The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 2, 1933 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1933
Page 12
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" w*i '"^ ;> •'.' v ' > i .-.:•,.•- -,.-i :.•• v 1 .-.. ; ..-....•• THE BAKERSFIELD GALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2,1933 CDUCOTIONAL * CARTOONS * HUMOROUS' CURIOUS WORLD IS ALSO KNOWN AS A WHISTLER, A WOODCHUCK, A CANADA MARMOT; A WHISTLE-PIS, A CHUCK, ATHICKWOOD BADGER, AMOONACK, A WOODSHOCK, . AMONAX AND A GROUND-PIS/ By FERGUSON OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS AD&IA, e I*M IY MCA KRVKt, INC. ONCE STOOD ON THE SHORES' OF THE ADRIATIC SEA/ DUE TO SEA DEPOSIT^ IT NOW STANDS' 14 MlbGS INLAND. ON WCT HA^AILTON / N PAIN AND MELTED 5NOW AMOUNTED TO 9O waves IN 1884,. WHILE THE FOLLOWING YEAR ONLV OF ANOISTORC FRLL.. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK OUR BOARDING HOUSE ByAHEftN WHAT, JAKE -^NOT «j LEAVING US SO SOON? - VVWV -^fARS. HOOPLEV SPRING HOUSE CLEANIN6 FOkTvvo MONTIAS VET/ • ~~/V\Y • GOSH-*-<3OlM<=> AWAY~ OTUST GETTING. TO ^ YEH-~1'N\ C3IVIN6 THIS JOINT TH'BLOW/ SWELL WW TO TREAT MAVIN6 A LITTLE TUSSLE WITH "BUSTER—JUST IN FUN^TMEN MT?£, HOQPLE STEAMS IN AN' SOCKS /At ON TWO EAP/— I THOUGHT SHE WAS ONLY CLOWNIN' UNTIL SHE FLOORED ME LIKE A FOOT ,, ^ STOOL/ YOUROL FAMVUA1* GRUNT KT D TH' TABLE/ TILL I GET MV COAT ttJL WALK WON VOO AS FAT* AS TH' FIRST COP/ rV i A> ; ^1 ^ IV ^ _• r/y$T >AKE- LEAVES IN A HUFF THE GUMPS Lazy Willie, Will You Get Up? By SIDNEY SMITH IF YOU Wfc*6. SMAAT XOO'O BE -»tTT»NttON A. EEM-* THKONK BACK IN A^«rRAfc.iA- RttoHT ll4«TEAb OF LIVING FROMk WA.NO TO MOUTN — A KITCHENETTE APARTMENT- YOU'D BE MRV BENJAMIN OONSP- YHE WEALTHIEtV IN THE WOMLb - )N«tEAt> Of* BILL* HAVE DOTHE. PART OF *UE.EPlNfa BEAUTY ,_ fOR, »OME PRINCE TO RIDE UP OH A V4HIYE HOR«E AND . OFF TO NX GOCbEN PALACE- R6MR.NSBER- THI» t% NO tNCHANT*. OkVTLE - THERE. »i NO DRA&OKJ <»UAROIN<* THE FRONT ' ^~ ~ Utr THERE AR6. OFWOLWtS AT THE BACKDOOR — ANY DAY HOTEL SO»Ye MILUE/ GET OP/ DOW'T YOU KNOW ITS TEN O'CLOCK <3tY UP ANfr AAAKE YOUR OWN BEO AND COME OUT ANt> HELP ME. WTM THE BREAKPAVT- Opal's Version By MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Of TECH^5>OC'Rf^CV ? ^DO \\t VOOVt —^OT 60 "Qoih, I feel terrible about this, Helen. I mutta been inert-changed •omewhere tonight." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Enemies? By BLOSSER MOW DOMT GET TOO FAR AWAY FBOM THE BOAT-IF THE TIDE TAKES OS OFF WE'LL SEND A .BOAT HEAtt THAT? A HISSIVJG. WELL, SO FAE I DOMT SEE AMY IUDIAW5 IK) THE. FIEST PLACt, I DOW'T SEE HOW ANYONE. COULD LIVE. OM SUCH A DESERT AM' THEY . COOLOM'T LIVE IM A COUUTBV WHEBE IT KAIMS-LET'S CO THISAWAY O.K. VWE'LL KEEP WI7HIU SIGHT OF YOU! COPE. TIED TO THE HXMDRA1U, FRECKLES AWD BILLY BOWLEGS SLIDE DOWM TO TH£ BEACH OF TIBUROM 16LAWD — AW I'M MOT CRAZY FOB MUSIC OF THAT 30RT- DUCK/ (READ THE 8TOBY, THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) "W7HEUB did those cub bears come W from, BOB?" asked Windy. "We'll have lots of fun. They surely Beem real friendly. Why not put them on the eround? "They're juet BH cute as they can be and what they'll do I'd like to see. Ah, go ahead and turn them loose and let them run around." "I'm clad you like them," Duncy said. "I caught them 'cause I used my head. The bis bear took mo to her cavo and then the cubs came out. "Instead of BcarhiB them away, I called to them to c-omc und play. At Tlrst they didn't seem to know what It was r.ll about. * • * "And then the mother growled and, gee, the cubs both ran right up to me. I patted them and rubbed their fur and then they licked my band. "Of course I thought 'twas up to me to bring them back, so you could Bee the funny little fellows. 1 wan gure you'd think them grand." "Say! That was very kind of you, and now I'll tell you what let's do," said Coppy. "I'ut the weo bears down. I think tln-y'll ttay right near. "Perhaps they know some tricks that they will gladly do for us today. I If they should run, we'll ratch them, BO there's not a thing to fear." » • * Tho bears worn placed upon the i ground. At first they merely strolled around and then they started prauc- | InK, right before the Tillies' stares. i All of a sudden rinne a trnnt. They both stood up on their hind feet and then they hugged each other. Soouty eried, "They're wrestling bears." I The others saw that he \MIM right. It w'as a very funny Bight, the way the two cuba pawed and pushed each other all around. Said Duncy, "Listen to them puff. Why, neither one Is strong enough to win thi.'i match by pushing hib opponent to the ground." THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Do It Tomorrow! By COWAN WRIGLE GUM LOOK FOR THE RED TAPE OPENER TWO O'CLOCK, EH? 1 M/WBE THEPE'LL VEAH.IT'S TOO LATE\ BE SOMETHING T'DO ANYTHING T'DAYi \U THE WHEPC'S THE MOPNINO RftPEO, CUTIE? T WANTA LOOK AT THE ADS AND IP THCPE'S A JOB THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOP ME CHICK TOOK IT TO PEAD ON HIS TO THE orriCE. BUT ALL, THE JOBS WOULD BE GOPBUEU UP BY NOW IS NO EFFOOT FOP COUSIN GEPTIE'S BETTEP HALF THAT A\NT A BAD IDEA, SI9TEP', WILL YA CALL CHICK AND TELL HIM T'BPtNG HOME -\T"3 TOO PAtNV T'GO OUT e. INC nco. u.«. MT. on.

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