Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 11, 1965 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1965
Page 7
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Bronislaw Kaper appears io have appropriate name By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI)—Bronis- iaw Kaper looks like his name sounds. That's difficult to explain. You have to see Bronislaw to appreciate how his moniker, • appearance and personality fuse together. It's all a matter of rhythm, which Bronislaw has in overwhelming measure. He is a distinguished composer of movie scores and the holder of an Oscar for the score of "Lili." Unlike many Hollywood composers he harbors no secret illusions about snuggling up to Beethoven and Bach in musical history. Physically he is tall, angular, frizzy-haired and endowed with a rich sense of humor, reminiscent of another musical gent named Victor Borge. His wit, in fact, matches his name for offbeat styling. Now 61 years old, Kaper came to Hollywood in 1930 to write what he considered a real hip, progressive jazz-type score for MGM. He was, perhaps, the greatest musical square who ever got off the boat from Warsaw, Poland. What he composed was the ricky-ticky background music for "San Francisco", starring Jeanette MacDonald and Clark Gable. You remember, "San Francisco, open your golden gate. Don't let a stranger wait. .. etc." It became something of a classic but about a half-century out of step with the times. It is still a wonderful old song and a source of mixed pride and embarrassment to the whimsical Kaper. "When I wrote the song I thought it was ultra modern- like George Gershwin or Duke Ellington," he grinned during a lunch. Prosecution calls in witness to twin shooting PASADENA (UPD—The pros- ecuticsi at the murder -trial of wealthy young Timothy Nicholson today called as a witness a man who allegedly witnessed the defendants fatal shooting of .ills twin brotlier, Todd. Enrico Bernal, was called to the stand to testify late this morning after sheriff's deputy A. L. Sholun told the jury that at no time during his questioning of the defendant at the murder scene did he mention a struggle. Monday, defense attorney Max Fink had claimed his clie- ent fatally wounded his brother in self - defense after the victim flew into a "psychotic rage." Sholun told the court that Timothy said he had taken the .22 bolt action rifle off the wall rack and was talking about hunting with his brother when he squeezed tlie trigger and a bullet went into the floor. Sholun quoted Timothy as saying, "I pulled tiie cartridge. Boy, that was temble. That was stupid. There's nothing in it now. It went off again. "He (Todd) was facing me and I shot him. The expression on his face. I'll never never forget it. "He was my twin brotlier. I loved him so much." Sholun's testimony today followed Fink's opening statement Jlonday in which he characterized Todd as a psychotic man given to uncontrollable rages..." Testimony began Monday in the courtroom of Superior Judge H. Burton Noble, with Fink spelling out for the first time the circumstances he said led to the shooting. His version seemed to surprise spectators. Fink claimed Timothy shot Todd to defend himself against a "psychotic attack" touched TO VISIT GHANA MOSCOW (UPD—Soviet Premier Alexei N. Kosygin and Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko will visit Ghana at I he invitation of President Kwamc Nknmiah, the Tass news agency reported Monday night. No date for the trip was set. off when he confronted Todd with an asserted plan to impersonate Timothy to apply for a SI million insurance policy on Timothy's life. The defense aLlorney told the coiu-t Todd was the black sheep of the Nicholson family, which is related to the Pullman railroad and Cudahy meat packmg families. Fmk said Todd had beaten Timothy many times and had dislodged or broken all his mother's teeth. The attorney also claimed Todd had physically attacked his former wife. Todd's conduct kept the family in "constant shame," Fink added. He said Todd v.^as a psychotic man given to uncontrolled rage.s wlio has terrorized all those around him for years." Fink claimed Todd v.-as "vicious, arrogant and violent." The attorney said that the twms' mother, Mrs. Robert Nicholson, had informed Timothy on the day of the slaying that Todd planned to pose as liim to buy insurance. When Timothy confronted Todd with this information, "he (Toddt could not face it and blew up like a volcano. He told Tini- i o'lhy. '1 will kill you, kill you.' " the attorney said. Fink said Timothy knew Todd had a gun in a shoulder holster atop his suitcase. So Timothy went to get a 22-caliber rifle. He said Timothy fired one shot and warned his brother to "stay away." But, the attorney continued, Todd struck Timothy, jarring him, and the rifle discharged, fatally wounding Todd. "Todd had beaten him with brass knuckles," Fink said, explaining Timothy's attempt to protect himself. He also said Timothy told detectives his brother was shot accidentally to protect Todd's memory. One witness testifying Jlon- day was Dr. Harold Kade, coroner's surgeon, whn said the fatal shot entered Todd's body and moved upward through tlie heart. Prosocuinr Sidney Chcrniss Jr. said the shooting of Todd by Timothy was "willful, premeditated murder." ; * \ . FIRST SHOWING - V/estern observers have dubbed this three-stage rocket, shown publicly for the first time In Moscow's VE celebration, the "Brezhnev Blockbuster." The solid- fuel missile, similar to the rockets used to launch Soviet capsules, is believed to have a thrust of more than one million pounds. It is similar to the rocket used to launch the Voshkod and Vostok spaceships. (Tass photo via UPI Cablephoto) Rec//ands Doi/y Tacfs Tuesday, May 11, 1965 - 7 Governmenf *o attack skfd-row a/cofto/fcs WASHINGTON (UPI) — The federal government plans an all-out attack on what sociologists call the nation's "revolving door population" — drunkards. The target will be skid-row alcoholics whose plight is ignored by most American communities and who for the most part are treated like criminals. Sociologists have coined the term "revolving door population" to describe these cases because their lives are often a merry-go-round of court appearances and jail sentences with only brief periods of freedom in between. The government's war on alcoholism was reported recently during a conference on "the court and the chronic inebriate." The one-day session was attended by government officials, health experts and municipal judges from 28 states. Sponsored by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), the session was an outgrowth of the 1963 national conference on alcoholism. President Johnson sent the group a message describing chronic drunkards as a "group that needs help desperately." Assistant HEW Secretary Wilbur Cohen told the conference that the department needs help, particularly from city judges, to develop "an all-out attack" on alcoholism. He added that the federal government has not done its part in providing the coordination and leadership necessary for a national program. Dr. David Pittman, a professor of sociology at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., agreed and criticized treatment of skid row type drunkards. Pittman, who is co-author of a study on chronic drunkenness offenders, said no one cares about the skid row resident except religious organizations such as the Salvation Army or the Volunteers of America. "The repeated jailing of chronic drunkards has been a dismal failure in American society," Pittman said. Navy asks men to renew duty tour WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Navy today urged its officers and men to voluntarily extend their tours of active duty because of U.S. military commitments and a falling enlistment rate. Navy Secretary Paul H. Nitze urged "all hands" whose tours are about to expire to extend them "if only three to six months." The Navy currently has an authorized strength of 674,000. .^t last count, however, its actual manpower totaled 668,117 and enlistments were declining. The service currently has 10,500 men at sea near the Dominican Republic. Its commitments in the Vietnamese war have been steadily e.xpanding with bombing missions in North Viet Nam and coastal patroling to combat Red infiltration into South Viet Nam. Hedy Lamarr to shed sixth husband HOLLYWOOD (UPI)—Actress Hedy Lamarr, 50, has filed suit to divorce husband No. 6, former Deputy Dist. Atty. Lewis Boies of Fresno, Calif., whom she accused of mental cruelty. The former Viennese beauty queen also claimed Monday that she is broke and- sought alimony as well as a division of community property. The couple married March 4, 1063, and separated last Oct. 15. Her previous husbands were Austrian munitions maker Fritz Mandl, \vriter-producer Gene Markey, actor John Loder, restaurateur Ernest Ted Stauffer and oilman W. Howard Lee. Bunny collects LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Municipal Judge May Lahey awarded 21-year-old former secretary Gwen Hoyt $4,000 Monday in her assault and battery suit against her ex-boss. Miss Hoyt sued Durrell L. Robinson, a building contractor, claiming he made passes at her and 'tried to sit on her lap. The former secretary now is a Playboy bunny. REDLANDS FEDERAL When you, in good faith, place your savings with others . . . you have a right to ask for guaranteed security, for a good return and for dependable service. DON'T SEHLE FOR LESS. SAVIKOS & X-Oil-N ASSOCIATIOVr Redlands Horns Office Fifth Sf. & Cltrui Ave. 793-2391 Fentana Branch 8601 Wheeler Ave. 875-0902 or 822-2254 Yucaipa Branch 35(34 Yucalpa Boulevard 797-0181 BaaumMil Branch 725 Beaumont Avenue 845-3151 Southern California Edison attracts inventive people. Whynot? Look whose name we're using. Tliomas Edison is a legend because he had a "break-through,"* mind. Our 9,700 specialists work for you in his tradition. They're not content with bringing you today's abundant low-cost power. They're planning way beyond the year 2000— reaching ahead to make miracles a commonplace part of youf life in the future. Southern California Edison can't help attracting such people. As one of America's leading investor-ov^Tied electric utility companies, we offer a direct challenge to people with "breali-through" minds. These are the types of men and women whose individual efforts have been responsible for the remarkable progress of America's investor-owned utility industry, here and across the nation. Just look at the picture of America's power production, projected to the year 2000. U.S. ELECTRIC ENERGY GENERATION 10.000 5000 10.000 5000 .- , •:::f:;-V>::-: it 10.000 5000 leoa 500 :co 53 leoa 500 :co 53 leoa 500 :co 53 leoa 500 :co 53 1540 1950 19=0 13;0 39a& i930 iMO Investor-owned electric companies help U.S. outproduce next 6 uatlons combined! With only 6 percent of the world's population, the United States generates more tlian 37 percent of the world's electricity. U.S. production in one year exceeded the combined output of the next six countries—and was almost three times that of Russia. Souffiem California Edison \ Ao equiJ opportunity emphyer

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