The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 17, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 8
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f»l MALVtRfl L£AD£tt, S T R A H A N j. Stricken tit White tt Work m Gafden Whfle working Saturday W. in his garden I. Irvln was stricken with paralysis. Mrs. Irvin was close at hand and freeing nim fall rah to his assistance. He was carried to the house and a jrtiysiclan summoned who ordered a complete rest. His children were also called and hare been in constant attendance since. He Is somewhat better at this writing but owing to bis ad vanced age relatlres are greatly concerned. Post Master H. P. Moehnert Is again suffering from an attack of sciatic rheumatism which makes It very difficult for him to attend to the office. Frank Hilton left last Saturday for Chicago to spend a week at the fair. He went with the excursion sponsored by Wallaces Farmer. A fine eight pound son was born Friday to Mr. and Mrs. Claire Jones. He has been named Donald Ray and mother and baby are doing splendidly, Helen and Ruth Darland of Hear Hastings are spending the week at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. Horace Eacrett. Mrs. Adam Olpo is at the home of her son, Charles, where she Is a guest for the week. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kayton and Mr, and Mrs. Chas. Kayton were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Chas. Fichter in Randolph where they with other relatives helped to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Howard Kayton's sister, Mrs. Roland Trirely. Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass and Earl were Shenandoah visitors Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Will Wolfe received a message Sunday morn- Ing from Turin telling of the serious illness of their niece, Miss Gladys Wolf, only child of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Wolf. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Wederqvlst and baby attended the Hey Day Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ailensworth were visitors Sunday in the feoine of their mother, Mrs. J.' L. Al- JenswoTth, north of Hastings. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Motlins and son, Jnniof, and Miss Edna Whitaker of Kansas City, Mo. came to spend the week end at the home of their uncle and annt, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wilson. They in company with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nagel, Clarence and Dorothy, were entertained at the Wilson home at Sunday dinner. Mr. Mailing and Miss Whitaker returned to Kansas City Monday morning while Mrs. Mullins and son remained for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nagel attended the celebration at Shenandoah Saturday afternoon. Don't forget the entertainment at the school house this coming Friday evening given by 0r. Carl | Jesse and sponsored by the Ladies' Union. It promises to be a fine program, one that can be appreciated by young and old alike. Mr. and Mrs. Buford Pettlgrew were Sunday guests In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson. CHAMPION HILL at Shenandoah Sun- celebration day, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Vanlandingham and children, Robert and Betty, and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Alter of Bedford, Mo. were guests the past week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Buford Pettigrew. Mr. Vanlandlngham is a nephew of the late James Walters, who was agent at the Wabash here for many years. They, in company with Mr. and Mrs. Pettlgrew, visited the radio stations, at Shenandoah before returning home. Five of our boys loaded their auto with camping and fishing equipment and on last Thursday morning headed for Lake Oko- boJJ for a week or ten days vacation. They started at 3 o'clock in the morning and reached their destination by 1 and when writing home said they had just had a wonderful swim. Those making np the party were Kenneth Allensworth, Darrell Costello, Qaii Lovell, Harold'Grlndle, and Robert Bayes. Supt. and Mrs. Ben Coxen are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. c. M. Lichty and son, Quinton, of near Waterloo in their home this week. LIONEL IOWANA "RED OAK 5 Days Starting Sunday, Aug. 20th. Matinee daily, Barrymore m «™ Hopkins THE ^ tranger's Return S STONG (AUTHOR OF STATE FAIR). Greatest contribution to the screen, Our attendance at Sunday school last week was 60 and good Interest manifested. We decided to hold a two weeks' revival in the near future and all »*"* asked to pray that we may be \ and guided by the Holy Spirit and that much and lasting good may result. It Is God's work; let's do our part and leave the rest with Him. Bertha Kellenbarger bad charge of the C. E. which was fairly well attended, considering the fact that several of our usual number are away on vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Haldeman and daughters, Marjorle, Helen, and Arlene, left Saturday for a ten days' visit with relatives In Beloit and Cleveland, O. Mrs. Haldeman will have the pleasure of visiting with her aged mother. Helen Culver and a little friend from Red Oak called on Wanda Kochersperger Friday forenoon. Miss Marjorie James called on Wanda in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLaln and Mrs. Joe McLaln were Shenandoah visitors Thursday. Bertha Kellenbarger spent Thursday in Emerson with Mrs. Jennie Kellenbarger. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Parker and Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLaln were Omaha visitors Tuesday when they had stock on the market. Rachel Briggs accompanied by her nieces, Wilma, Florence, and Sarah Cooper, went to Shenandoah Monday. The following were Sunday guests in the John James home; Mr. and Mrs. Glen James of Shenandoah, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph James and daughter, Joyce Marcine, of Northboro, and John 'AtnttliBty Reeling ft llMSrWn Friday. Mr. and Mr*. Sfinw Brown of Creston were visftfng in the fronw ef thetr nepfrew, Floyd tfOTthrt last week when Mr*. Brown h*d tie mtsfottnne to fall doWft some steps an<T break her hip. She and Mrs. Korthrup were atone at the tiae and had qnfte a tfme getting help. She traa taken in an ambulance to her home in Creston. She Is a sister of the late Mefton Northfup who was welt knows here. Floyd** sister, Bessie, and family are visiting hfs other sister, Bernlee, and husband at their home in Fredericksburg, Ye. Thursday was a very pleasant day for Mrs. S. A. freed. It was her 8ist birthday and her daughters entertained besides local fel- atlres, her friends, Dr. and Mrs. O. C. Giles of Oakland, at dinner. In the afternoon ice cream and cake and cookies Were served. June and Mary Mae Parker spent a two-day vacation With their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kellenbarger, last week. Mrs. Merrill Briggs is enjoying a visit with friends from Omaha who came Friday evening. Our community was well rep* resented at the Mills County Fair at Malvern. Emmett Cardiff and Joe and Dean McLaln had lire- stock on exhibition. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Berriinan and daughter, Norma Lee, and Miss Georgia Hatfleld, left Friday for a visit with relatives in Alnsley, Nebr. Mr. and Mrs. Louie Bulllngton and sons, Wayne and Max, Mrs. Ruby Straight and daughter, Darlene, and Mrs. Bertha Kellenbarger were Shenandoah visitors Tuesday. Sherman Allen wan a Shenandoah visitor Wednesday when he had hogs on the market. Alfred, Harold and Bernard Cooper and Dale Poore were Shenandoah visitors Friday. East Liberty Methodist Church The Scripture reading is to finish I and H Peter and I John by next Sunday. The stewards will meet at the church next Sunday morning at 9:30 and make a report. ' Come to church next Sunday at 10 o'clock. Sermon subject, "The Man of the Mount," the second in the series on "The Sermon on the Mount." Church school at 11. Lesson subject, "Responding to God's Call." We want this church to be the spiritual home for all who come. If you do not have a church home we invite you to make this church yours. , ! RANDOLPH Focht Family Reunion Held at Memorial Park As has been the custom for the past number of years the Focht IMI _ w UUHH family held their reunion Sunday, Henry'Armstrong" of' FarragutT" Au 6- 13. This year the Randolph Beulah Clltes of Emerson and Memorial park was the place of Miss Kate McMurtrey of Oregon called on the McLain families Friday. Wanda and Jean Kochersperger returned from Chicago the first of last week. While there they had the pleasure of a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Burton and Arlene, Mark Weed and daughter, Ruth, Mr, end Mrs. Floyd Weed and a friend, all from South Dakota, were* Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. end Mrs. Emmet Cardiff. Joe McLain and George Davis of Belden, Nebr. were calling on old friends in the Climax community Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed the special music by the young peoples' choir Sunday morning and feel grateful to the class and their teacher for their faithful service to help the work in every way. 1 George Davis of BeJden, Nebr. was e Sunday dinner guest in the home of his sister, Mrs, Carrie Mrs. Dei Baldeman and sons of Aberdeen, So. Dak. heve been visiting relatives here and in other parts of the state. Sale Season Will Open Augustas We will open our regular Saturday gale season Saturday ol n&t week, August 26, at The Malvera Sole meeting. Sixty-five descendants were present. At the noon hour tables were spread and all feasted and visited, From Lincoln, Nebr. came Mrs. Lulu Focht, JfJoyd and Helen, From Villisca, John, Perce, Goldie, and Roscoe Focht and two children. From Elliot, Mr, and Mrs, Sam Lanquist, From Morton Mills, Mrs. Alta Wilson, Oscar Focht, Mrs, Grace Focht and three children, and Mr, and Mrs, Falky Westerlund and children, From Red Oak, Mr. end Mrs, Billie Focht and granddaughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Westerlwnd. From Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. E> mer Focht and Mr. end Mrs, Fred Focht and daughter, From Sidney, Mr. and Mrs, Coleman De Val and daughter, prom Ban' dolph, Mr. and Mrs. R, g. We- derquist, Mr. and Mrs. Royce We* derquist, Mr. and Mrs. Louis We* derqutst and son, Helen, UUder, and Jack Wederqulst, Mr. end Mrs. Dan Wilson and two daughters, Mr. end Mrs. E. j. glekely, jimmle and Patsy, Mr- end Mrs. L. L, Vanatta and son, Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Bolding and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. S. S, ku» cas and daughter, Ida. Miss Goldie Focht of Yilllsca is recorder. Ne*t year Red Qftfc will be place of meeting, Since the death of their ftgeg mother more than a year ago, Charles and Rudolph Conkljng have kept hous.e fqr tfcejn doing »U the work i n the end garden and canning fruit »sd vegetables for their U8« throu«h the wlater, L»*t uraefe Ru4fllife burned nU fewd ftwj *r» quit* wail* m»klog jelly but ou,t & flga B0t rsgrftt h}» «fe femsh 9| work. Uoy» ure ntty of the mauve decade and tte post^vil wtr petted were dteatayed tw flvtfif tttt old settlers* reunion held Friday at Carson. Weartuf the old-Uine gowns «tea tUi bkSttre \vefe, left to Hint: Mrs. W. D. Smith, Miss Bath Alston, tttoe Grace MUler, tttaa Kathleen C ,1. W, ftattyer, Mrs. O. E. Hettdricks and Janet Weeks. —Courtesy Nonpareil. Mr*. K, 8, Durham of Canon, 93, th* oWwt woman at the re-! union,,*She baa lived in ~ taml* oounty fpr flfty-twp yean. ft? I »t the rwwlon, Mr. dnwy i and continue, M usual, each S»tur4»y tiurough th» coming waiQtt, M yo«jr atuff early, by Augurt 88, IA w. that w» may a4vwtlw it to wxt wwk'i W. Mr«, if, «. i Macedonia t vveailnK , wb» AM WvecS years, She tonne* tOQ ' We bopt tm *f Jh.e things the eqai, Wfi 4» their new Traffic Officers Should be Regarded *• Aidi ta T"^-' j * -«* 1fffti»r»^i| »$£*»$; iwYf^tti-ja^rsmtsbsa |be ;eto»nfe\fifgm.\to||»',T9lJ}sl^i *-' *— - J J -* J v WttbPttt lraj& ojiwrg in __ »»B ? ~ " bft » sad tangle; ,_ . IB sojna mJUtenlsl 4rj¥*jri; my, ;*i ^ tfmfts, ft ft no wot tsttent, Jfctt at* *S*nt <! ^^ deal. dfottBt that tne attttwdes a** methods of certain poffc* officers, tottetiinea of wnote traftle fof**s, ptettote dangerous dfWnf. TW driver who nat accldentiy drfreft Ijy a *«d sigftal, fof s*amt»1e», and 1* gtfeB a rongl lectafe By tfc* oftcftf is not ia an espedatiy ttr pentant iBood, and is less apt to be meticnlons is obnerring the signals later waefc esrtatt t**t «» officer is within tlew. the drltef who Is warned in a milder way is ofteft a better drfre* thereafter, and has a better attitude toward officers. This is not a theofetieal conclusion, but is based on actual occurrences, tt is no mete chance that in a certain city noted for its dangerous, lawbteaking dftr- ef»» the officers are equally no» torioas tet their offensive way of reprimanding. Ait easy manner, not lacking in force; a friendly method of expression; and a •ente of humor are great assets to the traffic policeman, and 1m crease hi* efficiency immensely. Ob the other hand, there tire drivers who do not respond to de* cent treatment, and Me restrain' ed only by rough handling. The necessity of distinguishing types of driven accurately and quickly is what make* the officer's task so difficult. Both Working for dame Thing The perverse driver and the of* fleer will always he enemies, An important reduction in the dan* ger of driving will commence when the decent drivers, competent or less competent, begin to realise more generally that they and the officers Are working on the same problem, and can work the better the more cooperative they are. There is no doubt that the attitudes of the officers will be more satisfactory, in so far as the attitudes' of the driver Improve. The old time prestige of the soldier hat faded considerably in the last two generations; the military lite baa lost its former glamour. The pedestal of the destroyer ia In the way of being occupied by the policeman: the preserver of life and property. In the ranks of this service the road, policeman stands highest. He Jeopardises his life dally, be ia subjected to severe physical strain, climatic conditions wreak their worst upon him, high ethical standard! are expected -of j; him. he l» subjected to;the/1 ,4,1 CLASSIFIED ADS Player Piano Bargain—|7QQ player piano with rolls can be had tor unpaid balance of only' $48,67, terms $10 per month. Will accept $40^ cash. Write at once,to R. A. Wyrich, Dept. of Accts., 830 N. Planklnton Ave.j Milwaukee, WU., and we will advise where instrument can be seen, Please .furnish,references. ' • •' ' "' ABSTRACTS OP TITLE ' . Complete Abstract of Title re<* orda for ea<?b piece of property lu MJlla-OoBnty^;. "«,'-, - mas County Abstract Co, % (Member o| the Americas TitleV Assn, end lows Title ABBD.) 4 9Qtt»ge>*-J, H, BMkvtttt, 6W :~j " Bent 64,'« MISCELLANEOUS Ufti, ^WW ^MQ4£ ytjni t t , IWWBOU, or :^«mloMi *W*.«fiitt*ef sftwto* "Mil, Pjaflk AOftWS, - ;?'i % s rs 3 «'n fv . ^"^^'"~

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