch 20) -Take your time preparing for today's activities. To move too quickly might be to forfeit the first success of the day. Learn from children. ARIES ((March 21-April 19) -- Curb your emotionalism this morning, especially when in the presence of younger family members. Heed to your conscience where friends are concerned. TAURUS (April 20-May20) -An early rising may not guarantee, an early success where the day's work is concerned. Make sure you are well-rested before getting out of bed! GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- ·Do your surroundings agree with your image of them? You may have-let yourself in for disappointment by imagining It's a fact (From Guinness Book at v\torld Records: Copyright W74 br Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.) . MOST BOUNCING BABY: The most bouncing baby on record is Elias Daou (b. Suniani, Ghana, on October 12, 1969)i At the age of 22 months, Elias weighed Gl'/fc Ibs. and his circumference was 35% inches. B A R B S by PHIL PASTORET It's very easy to control your temper when the other guy weighs upward of 260 pounds and stands 6 feet 11 inches tall. things to be more than they are CANCER (June 21-July 22) Tenacity and stamina, Tfiese are the keys to success this Saturday Take into account the physical condition of a pai tner before you assign choi es LEO (July 23 Aug. 22) - You* are sure to gam your poisonal ends by day's end -- if you ate^ careful to keep on the right side of those working on your behalf. ·:. VIRGO; (Aug. 23-Sepl. 22).The necessity of earninga living must not be considered a handicap to happiness'/ Apply yourself and rest secure in the knowledge of work well done.. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) -?. Heredity may play tricks on you today, forcing you to enter into an activity for which you had not prepared. Know yourself to bf well favored SCORPIO (Ocl 23-Nov. 21) If your purpose is to i each ybui J goal today, you are in for disap' poitument. If it is to work weJU and pi ogress a little, you will'be^ satisifed - f »to SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 72-Dec*£ 21) -- A combination of openness^ and tact can make this a mostT * 'successful day foi you Do youi best to .encourage another to continue in the present project. CAPRICORN (Dec. -22-Jan. j ' 19) -; You are a good judge of : human nature -- but don't rely' : too completely on your own i ability,to judge. Seek the opinion ', of others. . ; AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) --- Reconsider your recent' \ decision regarding a change in ; employment. You can kill I we birds with one stone if you will remain where you are! · OUT OUR WAY SOOPWESS i PER THAT.' IT'D 8E / GRIM AROUK1C7 · HERE IF THEVCAME \ IW SOUR AW V/EM you YOUKJS suys \( YOU AMD i CalVE'MEA LAUGH-- f ARE TWO YOU COME !M HEE I O1FFEREUT FULL OF AMBlTIOKI t - PEOPLE! TO BECOME PRESIDENT OF TH' PAY.' I'VE BEEW HERE OVER 30. YEARS AW' /T LOOK IT ME .' i -- - ~T HOPE SPRlKlGS ETERKJAL .IK) TH' VCN-W6. TO EACH HIS OWKJ r Junior Editors^ Quiz on- GRUNION vy · QUESTION: What is agrunion .and where ix it found* ' · ' · ' · · ' * * " '* ' . · ' . "*''; ANSWER: A grunion is a member of the ; silversides f a m i l y of fish. Named for t h e silvery either side of the body, t h e y are a b u n d a n t in waters of the . A t l a n t i c 'and Pacific Oceans and ;llso,' fresh water brooks. Smelts are in this group and mullets are closely related. . _ v Perhaps the best k n o w n of- '.he silversides is the large California grunicn (5 to 8 inches long). It has aiv i n t e esting life cycle. From March to J u n e , grunions lay ; their eggs on the California beaches on n i g h t s of highest tides, in the new moon period or 2 weeks l a t e r d u r i n g moon. The eggs are ready to hatch in 2 weeks t i m it is high tide. The waves wash the eggs along t rife sand and they pop open. The young fish emerge and-'^wim away. ' ' v ''" Newspapers a n n o u n c e g r u n i o n n i g h t gather on the beaches. As the fish are beached -By^he waves, they are grabbed bare-handed for cooking^Wite beach or l a t e r at h o m e . Some are caught commerc.ially nets. · v · Earp would have thrown away his revolver if he saw what can be done with cash registers. (Teresa Drown of Ponca City, Oklahoma, wins a prize this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's I, World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a to Junior Editors in core of this newspaper, is a prize.) THERE OUGHTA RE A LAW GRUMPUS INSISTS MI'S PAPER BE DELIVERED ON TME EVERY DAV MINUTES LATErI DOW'tUKE WAITING.' BuT MOW ABOUT MR.PROKlTO YWEKJ " RAtf DAV COMES AROUMD - " ' 4^^',I^! to ANV CHANGE OH'/sfe METOOAV- yiHi SEE ME MEXT MOUTH! *.--, ; .··V*"'

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