Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 11, 1965 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1965
Page 8
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8 - Tuesday, May 11, 1965 Redlands Daily Facts Fish-Nef Tans To Sprout This Summer By Polly Cramti DEAR POLLY — We were not able to sit down in our liny kilclien for a cup of coffee, to say nothing of a meal, until I discovered that a typewriter table, with end leaves, could be used to make a comfortable eating arrangement for two people. With the leaves down, the lop measures only 16 by 20 inches. Other convenient features in the use of this taole are thai it moves easily on its casters and three place mats cover the top to make an attractive looking table. —MARIE GIRLS - Have I ever told you I keep my sewing machine on a typewriter table? It Is easily rolled in and out of the closet.—POLLY NEW YORK (NEA) - Precious little stands between a girl in a swimsuit and her public. But in no past season have designers handled that little with so much imagination. The sky is the limit as long as it's sunny for the 1965 resort season at the beach. First there are suits to be "seen" in. These have passed their swimming tests, but there's no doubt they will more fre- qviently dot the sand. One has a peek-a-boo black lace top, strategically jeweled, and sleek jersey pants. Then there is a group of black lace discos, frankly inspired by the discotheque dress. These suits can be bikinis or one-piecers joined by a midriff of transparent black Lycra lace. Opposite to the great expose is proof positive that the sexy swimsuit doesn't have to be bare. One such suit is a one- piece bodyshaping number in glowing platinum jersey — for the girl who has everything. Then there is the suit that doesn't hesitate to take the DEAR POLLY — I do not have a narrow deep bowl such as is needed for whipping cream, etc., so I use a clean, [all, one-pound coffee can that has a plastic top. My electric i , hand mixer tils into it and theiP||;°f ..^_IQ weigluless quilted lall sides keep the cream or " whatever is being whipped fromj-^ being splattered all over me and Ihe kitchen counter. To store. just snap the on.—BONiNlE plastic lid back GIRLS — This I really like. Not only does the electric hand mixer, with two beaters, fit in just right but also a rotary hand beater. What did we do before the day of coffee cans with plastic lids?— POLLY DEAR POLLY — Saturday night is always "New Recipe Night" at our house. Each Saturday I try out a new idea that I have cut out of a news paper or magazine. My family always looks forward to these Saturday night surprise dinners. - MRS. S. nylon, it's cut bare and spare with a back that simply isn't there and a front that can make up its mind about how far to go by the flick of a zipper. Another with all the same attributes is in matte jersey and a white bow under the chin has been added for a disconcerting note of demureness. The soft, refined fashion message for spring and summer has been translated for the beach in one-piece, screen-printed jersey suits with matching beach shifts. Color combinations are as bright as jewels — green with pink, blue opa! with gold and orange with water blues. This year, too. the two-piece suit and the bikini are having their season in the sun. But when you buy, remember that these demand a nearly perfect figure. Reveal the true brilliance of your diamond in a mod ern new setting. M-6 Ring Settine $18.00 MW-6 Wedding Ring Setting 15.75 We invite you to inspect and use our shop service developed through years of experience. Tlia quality required with the economy desired 118 E. State Phone 793-4806 UNANIMOUS APPRO'VAL: Five Dartmouth undergraduates formed panel to choose clothes for 1965 "Go-Getters" fashions for active junior-size girls. They approved this brief, pleated Amel shark-skin tennis dress with low belt and round collar. They like white so long as it is immaculate. Fashion Seen Through Ivy League NOTES By Helen Hennessy Women's Editor Newspaper Enterprise Assn. NEW YORK —(NEA)— Once a lad is old enough to switch from pablum to bacon and eggs for breaktast, he thinks girls are O.K. in general, and that one in particular is tops. At 13 or 14 he'll show this by ducking into the nearest doorway rather than meet HEK ac cidentally when he isn't prepared with a scathing remark. But once the growing pains subside, he will not only admit his interest to all who will listen but also consider himself an expert on how a girl should look and behave. That he can be both articulate and opinionated on the subject I learned a few days ago. Five Dartmouth sophomores were invited by a large fiber company (Celanese) to indulge in a young man's favorite pastime — girl watching. Eighteen different outfits were modeled for Tom Grove of Kingston, R.I. Cliff Smith Jr. of Weston, Conn., Paul Lipscomb of Rochester, Minn., Paul Klungness from Thief River Falls, Minn., and Ted Walkley of Darien, Conn. The clothes represented s cross-section of what a girl "go getter" needs for every occasion, from active sports to a formal dance. And every member of the panel knew which was which and where it should be worn. The panel was a cross-section, too, of ambitions and hobbies ranging from architecture to playing trumpet. So perhaps girls of college age may want to hear about the kind o£ togs these men believe can make a girl "date bait." When asked, "How do you like bikinis?" the response was 100 per cent in favor. I had no doubt it would be. But sturdy lasses, beware. They are not for you. Arnel sharkskin in a spark- ging white tennis dress was applauded. But one panel member made a sad commentary on white. "Great, if it's not filthy." Since this fabric and many other launder in a jiffy, it's disheartening that his remark was deemed necessary. They all like beach dresses, not only for sportswear, but for informal parties. One rather ambiguous remark about a flowered above-the-knee shift: "It hides a lot." Dance dresses must allow movement, according to Dartmouth's class of '67, They all do Baws the monkey, frug, the jerk and DANCE the swim and feel their dates wouldn't get very far in tight, slinky sheaths. With one exception, these men want to take their girls dancing. The exception said he would rather go to the movies or ride a bike. So it looks as though even HIS girl wouldn't get far in a tight, sUnky sheath. Their reaction to far-o u t clothes (Courreges type) was unexpected. They didn't snort in disgust but admitted that such ANYONE? Any night is grand for dancing, says the panel. They go for this slubbed-fabric Amel and Cuprama dress with short A-line skirt, wide enough for even the monkey or the frug. WE HAVE SOMETHING ° SIM© Ae£ Be An Early Bird!!! ^ Start Your Beauty Career! We are taking Limited Enrollments NOW! ... for Classes STARTING June 22nd and July 6, 1965. (REGISTRATION CLOSES MAY 15. 1965) For a small down payment Now, You can "Hold Your Place" ... to start Your Interesting and Satisfying Career as a Professional Hairdresser. •k We Invite You •fo Visit Us for Further Information and Inspect This Finest of Cosmetology Schools. Phyllis Adair s College of Cosmetology "Yes, Your Hairdresser Knows Us Too, tor Sure!" 410 Orange St. Redlands 793-2275 FREE PARKING ON THE REAR LOT OR GERRARD'S MKT. LOT fashions had limited use. The consensus was that a girl would most likely wear such an outfit riding a motor bike. But it took them a lot of time to come up with that one. The pretty feminine clothes were the favorites — a white, pleated skirt with striped top ("A great dress") and a yellow shirtwaist dress ("My favorite style"). The panelists hoped their comments would remain anonymous. After all, they had to go back home. Fad Diets Cause Woes For Teens Young women between 12 and 20 have a weighty problem. How they approach it can affect their physical and mental health for many years, physicians say. A contmumg study by the American Dietetic Association with 1,000 Cahfomia teenagers indicates more than 60 per cent want to lose weight but only 10 per cent of the girls are seriously overweight. Teens are not meant to be ultra-tlvin, doctors say. The body needs a little e.\tra weight at this time. Despite this warning the "skinny" fad remains rife. The result: teen-age girls have the world's worst eating habits and their complexions show it. Nutritionists' surveys reveal junior and senior high school girls select foods supplying less tlian 50 per cent of their bodies' needs. Milk, meat and vegetables fall by the wayside before starvation diets. Poor eating habits invite a variety of problems. Hormonal changes encourage the young adult's complexion to act up and the constant dumping of sugars and fats into the blood stream aggravates any borderUne acne condition. Poor food habits also encourage weariness. The diet- conscious teen tends to pick foods high in carbohydrates which give quick energy and not much else wlrile eating body builders such as meat, eggs and milk could stave off that vague, exhausted feeling so many teens complain of. Even worse than the thought of bemg plumper than she feels is fasiiionable is the actuality of acne. Basic causes are improper skin care, poor diet, specific vi- tanm deficiency, nervous tension, systemic infection (1 o w grade virus) and glandular changes. It is best to turn to the family doctor for advice and treatment for most of these. However, any teen-ager can soothe the acne condition with several thorough facials a day. Use a mild, medicated soap, rinse and towel gently. To prevent spread of infection, apply Proper diet and rest help teen-agers flglit fatigue and facD woes. Applv medicated lotions or creams to blemishes wit sterile cotton swabs to avoid spreading infection. 3 skin-colored medicated lotioni at night before going lo bed. or cream to each blemish with a sterile cotton swab. The medicated cream should be applied loo, Once-a-week use of cleansing grains helps rid your complexion of blackheads. All Age Groups Guilty Of Litterbug Label Travel Abroad This Year! ml CLEM LAU LAURA CREATURA 298 L CITRUS Phone 793-2555 REDLANDS NEW YORK (UPI) — Teen-i agers are no more sloppy than|' , ., . i adults—at least when it comes It was a delight to watch their I ^eing lilterbugs, the serious consideration of the way;Container Manufacturers Institute says. In an effort lo curtail I h e American habit of dropping things on the ground or floor, the Institute conducted a motivated research study and found that people in all age, social and economic groups were potential litterbugs. Teenagers, it found, were no more litter prone than adults. Ihey would like their dates lo dress. But a step back into my own lime, where college years are but a memory, convinced me t h a t as a man gets older, his interest in women's clothes centers purely on how much they cost. Try asking your husband how he likes your new hat. Buttons to silver dollars he answers, "How much was it?" What . . . does a Hearing Aid Do? 1. UC Prof Has Good Word For Mature Students BERKELEY, Calif. (UPI) .A University of California prO' lessor has called for some second thoughts about the role of women who want to return to school. 'The wife who.keeps up with her husband intellectually and is excited enough about learning and education to communicate her feelings to her children is a much better wife, mother, homemaker and citizen." said Dr. Jack London, professor of education. He urged colleges and universities to experiment with new curricula and time requirements to meet the needs of the wom an who must be a part-time stu dent. He also calls for specially designed courses, scholarships for part-time students, television courses and provisions for child care. Scent Pulse Spots Every year brings a new crop of fragrance users. Advice has been to use perfume effectively in pulse spots. Where are these? They are at the base of the throat, at the mside bend of the elbow and knees, back of the ears, on the wrist and at the cleavage of the bosom. Touch up fragrances every two or three hours. It increases the loudness of the sounds sent to the hearing center . . . messages formerly too faint to hear now become audible. -J2. The use of a hearing aid exercises & stimulates the organ of hearing and tends to strengthen it. 3. The use of the hearing aid puts the hearing center back to work; it does not lie dormat. These ore ONLY a FEW of the benefits derived from using • Hearing Aid. HAROLD L PAHL Certified Hearing Aid Audiologist 16- 7+h St. Redlands 793-5646 There IS an Ean^^^ OGILVIE, Fat Stays NEW YORK (UPI) — Most plump children remain plump when they reach adidthood. Dr. Louis H. Nahum reports in the journal "Connecticut Medicine." Nevertheless, he noted, many persons brush aside the problem of obesity in children and adolescents. They think the child will lose weight as he grows older. It's a fallacy, according to data collected by researchers probing overweight. Tooth-Brushing Lures Encourage children to brush their teeth by giving them tlieir individual tubes of toothpaste. Electric toothbrushes also seem i to work more efficiently than a' parent's order. 9 • • • • » « « • • is as simple to apply as combing your hair! Lighten your hair, darken your hair or cover gray completely and naturally with new Coloratura, It's the first and only permanent hair color cream designed to give salon-perfect results at home. It's self-timing, has fauilt-ia drabbers, shampoo and conditicmers. No complicated parting or sectioning, no dripping. No worry about overlap or color bnild-np even when retouching. Just cream it in, foam, rinse out and let your hair dry to a color so natural it looks as if you were bom with it. 2 full applications, only 2.00* •pluf to« WINN'S DRUG STORE Corner Colton and Orange Daily 8-9 FREE PARKING & GIFT WRAPPING 6 9 « « 0 « @ PY 3-2804 Sunday 9•S S&H GREEN STAMPS

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