Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 9, 1946 · Page 5
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 5

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1946
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9, 1M6. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAGE FIVE. appemnm AT THE SCHULTZ GOLDEN WEDDING The pictures below were token by Mrs. Harvey Roberts at the golden wedding dinner and reception for Mr; and Mrs. August Schultz of this city on Christmas day in the dining hall of St. Paul's church. )dd Fellows Install; Fo Initiate Thirteen. Postville Lodge, No. 707, I. O. 'O. F„ ield their installation of new officers ',st Friday evening following the serv- ig of a 0:30 o'clock dinner. District 'eputy Grand Master Elliot Schroedcr d his supporting start had charge of ie Induction ceremony. The new officers are Francis Padden, 'qblc Grand; Roger Harris, Vice 'rand; A. S. Burdick, R. S. to N. G.; ver C. Schultz, L. S. to N. G.; urence Hofcr, R. S. to V. G.; Everett iOk, L. S. to V. G.; Blake Rathbun, ido Guardian; Arno Schutte, Out- ie Guardian; Ross Thornton, Chap- n; Mllo Gericke, Warden; Elmer ,.nder, Conductor; Lorence Relnhardt, 5^S. S.; Joseph Hccker, L. S. S.; Arno utte, Trustee; A. C. Webster, Treas- r. and Elliot Schroedcr, Secretary, e Odd Fellows hove thirteen can- idates awaiting initiation into the local lodge. These will be inducted in 'J ^JiWo classes, six on Friday evening of .WS week and seven a weolcfrom Fri• • *. day. First, second and third degrees . - .j,'„WJttl be conferred on these candidates >, in? the coming weeks, so it looks like a , i ' j^usy fraternal season for members and ''degree teams ahead. tf-33 Choir Members Enjoy A Sleigh Ride Party. Evelyn and Lillian Erickson were hostesses at a sleigh ride party at the Ben Erickson home for the members of the East Clermont Lutheran choir on January 2. Choir members present were, Rev. A. O. Nesset, Esther and Elsie, Harlan, Bernlce and Kenneth Blockhus, Oliver and Opal Larson, Morris and Clarence Amtmdson, Lovanda and Geroldlno Olson, Ruth Anderson, Irvln, Clifford and Chrystol Olson, Quinton Olson, Fern and DeElto Buroas, Archie Johnson, Signy Hanson, Ardis Groth, Dona Gilbertson, Arlene, Wayne and Roger Amundson, Darlene Olson, Dean and Gerald Kittleson, Eugene, Minerva and Velma Thorson, Verla Gunderson, Arnold and Lydla Thorson. Other than choir members present were Rosella Opsand and Jack Sanders. Following the sleigh ride, a lunch was served and the remainder of the evening was spent in playing various games.' The Family—Left to right are their sons, Kenneth, Harry, Elmer, Roy and Lawrence Schultz; Mr. and Mrs. August Schultz, the celebrants; their daughters, Mrs. Charles H. Ohloff, Mrs. Joe Wirsching, Mrs. Milda Waters, Mrs. Ed Kohi, Mrs. Ira Brooks and Mrs. Alden Albertspn. Fog, Rain, Mild Readings Weather Picture in 1946 Since the New Year the weatherman has given us a mixture of spring, summer and winter weather rolled into one short week. Snow that had covered the earth through most of December has disappeared in the mild weather and last week's fog and 2'4 inches of rain made driving hazardous in northeastern Iowa. Here ore Albert Bertelson's figures on high and low temperatures and the rainfall recorded at his weather observatory: High Low Rain Wednesday, Jan. 2 32 5 Thursday, Jan. 3 30 11 Friday, Jan. 4 40 22 .21 Saturday, Jan. 5 46 38 2.08 Sunday, Jan. 6 40 24 Monday, Jan. 7 29 24 Tuesday, Jan. 8 29 22 Our Newest Citizens. Herald Want Ads bring results! Entertain Neighbors At Birthday Party Friday. ,Mr. and Mrs. Roy Luebka entertained a group of neighbors at their home Friday evening in honor of the . birthday anniversary of their daughter, Lorna. • <The evening was spent playing 500 and at a late hour a lunch was served from the baskets of food brought by \the guests. Attending the party were Mr. and Mft.'Alfred Ehler and Bernice, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jarms and family, Mr. and M^*,i Elmer Luebka and family, Mary • Kay'Thornton, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dahms, •Henry Duwe, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schavc, all of Postville Junction, Mr, and Mrs. Reuben Svendsen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Verni Engle and Mr. and Mrs. John Bakewcll and daughter, Jacqueline of Clermont. Honor Returned Son At New Years Dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ewing gave a dinner party New Years day in honor of their son, James Ewing, wfio recently returned home after being discharged from the service. . The following were in attendance: Mr. and Mrs. George Ewing, Gene, Inez and Darlene of Rossville; Mr. and Mrs. Earl RofTman, Eldo and Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Ewing, Davtid and Jerry of Waukon; Miss Irene Smith of Fayette; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ewing, Lavon and Lola, Mr. and Mrs. Haley Ewing, Arthur and Charles, Mrs. Ruth Vickery and Roger, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hermanson, Frankie and Helen I Stanton, all of Forest Mills, and Mr. | and Mrs. Fred Segrist-of Postville. Since our last publication day, the following babies were born at Postville Hospital: To Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Amundson on December 29, a daughter weighing seven pounds. The father is in the service. To Mr. and Mrs. Duane Kamp, a son, named James Edward, weighing nine pounds, on December 31. To Mr. and- Mrs. Ernest Decker on January 2, a daughter, weighing seven pounds. To Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Smith, a son weighing eight pounds, on Tuesday, January 8. * I V FOR YOUR SHOPPING LIST ii-H COUGH SYRUP, rn_ 8 ounce bottle DVjis NATOLA, Natural A S"l QQ and D Vitamins X.Ot/ SLOANS LINIMENT, Hf\n Large Size I UC SAL IIEPATICA, Qft/» Saline Laxative OUC VICK'S VATRONOL, Ofin Nose Drops OUC TREAT DARWIN ELLIS ENLISTS. The Grandchildren—First row: Jimmic Kohl. Augie Schultz; second row: John Schultz, Kathleen OhlofT, Donna Schultz, Ann Louise Kohl, Jean Schultz, Mary Ann Schultz. Ji.-nmie Waters; third row: Donald Schultz, Robert Schultz, Erma Jean Schultz, Dorothy Waters, Wayne Wirsching, Elizabeth Schultz, Billie Ohloff. (Missing are two grandchildren, Joseph Wirsching who is still serving in Germany in the air forces, and Barbara Joan, daughter of Kenneth Schultz, who was ill.) The army recruiting team from Mason City were here Tuesday morning as they are each week and report the enlistment of Darwin Ellis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ellis, who today goes to Des Moines for his physical examination and orders. THANK YOU. Starting the New Year With Dinner Parties. Neighbors Honor Sanders Family At Dinner Party. :Ttie neighbors in the block where Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Sanders and daughters, Mary and Julie, lived before'! they moved to North Carolina, tendered them a farewell turkey din­ ner'in the home of Mr. and Mrs. 1 Harvey Roberts December 29, to wish them!Godspeed in their future home. Present at the event were Mr. and Mrs: Sanders and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. John Falb and children, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Kneeland and children 1 ;." and Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Roberts and children. .Clermont Clever Clovers Entertain Their Dads. '' ^Aylf- 1 ' \ j\Apoyster supper was served by the members of the Clermont Clever Clov- '-ers^-H Club in honor of their fathers, at'the Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Kerr homes-December 28. After a short business meeting, the ' evening was spent playing games and ^entertaining the members' fathers. J^rpiday Dinner Party. William Eberling celebrated her j^ay anniversary by entertaining 'following at dinner at the family |!Vin this city December 30: Mr. |Mrs. Ed Kamp and family of Cas§;Hanfred Moen of Osslan, Mr. and §5uone Kamp and family, Mr. and 'Walter Eberling and family and 'fend Mrs. Elmer Eberling and Carol Lee Meyer Has Birthday Party. In observance of her sixth birthday anniversary, Carol Lee Meyer enter tained the following friends at a party at her home on the day before Christmas; Karen and Kaye Cook, Patsy and Robert Schroeder, Judy and Joyce Ann Gregg, Gwendolyn Olson, Ann Louise Schupbach, Mary Meyer and Rose Ann Sadler. Games were played during the after noon, after which a lunch was served by candlelight, a birthday coke with six candles forming the centerpiece of the dining table. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Morch entertained Mr. and Mrs. Arno Doerring and family of Luana and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Morch and Herbert at dinner at their farm home north of town New Years day. Mr. and Mrs. Arbey Rose had as their New Years dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Lorence Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Buddenberg of Castalia. Dinner guests on New Years Eve in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reincke were Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Krogman, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Groth and sons, Lyle and Gene, and Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Reincke and Cletus. Rebekahs Install Officers At Waukon and Rossville. District Deputy President Mrs. Har old H. Stone and her staff of officers went to Waukon last Thursday to install the newly elected officers in the Waukon Rebekah lodge. Tonight the same group will go to Rossville for a like ceremony. Accompanying Mrs. Stone were Mrs. Francis Padden, Mrs. John O. Casten, Mrs. A. J. Phillips, Mrs. Otto C. Sander and Mrs. Laurence Hofer. New Years day dinner guests in the | home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Meyer were their sons and their families, Mr, and Mrs. Vernas Meyer and children and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Meyer. Going to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Krambeer near Luana New Years day to attend a family dinner party were Mr. and Mrs. Helmuts J. Meyer and family and Mrs. Henry F. Eggert. I wish to thank the friends who re- Mr. and Mrs. John E. Horgan had as mom bered me with cards, letters and their New Years dinner guests Mr. and gifts durin g the past holiday season. Mrs. Earl Abernethy, Mrs. George You r thoughtfulness was appreciated. Meier and daughter, Betty, Mr. and Mrs DON E. Willard. Mrs. A. W. Bush and son, Jack, Joe Hecker and Miss Lucille Lubke, the latter being from Clermont. THANK YOU. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Harnack entertained the following on New Year's Eve in honor of Mr. Harnack's birthday anniversary: Mr. and Mrs. Bernold Monroe of Castalia, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Monroe and Mr. and Mrs. John Sebastian. I wish to thank my many friends and neighbors for their visits and cards while I was ill in Postville hospital. I appreciated these acts very much. Tom Olson. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heusman enter tained the following at dinner at their home on New Year's day: Mr. and Mrs Wm. F. Baltz, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baltz and Joan and Dwaine, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gunderson and Ronald and James, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Gunderson, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Heusman and Eugene, Shirley Jean and Marilyn, Mrs. Lena Weihe, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pixler, all of this community, and Miss Irma Thompson of Monona. Just to remind you that "Thrill of a Romance," with Van Johnson, Esther Williams and Tommy Dorsey and his great band, Aimed in technicolor, is to be at The Iris Theatre three nights, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, January 13, 14, 15. Chronic Mastitis WITH THIS-NEW DRUG Beebe G-LAC Chronic mastitis eauiei 80 per com of sargit trouble. Treat it with Beebe G-LAC A single treatment usually does the job. Easy to inject—you can do it yourself in a matter of moments. Find out which cows are infected by checking with Deebe Test Cards. They are FREE. Then use Beebe G-LAC for quick improvement. CHERAMY SKIN ! LOTION, Double Size 1.00 PREP DRCSIILESS SHAVING CREAM 35c KOLYNOS TOOTH PASTE 25c TEK TOOTH BRUSH, Nylon Bristles, 2 for 51c Today's Best Buy—Herald Warn Ad RAINBOW RAT BAIT, A Rat Killer 60c DOUGLASS PHARMACY "Where Quality Counts" Birthday Dinner Party. Mr. and Mrs. Otto C. Sander, Carl C. Sander, Walter Muchow and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sander and family and Mrs. W. H. Meyer were entertained at a picnic dinner Sunday in the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Eldo Sander, the occasion being Eldo's 45th birthday anniversary, f Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Groth entertained the following at dinner at their home: Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Reincke and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Klemme and Bonnie and Theodore Klemme. Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Ruckdaschel entertained the following at a New Years day dinner in their home: Mr. and Mrs. Elrie Ruckdaschel and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ruckdaschel and family. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Reincke, Miss Bernice Stromsodt and Mrs. Carrie Strom- sodt were guests New Years day in the home of Mrs. Agnes Mott in Calmar. Mrs. Foster Burroughs and son, John, of Waterloo, Miss Ethelyn Smith of Manchester, Mr. and Mrs, Lester Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Smith and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Price and daughter were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ira E. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Eldo Schutte entertained Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Willman and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Meyer at their home New Years Eve at a 630 o'clock dinner. The guests remained to watch the old year out and the new year in. Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Martens and | Rodney of Riceville, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Klemme and Eileen, and Theodore Klemme were guests Sunday in the Mr. and Mrs. John C. Martens home. To get the best wear from towels, rotate supplies. Put the freshly laundered towels on the bottom of the linen closet pile. This way there will be no danger of a few towels taking all the family | rub while others lie in storage. Shortage of sugar have caused an increased demand for this year's honey | crop. A CAR OF Smith-Douglass Co. 2-12-6 FERTILIZER This Fertilizer is for either grain land or corn land. Mr. and Mrs. Bernold Monroe had as their dinner guests Sunday to honor the homecoming of the former's brother, Curtis Monroe, GM 2/C, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Monroe and family and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Harnack. Curtis is now home on a 30-day leave following service in the Aleutian Islands sector. Warn members of the family against drying sharp knives or razor blades on dish towels or hand towels. A cut through just one yarn will weaken the fabric. Allowing cream to freeze lowers its | quality. AT A DISCOUNT IF TAKEN FROM CAR. The Farmers Store Telephone No. 231 Postville, Iowa Dance WHITE SPRINGS BALLROOM McGregor, Iowa Sat, Jan. 12 RAY ALTO and his Cowboy Serenaders Everybody Welcome! We cater to wedding and shower dances; also private parties. Call or write EARL WOOD. Prop. i At the Elevator A CAR OF PURITY LUMP COAL NOW ENROUTE I Hall Roberts' Son. | Postville, Iowa 1 OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF Women's and Children's WINTER COATS HALF PRICE Children's Snow Suits at HALF PRICE One Rack Dresses, values to $9.98 HALF PRICE One Rack Dresses, values to $5.98 to close out now at $1.98 Children's Winter Headwear ONE-THIRD OFF Men's and Boys' Winter Jackets ONE-THIRD OFF Luhman & Huebner

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