Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 22, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1933
Page 3
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lOLA, KANSAS Mr. W. H. Stukey, traveling freight agent of the Santa Fe railroad, was a business visitor In lola yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Llttrell have as thoir guests Mrs. C. J. Moore and her daughter Mrs.; Lee Barnett of Ottaisa, who arrived today. Mrs. Litcrell is a daughter of Mrs. Moore. —They have installed a new Harrison Snooker table in the Sunflower Club, 116 West Madison. Mrs. Ila King returned home Tuesday from St. John's hospital where she has been receiving treatment the,past few days. E. P. Slack, proprietor of the lola Cash and Carry Oil cbmpany, is seriously ill at his home. .SELF SERVICE GROCERY ( JVIarket Advancing Buy Flour Now Poplar, 48 pounds 6Sc Excelsior, 48 pounds 85c Expansion, 48 pounds .. 99c . PlUsbury, 48 pounds ..99c Dr. and Mrs. E. S. Clark of Belle /Plaine were guests Sunday and ,,-Monday of Dr. and Mrs. O. L. Gar- linghousei Dr. Clark is a brother ; of Mrs. Garlinghouse. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Brosios, of •TCincaid, were in lola yesterday on ; business. They have bought the two lots upon which the -Presbyterian •church of Kincald fohnerly stood p|-,;and expect at some convenient time ,to build a residence upon them. —All QUt -standing LaHarpe bank , checks on Elm Township will be • paid if presented to the Allen County - State Bank. . Miss Opal Murray ;of Chicago, who ; Is vteitSng her parents Mr. and Mi-s. - F. W. Murray, was an overnight guest last night of her uncle and • aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Van Camp. ; Mrs. J: M. Hungerford, who has been a guest, of her cousin Merl V. Lanning and his family the past week, will return this evening or to-morrow to Her home in Gamfett. THE TOLA DAILY RECTOR. •WEDNESDAY EVENING. MARCH 22, 1933. ^AGE THfeEfi TH]E NEOTANGLES (Mbin'n Pop) fr -VL^ POP HAD GOME INTO A HUOOLE >wm CHtCVC'S BOSS, ABOUT A SCHEME "to GET t^O UEIATAVES, ^ THE. BOSS SEN *r FOR CH\CK By jCowan NW6 *^T TO SEE ME, BOSS AUTO TOPS AUTO GLASS Furniture and Automobile Upholstering HEIGEIE'S Harness and .\uto Top Shop 201 South St.—Phone 59 Ed Lane of Lone Elm was a guest Saturday of Mrs. Nellie Cason. The Rev. W. P. Wharton, who has been quitie ill the past two weeks, Is reported to he improving. , —Good Plimibing protects the health of the family. Call lola Plu^ibing Co.—1175. A. H. Dreyer of Independence, boy scout executive of the SeKan area, left this morning for Humboldt, after spending the past few days in lola worldng with the local committee ofi boy scout matters. Any Suit, Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and Pressed . -—35c ABLESON CLEANERS Phone 105 One Day Service If Desircil Mrs. Roscoe Harris and Mrs. Watson of Hutchinson and Charles Harris of Contordia, spent the week-end with Mrs. Harris's daughter. Mrs. C. K. McHenry and her family, who live north of town. Mrs. McHenry is a sister of Charles Harris. SIMMONS BEAUTYREST • —Know the value of restful sleep. Try the world's famous Beautyrest Mattress. A. R. Sleeper Purn. Co. Tlio Rev. and Mrs. Richard Trover left Ins! evening' for Etjreko Where they svill lead the singing at . {.he revival meetings being conducted at the Free Methodist church the remainder of the weeJi. • —Persons liaviiig business W4th the Custom Tailor Shop operated by the slate Wm. Havckott rail at 420 East -'Jackson or phone 662, Tlie condition of Mrs. H. E. Glo: ver. wiio lias been quite ill tlio past •ten weeJcs. remains'unimproved. ', Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Van Camp and their children of Kingman were .week-end guests of Mr. Van Camp's .parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.',Van Camp. Mr. Van Camp is manual • U-aining instructor in the Kingman -high school. Suit, Coat, or Dr^js Cleaned and Pressed . 30c This Week Special 4 Garments for Sl.lO All Work Guaranteed WARDWAV CLEANERS (Formerly Cut Rate) Opp. Postoffice ; Phone 775 Ml', and Mrs. Cliffoid Potter announce the birth March 20 ofa 7';pound daughter. Mr. and Mr.s. H. C. LaMunyon hod as tliplr guests for the woek- *nd Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Glbba of Garden City. Mi-.s. Olbbs ts a sLster of Mrs, LaMunyon. —Elccti'lp Radios and Wu.shcrs. new and used, at GurtLs' Furniture, Mr. and Mrs. George M. Orovcr returned today to their home In Bartl(»villp. Okla., after spending the wcck-ond with Mr. Grover's mqtlier Mrs. George Grovcr and her family. Mrs. HcnrC Han.son went to Kansas City Monday for a few days' visit with friends. Miss Allyne Jeffers left this morning for a two-week visit with her aunt, Mrs. £lla Hudson, in Carthage. Mo. Seamless !)xl3 Rugs $14.30 Bug Cushions. ftjclZ We C^n't Be Undersold! Free Delivery. Easy Terms. H. WOOD FINE FURNITURE 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190 lola business men report that last Saturday was the b^ business day they have' experici^&d for a long time. "The best SaJimlay trade I have had for nine" montlis" one merchant reported. Best of all the report was unanimous that the feeling of optimism among the people was obvioiLs, a feeling that whichever way we so from here will be up! Mrs. Charles Sinclair and her children, who have been visiting in the homes of Mrs. Sinclair's mother, i Mrs. Frank Holeman, and her' sis- j ter.s, Mrs. Ed O'Neal, and Mrs. Edith jCaler. returned Tuesday afternoon •to their home in Mclvem, Mrs. E. M. Drake, who hves west of town, returned Tuesday from j Elk Falls where she has ."spent the I past few days with her mother. Mrs. I M. A. Book. —Dr.' W. P, Hull, Osteopath and Diagnostician. Phone 120. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Spicer of LeRoy were guests Sunday of Mrs. Splcer's parents Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Samuel. Mrs. Harlan Ellis and her daughter Barbara of Atchison were guests Monday and Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Copening. McKINNEV CROC. & MARKET Preish Spiilach, 3 lbs. 25c Pickled Pig Feet. 2 pieces 5c SmokM Pork Sausage, lb 15c Premium Crackers, 2-lb, box. .23c Onion Plants, 2 bundles 15c FREE DELIVE^y 110 S. Wash. Phone 173 I Insist on Shoes That Fit: Complete Easter Showing : Black. Chaff Beige, Grey, 'White : 52.98 CENTRAL SHOE DEPT. ' Richardson's D. G. Store Clark Jacoby of Kansas City was in towTi yesterday on business. 'While here he visit a while with friends. —Dr. H. L. Lacy, Dentist. Office over Brown's Drug Store. X-ray equipped. Phone 149. B. P. Heigele and his daughter Miss Margaret and his son Ballou Jr., spent Sunday with relatives in Columbus. Mrs. Archie Cuppy retui'ned this morning from a two-month visit with her sister, Mrs. Lou Chezem and her family, in Chicago. FAIRMONT'S Pasteurized Milk "Hpalih in Every Bottle" The flavor Is particularly delicious. Children prefer it. Ask your grocer or phone 91 COUGHS Don't let them gee a strangle hold. FiglU germs quickly. Creomulsion combines the 7 best helps known to modern science. Powerful but harmless Plea.sant to lake. No narcotics. Voui- druggist will refund your nioncy if any cougls or cold no matter how. long standing ts not relieved by CrcomiUsIon. (adv.) They've Stood the Test of Time Established I30G Williains, Monument Works 301 So. Wksh. lola, Kas. Mrs. G. E. Pcndarvis Is spending a few days with her mother, Mrs, J. N. McDonald and licr family. In Chanutc. Mr. and Mi-s. Dale Ncwiand and their son Dale Jr., of Clianute were guests Sunday of Mrs. Newland's mother Mrs. Emlie Bates and her family, and her brother Kenneth Abell, and Mrs. Abell. CAR NEEDS ~ FOR WINTER New Skid-Safe Tires. Battery Re, charged. New Battery. Radiator Cleaned and Repaired. Brakes Adjusted. Motor Tuned. Remove Carbon and Grind Valves. Generator and Starter Checked. Adjust Carburetor. Install a Heater, etc. SIIELLT MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jeff.—Phone 80 Mrs. H. A^ Dlmmitt of Kansas Citv, who underwent an operation for tiie removal of her appendix at the Bethany hospital Saturday, Is getting along nicely according to worri received'here today, Mrs. Dimmitt is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Duncan orf lola. REGISTRATION NOTICE. -^To the Electors of the Olty of lola, Kansas: Vou are hereby noti-1 fied that the books for the registra- j tion of voters will be kept open between the hours of eight o'clock A. M. and ten o'clock P. M. each day, Sunday excepted, from tlie fifteenth day of March, to the twenty- fourth day of March, 1933. and that said registration books will bo closed on the last named day at ten o'clock P. M, • If. j'ou have never registered in the City of loin, and have lived in the ward thirty days or more and in the State six montlis or more and have attained the age of twenty- one years, you must register before you.arfe eligible to vote. If you failed to vote at tlic last General election in Novcml)er. 1932, and have not registered since, you must re-register. If .vou have moved fronj the house or - .street number where you lived when you last registered, you rtiust re-register. If you liave changed your name you must re-register. If you ore of foreign birth, you must present your naturalization papers In order to register.. Any person desiring to register must appear in person at my office hi 11)1- CItV Hall. T. E. SHANAHAN. ' City Clerk. H. N. Latimer of Ottawa, special agent for the Santa Fe, was in lola Monday night and Tuesday on business. —Spring is here. Sec Antrim for Wall Paper. 219 North Jefferson. Mrs. G. W. Shadwick will return Friday from Topeka where she has been visiting her son Wilfred Shadwick and his family the past week. Dr. Shadwick will go to Topeka Friday morning to bring her home by motor car. J. J. Griffln went to Wichita today to address an Isaac Walton meeting. SELF SERVICE ALARKET Sweet Pickles, per doz 10c Ham Spread 30a Steak, Round or Sirloin. 2 lbs. 25c Hamburger. 4 lbs 25c Cheese. Longhorn. 2 lbs 25c Roast Beef. 8c and 7c F^esh Fish and Oysters .Meat Deliven-d, 25c or More Mrs. Tom Lewis and her daughter-in-law Mi-s. Roscoe Lewis', and Mrs. Hays Hunsaker of Mildred vis- I ited Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Earl Shaffer of Elsmore, who is a patient at St. John's hospitdl.- WINDOW SHADES —Good quality, choice of colors in standard size, 39c each. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. ! Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Shelly returned Tuesday morning from Kansas City where they visited Mrs. Shelly's parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Mertel. over the week-end. Revival meetings will begin Sunday night at the Church of God, First and Neosho, with Miss Georgia Lewis of Tulsa, evangelist, in charge. The Rev. I. M. Cox, pastor of the church, invites the pubhc to attend and hear the old time gospel. SPECIAL DURING RLVRCIIt Shampoo and Finger Wave, dry 35c Operators— Gertildine Showell Orayce Ensnrtngcr Catherine Ann Beauty Shop nU' :W. Mad. Phoho 494 IIOIIIZONT.VL 1 To ilrtnale. 5 Breeding place. loTo assist. II Dry. 1.-. C'i'iilnil of part of an iimpIiillitaKT. liiltcpion. 17 Embryo pl;inl. IS Oc'turrinK in wine. 19 Preposition. 20 Frosts. 22AVeif;lit ;iIlo«- Ansivcr to I'rcvioiis Puz/lc IKI I P I ElkJL 0 ESKasllsBSan^B rsass Efflaa ass PIE ;ince for waste. IT Fronts of 24 Pronitsps. 2 .S' Lack of rnor;:y. :M lliissian Wl'icllls fiM' pounils. ".'I Feather siarf. .•!.', TriRon. Constell.ition. :i7 Misfortnne. .IS The throat ;!!< .MoiliM-a music hii.v. •11 .Mincnil .^^prin?. Delivered. •Ii; Constrmts. •II In the niiil- lUo »t. 1 .\priform fuel. IC To harass. :; Wrath. inilidlngs. • 51 Correlative of widow. 5"! JCaser. Cauterizes. 5S To plunBO Into water. '>'.) Lotal position. Co To nib out. fit Kmploy."!. (•>•: DiKlts of the feet. (;.•) Leases. VKUTICAI/ 3 To emulate. 4 Moved in a fircle. 5 Ilub.s. C Colored part of eye. 7 Lair of a S One. 0 Lowest bone of a spine <p!.). II) Ono who makes haii(IId.s..M Occident. 11 To sin. 52 Sagacious. lliLioii. 53 Opposite i;; Knave of of odd. elubs in loo. 51 To repose. 21 .\(iult tape- 57 Hastened. I worms. j23 Came in. 24 Three-banded i armadillo. 25 Instrument. liO Street. ^7 Closed auto j2S Cleft. !:!0 To f-narl. tsi Taxaceo 'JS I trees, ins Genus of cattle. \si Striped fabric. ,40 Effigie.s. AS Second book ol the Peuta- teucli. Old i Testament. 45 To postpone. ;46 Tools for holding work. 47 Swift. 4S Money changing. 49 Dove's home. 50 Male anoe.stor. New York, March 22. (AP)—A niidday rally In stocks was succeeded by a slow decline In the afternoon today and prices again closed lower. Trading was dull, turnover approximating 900,000 shares, considerably under yesterday's. Net losses were small although a few declines amounted to a couple of points or so. Rails dragged lower In the later horns, whereas power and light Issues offered better resistance than on Tuesday. On the whole, final.prices were above the lows, especially for industrials. News developments were meageri Grain markets had a heavy tone, which may have had some Influence on Wall Street sentiment. Beer stocks yielded slightly as further profit-taking appeared coincident with President Roosevelt's signature of the 3.2 per cent hill.. American Telephone;' was a soft spot, off a couple of points net and Union Pacific dipped niore than 3, Santa Fe, Allied Chemical, Sears Roebuck, Consolidated Gas of New York and North American yielded in the neighborhood of a point, Pullman rallied more than a point at the close and U. S. Steel common [finished •ft-ith a small fractional, gain. Mrs. Ed Shroiisiiire, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Samuel since Friday, left Tuesday evening (or a few flays' visit with her daughter Mrs. Glen Balcom and her family, who live west of town, before returning to her home hi Port Scott. r-' • —A lady attendant. Waugh Funeral Home. Mi's. Catherine Abbott was able to resume her work as stenographer for the Sifers Candy company Monday morning, after being confined to her, bed with Injuries suffered three weeks ago when she fell on the steps leading 'to the office. —Phone 73 for prompt ambulance service. Sleeper Mortuary. Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Reid returned Sunday from Rochester, Minn., where Dr. Reid went through the Mayo clinic for examihation. Mrs. W. P. Gimiin, who underwent a major operation about ten days ago at St. John's hospital, returned today to her home in Moran. Announcement has been made of the 52nd annual Messiah festival which will occur at Bethany college, Llndsborg, April 9 to 16. The festival will open on Palm Sunday when the famous Bethany college chorus of 500 voices will render Handel's Messiah for the 52nd time. The oratorio will be given again on the evening of Easter Sunday, April 16, Nationally known soloists have lieen engaged to apjiear with the local chorus. J. H. Foliz. Wakarusa, chairman of the executive committee of the Kansas State granige, and J. P. McMullen, Burlington, a member of the executive committee, were in lola yesterday making their atmu&l audit of - th^ Kansas State Grange Business association of which G. F. Kllnk is manager. They found everything in satisfactory condition, of course, and noted particularly a gratifying Increase in business transacted by the a.ssociation during the past year. 1 .' 2 7^ 'a ' 9 ' 1 '11 ' Ii 14 15 17 IB m S-t i 29 31 32 iS i 36 39 45 i Ab AT A9 51 54 57 59 • bO j &4 Well. kids, seein' as how I gave away candy at last meetin' I'll give away those gliders I was tellin' you about next Saturday. I got a swell program all outlined for you next Saturday. I have a horse race planned for the boys and a tug of war for the girls to say nothin' of the feature picture Mr. HiUycr has arranged tor us to sec. The "Cohens and KeUcys in Trouble" is the name of It and Is it funny. This isn't a Western but I'll give you my' word that you'll enjoy it more than any Western, especially so if you can laugh. Then wc will have chapter 4 of "Clancy of the Mounted" and I know that you will want to see how Tom Tyler and his girl survive the fall down the hill in the wagon. Our old pal "Scrappy" will be with us again in "Camping Out" and we'll have another "Strange Aa It Seems/' If that program doesn't suit you just drop a line to your old pal, ^Mickey Mouse and he'll see what he can do about it. And that goes for any of ,you members who gets a good idea: or wants to have more good programs. All you have to do is to write] to Mickey Mouse, in care of tlie lola theater and they will see that Mic)(ey gets it and I'm sure I'll try i^d fix it for you. Well kids, before I sign off for thia week 111 givcj you the five numbers you have b^en waitin' to see. Here they are: )l2. 406. 731. 1013, and 747, and I'll nave five more for you at the box office. I'll be sccin' ya. MICKEY MOUSE. LEGAL (First Piibilshcd tn The tola Dally Register March 8, 1933.) NOTICE I, Harry Smith, convicted on the 26th day of Johuary, 1S31, of the crime of Possession of Narcotics In Alien County, Kansas, will apply on the 17th day of April, 1933. to the Governor, at his office In Topeka, Kansas, for Conditional Pardon. Signed . HARRY SMITH. (3) 8-15-22-29 (4) 5-12. High Low Close Cities Serv .., . . 2'-s 2V- 2"^ SO of Ind ... .. 19 18^i 18-, Alaska Jun ., .. H-'s 13 . i4v; Amn Can .... .. 58'i 56'.i 56's AT&T .. 97'i 95 95':Amn Tob B .. .. 60 58 U 58'-i Anaconda .. 7 Atchison .. 44'; 41 -s 42'.i Auburn / .. 34 32U 32 'I Beth Steel ... .. 13^ 13 IS--; Can Pac • . 8'^ 8'; Case J I .. 45-i; 42-'< 44'; Chr>'sler .. 9-; 9v 9'^ Cons Gas .. 45:'4 42--i 43 Cons Oil • . 5':, 5'i 5'1 Drug .. 34-; 33'j 33'i Gen Elec .. 13-N 135s IS"; Gert Motors .. .. I2'> ll'.. 12'., Mont Ward .. .. 13'. 12\ 12'-i Packard ....... 2's 2'; Penney J C .. ." 23 "i 21',. 21-. Phillips Petr . .. 6 5"s o-; Radio • • 4 't 4 4', Std Brands .. .. 17 16'; i6'; SO of NJ .... .. 26-'^ 25 -1 25". Union Pac ... .. IV-, 71 71-; Texas Corp .. .. 13-i 12'i 12'. U S Steel ... .. 29 'i 27-'1 28-; Westingh E .. .. 25'i 24'; 24'i er; No. 2 dark hard, nom 47-57; No. 3, nom 46^i-56; No. 2 hard 47-50%; No. 3 47-50 ^2 ; No. 2 red, 50; No. 3, nom 46-51. Close: Ittoy 4414; July 44%; Sept. 45Vi. Com: 17 cars; unchanged to 1 higher; No. 2 white, {lom 26^^27; No. 3, nom 26-26V J ; Wo. 2 yellow, nom 26',i-27; No. 3, nom 28-86%; No. 2 mixed, nom 2B-26H; No. 3, nom 25M!-26. Close:. May 24'54; July 26"«; Sept. 2S ^.k. Oats: 2 care; unchanged; No. 2 white, nom 19-20; No. 3, nom IB'.i- 19t.. Milo maize, nom 56-60. Kafir, nom 48-51. Rye, nom 38-39. Barley, nom 25-28'.i. K. C. Litestock Close. Cattle: Heavy steers steady to weak; in-between grades heifers and mixed yearlings easier; choice 1460- Ib. steers $5.25; heifers, good and choice 550-900 lbs:, $4.00-$5.75. Sheep: Lambs uneven, mostly steady; odd lots sheep steady; top fed lambs $5.65; lambs, good and choice, 90 lbs. down $4.85-$5.65. Hogs,, unchanged. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 3,000; hogs 2,500; sheep 8,000. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, MarJ 22. (AP)— (USDA)—Hogs, 3500 ; 210 direct; fairly active, mostly 5-10 lower than Tuesday's average; top 3.70 on 180220 lbs.; good and choice, 140-160 lbs., 3.40-60; 160-180 lbs., 3.45-70; 180-220 lbs.,; 3.60-70; 220-250 lbs., 3.55-70 ; 250-290 lbs.. 3.50-65; 290-350 lbs., 3.40-60; packing sows, 275-530 lbs., 2.85-3.25; stock pigs, good and choice. 70-130 lbs., 2.40-75. Cattle; 3500; calves- 425; lighter weight fed steers, yearlings and cows .steady to strong: .otlier ' classes steady; good to choice 1114 lb. fed steers 5.75; steers, good and choice, 550-900 lbs., 5.00-7.00 ; 900-1100 lbs.. 4.85-7.00: 1100-1300 lbs.. 4.25-6.50; 1300-1500 lbs., 4.00-5,75: common and medium, 550 lbs. up. 3.25-4.85; heifers, good and choice, 550-900 lbs.. 4.23-5.75; cows, good. 2.75-3.15; veal- crs. fmilkfedi, medium to clioice, 3.00-6.00; stocker and feeder steers, good and choice. 4.00-5.75. IXI—Quotations based on ewes and wethers. IWESTINGHOUSE : REFRIGERATORS Let Us Show You . An Especial BARGAIN in De Luxe Refrigeration ROSS ARBUCKLE GARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOU'TH 8aIe»~Service—Parta LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle. Vehicle* PAIR OF IRON GREY MULES— Weight 2900, for sale or trade. \\ Boyer, S. Washington, LaHarpe, Poultry and Supplies CHICKS, Feeds, Poultry Equipment. ; Allen county's largest hatchery. Hatching ,thou5ands weekly, certi- ; fied, blood tested; honest prices. .:Willson Farm Hatcheries (Pormer- :ly Cantrell), 2 mi. south on 73W. - "Talk Chicks with Willson." CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 per case; less than case lots, Ic per • egg; chicks, 4V4c and up. Taylor's • Hatchery and Produce, 201 South . Jefferson, lola, Kas. EGGS—For hatching, large White ."^ English Leghorns, 5c above firsts, : ^-4 mile east of lola. Phone 953 -21, :N. L. Vezie. CHICK SPECIAL—S. C, White Leghorns and Minorcas from wonder. ful floclca of Wood tested, certified birds. We have one grade only, . THE BEST, at $4.95 per 100, »4 : per 500. Willson Farm Hatcheries, .CPormerly Cantrell). 2 ml. south on 73W. "Talk Chicks with WIU- spn." FOB SALE—Oil brooder, new; single ; comb Red hatching eggs. Mrs. Jefferis, Mildred, Kas. CUSTOM HA-TCH—Ic in Modem ; ;Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have purfe- • bred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4c, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Bussell Hatchery, Gas. Phone 955-3. CUSTOM HATCHING. SPECIAL We are starting our second Big Smith, incubator and can't fill it Vv-itli our own eggs. For a limited ;time only $1.25 PER TRAY OP 150 EGGS OR S2.75 PER CASE. Willson's guaranteed hatching at less than ordinary Hatcheries charge. Take, advantage of, this opportunity. We set every day. All Heavj' Breeds .5',-^c - Assorted Heavies 5c i -WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES I (Formerly Cantrell) ! - 2 miles south on 73W i : "Talk Chicks with Willson" • HIGHER PRICES paid for poultry ' for our retail trade. Brownie's, lola's Cream Headquarters. ANNOUNCEMENTS strayed. Lost. Foimd LOCAL PRODUCE Eg^, fusts 10c Eggs, seconds 8c Eggs, thirds .-...6c Eggs, imgraded 8c Hens, No. 1 8c Hens, No. 2 ...: 6c No. 1 Springs. I'j lbs. up 5c No. 2 Springs 3c Butlerlat, lb 12c Cocks ; 3c bccse. lb 2c Guineas, each 10c Whites Diicks, lb 3c Colored Ducks, lb 2c Hides, per lb: Ic 1930 Chevrolet Coach 1931 Chevrolet Coupe , , ._ 1930 Chevrolet Coupe Mixed Com, bu 16(s|- }B1 9 }^VJ }^l3 °S-^^' Yellow Corn, bu 16c Wheat, bu > 33c Kiiflr Corn 15c Oatfi lOc BIRD DOG—English Setter, white with black cars, some bipick on face, pitted with black spots all over body. Reward for return to Dr. Jim Reid. AUTOMOTIVE Aatomobaea For Sale THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAR VALUES IN TOWN Kansas City Produce. Kan .sas City. March 22. 'APi Eggs 10'ac Hens, 7c-10c: broilers,' 16. Other produce unchanged. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Mar. 22. (AP)—No hay; receipts too light. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City; Mar. 22. (AP)— •Wheat, 63 cars; lower to U ,high- OUT OUR WAY By Williaihs p\ ©PRlUCr COPCr, AKl 'ON0e .V?- eV^(«T AMD A HAT IS AUV. T CAM G£T iNTO PV ^ <a i»ia BT «iA somict. iwc wo. u. a. fAT.onr. 3-2zJ 1029 Dodge Six Coupe 1927 Dodge Sedan • 1029 D^gc Sedan 1028 Essex Coach 1929 Ford Truck 1031 Ford Sport Roadster 1931 Ford Coach 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 International Truck, long • wheel base 1928 Nash Coupe 1927 Pontiac Coupe Plenty of Other Bargains BTO WHITE MOTOR CO. Dodge SALES Plymouth Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO/ Phone 3 01 Cash—Trade— Terms OVERSIZE CHICKS — Standard • weight of good chicks is 9 lbs. near 100 chicks. Average shipping weiguc of SUNFLOWER CHICKS is 12 >,a . lbs. per 100, including 2'.i-lb, box. Sunflower chicks are 10% oversize. ' Before buying' chicks look at the fluff for color and luster; weigh a hundred. Are they actually from blood-tested stock? SUNFLOWER HATCHERIES, Gas City. Bronson. 33 Wanted—Live Stock CATTLE TO PASTURE—Wanted, J. W. Sherwood, mlJes north' east of Geneva. MERCHANDISE 24 Articles IPor Sale FOR SALE—Solid walnut antiques in excellent condition. Mrs. Choa. • E. Kcsletji Colony, Kas. OFFICE DESKS and Safes. Henninger's Purn. Store. W. Madl.son. SHOW CASE—A No. 1. 6-ft.. I gar- afjn Jack, Golden Service Statioir, Colony.^ _ . 27 Feed, Fuel, FeriiUzers ALFALFA HAY—Baled, for sale. M. E. Denning, 2 miles north on State street. 2« BoBsehoId Qbodi COMPLETE LINE of Nesco Oil Stoves. "We buy for less! We sell for less! W. H. Wood Fine Pur- riiture, 202 S. Jeff, Phone 190. PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR fcO. 214 N. Jefferson Fbonfi 80 6 Auto. Accessories, Tires, P,»rta BATTERIES — For your car, $3.65:, exchange; made of new material unconditionally guaranteed. The; Major Co. JUST WRECKED—4 Fordsons. '28 Pontiac; '27 Dodge cotipe for sale, lola Auto Wrecking Co. Phone 782. Regular GAB—'Wholesale—5Vlc Federal Tax Paid—40 gal. $2.60 VINE OIL & GAS CO. State and Lincohi Sts., lola TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Thes. Cash paid for used care. Logan Reynolds, 307 West Street. LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle. Vehicles TEAM HORSES— Weigh 3000; team sorrel horses, weigh 2800; mare, 7 years old, weigh 1200; bay horse, 5 years old,, weigh , 1200: team . mares, weigh 2400; 4 sets work harness; 3 wagons: 3 discs: 3 cultivators; 2 disc cultivators; 3 mowing maciilnes; 2iiay rakes; 2 com planters; all kinds farming i machinery; -3 good bulls; 25 fresh cows; 20 cows to freshen soon. WlU sell on thne. J. O. Butfcher. SEE the hew all porcelain coal and wood ranges in colors. We trade. Curtis Furniture, 10 N, Wash. fUSED Electric Washhig Machines, ! $10 up. jHenninger's Furn. Store. • 25 USED i Gas Ranges, $2.50 up. Henninger's Furniture Store. 29 Atacbinery aad Tools 1 GOOD USED John Deere manure spreader, $35.00. Allen Coiinty.Im- _ plement Co. , 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers GLADIOLA BULBS—For sale. Several thousand Michigan grown, high crown bulbs, in mixture, 25c per dozen. $1.50 per 100, Templin's, 1923 North Sycamore. SWEETCLOVER — Cleaned. $1.35 bu., and flax, free from weeds and dodder, 85c bu. Nicholas, LaHarpe. Real Estate For Rent 37 Booses For Beat FOR RENT—Houses, good location. See G. E, Pees. HOUSE—7 rooms, modern, garage, _^arden, S7.00. V. C. Archer. Real Estate For Sale 40 Farms and Land For Sale SUBURBAN—7 rooms. 4 acre tract on hard road; spotted male hog -iocggje^-SJigj3gy .-j3gg >JSM; 41 Booses For Sale FIVE-ROOM modem bungalow, 515 North street, lola. Cundy, Gas. PGR SALE—The modern cottage on South.Main street. LaHarpe, lately otjcupled by Dr. Lacy. J. H. Hatn^ ilton, Ida.

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