The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 31, 1958 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1958
Page 13
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ANNII ABNfft CANYON KVMAT MAKIi WIT KJPOtNtf? THi ftWOAN* MAVS A > SVKMAfUNfi IN THE TlPAU 6A«IN WITH THC fLAOgt> A* WWTWOOO i WA* WAILV ow WITH A tilf KOftC Lf Nf THEY ONE WHOUftftilMEMVIA OAT6 6NTRANC6 TO THB PENTAGON/ CVKLY/ 1 fXPNT 6XP6CT It) BE STEPS ... PAUCB ON POTOMAC t> SEC THS AIR POKE MARY WORTH SHE WORKED U4 THE THtATER,! RELIEVE.IN THE WHO.NATUKAliy, fcflVtt NUMBER TURK 1 CAUGHT THE EVE Of A FAMOUS DIRECTOR LOCATION HERTONUMKR YB.HERKAUTY I WITU Ufp cf/nun. .rue V 7L7,nutDtMuiT \ D^O^R!^E^LwWr MWW:r<iOT l?P 6HE NEVER OKSSEDTO ACTRESS, 5TACV I FRISCIILA'S POP-By At Vermeer REMtfMBHR LAST SUMMEP2, WOW WE HIKED UP TO TW FT OLD ROCK , , _„ QUARRY y (YES. A FINE FRIEND VOL) ARE 1 . AFTER I SAVED M3LJE? LIFE! AND REMEMBER MOW WE STOOD ON THE EDGE AND LOOKED 'WAY 'WAY DOWN? REMEMBER MOW I DION TPUSH YOUf — OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Ma|or HeepU <SOT IBSS OP HiW- WAS \CHANC6 JUST to M3 TO THE ' TRUTH THAN A HOT AIR I CABNIVAU < COLLlD-IgARKER/lU' iSeWlTHflCOLLEa FROM THB A YOU AS SURE COOL, U AS WHISTLES RECOLLECT-XAND SELLS \OM OP <; AT THE BET //'STROKE OP- ,, READ A8DUT THIS WRESTtE(? VJHO VtoLFED I8H WAFttts USEO TO BE- A (ON CHOWHOUND CONFOUND IT.XFESL ADRAPT' tl'll CdB ALMOST CARNlVAt-By Dick Turn.r OUT OUR WAY-By J, R. Wllllomi HB WBVER EAT» FICKLE*, AMP VOU KWOW IT/ »>UT WHEKJ I HAVE THE MUMM\ VDU SIT THERE AMP tef^ HIM 0K!W<S OUT iVERV PICKUI IM THB HOUSE/ DOMT SAY vou PIPNT None* rr, WITH OH, WELL, NOW-- AIVB MB THAT AUL.OP THEM/ NOISE-ANP LASHl B-HOO/ WHY MOTHERS SET *WIAY T.H «•«. V J. P«l 0*. 4 1MI k> MA Smki. IM. TIZZY-By Kata Otann "Maybe ht should bt a banker—good as he it at handling other people's money!" Play Safe You Drive I Keep alert-chew gun Avoid traffic jittwr* and driving drowsiness. Chew gum while you're behind tht wheel. Chewing help* relieve atrain and ten* •ion—help* keep you feeling fresh ana alert for safer driving. Chew any brand of WANT ADS Have Selling Power gum you like but chew while you drive. Naturally, we recommend refreshing! delicious Wrigley's Spearmint Gum—for lively, satisfying flavor and real chewing enjoyment. "You have your nerve being an hour late, Herb!*—» suppose I'd been ready on time!" IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS New Jer*ty Giqnt Biggest to Grovt NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. Oft Probably the biggest shoe that ever strode around these part* belonged to Coi. Ruth Goshen, thee "Mid- was a side-show .t- traction at the turn of the century sod retired to Franklin Town* •hip nearby. The shoe U size 16. The "giant" more than eight feet tall, weighted 400 pounds, and » New Jersey historian says he was buried in the largest grave ever dug la tht state. AUSTIN (Minn,) HtftAtD THI TOODitt $k$^SK&SR. seau^ you PLANNED IT MONTHS A50--^ .•« MAYBBTHAT WIULR6UEVE ARCHIE TIME YOU LOOK AT HIM HC . f>HCK» . m».HANP IN HIS VEST. 1 HYMA.TION ... CHICK!. PROTON 9UBVTITUTI JUDD lAXON-By K«n Bold and Jtrry Brondflild r MOW'S rr 'F* MORTY MEIKLI DID ANVBOOV A NOTICE THAT ) GORGEOU6 < BLONDE DOLL \ THATMOVEOIN / NEXTDOOR^/ O 1*91 b, NCA ttr^M. U. T.M. *« V.I NO^OMBOPITMBCUfi HtMMLP VTTW.TO OUR RiSfiARCMH.OUR CONCERN IS WITH THE AREA AND STRATA FROM WHICH WAS REMOVED THAT«WI99SCIiNTISr POUND I CONTKE HOW THAT1L/ YOU EFFECT OUR I PONT HERE/LOUSV BREAK? OUTOFTHeCOUMTRV WASH TUBIS ISHWHV ITS NOT ONLY TO PHOTiCT MMmOMl KEP REPRISALS. H6C*NHILfU» WITH OTHER VTTM. tWRIAATlOM ' __ JFWKA K» SMBUITB C^NTRyL TILL Vflhl*-S'lflli THAT RIO AaiKT* WtKE BEHIND HIS (WAPPeACMlCV. 5UH.SUT— «,W BUT WAT \ ONLY AS A LAST MtMlf \RMOIcrl HES TOO T W» ttfDPtrl PTONWIBNTJ . AIL TW »we#- WOULP QUICKLY UMCatVK HIS MISStOM HEttl •UOS IUNNY FRICKLES SHORT RIBS AS SOON Al 1 HAVt THE AWNEV I PURCHA?BONE! J HOW ABOUT A SHOCK-PROOF WATCH WITH A UNSPEAKABLE CRYSTAL * 3.98? BAZOO/ fltt SO UNKOMANTIC IO BOP/ ELSE/ I A THOUSAND PARPOMS I WAS MERBUV Tbor-' IMS AT THAT PUP Tb 6ET OUT OF THE STREET/ WHAT?Daisys] Yw/ ^<ou wear <50ME ID A J JUST TWO Tbdfe ZOO? MEMTtON My CATS, HAMSTERS, MUNtCAMD I '> V . W CANT SNAP HMSK IN MIDSTMAK! JACOBY'S BRIDGE fM KIA BWVlM Th«r« MTM wu • rtTUnr M bitdg* Ilk* tbM bttwMn tb« tot* B»l BUM uut th« tot* »y Oulbemoa. to todnf '• hum "Th» mxiMOT,- M na «ii•4 My. Bt»n«|Mk to d«f «•% "Th« UMM- tra.~ M By of HU, M on* of thr«« no-trump «on. Bly optned th* MTM of elubi »&4 dummy's ton won to* trtek. H*l ttan* M Mtcr th* diamond nilt and »y w«nt into ft buddl* before miking hie tint dltoftM. "Wh»t'i you* problem, »tof»*- •orf" Mk«d H.1. r "X »m trying W flgur* out ft head •f youn that I CM be»t," replied my. "And i tbmk I UM*." fcy prooeedtd to dlso*M tk* deuo* of ipMM ftnd ill and three of hearti as Hal ran out the diamond •ult. Bal'a next play wae a heart to dummy's ace and rajrl king fill. Mow (ft) U * A1014 VMS • KJttl *>10S '• 1AI» 401ft £••* VKI> iQ»« tti! 1 •ul li> MM IN.T. FM Opening WMl IH.T. Pan FMB PHI Ral threw Sly In with • (lull tad «» took bis tour elu» trtoke. Ely's buy was the eeten of seade* writ no-trunip oontraol was By had aotually «nst*i»ttd Hail whole hand tod worked out tiM o&lj defense to beat nun. on* HUB *i'<* owdwould nave been tatal and to* end sty had w lead his low sfi not th* o.u*ea or the Jack *ls» Would hay* mad* thr** spadt tricks. Easy- PRINTED m It's 8BW-S4JBT to look budiistl Jurt » ii slOrt ta woa to t«sjn wtth 4U jour MB* ««•» througU

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