The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 2, 1933 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1933
Page 7
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I- 1 ' ' ' I T r I' ^•^' V '' - '.' - . , r -'*'..*-'**'- , I > " - I ^t '• -I i - • L f ; " ** J ' l -•if."- . . L I b ' P ',• h , , * --• \- - c - 1' - . I THE JFIELU CALlFOHNiAiN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1933 7 n I * • i ' . s - ' - • - ' J *' ' * .* * 1:5 '. * ;.t.'- 1I If J.i - (•f^HK**Mfc^ JlML i i «#•: * Y,M -1 •' r I • - - t fttfl' i. r- 1 ' t ; !;:: I™ Feb.; 2,***Members of * • grade class at the Frult- POND • * Street Work Gives ^ylie: ! sohbbi met Tuesday and formed aMttss organisation, with Mrs, Stock- organiiatlon, with Mrs, Stock tot), principal, acting aa temporary chairman. Eugene Griffin was elected president and Allan, Ball secretary, Pluns for raising class funds wero and are expected to take definite form In the near future. 'fJThb California Sunshine Club, com- ppsed of .members of the upper grades, also 'met recently and elected new officers. Robert Booth succeeded HU* gene Griffin.'as president; Lucille Stnncllff became .vice-president In place of Merlin fchamplin. and Blea- nbr Stanford took the offlce*ofc secretary .formerly held by Lucille Stan- cyff. Allan Ball was re-elected sor- geant-at-arms. The following "cabl- tjet" waa chosen: secretary of education, Victor Heler; treasury, Chester Royce; Interior, Virginia; state, D|anicl Domlnguez; health, Margaret iQwens. . \ f '*' • -, • ISS MARTHA SHICK ION TALK FOND, Feb. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. William White, have returned to their home In* Jjos Angoles after spending several flays visiting their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. *W. and' family. Mr. JDearlngor * Jobs Oildale accompanied thorn to their home. Max Phegley and Ix>tta Mao Abbitt from Pomona spent the week-end visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Shultz and family, • Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Casey and daughters, Betty and Jean, w'ero Sunday dinner guests ttt tne J « M * Kyte homo In Delano. George Franks and family have moved' from the Klmbrlol ranch to the Marshall place which they have leased for the •'coming y6ar. Mr. and, Mrs. Ernest 'McCurry were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs.. S. 1^. MeCurryand family. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Toovoy ••£)£]LAXO f Feb. 2.—Miss * Martha Shick of McPnrland, missionary for tinny years in China, save a delightfully interesting program before the Ijina Hill Missionary Club, on Tues- dfiy might. The meeting: was held at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. George Hiett, west of town, and the program followed a covered dish dinner at 6:30. fMIss Shick displayed a varied collection . of suits, allppers, linens and cither articles which she.brought from China. She told of her work m southeastern China, both in an educational and evangelistic way. {Mrs. Robert,H, Hiett. Jr., cfub pros- ifcent, led the devotional .hour. Attending the meeting werp Messrs, and ^tesdames Leland Thompson, Ivan, 1 l?Rys. Roy Shleppey, R. H. Hiett, Jr., ' Qeorge Hiett, Mrs. W. C. Eddy, Raymond Ramsey and Ora Maupln. Mrs. l&.M. Smith and Miss Shick. Joyed Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs, A. L. Joy. Mrs. 133.. C. Cozart recently received the sad neVs from Texas of the death of her uncle, A. C. Tunnell. L. W, Crab tree and family have moved to tho Newell ranch to work for A. Anderson who recently purchaser! tho plncc. James Hamlin and daughter, Mrs. Harold Apploford, motored to Plsmo I'YJday, to get Mrs. Hamlin, who has spent tho past several weeks there taking treatments and visiting nor daughter, Mrs, A. M. Miller and family. Bertlto Morris and Lucille Harden were recent over night guests of Hu- bcrta Hamlln. Winifred Roberts spent the weekend In San Jose with her parents. Friends of W. Dekker will be sorry to learn that he Is not recovering from his illness very rapidly. FRUITVALffii FeV -2.—-Mr. and Mrs. ,T. rf MctJohald,- long-time residents of Fruit vale, mot with an automobile accident .late last week. Recently the McDonalds had Bold their Rosodale highway residence and ranch to I. A. Cariker of Rlvervlew. Last week they started for Los Angeles, where they Intended to make their-future, home. Shortly after entering the city limits of Ixm Angeles their oar was hit by a truck and demolished. Mrs. McDonald suffered a fractured skull and internal Injuries, and Mr. McDonald was . also painfully Injured. They were taken to a hospital and after a fe^ days Mr. McDonald was discharged. However, Mrs, McDonald la still in tho hospital and her condition Is a matter of grave' concern to her* relatives and friends. OILDALE OILDAI.E, Feb. 2.—Mrs. Elmer Vlck returned to Pasadena recently after a three weeks'" visit with her sister, Mrs. Lauren Ustlck. Mrs. Bertha P. Elliott has returnee! home from Ventura where she visited with her brother who Is very ill. The Ohio Society of • Kern county met last Saturday at the Community Club and "tho evening was enjoyed plnying cards. Fred "West visited with his family at Wasco over the week-end. Mrs, cloyd Preston was a recent visitor nt tho Glen Preston home. Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Hod son and family have moved to Ventura to make their future home. Mr. Hodson was transferred. ^^^^^ ^ but Buy Kern County First Phone We Give W« Deliver • Stamps 812 Baker St. Try a Nice Thick Tender Steak With Mushrooms Kern County Beef T-Bojie. . .lb.25c . Cut Any thickness -» • ! .;- . Kern County Beef Pot Roast .Ib.l2ie * -'*.-. k _ i _ BB1 Kern County Now York Club ^ Steak . . Ib. 28c " • . ' Always Tender .. f --•-'. Kern County Lamb i . . . Ib. I9c —^^r— Shoulder Chops . Ib. 19c Stew. . . .Ib.OSc Kern County Danish Butter . Ib. 23c 100% Pork Sausage. 2 Ibs. 25c M Old-Fashioned Pork Backbone, I •-, r, f i Feet.. each 3c Lean Pork Roast. Ib. I3c Pork Tenderloin.. Ib. 40e Kern County Bacon. Kern County Pure Lard . Ib. 61c Pkg. Pkg Quarts v\*i \ * i lud Pints Coffee, Hills Red or Schilling ...... ...... Ib. Peaches, Heavy - I Syrup ..... No. 2J/2 can I Oysters, Miss Lou 5-ox. can Ibs. Russet Potatoes, U, S. . . No/1 U. 6. No. 2 AW |bs. (Cloth Bags) Applss, Newtown 7 *1C* Pippins I ibs. £06 Apples, Washington Delicious Wlnesaps 0 ibs. ZOO Lettuce, Large Fancy A - ' • i ~ i f * • * * « * i * • G9$h Milk, Armour'a tall cans Jell-well, All M IQ^ flavors "I pkfla. 196 Tea Garden Preaervea, 16-oi. bottle White King 9QaV Powder large size atVv Mfsefon Bell or White King Tollet R Id* Soap..., W bara 196 (One Kite Free With Either Above Deala) Corn, Pal Monte, Tiny 1ft-. Kernel......N». 2 can IM6 String Beam, am No. Z tiane V Pets, Loveland'a Early June •M^H^^M^^^^H^ Extra Fancy Chula Vlata Celery Cauliflower, Large White Heade Bunch Carrots and Turnips A for Spinach and Beets bunches Sweet Potatoes and Yams •- -f 'W ;^^* \ , • . S _, K- .-,. ,- f J _-£, OILDALE, Feb. 2.-*Work on the local streets Is progressing very rapidly and if the weather permits the streets will be repaired to the extent of having complete water drainage. Pipes are being laid and it is planned to have the water drain into the canal. The recent rains have played ha\wc with local streets, and work had to cease. This repair work has been a boon to many local unemployed, and may take over a period of two months to complete. ••M** AT COUNTRY HOME MoFARLAND, Fob. 2.—Mr. and Mrs* V. I. Huddlftston entertained with a chicken dinner Sunday at their country home. Their guests included Mrs. Maud CUPP and son, Donald, of Earllmart, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Andrews, J, A. Leper, P. E3. Huddleaton, J. Anderson of McFarland, Raymond San ton of Earlimart, Lucille and Laurence Huddleston* ^«i .•.T* *. r* .+~F **». '*.r.f.*i .*_•^•^•^•- ;*.». tf&x .*:•!••:«. ••*.*> •7*.-..:*' A* «MB M you pra'll uadntUnd why childrtm iiMply it* toMtcd out-nkc urer. UMN frea tkt wholi kwn«l o! wnMt rtptMQ I* •»»d fkldi, \Vt Pftclctd with food Y»1a«. Try it t«*ty. KSfiSSWt:« •*t*i _•>. •:«: T«.iT«: :».•*. :•:•!*%: »:•: <:*•• >S! *:* :•:•_•- •Sx-:.: -.«•:<- I*»_t* **.* f* •**y •:•*.:•: :*"* • • r Whol mm*!**. •if.-. •_ -*_•: i. U-*_ .*.* »_•.•.•; :«-*. >:* »:*:•:*;:•:*-:-:: :• • *. m -.-ww *m •:¥*• * : 20-oz. Pkgf. •f.' ••_•. » : THE DAY'S NEWS AT KERNVILLE QLBNNVILL12, Feb. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. Olonn Lee and Howard Leo of Olldalo were guests of Mr. and airs. B. P, Wood Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Weaver wero Bakersfiold visitors Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hand are visiting in Bakorsfiold the past week nfl the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mabry. Owing to the Inclement weather the monthly meeting of the Ladles' Sow- tmr have been hel 'i . A • T.V.'tV* 1 .#:•:•:•:•:*:•:•: L '.».t^».».». •.•-•* •:• *. H ri :#*: K*i ^•;«»I •*.ri! *•• %* m .'_• * ..«_ » •Vt*- 1 t. •:•:.:-*- r* ». L*:»I» •: •;»: :<:•>:•»'. * • »j •:•- L«fC» .-K'X'X*:*: .•-•_*. :•-"-": Vi*j*i >"*T«;C*:»^P *. ^*. •>.•. .* «. :*:*: [*-•_ vftr rt* r" < • -:* v -TiM- *-<^y:::::^ *_•: .*_• ..'-: : *:•: '*-*. -V.'.. fr _ ri -».* '- "-•-»- > .*. iiV-". .-.' t. • • .* * i ».* .•!•-•.•-» »•>:•:•%:* ^— . T • ^^f m ^ ^ T W%vS*x*: • • •:•: •-•*•• * •:-:• *» *: F 4 , .+ -.**:» ' 1 4. • I -•^ t •i-.-.«j.•*-'. ->: -:-»^:- i'. ' VfcV** .-_•_». L»_» »»; • *:• -.'ic^i: :ft .r.^.'-r-'. **:*!•%:. *• sf.-. m . -TtiSV. SS! -•_•; :<:£»:-: £3 .-;->:•: »*.• • _• j^«_ »: V'-fAV m* -•^•i'-"- :r^&<' : x : ;*ir« ».-.• i .*.<.-.-!:« ^« '^" * ^.« * t. ;< .•: .*-«. ;s :=:-«': »W-S'« tt^t^ - V :•:•:*:•:. ». •_*. .•:•- ;•:*. •:*! •:«T*TI. .*iw.«: t^M* «: »*. • .• .-:•• ^;-: V-r*%'-' : *.*;•:•:•»>:•:•»:•:•: •H:SS: ^P^P: l$y#** w ^ •^.•-•: »: *.***!' .*:*v*.v >•>:». t •:•:•:•' rffi--*' .* , .*•:•. .'.*_'. -i-^, i -:. . ft • *:*.»: -* ".*. * *_ W iry •^•MH SPECIAL DEAL I. G. A. Cake Flour Large 44-oz. Package With I. G. A. Pure Vanilla, 2-ox. Bottle; I. G. A. Baking Powder, 4-oz. Can, and One I. G. A. Upside-Down Cake Pan FLAPJACK FLOUR ALBERS Large <f ^4* Pkg. JlVV CREAM CEREAL I. G. A.- Large 4 Q Pk fl , JL 9 WAXED PAPER SANIPURE 40-Ft. Rolls 15c 125-Ft. + Q Rolls JL9U TOILET TISSUE 19c RICE TRUPAK—Extra Fancy Long Grain Pkg. KRISPY CRACKERS SUNSHINE Full Mb. Carton 15c MAYONNAISE I. Q. A. Pints PALACE BRAND No. 2 Cans PRUNES TRUPAK Large Size 2-lb. f Q Pkg. IOC WHITE FLOATING SOAP I. G. A. Bar MUSTARD FRENCH'S Jar PUMPKIN t. G. A. No. 2/2 Can 12c WALNUTS Local Budded Franquettes ibs. 25 c READY STEWS CROSS BLACKWELL LAMB, IRISH, BEEF, CURRIED BEEF HONEY MINERS 5-1 b. Can STORE LOCATIONS -* . BELL'S QROCERV •00 L Street Phone 1*93 806 ««» 1517 F strot. GROCERY Phone 603 1 ill - COOPER'S QROCERY, 2430 Nineteenth St. Phone 2955 AMERICAN GROCERY Baker St. Phone 619 LIBBY'S QROCERY Pacific St. Phone 1760 UNION MARKET and GROCERY Eighteenth and K St. Phone 272 FEISTER'S MARKET Marlcopa E. C. DALE x Ford City FINSTGR QROCERY Fellows ^ home of Mrs. N. 0. Boon will bo postponed until March. Lea tor Arnold, fat ale fish and game commissioner, and L. IXoux of Bakersfield wero hero $n business on Tuesday, EuReno Mon of Poso Bridge Station transacted business herd Tuesday. Mr, and Mrs. Elmo Newman and smull baby daughter returned to their homo hero from Bakerafleld Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Benton Martin and children of White River wore guestn of Mr. and Mrs. W.-P. Cantloberry "-'urda; Grocery Specials for Friday and Saturday Monarch Fancy White Meat Tuna Our Choice Tomatoes, No. 2ft « Tina Q Toilet Tissue, * 1000-Sheet Rolls W Monarch Finest Tomato Juice, No. 2 * Tina m Trupak Corn, Extra Fancy Whole'Kernel, 9 No. 2 Tina.... fc Del Monte Solid Pack Tomatoes, No. 2y 2 tins Sunshine Krispy Crackers Golden State Butter, Quartered in Carton, Ib. •Monarch Whole Peeled Aprtoota in Heavy 1C«. Syrup... .No. 21/2 tins ^^^m^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^^^^^—^^-^^^^^—^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Coffee Shop Coffee Mb. pkg. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••H Heinz Ketchup....large size ^^^•^^k^^g^^Hfa^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ u ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ B ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•••^^•^^••^ Monarch Tiny Sweet Peas, 2-Sieve, No. 2 tin Pillabury Pancake Flour Large Package , AKr OUP Soda or Graham 2-lb. box ^^^••••••^•^^^••••-•. M • Our Choice Sweet Corn, No. 2 H i FIB * * * *« , t * *« t •^^•^"•"^^•^^^•••^••P Monarch Freeh Prunes, Highest | •! Quality..No. 2j/ a tins I IC ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^H^^^^ Trupak Fancy Sliced Pineapple, No. 2j/ 2 tins Snowdrift 6-1 b. can Our Choice Cut String Beans, I I flO «*4**«»t* » * •••••••••^^^^^•••^••^^ Fancy Asparagus, Picnic Tins ^—• "• ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••^•i Fancy Sockeye Red Salmon, Flat fi ••••#»*•»#»# + ( ^^•^^•V^HBWH Lux Toilet Soap IP bars ^—_—_- J _-— — _ 1 ' ""^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^•••^^•^•l Lux Flakes Urge size Regular Size, 2 for 19c We Redeem Lux Coupons MEATS New York Cut Steak | Prime Baby Beef Roast t .. Jb. Cloverbloom or Colorado Gold Butter In cartons Large Loin Lamb Chops |b. Northern £ Sauerkraut Ib. OG Pig Link Sausage, Pure Pork (Seasoned I^ ^Southern Style)... .Ib. I *6 Fresh Dressed Hens ib. Full Line of Fryers, Young Roasters, Fresh Fish and Oysters VEGETABLES Fresh Tomatoes j Avocados »tt»*«**«ttiti». . CACn Lettuce Celery Hfcarts.... Rome Beauty or Jonathan Apple heads bunches 5 , b , 25c Edison Grapefruit Pippin . "I Apples f Ibs. Hothouse | 'Rhubarb Ib. I All Bunch A • Vegetables m for Idaho Russet Potatoes, No. 1 25-tb. bag Cucumbers, Eggplant, Squash, String Beans and Green Peas. Bakersfield Market 1618 Nineteenth Street Don't Fail to Read These Prices Effective Friday and Saturday, February 3, 4 Cents pound Rib Steak Round Steak Loin Steak one Steak Shoulder Steak • Rib or Loin Pork Chops Shoulder Veal Roast Ground Round Steak Shoulder Lamb Roast Shoulder Pork Roast (No Bone) Legs of Yearling Mutton Ib. lOc Legs of Lamb 1 D . 16c Shoulder Beef Roast, (Round bone or No. 7 cut) Ib. 8c Nice Lean Bacon (half or whole) Ib. lie -' Sliced Bacon (nice and lean) Ib. 15c * Bacon Squares •... Ib. 7c Cloverbloom Butter (Mb. limit) Ib. 20c 11221 Nineteenth Street Phone 264 I. fe. Bakersfield Shopping Center PRIME BEEF Pot Roasts Pickled Pork LEAN RtB AND LOIN Pork Chops. LEAN SHOULDER PorkSloaks. . BONELESS Corn Beef, Sliced Liver. . Rolled Rib Roast GROUND Round Steak. . Veal Cutlets. . . . . Ib. IDc . . to.Bc • L . . Ib. I5e . Ib. 12e Ib. 14* .IklOe EASTERN Salt Pork. ARMOUR'S Star Hams, Parts . . 3 Large Slices Ham , , ,lb.22c . Ib. 18c . Ib. I5e , Ib. I Oc Ib. He 26« Eastern Bacon, by the Piece . . . 14c FRESH FISH AND OYSTERS HENS AND FRYERS Steolc Good and no misla 2lbi.26e \ * « i Grocery Department Globe A-1 Flour. Globe A-1 Flour Tomatoes Spinach Corn Asparagus Wcstlakc, No. 2'/ 2 Cans Westlake, No. 2'/ 2 Cans Westlake White or Golden Bantam No. 2 can Westlake, Tall Cans No. 2 Cans . . . 10s 33c . . . 25$69c lOc 13c; 2 for 25c 10c 13c 13c: 2 for 25c Westlake, No. 2 Cans String Beans L int a DA«HO Westlake, A. ima Deans NO. 2 cans. 9C Salmon Pears Pineapple Westlake, No. 2 Cans Westlake, No. 2 '/i Cans. Westlake, Sliced No. 2>/ 2 can 17c 15c Kraft's Old.Fashmnarf SALAD Pints. . i5c aran s uia-rasnionea DRESSING Quarts 25b Bishop's Ground Chocolate . . . Ib. 25o Butter ^ Ib. 22o I -Ib. Cakes Armour 's Laundry Soap . . 5o One Pound Longhorn Cheese for 27o and 1 Ib. Cottage Cheese or 1 Ib. Peanut Butter r/i* SMOKED FISH Smoked Salmon, Fillet, Salt Mackerel, Alaska Cod, Kippered Mackerel, Marine, Ma* rlnette and Dried Herring. r.nrrft GOLDEN Ripe B bs. 25 EXTRA FANCY App Pipp SWEET Juice Oranges rnesH Siring Beans. Ibs. 25 3 doz. 25c . Ib. 15c Fresh Grs EXTRA FANCY bs. 26c FRESH Green Brecc LARGE STALKS in Diege C 4 Ibs. 25 h Vegelab 2« 4fc I5e Oc WE CARRY ONLY FIRST CLASS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES • 1 I

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