The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 31, 1958 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1958
Page 12
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AUfffN M W«JfW*toy, DM. 31, '51 'Never Again/ Says Mariner After Voyage LOtfO BEACH, Calif. <AP) - '•Nevtf Xfiln," i«rs htfltome 34- year-eld Petef Tangvlkf liter * hftrrdWlnJ OM'fllt.A MlHfl£ VOyftft halfway itttmd ttM world, "It it too tntfch /or <m« m*fl." He sb«uM know, H« selled Me 45- foot wooden yowl W!n4fl0w»r from Wflt UtfMf t Engtind, to Long Beteh, OR the Southern Cifi- fornll total. 14 MMtn Th« lS,006-fflfl« voyigt toe* more than 14 months md n«*fl| <*ost the L« Afl|*J*i design CO' [I lineer hit life. I He tattled tnooftUiflous Mas for four days hi a hurricane, tailed .11 day* without ipotttof aiwther sign of human life, spent 49 unbroken hours at the till«r during « heavy fog without sle«p, food or Water, and broke two fingers Which h« bandaged himself. The bearded mariner was following In the footsteps Of his ancestors. He Is of Norwegian descent and started flailing when he Was 14. tty Home He hadn't planned to make the trip alone. Hi* wife Lttlemortf to* Comparted him from England to francs in the fafl of 1957, Rough Weather 6fl that ahakridowfl craiM ted her to fly home to California. "I tried to recruit ft ertw hi fn England but all the teamen •aid it was 'the bad seisafi' and refused to go," Tangvald says. "it was sail by myself or spend fiie winter in that miserable tfa IhateV 1st far Spate Rf headed flrtt for Spate, where *fforta to recruit a crew were tgaifi unsuccessful. The IMfldfidVaY *oftf*4 «M l> MNEY A I VV A 1 s f I R ', f QUALITY EXTRA III UTH TOWEL ROW SPECIALLY PRICED A full 24 by 4* irwhet of soft, 24 by 46 leHi tewet absorbent, long-wearing A 1 Aft towel. Firefly Yellow, Cam. L for I«UU ellid Rote, Pink Whisper, 15 by 2$ 12 by 12 Spit* Brown, Whht, Turquoise, F «« f**' «•* ««•«•; Or Green Mist. 3 for 1.00 * fee 1.00 Downtttirs Store FITTED SANFORIZED SKIRT 2 In 1 combination that's a terrific buy at this price. Plump bleached filling stays white through washing. Eloi- tlclzed skirt band for snug fit. Tape bound edges. Downstairs Start fc\^ 'ft' F Wfci* 4.00 TWIN 3.00 HEAVY QUALITY LOOPED COTTON SCATTERS Two 30 by 50-Inch rugs at _ . one low, low Penney pricel 2 ffl Sculptured! Non-skldl Take Sandalwood, White, Camellia Rose, Hunter Green, Dark Grey, Sable Brown. Downstairs Start MDChlni woth m luxiworm water. COTTON SHEET BLANKET LIGHTWEIGHT, WASHABLE EXTRA LONG FOR TUGK-IN Soft unbleached cotton, perfect for a lightweight sum- rner blanket or a sheet In the winter time. Machine washable. Stitched ends. A big 80 by 108 Inches long. Downstairs Stort ttm tile Cafiafy Ifttlfid* to Antigua in the Welt Indies In il days. Hie sailor says this is the second fastest time on record for a sailing Vtteei Did he get bored* No, he wil loo busy working 14 to 18 hours • day, Ria sleep eight boors a day—came in nip• of two or three hour! tacit, Igaered Advice After he passed through the Panama CaHal into the Pacific fn August, he igiiWSd advice not to sail along Mexico's west coast in hurricane 1 season. Halfway to Acapulco a storm •truck with winds up to 70 miles an hour. "It was the one time I regretted making the trip," he says. "I thought it Was the end for sure." But he fnanaged to Uttp Into Acapulco. There he stated until Oct. 1 wtfftn aU possibilities of coastal storms were considered (past. Despite his "never tula" remark, the solo vojpif adds 1 : "It was a great adventure," 12-OyncaBaby Dto 54 Hours After Her Birth CHICAGO (AP)-A tiny infant bora Hi months prematurely died .Tuesday, 84 hours after birth, despite effort! to sustain the thread of life of the 13-ounee baby. Doctors at Swedish Covenant Hospital said it was a miracle that Gloria Diane Hanses, who measured 10% inches, had lived more than a few minutes. They listed cause of her death as immaturity. The infant, whoee head was the •use of a tennis ball, died in an incubator, After the first 36 hours in the incubator, where the temperature remained at Ml degrees, she had been fed minute quantities of dextrose through a tube to her stomach. "She was just too small," said Nils Axelson, hospital supervisor. Had Gloria survived, she would have chared the title of the tiniest infant ever to live, American Medical Assn. records list only one child of such small proportions as having survived. She is Jacqueline Benson, now 22, of suburban Palatine. The premature birth occurred last Sunday after Gloria's mother Mrs. Mabel Hanses, 23, fell down the stairs of her home. Rome Arrests 75 With Fireworks ROMS (AP)—Borne police Tuesday night arrested 75 vendors in a drive against illegal sale of fireworks and seized 200,000 fire-j crackers, roman candles, sparklers and noise bombs. But Rome's New Year's Eve wili still be noisy. Residents tradi-1 lionaUy create a considerable clat- I ter without fireworks, by hurling old bottles and dishes out of their windows at midnight. That's illegal, too, but arrests, lor il are rare. HBflBED BISHOP DIES ST. JOSEPH. Mo, (AP) - The Matt Rev. Charles Hubert U- Blood. 70. retired bishop of the RUJUU Catholic diocese of St. Jo••ph. died Tueaday. He had been * prott far 4» yearn and had lived "* «L iSSiLu 11 *"* ri ** Miai bopB in ClEs* OMff. SHOP PENNEY'S IN AUSTIN...YOU'LL SAVE MORE! GIRLS' COTTON HOUSES 1.00 Machine Washable, Sanfor- ized. Assorted solid colors. Whit* Goods buyl Sizes 7 tO 14. Downstairs Stort REDUCED! GIRLS' WINTER COATS 9 All wool*, wool linings. Solid colors and black. 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Downstairs Stort 80 NEW RONDO PERCALE PRINTS Only at Penney'sl Beautifully-styled high-count machine washable percale at this lowl Prints unlimited to sew into children's togs, dresses) Dcni'istmrs Stott MYLAR®.TOUCH STRIPED TOWELS bath rowel 22 by 44 .. 2/1.00 fan towel 15 by 26 .. 3/1.00 wash cloth 12 by 12 .. 6/1.00 First quality beauty accents for the bath in three-tone stripes accented by soft golden Mylar®. Thick, thirsty terry in yellow, pink, spice, turquoise. Downstairs Stort MORE IN OUR COTTON FLANNEL 133 small, medium, large Check every extra. Full cut sport shirts have lined collar, double shoulder yoke, square cut bottom. Machine washablel Check the Penney low pricel Downstairs Stors SANFORIZED® COTTON SUEDES 100 sizes 6 to 18 More new patterns specially picked for our White Goods Event! All in warm, durable fabrics generously proportioned over exclusive Penney patterns. 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