The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 31, 1958 · Page 3
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 3

Austin, Minnesota
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Wednesday, December 31, 1958
Page 3
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TIME WILL TELL Political freedom Uncertain in Cuba By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Cuba'i nagging, two-year-did rebellion has never followed the pattern of the traditional banana- republic grab for power. It appears to fit in more with Latin America's long history of struggle against dictatorship. Only time will tell whether the bloody revolt will really bring political freedom to Cuba, that island nation has passed through a montomftis succession of dictatorships during half a century of independence. The big unknown in the revolt is its rangy, bearded leader, Fidel Castro. Frea elections, civil liberties and democracy are his rallying cry, but Castro is the son of a wealthy planter who has been a rebel since .his student days in Havana. He has never held office or had a chance to show his true political colors. Castro's opponent is President Pulgencio Bfitista, a tough former army sergeant who first seized power in 1933 and calls Castro "a renegade, a murdering outlaw and a Communist with a long criminal record." Reds Help Castro Castro denies that he is a Communist. But many Americans with an intimate knowledge of Cuba say the island's Reds are helping the rebel chief and will make him their tool if he ever gets into power. Castro has attracted perhaps 5,000 men now under arms against Batista. For months they were no match in an open battle with Batista's armed forced, which number around 35,000 and are well equipped, U. S. arms. mostly with So Castro has used hit-and-run guerrilla tactics since he landed on Cuba's southwest coast with a nucleus of 81 men on Dec. 2, 1956. the tactics have undercut Bit- ista's main source of powef •*• Cuba's unmatched prosperity. Much of the tourist trade has been frightened away. Rebel destruction of roads, bridges and transport in eastern Cuba is endangering prospects for market, ing and milling this year's sugar crop, Rebel spokesmen Insist they do not want to damage the main support of Cuba's economy, but planters are apprehensive, the market in sugar futures indicates pessimism on this year's crop outlook. ' , The worse conditions grow in Cuba, the more chance Castro has to succeed in his long • range strategy of fomenting unrest. Operation Isn't Needed; Sailor Feigns Illness SVENDBORG, Denmark (AP)A polish sailor got himself rushed to the hospital so he could stay in the West. His ship sailed without him Tuesday night, but the sailor paid for his freedom with an ap pendix he didn't need to lose. The 22-year-old seaman com plained to the captain of the Polish ship that his stomach ached. He was allowed ashore to see a doctor. Crying loudly, he went to the office of a shipping company which called an ambulance. At the hospital, the" doctors rushed him to the operating table and removed his appendix without a diagnosis. Conscious again after the operation, the sailor admitted he had feigned illness to get away from his ship. SONS OP CUBAN PRESIDENT IN Sons of President Pulgencio Batista NEW YORK of Cuba, Carlos Manuel, left, and Roberto Francisco, leave plane ramp at Idlewild Airport, New York, Tuesday night after flight from Havana. In Cuba today both Batista's army and Fidel Castro's rebels claimed the upper hand as fierce fighting continued in the central part of the country. (AP Photofax) MISSILE-SPANGLED SKY Rockets, Not Bombs Are Bursting in Air AdTUtltement AdrertiMment MEN BUY CHRISTMAS FURS WITH GOOD TASTE AND CONSIDERATION By BEN FUNK CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) —A busy and fruitful 1958 ended with a double bang at this space age shooting gallery. A Navy Polaris test rocket and an Air Force Thor were launched Tuesday before the New Year's Day shutdown of the test center and both exploded in the sky in a day of spectacular fireworks. scooting along at 5,000 miles an hour. Then the range safety officer noted that the missile was drift- Luggage Tax Law'Clarified' by Congress fly HUNK CORMIER WASttlNCfOtt (AP)—Congress lhi$ year clarified the law imposing a 10 pet cent e*cise tax on luggage, the Internal Revenue Service today clarified the clarification. The old law imposed the tax on certain specific items plus other unspecified cases, bags or kits for carrying toilet articles or clothing this meant the revenue service had to decide In many cases whether Items fell under the catch •all definition. Duty 41 Hems In an effort to ease the administrative work. Congress last summer simplified the law, effective at midnight tonight, so that it merely lists 41 specific items which are taxable, But still there are troubles. Some articles listed in the amended law as taxable are also known by other names not on the list. The revenue service has decided they are taxable if they are substantially the same as any of the articles named in the law. To guide retailers, it made public today an expanded list, but says even this is incomplete. Officials concede they still will have to decide the tax status of many articles on a case-by-case BASEMENT "SPACE SHIP" — Equip, ped with a mask and an assortment of dialed instruments, David Swenson, 13, is making a simulated trip to the moon and back in a wood and cardboard "space SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES ship" he constructed In his basement in Rochester, Minn. David "blasted off" Sunday, won't "get back to earth" until Friday, according to his computations. (AP Photofaxl Uncle Sam to Dig Deeper Into Pockets of Workers basis. Boy Scout Packs ton that blew it to pieces. Leaned at Angle About 10 hours later, • fiery Thor blasted off the Cape. It looked bad from the beginning. Instead of climbing straight up, A year ago, with the Sputniks ik } eai ! ed at an awkward angle, orbiting ominously overhead and' Again ' w seconds after firin *- ing off course and pressed a but- For exam Pl«. the expanded list says many Boy Scout packs are taxable but some scout bags are tax exempt. Bags for carrying wet bathing suits are ruled taxable but bags for toting wet diapers are free of the Soviet Union holding a mas- the safety officer stabbed the de- sive lead in the space race, two™ bu " on ' ™ e ? or , exp l°f ed failures so close together would !* nd a hu « e . f unn f of . reddl f h flame marked its plunge into the Atlantic just off the Cape. have plunged the nation into deepest gloom. Laugh Them Off Today, America could .-„>,...., _ them off, for out of such failures!"™ "»-™ e Navy ' however, was have come successes which have hlghly P leased Wlth its Perform. WASHINGTON (API-American workers will pay higher Social Security taxes starting Thursday, and more than \Vk million persons now receiving benefits will get larger checks. Before the year is over, the tax increase will have affected an estimated 74 million workers, not all of them employed in any one period. The tax rate goes up from 2V 4 to 2<3 per cent on the first $4,800 earned, effective with the first paycheck received in January, for carrying religious The Tax currently applies to the the tax. Cases vestments are on the tax list butjfl rs t $4,200 of annual pay. there will be no tax on cases for carrying pocket flasks. Which is taxed: a shoe bag or a case for carrying raincoats? The The Polaris was the third of its revenue service says only the'shoe laugh |type to be fired, and the third to! ba S is . The surprise and astonishment registered on a woman's face when she opens a Christmas box and finds a lovely fur coat for her, is something beyond expression. An experience of this kind happened to several men of this community Just recently. They had an idea of the type of fur piece their wives would like. They also had an idea of what their wives would look well in and also be complimentary to their personality. These men knew colors and sizes and ordered furs accordingly. Some ordered furs specially made while others selected coats from the large stock on hand. All of this was done well in advance of Christ' ,neck mas so there would be plenty ofi in time . wives. put the free world in a neck-and- struggle with the Reds, one momentous year, this all unknown to their base has launched several satellites, one a 4%-ton Atlas which These men are to be congratu- dwarfs the Sputniks, tt has broken lated for their forethought and!'he intercontinental barrier with good judgement, and in their,an Atlas which flew 6,325 miles, method of selecting and present-'It has developed a host of other ing a gift of luxury almost be-{long and short range missiles, yond the hope and dreams of;And it has sent probes hurtling most women. Men, this memorable occasion that just a few enjoyed this year, can be yours at any time you choose. You need not necessarily wait until Christmas. . .there are' m stride anniversaries, birthdays and oth- thousands of miles out into space toward the moon. In Stride So residents of this busting missile area took Tuesday's blowups ance. Valuable lessons were learned about the structural integrity and the propulsion force of the missile. Previously, 11 of 14 Thors fired during 1958 were reported to have made accurate flights. Politicians Fear Books, Says Writer MOSCOW (AP) - Soviet writer fore-jilya Ehrenburg says that in 1958 How's that for clarity? It 15 Million Pay Maximum is estimated that about 15 million covered workers will have to pay the maximum 27' per cent tax increase during 1959. Their levy will jump from $94.50 to $120, due to the combination of in- creased rate and higher taxable salary base. Employers will pay the same increase as the workers, making the total Social Security tax run 5 per cent instead of 4 J ,z per cent. The rate for self-employed persons goes up from 3% to 3% per cent, also on a $4,800 taxable base. An estimated 1 million will pay the maximum 27 per cent increase. .$116% a Month On the benefit side, a retired worker now getting the maximum of $108.50 a month will receive $116 a month, effective with his first 1959 check delivered during the first week in February. At the bottom of the scale the retired worker getting $30 will get $33. In between, the minimum increase will be $3 per month or a 7 per cent increase over .the current benefit, whichever is greater. CONTINUING CRITICISM For the retired worker at the maximum with a wife also receiving the permissible maximum based on the worker's record, the payment will go up to $174 from $162.80. The largest possible monetary increase is for a family where several individuals are receiving benefits. The family maximum of $200 a month is boosted to $254. Boys Stop Train Just to Get a Ride BRANFORD, Conn. (AP)-Two boys flagged a 100-car freight train Tuesday night. The train stopped. Crewmen asked the boys what their trouble was. No trouble. The boys, who had {been visiting a girl, friend here, just wanted a ride back to New York City. AUSTIN (Minn.) HttAlD 41 Wednesday, D«, 31, '5» V Speed Demons Lose Licenses in New Jersey TRENTON, N.J, (AP)-"d]p«W. era lose licenses." Starting Thursday, those words, posted on sign* every five miles on every New Jersey state hifh- way, will warn motorists o! • drastic new weapon being tiled m speeders—mandatory license revocation. It will be used on anyone caught going 60 miles an hour or more on any road of street in thfi state, where speed limits range from 25 to 50. "0 or Mere On the N.J. Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway, where the legal limit is 60 m.pJi., revocation will be applied to anyone going 70 or more. State officials expect $0,000 drivers a year to lose their licenses for 30 days or more under the new system. New Jersey officials, impressed by Connecticut's mandatory revocation plan, hope the new system will cut deaths on the state's roads, the most heavily traveled', in the world. So far this year, New Jersey ranks as the third safest' state in the nation in traffic deaths per mile traveled. Connecticut is first. 30 Days Licenses will be revoked for 30 days on the first offense. There, 1 11 be no exceptions or extenuat- circumstances considered. A second offense will bring a 60-day revocation and a third an Indefi-t nite suspension. ' An added 'feature of the New Jersey system is a requirement that a motorist prove he has liability insurance before he can get his license back. No insurance, no license. Out-of-state drivers caught under the mandatory plan will Idee, their privilege of driving in New Jersey,, but will probably not lose their borne state licenses. *- Bulging U. S. Cars Are Reaching Limit in Length, Width, Low ness The Polaris, a solid fuel er occasions that the one you love j runner of an intermediate range'some politicians "still feared books ^Lette would be quite receptive of a | ballistic missile which may be j as much as bombs. . UurJrLn lovely fur piece from the Austin ready by 1960 for firing from nu-1 "We're inclined to argue, 'not Fur Shoppe, where you can take' clear powered submarines roam- i by books but by bombs'" Ehren- John Treef into your confidence j ing the seas, went up in midday. J burg, long a pet in the Kremlin's By DAVID J. WILKIE A.P. Automotive Writer DETROIT (AP) — The'average | American-made automobile rapid- jly is nearing its limit in length, j width and low silhouetee. For 1959 many makes are wid- ; er—some as much as three inches. Many makes are as low as 4V4 feet. In many cars the lowered for the surprise of her life. KELLY FURNITURE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE RECAUSE GRAND HOTEL FIRE! intellectual stable, wrote in the magazine "New Times". He named no specific book. The world's most famous case of bookburning in 1958 was the Kremlin's denunciation of the Bolshevik revolution. Banned in Russia, its publication in the West was followed by the award of the 1958 Nobel Prize in Literature to Pasternak. Free Police Coffee Might Prove Costly WEST PATERSON, N.J. (AP) —The local police headquarters that the longer vehicles are difficult to put into parking spaces and in conventional owner 'garages; that'they cannot be conveniently handled on service station lifts and on regulation automatic wash racks. It is true, however, that the increased length and width have added comfort and safety to the vehicles. With the lowered gravity center that' goes with the lower and wider design, the cars are less easily overturned, industry engineers say. are coming in for Moved Engine Forward continuing criticism in 1 numerous | These experts say road clear- sources. Included are complaints j ance has not been sacrificed to Technician Critically Injured in Radiation Mishap Tuesday LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (AP)—Ce-! several other employes were in cil W. Kelley, a veteran atomic the vicinity but "as far as is known laboratory technician, was injured at this time, they were not serious dosages of stepdown design that sharply lowers car floor and seat. Hard to Park But the longer, lower and wider critic-lly in a radiation accident late Tuesday. He was exposed to a large dose radiation during a plutonium will not be among those in thej metal recovery operation, a state offering free coffee to motor-1 spokesman for the University of ists on New Year's Eve. "I don't 1 California scientific laboratory want to encourage any drunks to all the way to the police said. Kelley is a metal fabrications posed to diation." Two scientists ex- ra- died a number of years ago of radiation injuries at Los Alamos. They were Dr. Louis B. Slotin in 1946 and Harry K. Daglian in 1945. Read The Classified Ads. reduce over-all height of the car. One maker lowered the hump by moving the car engine forward several inches and increasing the length of the front compartment. One sure thing about future design is that the big transmission hump eventually will disappear. It may require some important changes in the car transmission, but the auto makers do not like the criticism that the hump makes four-passenger cars out of what generally are called six-passenger vehicles. 5 DIE IN CRASH RIO DE JANEIRO, BrazU (AP) — Five persons died hi the crash of a burning Brazilian passenger plane into Rio Bay Thursday. CORRECTION! The OAK ORILL Will b« open tonight and rt- main op*n until all our cut* tomtr* have) boon served. WE WILL NOT BE OPEN NEW YEAR'S DAY, at Tutt- da/i ad indicatod. TRADEHOME station for a cup of coffee," police! operator in a chemical-metallurgi chief Antonio Barra said. |cal division. The laboratory "They're liable to kill themselves spokesman said the work in which Kelley was engaged had been studied carefully and was believed CIVIC LEADER DIES to have been adequately control GREENWICH, Conn. (AP) - lcd ' i| Mrs. Ripley Hitchcock, 89, long Th* laboratory spokesman said prominent in New York art circles and women's affairs, died Tuesday. Her husband was a journalist, author and chief editorial adviser to Harper Brothers publishers before his death nearly 40 HARRINGTON'S SAVE YOU MONEY HARRINGTON'S ACCEPT NEW ACCOUNTS EVERY DONT BB DISSATISFIED ANOTHER DAY CAU and COMPARI OUR RATES and OUR SERVICI VW.WHSOiW DAY On* *f Hi* Big Hew Harrington Uniti. A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO All OF OUR FINE CUSTOMERS GUARANTEED* NOW YOU CAN LOOK YOUNGER *or your money back Helena Rubinstein's medically tested ULTRA FEMININE FACE CREAM re* Btorea young look to skin. SAVi 2«° Large size 60-Day Supply, Reg. 5.50 NOW 3.501 Limited Time 0*1? DRUGS Sterling Shopping Ctnt«r Sterling Drugs OPEN EVERY: BAY EXCEPT! CHRISTMAS! * * * MABIGOLD or GOLDEN ICE OUR REGULAR LOW PRICE! Gal. WAIOREENJ MiWCt DRUGS Dial HE 3-4586 — Sterling Shopping Center Op*a fr»m $:JO •. m. 'til 10:00 ». ». toiry Postal S«rvU« 9 r« C Q«i|y Except Suadey AH*i Houn Di»l Hf 7-4016, *r Hf J-5934 ALWAYS PLENTY of FREE PARKING Real Savings for All the Family During Our Clearance Sale! Every Item From Regular Stock! WOMEN'S & TEENAGERS' LEATHER SHOES • SPORTS • FLATS • DRESS Many Srylts to Choost From WOMEN'S fir GIRLS' ~~ PENNY LOAFERS Reduced t* Black or Brown NYLON HOSE ^^^^•r. WHILE THEY LAST FIRST QUALITY—SI GAUGE 15 DENIER —HACK SEAM. Reduetd to for M MEN'S fr BIG BOYS' OXFORDS GENUINE GOODYEAR WILT TA* Valut Nom» to 312 N. Main * Powntewi A*** Opt* Monday* 4 Mdayt TO t Mi

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