The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 10, 1939 · Page 2
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 2

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1939
Page 2
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%4UE 1 WO IK/ « THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. SOCIETY Local Amusements LYRIC THEATER 1 Presents "Full Confession" ! with Victor McLaglen, Joseph FRIDAY, NOV. 10, 1939. Two Pioneers Celebrate Their 90th Birthdays SSg hour and will 'be happy in- Mr. and Mrs. Gus VonGlahn ... _ -.,__, | In a coincidence of birth dates, ' £ n( J M H e ge 4McKertv .- two long-time Mason county resi- - expressed her appreciation of the greeting cards and good wishes of her friends. The other pioneer resident of m. worth league at 6:15 p Arthur Dewey will be , unt speaker. All young people are in- „.___ „ debate team returned victorious from their first varsity encounter of the year, Thursday night. Nov. ff, after winning a unanimous decision frcm the Traverse City team in a debate held there. Walter Arndt, Clarence Willis. and Vernon Fitch, in the order of their constructive speeches, are the triumphant debaters coached by Maurice J. Tallefson. L. H. S. forensics director. Ludington upheld the negative while Traverse City handled the affirmative side of the current debate topic: "Resolved, That the Federal Government Should Own and Operate the Railroads." The Traverse City team was composed of Robert Taylor, Ronald Clauson and Richard Crust, who are under the tutorship of Mr. Crawford. This victory places Ludington in the .1000 percent column with the other teams which have won their first regular debate, at the top of the Michigan Debate Conference's standings. A large crowd attended the debate, held in the Traverse high .school, Ludington being well represented by its own delegation which accompanied the team on the trip. de- * and Toes. OSS A WALD CRUMB TAPROOM Dancing. OLD HICKORY INN j Dancing. j HAMELL'S LAKE SHORE INN 107Vo East Pere Marquette street, j c-ents celebrated t:ie:r 50Lh an- Hn\3 1C r C ™~- n i^ r V la ° c ; °t their niversanes on Thursday. The owier t-oneer resident 01 ArthllP n°" , f pfpn nf T e ^V 1S u'r ° Arn ° ld I Nine decades of living were j Mason county who celebrated £*£?* D ^ ey Wl11 °e ,. the Prtriin"fnnV nf/.^p * „ | rounded out by Mrs. Jacob Daub, Tner 90th birthday anniversary on vited to eddina took Place at 7 in wnose honor her daughter, (Thursday was Mrs Adam Patter- tecl to on Saturday evening, Mr.s. H. K. Hansen of 505 East ton of Buttersville, who resides paisonage 01 tne iDowland street, with whom Mrs. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert cnurcn 01 iornan. ; rj a ub makes her home, held open Gerard on Ludington, Route 3. aeci oy | house during the afternoon, i Mrs. Patterson, who received a — „ ^ iicv^^j, ai lu Jn _ J.VAI. a,nu aviia. vjtus vuiujriaim tormal. It Is more convenient i had for their all-day Wednesday for some to attend an evening *~ "~" ' " -. . . service, and a welcome is ex- j tended all to attend. The pastor will have charge of both morning and evening services and will ,be the preacher. At the Youth Service of Ep- t0 a e -- T-. , «-. ; m • uuuou uuiiiiK me ai ueiuuuu. Mrs. Paul Gray of To- Lovely bouquets of chrysanthe- tual friens. mums, gifts of her friends, dec- street- orated the home and luncheon ved to the many f riends . . .. _ , ,. J . * A1 -y" 0 Mr. .. ... _. ir,ah, mutual friends. Mrs. Pleuss wore a U1U1 length afternoon frock of royal! woe... ,..., , ^ jth , .. oiie number of her friends during the afternoon on the occasion, is owner 01 the county's oldest house, located in the former Ot- SCIENTISTS * TODD-L INN ) Dancine- i B ' RAINBOW KAJJVBOW _,— ..f gardenias , baby chrysanthemums. Following the ceremony, wedding dinner was (served the Sherman hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Pleuss will be at home to their friends at Foster 5,1,1 eet, Tomah, after Nov. 20. - ., i of the honoree, who called during tawa inaian village in Butters- the da y- Mrs - Daub, eldest of a vllle and the first courthouse of family of nine living children, Mason county. a at AT THE CHURCHES SUNDAY Roller skating. A* •• 'Tabernacle' Is New Church Name The members of the Pentecost- BAPTIST WASHINGTON AVENUE lections. BAPTIST — Rev. R. E. Omark,; Tne S ,V nd , av who has -been away from the i class will Sellner will play the organ se- FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST —"Mortals and Immortals" will be the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Christian Science churches throughout the world on Sunday, Nov. A £tt The Golden Text (II Cor. 5:16) is: "Henceforth know we no man after the flesh." 'Among the Bible citations is this passage (Acts 17:28): "For in Him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, for we are also His offspring." Correlative passages to be 9:3 ° a - m „.„ ve nassages o be Bible read f rom the CnrSfiln Science^ D , , - m : ' textbook, "SctenS and Health city for some time, will return ' ai ? c Rev John Christensen will with Ke ^ t ^ Tthe Secures •• bv to the pulpit or Washington addrofans ll } e classes on the topic, Mary Ba * k Eddy include the "™ e Prodial on" M —-"-- .*™y> mciuae the , to the pulpit or Washington Avenue Baptist church on Sun_i ___ _iii_ . i . - .H,I.L.,, ^-.^jjuiou ^uun,** un ouu- -..., a! Assembly of God church wish day at the regular morning and • Ml1 . WU1 De in charge of .the tn announce that they have evening services. Special music l;prv ' 1PA service. Choose Commit teem en The Ludington Junior Townsend club held a regular business i meeting on Tuesday evening at 8 ' o'clock in the Moose lodge. During the meeting, several important issues were decided. Roy C. Grotemat was appointed changed the name of their church to the "Full Gospel Tabernacle." A new sign bearing the name has been erected on their building at 207 West Ludington avenue. The church is looking forward to a great work this winter. Of late the building has been filled to capacity, it was reported, and there is an ever increasing interest in the work of the church. The pastor, Rev. Parvin C. Lee, who has for some time been an will 'be provided for each service. The Sunday school will meet at 9:30 a. m. | State" is the topic Rev. William Opitz for the ser- following (p. 330): "Immortal man was and is God's image or idea, even the infinite expres- ] sion of infinite Mind, and im— | mortal man is co-existent chosen b? | C °" eternal With that Mmd ' Rapids high school „..„ ^^.,, Wi the Big Rapids championship team of two years ago; Benjaman ,=s! COMMUNITY THE* rvii\TivifTVITV TV/T^,.,-, service at St. John's Lutheran ™£™? T r C oSlI ar^ss-s^t's; ii?™, k ,?l T p eaul S Xk :c "" rc " M " "• m - aiid oerm! "> raui "• uiaiK , service at 9:30 a. m. METHODIST 'Friendship Club' Enjoys Gathering WEST RIVERTON.—Mrs. Ed- r-hm^h^n 11 A° n w^ e i "The"Sunday"school will meet ! war <* Parker"was"hostess"fhurs- v/11141011 ill .ri inr £11 *~ ! o f 1rin »%^ r* *i */ n §•'*•*•!»»»%*-»*•»»•. -^t .-. » ^ , i *-, ." The service of i aL 10 a> ni : evangelist, plans to continue here j ™" S ' C i? cflud , e , s „ v" 16 r* a , nthem ' I and in this vicinity in connection _?°m* Unto M , e b * Gailbraith { -"'- ' ' ! sun S 'by the chancel choir, and I BETHANY METHODIST — At ir ** cay afternoon, Nov. 2, to the Sutton Friendship club. The time was spent socially and a guessing contest was en• - - - Hasmussen p. m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, to elect a chairman and to discuss vari- Fairman, Big Rapids high school i ous co-ordinator; and Harry WLsner \ t, present coach of the Big Rapids Lun^ r e j e ^ lon s included the j debate team, all of whom are' c . ho ? sln S °f Henry Norman as : recognized as being amonc the chai ™ an °f the entertainment L. H. S. forensics director M. Tallefson has not as yet ceived --"-"• •• - J. re- committee. Herman Fin holm was appointed head of a winter with his pastorial duties. Rev. f"" g ' by the chancel choir, and I BETHANY METHODIST - At joyed" Mrs" Lee has recently returned from p , °! gai ? selections, "Morning < the 10:45 o'clock morning wor- wmnino- the Ontario, Canada, where he con- : ^ e l" de by Uummings, "Peace"; ship service in Bethany Meth-I A thMe-course"'luncheon was ducted revival .services in the ; ' by S1 } u ^ and "Grand Proces-i odist church, Rev. Erling Ed-! served at daintily apuohUed Tabernacle at Chatham and also | "° na1 ., by . G °, u " od ' P layed b y .' wardsen will preach on the topic : small tables Members present addressed the audience of radio ; M «- Myrtle Hollinger. ("Sound Securities." The choir i included Mesdames John Wad- station CFCO in that city, i The church nursery will be ! will sing two anthems at this ser-i dell, Harold Voss Anna Voss The public is cordially invited ! conducted at 10:45 a. m. and , vice and an organ prelude, of- !Ralph Kendall Russel Rasmus-' -" ' ' ' the Sunday school will meet at fertory and postlude will be ! sen, George ' Sterns George 9; 30 a- m. j Played by Mrs. Eskel Olson. -Towns, N.J. Christensen Ory The church council will meet; The evening service will be : VanNortwick and W Martin at 5 p. m. in the churchhouse. held at 7:30 o'clock and the nies- ' Miss Amelia Schaeffer and the At 0 p. m. there will be a meet-; sage at this time will be on the , hostess, Mrs. Parker. Guest for mg ol the Young People's soci-: topic "The Religion We Love" \ ' the afternoon was Mrs. Charles guests, Nov. 1, Mr. VonGlahn's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Siffens and children of Bellaire. 2nd Extension Club Meeting Is Enjoyed FREESOIL.— -The second Free- soil Extension club meeting of the season was held Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 7, with Mrs. Floyd Eddy. • Mrs. Eddy and Mrs. Ira Granger presented the lengthy and intensely interesting lesson on "Styles in Bedspreads" and displayed numerous sample bedspreads and various types of materials for bedspreads. Review questions were given by Mrs. Eddy on past work. Mrs. Lawrence Hill presided at the business meeting Mrs. George Rayle read the minutes and called the roll. A Christmas party was discussed, but arrangements were deferred until the next meeting. Mrs. Fay LaGuire, Mrs. Frank Hunt and Mrs. Floyd Eddy served individual pumpkin pies with whipped cream and tea. Present were Mesdames E V. Isenbarger, William Hagstrom. Hazen Howard, Lawrence Hill J. E. Bennett, Douglas Heckman, Alice Cole, Fay LaGuire, Myrtle Frost, Orville Bailey and son Nora Black, Frank Hunt, Lawrence Tobey, George Rayle and son. William Tubbs, Ira Granger Celia Hagstrom, E. M. Stephens and Floyd Eddy, hostess. The club will meet for the third lesson at the home of Mrs. Celia Hagstrom on Dec. 12 when "Background" will be discussed Members are requested to bring wall paper books, paint cards, catalogues of floor coverings and i background materials. j Guelda Eddy, and daughter McClellan School Thanksgiving Program Members and the leaders of the "Nimble Fingers" and Flying ' Hammers" 4-H clubs met at the school Friday afternoon, Nov. 3. Plans were made for a Thanksgiving program and the awarding of a turkey which will be given at the program, Wednesday evening. Nov. 22, at 8 o'clock. It will oe for the benefit of the 4-H clubs. The program will be announced in a later issue of The Daily News. Relatives and friends were grieved to learn of the accidental death of Marlene Haynes, three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Haynes. Mrs. Haynes will be remembered as Miss Dorothy McClellan. Harry McClellan took a group of school children to the dentist in Ludington Monday afternoon, Nov. 7. Success! KUTZE INLET, B. C. (/P)— It was necessary to get three tons of mining supplies to this remote pojnt by airplane. Consignees thought it over, then prepared a large soft mud puddle. The pilot dropped his cargo without breakage to attend the Tabernacle services ### will receive such notice within the next few days. Richard Greening Is Chosen Blue Key Man Word has been received from the Michigan State college publications department that Richard Groening, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Groening, 207'/• East Danaher street, and a Junior at Michigan State college, is one of 15 new men who will serve as active members of the college chapter of Blue Key, national men's honorary service fraternity, this year. Mr. Groening, tapped into the organization at the Blue Key fall term party, was accepted on the basis of meritorious work in extra-curricular activities performed during his college career while maintaining a scholastic average equal to, or better than the college all-men's average -* * * L.H.S. Band To Play At Game Tonight gram and Miss Jeannelte Grac- '• f zyk head of the girls' winter I i sports ' It was announced at this time I that a dance will be given by the j club on Tuesday evening, Nov 14, i at 8:30 o'clock in the Moose lodge. l Six prizes, donated by local mer- j chants, will be awarded during the evening. Music for dancing will be furnished by "The Swingsters." Everyone is welcome to attend. ety in the churchhouse. EPISCOPAL GRACE EPISCOPAL—A Holy Communion service and sermon i vene at the usual hour, 9:30 a. m. i trict some years ago, now em- wiJl be held at 11 o'clock Sunday j Ulld er the superintendencv - - : --~ ' ~ - - ' T Lunde. iMrs. R. Dewyer Is Shower Hostess Couple Entertains with Gay Party were in „/£ • « nd ,, Mrs ' Arne Christensen of Scottville entertained recently at a delightful Hallowe'en Party, given at their home. The home was decorated with and guests — occasion, played during the 'ater a delicious served at a table „„,* <5~- "Y"o a carve d pumpkin and decorated with Hallowe'en appointments. ,,Those present were Mr and Mrs. Raymond Yeck and son, *wxi{j6rj Miss M&bcl MftdsGn ind Joseph Yeck, all of Ludington; ••"• v -w-* v.n^c iviauocll, - Christensen and chili. Madeline Klopfenstein Mr. The Ross Dewyer Home at 202 \', Ea?t Danaher street was the scene of a pre-nuptial shower Thursday evening when Mrs. Dewyer entertained in honor of j her sister, Miss Irene Witte, who i will become the bride of Robert i Baker of Battle Creek on Satur- I day morning at St. Jerome's I Catholic church in Scottville. Bunco was enjoyed by the ! group during the evening with Mrs. Russell Spore winning first prize and Miss Witte, second. The bride-to-be was presented with a lovelv collective gift for • her new home. Those attending this enjoyable affair were the honored guest, i Miss Witte, and her mother, Mrs | Robert Witte of West Riverton; jMesdumes Hugo Henderickson, j Clayton Shively, Russell Spore, I Deward Arnold, Howard Swanson and Gerald Nerheim all of Ludington; Harold Shearer of Cu.ster and Carl Witte of West ( Riverton and the Misses Evelvn Doran, Alice Sherlock Dorothy Conklin, Ruth McGuire, Marie Masse and Helen Wagner and the hostess, Mrs. Dewyer. Invited guests unable to attend were Mrs. Lawrence Case Mrs. Roy Trepanier and Miss Helen | Sarres. Preliminary estimates indi- The Ludinfvton high school band will play at the L.H.S.- . ----- -- Manistej- football game tonight i morning in Grace Episcpoal through the efforts of the Music church. The choral Eucharist of Sponsors'club of the high school. : W. K. E. Vincent will comprised FIRST METHODTST At this time, Miss Phyllis \ the liturgical music for this ser- '• Great Teachings of Jesus" Johnson, arum majorette with • vice, which will also include general thompnf The band, will appear for the first : James Edmeston's hymn "Lead sermons beins? time in her new uniform, made : Us. Heavemy Father" set to the ^ ^ T,ln_-,. b _ and presented by Mrs. Jack aj r from "An Essay on the Church Crawford and " " Diana street. Funds foi the expense ^ members to the game were i sermon, to "be delivered'bj-^ReV raised by the members of the , Knight Dunkerley, will be "The Mu.sic Sponsors' club. j Foolishness of Preaching." The band will be taken to ' The service of Evening Prayer Manistee this evening in the ! in St. James' church. Pentwater Dahringer buses, through the ! will be held as usual at 5 p m ' co-operation of M. J. Dahringer, 'preceded at 4:30 p. m by ' the ..* +„• \_, -company manager. i catechizing of children OI V^umph by n e ove . ervice of music will be offered Witte by the male chorus, directed by ' The Button Friendship club Ted Tallefson. ! which organized with but a few' The Sunday school will con- f rie nds at Button's corners dis- I O 'f braces a large membership from Summit. Pere Marquette, Sutton's and West and North River- i ton districts. The enjoyable meetings are held every first and third Thursday of the month i OI during the winter months. Their I y K.CV. i objective is in helping each other ' - m °rn- • with needlework, or if need i Another in ' arises they contribute their cf-, •< w " 'next forts to the need at hand. i( the i Mrs. John Waddell will be Fvprvrmo •T'Vio/""'^'-'"" 1 -'"' " Ho! ' hostess to the club Thursday aft- i^vciyunc inat ihirsteth bv' F. E. Gilbert jvil^ di• The organ num- by Mrs. Dan V. n fv,-^ -,— - nclude "Near the Cathedral" by Hopkins, "Contemplation" by Perry, "Hymn Every Day IS A Saving DAY AT LUND'S lbs . 57c BUTrEK ' . OLEO, Blue A Ribbon,. . A Ibs. BRANDIED MINCEMEAT, bulk> Miss Hackert Will Marry on Nov. 23 Mr. and Mrs. George Hackert, Sherman street, announce -the Harris. This service is specially prepared so QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID engagement and approaching The monthly Danish ^..^c marnage of their daughter, will be held at 10:30 a. m. Sunday at Bethany Lutheran church. At this time, the Dan- Mrs. Carl Anna, to Burton Forsyth of Detroit. The wedding will take place on ! ish choir will sing" Thanksgiving day at 2 o'clock in the afternoon at the Reorganized , Church of Jesus Christ of the ' of the church from rural areas ' Latter Day Saints, at Detroit. j Swedish baked goods, made bv i ! the ladies of the church, will also j 1 be on sale and a candy table will j be featured. Refreshments uncl j coffee will be .served during the I affair. The general public is in! v 'tod. An early Holy Communion ser- tv . i~" v -1"-*-"*"^ K^jjaicu so rroBDOvmieusoinomeirearnieintnat vice will be held in Grace church i } !\ at eacn , P, erson attending may ; Must Help or It Will Cost You Nothing at 8 a. m. and the church school '• ' Jf" - a Vlta . j Part in it. All who : Over one million bottles of the WILLARD will convene at. 10 a in. ,aesue to give personal expres-1 TREATMENT have been sold for relief of Sion to their relieious faith ora B J rn >P' onls o'dUtress arising from Stomach invited to ittpnrl %£> £ M- • and Du<Httn » l Ulc«r«dne to CXCMS A«M— -llw-iv? ,,-«i a The P ubllc 1S foor DlgMtlon. Sour or UpMt StomMh, M-S^ AeJ COme. | Ga»lit**t, HMrtburn, SlMpU«>n*u, .tc., , The Happiest Man in T nrl ' due ^ ****** *''«!• Sold on 15 days' trlall service i i_ ngton » is the sermon subject! —— "-*"-"" 1 ' 1 Met "- f '" whj ^ ™* JELLO, f all flavors .... nke OC SANKA and Qff« KAFFEE HAG, lb. ODC CALUMET BAK- -f Q« ING POWDER, lb. l«fC BISQUICK FLOUR, large box (Dish free) MOTHER'S BEST FLOUR Off« 24',.- lb. bag ... ODC GOLD MEDAL FLOUR, OQ^ 24i'i lb. bap OtJC RICE, g ttff^ 3 lbs. ^ut, GREEN SPLIT or WHOLE •'. LUTHERAN j BETHANY LUTHERAN —' — - u^AAAAUii ou/iyicu u for the evening sermon at 7:30 explains tola treatment—fro*— 1,KWIS DRUG STORE Wangen Building , # * Fall Festival Is In ___ . A fall festival, including a sale ! of country produce, and baked goods is in progress this afternoon and evening in Luther hall. The festival is being .sponsored by the Junior Ladies' Aid of Emanuel Lutheran church and the donations for the sale have been made by members and friends 49C FROSTY FRUIT ICE CREAM CAKE 12 Cup Cakes FREE AT LAGESEN'S DANISH BAKERY - cate that the average motor ve- hide in use in S.wiU have - I MR. RETAILER:- Most every merchant wants to make a profit, doubtless you do too. Ask our salesmen about SAVE ELECTRIC LIGHT BULBS It's a profit making item that you will want to carry in your stock. • C. Schrink & Sons WHOLESALERS '-.ANN'S FASHIONS: WE ARE NOW FEATURING THE NATIONALLY KNOWN LINE OF REDFERN COATS WITH THE FLAIR OF YOUTH PLUS SOPHISTICATION (As Seen in Vogue Magazine) DRESS AND SPORT STYLES In All Sizes Including Half Sizes. • TWEEDS • PLAIN COLORS • FUR TRIMMED • PLAIN AND TWO-WAY STYLES. Also Coats at $12.75 and up. ANN'S FASHIONS 408 SOUTH JAMES STREET SATURDAY SHOE SALE We're closing out all discontinued line of BROWN-BILT shoes for women. make room for early spring shoes. patterns We in our must All BROWN-BILT Women's Shoes Are Going Out at 1-2 PRICE $6 AIR-STEPS NOW $3 $5 ODETTES ( NOW ^ 52- 50 14 PERSONALITY STYLES NOW $2 $3.50 HARMONY STYLES $1.75 NOW Every pair a seasonal style, including: WINE, BLUE, BROWN, BLACK. SUEDES, KIDSKIN, CALF, GABARDINE. In every conceivable pattern. All heel heights. Sizes 4 </ 2 to 9, Widths AAA to C. Seldom are such low prices placed on shoes of this high grade. Only our desire to- make room for new spring merchandise would cause such reductions. Every Transaction Will Be CASH. No Charges. Forslind & Gavan "The Basement Store" Entrance Next to Newberry's, South James St. GREEN PEAS, .. RINSO, CHIPSO, SODA CRACKERS GRAHAM CRACKERS CORNED BEEF, . CORNED BEEF HASH, A RING A BOLOGNA,^ ' lbs. boxes lbs. 15c cans cans 37c 29c 29c DEER HUNTERS Whether you are just taking a sandwich or going on a week's camping trip into the wilds, take the best, we have it. 21 DIFFERENT KINDS OF COLD MEAT. BACON, the very best, chunk, . . Ib. STRICTLY FRESH EGGS. LOG CABIN SYRUP, can PANCAKE FLOUR, ____ 5 19c bag WHEATIES, j kixi j* Pkg. Pkff. lOc CHRISTMAS NUTS 1940 pack of WALNUTS, NO. i Diamond, lb. No. 1 BUDDED 23c SEA FOAM candy, big brick Johnston's fancy assorted CHOCOLATES, OQf» lb. box O tfi/ 2 i/2lb. box • 5C Lund's Grocery 310 S .Washington Ave. Phone 111 HAVE YOU TRIED HOMOGENIZED Soft Curd Milk? It's Easier to Digest. Cream in Every Drop The Park Dairy Phone 55 We Deliver FEATURED AT TH£ NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR THERE'S 00 OVERCOAT LIRE Tests prove this luxurious knitted fleece is 25% 'warmer, 38% longer wearing, and 2 pounds lighter than ordinary coats. And .remember, "Alpagora" is now guaranteed against moth damage for two full years. New colors in liberally cut models are ready. Stop in today, for the coat of tomorrow, $ 34 .50 m OT H P R O'O F SHOUIERPBOOF THE TOGGERY K. L. ASHBACKER & SONS

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