The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 24, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1933
Page 8
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-•'f- 3-T; Pairings for kfttenMli tot tft week are: . Thursday, Awg. 44, Firemen vs Boosters. Friday, Aug. 25. All Stars vs Merchants. Monday, AUK. 28, Firemen vs Otters. Tnesday, Aug. 29, Boosters vs Plymouths. Wednesday, Ang. 30, Firemen vs. Merchants. Thursday, Aug. 31, Boosters vs. All Stars. Friday, Sept. i, Plymouth* vs. Oilers. Team Standings Standings in the klttenball league follow: Won Lost t*ct. All Stars ^..12 0 1.000 Plymouths __ __ 5 6 .466 Oilers ___. ____ 6 6 .465 Boosters 5 6 .456 Merchants __ _^ 4 8 .333 Firemen ._ ^___ 3 9 .250 Result* Last Weeks Garnet AH Stars 17, oilers 6. Plymouths 18, Firemen 4. Boosters 14, Merchants 4. Plymouths 11, Merchants 4. All Stars 7, Firemen 3. Thi was a nine Inning game. At th end of the seventh inning th score stood 4 to 0 in favor of th All Stars. Two more Innings wer played with the All Stars still th winners, 7 to 3. The Booster-Oiler game was postponed. MALVERN HIQH SCHOOL all Department* of the Curriculum Maintained FVLLY APPROVED for Four Years of High School Academic Work Normal Training Smith-Hughes Vocational Agriculture offers Pupils Many Educational Advantages *»• All Stan Are Yet Undefeated With the score tied 16 to 16 the All Star-Plymouth klttenball game was called dff before the finish Tuesday erenlng on account of darkness. The game will be played oft at a later date. The All stars are the one undefeated team In the league having twelve wins to their credit. The Plymouths have steadily worked up a good team however and their playing Tuesday evening proved them a close match tor the All stars. The aim of NRA is to put 6,000,000 men and women back to work before snow flies. It* /acuity, it* eoum*, it* activities are approved In the most critical scholastic circle*. ARE THE PACTS TO BE CONSIDERED; 1. Malvern high school offer* cour*e» of *tudy meeting state requirement* (ot college entrance. It* credit* are accepted at any college or university. 2. QUALIFICATIONS OF INSTRUCTORS in the Malvern high school are higher than tho*e demanded by the State Department of Puhlic Instruction. 3. The BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS are kept in good con. dition and the equipment throughout the entire *chool 1* adequate. 4. Malvern high school offer* a thorough course in NORMAL TRAINING for pupil* who wish to prepare to teach. Upon completion of the course, graduate* will be awarded a certificate to teach. *"*««** <mlf«wi»ti f« t normal BMS< « ftl<itt * te * w te k me intent**! fiftfc 6. A »»*,* ewifi* to VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE P*m Shop w«k wHI alia W a p»ri of th« nculutn* <*. Far tlia* a* feterw in tfc. awrnat trafete t or the voeAtlenai agriculture coune, a variety of tut,. j«eU my b* *!«**! from the »«,«,*! eoum, .»»ch at th* fol owing, Engllih, mathematics iodal wience., physical science*, foreign tanfttage, aad horn* eco. ttotnic*. 7, An excellent program of curricula* and «rtra-eurr!ettlar activities including athletic*, miuic, and public apeak- ing it being planned. TUITION IS LOWER IN MALVERN THIS YEAR Thi. would be a ,plendid opportunity fa, m .n.ploy«d boy, .nd rirl. to do .cm. nn.t..,. .i....- „.-... School Opens for the 1933-1934 Year at Malvern Sent. 4th MALVERN INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT F. M. DAVISON, Superintendent. F. E.-iMMt F. R. d.^. t. A. p,. j. w . BruM § T R A H A N Neighbors Celebrate With Mrs. Ray Hilton Sunday Sunday was the birthday o: Mrs. Ray Hilton and her neigh bors planned a surprise for her. Numbering ^fifty-four in all they came In about noon with wel filled dinner baskets to help her celebrate the event. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Toland and family Mr. and Mrs. J. E . Trlvely and family. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Heaton and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wit- lard Heaton, Mr, and Mrs. J. L. .Wilson, Mrs. J. i,, Mullen and ?»£'i, Mr » and Mrs ' Bd Na * e » «4 tftmily, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pollitt wf», flUBll /'. Mr ' and Mrs - Ham watts and family, Mr. and Mrs Will Trively and son, Mr. ?5 Mrs. Arlfn Miller and son, Mrs Prank Hilton, Mr. and Mrs. X »' an(J Mr - •»* Mrs. a visltth <B »u Jt thl8 we ^ from her mother, Mrs. Sophia Brainerd, of Stepuraey and her B i 8 t er . Mr8 Dora Taylor, and daughter Freda. Ruby, and Ruth; of DeUa' John poyle and sister, Irene fearJy Saturda > r Corning fo 8re attend Position E MPRESO THEATERO MALYERN Fridiytnd Saturday GBO, 0'Brie« jn "SMOKE UGHTHINfi" by bjlvl* aidft*»- MM} Of* >0» aad * v™ WWIPWHIJ mm mi at v . , Surprised Frank Johnson On His S9th Birthday Frank Johnson reached his fifty-ninth birthday last Wednesday and did not plan to celebrate. But, his family and friends had other plans, and accordingly tha( evening about sixty of them came in bringing well filled baskets and proceeded to surprise him. Well they did It and did a good Job of it too, Then came the dinner and It was really surprising the quantities of good eats those people brought — no signs of a depression in that layout and it was all quality stuff. Well the crowd "did what they could" to that picnic supper but there was still plenty more when they finished. Then followed a general good time visiting and congratulating Frank, when all departed wishing him many more lolly birthday occasions, Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Oscar BeJknap and Lois, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Angus, Mr. and Mrs, W, S, Bradley, Mr, and Mrs, toward Kayton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton, Jared, viola, and Marvin WoodflU, Mr, and Mrs, Adam Glpe, Mr, and Mrs, Charles Glpe, Mr, and Mrs, Emmett Qipe and two children, and their 'riend, Miss Appleman, Mr, and Mrs. Everett Gipe, Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass, Earl and Anna Rose, Supt, and Mrs, Ben Cojcon, Rev. and Mrs. J. A. E. Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs, Wood Vestal and Franklin, Mr, and Mrs. W. W. Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs, j. p. Acheju bach, Mr. and Mrs, Bufprij p e t- « Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crowe, s. M. Criswell, Mr, and Mrs. E. Q. Wederqvlst, Mr8> ww McCain, Mr. sod Mrs. Herbert Johnson »»4 daughter, Sheila, Mr. and Mrs, Dale Langhiia and children, aa4 Pistrlc* Superi dent p. j, StteRtoa an4 }|r, Mrs. W«a, w A i **, WALKER^ Prmcip.1. m o* ans read tne Want Ads «a*t wee*. Per K*e, eaea issue ---- iR* Aft addition*! serviee charge of 25c win be made fof escn Mind ad wnlch must l» answered at the Leader office. Ftejre* player piano with rolls can fee had for unpaid balance of only $48.87, terms |10 pet montfc. Will accept $40 cash. Write at ofcce to R. A. Wyrleh, Dept. of Accts., 830 N. Planklnton Ate., Milwaukee, WIs., and we will a«- tlse where Instrument can be Seen. Please furnish references. 6-3. ABSTRACTS OF TlTLfe Complete Abstract of title fee* of da fof each piece of pfoperty In Mitts donnty. Mills County Abstract Co. (Memberof the American Title Assn. and Iowa Title Assn.) Olenwood, Iowa. 48tf. MISCELLANEOUS Dead Animals —Call An Jefi* kins, Phone M, Emerson, or City Meat Market, 68, Malvern. Itf, tUmsay Rendering Co., Bhea* andoah, Phone 628, Reverse long distance charges to us. Let us haul your dead animals. Call for one hog appreciated, fresh tank- age for tale at all times. Bl-tf. Notice—I will not pay any debts made by Alfred Coons or any one else. — Mrs, Theresa Coons, WORK WANTED Tom Bhaw — Piano Tuning. Leave orders with Collins Drug, Malvern, or Priest's Drug store, Hastings. 26tf. Battling —- Cobs or other commodities— A. j. Darnold, Malvern, . 6-6. POULTRY For Bale—210 English Leghorn bens. This flock completed the first year lay Aug. 16 with an average of 199 eggs each,— Mrs. Hurb Benton, Malvern, 6-1. .,, __,- KW ,-_. T ™ the opening of the educatJonafin- Btitutlon, commencing Aug. 25 and continuing until Oct. 5. .Tickets sold during this period "will be good for return passage al Christmas-time, during the spring vacation, or at the close of school in June, in those cases where the tickets are used for return at Christina?, the . studenjs and teachers . may obtain" 'similar reduced-rate round-trip tickets .between Dec. 85 and Jan,, 10. with the return portion good either during the spring vacation or *t the end of the school 'year. Again. for those studenfe or' teachers who use ,the return portion of their tickets during spring vacation, similar tickets will be. gold at the same reduced rates: from. March, j§ to .April' 17. ticket? ^eteg gw4 , for passage when th» (P4tteattoj»al uMoRs lelflit MB jane, This new plan adopted by the ra!irpa4s permits arre of msfl*,: tor frwrsl ments for the entire college year, h fuu Everett Gipe Wed Lincoln girl in Everett Qipe rather his many Men4a i» thte TiclBJty last week when he drove up to Omaha and there ,. «et sad brpugbt home with him, Mrs- fir* erett Gipe, frpmerty |«88 AH«e Diincan, of LincalB. _ They were B»rrie4 j w e 8, at R ,°^P°rt. Mo., j w t »t vw agw of the school year at tbf Butter* 8 »y » ebrftik 8 whert s> WM school. bit4e ¥»» » reet » a Glpe has just r w »a4 tb* »inatiQB el si Tfesy kepi tbeir wet uutU l»» t ws made Mt «ftttfttto his, Mr. and Mrs, M.eJv!B n 8 children and Mm yrsak Pie of Kirk9vtue, Ms, }»y visiting in the Q« A, Loyell Piatrlct 8uperlatta4e»t Shwton of Q*»fteJi Jvere We4*es4ay ^4 l»r quarterly weeing, H^' WU to hpgje M. ei tut itteg tfcft Mr, 884 AA4 aaugbter, Bea ,Blk, 80, l Silver City, , B. M, Trovers to Mills Co. Natl. Bk. (Q. C. D.) fi. West 25 ft, Lot .1, Blk, 29, Qlenwood. Isabel M. Lawrie to Lenora A. Wolfe (Q, C. D.) »1. Lot I, Blk 73, Olenwood (Undivided interest), , > Mrs, Pearl Kline to Lenora A, .Wolfe <Q, C.,D,) «1, Undivided tat. in Lot 1, Blk. 73, Glen* woo4, Arthur E. .Wolfe to Lenora A. Bye for Sale- -Wm, Phone 182-F21, JWACHINERY For Bale — 12-84 Wallace tractor and 3 bottom plow in Al shape. 0, A, (Pike) Paulson. 6-1 Wanted — Well-known {nan with good reputation to handle ,Wqlfe (Q. C, D.) monuments direct from quarry to 1,- BJk, 78, Glen cemetery, for large quarrier manufacturer, on high class com M» Scb»oor to Hoy w. basis. Give past expert . D,) II, Lot« ences, write F|el4 Director, all in Straban's Phrf»tws?n, Kllsworth, lows, 'f;s m^^^iA^,- , *-&'-*" *•*••* H* " ^",^."«H« r ** =' T " -'*•—. commencing at ' ~*

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