The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 9, 1939 · Page 10
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 10

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1939
Page 10
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THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON. MICHIGAN THURSDAY, NOV. 9, 1939. RADIO HIGHLIGHTS 17 d listed in the programs. The Networks: WBAF—WTAM, WTMJ. WOT. WLW. W8M, WMAQ, WOOD, WWJ. WJZ — WLS, WTMJ. WMAQ. WXYZ, WLW, WOOD. WABO--WJB, WHAS, WBBM. CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 840. KDKA 980, KFAB 770, KFI 640 KMOX 1090, KOA 830. KYW 1020. WBBM 770, WCFL 970, WBAL 1060, WCCO 810. WABC 860, WKAR 850. WUAF 610, WEAF 660, WENB 870, WON 720. WOY 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS 820 WHO 1000, WIBO 570, WJJD 1130, W8M 650, WJB 750, WJZ 760. WLS 870, WLW 700, WMBI 1080, WKZO 690. WMAQ 670, WOOD 1270. WOW 590, WOWO 1160, W5B 740. WTAM 1070, WTIC 1060, WKBZ 1500, WTMJ 620. (Time Is Eastern Standard) TONIGHT: Talks: WEAF-NBC —6:45, Rep. C. E. Hoffman on "The Auto Workers' Right to His Job;" WJZ-NBC—9:30, America's town meeting, "How Will the War Situation Affect Unemployment?" WABC-CBS—10, Col. Louis Johnson on "Peace in the Western Hemisphere." . .. Europe —WABC-CBS—8:55, 11; MBS— 9; WEAF-NBC—East—11. WEAF-NBC —8— One Man's Family 8:30—These We Love; 9 —Good News Variety; 10—Bing Crosby show. WABC-CBS— 7:15 —Columbia U School of Engineering 75th anniversary; 7:30—Vox Pop; 8— Jim McWilliams' quiz; 9—Major Bowes; 10:30 — Americans at work. Fritz Kuhn Trial Begins in New York (Continued from Page 1) ney Thomas E. Dewey. by "persecuting Fritz Kuhn and Americans of German blood," sought to "obtain the Republican nomination for president," but Dewey indicated he would not .participate in the prosecution. Attaches of the district attorney's office said Kuhn's trial would toe "treated as a routine matter," and pointed out Dewey never personally tries cases which he regards as "routine." Robert L. Stearns Funeral Is Held (Continued from Pace 1) Mrs. Thomas Chandler, Sault, Ste. Marie; John E. Butler, .' Stearns, Ky. | J. S. Slingerland, Big Rapids; M. J. Flanel*>-, Elk Rapids; Fletcher C. Ransom, Plainwell; Mr. and Mrs. James Dewey, Bay City; E. T. Moran, Bay City; \ Frederick Stiles, Harry F. Stiles, j David Evans, Joseph Stevens,! John Stevens of Grand Rapids; | Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hardy, Man- ! istee; Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Gray, j Manistee; P. p. Schnorbach, Manistee; Arthur J. Myers, Kalkaska, George O. Nye, Manistee. Flags in Ludington were at half mast Wednesday in tribute to Mr. Sterans. MESSENGER OF MERCY WWJW^ Increase Activities at State Fairgrounds LANSING, Nov. 9.—(/P)— Elmer A. Beamer, state commissioner of 'agriculture, said today that the WJZ-NBC—7—Easy Aces; 8— state fair board was prepared to Don't Forget; 8:30—Joe Penner; fulfill the late Governor Frank 9 — Rochester philharmonic; jo. Fitzgerald's pledge that the 10:30—Vicki Chase concert. i state fairgrounds in Detroit MBS—8—Green Hornet; 9:30 would become a year-round recreational center under a Republican administration. Beamer said the executive committee of the fair board had signed contracts which will make —Paul Whiteman band. FRIDAY: Europe — NBC- Chains—8 a. m.; WABC-CBS—8 a. m., 6:30 p. m WEAF-NBC— Rl^r^^wi?^ fi m Tnrrh ^ tlle fairgrounds the Backstage Wile; b—lorcn OI hnwlinrr m q t r h p« Progress. WABC-CBS—9:15 a. ! uwmi *= a ' <- e: >. m.—School of the Air (west at scene of ciation hour; 5—Ed East's quiz. MBS—10:30 a. m.—University life 'discussion. Friday short Some HAT4 sic; TPA4 Paris—8:30—Variety; YV5RC Caracas— 8:30 —Amateurs; RGWA Guatemala City— 11—On With the Dance. jand even indoor rodeos Wayne ujr-ar™ i univ ersity will play basketball in r<tiiii , fo c co ii s eum, and there is a contract providing for the A.B.C. bowling tournament to be held there. The commissioner of agricul- said the plans included activities week during the Beer Hall Is Wrecked Sudden Blast i Mrs. Harry Merritt Hostess to Society CARTOON drawn by Sparling for the American Red Cross annual Roll Call for members, November 11-30. Every American is urged to join to keep the Red Cross prepared for emergencies at home or abroad. (FOUNTAIN. — The members i 'of the Methodist Ladies' Aid Zimmerman, were guests, and (Continued from Pace i) (society enjoyed a delightful aft- with the members, Mesdames hind the rostrum, occurred at ernoon with Mrs. Harry Merritt Julia Hansen Ada Williams fl-21 n m i at ner home in the western William Goff, Charles Williams, PnnTerence Held I part of town Tuesday, Nov. 7. Harriet Smith. H. J. Gregorv, Hitler arrived in Berlin by Mrs - Harry McFarland, presi- Harry McFarland and V. H. Hitler arrived m Benin oy ^^ condu * ted the ^ lness Chancellor, enjoyed a delicious and arrangements were lunch served by the hostess. FORT halter station by Field Marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goering and Dr. Hans Heinrich Lamers, Liaison officer between the wartime ministerial council and Rev _ i» u 2 immediately to j XprTf 1 WilGrG 3. COiT~" \vf)l*lc Gen - plishe Wilhelm Keitel, chief of the high short command of armed forces, and: Th Dresidenf anr , Mr _ ,-,..-_. Foreign Minister Joachim Von 1 ine P resment ancl Mr s. Greg- DAVIS, Tex. (tP>- Dewey Hobson Joiner almost 1.000 miles a month filling ;:uplits for Sun- ,ciety meetings to order prompt- afcouniS ^ ^ ^' gC T(?X ~ was decided to call the so» Ribbentrop. Officials congratulated Hitler ory compose the program committee for December. Mrs. Thomas Twining will entertain the society on"Wed- and later Italian Ambassador Bernardo Attolicp led a pro- nesday, Nov:"l5;"at"her"nome w in cesion of diplomats to the chan-jTallman. The ladies will eo cellery to pay their respects. ' | prepared with shears and nee- A crowd outside stood silently idles, as two comforts will be in a drizzle. It was assumed wholesale arrests were being made by the (notified, will get in touch with Gestapo (secret police) in the Munich region but officials declined to disclose the number. Fuel Added to Problems of (Continued from Page 1) dia dates back to April 1, 1937, when the All-India federation of 11 provinces came' into being under act of the British parliament. The act granted the provinces a measure of autonomy, permitting them to elect their own governments while the federal administration remained in the hands of the British viceroy and an executive council, i The powers of the council are chiefly advisory. Gandhi's Congress .party, of which Rajendra Prasad is president, took control of eight provinces at the first election, and has agitated almost' continually since that • time for India's political independence. Forty years ago 8^000 automobiles were registered in the United States. Today total registrations number 29,425 000 cars and trucks. TEMPERATURE .- TODAY AT 11:00 44 Weather Forecast tower Michigan: Rain tonight or J>y Friday; warmer tonight. Coldar In central and west por- Ooni. Friday afternoon. Feel Listless, Dull? IF you feel tired, weak, logy and dull, you may need a tonic to help build you up. An excellent tonic to take is Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery which stimulates the appetite and tends to increase the flow of gastric juice, thus aidinc digestion of food, and sn helps strengthen you. N. Jerome Rhodes, !31 \\Vstmnrtlaml Ave., _ ,„ Peoria, III., say*: "When I was a hoy, r noon ° >Cl ° Ck Wednesda y afte1 '- : S'SJrr'i^^^.dcn M^,' 1 }^ i cry and it 5t;mijlatrii my appetite and to build me ristit up. I felt fine tied. Those who have no way to go and haven't been Tonight and Friday. (5:1."). 30c and lOc. THIS IVIAN STOLE FOR LOVE! Mrs. Harry McFarland. The cars will leave Fountain it JAMB THE KEGHT TO A WOMAN'S HEART...HIS OWN! CUPBOARDS FOR YOUR HOME No woman seems to have enough cupboard space — *"" r no* bufld some into kttohen this winter? LUMBER CO. 'ttnw Pbo»* 99 And [JOSEPH CALiEIA *'•* SALLY EliERS 1 i MONTGOMERY WARD Cotalog Order Service saves you money on thousands of other Itemsl U«« Words Monthly Pqyment Plan on any purchases of $10 or more! 103-109 E. Ludington Ave. Phone 158 A Warner 1st Nat'l picture SATURDAY ONLY THE FIGHTING UllINCO" with George O'Brien. The A.G. Grocers have dedicated the entire month or November as "a month of Thanksgiving." We are thankful that we are Americans and live in this land of peace and freedom; that our customers may purchase any foods they desire— there are no rations, no food cards. We are thankful to our customers and friends whose support and patronage has contributed so much to build our business institution. Campbell's Tomato 2 cans PUMPKIN BISQUICK HERMAN'S SALTINES LAKE SHORE HONEY large No. 2V 2 can lOc large package 29c pound pkg. 17c 16 oz. jar 19c Viking it), 15c Shut-fine Black TEA ./, ii,. 19c r Vie i/, M, u<j\j None Such MINCE MEAT o OKp £ pkus. ^ Jt KRAFT fHFFSF vllLiLiJL Combination American. Swiss „ Pimento, .'5 kinds in 9fX/» 1 loaf. Ib. £"t Blue Label TUNA Chicken of the Sea ir can Uv Shurfine 24y 2 ib. bag SNO SHEEN CAKE FLOUR. RIPPLED WHEAT TASTEWELL COCOA SHURFINE KRAUT pkg. 25c pkg. lOc 2 Ib. can 19c No. 2V 2 can lOc Siiurfine CORN-PEAS TOMATOES No. '2 Cans cans Del Monle PRUNES Mccl. Si/e 17c Ib. box Del Monte RAISINS Seedless 15 07. P and G SOAP (iiant Burs 10 for 33c POWDERED SUGAR, Jack Frost 3 Mb. pkgs. 25c SUPER SUDS, Blue Concentrated and 2 Bars Palmolive Soap all for 23c MEATS CHICKENS, li to 3 1 • Ib. average Ib. CHICKENS, •i to (i Ib. average Ib. PORK ROAST, lean butts Ib. PORK. STEAK, sliced thin Ib. ROUND or SIRLOIN STEAK, good quality Ib. SIDE PORK , O & Ibs. POUK SAUSAGE, O bulk ,•" Ibs. SPARERIUS, Ib. SAUERKRAUT quart LA III), pure kettle O rendered Ibs. 18c 22c 18c 19c 25c 25c 25c 15c lOc 25c VEGETABLES OIIAXGES, large 200's Floridas (JRANGES, 252 size, Floridas GRAPEFRUIT, /» Large Texas U IDAHO POTATOES, f A SWEET' POTATOES, /» C'ARKOTS, doz. doz. for ONIONS KI'TARAGAS' PARSNIPS, 5 10 ib.. 17c ,»,, lOc Ib. n, APPLES, eatinp or -in cooking JL" 2C lOc 15C Northern Banouet2 pkgs. ^^^ * 1«0 Count ORIENTAL SHOW YOU SA XJCE .......... 6 oz. bottle 19c ORIENTAL BEAN SPROUTS ................... 2 cans 19c ORIENTAL CHOW MEIN NOODLES ......... 2 cans 29c NOODLES ................................ 2 Mb. pkg. 25c SOAP 2lge.cakes19c WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE ................ French's 15c SH1NOLA SHOE POLISH ............ Brown or Black lOc CAMAY SOAP ....................... :.....* ..... cake 6c BRILLO ..................................... package lOc American Family large CLIMALENE large pkg. 21c BOWLENE large pkg. 19c DREFT large 23c THANKSGIVING COMES ON NOV. 23rd THIS YEAR. Please Order ITour Thanksgiving Poultry Early and Be Sure of Getting What You Want. -AFFILIATED GROCERS- A. E. SCHROEDER & SON HOLLICK & CARLSON Washington ana Dowland — Phone 2I» FARMERS' EXCHANGE now land ft Jarne* — Ph»ne Ml 8. Washington Ave. — Phone Z08 FARMERS' EXCHANGK R. Ludingtnn AVe. — Plione 94 and 95 •: ^

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