The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1948
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR SLYTHRVILLB (ARK.> COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 1, 1948 oce ety, "' Phone 4J61 Stanley Rowan Honored At Picnic, Surprise Party Stanley Rowan of Okolona, Miss., ••ho hM been the guest of hU sister, Mn. Jamei C. Guard. Dr. Guard ind daughter, for the past several month* was honored last night when Mr*. Guard compllmeiiled 1 | cr of the American him- with a surprise party Riidivrhe-n they met last Officers Elected At Meeting of Osceola Red Cross Lloyd aodley was elected chairman of the Osccpla District Cl>a]i- picnic on the Uwn ol tlieir home on Chapter Room. Red Cross, night In (he Other elective officers were Mythe j r on Nailing, vice chairman and at-i Miss Marjorie Doyle, secretary- Dcvls Street. Approximately I* guests of hl«h school and college age tended the affair. I treasurer. The tables on tlie lawn, at which 1 CommHlee chairman were app- Ihe supper .was served, were een-'olnjed and will be elected within tered with potted plants and follow- the next ten days, mi the si'pper, Javors were yirc- Reports of last year's activities lented to each guest. ' were given and futher planj wer« Mrs. Guard wis assisted In serv-1 made for llie swimming classes Ing and entertaining by Miss Molly; which will be- sponsored at the Guard. j Municipal Swimming Pool to bei gin on July 12. C. W. Watson water safety chairman. "Miss Jennie" Retires As Post Office Clerk Bits of News Imagination Makes a Wall We the Women Garden Parly Is Given Honoring Mrs. Hartzog Mrs. L. S.~ Hartzog was honored lasl night when members of the i Executive Board of the Presbyterian! OSCEOLA. Ark., July 1—Miss Women's Auxiliary entertained with I Jamie Ralph, svho for the pa^t 'It •«n "old fashioned garden parly"! years has been a clerk in the Post j • t the home of Mrs. Znl B. Harri-I Office lic're, wns retired from the j today from Clay Center, K:\s., where son. Mr. and Mrs. Harlzog and ' department yesterday due to health I she had spent the past lli-ee weeks son, Tommy will leave soon for > reasons. M:.«s Ralph, who 6v friends I •'* Biicst of her daughter, Ms Sikeston, Mo., to make their home. 1 !• n 1 Ins li'-en called. "Miss Jen- ( Prank Meyers Jr., Mr. Meyers and mixed nic", received her Civil Service no- ' • t *on, Frankte. : ; <i' : •; money orticr clerk, | Mrs. Fred Sfinclcftir of Konnan March 22, 1921. She served witii i OklK., will reltiui to her home there live Po^l MnMers, namely, A. S. j this week after .spending a m.-nth Rogers, Arch Smith, C. C. Bowen, • '•"•>;:»:>;:«:>'»:>"*!>"*':«:>'>:>;>;>:>::» • • Mr. and Mrs. L. A. More of Albuquerque, N. M., are visiting Mrs. Moore's parents, Mr .and Mrs. J. E. Green. Mr. and Mrs. Dan BlodgGtt will spend Ihe weekend in LIUle Kock as gue.sts of their parents. They will be accompanied home by their son, Bob, who has been In U'.'.le llock. since the first of June and also by Mrs. Blodgett's mother, Mrs. W. H. Purdue and Bob Speirer. who will be Ihelr gue.sts for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Hnines I left this morning for Grand l,s;a:id and Lincoln, Nebr., where they will .spend ten 'days with relatives. In Grand Island they will visll with Mr. Hnlne.1' sister, MIS. Lotus Stein and Mr. Stein and in Lincoln, t' will be with Mr. Haliics' bro'hcr George Gallup ami family. Mrs. W. W. McNcill returned home Zinnias, roses and other flowers formed a natural setting for the party which was held on the back lawn. The chicken supper was served buffet style from a long table covered with a pastel colored ' i he late George Uoylc and acthis cloth and centered with a striking Post Master. Leo Schrcick. arrangement of zinnias Inter- [ When into viewed yeste.-day as Lo mingled with greenery. The small 1 hcr future plans, she said, "I ex- tables were each centered with an j pect to do Ihe many things I have arrangement of Summer flowers in ! never had the time to do. sucl- as j here as the of iier mother, Mrs. H. C. Holder iinti her .jisier, Mrs. Herman Jiesharse :m,l Ia:niiy. ••Ik MOleM Smith are willing to DC Indebted to the other. The reason most women set on a social treadmill and stay there is that they are scared to death to break a rule of etiquette for fear someone will think they don't know better. And so they wear themselves out entertaining people they don't car« • hoot about because they are scared to death of being "obligated." The hostess Jooked distracted i and tired and the enthusiasm with which she greeted her dinner iKueatj seemed a little strained A , discerning guest could almost hear I her think, "Well, thank heaven, I I've paid off these people." But her relief will be shortlived i of course. Because the paldoff guests will have to pay her off i and in no time at all she'll be in-1 acted again. ! So goes the social treadmill, i round and round, to which so rrii- I ny women tie themselves. Time Waited . What a foolish waste of time and i _ energy it Is, this business of ac-' : ceutlng unwanted invitations and ! then making a fetish o f paying' J back the hospitality. | Life would be so much simpler '. for women if they would get off' the treadmill. And It would be so easy to do. If the Smiths bore you. then decline Mrs. Smith's first invitation and her second and third if they are forthcoming That rules the Smiths out of your life. But accept that first Invitation and you're on the treadmill, for: years, perhaps, you'll entertain the i Smiths and be entertained by them, simply because neither you nor Mrs Actor Setl R«e«r4 BOSTON (UP)—Owen Martin who plays the federal marshal In the touring company of "Oklahoma," has appeared In 2,276 consecutive performances, said to b» the longest run without a break any actor has ever had in an American play. THE CURTAIN SHOP Mrs. N. J. Humphrey Phone 815 108 So. First n funcllon.l .middle . B e period p«;ulUr to women 13!I to SZ yrj.H Do,. th U m.k. ,ou suffer from hot (Ushri. reel K *irT- 0.1J hlBh-ntrutig. tired? Then •£ trr Lydla E. Plnklum'. V«eubl. Cor£ KPT'!." '? relle " »>' = 1> «Tir.ptom.. Plnkhfcm a Compound >l«o h«j wh«t Doctor* call n itotnkchlc tonic effect I HYDIA E. PINKHAITS SSfiKt These decorative wall treatments arc llie work of Alhan Conwa.v. noted New York interior decorator left shades. Mrs. Hartzog was presented guest book, which was signed each members present, by Following the supper, the guests •pent the evening Informally. * • • Mrs. Ford Is Hostess Bunco Club, Guests To Mrs. R. W. Davis, Mrs. J. W. Millhorn, Miss June Millhorn and Mrs. C. B. Kettlnger were guests yesterday with members of the Avnlon Bunco Club, when Mrs. Eddie Ford Jr. entertained at her home. rest, travel and pursue my hobuj of j cuperaling at his home collecting stamps." She only re- | Sixth street. r<™rntin,i ,.1 i f r- , - „ * ,— I . .7 ••-•• •• *-*" ••'*-• "•-• -i'»- ii "- «"«* ui /»uuri ^um* a*, nuicu i>cw xwrji imenor decorator oondiuon o< J. K Gi-iiii, \vno it work at rijut adjusting , symmetrical urraiigmeut of paintings to balance the length of the satin- nrtpru-pnt n mlll'lr /.ofM-Hlnn If- ...... ra.J k.... n u IT- j ,:_.• . . . _,.... . . .. .. . .. . ..-.i ft m ui me a.m., underwent a major oper.tUon re- Covered bench, lie'used"murbelbc.l wallpaper"to make Ihe''aperv^VwaK ind'fra^nWoV'n^ si'x cemiy at the Memphis Baptist Hos- j prints at lop left, one h.Mf of an ,,1,1 brass bowl backed with metal for the ivy holder a' hollomlcfi is satisfactory He is now :c- j .trip of moulding piercer! with holes adds depth anil importance lo the simple wood frame of the mi North I Trench poster at bottom cetilly sold two volumes ol stamp Mrs. Prant Simmons liart »s her collections. ] guests for several days -his wt'ck Mi.ts Jennie, who Is 57, iia^ made hcr home here for 31 yean, before Ihe death of her mother l?st April. her sister-in-law, Mrs. W. Y. Reed of Marlon, • 111., and her iri.ici- daughter, Mrs. Robert SCT.I ant! She plans to live here during the children of Memphis. Mrs. Scott and Summer months and spend the r nm ily returned to their home to- Wintcrs in a warmer climate. Program Meeting Held By Half Moon W.S.C.S. tlay. Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Seay inoto.eri to Memphis today where t:-cy MIS. Harold Minynrd. Mrs. plans to be gone a month. Mr. and Mrs. Orval Mitchell wera host attd hostess to a yroup of youns people Tuesday when they entertained wiln a swimming party and picnic at. Big Lake. Livestock 230 Ibs 28.25 to mostly 28.50; few 240-270 Ibs 26.50-27.75; load of around 40 Ibs 23; 130-150 Ibs 24.25- ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- } 2C.25; 100-120 Ibs 21.25-23.25; SOWS YARDS; July 1. (UP)—Livestock: ' slow; few sates 5075c extremes more IIOR.s 1,300; salable 6.50; barrows. lower than Wednesday. Bulk not Special Purchase — Junior Dresses — and Kilts. 25c lower; top 28.75 s rows . o par- Isol ld. $23 top sparingly on light sows; Mr. and Mrs. J. Cecil I^owe and ' _-l '—. ingly; other good and choice 180- jolliers 21-22.75; stags 15-19; boars, The Women's Society :>f Christian Service oi the Halt Mocn Mr-th- Tables were arranged on the lawn jodlst Chinch met Tuesday nMiit, at where bunco games were played. I the 1 church with ten members and High score was won by Mrs. Speck McGregor with Mrs. Millhorn winning bunco and Mrs. Davis, low •core. one visitor attending! The lesion study was taken from the book "Committed UiuVj Us". 'Ourinj the rnishie.v? meeting, re- with their sister, Mrs. Ralph Odley. Cuttle 2.600; salable 2.000; calves Ann i nelly Harber.wcre in Memphis boatswain's mate, second ctess aboard the seaplane tender UBS Chandeleur with the Atlantic Re^ serve Fleet, it was announced by the Bailey and Mr. Bailey. Misses Elizabeth and Following the games, the hostess j ports were given from of the I Ninth Naval District today. | now residing there. They moved good 25-'2; cows stealy, but only Evelyn Friday from their former home at moderately active. Common and me- Blyllie have returned from Le\-i 1710 Hcarn, which was sold recently; dium beef type around 18 50-21- ington, Ky., where they went to be to Max Logan. ' canners and cutters, 14.50-18. gerved a sandwich plate with iced drinks. Family Night Fish fry To Be Held by Baptists Approximately 280 or more.mem- bers of the First--Baptist Church' are expected to attend the annual Family Night Fish Fry to be held on the church lawn, Friday ru'etu. »t 7:30 o'clock. Sponsored by the men's brotherhood and Women's Missionary Society, this annual affair will Include a period oi recreation, fellowship and singing, under the direction of Fred Becker, minister of, music and education. Hays Sulivan, president of the brotherhood Is In charge of the arrangements, assisted by Mrs. W. M. Williams, the W. M. U. president. projects that are being carried r.ul ! l.o raise money for church pews. It was decided at this meeting Mrs. Charles Maddox of St. Louts. Mo., visited her sister, Mrs. Harold, Hammon and Mr. Hammon the past that Mrs. Girdon Howard will havn , week and is now in Manila visiting a'"Hot Tamale" supper awn wiih with her daughter, Mrs. Elton Wil- the ,date to be announced later. The , hostess served refreshments lia;ns and Mr. Williams. She wjs ; accompanied to Manila by Mrs, of cake 1 and Iced (fruits durrpg llie Hi-inmon nnri daughter, Joan. social hour. Ml'., and Mrs. Ja.sper Jarrett and Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Doublaski of Three Rivers. Mich., have been the TI- • \i/ TI if' R uc - rts of 'heir sister, Mrs! To;-< '/heir Way Through City \ widner and other Minneapolis Girls Pedal relatives th's week. Mrs. W. R. Lightfoot. Miss Mar Two «e C ,,- ; , g e girls. Betty Win- \ {J| h XSl^MIXr, guests of Mrs. Llghtfoots brat he: Nebns and other, relatives and friends. Condition of Mrs. Eric Ray. wills a patient in Wails Hospital, U. En Route to New Orleans I crceno end P.'t Sorc'.'son, bct'.i ol Minneapolis. Miss., unsirapped their \vnlti-i- blanket rolls from their blcvclcs which liatl brought them from Minneapolis nt the rate of 70 miles a day, since June 16, and spent last night in Blythevllle. And ; . satisfactory. Coming Events Social Calendar Friday uj»-..v I..OV 11.5. n, III ^JIJIUCVIIIC /\[LU ] ~ . . j> , . ^^ early this morning they re-loartert : ... DOMalt!1 Buctl! of Cor P"-? .Chris.:, and peddled toward New Orleans. I I"" "r' vea r °, r an , nirtcflnite vis.; The two girls started their bicycle country jaunt in June and before loo many more days they should arrive at their journey's end-New Orleans. The girls, clad Is shorLs and burned by the sun. 1 were -comfortably [ Their clothes with his grandmother, Mrs. John R. Buck and othfr relatives. Mrs. N. J. Jones will leave by plane tomorrow for Los Annelos.. Calif., to visit with her daughter -Dorcas Sunday school class of the I 1 ,!, "i were - Krst Baptist Church will have its n"L otfhei ' wlscll w monthly business and social meet-. [ Kcri ' | or c ^ 11 " 8 ;, ^ ... , , , ing at the church at 2:30 p m . ,f e s ' ra PP, CI ' behind their special with Mrs. E. E. Ridings and Mrs Dll:c ? ' n Blanket rolls, and they C. L. McWaters as hostesses carried some camping equipment. C: : B. C. Club meeting with Mrs ' atlrt muc)l ot tbe tlme thc J' £ ' )cllt Cornelius Scherer campin; out. However, while in .'Executive Board of the Baptist Blyt1levllle lhe 8 lrls s '">' ct ! nt thc Women's Missionarv Societv will p'encoe. Hotel. They arrived a- meet at the home of Mrs W bout 4 I* 1 "' >'<»l* rri ' 1 . v ""d were Marion Williams at 3 o'clock. gone by 9:3() "' ls morning. •Alpha Beta Bunco Club being entertained at the home of Mrs Lane Novell. JUST WHAT V/OMEN HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Civic Calendar Thursday ' Chamber of Commerce Board of "Directors—2:" p jit. Mo.' At The Hospitals • Bljtheville Hospital Dismissed: Mrs. S. G. Curtis, city Mrs. John staples, city. Clifford Yeager. stcelc. Mo. Mrs. John ca'.liiian, steele, ' Mrs. J. c Drdke Sr.. city. Walls Hospital Dismissed: ; Tommy Barker, Burdctte. Bob Jameson, Rt. 3, city. The first men to set foot on the moon will have .to learn to walk. Since the surface gravity on the moon "u only one-sixth that of the earth, every muscular effort will result In & six-fold response, so that e«h step will carry him six times a* far. ; Box Offire Opcr.s «:3I Show Starts 6:45 Opens Sunday 1:00; Start! 1:15 Continuous Shows Sat <t Sun Bargain Nisht Every Nitht /• Except Saturday parses honored on Sunday al Koxy Th.ea.tre <_untinuuns .Shows Every Day BON Office Opens 1:1") Sliow Slarls 2:00 LISTEN TO KI.CN ;t)0 *.m. 12:45 p.m. «:30 p Thursday & Friday (nOURLF. FEATURE) The ratio of steam locomotive production to 'that of diesel-electric types Is shrinking sharply. One manulacturer alone reports that dlesel-electrlc* accounted for E5 per cent of its production in 1947, a.rise of to per cent over 1*46. Lasf Time Today The Pirate with Juily Garland and Gene Kelly Seltcltd Short Subjtctn Continuous Showing Every Day Friday "MY GIRL TISHA" with I.ili ralmer Selected Short Subjects Continuous Shtminj Every'Day C A N D I E S exclusivity in Blytheyille at STORE Clearance Summi e Dresses by Beautiful summer; dresses, a!5 tailored by .Mayflower—Amerispurt and .Mayflower misses', women's, and i-> siie dresses . . . and Nan Scott Juniors—in Bcmbcrgs, F'ow- rier puff Muslins, Clialirays, and Kayons. Our entire slocks of these dresses must be cleared. The Regular Price $9.75 to $12.75 THE SPECIAL PRICE: Gaiy Cooper $ 7.95 C»n(IrmoB3 Showing Evcrj Day HURRY FOR BEST SELECTIONS! I. ROSENTHAL, INC. FABRICS • Cottons • Chombray* • Rayons —Sizes 9-15— COLORS • Solids • Stripes • Plaids • Combinations 226 West Main Street Phone 2562 Regular Price $8.75 FOR THIS SPECIAL EVENT: *5.95 I. ROSENTHAL, Inc. 226 West Main St. Phone 2562

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