The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 31, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
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THE tttLLS , THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, J*« Nd. f* Conner Named Iowa State Health Champ Futt Teadhteff Staff ii Ready for Year at MalVern Schooli M!M Instruct Mttrie in Grade* to The hall* erf itaiteffrii school building, forlornly ettpty rtftce May, Witt ag alfi creak and gttfcfi undet the ifcttftttfig tr*»b of s«t* efftt hundred pairs ot feet as tfthool takes up tot the 1688-1684 rear next Monday ftdffttag, AH depaftt&efits of the car« rictiiutn W1U be maintained and operated on a highly , efficient basis in grades and high settdol and plans are being made to cam- oat all phase* of the e*tfa» curricula? program as welt. Nof- ttal tralfltflg, vocational agrienl* tuts, home economics wilt be offered as Well u the regular work and a fall program of athletic*, ttti«ie mad dramatic* will be con* ducted. " The Olrl' Reserve* organisa- tlon, long an important part of the social life of the school, will continue under the sponsorship of one of the high school teachers, No part of the curricular or extra-curricular programs wilt be eliminated. |;_ Registration for all regular students in the high school will be held Saturday morning, Sept. 8. Pupils with any irregularity in their schedules are requested to complete their registration Friday afternoon." Supt. P. M. Davlson asks that all registration! be completed by Saturday noon If at all possible. With the hiring of Miss Josephine Conboy as music instructor, the staff for grade and high ichool is now complete. Attend Reunion in Bluffs Park Sunder ;; Several Malvernians drove to i Council Bluffi Sunday , where ' -attended the. reunion of the *"- " Goldie and Pearle, Car* ^.., Ba'rtbolomew* Lloyd Walker, 'and Franclle .Binnall .from Pear. ",- son, L ~, Others attending were Mrs. 1 Jane Hicks and. Mr, and Mrs. Charley Jones and daughter, Evelyn, of Council Bluffs, Alma Christiansen of'Onawa, Mrs, Barwood,McCain, and Mrs. Ruth Enger 'of Carroll, Mrs, Francis Ba* ' ton, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Soljday and daughters, and Miss Naomi Chapman?of Silver City, Mr. .and ;|Mrs, .Wmr-Rssy * and - son, Cecil, • and Mr, snd Mrs; Albert Baton Melody Cruise New Is^ fc ''M«BMBjs j?l p» * v m •t JLl -3i* » * m 3> •BBS)* Type JMuiical Film 11 A new type of musical film *JB« Jtertalnment J» presested in "Mel, vofly^iruise 1 ' wbieb'wlH be sbown *K»arttbeTt .Emprewi' ^beater here. • Sunday esd Mpndey, < '• } * •' I -;Pb« Harris, ObarlJe Rugglea, r Nims, Helen Muck, Bbir- plsturlwa JJf§ rbytbw inay ntptelt gufts this FHday as the squirrel season op-ens in iowa. tt tt the first te> open fof wild gatte in the state and will be followed 8*pt. II by the opening of the -teasott for rabbits. Sag limits have been set by the State fish and datoe eoV ntlMlon for both aniinals. Hunters nay kill not more than 10 ftqtiiftei* and 16 ratn bit* per day. observers in Mills county report a shortage ot rabbits bat tar that squirrels are plen* tiful. Bright, sunny days are beet fof banting squirrels as they bob out ot their nests to continue the search tor the winter food supply. Two Emerson Boyi Complete Tour of the United States Marlon, Jack Evans Travel Over 17,000 Miles with Chevrolet tn 60 Day* Marion and Jack Evans, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Johp L. Evans, of Emerson returned last week from a somewhat remarkable automobile trip. > They left here the tatter part of June in their Chevrolet coach wltb a determination to see some thing of their own country, the United States, and see it front •their own view-point and in their own way, They also saw something of Canada and' old Mexico as a side trip/and took in the Exposition In Chicago enroute, traveling altogether 17,167 miles, with no serious trouble. They first went north and were up in parts-of Canada visiting in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan ,and, Albjrta and some ot tbe northern ftates in .the U.S.A, They also took a boat trip up through',the interior of Alaska as ' * Juana; ^FronK there" they'3went across Nevada 1 and New Mexico to Texas and again crossed the border at l) Paso Into Mexico at the old town of Juarez, Then back into tbe States and across tbe south into Florida where they stopped at Tampa and Miami and other Interesting places. They then came north through tbe eastern' states and on up into Mew England as Jar as Maine and back passing through ail of them, In* New Hampshire tbey bad tbelr first and only accident when another car crashed into them and tbey bad to get repairs to the extent of thirty dollars, wbicb was about tbeir only excess* expense, •• After leaving .New England tbey. traveled back across tbe eastern states and stopped at 6bt* ca,go to attend tbe exposition, and tb>n on bowe, During tbeir trip tbey bad visited 4i- different states, Previous to this they bad been Jn tbe other seres JS $b&t now tbey bate »ee& every state IB tbe Union and are ready for foreign travel. Wbe» Ibex started tbey/^ld iwrt i f Ws out tbt$r ttlji* erary.'but tbis dgfgn't »e»» tbat tbey bad aeoe. Tbey b&d been plaijninjraBd jnappjng put tbelr trip »u tbe past winter a»^ *» ew st wbat »«d MeClymend Retire* After Thirty Year i U, S. Mail Time en Bttf IJngton Came to Mft!« . , tt the tf, 8. «att«af Mill Servlc*. finished ttp his thirty y*aw ef settlce list Jaftttar? and this month has r«elted his trotiee of retirettttt tc\ti*t effett Att, ii. He first was pfo»f«*d the rettf*- rtetit tar July 1, tint ttet Ittef chanted thi«. This thirty yean of active service entitles him to receive a pssiion or annnity each year that will help oat considerably itt laakini a litlat— to *»et compared with his first year's •alary it would look pretty big,' ' Things have changed a lot itt itue serrice, since lie tint began back in 1B03. At that titte the nail cars were more or less box* car affairs with little convenience and the salary, hardly what it is now. la fact when he first begun U wai $800 per year, or $««.«? per month, which was considered a pretty big wage in those days. The hours, too, were a bit ascertain, and there wag no time limit to the work, He .has worked more than once a straight twenty-four hours without !top- ptng for sleep. Then came 'the eight hour day law and thing! changed somewhat and runt be* came more regular. It anyone though, has an idea it wai or is a snap, Just let them take one of MAO'! schedules and try to figure It out, or try to pass an examination on U. 8, geography locating the towns and post offices, by their most direct mall facilities. During all these yean he hai had fait mall runs, mostly between Council Bluff! and Chicago, or Creston and Chicago, mostly night runs, with a day** sleep In Chicago before return* Ing. 10 that he' got pretty well used to sleeping In the day t time throw a few ; pouche* of mail for practice; -"'„ "•* *- v '- s He isn't -retiring to rest/ however, for we imagine that he will do most anything else but that, He has his acreage here In Mai- vern whlchshe ktsps well planted, his popcorn business to look after, besides his ranch out in Montana, so it will not be at all hard for him to keep from getting rusty in tfie Joints or Just plain lacy. With his nice modern home here In Malvern he wlJJ doubtless 'continue to make this his borne, At least that is what bis many friends here hope be will do, Anyway,- be. Is not * retiring from work or activity, Poit Office Adopts New Service Houri Cloning DUpatch to bo Made Thirty Minutes , of eenrjQS »t tbe lo» poBtoJiee will be inaugurated f ept, 1, Tbese. new hours were approved by the Assistant peat Mas.ter Qee* ft»4 will sUehOy Bitten tbe " County Seat County T>tt**ef Otto Jud- klns reports teeH taxes in Mills county ptetty well paid up tor the flfst half ^better in tact thltt they were a lyear ago. Taxes for last half lf»- already coming pfetty welt although there is no rush about It yet. R C Died Friday Henry C. Hanfeid, aged eev- entytWo years, died at his home ia Olenwood, Friday, Aug. 26. runeral »ervlcis were held in the Raynor funaral home Monday afternoon conducted by Rev, 1. Irving Brown, pastor of the Christian church, with 1. o. o. K. services at the cemetery. He is survived by hi! wife, four daughters, MM. H, 1. Newton, Miss Minnie Hanfleld, Mrs. Wm. Echternach, and Mrs. Dorsey Roll and two sons, George and William. Called to Fire at Hill.dale The Olenwood Ore department was called to Hillsdale Monday afternoon, A smoke house and wood house' were on Ore. The building! were- burned but they saved part of the meat and adjacent building*., ;. Glenwood Schools to Open September 4 The Olenwood schools open next Monday, Sept. 4, for another year's work and Superintendent Henderson informs'us that everything points to an increased enrollment although last year was the largest in tbe history of the ssbool. There -were but few changes made In the teaching force from last year's lineup. County Engineer - it "-. ilii'"Vi who want work and > the enrollment has Already begun, Some twentymo had signed up by Tuesday. / Rural School Belli to Ring Monday for Start of New Year County Sujsefifltetident Aft* nounces Teachers for AH Schools Prime qualification ot U. 8. presidents is to have received his early schooling In some one-room rural school, tt is even more Important than to be born in a log cabin. Monday morning the 70 bells of the to rural schools of Mills county will gently call vacation' ing students back to scholastic duties as the schools begin the 1933*1934 year of work, To Instruct young Mills countiatts in pluses and minuses 72 teachers will preside over the schools, The following is the list ot teachers furnished by the county superintendent! Center Township Hillsdale, Mrs. Renna Hamilton; Mt. Vernon, Lucille Mcln* tyre; Pleasant Orove, Arlene Howard; Silver, Bertha Clay; Bar bee, Geneva Clipson; Hawthorne, Jessie Frazler; Little Brick, Beulah Wheeler; Reason* er, Margaret Berkhimer Short. Olenwood Township Goheen, Vivian Powles; Plainview, Laura Hilton; Williams, Vera Mayberry. Plattvillo Lincoln, Martha McDole, Bethlehem, Maurine Boyd; Pacific City, Pearle Sprague and Ruth Adams. Bawles Township Center, Mabel Leeka; Estes, Velma Hansel; Forest Orove, Opal Hansel; Four Corner, Stella Mae Clary; Maple Orove, Rachel Dalton; Pleasant Ridge, Virginia Zack; Shady Grove, Wllma Glee Shaw; Sunnyslde, Marie Blair, Anderson Township Benton, Dorothy Donner; Box Elder, Rollle V. Fight; Oaks, Pearl Fleming; Pickerll), Dorothy Poqre. » Deer Creek Township Center, Pauline Miller; v Olynn, bad tad ia&i-mufib ta tba JUaaite " ^W«« ^Ofm^^^i 'W ir "SWUW"' WW'Wt-^SBj 1 ttt ftl ft tM4 «ftS4ttl|ff» wbo fuUy MW*tad tbwB tete jBalUnsT for marfi money -long bfr "2"^"*^"'?5« **^W- ^^^^^W fy^B^TOf ^y^BSgt^ JgW» m Fire Burns Barn at Wm. Lutz Farm While Wm. Luts and his family were away from their farmstead Friday 'evening, fire broke out in bis barn, soon bad a blaze which was out of control. Noticing the blaze, neighbors hurriedly phoned for the Malvern flre department. No cause for tbe flre cpuld be found. Neighbors and tbo fire department prevented tb'e fire from spreading to other buildings but were unable to save tbe barn. In it was a quantity of hay and feeds but no livestock, The loss was partly covered by insurance, Mr, Lute and family returned borne before the flre burned out, feared tbelr bouse bad burned as tbey flret sighted tbe glare, were beartlly thankful that tbelr loss was »» greater, Shook Family Ha. Reunion on Sunday mm BIO Recently Wm. Lee clipped a small news item from The Council Bluffs Nonpareil, telling of a cucumber weighing 2 3-4 pounds grown in Charlotte, N. C. Straightaway Mr. Lee Went to his own garden, there plucked a giant cucumber, sneasnred It, weighed it. Compared to the Lee encumber the Carolina fruit was the veriest ot pikers. The Lee cu- cutaber weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces, was nearly 13 inches long and was 11 inches in circumference, tt compared favorably with the cucumber brought in by F. M. Richards recently which was even larger. Fruit Of the cucurbitaceoua vine, cucumbers are usually from four to six inches long, usually picked green Not only big cucumbers but big beans are grown by Mr. Lee as well. Into The Leader office he brought one long Wonder string bean slightly more than two feet In length which contained 20 beans. Aistrope Reunion is Held at Tabor Annual Gathering Sunday Attended by 52 Relatives The descendants of Thomas Marlln and Jane Whatt Aistrope held their annual reunion last Sunday In the gymnasium at Tabor, There were fifty-two present this year. After the dinner the afternoon was spent in a business meeting and visiting. The roll call showed there were no deaths the past year but the first great great grandchild had been born Into the family, namely, : Stanley Owen Mason, great grandchild of Mrs. Margaret Aistrope,Cunningham, Those present tor the reunion were;. Mr.' and Mrs. Jesse Stinard and Mary Margaret Stinard of, Albany, N t ,Y,,,,W,-T. Davis, fc _i^r-»f .(S r. f* . ^-T" rr , t *. ri Attend Gatherin . Park, g Tbe SbefiftwJlv beid a re. Wfttett *t tbe ReJ Oafc CbftUtfttt* «i», park fiudu&Aw at. relative* and friends to nmtsJloas. 4 Pl<* at nftoa waj a big |e&* Jrted B* -*s4 aU »6de toe twuJly wit iovltUi* ' t&f- f|4r<%¥ i f^^ I ^»:f^**«* i-Y^%rmffwm- Falnrfew, Vera Hall; Forester, Dorothy Plcksrlll; Golden Hill, Nellie Wilson; Indian Creek, Carrie James;, McClain, Arlene Patrick ; Saudlland, Bessie Buck ; Wearin, Elva Arterburn. Ingrnhfun Township Excelsior, Marjorle Burgoin; Ingraliam Center, Irene Frink; Mt. Vernon, Hazel Owens; Osborne Valley, Edna Lutz; Pleasant Hill, Dorothy. Mlntle; Prairie Creek, Willa Pullman; Prairie Valley, Fern Clay; Silver Creek, Marie Seeger. Lyons Township Burr Oak, Viola Kernes; Elm Grove, Ruth Friend; Walnut Orove, Martha Bailor; Wrights, Cecil Graven, Oak Township Evernham, Anne Seeger; Gowen No. 1, Haeel Gale; Qowen No. g, Beulah Wllcox; Gowen No, 3, Velma Osborne; Letal, Margaret Pit?er; Oak "Bluff No, j, Irene Anderson; Oak Bluff No. 9, Lu» ella Plumer; Band Hollow, Marie Pluroer; Vogler, Qna McNay and Doris Dunn; West Liberty No, I, Hulda Tucbenbagen; West Lib* erty No. 9, Desda Evans; West Liberty No. 3, Janice Hunt. Silver Creek Township Ceuterline, Dora Reasoner; Pleasant Valley, Ralph We4er» qulst. Bt, Mary's Township Eureka NO. 1, Marie Sqllere; Eureka No, 2, Ethel Rath. WWte Clou4 TowiwWp Barrett, Ruth Ppnnerj worthy,^ R«tb' Mndsey; Clou4, Tberon Picnic Held Friday for Pretbyteriftni The Presbyterian feiw Friday it Fair graunji wn ta|ojfd a buair«d, tor tb* ye« sUifMilSM lor lalki and Mrs, Donald Cunningham, Joan Wingett, Mr, and Mrs. W. O. Aistrope, Mrs. Leonard Anderson, Jacqueline Joyce Anderson, John Henry Anderson ot Malvern, Mr. and Mrs. Geo, R. Gaston, Rex Aistrope, John Aistrope, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Aistrope, Jr., Mr, and Mrs, Thomas M. Aistrope, III, Margaret and Thomas M. Aistrope IV, Charles Adamson, Carrie Ellen and Luther K. Adamson, and Pauline Estes of Tabor; Mrs. Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Frank Kilpatrick, Mrs. William Hall, Mr, and Mrs. W. J. Kilpatrick, W. J., Jr., Paul and Francis .K. Kilpatrick of Randolph; Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Aistrope and Frederick Aistrope of Omaha; Mr, and Mrs, Willis E. Reed of Madison, Nebr.; Mr, and Mrs, Frank. Sbarratt of Des Moines; Mr, and Mrs. Ira Fritz, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aistrope, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Mulholland, and Mr. and Mrs. L. W, Miller of Malvern. Officers for the coming year were elected as follows; President, Henry P. V. Aistrope j vice president and secretary, Mrs. W, i. Reed; treasurer, W. W. Ais- rope; historian, Mrs. Frank Sharratt, Tbe president appointed committees for next year's reunion to be held in Tabor as follows: General Arrangements; Rex AiB' trope, Thomas M. Aistrope III, and George Gas ton; Dinner: Mrs. F, B, Muibolland, Mrs. W, J. KU- Patrick, and Mrs. Marshall CUB* nlngbam; Entertainment: Mrs. D9Bald Cunningham, Leonard Anderson, and Mrs, Charles Ad' Chosen as lowa*§ Representative in Statewide Contest Mill* County Boy Score* 99.4 Per Cent} Go** to International Searchers for th« perfect man almost found him Tuesday when examiners at the Iowa State fair found that Dudley Conner of Malvern lacked but six-tenths ot one per cent from having physical perfection. As a result Dudley was named health champion ot all Iowa. His rating ot 99.4 per cent was the highest ever given an Iowa health champion. He will now represent the state for further honors at the International show at Chicago later in the season. It was a close contest for the next closest was 98.6 and the next nine had less than a range' of one per cent between second and tenth, Dudley, son of A. J. Conner of Omaha, has been living with his uncle, S. J. Anderson, for the pant year. He attends Malvern high school and plays football and basketball. Blonde, he is 6 feet, 7 H Inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. He Is 17 years old. An ardent farmer, young Conner says he plans to continue the occupation after his schooling, He is a member of the 4-H baby beef club and had a first price winner at the county fair, where he also won the county health contest. Like Popeye, Dudley favora spinach for building up the system and his diet also include* plenty of milk and vegetables. Much publicity was given thii community as a result of Dudley's honor, all dailies in this section carrying front page stor» lea of the champion's accomplishment. Annual Reunion of Bond Family Held on Sunday * >-_ A- * **?jtf * i > \ - _ , _ r ~ WiJL fftfJEM W IM •^BBsi 3- • , J • ' Home Near Silver City The Bonds held their annual reunion" Aug. 27 at tbe W. A. Bond home near Silver City, All came with well filled baskets for a picnic dinner. The day was not a pleasant one outside but all was pleasant inside where the dinner was served cafeteria style. Tbo afternoon was spent in visiting and eating watermelon. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bond, Mr. and Mrs, Wllbert Bond, Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Hanson and children, Beverly and Donald, of Silver City; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Henderson and children, Davte, Edna, and Dorothy, of Hastings; Mr. and Mrs, Ben Martin of Malvern; Raipb Miller of Red Oak; Mr, and Mrs, Harry Smith and children, Virginia, Kay, and Jimmle, of Valley, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sifford and daughter, Elizabeth, Mr, and Mrs. Clave Rogers and sou, Gene, of Qriswold; Mr. and Mrs, Walter Adams and baby of Elliott; Mr, and Mrs. Harry Johnson and children, Bond La* verne and Mary Louise of Oak* land; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Merle and children, Darrel, Mercedes, and Willie, of Silver City, and Mr. and Mrs. Guy Breeding of Malvern. „ Car4 of Tbanki , We desire to express our sin* cere thanks to the Malvern flra department and to neighbors and friends wbo so kindly assisted Vi at the time of our flre Friday evening. It was deeply appro* elated. Wm. Lutz, and family. History . , of the , . Weefe An interpretative news sunmary of tbe important events of the past week. Wbittl prsMiusew of the nation kept » watchful eye on a little ffojip gf ».tn in distant London IMt *e*k. Friday evening tbeae we*, raprMMtitim of 8> »»' aquifiled tbelr wtwe» to cttew el »n «free)»«ot pbeerftd lOverBweat le*d* bit b*d Uttle i«aw»dl*t« el- e* dpweiiu grata ¥»4ft wArt ol ibAt »f r via • dwWlfta by th* Wi 1 9*r »ud durlui tUt erou «§ ot ]Mf ffB.) jaj§ ilk lM§~||iii 9i~ <WM)jl mMttty MM HP Niwm ftnttim on tbe average town during tbo period Wl-1983. tbat tblt agreewent bad beta tbe. V. a. »*rlcultur»i oa • is p*r cent reduction to wbtftt piftnttogi by f»rw,er» »»» der tb» 41 to coQp«r§t« wltb ib* *ft4«*vor to baiitt vfetftt by iMlMi IWBwrt r»»trl«Uojw by «u <Mim &ttNMat> Tfe* «|r«Utt*tti bad «*•** M iwi

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