The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 10, 1939 · Page 3
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 3

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, NOV. 10, 1939. fTHE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. NEWS BRIEFS The nicest courtesy that you can snow your guests is to have their visits mentioned on this page. The nicest courtesy yon can show your friends is to let them learn of your visits through thts page. Please call the society editor, telephone 106. Card Party —A card party will be held at 8 o'clock this evening ' in I.O.O.F. hall for all Odd Fellows, Rebekahs and friends. Announce Opening— M i s s Mary Doran, 502 South Lavinia street, announces the opening of her beauty shop, the "Beauty Nook" at 419 South James street. Treatment—Mrs. Roy . Trepanier, 412 North Gaylord avenue, was admitted to Paulina Stearns hospital on Thursday for medical treatment. Tonsilectomy — Mrs. Wesley Osborn, Ludington, Route 2, underwent tonsilectomy at Paulina Stearns hospital this morning. To Lansing— Miss CUSTER.—Miss Amanda Catharine Wagoner, better-known to .her many friends as "Aunt Katie," passed away at 11:45 oV clock Thursday night at the home of her niece, Mrs. Bruce Miller, in South Custer where she had made her home for the past five years. On Aug. 36, 1934, Miss Wagoner suffered a stroke and had commissioner, left Thursday night for a business trip to Lansing. She expects to return late Sunday. Will Close— The Ludington Public Library will be closed all day Saturday in observance of Armistice day, it has been announced by Miss Eleanor Hillman, librarian. Drill Team —The members of the Royal Neighbor drill team will meet at 1:15 p. m. Saturday at the corner of James and Dowland streets to take part in the Armistice day program. Nurses' Association—The Ludington District of Michigan State Nurses' association will meet on Monday evening. Nov. 13. at the home of Mrs. Arnold Sundholm, 108 South Gaylord avenue. Mrs., Joseph Buck will be guest speaker at this meeting. Announce Birth —Word has been received of the birth of a son, David Brian, to Mr. and Mrs. Bcnnie Ellibee of Clear Lake. la. The baby was born on Nov. 2 and weighed seven pounds at birth. Mrs. Ellibee is the former Miss Julia Johnson of Ludington. Auxiliary —The ladies' auxiliary of Leveaux post No. 2409, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will meet at 1:15 p. m. Saturday at the corner of James and Dowland streets to take part in the Armistice day celebration. Members arc asked to wear their uniform caps. To Ann Arbor—Dr. A. E. Rasmussen, Frank R. Ashbacker, George R. Cartier, C. F. Olm- .stead Sr. and C. F. Olmstead Jr. left this afternoon for Ann Arbor where they will attend Hie Michigan-Minnesota been a semi-invalid since that time. She \vas born near LaFayette, ind.. on May 14, 1863, and was the eighth child in a family of 10. She was preceded in death by her parents and all of her sisters and brothers. Miss Wagoner had been a faithful member of the Brethren church since .she was 32 years of age. r-nrfriidn i Surviving are 14 nieces and .„ ophnrii nephews, Mrs. Bruce Miller and Edwin Mohler, both of South Custer, being niece and nephew, respectively. The body was taken to the Stephens funeral home in Scottville where it will remain until Monday when it will be taken to the Miller home in South Custer. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon at the Brethren church in South Custer with Rev. L. H. Prowant LOWLANDS INVASION SEEN NEAR officiating. Burial will be made at the Riverside cemetery in Custer. HEflVV BLACK ARROWS INDICATE DIRECTION OfPOS5lBtE"BLITZKRIEG" POSSIBLE NEW NAZI AND SUBMARINE BASES PRESSURE ON. SIEGFRIED LINE IN EVENT OF BLITZKRIEG* 160 ISO 260 / Am Wnt Wks ; 12'/ B Anaconda 31 s ,b Armour of 111 6'/n Auburn Auto 3'-i Aviation Corporation 7% Harden 20',^ Calumet & Hecla 8 Ches & Ohio 40'/8 Chrysler 87 Colum G & El CT'o Com'wlth South 1% Curtlss Wright 10=ii Elec P & L 7% Oencrnl Elcc SS^'i Gen Foods 44</4 Qtncral Mot 54% Hudson Mot 8 l /s Int Harvest Gl^i Int, Nick Can 40 Int Tel & iTel V,'& Krnnccott Corp 39 Ltgg & Myers B 101 Marshall Field 153ii Montgomery Ward 54 \' a Motor Wheel 10 r ;!, Nuf.h-Kelvliiator 1 National Biscuit 23','a Natl Power & LtfUit 8','= New York Central 19'.4 North American 22'i Packard 3T 8 Penney (J C) 89'/ 2 Phelps Dodge 40','n Philips Pete '. 41','a t ullman 35% Radio G Radio Kclth-Orp l?i Reo Motor 2'/ 3 Republic Steel 23 Scars-Roebuck 82% South Cal Edison 27 Standard Brands S^i Standard Gas & El 2% Standard Oil Cal 27'/ 4 Standard Oil Hid 27% Stnud Oil N J 4T/2 Studebaker 8% Union Carbide 86*:-. Union Pacific 101 rnlted Corp 2% U S Steel 69'i Yellow T&C 19% Michigan Bonn Shippers' association Friday prices: Hnndplcked pea beans, per cwt., 2.60; handplcked red kidneys, light and dark, 3.90; handplcked yellow- eyes, 2.50; handplcked choice recleanerl cranberries, light, 2.40; dark, 1.90. Bi'iiton Harbor Produce (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) BENTON HARBOR, Mich., Nov. 10.— (fPt —RitUt market receipts Thursday, 3.65G packages. Prices were: Apples—Bushels, No. 1, 2','a In., Dell- clous, .65-.9S: Northern Spys, .50-.60; Staymans, .60; Wlnesaps, .55; 2\'.\ in., Grimes Golden, .50-.60; Ganos and Rambos, .50; Jonathans, .55-.90, depending on size and pack. Cabbage—Bushels, .60-.65; ton, 18.0022.00 percent U. S. No. 1, 1.15-.20; U. 8. Commercials, 1.05; Bliss Triumphs 90 percent U. S. No. 1, 1.30. Detroit Produce (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) DETROIT, Mich., Nov. 10.—(/I 1 )—(United States Department of Agriculture.)— Apples—Mich. bu. baskets and bu. boxes U. S. No. 1, 2Va In. mln., Winter Ban- onns, .40-.50; Delicious, .75-1.25; R. I. Gieenlngs, .50-.85; Hubbardstons, .60.75; Jonathans, .65-.8S; Mclntosh, 1-1.15; Spys, .75-1.25; Wugeners, .40-.50; 2Vi In. mln. Delicious, .75-.B5; Jonathans, .50- I .7E; Snows, .50-.60. Celery—Mich, bunches dozens Jumbo, I .20-.25; mammoth, .35-.40. ! Onions—50 Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1: Mich, yellows, mediums, .50-.60; few large, .75; Sweet Spanish, 2-3 In., .60. Potatoes—100 Ita. saks U. S. No. 1: Ida. Russet Burbanks, 2.10-2.20; Mich. Russet Rurals, 1.25-1.35; Chlppewas, 1.40; washed, 1.60; Katahdlns, 1.40; Maine Chlppewas, 2.05-2.15. Chicago Dairy . „ (Quotations In Cents) CHICAGO, Nov. 10.—(/I 1 )—Butter—Receipts 704,932; market steady, prices unchanged. EggH—Receipts 2,817; market firm; fresh graded, firsts, 24',;;; other prices unchanged. Boston Wool (Quotations In Cents) BOSTON, Nov. 10.—(/H)—The Commercial Bulletin will say tomorrow: "Another week of apathetic business on Summer street, during which tinlcs J have been almost negligible, has passed. Prices are difficult to quote but it Is apparent that, in the volume of business possible. $1.00 clear basis. Is n top quotation for Class III fine wool, the most typical grade in the market. Values have slipped very slightly but any buying movement would soon re- stose them, probably." The Bulletin will publish the follow- ing quotations: Michigan fleeces: Delnlne. 39-41; $' hlood combine, 30-40; V» blood Combing* 47; H blood combing, 48-47. < AT Time Schedules Mail, Rail, Boat and Bus Pore Marquette Passenger Trains Westbound, arrive 11:25 a. m. Eastbound, leave 12:50 p. m. Dally, except Sundays Pcre Marquette Carferrics Leave for Milwaukee, Wls 11 a. m., 7 p. m. Arrive from Milwaukee 2:30 a. m., 0:30 a. m. Leave for Manltowoc, Wls 4 p. m., 3:30 a. m. Arrive from Manltowoc 3:30 a. m., 2:30 p. m. Leave for Kewaunce, Wir. P «\. m. Additional sailings without regard to schedule. Dally, Sundays Included Call dock office for dally information. All boats curry automobiles. Bus Lines Leave for Muskegon. etc. . .8:30 a. m., 12:30 p. m., 4:15 p. m. Arrive from Muskegon, With German armies a/rSig their borders, European observers visualized an imminent Invasion of the two lowland countries, the Netherlands and Belgium. Should a new blitzkrieg be launched in that 'direction (Indicated by black arrows in above map) It Is also believed the German high command would create a diversion of exerting pressure against the Magtnot line (indicated by white arrow). This might prevent France from rushing huge numbers of men to the defense of the lowland countries. Establishment of submarine! and air bases on Holland's coast would be one of the objects of such) a German drive../ Stock Averages, Nov. 10 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 60 Indust Rails Utll Stocks Net change .. D.2 D.I Today .'. 72.5 21.1 Previous day .. 72.7 21.2 Month ago ' 74.2 22.4 Year ago 79.0 23.2 1039 Hltjh 77.0 23.8. 193fl Low 58.8 15.7 1930 High 79.5 23.5 1938 Low 49.2 12.1 Movement iu Recent Years 1932 Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 1929 High 140.9 153.9 184.3 1027 Low 51.G 95.3 61.8 A.I 39.7 39.6 38.8 37.5 40.6 33.7 37.8 !4.9 D.I 51.3 51.4 52.2 54.4 53.9 41.6 54.7 33.7 16.9 157.7 61.3 Chicago Potatoes (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO, 111., Nov. 10.—(/P)—(United States Department of Agriculture.)—Potatoes—Receipts 94, on track 343, total T'. S. shipments 539; market, Idaho Russets and Nebraska Bliss Triumphs Bllght- ly weaker, Northern all varieties best about steady, demand very slow, supplies moderate; sacked per cwt. Idaho i Russet Bui-banks U. S. No. 1, very few sales washed, .1.75-.85; U. S. No. 2, 1.25.35; Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1, 1.8'; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs 85 to 90 percent 0. S. No. 1, burlap sacks un- wushcd, few sales, 1.55-.62'/ 2 ; cotton sacks washed. 2.10; Michigan Russet Rurals U. S. No. 1, 1.25; North Dakota Red River Valley section Cobblers, 00 north and south trains, closes .................... 12:40 Eastbound (bus), connecting north and south trains, closca ...................... 5:30 p. m. Westbound (bus) closes ...... 6 p. Incoming Mail From south im:Ul truck) ....8:30 a. Arrives from east (train) .. ..11:10 a. m. Arrives from west (train) ....1:02 p. m. Arrives from west (bus) ..... 6:00 p. m. p. m. with m. m. Saturday night, Nov. ctc."."io':5VnV'm!r4"65 p. m.. 7:35 p. m. at the home of Mrs. F. Pape. Leave for Traverse City, etc 11 a. m., 4:15 p. m. Arrive from Traverse City, etc 11:59 a. m., 6 p. m. Dally, Sundays Included Leave for Baldwin 5:30 p. ni. Outgoing Mail Weekdays Southbound mull (mall truck) closes 9:30 a. m. Button School Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kendall and family enjoyed Sunday dinner, Nov. 5, at Frecsoil at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Letteau and family attended a birthday 4,' Sunday dinner guests, Nov. 5, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Towns were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wood. Afternoon callers and supper guests were Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Bagley and children Voss, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kendall, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Rasmussen, Mr. and Mrs. William Hanna, Mr. and Mrs. George Towns, Fred Voss and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Letteau. Thursday night the neighbors went to the school to clean the basement and get everything in readiness to serve hot lunches which will start Monday, Nov. 13. MUSICAlTGHOST IS FOUND OUT THE iVIARKiETS [ Ea.stbmmd mall (train) connecting ivncmgnn-ivnnncsoia foot- I w . llh " orth nnd soulh tralI V- ball K amc to be played on Sat- closos uao a. m. urday. Southbound (mall bus) closes 3:30 p. m. (bun) connecting with, north and south trains, 4:30 p. m. mall Sundays (mall truck) clones 5 1>. m. Incoming Mail Weekdays From south (mall truck) 8 a. m. From east (train) 11:45 a. m. From south (mall bus) 10:45 a. m. Prom eiisft-< taws) ....» A M . ,\ .•Bt40 'p.»m. Incoming'mall, Sundays (mail truck) 9:30 a. m. FROM SCOTTVILLE Pore Marquette Passenger Trains a. m. vc 1:02 p. m. Bus Lines Leave for Traverse City, etc 11:15 a. m., 4:30 p. in. Arrive from Traverse City, i>lc 11:45 a. in., 7:30 p. m. Leave for Ludington 11:45 a. m., 5:45 p, m. Deer Hunting —County Clerk Albert E. Johnson, son, Albert Jr. and Harvey Nelson left this morning for Grand Marais in the Upper Peninsula where they expect to hunt when the deer .season opens next Wednesday. Thry will be joined early next week by Axel Johnson and Herbert Washatka. Literary Club—There will be a meeting of the Ludington Junior] Literary club at 7:30 o'clock! Monday evening at the domestic science room of Ludington high .school. Guest night will be ob- .served at this time. Miss Doro- thv Spike, art supervisor of the Ludington public schools, will be speaker. Grange To Meet —The Perc Marquette Community Grange will ' ' evening at the Pcre Marquette townhall. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stewart of Fountain will Install the new officers of the Grange. Supper will be served after the meeting. Each person is re-jbeen in that city for several quested to bring a soup bowl. j clays. Miss Conely and Mr. To Grand Rapids —Clyde Ncl- j Nelson will visit friends and .son. North Washington avenue, i relatives in Detroit and will left this morning for Grand! attend the Michigan-Minnc- Rupicls where he will Urin Miss sota football game, to be played Olive Conely, Mason" county at Ann Arbor on Saturday. of Sherman township. Mr. and Mrs. Art Voss HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. — (IP)— Hopkinsville police have marked down the mystery of the "haunted music machine" in a local tavern as solved—by the usual electrical short circuit. Three times within two weeks the nickel box began playing in the middle of the night. Appar- rc _ ently no one was in the building utrned Tuesday evening, Nov. 7, / ancl no nickel in the slot, from Ann Arbor where Mrs. I Leland Atkinson, the owner, Voss is 'being treated for asth-! who lives in an adjoining build- ma. Tuesday evening, Nov. 7, a Arrive from Ludington ..11:15 a. m.. 5:45 p. m., 7:15 p. m. Leivvc for Baldwin ........... 5:45 p. m. Arrive from Baldwin ............ 9 p. m. Outgoing Mall Northbound mail (mall truck) closes ...................... 7 :30 a. m. "carpenters" bee" was held at Button school to put a ceiling of cellotex in the basement. The ladies came along with wejl- {filled baskets and at 11 o'clock, when the job was finished, they all enjoyed lunch. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Ory VanNortwick, .Mr. and Mrs. Harold Voss, Mr. ancl Mrs. Art ing, asked the aid of police after hearing the music late at night in the belief some one was robbing the tavern. MARKETS AND FINANCE NEW YORK STOCKS (1:30 P. M. Prices) Adams Express 9 Am Can 108 Am Smelt & Rel Sl'.'i ,. Tr | Voss, Mrs. Anna Voss, Laurence Am TOI & Tel iea meet at 8 o'clock Monday southSjuid 'niau YmaiV truck) ,,„ ot M,,, r> --- », ------- tt _i closes ........... ........... 9:15 a. m.l Westbound (train) closes ..10:40 a. m. i E-istbouud (train), connecting with; health unit nurse, who has BLACK with GLITTER is the fashion in New Winter Dresses New, exciting rayon dresses trimmed with gleaming sequins, beading, gold jewelry 1 New silhouettes to give you a tiny waist I Black and colors I Other styles in sizes 38 to 44. New FaMont An Ktcolved Every WeeK Company Delicacies at Every Day Prices MONTGOMERY WARD Catalog Order Service tavet you money on thousands of other Items) Use Wards Monthly Payment Plan on any purchases of $10 or morel 103-109 E. Ludington Avc. Phone 158 MIXED FRUIT, ready for your cake, Ib. CITRON, extra fancy, . . Ib. PINEAPPLE, glaced, sliced, Ib. FRUIT, cut mixed, pkg'. WHITE RAISINS, extra fancy, Ib. DATES, bulk pitted, 10 oz. pkg. MINCE MEAT, brandicd Ib. BLK. POPCORN, Giant hulless, Ib. 35c 45c 59c lOc 15c ISc 19c Ib. CHERRIES, glace red, PINEAPPLE, Asst'rt Colors, pkg. CITRON PEEL, orange, lemon, pkg. PULLED FIGS, extra fancy, pkg. LAYER FIGS, bulk or nat., pkg. CRANBERRIES, Eatmoor Ib POPCORN, Hulless or 9 Giant, Ibs. 65c 20c lOc ISc 12c IDC 25c -Here In Our Store, You Will Always Find- Walnut Meats Black Walnut Meats Almond Meats Brazil Nut Meats Fancy Pecan Meats Roquefort Cheese Swiss Cheese Old Wis. Brick Cheese Gjeost (Norwegian) Sharp Cheese —Complete Line of Luncheon Food— Larsen's Food Shop 415 South James St. Phone 939 —Estbalished 1921.— LOCAL, »1ARK£TS Light red kidney beans $3.90 Dark red kidney beans $3.90 Dark cranberry beans $1.90 Light cranocrry beans $2.40 White pea beans $2.60 Yellowcye beans $2.50 Poultry Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and up 9c Heavy hens 12c Plymouth Hock sprlnKers, under 4 Ibs 12c Colored springers, 4 Ibs. and up lOc Grain Shelled corn, bu 56c Oats, bu 35c Wheat, bu 75c Produce Eggs 28c Hides Beef, Ib be Horse, per hide $3.50 Sasinaw Beans (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) SAGINAW, Mich., Nov. 10.—(/P)— SPECIAL CLEARANCE SALE Misses & Women's Coats, Sizes 12 to 44, Prices begin at Girls' Sizes 6 to 14, Prices begin at Snow Suits, ' fl*O fJK ' Prices begin at «?«*• I O < < Sizes 7 to 20. WOLVERINE SPORTSWEAR CO. 231 E. Dowland St. 1 (Over Hume Grocery Company) BARON'S MARKET 505 S. James Street YEARLING HENS, ....... Ib. SPRINGERS, fresh dressed, Ib. BEEF KETTLE or CHUCK BOAST : ...... lb .18c ROLLED BONELESS BEEF RIB ROAST, ...... Ib. BOSTON BUTT PORK ROAST, lean and very little bone, Ib. REGULAR SLAB BACON, by the •€ O n piece, ........ Ib. JLO1/ VEAL SHOULDER, QEp SALT SIDE PORK, streak of lean and streak of 1'at, Ib. FRESH SIDE PORK, ....... Ib. VEAL CHOPS, Ib. SHORT RIBS OF BEEF, lean and meaty, ..... Ib. Order Your Thanksgiving Poultry NOW! PHONE 413 BUYER'S INDEX READ THE ADS Your Progressive Merchants Show You Where to Shop and How You Can Save Money. LOOK THE ADS OVER . . . YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO OVERLOOK THEMS ALEMITE OIL AND LUBRICANTS DECREASE Auto Repair Dills LUDINGTON AUTO SALES Phone 600 W. Loorais Street < ; I HAVE YOUE * Gas Tank Filled * Oil Changed X Car Lubricated * Battery Charged * Tires Repaired * Car Washed * Accessories HEBE Right and Reasonable SUBURBAN SERVICE STATION Ludington Ave. and Lewis St.—Phone 570-W. Expert 'Bear Alignment' Service, Body Bumping ' and Painting THE BEAR SHOP 604 E. 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