The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 5, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1894
Page 4
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II: What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles. MlLPNErtY A Cruel Thing, and Vet the- Fair and Tender Sex Ucnmnd It. Notwithstanding the protests of the merciful nml tho active opposition of Influential women, who disflnin a fashion which S20H1S to justify so much cruelty, the slaughter of the innocents still goes on. An enormous traffic is cnwlcd on In birdskine and colored feathers, of •which London and Paris are the two groat marts of supply. One famous dealer in London has been known to receive in one single consignment 82, 000 dead humming birds, THREE STYLISH GOWNS. The gown on the right (a of black crinkle Bilk, trimmed with beaded passe- menterie. The one in the center is brocaded grps gram over white, with cape collw and also trimmed with beads and jet. The remaining gown is made of gray cheviot, trimmed with satin ribbon, and having satin ribbon belt. vices give vnrioty, while they do not add greatly to the weight. An illustration Is given ot a costume of brown cloth. Tho plain skirt has plaits nt the side and back and IB finished around tho foot with five rows of stitching. A Btitched strop trims either side of tho front nt the bottom. The plain round bodice opens over a crossed vest of white benga- lino and that again over a cloth plnstron. Tho bodice has a pointed ripple basque and » cloth belt, from which'depend two Btitched straps. Straps also form tho cuffs of thp gigot sleeves. JUDIO CHOLLET. VELVET TOQUE. 80,000 skins of different aquatic birds and 800,000 pairs of wings of different small and brilliantly colored birds, -while a similar Parisian dealer advertises for a contract to supply 40,000 for one special Mason. The early Importations of fall millinery lire 'now on exhibition and are, most of them, exceedingly pretty. A great deal of rolvet is used on them and tnuoh lace, both light and heavy, in white, tinted and black. Moire is beginning to fall into the background, satin taking Its place. There was a time when flowers, even of silk and velvet, were considered out of place on a winter hat, but fashion finally abolished that notion, and flowers may now be worn at all seasons, as is freshly evidenced by these new articles of heodwear. The new felts are as brilliant and diverse in tints as ore the gowns with which they may bo worn. Besides various shades of rose, red, green, brown and purple there are shown bluet and petunia shades of the brightest quality. In some of the shapes these colors are combined with black in a '•••way that tones them down somewhat, a hat with a bluet crown having a black brim with a bluet border, or vice versa, These two toned shapes will bo apt to be more effective when properly trimmed than those of solid color. The illustration shows a toque of ruby -velvet. It has a narrow, upright brim covered with guipure. A chou of pearl velvet, with lace, trims tho front, while at the back are several velvet choux, from the midst of which spring two black os- .trioh feathers. JUDIC CIIOLLET. * ON THE BOULEVARD. elbow sleeves are iMilshcd with a similar frill. Tho choux and the puffing that borders the lace on the skirt are of silk, like the gown. JUDIO CHOLLET. Tea For Nenralglo. "Nothing," says a physician who has been experimenting in diets in his hospital, "brings peace to tho sufferer from malarial chill equal to that which comes from strong coffee, with a little lemon juice added." Tho same authority pro- bounces tea almost a specific for neuralgia in its simple, uncomplicated form. """WOOL GOWNS: ' " Autumn Styles In a Great Variety of Weights and Weaves. The autumn importations of wool and Bilk and wool goods ore beautiful and varied. In black goods alone there are shown a great number of different weights and weaves, crepon effects, stripes and figures being all seen. Plain goods also, henrlet- ta, serge and the new waterproof material called oravenotte—a hard twisted lightweight stuff that does not crumple—are fashionable, while on entering the domain of color so large a field for choice is opened that it is confusing to a woman who has not previously decided upon what she requires. A wide variety of two toned woolen goods is shown in all tints, figured and plain, woven on the same principle as changeable silk, while in solid colored materials covert cloth and serge, with smooth finished cloth, are in the ma- simple ones, the hair being waved and ar- Pretty Thine* That May Be Seen In a Stroll In Paris. Tho Parisian is a vlvour, but thoro is one thing ho is not, and that is a shopkeeper, says a recent writer on Parisian life, who evidently does not hold to goner- ally accepted Ideas. A stroll along tho boulevard soon demonstrates that tho art of window dressing still leaves room for improvement. Tho Parlsienno never goes out shopping to satisfy her curiosity, or to "have a look around," or to kill time, or "price" goods. Before setting out to make a purchase Bho lius exactly determined on what she requires. She docs not trouble tho young limn behind the counter witli a vague description of pattern or material, TEA COZY. ranged in a knot either high or low, as best suits tho shape of the head. The elaborate arrangements seen in hairdressers' models are seldom adopted by women of the best taste. Crocheted thread lace Is still the popular fancy work of tho moment. A number of pretty patterns are shown for detached squares, 4 or 6 inches in diameter. These squares are often crocheted of tinted cotton and are used in curtains and for other decorative purposes. Pockets are coming into fashion again. Some of tho new capes have them placed conspicuously on tho outsido, and they have even made themselves evident in tho basque. Now that the time of afternoon teas approaches the tea cozy becomes of interest. The sketch shows one mode of smooth cloth, wadded and edged with silk cord. The decoration consists of a design embroidered in chenlllo and fluted ribbons. JUDIC CHOLLET. HANDS, FEET AND HAIR. Keep tho Fingers Ro§j-, the Feet Warm and the Hair Glossy. The manicure is an institution useful nnd proper, but personal attention 'to the nails and hand is bettor. The woman of good taste has her fingor nail out exactly to the round of her finger, matching the half moon bolow nnd just portraying the tip. It is filed simply to smoothness and rubbed only to remove roughness and marks. A weekly polish with tho rose tinted and rose scented salve, washed away with thp brush in warm water before finishing, answers all the needs of tho nails thus kept, while before tho polishing the nail has been thoroughly cleansed, so that no loose skin or hard particles adhere to tho sides or baso, in order that no hangnail can bo formed to work or tear down tho quick flesh. Every woman who wishes this done can do it for herself. A simple and often effectual remedy for cold foot consists in substituting fine woolen hosiery for that made of cotton and lisle thread. Many women have a prejudice against woolen stockings,' but the smooth cashmero weaves have very 1 little of the irritating quality common to coarse A Mustache Over Seven Feet Long. The people of Bolllngton, W. Va., are proud of ono of their citizens, whoso only claim to greatness is his enormous beard and mustache. His name is ESrown— plain James Browu—but nature could not hide his identity even in tho Virginia mountains, especially after bestowing upon him such an enormous board. Brown • is 0 feet 1 inch i» height, but oven his great stature does not hinder his chin beard from trailing on the floor when he stands erect. Tho mustache is oven a greater curiosity than his board, being exactly 7 feet 4 inches "from tip to tip."— St. Louis Republio. MYKTUC G1JEEN OOWN, In tho search for which he turui over bales upon bales of goods on the counter, to bo finally told that tho fair purchaser ouunot ot ull BOO what she wont*. The Jfronoh collect would not stand that, so madumo enters, shows it email pattern or asks for exactly what Bhu wants, gets it uud returns homo, with thu ruHult that persuasive power* oil tho purl of tho shopman, cheapness of prloo us on Inducement to purchase uud 60 forth aro not needed, and, although keenly ullve to the advantages of seizing upon a bonne occasion, or ''bur- gain," Bho does not give trouble for iioth- lug In u shop. ,, . . Perhaps It is because the I'urlslouuo has the dry goods Instinct developed to eueh perfection thut she U BO ideal a cubloiuor. However simple her mode of selections may bo, she lias u keen eye to tho true money vuluu of what Bho buys, and it would be dlflleult to uvorroaoh her. Hut the chief ohurm of her guwns is tlii'ir IV rlslun quality mid not their cost. Only Purls could i in id i ico such ucostumoai> Hint ihuwn In Ihonliotoh, for Instance. J' !» gf myrtle grwm glueo bilk, the plain Rk'rt belntl covered half way up with un npi -Ii of heuvy m>um luce. The ro . . 1 is shlmiil Iwigthwlbu und lias u y * luee bordered with U frill > I yjputiBullne ' wiU). .'V MO WOOL AND VELVET COSTUME. Jorlty. Besides those already mentioned there is an endless show of chocks and plaids, both largo and small, mixed goods, bouclo goods, and goods with it pattern of ono color laid on a ground of another. Those last materials are bettor for combining with plain stuff tlmn for making up into entire gowns. Velvet and satin re-employed for trimming, moire having begun to decline in favor. It has already outlived Its usefulness, being of transient beauty and quickly rendered shabby by dampness and wear. A good quality of satin or poau de solo Is tho most serviceable of silk goods. Spangled passementerie has fallen greatly in price, which may bo taken as an Indication that it is no longer ostoemod by fashion authorities. It would naturally do- ollno with moire, OH it belongs to tho sumo eru of gllttor. A sketch IB given of a pretty wool gown of bluet and bolgo goods. Tho skirt has two largo plaits at tho back and opens over u panel of blnot velvet. The round bodice Is crossed In front nnd confined by a vulvet belt fastened with a gold buckle. Tho back hue two volvot hrotellos terminating in two long onds fulling over tho skirt Tho vost and rover* uro of volvot, the latter bolng trimmed with gold and black spangled laoo. Tho glgot sloovos aro plain. Juuia OIIOLLGT. '~ CLOTH" COSTUMES." Tailor Muclo Gowns and Stylish Outside Wraps, Tho tow autumn covert cloths are darker in color than those worn during tho spring and summer, tho ton and gray shades of warm weather bolng replaced by brown, green, olivo and wino tones. Theso mid other worsted fabrics intended for full nnd winter wear combine warmth of appearance with lightness and softness. Some pretty dark plaids uro shown, largo, but inconspicuous, in two or more tones of the same color, while a lino of rough, loosely woven goods has appeared, also dark, with a bouole effect iu bright threads on tlio surface. Thoro aro indications that curly astrakhan cloth will bo used as trimming this winter. Its popularity usually coincides with that of bouolo goods. Tailor mudo gowns havo a plain skirt With a silk lining, stitching bolng, of course, the accepted stylo of decoration, White linen collars and cuffs uro again in vogue as tho accompaniments o-' these Bevoro costumes. An attempt it Doing made to revive the loose sock form in outor garments, but it will probably fall, for tho stylo is an u^ly and disfiguring one. A much uioro dualr- • COIFFUBE. worsted and are quite as pretty as thread hosiery, besides holding tho color better. They are particularly recommended to persons who go out in rainy weather, as the danger of catching cold from wet shoes is less when wool is worn next the feet. Fashion is unusually sensible in the matter of footwear just now. Low hocls and medium width toes aro the rule for street boots, with a vamp long enough to give sleudernoss to the foot. The Bluchor stylo still holds Its own, but should bo worn only by a woman having narrow feet, as it emphasizes breadth. Tortoise shell articles are to be obtained at wonderfully reduced cost. Large and small combs and ornamental pins, both carved and plain, as well as tho ordinary hairpins that many women prefer to those made of wire, may now bo bought at almost as low a prico as was once charged for tho imitation goods. Tho catognn roll of tho coiffure in tho sketch is held in place by a shell pin llko a slender, curved triangle—ono of tho prettiest, because the most natural seeming of tho many styles of ornament. JUDIO CHOLLET. A Fashion Note. It is whispered about among the select fashionable circles of Willie boys in London that side whiskers ore to be the correct thing in face foliage as tho season advances. JEWEL STOVES, ' A M D Are the outcome of 30 years' experience in designing, constructing and testing ofj stoves. In them are combined all the bestj devices known to the! stove maker. They are | built upon right lines j to give the greatest! degree of heat at thei least expense of fuel, ofj the right material to give the longest service at the j least cost for repairs. They are of the latest patterns, i finished in the handsomest manner. Ask to see them i at the dealers. The Trade Mark will identify the genuiiw. \ RGESTSTOVEPLANTIKVmRlN iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiliilliillllllliii ! o PIECE GOODS In our Merchant Tailoring Department ready for your inspection. FRIGES TO MEET TIMES. f 3 Steam ship tickets to and from all parts oj the world at lowest rates. Green Bay Lumber Company, dBAUEBB HI • VARIOUS ITEMS. If You Are TlUn, Kttt I'uuuuU, HIM! U Wrlu- fcluil Duii't Worry. Peanuts, long despised as vulgar and In- dlgoutlblo, uro DOW Btutod to bo u healthful uud valuable article of food and aro roouininonded to thin women us an easily obtained and inexpensive fattening dlot, If you would uvuld wrinlsluB, oaro not only for your Bkln, but your norvoB. Control your temper and do nut try to have u too oxprosslvo and vivacious countenance. Sloop nlno hours a night and uu hour a duy. Decline to worry. Wear smoked gluB»us, Inutuad of Buowllng fiercely at tho Buulluht und tbo wutor. Kofuso to try to distinguish things ufur on*. Wash your faco lit warm wutor with pure Boup onoo u duy uud rub It Boftly with llauuol uftor washing. Bilk puttlooutB uro lobe tho only fash- louablu onus, this wintrr, tho nuoosisary wunntli being beimrod )jy u lining of Hllk or light Ihtnnol. Tlu> 1'ulnt niritlo of Bill:, lllto the tlnl.llnu <>t oi'imuii'uW, IH considered by niuny juu'OuiiH tu Ito ojio <il tho groutobt < ImniiH ol fi/mllilUP vobtuiun. Tlio fuvorlto oolffuruB continue to lio Ttiurmnn'n Dnughter to Marry. SAN DIEGO, Cal., Oct. 4.— E. L. Holli- dny, an ox- baseball player of LOB Angeles, gives notice of his intended marriage with Mary P. Thuriimn, the only daughter of ox-Senator Allen Q. Thurman of Ohio. Miss Thurman has been twice married and divorced, her last husband being J. Thomas Scott Gifford, with whom she lived in Tower, Cal,, until their separation in January last, when she secured a decree on the ground of cruelty. ' _ Dompioy Il«»dy to FIfht. NEW OUUSANS, Oct. 4.— The following from Jack Dempsoy to the sporting editor of tho Daily Item explains itself: "Judging from the tone of Mr. Fitzsim- moils' letter in tho papers I take it for granted that ho luw relinquished the title of middleweight champion. If this be •o I hold mysulf ready to defend that title. 1 will moot any man in the world at 1«4 pounds, and as a token of fcith, I deposit in your Uttida tlio inclosed eheck Of|500." _ . Lumber and Coal, AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL. New yards north of Carroll mills. Carroll. Iowa. YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT A LIVER! HOW'S YOUR LIVER? AREYOUR KIDNEYS ALLRlQHT? DOES YOUR BACK ACHE? ARE YOU WEAK ANDTHIN? DOES YOUR SLEEP REST YOU? ARE YOU DULL AND BILIOUS? Docruiuti Iu Hook Ulttud CHICAGO, Out. 4.— Estimated grow earnings of tho Rook Island system for tho month of Hoptombor are $1,B'<J2,4B1, a decrease of $!~>UO,G)7 from tho estimated earnings of tho system for thoBiune mouth of last yoar. MlMiiurl Murderer Couvleted. ROCKPOUT, Mo., Oct. 4.— Tho jury in tbo CIIBO of JUIUOB OWOIIH, who killed his fathor-iu-liiw, BonocaNoblotte, iu March last, roturuod a verdict of murder in the first dogroo. ItuiiTor Kd Smith Wan. DKNVKII, Oct. 4.— Denver Ed Smith won his tight with Lawrence Farroll on a foul in the sixth round. "Roddy" Gallagher was roforeo. MARVELOUS SUCCESS has attended the use of Dr. J.H. McLEAN'S J5U BRIM. AU who one il say it is The Peer/GSS Remedy for curing all ailments OF THE LIVER, KIDNEYS AHD BLADDER, FEW ALE TKQUnLES, RHEUMATISM AMD BRIGHTS DISEASE, for Sate by all first-class dealers. PRICE, $1.00 A BOTTLE. The Dr. J. H. McLian Medicine Co., st. Louis, MO. OLOT1J OOBTCUK. •blo fashion IB that of tbo long tight rod- iugoU), which bhowu Blgnu of cowing to tho front again, This IB ono of tho tow KOT- moutB bbooinllitf to l->oth lurgo und slumUir women. AB for capos, thoy aro too oonvun- tout to bo ubtindouod BO long uu lurgu itoovoB predominate, and tholr popularity IB thi'roforo llkoly to bo prolonged Iniloll- ultuly. Wain Bktrts uro Btlll Boon In tho iiiiijur- ity of UOWIIB, although u recognition of tlio oluliuB of tho drupiul skirt in Boiuollmua nhowu by uiounk of pluitod punolB ut tl.o a luce opvortd_t»bllor. Tl^otiu Uu- |>umuvr»U OMAHA, Oct. 4.— In the Fifth congressional district tho Democratic convention indorsed Congrotmmttu MoKeighuu, the Populist nominee. NEWS IN~ SHORT PARAORAPH8. Tho Thirty-third Jowa regiment IB Iu oauip ut OskulooBu, Iu., holding its annual reunion. FlfUon luuinburs of the Salvation Army were arrested ut Altounu, Pa., upon a chame of blockading the street* und creattutf a public nuisance. Knight* Ti mi>hir of the Ohio Jurisdiction uttkfinliUM fur their uuuuul conuluvo at Cleveland. JCruuBt tiiiyilt-r wtruck W. W. Walls with u hummer iu a illuputu ut Washington, \VulU will probably die. THINACURA For Thin l*eoj)le AIII2 YOU TI11N? VlMb made with TUlnaoura tablet! by tltt«pno«H. They etuaui perfect a»iliullMlou of eMryform ot food, neeretlug the vkluable parU aud dlnoitrdlng tb« Mortbleii. TUey malM lulu teoM plump ttiid round out tbe ttguw. TUey are tb« gTANPAltD UEMKDY lor leaautt*), oontalulng no arnoulo, and abno- lately uaiailew. Priw, vrapuld, |1 per bos, 0 for ». PMOpblet, "MOW TO flET VAT," (re*. Tbe THINAOUlU CO., «iO Broadway, New York. the ART AMATEUR. Boot a (Tbe only Art 1'erlodlual uwurduu a U«u»l at the World'* Volt.) Invaluable (or oil who with to ui&ko U>«lr Ihr- Ing by art ot to malts their koine* bountiful. irV> we will dead to ttoyouo montlou l\J*s VMs tioniuu thl* publication u ipuei meu copy, wlUi «ui>»ru color pitttu*, _ ,—^ . (for oopylug or frumlug) uud D *up- \ f\ P pleuienUry puge* of Un*lgui (regular IIJ* price tuUty-iive eeuu). Or • ^» TPr\vt Qftr> wt) will *uad al*o " 1'AINTlNtt JJ OF VSOC KOH DKmNNK«8"(eOpajMj: MonU«u«.MarKu, '» Uuloc INSURANCE Limited Amount* of tollable liuuranoe, In good mutual companies. Estimated oott, about one lialf tbo present board ratei. If you want remontble rate* on good Insurance, uke out a policy from tbe oulr non-board odlue iu the city. J. C. GRIFFITH, Agent. OF CARROLL, IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00. Hurplua, $ff,OOU.OO. Opened bunlnvsn Feb. 4, is&s, PlMlOwL 0. A. MAST, U. W. WATTfcBB. - - Vloe C. L. WA1TJ.KB, - . . J. K. OrlOltll, V. UluiloU*, N, V, aturgea, CUiw. Huuiuer lutoreit paid uii tliuc (U'roulta. Munuy to loan w «w>U .wurlty. Draltb lur UHU. enTill w tlokett lo »na Irou Ut«

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