Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 23, 1955 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
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Wednesday, November 23, 1955
Page 13
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.'Local" '•" •*• '' ? Comics Associated Pr*s$ Tht Newspaper Tor the Horn* WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1955 Second Section STEP. HIGH FOR FORT HILL—The majorettes above will lead the snappy Fort Hill High School Band tomorrow when it performs at the' annual Fort Hill-AUegany, football game^at Fort Stadium. Shown in the front row (left to right) are Sandra Reuscbel, Janet. Ke^sell, head majorette, and Patsy Harper.* Second row, same order, are Barbara Smith. ( Donna Stumbaugh, co-captain, and Betty BroadstocL The back.row .shows Donna, Tmes, Sharon Baldwin, drum majorette,- and Marie*Rice Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Show Decline .Turkey And. ..Oysters, .Among Few Items Higher ..That/ Thanksgiving dinner you .will ' tomorrow.-. will ; ' cost' '"you lesi;>,thari ffie.;-;p~rie'-,did Jast year-; •-"' ,A .'check' vof^the 'Evening, Times •files-:isho,wsj. that about '.the. only thing that is higher 'than last year is- turkey (only slightly) and oysters. ' . '' " If: the hbmernaker is.planriing'.on turkey, this year, she/will. pay about 5-vjcents a pound 'on the average for' birds five ; to 16 pounds. • . 'Th Jturkeys over 16 pounds are brijigmg about 49 -cents- abound: This is : compared to 51 cents; for the'.small ones "last, year/ and '"42 for,.; the large. pries/ ''• • -'.'ii^ .Hani tower Ha'm, 5 .duck, chickens and pork ' roast 'iare year." 1 ' all' cheaper than, last ' '' . ... . >Ham has dropped in price from 59 cents a pound -last November to 45 .'cents '•£ pound this yeari -'" ... D'ucfe \tbok a- 12-ccnt drop ; fro'm f.he.57._cen'ts a pound in. November 19?Fib~:45 ;ce'nts a pound this year. .Chicken's are bringing all so$s of prices 'this'year as Compared to a pound for roasters ' last/ye'ar,-. '< . . . One .can buy roasting and stewing. chickens .today, anywhere from 29 'cents' t'o '37 cents a pound. . If- the- housewife decides on -pork roast 'for Thanksgiving' and turk'ey for Chris.tmas, ; s'he >ili find pork loin roast; cost running from '27 cents' a pound for regular 1 cut .up to 53 cents a. pound for center cuts. -•' '•<• -,.• ,'QystersVUp Slightly. ...;;.;.,... . ' important ingredient 1 for stuffing., for /that.. Thanksgiving turkey, oysters,' have risen from 88 ceiits,a \_piht; to : 85 cents this '- ; '"'" " '" The -price of-a>peck of potatoes lias-dropped ff om p49jjcents to 41 cents, while the~ current cost of sweet potatoes is .four pounds for 25 cents as;.cornpared .to 29 cents ''' ' •'. Pumpkin in' No. 2% cans is --.up over last year. : In 1954 it was selling r fbr'twb : cans for 29 cents: ;This year it's '^running jabout two cans .fbr 36 cents;/?"; ' : . '.,•'•': .•Coffee last Thanksgiving- was '95 cents ;a npiirid.;: This year it is ^79 cents; a pound.;., , " : Cranberry sauce in. cane remains the* same,— still' .two ;for 37 cents. , _.'_ .Remember When? , . . The ; price of- two^ stalks of ^celery has '• drffpned from 45 cents las' .yca'rtto 39 .cents .th'sscascn. ,-> But remember, the ; "good, ok: " ham \yas JO.cerits abound,' turkeys 33 cents, ducks,,-^? and. chickens; 27. '•• Ccf fe« wa? ; ;tKpee • pounds- for • 37. cc^,?celery^twq; 'Stalks : for 17 ccn's : /sweet pQt3tpes; ;five ,p.6\m4s ff-f ,19 ..cents; ; potatbes; : M8 cents' a ;peckff ; pork/ ;13 ; .conts;. . aV pound: ' " ' ''" ' (.vstcrsi 23 "cents 'a -p'mt',7an"d 'pump- kin.i'lwo cans'for 15 v ''cerits; .;'.'. ;.' Of -course, •ytmr dollar was 'worth • nrre Uicn"^!^'-^.^-;;';;' -'••• : '';;X-' N;iiie;(|imrclies •• * :- ' .Nine' Episcopal .churches, ja'Ihe area 'will observe': Thanksgiving wijth/Communjon. services.,.;>/ •: '•'•• '.-•They, will be'conducted'between S^Mland- 10: t 30,a. m.,First.will be : StI 1 Pctcr'i^bfi Ltmacbrihig' -at- 8:SO a.- m. r'Holy CrossVof; Cumberland and EnimatHicl of Kcyser,: both 9 *fc«J:;«fc>W v a'.~-in.?*re :« St George's ;pf Jit Sti^James' of Westernport and St. Matthew's of Oakland. ;:• »* final 'ilervkes will be at 10:30 a. m; tt botiv Emmanu«l and St. 'PMIlf'fclti*•'?#•:? .'H'i-yW. Four Schools Preparing For Big Football Games Two Men Held Students of the four high schools "meeting in Thanksgiving Day games here and m Frostburg tomorrow held pep-rallies this afternoon—as if they needed any more enthusiasm. . _ ... And two schools will have bonfires tonight. '-..-.'.'-. This afternoon before dismissal; Beair,High;Schpol, : .which^vyill meet LaSall'e .High ;on• the,; Beall "field, held a-'rally:;in : the auditorium. ^^'•:. Coach ^Gives' •'; Talk"" ;--.:';• ; : r Che'erleaders,,cap'tained by Marie G'oebel,'-'Anna' Grace.'Baer, 'Carol Lewis, Andr.ena Sigler -and Jackie Carpenter, put the students'thrbugh a routine of cheers.-.,-; - i Grand Juigf '";'•• '•-...-. .'";. ••'.*>-'">• -• 'Two .local men were committed to/the:. Allegany .County Jail this morning'in-default of-$2,000" bond each for action of .the Grand Jury. Trial'Magistrate J. ,Milton Dick set bond at $2,000 each-for Richard Spencer, ,21', and Donald Gavey, ^.^after^they •'• waived r a^.preh'm- iriary,fh'earing.p-- N ' - .;:.•;.•; "Spenceriaiid^iCayey were, arrest: ed early this morning atVCavey's home, 123-Roberts-Street. , Detective Donald, Smith -.of. the City; Police-Department said: the pair was .wanted for the breaking and.: entering - of the • home 'of- Dorothy M. Glaze, 123 Roberts-Street. Following questioning by Detec- :ive"- ? Smith.:.the. boys signed stale-! rients admitting the'breaking and entering. During., the breaking-and 2iitering-several, items were stolen ncliiding a loaded .25 caliber, automatic pistol,.•$63'.iii; dimes, $.8 "in pennies (S4 of the white-lead type), several dollars in old Liberty- head coins, a flashlight and several pieces of jewelry.,- '..'..-'•.''"•:'..' ' In the police :he'.pair:.said theydeft Cumberland the .'crime, : traveled by bus'to-Baltimore, arid then to Florida. They returned to Cumberland yesterday and were apprehended early -thisi morning at the Roberts Street -address. • . Officers assisting -jn .the. arrest were E. Gordon Hite, Royce Clay : :on,. Walter Dennison, Harry Iser; Carl" E.' Wiiliarns-; Frank Carner and Roy" L Hawse. ... : : Obituary ALBRIGHT— John T., 83,, Loar- to\yn.. .. •:-*-•: • '-.". ..--.-• ..'•-... BOYER-^Stanley E., .74, Fairmont, - native of Oakland. . GRAPES^-Thursto'n F., 61, of 437 South Street. ' • , '"• : RODECAP^John. R.,\72, : of Bedford Road. '..'»• SrviJTH-Mrs.' Daisy D., 82, of 113 : 'NuTth Centre Street. STRAWDERMAN— Kathy M., infant, Wiley Ford. .''-.- '.*; ''•; John T. ; Albright^ : FROSTBURG — John Theodore Albright; .83, 'Loartdwn,- • died. : this morning at the 'home of his.daugh'- ,er, Mrsi.Vernon.Loar, with whom ie' resided. •'. . , •'..; ''.;.. x; '.'.-. '.".' ''f \- '• He .was a rnerrib' er of .-Vale. Sum': mil, '•': Methodist -.'Church; -|His '. wife, Mrs:- -Jane? fSc'bttt): Albright, pre- cecded .him , in 'death: '. I -•;.--.-; ; • Besides-his .daughter, -'he is survived^y T: a, son, .Marshall^ Albright; Vale .;JSumrnili ! ;eight ^grandchildren ' arid ^lO/'grpat .grandchildren v . : . 3 Services 'iwill ; be • conducted ; . Friday at 2 • p.' rri.i in the/Vah Surri' ' ! Rey.; : 'Wilbur • E. jtrosc'^ ; pastor.; Interriient will be in the.: church^cemetei. THie bo^lyi'is at the residence. ; *'•• John R. Rodecap . ', 'John Ri: Rodecap; •husband of Mrs. Minnie , (Shaffer) Rodecap, Bedford."Roadi^dicd- lastinight in Memorial Hospital .where he had jcen a patient'two weeks. "r- '' Bdrn near. Harrisonburg, ,yji.,- he hwifFrwfded \hcre, *),' years. Mr. Rodecap w»s x a former employe of the I Celinese Corpofatiofi.:; having retired from the Amcelle plant In 1M7 after 21 years, of employment there. -,Cpach Ray .Hull spoke and intr duc.ed ' tomorrow's : cb'- daptairis,' William '•'.••^•Fearer.'^ arid- ^;Andre>v . :;Rbger X.""Day, faculty member, gave a pep talk arid the swing band concluded the session 1 by playing the'."Alma Mater Song." • -' ' " In Cumberland at Carroll Hall, the.jLaSalle High student:,-.body heard. talks .by Coach-.Norman .F. Geatz Jr.,-"membersipf the team, Lorriar Riley -and- William Criswell. The cheerleaders 'led by. Cathy Yarnall led the 1 students through :he:• school yells;. ' .;' ' Joining in the rally were students from Catholic Girls Central High' School and Ursu : line Academy. . , .. i Captains Introduced . .... AlleganylHigh. School's program had- Principal Raymond 0. McCullough. speaking and introducing Coach Roy Lester and the" co- captains of" the team, Rodney Breedlove and .Barry Sterner. The band played and the cheerleaders; Patricia Lewis, Joan Wilt, B.eyerly Taylor, Diana Fuller and Dprothy Liebrant, led the students in .-'yells:-' .'.- • : • •Across the city, Fort Hill students met in the 'gymnasium as 'Mayor Roy : .-W; : Eves presented the, school with a bell, from an old steam locomotive^ -Jhe;bell will b*e:.used>dur : ing'the rally and the game. . Speakers were Principal Victor D. Heisey, Coach. William Hahn, Assistant .'Coaches JosejjhuPellerzi and Wayne • Boor' and members of the-team. -, . ' '•'-' .'•' •• ,;5>.-'-'". Skit By Girls;;-,:: : A. skit: about -"girls' football!' was/presented by a group of'girls. The band ako : participated.: •..-• Tonight. ?.i 7 there will be bon- iresjlniffrostburg and in .Constitu- .i6ni'P'ark."-for the Beall arid.Fort iili .teams, -respectively. At the same time, Allegany .will :hbld an indoor program in the gymnasium. '.ThePenn Avenue-Fort Hill,Alum- mS-Assbciation will again sponsor the:.bonfire and pep rally.-:'in, the. Rayrnbn'd -:Hahne, : Class -.of 1934, wilt be master of ceremonies. .The scfibbl JtiancTiwill ; lend 'a v musjcal jackgrbuhd;. to the --cheer?;, led-.;by :hc^cheerleaders;:and speeches will be .-.made/by^ Coach; Hahn and his '''' '"'" . ^Otner^speak'ers-will be Heisey; Nelson W. ; iRussler, the South' End' Business Men's Associa- tipri'; -"and'^Delbert -PToudf pot, 1 ^president of the, alumni association. J'Miss Football VII,;, Miss Martha Catlett, will.'\be,;the honor;.-guest along with > her attendants, Miss Jane Ann Hausman and Miss;Juli- anrie Kelly.'- %-<' •'.'•' "' ''• : • * • '-. .The evening' will end with saake dancing around the big fire, sing- i.hg schopl A spngs. ., ,. ^••^^xnaniiKjflA ' 'Beall Bcalraoriigh^ the Tri-Hi-Y and;Hl-Y>win sponsor a pep rally and bonfire with the usual program oT school yells and songs and - -• • ' ' tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. the football queen will be crowned in pre gairt*-;Cef*mbny. At "i p.m. the junior band will mafct 1U ' (Ml P((t 1 ) ,' Vehicle Tags Increase For Current Year ' Total Of 1,571 More Registered In Comity In 1955 Than 1954 The' annual report -of the . Deparl- ment ^ - f6r:llary- lanti : show's ;;thi^ the; tax- collector for -Allegany, CTunty vissu'ed ,:20,217 licenses for passenger cars' and trucks for the : fiscal year' ending June 30... -.'-.'-. .This is an increase overHhe previous .year .when only .18,646 licenses were issued for these vehicles.. The increase totals 1*,571. ; ,Tne value bl:.the'iicehscs;for 1955 was ?237;758. and~ in 1954 "-the'tota'l \vas : :$217;746; The tax collector for' Allegariy' County sent $163,471.50 to the slate agency^ in registration" fees ;. in-; lieu of'' personal property taxes. In return the state sent bac!c?12,521.50 for registration fees.; from Classes A; to J. The county also received an additional SJ50,950. for- registration ; fees for the year ended June 30.. '';' The. $150,950 is allotted 'between the county and incorporated towns. County .officials, .explain that the state sends .back S5, for -each $15 license fee paid by a resident .here. If-.the car owner resides in. an incorporated town the: money is split 50-50. between the county and town. "(Continued on Page 2) 3 late Glass Firm Names Ten To Jobs Supervisory Employes Coming Here From Other Cbmpany Plants Appointments of ten \supervjsorj officials to the management staff of Pittsburgh Plate Glass 'Company's 34-millioh-dollar plate glass manufacturing plant currently under construction here, have "been announced -:by "Robert. M. Hainsfurther. , manager :of the ultramodern plant. . ..-":• •:. • Robert H;:'Lbffert, assistant 'of the tank •depaftrnent at' Creighton, Pa., has been appointed assistan! superintendent'arid wiU be.assign- ed, to various departments/ probably starting iri~ the tank ' department. ; ,, .: •-.. •.;•":-.'•/•>•.;:... V'.- : .,;.J; JohirB. White; "superintendent of the tank department ;at Ford'City, Pa'., has J>een named superintendent . fl'f. production and will supervise all production departments and yard .operations,,; ,'/'.-". ; ; ;;-- ; v ; ' ! John W, ftelley, formerly -with Glass Division Engineering "in .the company's Pittsburgh'-- - headquarters, has. been appointed-superiif- ten'dent of. the tank" department. Richard... H. Ross, - general foreman-of the; tank: departrhent at Creighton, has been appointed'gen- eral foreman -of the-, tank department at Cumberland.; : / ' Harry A. Smith' Jr:, general foreman of the grinding arid polishing department at ;Crelghtbri. has been named superintende'nt' of grinding and polishing:': - - : , *' : Robert C;, Perry, assistant superintendent of the polishing and grinding department at •: Crystal City, Mo., has been appointed to "a similar position at; the Cumberland John W. Willits, general foreman at Ford City, has been named wareroom 1 superintendent.; Ray G. Joiner; methods engineer at Ford City;; has been appointed chief industrial .engineer. Harry S. Drury Jr., (ormerly mechanical engineer at ^Crystal y and more recently with Glass Division -Engineering, has been named plant engineer. ; . .'. Roy W. Yunker,", electrical engineer ..' at ;Creighlon, : has been 'appointed plant engineer. V • Woman Gets Year In Jail KINGWPOD,.-.,W.- Ya. lift-Mrs. Odette Rodeheave'ri convicted of involuntary- manslaughter in the rifle slaying of her ex-soldier husband," was sentenced to one year in Preston County Jail today. The sentence passed by.Judge Melvin Snyder was the maximum allowed under the conviction, although no fine was imposed. Mrs. Rodeheaver, a French war bride, was convicted of '"slaying Stanley Rodeheaver last June 19. She had been free on, $1,000 bond since her trial a week ago. .Her youngest child, age six months, had been in her custody since the trial, but was placed in a home today as Mrs. Rodeheaver began her jail sentence. Her other three children previously had been placed in a home, MISS CAMPERA VI AND /COURT — Shirlie '.' Morgan,; who :was. selected, as.•/"'Miss'- Campe'ra : VI" by members of the Allegariy. High School varsity football team, is shown with the attend- ' •ants : who "were named- for ;• her court: by the various classes. Miss. Morgan will represent; : . Allegany High at the traditional football gariie tomorrow- with:'Fort.'HuU;HighvSchobli^ : The;;^.-:'' attendants,:;;ieft.;to :; right, afeT Patsy . McGlll,;; ;; : •:scmor:'.,Sab'dyaV.Ha'tfidd/ : 3uhioc;--'Sa'lly/Rurubn,, : v--.>''• freshman, -arid .: Carole : Ransom, sophomore, i; -."M,iss Carap'era" 'will be crowned at .a pep/";;-: rally, today ;at 7.. p.'. m. in- the; Allegariy'-Hl^ft ",v.. gymnasium;.; .'.';• •}.' • '."' ;'.'-'^r:- ;':--.:-. ,-v"'.-; ; - ;?\;V;.' :/ . KennelClub Show Prof its Exceed |70a More than $700 was realized from proceeds of the second annual: dog how; of the Upper Potomac Valley \enriel Club," according to'_Mrl. larl.,Smith, .chairman, who, said he money will be donated. to the ivitan Club of Cumberland. The 'Civitan Club, Mrs. Smith explained, use's the proceeds' for he organization's project of 'preventing deafness, in the children of Allcgany County. The major.por- tion -of the. money used in, .the project goes for the.cost of necessary operations,; such as tonsiJec- omies, Mrs. Smith added. Total Jncome froin the 'show amounted to $3.083.60, =with: entry ees, admissions and the sale o: advertising comprising the bulk ol hat amount. The total expenses vere $2,392.311 with the judges fees and the amount:paid to the Foley )og Show organization totaling more than half of that sum. Mrs. Smith : "said" a complete inancial report could not be made s returns from advertising are till coming in. However, it is loubtful if the final report" will iring the proceeds up to the S987 ealized from last year's dog show, Irs. Smith said. Country Church Scene Of Convention Rev. J. Robert Ashcroft, secretary of the Department of Education of the Assemblies of God, will speak at a youth convention tomorrow and Friday at the Central Assembly of God Church, Johnson and Fayette streets. . Rev. Mr. Ashcroft heads five divisions of the educational activity of the Assemblies of God, and travels throughout the country speaking at conferences, rallies and Bible colleges. An ordained nynisler for 22 years, he previously served as the director of the Religious Education Department of Central Bible Institute and was a member of the.faculty for six years; .'•'•'. The convention will open here at 2 P .^Villiam A. Douglas: was reelected president and George 'L'.- Buch- . anan wa's" elected .vice : president- of , the ; ..Cumberland CountryuClij^ arid Evitts Creek Land Improvement Company, Inc.; at; the annual meeting last night; at the Country . Cliib. ;-.-;•;, ••!•:",' ••.••-• •..''.'-:'.'';,/' Buchanan succeeds A. W, Con- !ey, former B & 0 Curnberiand.Di-. vision: superintendent recently- transferred to Baltimore, as vice president...-.' .•'•'•'-..'' .- ''.-.'•.;••••' • : .'-.''-'' '^ --. . All directors, including Douglas and' Buchainati , were also reelected." They " include Albert Carlson; re- e 1 c.c ted secretary - treasurers George F. Garh'tz, Somervilie Nicholson. Edgar D. . V'andegrift and.-W.-D'. Claus. '.':'. Committee reports revealed the 1954-55 ^.ycar to be most successful with increased use of all facilities of the club. ; .'. '-..•';".. The directors approved the purchase of a parcel of land to change Ihe No. 13 hole of 'the golf course, making it a par 4 instead of a par 3 hole. Cliurdies Slate Holiday Services The Emmanuel Methodist Church will begin i^s annual Thanksgiving Day service 10 a. m. with, both the junior and senior choirs providing music. The morning: service, will be devoted to the building and improvement fund. Rev. Kenneth M. Grove, pastor. m. tomorrow. Rev. Mr. Ash-jwill speak on "Out of Fullness of croft will conduct another servicej Love, God's Gifts. From the Full- at 7.-30 n..m.. and then conduct ness of Love. Man's Thanks/',. This evening a service wilt b« held at Alt. Fairview Church! Irons Mountain, located to the,left off at ^30 p. ,m. conferences at 10:30 a. m.: 2:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Friday. Rev. Herman W. Fry, Winchester, Va., will be in charge of music for the convention. Rev. Frank J. Fratto. pastor of the local church, will be host pas-! tor for the convention. Williams Road. The service begins at 8 p. m. Celaiiese Press Director Dies Vincent Lyons, .i 48. a frequent visitor to Cumberland in his capacity-as director of press relations 'or- the Celanese /• Corporation America,: died November .14 inj' Church To Conduct 4 Thanksgiving Service A special Thanksgiving service will be conducted tomorrow at 9:30 a. m. at First Brethren Church, according to Rev. L. 0. McCartney Smith, pastor. . . ; •-.. .-•••'-. ;• Pre-communiori services will be held at 7:30 p.m. on-both Friday arid Saturday, and a ;communiipn service at 7:30 p. m. Sunday, the Doctors; Hospital.. Freeport,; Long|p resbyterian . Island, after an illness of several; -' |To Conduct Service months. he .; Before joining Celanese in iWOj : The annual 'thanksgiving Day — had been' a financial writer service at : the Southminster Presbfy-" terian: Church will be conducted today at 7:30 p. m: • .- . .-..-, ; £;. E; Ellwood Carey, pastor, on the New York World-Telegram, and,'earlier* financial editor of the Indianapolis'Times. He belonged .to Indianapolis Times. He oeiongea .to R e v^ E; Ellwood Carey, pastor, the National Press Club of Wash- will gpeak on "The Life Of .Thariis- iriaton and the Society of theim v ; n «" '••"•: ";• : . . . r • 'giving ington and .the Society Silurians. .. t Mrs. Arthur Redhead will be tlje .Surviving are his widow, Mar-iorganist, substitutirig for'Mrs: H. SAKE.;. AT •'•• HOME^Specialist •»«: ;Elbert: ,W:i' Leatherrna'n; seated ,at, right,* is 'shown ;WHh members of h1$'',(anni]y. following ;his arrival; here'by: train after hi* original trip home was interrupted by an airplane crash which claimed '27 lives. Sgt. Leatherman arrived In the states < from Korea last • Thursday an<< early the next|spend Jhanlksgiy Ing .with, their .families, 1 . ••' /SitiOLeatherrnan assisted In leading members of"* family to safety after the plane crashed into their home; ; He was only Mightly injured. Seated willi him are his brother, .Leslie H. Leatherman,: and,mother, Mrs.- Lorraine A. Lealherman. His father, Mahlon A. ^ guerite; two daughters, Maureen and Margaret M.; and three brothers .Leo, Edmund and John Lyons. vA solemn requiem mass was held last. Friday at - Cure', of. Ars Catholic Church. Merriqjc. with interment ri" St. Charles Cemetery, Farming dale, L. L, , , ... Trinity Lutheran Service Announced Trinity Lutheran Church will told its Thanksgiving Day services tomorrow, aMO:# a.' in, ; "V. ' ;;Rev. G: A. Wagner, pastor, speafc on "Christian^, Be Thankfull' 1 -:;-;. •,.;'-'-<'.:>•:,»• ?^ ; /-'.' . The children's „ arid younit people's choir under th* direction of Mrs. Paul Gilford, organist, wtt t)M Ye Vernon Adams, who is ill. Births ANDREWS-Mr. and Mrs. ponald, 2]7 Mill; Street, Hagerstown, £i daughter-Monday ; at. Washington Cptinty. Hospital there;: The mofh- er is ,thV fprmer Miss Mary. Russell, 315 Franklin Street. •;? i GORDOX-Mr. and .Mrs. • Walter, R0,2,-Frbs.tburg.7a daughter yes'.terdayiat: Miners^ Hospital. : •:•;« .. Fort Ashby, a \daujhter jwtt«r« "day : at Memorlal'Hospital. i * v-' PORTER—Mr, «nd Mrs. G«pr|«. ; this m< lowing,*;

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