Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 11, 1965 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1965
Page 9
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Ann Landers answers your problems Dear Ann Landers: You printed a letter from a teen-ager named Billy who complained tliat his mother drove him nuts with her back seat driving. I am a mother of tliree teenagers and would like to register the identical complaint. Since my children learned to drive I haven't had a minute's peace behind the wheel. The other day my son and two of his friends were walking home from school. I saw them and asked if they wanted a ride. The minute they got in the car my son started to criticize my driving. I ignored the first few digs, and then he said, "Ma, I think you need new glasses. You almost clipped that car when you passed it." I answered,' "I was driving when you were in diapers." He didn't say anything then but when we got home he yelled for half aa hour about how I had insulted him in front of his friends. He didn't feel that he had insulted me with his crack about my needing new glasses. I hope you wiU give parents a break and print this letter, Ann. Several of my friends are having the same problem with their highschoolers. Thank you. — ON THE DEFENSIVE Dear On: It's strange that most children think their parents know everything, until they get to be about 12 years old. Then, suddenly, their parents don't know anything. This phase usually lasts six or seven years. At about age 20, children begin to have a somewhat improve opinion of their parents. By the sure she wanted to be engaged, to "take the ring back to the jeweler for a refund." A 22-year-old boy is old enough to know what he is doing. A reUable jeweler will stand back of his merchandise and give the customer a refund or exchange if the goods are faulty, but no jeweler is his right mind would sell an engagement ring with the provision that the buyer can bring it back for a refund if the romance doesn't go well. Would you advise a woman to return a gown to a shop if she became ill and was unable to attend the party? Could you get a real estate company to refund option money if the buyer changed his mind? I am protesting against your advice in behalf of approximately 25,000 fellow retail jewelers in this country who are probably as unhappy with your advice as I am. I hope you will print this letter and not discriminate against me on the grounds that I am a relative, because I am a daily reader as well—YOUR BROTHER-IN-LAW DAVE B Dear Dave: Twenty-five thousand apologies to you and all the other retail jewelers. I goofed. I should have told the young man that: (1) He should not have "surprised" a high school girl with an engagement ring and (2) He should hang on to the ring until he meets a girl who is at least as eager to accept the ring as he is to give it to her. Twenty lashes with a gold watch chain for Granny Annie. Parents arc people—they can time children marry and have be right and they can be wrong, youngsters of their own they To help understand their view- strongly suspect that perhaps!point and to promote harmony Ihcir parents aren't so dumb af-iat liome. write for ANN LAN ter all. Dear Readers: Well. I've done if again. This time, 1 not only alienated a whole industry but I've tromped on the toes of my ever-lovin' brother-in-law, a Nebraska jeweler, out of Omaha. He writes: Dear Ann Landers: What do you mean telling that 22-year- old boy whose girl friend wasn't DERS' booklet, "How To Live With Your Parents," enclosing Willi your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of the Redlands Daily Facts enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright, 1965, Publishers Newspaper Syndicate. moves on new feigfts, business good NEW YORK (UPI)— Market comment: Robert H. Stovall. vice president in charge of research for E. F. Hutton & Co., Inc., says "in its own perverse way, the market has moved on to new highs at a time when international problems are mounting, but when most economic and corporate good news is news no longer. Business seems sure Leslie M. Pollack, Reynolds &. Co., says that in the past week "disturbing fundamental developments such as our heavy involvement in Santo Domingo, stepped up troop shipments to Viet Nam, and increased pressure on the steel industry to hold the price line was shrugged off by investors. Instead, attention was paid to the possi bic inflationary effects of our rise in FAMILIAR MESSAGE - AG! passes a wall in Santo Domingo bearing a message long familiar to American forces in other parts of the world. U.S. strength in the Dominican Republic has climbed to 20,000 men. (NEA Telephoto) Hoover, 70, passes 41 years as head of FBI lo be good all year and most likely into 1966. With additional! defense efforts, a government s military rcquir upward pressure u.. ^..^ ; o- --i = 1„ • of the federal deficit, there is! to ignore unfavorable events!'-"'""•'"i'^'^- By CLIFF SESSIONS United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) — On May 10, 1924, during a shakeup of the Justice Department, Atty. Gen. Harlan Fisk Stone appointed a 29-year-old Washington, D.C. lawyer to head a newly revamped government investigating agency. The young attorney said he would accept the appointment of "one condition," that politics should not enter into the agency's administration. Stone replied: ", that is the only condition under which you can have the job." Serves 41 Years Today, after a sometimes stormy 41 years as director ofj the Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover can look back on the near - legendary conversion of the FBI into a modem, efficient crime fighting organization. Hoover has campaigned hard against communism, fascism, racketeers and what her terms "the creeping paralysis of corruption." He has appealed for public support to combat juven- a modern, efficient crime fighting organization. Hoover has campaigned hard against communism, fascism, racketeers and what her terms "the creeping paralysis of corruption." He has appealed for public support to combat juvenile delmquency, the traffic highway toll and the "lunatic fringe that promotes and protects the racial and religious hate-mongers." Hoover's record as the nation's No. 1 crime fighter includes acting against some of controversy over the two incidents has died down and so have the rumblings of dissatisfaction with the famous G-man. Hoover's aides say his health is excellent and that he is giving no thought to retirement. They say he will stand by his statement to UPI last winter that he intends to remain on the job "as long as my health and the confidence of the President and the American people will permit." Konrad Adenauer feels his work may be undone Redlands Daily Pacts Tuesday, May 11, 1965 — 9 By WELLINGTON LONG United Press International BONN (UPI)—French President De Gaulle's flirtation with the Soviet Union and certain East European Communist governments both frightens and fascinates his German neighbors. Former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who spent 14 years trying to cement West Germany and France firmly together so one side could never again join the Russians against invitation to his predecessor, Nikita S. Khrushchev, to visit Bonn this year. Adenauer and Erhard were so concerned at De Gaulle's moves to improve Franco - Soviet relations that they wrote him letters about it. The French president replied he intended to carry on despite their an.\ieties because he believes that only thus can the division in Europe be healed. German leaders were not sure De Gaulle would represent the other, feared his work will 1 their interests seltlessly. But as be undone. | always they were fascinated by .Adenauer's successor, Ludwigi'he idea that some kind of deal Erhard. shared Adenauer's concern. Yet Erhard was anxious to seek a tie-up with Communist China and was restrained only because he doesn't want to appear to be undercutting American President Johnson while the Viet Nam war is increasing in ferocity. Seeks Moscow Talks West Berlin Lord Mayor Willy Brandt, who hoped to lead the opposition Social Democrats to victory over Erhard in the September parUamentary elections, said if he does form a federal government he will immediately seek to talk with Moscow about German reunification. • And the Free Democrats, who are the junior members of Erhard's coalition and hope to improve their position in September, have put Moscow on the list of capitals their leaders are to visit in advance of polling date. They hope to convince voters they could succeed where others have failed. So far the Russians have offered the Germans no encouragement. While flirting outrageously with France, Soviet Premier Alexci N. Kosygin has not even replied to Erhard's suggestion that he pick up the with Moscow might be possible. In sum. they think De Gaulle's policy is unwise for Paris, but ought to be pursued by Bonn. Whether France's VE celebrations will worsen the current chill in Franco - German relations remained to be seen. But Germans noted that De Gaulle proclaimed a two - day national holiday for the first time to celebrate the victory over Germany—and that a high Soviet official attended t h e ceremonies. Roosevelt lists campaign expenditures LOS ANGELES (UPI)—County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn Mon- LOS .ANGELES (UPI) -Rep. James Roosevelt. D-CaUf.. spent 5324,679.16 in an unsuccessful campaign to unseat Mayor Samuel W. Yorty, according to his financial statement filed Monday with the city election bureau. The expenditure compared with that of S208.239.28 for Yorty in the hotly contested primary in;a lease construction plan, which the mayor won a new term. The campaign expenditures for Roosevelt showed more than 700 individual donors. MISSILE FIREWORKS - A Minuteman-2 blazes a fiery trail across the night sky at Cope Kennedy. It was the sixth straight successful test of the solid-fuel missile. (NEA Tele- hoto) Proposes county building fund Hahn said his proposal would subtract about 3' 2 cents from day proposed that S4.7 milUonlthe county tax rate increase earmarked for constniclion of; which is expected lo be about countv buildings in the 1955-66 4 7 QQ^IS budget be eliminated by using ' ^^.^ ^^.^p^^^, Under such a plan private Prevent taxpayers from being contractors bid for the right tol"socked in one lump sump for ei-ect buildings on county landibuildmgs that will last and and then lease the buildings uij serve the public for many the coimty. I years." (I,gj America's most vicious enemies This time... Own an Original Masterpiece of motorcar design—the significantly new Lincoln Continental Top to bottom and front to back, the new 1965 Lincoln Continental is new. And obviously a masterpiece. Majestic new sculpturing sweeps down the hood. A new ribbon of shining metal spans the rear. Parking lights are now mounted in an elegant new ribbed unit on the front fender. New disc brakes on the front add a new dimension of stopping power. And new colors, fabrics and leather add sumptuous new luxury to your choice of interiors. Yet the classic styling remains undisturt>ed. It is unmistakably and eloquently Lincoln Continental. No other motorcar gives you such pleasure just to stand and look at it Or drive it Or own it. So, isn't it time, this time, that you saw your Lincoln Continental dealer about owning an original? LINCOLN CONTINENTAL/65 Americas most distinguished motorcar ^.ie n ^r .lie' r;;e Of c:; ^r. luH ^,^\-^^eC^one. and Dillinge^ of! i,ired. resulting in ous flow of excellent corporate -'h<= 1930 the Nazis and 1-as-; sure on the anwunn earnings reports. A willingness; "^'s of World War II and the^ \ .sufficient motivation to commit additional funds to equities. It all spells buoyant business with more than a hint of inflation to come. and concentrate primarily onj Adds Stormy Footnotes good news is typical bull mar-! Usually a man who shuns kct behavior. It seems logical i controversy. Hoover added two to assume that we are still in; stormy footnotes to his 41st a strong bull market." BACKSTAIRS AT THE WHITE HOUSE By Merriman Smith United Press International presidential waistline seems to have bulged a bit. He was pinned to his desk more than usual during the recent Dominican Repubhc crisis and as every office worker knows, this is no encouragement for a slimmer midriff. Some doctors believe that skipping meals does not help lose weight in the long run because most of us are inchded to make something the late President!up for skipped groceries at the John F. Kennedy, a stickler for;next meal, what might best be laboUeJ asl The President also has not casual formahly in clothes. | been swimming as much as he WASHINGTON (UPD-Back- stairs at the White House: President Johnson's favorite shirts these days seem to be button - down models in light blue oxford weave, worn with a plam or almost imperceptibly patterned dark lie and either black or midnight blue single- breasted business suits of raw- silk or mohair and silk mixture. His taste in shirts recalls once said in affectionate dcrog- alion of his brother, Robert. The late President's younger brother, now a New York senator, was and is something less than a clothes horse and his sometimes rumpled appearance once led the Chief Executive to e.xclaim, "Why, he's still wearing button-down collars." Johnson is skipping lunch frequently these days and walking around the south grounds during the period in which he ordinarily might be eating or swimming. He says he feels fine physically, but some fairly close observers note that the did a few months ago — simply too busy and not overly inclined on balmy spring days to take to the heated waters of the White House indoor pool. year when he dubbed the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. "the most notorious liar in the country." and called the Warren Commission's statements about the FBI "a classic example of Monday morning quarterbacking." Despite some cries for Hoover's resignation or ouster, the De Gaulle to meet with Erhard in Bonn BONN (UPD-French President Charles de Gaulle has agreed to meet West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard in Bonn on June U and 12 lo discuss differences, a govemment spokesman announced Monday. It will be the first meeting of the two since De Gaulle changed his policy towards Germaiiy in a way which last weekend won the plaudits of ibe Communists. TESTS ESCAPE SYSTEM WASHINGTON (UPI) — The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plans to conduct a maximum altitude test May 19 of the escape system designed to safeguard Apollo lunar astronauts before and shortly after launch. The lest will be held at the White Sands, N.M., missile range. N.ASA announced durmg the weekend. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. GOOD NEWS for CIVILIAN GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES If you are being transferred, we have the correct information on regulations and schedules of allowances and reimbursement for transportation and temporary storage of Household goods and personal effects of civilian officers and employees of the United States. TRI-CITY VAK & STORAGE Your Mayflower Agent 31 W. Stuart Phone 793-2203 JIM GLAZE, INC 420 WEST REDLANDS BOULEVARD REDLANDS

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