The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 2, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1933
Page 6
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THE BAKEHSF1ELU CALlt'ORNlAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1033 SCHUURS NEWS W. WEEK Specials for Friday and Saturday Gold Medal Flour.... 2Bc| BIiqu ! ck 29c Ask About E-Z-8ERVE Cake Plate 2-lb. Package SODA OR GRAHAM 25 C Sugar, Cane, If) Cloth Bag... •*>_ Ibs. 45c Milk— Golden State or All-Pure ........ tall can Snowdrift Plllsbury Pancake |71l» Flour....2/ 2 .|b. pkg. • • $» (Bring In Your Coupons) BUTTER 3-lb. tin 6-lb. Tin. 73c Buy One Pkg. of Bluebird Washing Powder and Get One Can 40.% POWOW FREE .VaVV Eagle Brand (Bordcn's) Sweetened Condensed Milk Cans for 2 I2}c S. A, W. Sweet Corn 2s Heinz Cream of Oyster Soup No. 2 tin Heinz I 7ft Vinegar quart • •* Heinz Tomato O Juice * for Philadelphia 4 IQ* Cream Cheese •» pkgs. • «V Log Cabin 77ft Syrup large • • *» Medium Size, 39c Mother's Oats, Quick, 9Rfi (With China) fcWW Jcll-o M ^ for 25c Casa Loma Eggs, U. S. 91 fi Extra Large doz. 32e Monarch Coffee Ben Hur Coffee, Drip 37ft or Regular Ib. W*»w HIIIS 39* Coffee Ib. W*W 2 Ibs., 62c Monarch Indiana Tomatoes, Solid Pack ,. Monarch Small Asparagus Tips Square Tins 9 11» (60 Stalks) *•* Monarch Peas, I Q«k Size 3 No. 2 tin • TO Monarch I Of* Strawberries, No. 2 tin • TO Monarch Shrimp, Wet Pack plclnic size Black Orange Pekoe 1 Ib. 54c 1/2 Ib. 29c Green 1 Ib. 43c 1/2 Ib. 22c 2 Ibs. 15c 4 Ibs. Best Foods B. & B. Pickles 15-oz. Jar Best Foods French Dressing, '/ 2- pt- bottle I5c IQc lell-well, Assorted pkg. 5c Wilbur—MEATS—Wyatt 25c Colored Hens Ib. Colored 97l* Fryers Ib. * II* Young 97l» Rabbits Ib. *l* Leg of Pork Roast Ib. Loin of Pork Roast Ib. Link Sausage Ib. Armour's Star Bacon, j/z-lb. cello, pkg, Prime Steer Beef Roast Ib. Round and Loin Steaks Ib. Legs of Lamb Ib. Pure Hog Lard Armour's Star Ham, Half or Whole Ib. Me Me 20c I8e PALMS ORU/HN MARKtr CflllfOUNIflniCHESTFRVo PHONE (37( NATIONAL MARKET Phone 4812 Corner SPECIAL FRIDAY Nineteenth and Baker AND SATURDAY Pure Cane -| /\ Sugar ..... JLVF Ibs. Pink Salmon, Alaska, No. 2 f\ can w cans Sunbrite O 1 C\n Cleanser O for J.I/C Peanut Butter 10J/2-OZ Formay 3-lb. can (Cooking Recipe Chart Free) Lux Toilet Soap 3 for 19C Lifebuoy 3 bars 19C White King Soap (One Kite Free) Preserves, Silver Thistle, 2-lb. 6 -°" Jar ' a "..l Ja r28c Rinso, Large ' Size flavors. Ideal, White Corn Meal ---- «J Ibs. 10 Ibs., 26c -| A A** I/ Fancy Leg of Mutton. . Ib. 9c Young Mutton Chops ,blOc COMMUNITY NEWS 22c Lux Washing 99r» Powder large UU\, Regular, 2 for 19c Quick Mothers Oats, Crystal- ware, large size Potatoes, U. S.... All Bunch Vegetables. Round Steak, Young Beef Cut Ib. 25 ,bs 28c Mutton Stew ib. 5c Pot Roast Beef.... . Ib, OlIjDAL.K, Feb. 2.—A surprise party I von by employes of Kern County Urport nncl their wives wna hold uesdiiy nlgrnt at tlio Waller H. Hoso onio in }Ttgh1iind Park, In honor of tr. and Jlrn. Wnltcr K. lloso. The young couple wore married on Uecember 20 at Vlsalla and nianagcd o keep their secret until 10 days ngo. A beautiful gift wns presented to ho bride and groom from their rlcnds. Mr. Hoso Is associated with ho weather bureau at the airport. Cards and dancing were enjoyed. Those participating were: Messrs, and Mesdaincs Tlos.s Peacock, A. P. I.Hen, >cll C. Meadows,. Ted Hale, It. B. irlffls, Don Cardiff, .foe Gurr, Grant Jonuldson, M. f!. Uoborts and Wnllor I. Hose; Messrs. Clyde Piircell, \Vnyne Furguson, Charles Peterson, Darrell Cardiff, M. 13. Can-, Angus lltis-, J.oon Oulhrle, .lolin Ttalc and Sidney Peters, Waller Brown and Mesdames K. I.. Hose and Pauline Uuthrle. The young couple will be at homo to their friends, at 227 Francis street, Highland Park. O for DC 9c Veal Round. , b 25c Picnic Shoulder Pork Roast... Lean Leg of Pork. . Ib. lie Lean Pork .Steak.... ib lie Merit Badges to Be GiveiVTaft Scouts TAFT, Fob, 2.—Taft Troop. No. 20, Boy Scouts, met Tuesday evening In the scout barracks with Ernest Spencer and Jack Campbell In charge. Orders woro sent In for M merit badges and 6 miniature first-class pins for members of the troop. Robert Axt, a new member of Die troop, was awarded his tenderfoot pin. Tho trip scheduled " to Greenhorn mounlulii has boon postponed and a trip to Frnzler Mountain Park has been arranged for .Sunday, February la. One-half hour of the meeting was devoted to tent passing, after which games were played. Tho meeting closed with the scout benediction. •» »'» ENJOY CARD PARTY MATUCOPA, Feb. 2.—The Woman's Club held Its regular card party Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Evelyn IQIermann. Pi-l/.es were awarded to Mrs. Stanley Mulford and Mrs. James Hogg. Five hundred was played. Those present were Mesdames Luclnda Titrr, Mabel Bond, Gladys Hogg, 151 va Mulford, Florence I. Price, JCMsle Helen .lepsen, Jjllllan Gluyas, 1^'elyn Elermann and Mrs. Martini- Walker. Mrs. Evelyn Elcr 1 man, president; announced thai the next card party would be held on February M In the city hall. The parties will be held on the second and 1 fourth Tuesdays of each month. FRUITVALE NEWS ITEMS FrUJlTVALE, Fob. 2. — The past week has seeii a number of new people locating In the Clreon Acrow tract and vicinity, and considerable Im- provoineiit IH being Holed In the appearance of houses und grounda. I. A. Cariker has bought the place on the noHOdiilo highway east of the Clrecn Acres corner which was occupied for H, number of years by Mr. und Mrs. J. H. McDonald. Mr. Curlkcr Is remodeling the house and will prepare the chicken pens for flocks of Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns. In a week or 10 days Mr. Carlker and his wife and two children expect to move from Rlvervlew, their former home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heath, who Is In the employ of the Standard Oil Company, 1ms been transferred from Tuft to Bakersfleld and has occupied the Chase place In Green Acres. They have graded the front of their place and have built a corral In the rear. tf. M. Baker, who moved to Green Acres recently from Jewell t,ane. bus also Improved his place considerably. The Gunther family have purchased the house formerly occupied by George Scott and family and will move In In the near future. Fresh Ground Hamburger or Pork q Sausage O Ibs. Eastern Hams, Half-IAJ or Whole Ib. 11/2 C Colorado Creamery Butter Ib. U. S. Extra Medium Eggs....doz. BAKERSFIELD GROCERY CO. AND SHANNON'S MEAT MARKET Corner Nineteenth and L Streets Phone 435 FREE DELIVERY—OPEN SATURDAY EVENING For Everyday Consistent Prices—Trade Her* Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Prices PRICES THAT WILL MAKE YOU BUY Trade Here and Forget About the Depression Creamery Butter Ib. Large Ranch 4 Eggs ' doz. Oleomargarine Ibs. for 2lc 35c I5c 23c 59c 63c 25c 25c 29c 29c 25c 69c Large can C Milk ............. » ' 25-lb. sack Ideal Flour ................ 25-lb. sack Gold Medal Flour ................ Pork and Beans, C No. 1 tall can ..... ** Can O Corn .............. * 'or Dozen ........ 90c Can String O Btans ............. «f for Dozen ...... $1.05 Loveland Sweet O Peas .............. ** 'or Dozen ...... $1.10 Strongheart C Dog Food ........ 9 cans Snowdrift _ C-<b. ................... Ocan M. J. B., SAW, Folger's, Schilling, Maxwell House or Chase & Sanborn Coffee ................. Ib. Quart jar Mayonnaise and Relish Spread, both for. . . Tomato ^ Sauce ............. • for Large pkg. White King Powder .................. Mission Bell, Chandu or White King C Toilet Soap ....... * White King I A Toilet Soap.... '" Quart can Amaizo Syrup, light or brown ........... Oysters O .................. * cans 2-lb. box of Krlspie or Snowflake Crackers ...... Gallon can Medium Ripe Olives ............ ........ Gallon can Red Sour Pitted Cherries .......... Gallon can Blackberries ............. Large carton Matches ................. Large Toilet ft Paper. ............ W Gallon Salad Oil, bring your Jug Pancake ' Flour Rolled Oats Macaroni pint bottle Catsup Assorted 2/ 2 Ibs. Berry or Strawberry Jam Rice Pops or 91 R« Wheat Pops * for • W* Wheaties O ' pkgs. Bulk Egg O Noodles ' Ibs. Flat can Sockeye O Red Salmon W 3-lb. can Formay Shortening. Armour's Corned Beef can Deviled 1 9K.f» Meat * cans *»WV T. N. T. Bulk Popcorn. for 25c 39c for Corn Meal Pink Beana Blue Rose Rice Large pkg. Mother's Oats 1-lb. pkg. Rose Carnival Marshmallows Zee Toilet C Paper 9 Fig Bars or Ginger Snaps Ib Jell-well ft Sugar .'" Ibs. 33c 45c 25c 29c I9c 27c 25c 25c 27c 45c 59c 39c 23c 25c 65c 49o 35c 45c 25c 33c 6 Ib5 . 25c 25c I5c 25c lOc 25c 42c Lighthouse or Sun- C brite Cleanser V Lifebuoy, Lava or O Ibs. for for 25c 25c I9c 2lc I8c Lux. Toilet Soap.. ' Rinso, large pkg ........... Large pkg. Peet's or Mermaid Powder.. Quart bottle I Or Purex .............. bottle I WV Argo Corn Q Starch .......... * Powdered or Brown Sugar .................. pkg. •*• K. C. Baking 4 A* Powder ................... fclfw Vz-\\a. pkg. Tree Tea, green or black Lime Rickey or Ginger Ale .......... bottle pkos. Jet Black Writing ft Ink, 10c bottle W Large oval or tall J can Sardines ** American Sardines C . in oil W Tuna for for for .can lOc I00 8b ack$..l5 33c for 'sack |-lb. C-lb. Obo Ifl-lb. IU box rolls okgs. 10, Idaho Spuds Idaho Spuds *•" sack 2-lb. jar C. P. C. Peanut Butter Del Monte Corn, .ft R*If» 10c can 1 for WV* Del Monte 1 Sfi Peas can • WV No. 2'/ 2 Del Monte Sliced Pineapple Large No. 2 can Chicken I K« Raviolas IWV It will pay you to visit our store to see dozens of other items at these low prices. Del Monte Catsup, 4 pints * Sperry's Pancake O Flour •• Bisquick Swansdown Cak* Flour Gold Medal Cake Flour Large can IXL Chili Con Carne Flat can Minced « 35fi Clams fc for wwv Tall can Whole 9 35C Clams : ..~ 'or WW» No. 2 tall Heinz J 25C for for 35C 29c 25c 25c IQc Baked Beans.. Gallon can Honey. 4Sc SHANNON'S QUALITY MARKET Pot Roast, From Young Tender Beef Ib. 8e Nice Lean Rib Boll Ib. 7c Pig Pork Roast, Shoulcjer Cuts Ib. Leg o' Pork, Half or Whole Ib. 8c fie Pork Loin Roast, End Cut Ib. I0e Leg o' Lamb Ib. I6c Lean Pork Steak... 2 ,22c Fresh. Ground Hamburger.... 3 ,, 25c Pure Lard or Compound.. , 24c Bacon, Half or Whole Piece.. .Ib. lie Sirloin Steak. 2, 25c Rib and Round Steak Ib. Fresh Sparerlbs * Ibs VISIT OUR MARKET AND SAVE MONEY 15c VEGETABLE DEPARTMENT Bananas Jonathan or Rome Beauty Apples Pippin or Bellefleur ^ Applet ' Grapefruit, fi Edison «* Cauliflower 6 , b , 25c 5 , b , 25c 7 ,,, 25c I5c lOc for '---'"lOO-^II.IS 25-1 b. sack 33c Lettuce Yams or Sweet Potatoes for 3 10 n. Strawberry Hothouse Rhubarb: ..Ib, All Bunch Vegetables Tomatoes 2,». 22e Celery CUCUMBERS. AVOCADOS. EGGPLANTS, SQUASHES, STRING BEANS Groups at Panama Give Layette Party PANAMA, Feb. 2.— A layette was given for Mrs. tx-oimrd Pitcher Tuesday, at the church parsonage by the ladles of the Aid Society and the P. T. A., of which the honored guest Is a member. The afternoon was spent In a social way. The honoreo received beautiful gifts. Refreshments were served to Mesdames Kranl Brlttairt, C. Chubb, O. K. Gartner o Taft; .Fred Hill of Uike Side ranch Granvllle Mays, Arthur Huffman, J. C Schrlver, K. ^r. Ashe, W. P. Taylor A. G. Fisher, Frank Loustnlot, Georgf Parish, W. H. Mi-Kee, Chester Marsh J. M. Hooper, Roy Hooper, C. 13 Black, C. Dorland, H. E. Van Horn B R Selbert, T2. A. Van Horn. Pete Rails C. E. Bennlot, Susan Hosteller B. II. Jordan, R. S. Holding and Mis Evelyn Jordan. VISITOR FROM CHICAGO McFARLAND, Feb. 2.— Mrs. J. C. Gobel Is enjoying a vlsll from her daughter, Mrs. Don B. Loomls, who •irrlvcd hero Friday from her home In Chicago. The guest expects to spend some time visiting her mother and brothers, Conner and Herbert and his wife and baby. Ronald. IOC 25c I5c 2 for 5C 2 lb , 25c 2 ,- lOc Mrm C. 12. White culled on Mrs. harlos Blnck of Bakersfleld Tuesday. Mrs. N. Bradley spent Hie week-end .'1th hot- niece, Mrs. Hugh Watson or Jnlon avenue. . t Mr. ntid MrH. EmmoU French of T,o» \ngelcs are visiting Mr. mid MrH. J. \ Pfost of Green Acres. Mrs. l-rcnch M a granddaughter ot Mr. und Mrs. Setii Turner of Bakcrsfleld visited Vultvnlo relatives TueHdiiy. Mrs. Harry TMddy and her grand- nughler, June Renfro, returned from JOK Angeles recently, where they mid leen visiting for Heveriil days. Specials for Friday and Saturday M. J. B. COFFEE 1 Ib. 3 Ibs. TENTH STREET GROCERY J. H. HIGDON, Proprietor 1001 H Street Phone 787 Four Free Deliveries Daily Snowdrift .6-lb. tin 69c Borden's Milk, Tall.... for Trupak Red Raspberries Delicious J Flavor, 2s *• for Trupak Sliced Pineapple, 7 to 8 9 91)* Slices * for •"«» Wellman Jelly, Assorted, 9 8-oz *• for Sliver Thistle Jelly 2-lb. 6-oz. Silver Thistle Jam 2-lb, 6-oz. 29e 29e Dodge Salmon, Sockeye, Red Alaska 1s, tall Wellman String Beans, Asparagus *1 Style, 2s ...... * for White Eagle C Soap Chips.. 9 Ibs. Chase 6V Sanborn Coffee LB. Golden Rod Butter Ib. (in Quarters) Channel Pies MADE WITH LOVING CARE Full 9C fi Assortment. fcVV Golden Crust Quality Bread Sliced...2forl5c I0e Butternut B read.... 1 i/z-l b. loaf Golden Crust 9Rc Doughnuts doz. ••VV Golden Crust *1 I A* Coffee Cakes. .*» for IUV Shoulder Beef Roast, A-1 Steer Ib. Leg Pork, Half or Whole Ib. Link Sausage Ib. Swift's Sliced Bacon Ib. BUNCH VEGETABLES—Full Bunches of Carrots, Green . Onions, Mustard Greens, Turnips and Spinach each Arizona Grapefruit doz. 29c PIKE'S GROCERY 302 H Street Friday and Saturday FRESH RANCH EGOS' From Cttaa Tx>nm Acres No. 1 extra large . . . . 186 Medium, doz 16c DANISH BUTTER Quartered tn 1-lb. Cartons Pound 230 SUNSHINE CRACKERS Or Grahams 2-lb. pkg • • 25c JCLL-O 3 Package and + Molds All for. 21c SWIFT'S SLICED BACON Rind Off Pound . 26o HAfolS Armour's Star 14 to 16-lb. .Average Pound 14e Butler Danish. 22e Gold Medal 9fifi Cake Flour s»Wl» (Ask Us How to Obtain E-Z-Serve Cake Plate Log Cabin I fift Syrup ;.. .small IWw Medium, 39c Peaches, Heavy Iflfi Syrup large IWW Pineapple, Fancy I A* Whole Slices I TO Pears, . IT* Del Monte large • IV EGGS MED... I4c LARGE, . . I7e SALTED PEANUTS Pound 11c MARSHMALLOWS Rose Carnival Mb. pkg. . . •. 14c PEANUT BUTTER Bishop's Mb. glass 16e 2-lb. glass . 26c BISHOP'S CHOCOLATED Mb. can 26c BACON Armour's Star . 0 to 8-lb. Average Pound . . . 18e HENS 3 to 3V4-lb. Average Pound • • • COLORED FRYERS . 2',4 to -i-lb. Average Pound 26c PORK SAUSAGE 2 Ibs. 26o for Salmon, pink tall Canned , Oysters Canned Shrimp Tuna, Light Meat Salmon, Fancy Red, Tall Sardines, Fancy Cross-Pack. .. Corned Beef, Armour's. Chipped Beef..medium glass Potted C sC for 3 for 3 for 2 2 for for )PER| BABY BEEF POT ROAST Pound ........ 12^0 BABY BEEF CLUB STEAKS Pound . . . 28c BABY BEEF LIVER Pound 13e SPERRY'S PANCAKE FLOUR Large pkg 15c A-1 BISCUIT FLOUR Large pkg 27c A-1 FLOUR So Called 5 Ibs 19c 10 Ibs.. 31c 25 Ibs 61c 50 Ibs. . $1.19 GROUND ROUND STEAK Pound 20c ORANGES Mwllum Size 2 dor. .......... 26c GRAPEFRUIT Imperial Valley Size 64 Dozen 39c PINEAPPLE Non-mark's Special Extra No. 2"/ 2 can 19c TROPIC OYSTERS No. 1 can 9c GLOBE A-1 SALAD OIL Pint 19c Quart 35c POTATO CHIPS Large pkg • 5c Meat. for Van Camp's Beans medium Tomatoes, Solid 4 9Rjt ft for sMHi Puree, Large...* for Pack, Large.. * for Tomatoes, With O Corn, Fancy Illinois I flit Country Gentleman.. IwV Peas, Extra Small "Oriole" •«•!» Asparagus, 9Ri* Llbby's All-Green... C«JU Oranges, Nice *i 9fil* Medium V doz. &WW Apples, 7 9fit* Wlnesap • Ibs. sMIv All Bunch A Kjk Vegetables * for WV We handle nothing but the finest quality vegetables. Every item guaranteed. TOMATO JUICE Xewmark's Special Extra 3 No. 1 cans 25c 2 No. 2/2 cans. . . . . . 25c TOMATOES Xowmark's Special Extra Solid Pack No. 1 can •. . . . . . . . 10c No. 2/ a can 15e SUPER-SUDS 2 pkgs 17c CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 10 bars 27c WHMTE EAGLE Soap Chips 5-lb. pkg 29c CORN Xewmark's Special Kxtra No. 1 can 9c No. 2 can He PEAS* Xewmark's Telephone No. 2 can 15c PEARS Newnmrk's Special Extra No. 2'/ 3 can 19c Silver Slice Bread, White or Whole Wheat. .2 for 15c Raisin Nut Bread, Delicious 15c Danish Coffee Rings 10c MRS. RAMBAUD'S FRENCH BAKE SHOP Phone 2020 for Food 1918 "Eye" Street Talk, Don't Walk—Cash or Charge—Free Delivery &v^rgbodys grocer Springdale Heat Prices Listed Below Arc Good for Fri. and Sat. Only, February 3 and 4 No. 1—CORNER OF TWENTY-FIRST AND CHESTER AVENUE No. 2—CORNER OF NINETEENTH STREET AND N No. 3—TWO DOORS EAST OF NILE THEATER HAMBURGER sp sr lOc SAUSAGE ' Pure Pork Bulk Pack Country Style ib. lOc HAMS Morrell's Pride Eastern Skinned .Very Mild and Firm Pound SPARERIBS Very Nice, Lean and Meaty Lovely Served With Sweet Potatoes 2 Ibs. 15c BACON Pound Swift's Premium Sliced Now Ovenized 18c PORK CHOPS Lean, Meaty Rib and Loin Chops 3 Ibs. A Real Saving 25c STEAKS Sirloin, T-Bone, Round and Rib, From Springdale Tender Beef Ib. 14C PURE LARD Specially Rendered for Springdale None Finer 4 ibs. Pound POT ROAST Lean, Tender Chuck Cuts, From Springdale's Dependable Btef RIB BOIL Best Plate and Brisket Cuts Pound Young, Tender Beef 6c

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