Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 4, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1933
Page 8
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'»UT BBTT15R IN AMES * AMEB DAILY TtllWS TIMM. AMU. IOWA, WXPHKIDAT, OCTOBE1 4, GIVE DIVORCES HELENA, Mont. <U.E)—Easy divorce opponents would have liked Montana in 1867; It took a special act of the state legislature to dissolve the bonds of matrimony in this slate at this Unit. With discussion of a ui>eclal session of the state legislature prevalent in H'-Una at present, historically minded lawmakers and poll- tlcians looked u records of past special sessions search of precedents for proposed 1933 extra ses- siun. They found that the first special session met from Dec. 14 U Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, -867, and granted sev;-n divorces. The session had been called by Territorial Governor. Green Clay Smith ostensibly to discuss and enact legislation to simplify court procedure and to provide new revenue. With 20 members in attendance —13 representatives and seven members of the "council," or senate— the session found time, how- ev*er, to pass on many bills, including those for divorce of the seven couples. The session met in Virginia City, then capital of the Territory of Montana. Records show that the presiding cffficsr called the meeting to order with a six-shooter as i. gavel. Ujder present divorce laws In Montana, residence is required for one year in the state before juris-, diction of such cases may be had. W. cTfTuJFadng Task of Filling Leader's Place MARION (IIP)—Facing the task df electing .a new state president after a continuous 20-year reign by Mrs. Ida B. Wise Smith, the Iowa W. C. T. U. met in annual convention here Tuesday. Mrs. Smith will not seek reelection. She will assume the national presidency of the union Nov. 1. The ?tate election will be held Thursday. Meanwhile, the union plans to tackle the imposing problem of fighting the almost sure return of liquor nationally and to determine what part it will play in the forthcoming session of the Iowa legislature which will draft a liquor con- .rol plan for Iowa. Spain Plans a Drive in U. S. To Sell Wine By LESTER ZIFFERN United Prtts Staff Correspondent MADT1D. <U.l!) — The National Wine institute of Spain has announced it is preparing to launch a propaganda campaign In the United States in an effort to obtain a portion of the United Stales.mar- ket, ff prohibition i repealed. " The institute's announoment presages a keen^baUle for United Statese' business. The Spaniords., it is understood, will be willing to offer certain trade concessions in order to gain a footlioli] in the imported wine market. They also Je«l France's wai 1 debt default will work, against that nation. Thf Spanish -wine growers believe that they have a -wonderful opportunity to increase their exports If prohibiiion is abolished 'n the United Staffs. Juiio Tarin. a director of (he Spanish wine institute, explained'that this country has wine for aperitifs and the table, and liqueurs for after dinner. "We are making extensive plans' 1 !:«• said, "for a palgu to ti>« I'D i ted States. tiie next three bionthu the \M| \ttt\ be studied thoroughly, and in It'll we plan to adv«rtie on a broad scale. Art and scenic beauty will be tied-up ID our advertising. We recently held a contest awiowc Spanish artists for posters which will be used. "Allho Kranc«- produces more wine than we do. Spain exports more. France during the last few years produced aja average of 65,331000 hectoliters annually. Italy \->n3 second w|t« 40,902,000. and Spain third with 22.488,000. But we exported approximately 3.676,000 hectoliters while France <x- ported 1,511.000. and Italy 1,061.000." The National Wine institute is composed of all wine interests, cooperating with the government. Bible Is 330 Years Old MT. VERNO.V, Ind. <t r .R> — A bible printed in Germany in 1638 is owned by Mrs. Elizabeth 5>tein- brenner. 8G- Containing both testaments printed in German, the book is small, measuring five by three inches. Although its pages number 1,348, it Is only two and a half inches thick. It is a Martin Luther translation and has been in the family for years. 1 Kelly Doesn't Intend to Stay "In" K elly's Captor To Detective Sergeant William Raney of Memphis; above," goes the distinction o£ capturing George "Machine Gun" Kelly. Shoving a shotgun against Kelly's chest when the desperado 'opened the door of bis room, Raney forced him to drop his .45 automatic and surrender. , Accuse Lawyer As Kelly Aide Charged with acting as agent for George "Machine Gun" Kelly in attempting to obtain $73,260 from the place it wa? hidden on a Texas farm, Langfo ''<1 Ramsey. 26, Memphis at- tnrney. above, la under nrrcsl Kainsoy j a a brother of Kclly'i first wife. The money, touijf "y Authorities, was reported l« bo Kelly's S |,a re of the Ursche Guarded After Frapping Kellys Ceraldine Arnold, above. 12-year- old girl whose tip brought the Capture of the notorious George (Machine Gun) Kelly and his wife jn a Memphis boarding house, has been hidden away to thwart possible vengeance of the desperado's underworld associates "I'm in here, but I don't intend to stay bere long," snarled George "Machine Gun" .Kelly, above, manacled'in his cell in Memphis jail. A long trail of crime ended for the desperado when detectives crashed into his Memphis apartment and captured him before he could, offer .resistance. "This cell is a bit crowded—hardly room to swing-a cat—but you tell the world that makes no difference. They've got me. but keeping me is another matter." he boasted then relapsed into sullen silence when questioned by Police Chiel Will Le.e {iUhryn Kelly, vcd-haired wife of "Machine Gun" Kelly, master bandit, is thru with lior outlaw mate, She'll fight now to save her renls, on trinl for the kidnaping of Chin-leu S. Urschel, oil mag- into, oven if it costs her life, sho dccliircd when arrested in Mfim- iliis, '"I'm douo \viih Umt guy." sho Minppod. us officers led her away lo a coll, then .shielded her fnco from photographers, •» sliouu hen;. Texas Newlywcd Solon* Appointed Special Committee AUSTIN. Tex.- (CD — Speaker Coke Stevenson of the Texas house of .representatives appointed a special committee to tally votes on election, of a house officer. Eveyr member of the committee was a newlywed. All had been married since becoming members of the Texas legislature. They were- Thomas J. Renfro, Fort Worth, married May 5; Vernon Lemens, Rainbow, married. May 14; Robert Gfclvert, Hillsboro. married June 7; Emory B. Camp, Rockdale, married July 5; George Moffett, Chillicothe, married Aug. 1, and R. H. Good, Cooper, married Sept. 10. Alabama Plan Aids Itinerant Jobless of U.S. MONTGOMERY. Ala., <UR)Alabama hosyitality is being extended this year to people who have constituted one of the depression's major problems — jobless, homeless unemployed wandering from city to city. Working on the theory that ff each state collects the wanderers as they come in and care for them the load win be no greater than under the old migratory tjrstem, W. J. Plunkert, head of the Alabama Transient bureau, has worked out a system that Is approved by Washington relief offjclals. SimpU System "It is simple." Plunkert said, "We have a relief agent in each county. Transients are gathered and. sent to centers at Muscle Shoals, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile. We bave'established a. work project at Muscle Shoals and plan another at Mobile, where our cases will be seat "Meantime, they are investigated. If It develops that they have legal residence, we furnish them transportation back home. Otherwise they go on to the work project and are kept thftre but always with the idea of finding them a permanent job. Work on Park Project The peoplo on relief are now at work on a. park project at Muscle Shoals. The project started there becaue of the numbers of people drawn to the district by hopes -n work on the government's power prolect The workc rs are- paid 80 cents an hour and work 24 hours weekly. After living expenses are deducted, they have 90 cents .in cash each week. Plunkert developed the plan after studying the transient problem for 10 months last year in Alabama. Tennessee, Florida and Louisiana plan to follow it this year and. 34 states hare applied to Washington for transient relief funds. Texan- Use Bloodhound* to Catch Horses on Range LIBERTY. T«. <UPi ~ Bloodhounds will be Used to track down wild horses on the open ranges f Liberty county. Under the leadership of Nely Rotan. cattlemen have banded together to rid the ranges of the wild anlnials. A squad of picked riders win pursue the hones on the plains. The bloodhounds* will be used in hunting river bottom* for the wild horses. Koton declared. Cattlemen regard the wild horse :.s a menace to their Industry. Coyotes a Problem Cor Burbank Airport BURBANK. Calif. (HE)—Coyotes are the latest animal visitation to plague the otherwise modern expanse of United airport. Several months ago, the gopher problem was solved by a cloudburst that drowned the rodents by tho thousands, and the carrion problem was solved by a hegira of seagulls. ; A few gophers and rabbits remained, however, and-repopulation was rapid. The coyotes in the nearby Verduga hills started raiding the field, and now its "those dogs" of which pilots are complaining. NRA Answers To Inquiries Molev's Successor Q. I am employed in a cigar store. How many houwj must I work a week, and what is the minimum pay? A. Under the temporary retailers' code, maximum hour* per week 40, minimum pay $13.50 in the north and $12.50 in the south. Q. Can a storekeeper not a member of the NRA display a consumer's Blue Bafle in his store? A. No; but in his home, where it will not be misreading. Q. Is there a code for maids doing general housework? A. Domestic help is not intended to be covered. Q. What are the maximum hours for truck drlvrs for a markets? A, The temporary code for grocery and food distributors does not fix maximum hours for' outside delivery men. Q. How many hours per week can my clerical help be employed? A. If you have signed for the Blue Eagle, maximum hours for any accounting, clerical, office, service, or sales enrployes, except outside salesmen, W per wee*. Q. Are hours restricted when it is necessary to take Inventory? A. Under the temporary retail agjeement employes restricted to 40 hours a week may -work 48 hours at Christmas, inventory, and other peak periods. Owners are not restricted. Successor to the office which Professor Raymond Moley recently resigned, former Representative R. Walton Moor* of Virginia i» shown above In Washington after his appointment as Assistant Secretary of State. Portland NRA DKlmt Job At Marriage Bureau PORTLAND, -Or«, ICJB) - Th« Portland NRA ht*44wut«rs iua * chance to to a matrlnwaitl bureau on the side. Official! thtre r*c«ivod a l«\«r from a Huotlnftoo, W. Va.. WMMB enclosing 10 cents, famine "Please »«ud me the n»mett of two reliable men who wouM sake «oid husbands, as I wish to correspond with them with matrliMw- ial intentions." The NRA chiefs returned the woman her dime with the note that husbands were most expensive out west. Texa* Indian Grave* Opened by Scientist! TEMPLE, Tex. ttlPJ—IB the shadows o Bell county ellfft, Indian g.-aves of an unknown, age are being opened by anthropologists in an effort to ascertain the culture of an earlier race. Some of the graves contain four (.r five skeletons with the heads places at various points of the ompass. The mortuary offerings discovered thus far indicate'the race had a low cultural rating, according to Univenlty of Tern investigators. READ THE WANTS Mollisions Fail To Get Off in Effort to Fly to Bagdad WASEGA BEACH, Ont. The attempt of Capt. and Mrs. James A., Molllson, England's fam-. ous flying couple, to take off for Bagdad in an attempt on the long distance record, failed Tuesday when the left tinder carriage of their plane, Seafarer II, cracked. Heavily loaded with gasoline, their plane, Seafarer II, refused 'to leave the ground after they had rim the lenjrth of the beach. COMING! TO AMES Dr. Wilbert Shallenberger, M. D. Hotel Sheldon-Mima, Saturday afternoon, Oct. 7th from 1 p. nu to 9 p. m.; NEVADA, Hotel Story, Saturday forenoon, Oct. 7th. 418th visit. The regular and reliable Chicago Specialist. I Trtll make my regular visit on the above date and will be glad to see those afflicted with rectal or chronic trouble. Anyone ailing is welcome to come in for free examination. I treat diseases of Stomach and Bowelsr lA-rtr and Gall Bladder troubles; Piles and other rectal diseases; NWYOUI" diseases; diseases of the Heart; Skin diseases; Kidney, Bladder and Prostatic troubles; Catarrh; Catarrhal deafnete; Asthma; Bronchitis; Rheumatism of the joint* and muscles; Neuralgia; Sick headaches;'High Blood Pressure; Goiter; Dia- •betes; Constipation; Varicose Veins and Leg: Ulcers';, Female, disorders; Hydrocele; Epilepsy and other chronic'diseases. Trusses and abdominal supporters fitted .and. rupture treated. Remember I have had 32 years of successful experience.' treating this class of diseases and have successfully treated thousands of patients—many of them avoiding operations thru 7 my treatment and advice. If you call and after an eiamlna- tion you desire treatment, the cost will be reasonable. I hare facilities to give you high class, scientific service. If you are ailing and will come in on the above date, it will be a pleasure for me to examine you and advise you accordingly. Address letters to Dr. Wilbert Shallenberger, M. D., 768 Oakwood Bird., Chicago, 111. WITH FINE TOBACCOS 2 and cure o round ALWAYS ike f nest tobaccos the>finest worltma that's why Luckies draw so easily You've noticed it and you've appreciated the smooth, even- burning quality that is so much a part of Luckies' character . . . Round and pure— fully packed with the world's choicest Turkish and Domestic tobaccos—and no loose ends. That's why Luckies draw so easily, burn so uniformly. it* toasted FOR THROAT PROTECTION ~FOft BETTER TASTb

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