The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 5, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1894
Page 7
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IH» BnrttMt. li the omr newspaper in Car- nil countythat I* punted all at home and it con* MM more loml and wnntt news than an* other two papeK u toll Muntfi POWSBB * OoLCto, Props, FBIDA*, OCTOBER 5, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. GRAND OPENING — NEW — \ Geiania Opera House .';. —OMB NIGHT- Monday, October 8 The Great Comedy Success "JfVNB" 400 aa produced NIGHTS IN LONDON NIGHTS IN NEW YORK \ To be preceded by the charming .„ one act comedy ''LADY FORTUNE" Seats at Hatton's drug store. Rubbers at Moore's. Overshoes at Moore's. Ladies' overshoes at Moore's. Children's overshoes at Moore's. Gentlemen's overshoes at Moore's. You can get fine repairing done a* Moore's shoe store. A nice line of school supplies, at th< Palace drug store. (L. M. Nichols and wife came up from Boone this afternoon. Free concert this evening by the Union band at the opera house. Mrs. Westbrook left this afternoon fo: •a abort visit with friends at Vail. When you want first class fruits of an; kind, call at Schachtner & Egan's cash grocery. Qlidden / was well represented las evening at the speaking at the cour house. ,. Severa) from this city are at Dos Mqinesto attend the McKinley meeting this evening. Try a cake of the Dairy Made Buttermilk eoap for the complexion, at tho Palace drug store. Lost—twenty-five dollars. Finder wil be liberally rewarded by returning the same to E. Ji Slodclard. Rev. T. 8. Bailey will fill the pulpit a tho Presbyterian church next Sunda; morning and evening. Try a sack of Crosby's boat flour, fo sale by Schachtner £ Egan's grocery, and be convinced of its superiority. For rent,—two dwelling houses, on located on north aide and the other on tho south side. Qeo, W. Bowen. LudwlgBros. havejuat received a ful line of ladies' caps and cloaks. Call in and examine our stock while it IB new. By reports we know that one ef oui young men ia about to desert the field o buchelordom and take unto himself a helpmate. Tbe •arlUr »jwptoms of dyspepsia, ueart burn and eoesdontl headaches, should not be neglected. Take Hood's sarsaparllla to' be ouwd. Call at Joyoe'i office for rock, meat . and barrel salt, oil meal, itorm sash, hard and «oft coal. Special prices on surplu lumber. Qlerk Kennebeok iiaued the following llcenani yesterday. Hemrlch W. Thj ana Mary T, Wlohmer, both of Carroll and to, William Htne and Matilda Back- h»ue, f A* M emerfenoy medicine In croup bronohltla, aer« throat, MA kindred dls easen.Ayw'i Cherry Pectoral la uuaur pused, J. H. Bcbroeder WM in the city to day looking o«r tfee poltticar situation Mr. Schroeder it growing stronger every day aa a candidate. Prof, KM(ey, ot the Olldden Normal WM in MM oily lod»y in the interest o the college. ' Ue »*yi that tho attoudauct at that college [» touch larger than I ever WM before. "1 would rather |jrutt the medicine than »uy doctor i know «(," «ay» jtfra. Ufttlle Majonof QMUon, Onrter Co., Jfo., ID upMklugof QiwulMwlftin'a Cold. Ooolen and PUriitoet r«wedy. ( For stile i»y J. IK Unttou, druggUt. P. J. M»anlng loftthlft oliyB*t«rd»> waning and »(once entered into « yoarl, contract for the. Cheboygan aboo |ao- tory. He wi|) call on the trade In Ibl cltv tb« iMt ol Ibis mouth. 1 The forwulu of"Ayer'i a»rs|p»rlll» I well known to the w»e4lo»| profession, »uij MittveiwUly approved. Thu reputfttUw o , (be firw guvnutee* «xcelleuee tud uul forum? In foe medicine, «nd (he world' experience for pearly ball • oootury has fully demoottr«ted Id value. «(t Tburtdiy, Oct. U , WoUoid * Bhorld»u Oo., nil • give three n|gbji of tliwatrlcul pleu.uiu he Germnula Optra houle. Thufsday venlng thef will pfeient"The 8lng«er§," Friday "The Trala Wrecker*," and 8at- rday "Under«rottnd." Thli company arrlesT.OOO poundaof ipeclil scenery and electrical and mechanical effects. They will give good entertainments at opular prices. L. 0. Goodwin was in the city today lUtting up the paper far Joe Ott's Star itazera, which will appear at the opnra house Wednesday, Oct. 17. Joe Ott Comedy company will appear t the opera house Wednesday evening, Oct. 17, In the funniest comedy on the atage—The Star Gazers. Bee their "ad" n today'spaper. That joyful feeling with the Mhllarat- ng sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanliness, which follows ;he use of 8;rup of Vlgs, Is unknown to ihe few who have not progressed beyond the old time mMlclnes and the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well Informed. The Carroll Union band will appear at the opera house this evening and treat the public to a free entertainment. The opera house has been about completed and a general invitation ia extend ded to the public to call and see the new building and at the same time listen to a fine musical program free. Val Roush, of Holsteln, is now Introducing a buckwheat flour for which he ia agent and is the beat thing on the market. The flour is manufactured at Cohocton, N. Y., Larrowe Milling company limited. Parties desiring first class buckwheat would do well to correspond with him as he guarantees all his flour. The committee that had charge of the sale of tickets for the opening evening of the new opera house bave csnvaated the business men of the city and have been quite successful in their labors. The tickets as sold were in a nature of donation to tho enterprise. The tickets will be placed on sale tomorrow and the price will be $1. Those who were gener ous enough to contribute fl.60 extra have the good will of the committee -as well as of the entire society. $100 Reward, $10O. The readers of this paper Kill be pleased to learn that tboro Is at least one dreaded dlseas tbat science baa been able to cure tn all Us stage and that Is catarrh. Hall's catarrh cure Is tbo only positive cure now known, to tbe medlca fraternity. Catarrh being a'constitutional dls ease, requires a constitutional treatment. Ball's catarrh cure Is taken Internally, acting dlreotly upon the blood and mucous surfaces ot tbe system, thereby destroying the foundation of tbo disease, and giving tbe patient strength by bnlldmguQ the constitution and assisting u'a tare In doing Its work. Tbe proprietors bave so much faith In Its curative powers, that they offer one hundred dollars lor any case that I' alls to cure. Send lor list of testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, 0. t3T8old b( druggists, 7Sc. Jefferson Souvcnl last week or hi DOLLiVEtt AT CAUROLL, The editor of the evidently got excited would not have made such u spnsmodi exhibition of his ignorance. If he wil take the pains to look up the last sta tistics as given in the state superintendents' biennial report, he will find that ho gives tho report for two years In tho report. If Bro. Turrill will , calm his nerves he will find tbat tbe report for the second year in this report is exactly aa wo gave it. Look it over, brother, and the next time keep quiet and the people will not lonrn so readily how little ' you really do know. If we had apace we would take time to give you a few primary instructions aa to bow to atudy a tabulated report, for we see you are wonderfully deficient in this. These classifications both place Jefferson in the list of "graded" schools and Carroll in tbe "city" schools. There Is no medicine so often needed in every homo and so admirably adapted to the purposes for which It is tntencd, as Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Hardly a week passes but some member of Ihe family boa need of it. A toothache or headache way be cured by it. A touch of rheumatism {or neuralgia quieted. The severe pain of a burn or scald promptly relieved and the sore healed In much less time than when medicine has to be sent for. A sprain may bo promptly treated before lullauiir.atlon setH In, which Insures a cure lu about one-third of the time otherwise mjulrud . Cutaaud bruises should receive Immediate treatment before the parts become swollen, which oan only bo done when i'alu Bului U kept at hand . A sore throat may be cured before it become* serious, A troublesome corn may be re- removed by applying It twice a day for a woek or two. A lame back may be cured and several days of valuable time saved or a pain lu the side or chest relieved without paying a doctor bill. Procure a fiO cent bottle at once atd you will never regret It. For sale by J . IT. Uation.drug- gUt. , ___ ^ w _ w- _ UKMOCHATIC CAUCUS. will meet In caucus alCenter school bouse, Saturday October II, at 4 o'clock, to place lu nomination township officers, aud transact such other buslnlw M may cow* before tfce caucus, rman Uids will bo received for the bulldUn of tho city water works plant, by tho water -worka committee, up to noon MOD- day, Ool, 9. Committee reserves the rluht to reject any or all bids. Vl»ua aud specifications can be aeeu at the mayor's office. Works Carroll Mwktt Report Con United from sixth page. elect a Republican house at the coming ilection. The money question is one ot deep lignificance to the people. I do not ilaitn to belong to that class ot economists who sit on dry goods boxes and answer all the questions about the finance of our country as .flippantly as 'ou would toss n copper in the air. There are things, however, about this question that we may be sure of and in iheee cases I know we stand on solid ground. I think we have too many tinds, but while we have this multiplic- ty, every dollar of it is equal to every other dollar. We know when we have a certain amount ot money what it is worth, and when we owe a certain amount we know just what we owe. I deem the man dishonest in principle who owes a debt and is constantly trying to devise some way to get it paid in a money that is of less value than what it was to be paid in. The idea that the government can. create wealth and pay off its indebtedness by the use of a paper mill and a printing press is foolish. No man's mind is sound who thinks that the government can issue fiat money. It has no power to create wealth; in fact, it is the most helpless pauper in the world and cannot live without keeping ite collections well up, We can by no means invent o system of money that will pay our debts without destroying our credit and degrading our honor. You hear about the great conspiracies that have been committed against the people and in favor ot Wall street. They tell about the conspiracy of demonetizing silver; making the bonds payable in gold; the redemption of the paper money and so on. All I have to say is that every one of these bills, which they tell you are conspiracies, were signed by such men as Lincoln, Grant and Gnrfield, and if they are conspirators, what in the name of God would you call General Weaver and Col. Coxey? I believe in bimetalism just so far as it can be carried on without dis turbing the relative values of our money We area nation; cannot live to ourselves We are only a part of the great family of the world and these relations existing be tweenuB are becoming of such vital importance and nre growing so rapidly that I honestly believe within five years we will have a universal standard for golc aud silver and then we can coin it at any ration that these nations may establish. In conclusion, I will say that tho Democratic party is one with fixed ideas one with principles commanding twentj thousand votes in this district, is without a candidate for congress. They are asked to rally around and support a candidate from the People's party, will say to them that so long ns they have to go outside ot their party for man to vote for, what's Che matter of voting for the old mnu Dolliver? Do not get into a twist by supporting the People's party nominee like the Domo orutio party has ia Nebraska and Kim SUB. The twist that they bave got into reminds me of a story. Two men put up at a hotel. Iu the night it took lire Tho men hurriedly dressed themselves aud jumped out at tho window. One man put his breeches on wrong side,bo- fore. The other fellow said to his com panion atler they had reached tern flrrnn, "Pat are you kilt?". "No, Mike, bu I have got a fatal twist on uje." So i' will be with you Democrat*; you wil get into a fatal twist if you ally yourselves with tho Populist party. Victims ot youtbful follies suffering from norv ous debility, lack of lelf-conUdeuce, Impaired memory, and kindred si mptoms, eliould send 1 cents In stamps tot largo illustrated treatise giving means ot certain cure, wltb numerou testimonials, sent In a plain sealed envelope Address, World's Dispensary "Medical iassoola tlon, 603 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y, CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondents, to insure tbe publication o their letters m tbe weekly, must mall tiutni so tbey will resell our office Wednesday. J TEMPLKTON. We were In the northern part of Ihe county s> (few days this week and have not ueen|ablu to gather much news. K. Sllberaiaen was at the depot tbe other evening and his team became badly frlgkteuedkwhou thu man carrying vitck laiDpslpafcsed by. ITe had a tiro Monday and our back go well soaked. When tho fire broke out at Uedham Frl< day night our lire toddles were enjoying the ploasuresfof the ball room. A dls patch was twnt here for aid. lu a few moments the boys had left their girls li the ball room, and when tho special pulled lu tbe whole hose company was on hand ready to go. When the company arrlvei at Pedkaiu the Ore was well under head way but ittfld good work. Several build Ingalwero burued aud had U not bave bceufor ourltboys (he flro would huv crossed Ihe street. Kid Wright, of Mauniug, was staying lu our city several days last week, Thomas Wolf Is erecting a new add! tkuu to Ws houeo. Johu Meyers, of ttoselle township, wa lu our city Tuesday, A brother-in-law of 1). Lilly moved to our city from Ceou Wapitis last Monday Ue will engage in the blaokuuiltl business. Thuo. iktoUojppuor was »t Mt. Oonue 8aturdartvls||log his brolhur-lu- law who was tick. Hits able lobe around agalu we learn, audible to work aj well as ever ss o ave . Visiting him and other friends In thlsf rofessor Swing had bnt two children. vicinity. ! e older of these, Miss Marion, mar; i, ',.....,, , .. „ i$l Jewett E. Bicker over 20 years ago. More rain fell at this place on the first 1 ) ——•'•—"-— ---- - — '- -------- ft.- •AIT utuunv AMP VTOK* Frank Neuerburg aud Maggie ToWn WQre wanted September 8«u, Mr, to or claim* for damages must be filed In the aridltur's office on or before boon of tin'12th day of November, A. D. 1894, or such highway will be located without reference thereto, W. P. HOMHACIT, 24-4t County Auditor, lurfe wai lately a resident of this place lid. both he atid his bride have boats of fiends who nxteud congratulations. Ohas. Kurtli lost a good horse yester- t'ay. Death was caused by a kick. h^n.^hmT" 1 tn " d CB868 ° f 8 ° red - But the subsequent feeling was hroat hereabouts. .bitter that Professor Swing brought Mr. Harden has quinsy. His son JBy a tt e rs to a close by resigning his postor- s also sick. e, a large number of his friends going John Ilinkley has drilled wells for Johnjt with him aud forming the Central Heath. lurch, In which Professor Swing had two sisters of Ira ITarrlck have been 6 with great success. hanliBs fallen for several months. The Infant son of young Moore, who was considered hopelessly ill with cholera ntantum, la better. Mrs. Andrew Heeler has been very sick during the past week. It Is a case of blood poison. There has been but slight irospectbf her recovery. Her brother, iev. Wm. IPelker, of Omaha, has been sent for. In our missing' notes we mentioned hat Miss Lulu Kobinaon was teaching the 'all term of school at East Liberty, and Miss Jennie Bell had entered college in Glldden, also that Fred Sbroeder, of Chiago, bad visited his brother and other relatives here, lie hod been to boon, 7owa, to see his mother who is seriously 111 and may not live long. Oct. 2. . JIM. PLEASANT HILL. Winter wheat and rye look reasonably good. Coon river stopped running last week but started since the rain. Dick Grove has been troubled with weak eyes lately. There was a general rush last week to pay the taxes before becoming delinquent. Messrs. Lester and Umbaugh made corn fodder for C. A. Bailey last week. The ladies of the U. B. church at Carrollton, will make a handsome patchwork quilt for Mrs. Hayden, wife of the pastor. We talked to the religious editor lately and found him iu favor of salvation uuc missionary contributions, : E. Jackson, of Breda, is billed to teach the Corbin school this winter. A gentleman of Willey is trying to prefect a corn cutter and have it patented. Wo learn that Sam Byrely has rentec a farm on Brushy near Carpenter grove. Some of the neighbors have been losing hogs with cholera it is supposed,nnt if the hog goes theu times are hard. E. - Jones, of Carrollton, was elected Sunday school superintendent by a large majority last Sabbath. oM.;Bauer and his BOD, who lives in Willey, gave n namcsdny sociable recent ly. A beot and two lar;;e hogs was slaughtered and eaten, and some beet was drank—about 24 kegs ns near as is learned. Tho subject ot Russian thistle to which our attention was called last week has been partially investigated. The weed is most abominable. Still worse than cookolburs,and nil highways shoule be by. all^persous so that it wil not get a Blurt iu our county. SANTA. Marvelous Results. From a letter written by Roy. J. Guaderman o Dlraondnle, Mlub.,wo nro permitted to miiko thlf extract; "I bave no besltatlon In recommend lug Dr. King's New Discovery, us tbe results were utmost marvelous In tbe case ol my wife While I was pnstor of tbe Baptist church Rlvor Junction t>he was brought down wltb Pneu ruonln succeeding La Ciilppe. Terrible parox yarns of coughing would last bours with llttlu In ter.ui'tlouuud It seemed as If she could not stir vivo tiiem. A friend recommended Dr. King' New Discovery; It was quick In Us work und highly satisfactory lu results." Trial bottles free at J. W. nation's drug store. Regular size GOuaudfl. , Inter State Fair. Ou October «, 10 and 11,1604, the North H'utitorn Line will ruu a special train luavlug Carroll at 8 a. m. and arriving In Sioux City at 12.10 p. m. Returning train will leave bloux City at 7.16 p. m. and ar rivttut Carroll at 11,06 p. m. Excursion tickets to Sioux City and return at ha) rates, ono fare for the round trip, ou October BthUo ittth, good for return until Oo tober 15th, 18M,luolusive. For tickets am full Information apply to agents of Chi ctigo & Nortu IKesluru Hallway. IOB. Ice season has now beKUu and tho wag on lu now out. Leave your ordera »t the otlloo of A. U. Quint or M. Simon's store NOTIOB-UiailWAY--PrOorof ToM. Ulahop.O. K. Stanley and 11. Sherwlu and all whom Ituiayeoucern: Tho (MiiuniUaloiier appointed to looato and va«»te a highway commencing i»t a point on the north lino of tbo right orway of thi> Obloago A North vyc'utorii rallwa; at a point U8 rout wuttof where thequurlti auollun lino running belwoeu thaeaat hat and the went half of tho touthweuit quarto of Hoottou 87,towuBliln 84,raugo 88 west 5(1 p. m i of Iowa, orosbinu' the north lino o right of way of the aalu Chicago * North we«to(n railway and ruuuluu thence noitl H5 (fu(, theuou wuaturly 1ST fuut; thettoe tioutli Hi feet to the north lino of Haiti rlgh of way; thouce oast along tho north Mm of «nid duht o( way to the place of bt>glu nluti; being a strip of land oonlHlnlng au-100 acre*. Alto ooniniouolug at i point 88 foot weal of whuro the nuarle, auction Hue abovo uoncrlbed crosseg th uoutli Hue of tho said right of way of the gald Ohlouo A Nortliwosturu railway ai running tlieuuo touth Hfi feet, thenoa iu wuntorly direction iSiO fuat, theucu uortl 48fet't, to the said south lino of tho «Ud rluht of way, thuuoo east along said south lino u( «a.ld I'luht u( way to the plaoo o bo«lnnliia, ocuVftlulng a atrip of Und oou 81- 100 of an acre. AUo vacate the htuhway on the uforo mild uuarter section flue, commencing a the norw line of the rltihtof way of »al( railway oowpauy and runuluK thuuci south acroas said right of way to the aoutl Him of nald dKht of way. UHS renorlud In favor of location tut vfto»tio|) thereof , aud all objections t,U?re an «g an see Pr tied .IN THE FUNNIEST PLAY OUT, THE STAR CAZER You will change your mind. In addition to adopting the Omaha platform the Populists of the Newark N. J.) congressional district have added Borne platform of their own. One ilank is n declaration in favor of a oon- ititntional amendment providing for tho election of United States senators directly by the peopla Another piank calls for tho attachment of a penalty clause to the eight hour labor law. Resolutions favoring woman suffrage and the initiative and the referendum went throngh unanimously. In another reso Intion these New Jersey Populists declare themslves of the opinion that the action, of the federal courts in the Pull man strike oases threatens the existence of the citizen's right to trial by jury. The Japanese show they are up to date in warfare in all respects. Among oth er things, their sending a corps of train' ed women nurses from Tokyo to the military hospital at Seoul proves it Ja pan, too, will have her Florence Night ingale. China, on the other baud, has no military hospitals and no army BUT geons in the civilized meaning of the term. Iff XX* XI in the hand of a Surteon give* you a feeling of horror »nd dread. There 1* no longer neoetitty for IU uw In many discoid formerly regarded u incurable without cutting, ' The Triumph of Conservative Surgery Is well illustrated by tho fact that RUPTURE ? p B"« nurlUflb Unowrad- ieaUy cured without the knife and without pain. Clumsy, chafing trusses can be thrown away I They never cure but often induce Inflammation, stntnirulation and death. TljunDC Ovarian. Fibroid (Uterine) and lUlllvmt) many others, are now removed without the perils of cutting operations, Pll P TllMflRQ however large. Fistula rILt I UMUnd, and other diseases ot the lower towel, are permanentlr cured without pain or resort to the knife. CTAUC In the Bladder, no matter how OI wnc, large, i* crushed, pulverized, washed out and perfectly removed without cutting. STRIHTIIRP of Urinary Passage is also I l\lw I One remored without cutting in hundreds of oases. For pamphlet, reference! and all particulars, send 10 cents (in stamps) to World's Dispensary Medical Association. No. G6U Main Street, Buffalo, M. Y. DOH'T COMMIT SUICIDE UNTIL YOU SEE OTT= He is coming to CARROLL '. and will be the first attraction to appear in The New Opera House ^^S^^^S**^%^N^*^^W^>*i*%^N^%«^".^^^^*»»^*s^»»^. At regular prices, givuig you positively the best entertainment ever teen in your city at the price. l!he date is fixed for just one night, but not until He will also bring with him his o\vn big city company of fg ComeflliDS, Singers ml Pincers. There will be no living pictures or a oar load of scenery, but there will .be FUtf ENOUGH to last you for the next month to come.. * •jMJeats will be put on sale early in advance, and you want to full In line and go where the crowd goes, for iou WON'T DO A THING BUT LAUGH. L C, GOODWIN, of Boone, brings the above attraotlon to Carroll. Prices, 35,5O and 75c If artesian wells con he made to "ar- tese," as it were, in the Dakotas, then millions of acres of land con he cultivated for a full crop every year, and millions of thrifty and Industrious people will be made happy in the north-' west The result of an experiment in sinking one well in the lately ceded • Sioux lauds gives promise of bountiful irrigation. It is a complete success. If this well gives water, then other wells in the vicinity will do the same, and 10,000,000 more of fertile acres can be added to the domain for settlement. The Dallas (Tex.) News soys: One of. the first anarchists for the people of this nation to decapitate is thu cowardly lyucher. : '1 The defeat of Breokinridge is the triumph of decency aud morality. It is also tho triumph especially of womanhood iu Kentucky. i Of inauy a newspaper story it can be Bald: Not true, bpt well faked. GUILD'S OREflT CLEARING SALE Is still ou and will be for eight days move. Our fall goods are beginning to arrive, aud must make room for them, consequently must sell. Cost or quality outs no figure. If you want bargains see Guild's prices. P^Kemember a dollar saved is a dollar earned and you can save one dollar on every three dollars worth you purchase &s* AT GUILD'S NEW DiY MODS 810BE ^^ Next door west of poatolHoe, Carroll, Iowa.

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