The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 2, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1933
Page 8
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^ • IS THE BAKERSFIELD CAL1FORNIAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1933 j AMERICAN FILMS U. S. Speech uncl Accent Arc ; Among Alleged Faults Under Attack OPENING AT NILE TONIGHT * (United Pratt tcaacrf Wire) 'LONDON, Feb. 2.—American films, trill eh niuUo up »t leant 75 per cent or British programs, lire honrllly disliked fiy a certain section of the public, It ife revealed here. •• Generally speaking, however, the man-tn-the-strcet, despite tho Intensive propaganda of the Brltlnh film Companies, does not believe that the British product can touch the American for photography, acting, and 'direction, although. In some cases tho Scenario may be better. '•• Tho antl-Anicrlcnn fllm-ltes have been campaigning for sonic time, and (heir latest effort Is a newspaper com- netltlon asking for 70 words of criticism of Hollywood. The majority of the answers objected chiefly to American speech and accent, but the winner of the competition did not strike the usual patriotic note. '• Here Is his effort. 1/llse most of llm other competitors ho signs himself by a pseudonym, "Walrus." •' "My objections to the Hollywood film arc: That Us values are false and Its morals squalid. That IU stnrlea arc Hilly, Its romance tinsel, and Its humor Infantile. That It has debased the English language,, and corrupted tHe speech of our own youth. That it unscrupulously revises tho facts of history In favor of America. That It has lowered the prestige of the white man. throughout the world." "If your space had been a llttlu more generous," he adds, "I should nave added that it had prostituted a great invention to the injury, and not to the benefit of humanity." JOAN BUONDBLL AS CHARMING SECRETARY IN "LAWYER MAN" MAE WEST WILL END ATFOXJODAY "•What a man!" said Mao West, ocklngly, a trifle condescendingly. That was over a year ago, In a play on Broadway which Mho had authored, und In which she was starring. Within a few months, people everywhere were exclaiming: mockingly, a trifle condescendingly. "What a man!" on a variety of pretexts. A new slang phrase hud been born. "What a maul" Is one of half a do/en slangr phrases which Miss West, who makes her debut as a movie'star In her personally-written picture, "Sho tione Him Wrong," which' ends ItH run at the Pox Theatre today has Introduced to the country. "TONIGHT IS OURS" Film Extra Avers Her Spouse Cruel (Enited Prc** tcaxeti Wire) .DOS ANGELES. Feb. 2.—Love vanished when C. Nelson Allen, screen nclor, threw a deck of cards In her fjcc. according to Hi.- divorce com- lihilnt of Ursona Alien,; film extra, today. "One night at bridge 1 led with a certain card which he believed to be an unusual play, and he got uo and threw the cards In my face," she said. *TThe couple married in Portland, Ore., January 4, 1930, and separated IE IS TO STtAT RIALTO Hinged as a benefit for St. Joseph's Catholic church, the HlnHo theater tomorrow, for- one day only, presents John Barrymore In his Intent, and what critics say Is easily his greatest play, "A Bill of Divorcement." It is not a divorce problem play, neither does It touch upon tho tragic* results of a sudden marital discord, nor does it. In ' any way attempt to | draw a moral from domestic Infelicity or unfaithfulness. Tlalhcr, the picture ascends to heights of sheer sacrificial drama; tho drama of woman's courage, man's dependency, and a young girl's disillusionment. Divorce as such is Incidental to the' theme. The film stars John Barrymore in what has been described as his greatest role; a characterization now to him and new to his vast audience of admirers and followers. Playing in featured support arc Katharine Hepburn, a glamorous newcomer to Hie screen for whom stardom Is predicted, and Blllic Burke, one of the greatest actresses of the American stage. J A N EXCEPTIONALLY strong cast jrVwIth William Powell In tho stel- | Inr role, comes to tha Nllo tonight In ! the comedy-drama production "Lawyer Man." Joan Blondell, as his loud- Ing lady, has the rolo of a snappy I wise-cracking secretary In which she Is said to be at her best. . The supporting cast Includes such well-known players as Helen Vinson, Sheila Terry, Clalro Dodd, Ann Urody, Allan Jenkins, Hockllffo Fellows, David Landau and Alan Dinehart. Tho story Is said to bo filled with brilliant dialogue and the quaint hu-- mor of a successful ISast Side lawyer who Just "can't resist tho smiles of pretty ladles. Ho IH brought to his senses eventually through the love of his smart blonde secretary In a manner that bristles with comedy and romance. Old-Time Dancing Club Is Organized Organization of an Old-timers Dfcnc- Ing Club, for tho purpose of staging four old-fashioned dances each month Is under way. Pop Weaber and Jin Shoperson are In charge of tho membership drive. Tho membership feo will bo $1 and will Include four Friday night dances, and ono on a Saturday night, tho sponsors ^ald. The first Friday dance will be staged tomorrow night at the La Granada ballroom. Country store night will bo a feature of tho series. Weaber will officiate us muster of ceremonies und tho La tlranada orchestra, led by Qulnn Johnson, will entertain. FREDRIC MARCH AND CLAUDETTE COLBERT IN FOX FILM "Tonight Is Ours" tolls the romance between Miss Colbert* cast as a young woman who has tossed aside the re- "rpONIGHT IS OURS," screen adap- JL tatlon of a play by, Noel Coward, who authored "Prlvte Lives," start- Ing tomqrrow at the Fox theater, will continue there through. Saturday. Frederic March Ihrough. Salurday. and Claudelte Colbert have starring roles. • "Tonight Is Ours" Is the second successive film In Which March and Miss Colbert co-star They played together In Cecil B. de Mllle's spectacle of pagan Rome, "The Sign of the Cross," which Is currently being shown at • legitimate show prices In large cities Ihroughout tho country. spohslbllltles of a kingdom for a fling at Purls, and'March, a'Wealthy young Parisian who Insists on sharing the fling. •- • • -•• Alison Sklpworth of "Mndame'Hack- -eteer" -and "Night After Night,' fame, heads the supporting cast. Ar thur Byron and Paul Cavanaugfi havi leading roles. • Announce Opening of Roosevelt Club Opening of tho Roosevelt Club, located four miles south of Bakersfleld on Union avenue, 01} Saturday night, February 4, has been announced by Eva L. Baker, proprietor. Chicken and steak dinners, sandwiches, dancing and good music will be featured on the menu and entertainment programs. Reservations may be made by telephoning 5499. Extraordinary Announcement TRUKOLD Electric Refrigerators REDUCED or 5 Adults .50, Now $ 50 00 Size for 6 or More Adults Was $190.00, Now 50 $ 149 50 NO FREIGHT ADDED NO DELIVERY CHARGES Only DOWN $10 a Month. Small Carrying Charge Pricq reduced ! A greater value than ever. Pays for ilsclf by saving you more than it costs. Super service power and ALL of the big points you hear talked about . . . EVERY impor-- lant feature nationally advertised! Backed by Ward's millions -and GtK year-old company your TruKold will never be an orphan. Always service, should you need it. . . ; WHY PAY MORE when you cannot get more? Let TruKold prove itself to you- on a 30 DAYS TRIAL MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. COMING TO CALIFORNIA 'Tombstone Canyon" Booked for Friday Program; Splendid Cast In ' place of writing" a • story and nulling a location to the requirements of. the'story as^ is usually the dase In the studios In Hollywood, "Tomb-.stone Canyon;'.' tho latest Ken Mayhard western .picture coming tomorrow to the Re* theater, the Tiffany StudloH .could have reversed the ofrder ind have written .the story abput tho location—so thoroughly does the title, suit the location chosen for the picture. , . Great walls of stone towering high Into the sky like huge tombstone markers, with smaller , boulders washed by the torrents of winter rain Into exact replicas'of tombstones, and throughout the canyon a hollow emptiness which suggests nothing .If not a graveyard, the canyon discovered for the scenes of most of "Tombstone Canyon" was a natural location made by Dame Nature, herself, -for Just such a picture. '.•'... With Ken Maynard In "Tombstone Canyon" are Cecelia Parker, .Sheldon Lewis, Prank Brownlee, Lafe McKee. The story was written by Claud Rls- ter, and adapted for .the screen by ISarle Snell. . ... KERN—1200 K. 6—Chesterfield, Ruth Ettlng, Leonard Haytbn's orchestra. , . 6:15—Larry Funk's orchestra. 6:30—Colonel Stoopnagle and Budd. 7—The Songsmlths. 7:15—Tarzan of the Apea. 7:»0—The Boswells. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines.. 8:15—Howard Barlow and Columbia orchestra. 8:30—Isham Jones' orchestra. g:45—Isham Jones' orchestra. 9—Eddie Duchln's orchestra. 9:30—Leon Belasco's orchestra. JO—"All request hour". 10:40—Ted Florlto's orchestra. H—Dancing with the stars. 11:30—Dance .orchestra. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. -<*> 6—Captain Henry's Showboat. 7—Lucky Strike Dance Hour. 8—Amos 'n' Andy. 8:15—Standard Symphony Hour. 9:16—Howard Thurston, magician. 9:30—Eno Crime Club. 10—Richfield Reporter of the A1r. 10:15—Phil Harris 1 orchestra. 11:30 .to 12 .midnight—Gus Arn- helm's orchestra. JOE E. BROWN AND FARINA IN NEW COMEDY :OE E. BUOWN does some plain afid .fancy aquaplane stunts In his latest comedy hit, "You Said a Mouthful," the First National picture which starts tomorrow at the California theater. In this ho Is aided and abetled by Preston S. Foster, both of whom are adept with the sea planes In which they are hauled over the rough waters of the Pacific, at Catallna. island, at a terrific speed. .Too playing the part of an artless youth, Is Induced to step on the board through a misapprehension, but manages to stick on by luck and finally topples into tho water through sheer awkwardness. Joe's ungalntlness is simulated for picture purposes, and when ho plunges Into the water, It Is really his skilled diving tha't makes It appear to be a funny accident. Tho story by "William B. Dover Is filled with uproarious situations In which Joe wins a marathon race although he has never swum before. Many now and novel comedy gags have been Injected by Robert Lord and • Bolton screen play. Mallory who wrote the Ginger Rogers, Sheila Terry, Farina, of "Our Gang" comedies, Gulnn Williams and Harry Grlbbon are among those in the. supporting cast. The picture was directed by Lloyd Bacon. Lovers of Conan Doyle's famous detective stories will recaM the character of the arch criminal, Morlarty, In the pursuit of whom Sherlock Holmes did some of his most, difficult sleuthing. Holmes and Morlarty match wits In "Sherlock Holmes," -the Fox picture opening lomorrow at the California thealer. Cllve Brook portrays the title role and tho leading feminine part Is played by Miriam Jordan, who scored successfully In "Six Hours to Live." Ernest Torrence app'ears as Morlarty. Others In the cast are Herbert Mundin, Reginald Owen, Stanley Fields, Roy D'Arcy, Montague Shaw, Arnold Lucy, Alan Mowbray and Lucten Prl- val, . • Ending today are two great features: Richard Dlx and Ann Harding In "The Conquerors" with Edna May Oliver and Guy Klbbe—also "Obey the Law" starring Leo Carrlllo, Lois Wilson and Dickie Moore. 333.1 M—KHJ—900 K. 6—Ruth ,Ettlng., 6:15—CBS Programs to 7. 7—Inglewood Park Concert. 7:30—Chandu, the magician. 7:46—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—CBS Programs to 8:45. 8:40—1. Zlngarl. 9—Eddie Duchln's orchestra. 9:30—Leon Belasco's orchestra. 10—World News; Blsqulck band. 10:16—Ted Flo-Rlto's orchestra. 11—Dancing with the Stars. 12 to 1 a. in.—Marshall grant, organ. 285.5. M.—KNX—1050 K. 6—News. ' 6:16—Bill, Mac and Jimmy, 6:30—81 and Elmer. 6:45—Currler'8 Serenade™. 7—Prank and Archie. 7:15—Guardsmen, Maid Quartet. 7:30—KNX Ensemble. 7:45—Light and Stever. 8—Organ recital. . 8:15—Pennsylvania Dutchles. 8:45—Golden Memories. 9—News. 5:15—Crockett Mountaineers. 9:30—Lubovlskl Choir. 10—Idylls. 10:30—Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. CONTINUOU* DIAMOND* AA WERE HER", rAttlONI V OW GRANT OWEN MOORE COMEDY . PICTORIAL •POHT» NtWII Starts. Tomorrow WINNER OF THE IM1 AWARD "FOR THE. FINEST PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR A LI son 5KIPWORTH WAITCIK RYftOM BE VIRGINIA LEADER Youth presents a powerful drama of reckless young blood In "Young Bride," which comes to the Virginia theater today. Headlng v the jcast of -the RKO-Palhe production are four of the screen's most popular young players. Helen Twelvetrees, the blonde beauty who rose to fame in "Her Man" and "Millie," has the starring folo. In Iho romantic lead opposite her Is Eric Linden, young New York Theater Guild actor who was hailed as a film find as the result of his work In "Are These Our Children?" Arllne Judge, youthful Broadway beauty who also distinguished herself In "Are These Our Children?" and Polly Walters carry the -other two leading roles. The story concerns the romanfce of a demure librarian and the handsome sheik of a cheap dance hall. EXTRA ! ANDY CLYDE In ] "FOOL ABOUT WOMEN" TERRYTOON SONO'REEL 5 BIG DAYS •"KB," WILL ROGERS Janet Gaynor, Lew Ayers LOUISE DRESSER. SALLY EILERS , In "STATE FAIR" ' r> Continuous 1:30 toil AFTER-INVENTORY SALES NOW ON! IN ALL DEP'TS. Yardage! Beddings! Draperies! Men's Wear! Shoes! Hosiery! Needs for the Hvme! Ready-to-Wear! Corsets! Un,derwear! ITS TIME TO BUY! Phillips Music Co. ui.s Sheet Music Publishers' Prices BARGAIN STARTS TONIGHT A New Team In • Comedy Smash Hitl other smart guys that ware — Last Times Today —-| RICHARD DIX ANN HARDING "THE CONQUERORS" "OBEY THE LAW" Leo Carlllo—Lol» Wllion Starting Tomorrow TWO BIG FEATURES Gangway for the Maeatro of Mirth! LOADED WITH LAUGH* A» tfROAD A» THE STAR'S FACIAL CAVITVI Dance Tonight All Even tut Coconut Grove Ballroom in a tra/ict new RADIO PROGRAM KERN AT 6:30 P, M, LAST TIMES TODAY Lee Tracy In Washington Merry-Go-Round COMING TOMORROW Ken Maynard In "TOMBSTONE CANYON" 5 TO 6 P. Mi, I5o; AFTEKO, IJ«,'«i • TOMORROW ONLT Benefit St. Joseph'* Church JOHN BARRYMORI3 Katharine Hepburn, Blllle Burke. David Manners, In a Magnificent Heart.Thrilling Play— "A BILL OF DIVORCEMENT" Continuous, 2:30; to 11 < Adults, 25c; Children. 10c LAST TIMES TODAY « JAMESON THOMAS In "THE bEV|L PLAYS" Al»o Comedy, News, Cartoon. CHINA HlOHT'tONIOHT' VIRGINIA Continuous 12 -m. to 11- p, .m. 300 Seats, Any Time... 15e Today and Friday* Helen Twelvetrees Eric Linden, Arllne Judge. Cliff Edwards,,Roc'ce Ato.'lii "Young Bride" A Sto/y of Youth and Love, Comedy,- Act and Cartoon '

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