The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 24, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1933
Page 7
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RTNG TllMfMrtlMiaaMBililMMiMl^a»l^tBMlMtr-r i.niii iftiai. i ^^^^ HH^ tfs§ i he » fri» ftsffeTSrt to fts&tfnf* ev- ert Satttfdfcy WHMnf, by tn» ot- ehettrs u**Sr tin dWeetfoft of M ftnt MaftMi of _A*8«*, f&e H • ffriiS RfvWp wfil 0& &8ftfftt£& ay ioiae of Mf. Martin's orchestra j^ &,A m yfa jhjs ^E>fc-wfc A »,^ fr . fjf, ftemDers in Diner towns. They tn to iJes Motttes ftem week to ptey at the Sta«ft Vfttf. Tern will enjoy f»es« Satttrda? etching concerts. Fmaw «uti» , Miss Efftabee of ..«, MHB1I , \ Jfebr. Is * guest this week of Miss Bthelvn Cfawford. chas. Ball h&6 rested the L. K. Mason pfoperty on south Main street and will ttove In the first of the month. Df. Christy reports the birth of ft son, Jerry Lee, to Mr, and Mrs. Wayne Byers, Wednesday, Aug. 9, at Henderson. Congratulations afe extended, Mrs. Byers was formerly Mildred Starr of this place. Miss Carrie Luther came over from Vlllloca Saturday for a week end visit in the Fred Priest home Herbert Barnes, a former resl* dent of this county, came in Mom day from Brunswick, Nebr. for a visit with old friends south of town, It l« his Drst visit here in nineteen years. Miss Harriet Crawford, youngest daughter ef Mr. and Mrs, A H, Crawford, tell from a tree in their yard Thursday breaking he arm in two places. R. L. Christie and family vis )ted in the Joe Hayden horn Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schurr and daughter, Ruth Jean, wero Red' Oak visitors Saturday. Miss LaVonne Knott of Neola visited her grandmother, Mrs. D M. Hays, a few days last week. Jim Dawson of Rlverton is visiting In the Harry Potter home this week. Ira Hutchlngs of Malvern visited in the Hayden Clark home Wednesday. YOU In last week's paper brief mention was made of the death of Lee Russell, an old time Hastings boy, at Btnings, MOM. He died in a hospital In Bill ifcgs, following a heart attack, Aug. i». He was taken to Los Angeles, Calif, for burial, Aug. Andrew Leroi Russell, elder •on of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Russell, early residents of Hastlags, was born in Olenwood, Dee. 40, 18<J8. In I8t« he with his parents moved to Hastings where he grew to manhood. While yet a youth he began working for the C, B. A Q. Railroad and worked tit various departments until he was made a brakeman on the main line, with headquarters at Creston, where he lived for a number of years. On Jan. 86, iggg he was united in marriage to Miss Lizzie Fletcher of Hastings in Chllllcothe, Mo. The young couple made their home in Creston and Vlillsca where Lee was promoted to conductor. In 1898 they were transferred to Edgemont, Bo. Dak. As the railroad was built westward they were moved to Sheridan, Wyo. After a few years Lee was again promoted to passenger conductor with headquarters at Billings, Mont., which position be held until his demise. He would have been retired on a pension Dec. 20 after serving on the railroad for more than fifty years. In anticipation of this he had established a home for himself and family in Huntlngton Park, Calif. He complained on Tuesday of not feeling well and the doctor gave him some medicine. He started to his rooming house but collapsed on the street and friends took him to the hospital where he died at 6:20 Wednesday. His brother, Harry Russell, and wife accompanied the body to California. He leaves his widow, three daughters, Mrs. Clarence Nen go- boon, Nolle Bobe, and Meldrem Burrell, and two grandchildren, all of Los Angeles, 'Calif., and a brother, Harry Russell, of Sheridan, Wyo., two sisters, Mr»; H, P. Rea of Essex and Mrs, Bytm- More.of DCS Molnes. -' 4 -^-*'^* „„,* Sttte»t retflrriwa hoioe MoBday after attett«ftg * fe* **fs of the World's Fair to Cnf- e&go. Harold BWer of Ote*h« tfctt- *d over tire week end fa the Wffl Touug home. Ora .Dyke and ftephew, Mr. Waver, of Lanstrup, MO. tfsfted amday m the home of Mrs. D. M. Hays. Robert Smtth of Council Bluffs to visiting in the Frank Mitchell feome this week. George Ord of Silver City vis- ft«d a few days last week in the E. H. Ord home. Mr. and Mrs. George WtTson of Wesley Chapel visited Sunday in the home of Mrs. Louisa Quimfct. Mf. and Mrs. George Miller fere Shenandoah visitors one day tast week. Miss Ethelyn Crawford visited Irom Wednesday until Snaday with Mf. and Mrs, H. P. Rea at Issei, Jess Phelps and family and Miss Ruth fjaizeli returned Sanday after visiting relatives in Mil* nois and attending the World's Fair at Chicago. Misses Theltna and Nedra Crawford visited a few days last week with Miss Mildred Hlllyer of Imogene. * ene • S. E. Mills ftepfff w P&flwl EAST LIBERTY East Liberty Methodist Church The Ladies' Aid Society wl. hold an ice cream social at th church Thursday evening. Every one Is invited. The Scripture reading for tb week is M Jobn,JM John, an Jude. The stewards will meet at th church next Sunday morning a 9:30. The pastor would like t< have everyone present, We*'were sorry not to hav services last Sunday, but thank ful for the rain. Be sure to com next Sunday. Sermon subject "The Man of the Mount," th second in the series on "The Sermon on the Mount" Churc school at 11 with a flne.lesso on "The Strength and Weaknes of Saul." . You are Invited to make tbi your church home, Among those attending the ro deo at Sidney last Wednesda were; Dale Hunt and-family, 0 I. Shapcptt and family, • Bernal Schoehlng, and Chas. WUhelm and family. Mrs. Frank .Rlmel, daughte and granddaughter, arrived las F _. . & "*^~S'^*2* : ^r";"T- — w nflr m ift^SPH^s^? li- ^te- c Marvin Pontow is „.„,„,..„„„ Joe Dawson near Rlvertdu 'this week, •" : Clyde Blttner and brother of Nevinsvllle visited friends in .own Wednesday. • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dalrymple of Council Bluffs visited in the A. V,'Clltes home last week. Harry potter and family were dinner guests in the Leslie Dawon home last Sunday, Roy Viner of Randolph visited elatives in town Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Bert Culley and son, Don- aid, of Hillsdale visited friends in town last week, Miss June Christie visited relatives in Blanchard Thursday and Friday, Will Mings and family visited in the home of Mr, and Mrs. George Mtega Saturday evening. Less Pawson and family of RJverton visited Sunday in the home of Mrs. w, p. Llnthicum, Mr, and Mrs, Walter Hunt, Rjiynjond and Mildred were Red Oak visitors Saturday, Mr, and Mrs, W. F. Crawford, A, H, Crawford, and Mrs, B ,W, Shaw left Tuesday for North PJatte, Nebr. to look after W. F, Crawford's place there. , ' W, Q» Resb and son, George, and Vic Cromwell autaed to Piattsffloutb Friday evening, Mr- #04 Mrs, BeJpfe Hanseow and 6P«, Robert, visited Sunday IB tbe borne of Dele Read. -Mr** and Mra> l*awreo.os Rea4 and daughter, DeJores, of files* woo4 ¥!»«<$ frleeOj la town ™J'^'"awws»W' 'i&yraa* T« w^-f ,,^Max 4M»ppk';^» f %ear;fMalvern WHIT aa-over, night guelt Satur day in the home of bis sister Mrs. C. I. Shapcott. ' • Don't forget the social at Eas Liberty Thursday night of this week; Home-made ice cream and cake under the auspices, of the Aid Society, We are sorry to report G, W, Rimel not feeling so well the past week or more, Mr, and Mrs, G, W, Rime! r»* cently returned from Chicago where they had' spent a little over a week at the home,of their son, Floyd, and family and saw p little of the big World's Fair, They made the trip ,w|tb their son. Or. Warden Rlmel, and his wife, and the two older cnlWren, Qf Bedford. Kerney* Return Monday from Minnesota Trip Mrs, Su8«n stork who b»e been 1 relatives to retwraad, borne last Mrs, Svsrett gi o| gtraAan, were la MJw .Nft&w! Harms ef V«TB #n4 mm ireaa YSUBB Isutt week f w fiWR»«» wfesie wWatteod tbe WorW's Fair, MUft Carrie j«|btf 9l YUUtea and •^^fW - 'sPJpflP u SP^WWP?p Mrs, Laura Rerney ftftfl Josie returned Monday from a tea visit at the home of tbe for- Pier's dftu^bter, Mrs. W. 0. Stotts ana bU8ba»a near Ruthtow, Minn. There has been a sbortage of rainfall there which made .a very light crpp of small grain i» that vicinity, Mr* @totts was fortunate to have a fair 6eW of oats with w average 9 f ft b9»t twe»ty-eiKat feUBAelf per sere, flg re W UJ- fee about ba)f a wop and In places not that foo4, -= • Aa int§;estin« part ef tbeir trip was * rtelt to H94woo4 FaWs §tat» Parfc eteW mii^.aojtbjigt, tbrougb tbe ball (Jtetrtet ^^ ot Mar«b«U where tto CWB «rop is Miss Ants and Andrew Dele- fiant ar* ttttcib flatted to learn that thett n*t>1bew ( John W. Dele- ftaat. a iettStrtf attorney at Rea- trfe», frtffeh *ftd a leader In the Nebraska itafgnts of Columbus. has been roads ft Knight of the Ordef of St. (Stegory the Great by ftp* ftfi'tftft XI. according to word received by Bishop Louis B. Kueet* of Lincoln. This distinction eo«es fts a recognition of the good wot* done bv Mr. Delehafct as i Catholic layman. Mr. Delehftnt It a son or the fate baft ttelehant and grew to manhood here. He has otten visited relatives nele and his many friends here afe pleased to note hi* honor. Me ha* spent the past waek in Chieftgc attending a Knights of Cottttobus convention. Sister Mt? Una and sister Mary Isadora, bomlnlean Nuns who have been visiting their father, Dominie Martin, and other relatives left Monday morning for their new fields of work for t*e coming year. Slater Mary Una goes to einsfnnawa, wis. and Sister Mary laadore to Appleton, Wis. Miss Anna ttelehant spent Monday of last week In Omaha looking after {business and visit- lag relative*. [ Mlcheal Martin and family had for their dinner guests Saturday, Mr. Martin's two nieces, Slater Mary Una and Sister Mary tsadore. They all enjoyed the afternoon visiting. Mr, and Mrs. Ray Falk and daughter, Donna, drove down from Council Bluffs Thursday to get his mother, Mrs. Mae Falk, and grandmother, Mrs. yinnie Rogers, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cahtll, Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Olson and baby returned Saturday from WaUhill, Nebr. where they have been visiting relatives, Imogene and. vicinity received the first good rain for several weeks when early Saturday morning it began to rain and by Sunday evening nearly three inches had fallen. Mrs. Pat Maher who has been very sick several days with Intestinal flu is some better at this .writing. Frank Davis and family who recently went to the Ozarks returned Monday* and -be has again taken up , his. garage ,work, Qeop- Miss Matte Cart of Kailoy, Miss Leraisre 8h«dOB of Percival, and Misses AHce and MllHe MeGtesfo visited Mrs. C. C. and Anna Maher one day last week. tt«. Chas. Abbott and father, F. M. Straight, returned last Sunday from Parsons, Kan. where they vlrited their sister and daughter, Mrs. J. H. Kfuger, and family. Mrs. W. C. Pike and daughter, Wilma, and George Fanston returned last Sunday from Wheatland. Wyo. where they spent two weeks with Mrs. Pike's daughter, Mrs. Park Durnell. The following enjoyed a swimming party at the Malvern •Municipal pool Sunday afternoon, Aug. 12: Mr. and Mrs. J. Cope, Mr. and Mrs. j, R. Mlnnlck, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Comstoek, Mr. and Mrs. Will Comstock, Mr, And Mrs. Wendell Stuelke, Charles and Carolyn, Mrs. J. D. Bussard, Misses Anna Maude Abbott, and Wilma Pike. They then drovo to Wayside lake where they enjoyed a picnic supper. Miss Rose Rogers was taken very sick the fore part of the week but is better at this writing, Mrs. T. F. Maher who has been laid up for astvej-al weeks with a sore foot is improving. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cahill recently enjoyed a visit of a few days from their three little grand daughters, Betty, Marcella, and JSdna Chandler, from near Essex, Frank Hlgglns and sons, Geno and Francis, epent Wednesday evening in the Leu Outsehenrit- ter home. Mary, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Maher, is quite sick with summer flu. Miss Mary Delehant, nurse from Shenandoah, is here caring for her. Mrs. Vinnie Rogers and daughter, Mrs.-"Mae Falk of Council Bluffs, and Mrs. Joe Cahill spent Tuesday with Mrs. Cabin's daughter, Mrs. John Chandler, near Essex. A large number of boys and men worked at St. Patricks school'last Wednesday morning, cleaning up from the previous weeks work. Everyone reports the school looking very nice. It was given a general repairing and painting. PAGE SfeVEH Enuruuftnl CHAMPION HILL June and Mary Mae Parker spent a two-day vacation with tbelr ,runcle, , G ien Kellenbarger, A*t«V $f awti!** f •»••& «....1_ "•'Is . * ftfehopa entertained at ft good time party Tuesday evening the members of the three Snaday school classes — Pins Ultra, A.R.C.. and C.H.—and a few of the young married people. A tafge crowd responded to the invitations and a very pleasant evening was spent playing both lawn atid house games. A progressive lunch was served, the crowd going to the hoine of the intermediate teacher, Mrs. Kochersperger, where they Were served grape cocktail. The serving was preceded by the singing of the doxology and before leaving the young people all sang Blest Be the Tie that Binds; after a short call they left and drove to the senior teacher's home, Mrs. Sherman Allen's, and she served them sandwiches and pickles. Ait- other short visit with her and they were again on their way, returning to the Clarence Bishop borne, where they were served home made ice cream, white and dark cake. They left declaring the Bishops royal entertainers and feeling that it had been ft Well spent evening. Frank McCarty and family of Aurora, Nebr. made a flying trip to Emerson and Red Oak where they visited relatives a couple of days. Mrs. McCarty Is a sister of Elmer McLaln of Red Oak and Joe McLaln of this vicinity. All of the Kochersperger family but Jean were sick last week from some kind of food poisoning. Prank and Wanda were real sick Friday but all are better at this writing. Elmer and Frederick Larson met with quite a misfortune when their car was wrecked In a colli« slon near Red Oak recently. The boys escaped without injury. The Davis reunion was held In Red Oak Sunday. Although the rain kept a good many from the country from going In time for the picnic dinner the weather had settled enough by afternoon so that most of them were able to go and there were more than 80 present and needless to say they had a good time visiting and reminiscing. Misses Elsie Evans, Verda Wheeler, and Mary Jane Miller, all of Glenwood, were guests Friday in the Dean McLaln home. We are more than thankful for the good rain that visited us Saturday and Sunday. It Is the first real rain of the season and although it is late to help the corn it will be a boon for late pas- w|to»..tte.x^jji:j. i 1 .. j Mrt. M. o. ATlea, Mrt. Walter L. SehtnMt and ChftdreB, Max, Myron. a*d Marian, and Mrs. Arthur Schmidt and son, Ronald, of Red Oak visited Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. n«ean McLata. Mrs. 8. A. Reed was on the sick list Sunday. Ella and Harold Kellenbarger and Chester Cooper retntaeid last *eek from their tlslt in Kansas and Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Dean MeLalfl tis- ited her parents Snnday, going via mule and bttggy. Her sister. Miss Evelyn Davis, accompanied them home for a visit. Callers in the Kochersperger home Saturday were Joe, Dean, and Gertrude McLaln. Francis Parker, Merrill Brlggg. Virgil Liddell, Helen Myers, and Clara Marie Douglas. Ward Cooper took his truck to haul the members of the Young People's class, their teacher, and a few Invited guests, to Porter'* lake Friday evening. They took lunch and enjoyed a picnic supper, skating, boating, visiting, etc., and had a jolly good time. We hope the whole bunch will find It possible to be in their respective classes next Sdhday and help us out with the Lord's work. They are Very grateful to Ward for the good time he made pos- ftlhle by all going together. WHEN YOU VISIT DAVENPORT relative*,- , Bister .Mary Margaret, a Dominican Nun, who has been visiting her mother, >„ Mrs. Delia Hughes, and brothers, Earl, George, and Anthony, left Thursday morning for Sioux Falls, So. Dak. where she will teach the coming year. She-has taught In Slows City for the past flve years. Miss Louise, Sheldon of Percival visited Miss Agnes Boltou a few days last week. Rev, Francis Doyle - went to Shenandoah Wednesday evening where he took part Jn the inBtal- atlon ceremony for Rev. Rudolph icfconeUer, new pastor of St. Marys Catholic cbiireb in Sben- Powers FINE OILS... LOW PRICES BUY YOUR MOTOR OIL AT STANDARD STATIONS . Mr, and Mrs, urned the last pfUbe vw % £rom heir honeymoQa trip to South Jpbnny Laugftlln trucked a . a * ** «»t cattle' to Omaha Thursday for his brother, W F. A large number of gjrio and •omen went'toift, Patricks cbooi recently and put the "Was touches to. tftg Cleaning up f the school roams; Tfce Ladies' Auxiliary held a Pedal meeting at, thei? club ow last Sunday afternoon. Mr, and. Mrs. Rate* Arclje? are over Jfee irrlvaj of a. New OF NEURITIS ,w fbttrsday, Aus, 17, . TWs 1 8 . Caesell I WANT THi FIN6ST MOTOR OIL I CAN BUY ISOvVIS "H"«.TIie new motor oil tbtt vUI not "Judge ua4er the burdeit, hottest driving-top pdity, low In wbon, unsurpassed in IWANTTHEMOIT ICONONICAl MIPIVH MUSI HAVfYOV COT IT? YIS5IR POLARIMf AT 20*' a BiuuptMi. ITANIHJ (««-WIf m to Afll *ff Ma ^"^" "•» *"•" »•'" j ™ ' v *- ^**' ISWMS« SERV AVIft IliTlltUT•»• iff AUAt T MpC»r4le Sfercy 8 weefe ajtpient wftp able to, tM>»e tfts lore j»rt M lasi

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