Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 23, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1933
Page 2
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vPAGi: TWO ^CiETY , DAVID OF SYRIA Ko stands upon the Syrian hills and diiamis — Bronzed; by the amber light of noonday skies— Flinging,a stone across the quiet streams— A little boy—with distance in his eyes. The sound of movingr sheep-bells tinkles near— He follows where the snow-white comrades lead. Alone, upon the hills he has no fear, ; His weapon is a rock if there is nepd. He stands and dreams upon th;* Syrian hiUs • A little boy—the hero of a race ... =Ritc has decreed the part that he fulfiUs. He goes to meet the giant -face to face. With confidence he stands... whirling a sling— This shepherd boy, this marksman, and this Klngl —<Tftne iBoardman Hoover in the Churchman, New YorK. YHEIQLA DAILY'REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 23.1933. liOiig Pi'oces.s One and onc-lialf cup.s milk '.i cup granulated suean 4 tablespoons butter, 1 teaspoon salt, >«j yea»t cake, 4 tablespons luke- JpUllathea Class Meets At Christian Church ; The Philathra clas.'. of the Chiis- iifln church niet Tuesday night in itic basement of the church for u ytonk fry." following the .social time, fhfi remainder of the evening was ,';pent at the evening service, con- fjucled by the Rev, C. O. Wll.son Two Ruests. Miss Ivalcc West an.i wriss Otho Wilson, and the loliow- feOB menibci-s were present: Mes- mmoH Alma Queen, Ellen Frasor, Bthnl Henderson. Rhoda Murray, Klla Auerbacli, Charles Ableson, J. | B. Blllbe, J. Lee Reloford. J. C. Nix, W. F. Scncker, L. R. Endslcy, Floyd Barker, Frank Taylor, C. W. Campbell. B. C, VnnDoren, J. C. LUtrell, K. R. Oeeiy and sons, D. R. Lamo- rsai'; Miss Olcssnor Abbott and MiTs Dosla Allord. , • •:• • linAeavor Party at V. R. Church ' Tljc Christian Endeavor ci th<; t'jiltcd Brethren church held a parity in the church Tuesday evening. Miss Viola Jones was, aK- ..siflted in serving :by Miss Ruth JoneS and Miss Ruth Moffitt. The evening was spent playing games. Thre? visitors were; present: Virginia Lee Jones. Marie Jones. Hopf- Howlcnd; and the following members: Leola Gene Sirauderman. dma Olson. Dorothy Dean Vogel, ikmaine Smith. Dora Nichols. Nora Nichols, Charles Nichols, Ellis Tal- Icy. Wllma Shen-ill. Roena Shcrrill. iSorothy Jeaiy Baeten. Eleine Cain, %Villla Aylin/ Elbert Ayling, Edward Johnson. Rowland Klink. 'Oscai- Oliver. •> • •:• Methodist Missionary Sdfclety Meets "The Women 's Home Missionary society of the First Methodist church met Tuesday at 2:30 p. m. in the church parlors. Mrs. W. H. RjDot, president, was in charge and Miss Ella Kirkpatrick led the de- vptlonaLs. The l&sson from the study bdok, "Pacing the Future in Indian Missions." was presented by Mrs. O. Ii. CuUison. Special music was given by Rase Dreher and Celeste Griffith. Thirteen members were present. • •:• <• D»Vis-Grar Stanley Davis, son of Mrs. Ira N. SV/ain, was married March 11 to Miss Frieda Graf of Kansas City. Mo. The ceremony was perfomed in City at the Grand Avenue Temple by the Rev. Anderson. MV. Davis is a graduate of the 1929 clGfss of the lola high school and Is now n senior in the Kansas City college of Osteopathy and Surgerj'. Mrs, Darts is a stenographer in the Knnjsns pity stock yards eoramis- •idil hou .se Bind makes her home with her uncle. Robert Wester. Tliey will be at home at 2300 independence Aveniic; Kansas City. BY SISTER MARY AKA .Service •\Vrilci' TTOT cross buns claim much of our Interest .during the Lenten-season. Many bakers feature this bread evfery Friday during the entire "period while others save them especially for Good Friday and Easter mornings. The custom of eating hot cross buns originated in old England. 1 In ancient times buns, if properly i made, were supposed to keep for years. ' Since proper hot cross buns arr?; made witU, there are, of course, two good methods-—the Jong- process and the shoi-i process. Short Process One cup milk, 1 cakp, jcup lukewarm water, cup f;r:ui-' ulated sugar, 3 sups flour. 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspooh cinnamon. 34 cup butter, 1 egg, cup cui- rauts. Scald rhWV. and cool to luke- " . . " ivarm temperature. Add warm v.ator. 1 tubli 'spoon ciuna- cake diBsolved in water. Add ."iug- nioii. 1 in--, 'a ' up currants, ar, salt, cinuaniou and egg woll iiimi'. Jji .'atcn. Add flour, currants and .S'lald milk and iMid Initter. salt softnricd butter and work until and m.mi'. V.'lifMi luki 'warni, add thoi-oughly hlfMidnd. Knead to a vi'asi <;:• • (lissolved In water. ^UKiotJi dough and let rise in a .Xdil ( np-t flxur mixed and waviu place until doulilc in .^I i I im I '.jii'ii linnaiiinn. H(>Ht well ,Tlio ,tjiniperaliiri> fiu- lliin risin-.; and add I'l;-. \v.|l licaitni. .Mix tlior- /iliould bo li (;tw('cn 70 and IU - nn -hly ajul add citrruMiH and flour groPK P. It .should tako aluiut one to l;:irail. '.L- t'> 1 ''UP more, hour. Pinch off small pie,'. and Kn<i\i\ iiniil • hnnl.' and put Into a j^liiipc in tiny halls. Willi a sliarp iaru- ni; :;n:, linwl, Coyi '.v with a Knife cut a deep on iln' lop rlndi aad !• ; ri.MP In a iuoderotely ofcadi. J 'lai 'c ill a linllrrcd pai: v arm ii;:: -i iiv.r niclil. In the nljout an luciv apart and let vi^' montiij. .'haivi' as In pnvedinff until doubli? in I hi D s.' L',', .if r .i( liv" in a warm place minutes in a hot ovi'ii, lirni.Ii iivir (ny m'l'.uw )i;ik(' In a liot Willi a sirup made- liy ixiilir.i-. ' •, nv.-u f-fn- iiiiiuit.'s. IJrush over cup .sugar wiUi two taljl-.-pi'on.i wii)r-iiii|i h J tcm lakoii from tlie •water for one mlnnti-. ] ov.rn. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Orange juice, cereal, creani; potato omelet, liot dross bans, milk, coffee. Lt.NCHEON: Creamed new onions on toast, rad- i.she.s and olive.i, molasses cookies, canned cherries, milk, tea, Dl.N.N'ER: Breaded veal cntlott:, tomato fritters, dan- di.dinn gicpus with lemon >iaii.i-. i.M;:aK;t and jpea :nut salad. m;'.pl(! sirup custard jii" u'itli meringue, milk. OTNERS STILL IN SHAFTS Polish Workers Stay at Posts in Order to Save Jobs. ^Y-CAS ENDS 30 YEARS SUFFERING Mt-. Eaklns Now Eats and Sleeps Ciood. Feels Fine; Neuritis, Kidney. Stomach Tronbles Conqnered. •Tt is almost unbelievable what Gly-Cas has done for me," said Mr. Q: B. Eakhis,.219 South Moore St., bttumwn. la., well known man of thnt section. "My kidneys and blnd- deir had caused me trouble for 30 Warsaw. Poland, Mar. 23. (AiP)— More than>700 coal miners at Kli- montow, defying death to save their Job.«. have begun their fifth successive day in dark, damp pits underground. Tliey refused to come to the surface unless the government guaranteed their jobs. From Satitrday until last night the striking miners refused food. They finally broke their fast as they began their fifth night In the mine shafts after previously declining food which had been taken down to them. But, instead of coming out, they decided to send representatives here to present their !il.-::;S to the government. The mine operators had announced plans to flood the shafts in which the men worked and to pre­ vent this action the men have remained at their posts since the close of work Saturday night. Operators decided to flood the shafts becaiise the government re fused to allow a 15 per cent wage cut after ordering a 17 per cent Induction in the lirice of the coal. Make Your Skin Lovely New. wonderful MELLO-GLO face powder reproduces the temptUig bloom of youth. Spreads smoothly, stays on longer, hides tiny lines and wrinkles,' prevents large pores. No shiny noses, no drawn or '-pasty" look. Women trust MELLO-GLO because new French process makes it the purest face powder known. Delightfully fragrant. Try MELLO- GLO today. 50c and Sl.OO. tax free. Brown's Drug Store. MR. G. E. EAKINS. ye^ars, would get up as Often as 13 times in a night, suffered greatly eajih time. But Gly-Cas setaned nude for my case and now after taking only a single box I am freed of that awful trouble', sleep the wHole night through. Constipation l)Rd bothered me for eight years, ni4ny foods caused awful indigestion after eating, and neuritis pains had settled in my arms and hurt me day and night. But no longer, since tak- Dig Oly-Cas, all that pain lias left me> cat anything I want, never botb- eteA with indigestion and'even my bowels have been regulated. Oly- CftS has given me remarkable re- «uH«." r Hly-Ca& issold by Scarborough Bros. Drug Store, lola, and by all iMHUog drug stores in surrounding towns. RICHARDSON'S Coats As only Richardson's show at the price you want to pay. Betly Rose Coats in (he new Easter .styles will lead the Easter parade. $5.95 to $16.50 The new blues and I he new Tur triniH. We'll be fflad to show you. Dresses 20 Knit Dresses, Values to $6.75 Choice $2.95 25 Silk Dresses. $3.95 Values Choice $2.98 New Kanquet Dresses $5.95 to $10.75 Half Sixes $6.75 to $10.75 SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY—Stevens Krown Linen Crash, yard 7ic BLOUSES & SKIRTS KID GIX)VES 10' Per Cent Discount AH New Shades 98c to $2.95 $1.39 to $1.95 Special! Special! Wash Dresses Due to the Bank Holiday we were able to buy 300 Marylin $1.00 fast color new style W^sh Dresses at dra.s- tic price cut. Tomorrow we place th'pm on sale at 69c Each Remeber these are regular $1.00 sellers. Sizes 14 to 42. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY 50c China..Cotton Baits Special 33c Each PANEL CURTAINS Fancy Designs with finished borders. $1.00 values, Special 77c. COMBINATION STOOLS With drawers for your Shoes and Hose A place for your new hat. Choice See Them in the Window. MILLINERY Now Showing the New Easter LUXOR HATS $1.88 to $2.95 special Tomorrow and Satatrday Over 100, Choice 89c ^ah; LIBERTY ' (Florent J. Heiman.) Mar.' 20.—Mr. and. Mrs. Marion Ttiompson and sbti Eugene, and Gleim Klvett, and Mrs. Charjfes Ki- rett of Carlyle visited Thursday evening at the Gene F&k home'. Mrs. Edna Thomas and friend of Newkirk. Okla., en route to Osa- watomle, Kas.. spent Friday night at the E. O. Fister home. Mrs. W. V. Wilson and daughter. Mrs. Bay Townsend, visited Thursday afternoon at the Lacy Morrell home In lola. Mrs. A. L. Townsend and daughter Mrs. Ray Wilson, shopped in lola Friday afternoon. Tlie Rev. L. A. Stone and the Rev. and Mrs. N. L. Vezie had a pleasant visit with the parishioners of' this neighborhood the past week. Howard Cloud spent Saturday night and Sunday with his grand­ parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Heath, j dinner guests at the !iool classlhonxe Wednesday in honof The Liberty Sunday school has been graced "with the addition of three new pupils, namely, the Moyer children, who with thehr parents have recently moved to the C. L. Arnold farm. Mr. Arnold has been repairing his place the past week. Mrs. John HlUbrant and Donald, Mrs. Bill McClanahan and Lenora. and>Mr. and Mrs.. Glen Cloud were' P. S. Hefitti TOLA, KANSAS birthday of their father Mr. Out of modesty Mr. Heath does jwt choose <to divulge his age at presefnt. Mr. and Mrs. Gene.Flsk visited'at the William Helmari home Friday evening. Mr. »nd Mrs. H. H. Benton aiiid family visited Sunday at the Roy N. Johnson home south of Gas CCtj^. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Slcka were Qunday> BftevBOon visitors at the Wij^am;jHelnai|^; home. Mr and iit^. Ray Wilson and sbns spent Sunday at the parental 4.,L. Townsend home. I Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Johnson and family visited Sunday at the home j. dt her mother, Mrs. Laura Hays. /* ' Mrs. Powell and son, Ehner, of Rock Creek district visited Sunday sit the C; P. Harris home. Stocks and Bonds MEN Ox-Hide . Overalls 49c Long wearing' blue denim, 220 weight, s t u r d y reinforced, wide leg.s and roomy body. Boys' Sizes 39c MEN! NEW Spring Suits $11.90 BOYS' Spring Caps Unbreakable Visor 25c Please The Fatniht — Have Stacks of terry Towels OffortunUy's knocking I Ii's ilii; lowest price ever for such gr-itirl. absfjrlxiiit Turkish hand (owtli! 17" X 30"; gay stripH borders. WORK SHIRTS now 25% Improved Quality I At the same ^ r% LOW price— Finer, heavier chambrav I And even better workmanship than ever \ Dressy collar — rounded cuffs —f and fine stitching that gives added strength! Lefs heStlfia^t in these new Avenue Dress Priiiti You'll love Ihciu! Such radiant colorings— such glorious variety,!' Patteriis for you. for the fchildrcn. for your home! All clearly printed, in fast colors, oh this finest of Penricy's; cam­ brics! lOe In ike Group, You'll Find Florals, large and small I Light and dark grounds! Stripes f Plaids I Do»sl Checks! Nursery patlerns I t Shirtings! —and other effects! rati Saturday Speeial 36-in. Prints, New P'attenis, Yd... ..5c NOW! PRICED IN STEP WITH '33 ECONOMY! WORK SHOES i 39 RETAN LEATHER SOLID CONSTRUCnpN THROUGHOUT! <0MPOSITION 50LES HEELS . Not ordinary shoes even at this low. lowr price! They're made carefully to Penney's extra specifications! Thwr'rc made to fit . they're made for solid comfort they're made to wear! ECONOMY DaTJ/ A Sure Way to Keep CheerfuU HOUS£ FROCKS 33e Briglit prints, bold plaids, demure checks, gay stripes! Crisp organdie trimmings—lots of contrasting color for extra brightness! Lots of those demure puffed sleeves! '. - Full Bias-Cutl COTTON S m 00tb, molded Mati in this /liU bias-cut slip —of fine cot- ton—eajy to launder I T h X i £ t Pricetf, tool SATURDAY SPECIAL! 9-4 Sheeting Good QuaUty Unbleached NEW Marquisettes Plata Ecru or Colored 15c lOc J. C. PENNEYT.*': Loo)is Right \ Feels Right! Wears Right! Prwed Right I FalvVlew Light in weight but strong on service- Good lining, grosgrain band. . It's a M ARATHON, toot 1 "ft

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