The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 17, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 7
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T-lfc MNDERSON ***** *** «*#»* » an ante and £K, % _ '. Cwsam** Mf, *nd lift. ]& m<si . tteftea th«lt daaghter 1 «e*«**f <ilya last we«k. StrtHght »a* hired the -**: t» Mia one ef th< J*?! 6 *.* 4 Wltta » tai « **» & ft Undsey and wife wht ' n**« been lirlng tit the U. o «f*^ day* ago to Council ^lafl*' HaJSel. Bfowtit D, J). ]p t( and »t*g *«*t to Haatlng* ftte*da> ^*H* f £*! to»»«tled the of leer* Ift the Rehekah lodge. A rery pleaaant time waa reported. Aft Prltchet and family went to Sidney flatntday where Mr. FMtebef t»k*s part la the rodeo A. tt. ttafbot, A. i. Harbor and •on, Motfta, and Bobble Morri* war* in Coattdl Bluffs Thursday, ytr«rat» Wood* of near Red Oak spent the |M*t week with bet cotuln, Sanioe toaacson. Mr, and MM. Wrk Boyd and Perry Ste&hen* and family are enjoying, aa auto tHp in Missouri Waiting relative*. Dr. R. t*. gonth and family an Mr. and Mr*. Elmer Kran* were in Ckmaelt Bins* and O mah Wedneeday. Donald Flekel and family cam from Lincoln Sunday for a tw *«ek* *i*it with relatire* ant, friend*. Joe Edmondwn who ha beea rlilUng la their home two week* returned home that day. The member* of the Christian Ladle*' AW were treated to a cake Wedneaday at their meeting by Mrs. Addle Bolleau In honor of her birthday. A lunch of salad •andwtehe*, and ice tea wa* al*o •erred and much enjoyed. Fourteen were preeent. .. v *« JOB* «nd family of Macedonia who are well known here gare „ a program orer the Henry Field *tat(on at Shenaij. doab Wednesday afternoon, Mr*. Jone* 1* a niece of Mr*. Bd Wll- kln*on. . •! **• *«* of ««Kf wales ana *M fe tt#rt»rt &<$*«*« feoine £e*f ttftg ». A IIIB<*«OT» at f#te* «W<*«n, salad, nrtfc, a** coffee tt greatly en}0y*a. MefrH frlptett a*« faSHly of Fort Morgan, Cote. eain* tna tart CTltf Wrtelo* 44d ^ M*^|-»> * t »»« «• unloB 1 m& - iftt«t ft inll* trade. and ff C»H**« Spring t,*y e tfcftttf » f** lay HASTINGS KiA Wilbaih* and wife and Mr*. Cart t&t&a&ii were to Conn- eft Suit tMf*J*y afteraooa. Mrt. tJ**« Owwitt Tteited bet iteftrtnt, in omaha a Mitt Dorts Priest returned Ssatfay frotB fcef trtp to Los Aft- grete*. Cattf. Sn« drore ott wftfc | C Mr. and Mr*. Hugh McSweeney ; ir«re in; Dea Molne* Thuwday j looking after, btulneu affair*. Bom—to^Mr. *nd Mr*. Joe a *on. We ex- Mw^rapii^r ^ta» been' yl*it Lnella* Harbor for sereral AND LIGHT WITH MUSIC came back by motor bos. tier parents met bet In Omaha Sonday afternoon. R. L. Christie and family and Mrs. D. W. Llnthlcum and ton, Hm. droTe down to Rfrertou Sunday to tint In the Leslie Damson home. B. R. Haroff mored thelf house hold good* to Beebetown Saturday and will leate this week with his family for that place. He ha* charge of the Beebetown consoll- sehools for the coming to hate a family rennfon day. Mrs. ted Clark and son, Eafl WltTiaiB and Wayne are rl*ntng at the George Clark hoffle in the from Minnesota tart Tuesday, i <»antry this Week. A new kind of show, *ynchrbnl* fog color, light and music as a prelude and setting for motion picture* Is Standard Oil'* contribution to A-Century of Progress Exposition. Through operation of special projection machines In a giant red crown in the center of the dome of the Travel and Transport Building, tbe interior wall* of the dome become a- cydorama of whirling light patterns and color*. At tbe same time the building I* ailed with special modem music. In which sounds of industry at work are a dominating them*. •> Tbe motion picture*, which are alto thrown from the red crown on four large screens at once tell the story of oil, described by a, poet ia one of the Inscriptions a* "the power that moves the wheels of tractor*, turbine*, automobiles." The complicated electrical equipment by which the show is developed is operated almost without human action by the playing of a •Ingle record in a controllophone system. The record gives the cue to each place of equipment * Its turn is reached and cut* ; out when it has played its par.. 9 dated year Mr. and Mrs. Rotus Addy and r, and M». Lou Boggs of Btanchard came up Sunday for a visit with Mrs. Stockton and R. L. Christie and family. W. E. Fahnestock and family drove down from Scrlbner. Kebr. Sunday to visit Hastings friends. Pof Kent «-• & rooms, bath, sink and cistern and sleeping porch. Room for car in barn. House In good condition. East of L. L. Greenwalt home. |9,00 a month. See Mrs. Eva Van Ans- dale or Will toung. Hastings. Kleth Shaw who has been Visit* Ing his sister, Mrs. Carl Meilerup, In Omaha the past three weeks returned home Wednesday. Jess Phelps and family and Miss Ruth Dalzell left last Wednesday for Illinois where they will visit relatives. They will also attend a few days of the World's Fair at Chicago. _ enjoyed their tHp ira- metrtely. Mr*. l*efett Parcel!, Mrs. Dale Re*a, M«. A. V. elites, Mrs. Ralph Rsnseotn, and Mi** Millie 6ai* wete Red Oak visitors Friday. Miss Hazel Cflaningham, who has been tislting the past few weeks in the A. H. Crawford home, returned home test WM&. Mr. and itrs. H. P. Schorr and daughter, ftuth Jean, were or«r night guest* in Red Oak Satnr- ASBURY Mr. and Mr*. A, P. Shaw were bopping In Council Bluff* oni day last week. Mis* Jeannette Shook i* Tiiit ng her grandparent*, Mr. and Mrs, George Ginger, In Shenan- oah thl* week. Mr*. Will Irvln iron eeyerat lue ribbon* oj» her exhibit* «t ha iUlll^ rVtnn»>.:vUt. i»,-,_-'" Wwren and family of |?,™York, Nebr. have been Tislting relative* a»d friends here. ' Art Phelpe and family and Mr*. JU W, Triplett were guesta gun. _day in tbe Jane Pa'rnell hone in Omaha. Dr, and, Mr*. qmr»n of land Tl*it»4, in the Mr*. S. M. Wood* home Wednesday, Don Frank* and wife af near Oakland Ttttted Mrs, MiUde Kin. r -Mne 5 arent* in Shenandoab renlng. Those attending the " Mill* County Fair at Malvera from thl* Ylolnlty Wednesday were: ; Mr*. Oeo, Huntsman, Mr. and Mr*. Will Jnrln and family, J. B, Irrin, Earnest and Jlmmie, Mr. and Mr*. Frank Shook and son, Basil McCollMter, and Mr. and Mr*. A, P, Shaw and family, . Mra. A*» Smith-ha* been helping care for her sister-in-law, Mr*. Sari Tlmson, who baa beep very ill at her home squtb of Strahan, Mr*. Harvle Douglas and son, Wayne Spicer, returned Wednesday evening from Red Oak where tfeey *pent-*evera} vlBltlng relative*, Several families of this ity attended tbe Farmer*' picnic at Mill* Grove la»t Tuesday including Harry Brans and family, Mr. and Mr*. Bert Comb*. Mr*. Ivan S^moa*, Mr, and Mr*, Carl Nelson, Mr, and Mr*, James Dur- Wn, Cha*. Bhaw, Mime* Oeral- dine Combs, and Mildred Ander* KOD, Mr. and Mrs. Emery McDowell and *on, Bobble, left Tburtday morning for their home near Lincoln, Nebr. after' spending 'the week end with Mead* and relative* la thl* vicinity. Merle Hevern* and family, Mr. and.Mr*, Albert Anderson. On Dongla* and family. Mr. mid Mr*. George Douglas, Mi**e* Minnie Smith and Helen Myer*, and o*ear Bondnrant were callers at tbe Hanrie Dongtea • ""' Band Concerta Saturday Erenine* The people of this community enjoyed the band concert Saturday evening with Mr. Martin a* leader very much. Tbe band will play every Saturday evening from now on, beginning at 8 o'clock. Mr. ana Mra. Fred Lookablll and daughter. Retina, returned day. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bobbins of Cprtland, Nebf. spent a few days this week in the F. A. Bobbins and Ralph Robbina home*. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Cronse Jr. returned last Monday from Shenandoah where they have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. Mrs. Lee Kepple and daughter, Betty, were on the sick list last week. Miss Kathaleen Polndester of Lenox who has visited the past two weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Semon Co*, return* ed home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Fabnestock I of Bcribner, Nebr. moved their household goods from the Mr;. Harlow Wilson property Into a few rooms of Mrs. Evan Van Ausdale's house where they will store It. Joe Robbing returned home Monday from Courtland, Nebr. Mr. and Mrs. Ouy Christie and family of Omaha visited In the R. L. Christie home Sunday. Mrs. John Walker Sr. and Mr. and Mra. John Walker Jr. of Avoca visited Sunday In tbe home of Mrs. W. D. LInthlcum. Heber Hillyer and *on, Floyd, of Imogene were Hasting* visitors Friday. Mrs. Wm. Clark, Mrs. Cecil Wood* and daughters. Nadene and Oeraldtne, George Clark, and Mr*. Roy Vlner of Randolph left Friday for a weeks visit with relative* in Illlnlos. They Intend Mr. and Mr». A. H. Crawford and daughter, Harriet, and M*. and Jfrs. Frank Mitch*!! visited ifn the Carson horn* at Etsei fH- day. Floyd CUtes had the misfortune to hare a SB ehot Into hte hand last week. Robert Btant who ha* beeft vltitins his father, A. ft, Blont, at Plattsmooth, Nebr., returned home last Tuesday. R. F. Crawford and family moved from Mm. Era Van Aa»- dale'ft house east of th« I*. L. Greenwalt homp to her other on Main street. Mr. and MM. A. H. Crawford and daughter. Harriet, were dinner guest* In the H. P. Rea home at Ewe* Sunday. W. O. Re*h and son, George, autoed to Randolph Thursday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Vlner of Randolph visited relatives In town Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. George Radcllff moved from the Jim Fl/iher farm Into the N. W. Hodge home in town last week. Miss Valerie Christy, nurse at the Jennie Edmnndson hospital, visited her parents Sunday. There are sixteen 8-type submarine* and one V-type mine lay- Ing submarine based at the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Our prices on printing ane not always the lowest... but our work is always the best wW<* The Beacon Way to See the World's Fair is Pretty Good = .C>t.t*'a,V * *^ i?; won, UK JWWpSSJ Miss Edna .Dougla* vent to Council Bluff* Monday where she entered tbe Council Bluff* Beauty Academy where *be will take « Misne* Helen* Myer* and Clara Jterie Doiigl** attended tbe ro~ *•» Jn Sidney Tuesday, Mr*. Kim* and daughter. Stella J*»t Friday afternoon Jn tbe BA. Norton borne near Imogene. Clyde Dunlap *peotFriday and Mr. and Mr*, Fjre4 Klw* of U* boa. No. Dak, and Weltoa Nim* of Red Qsk Bpeat Wednwday fa tbe John Row} bone, Mr, and Mr*, Gilbert McCain turned Thursday from Grinnell tore they were visiting ttvea. . , , • • • • we admit it ... we even boost about it a little A ND why not? We promised people of this vicinity the finest *1* trip to the fair at any price and we've delivered the goods. No other World's Pair tour even attempts to give the same cour- toQm, informal assistance in seeing both the city of Chicago and % Fair which the "BEACON WAY" offers, and hundreds of fateful Beacon Way patrons testify that it is precisely this serv- ie| which makes a Beacon trip twice as valuable as the "on your own" visit to the Fair, , Mr,. SB»l lift Sunday to ¥t*tt relatjre* ia JlUnei*, Mr, end Mm Donald o| aU4d«» c«tne Frtd»y »nd will look »ft«r. thing* for the dmlo* tbilr v§«|tion. Mr, and Mr*, Join of OoujMil Bluff* »{MMU Friday of 001uin.Jnw« JNWff« *B*st Wed* * la tti*. John MeG&oi* gr. Mr, *jnj Mw. Harry wi fiM%)diiif AJn w«f* M*i»««j visitor* Kelly and family of near JjMttn**, Mr. »B4 Mr*. QloW McDowell and *on, Raymond, Mr, ftwi Mr*. Paul Veetel, Mr. and Mr*. Chas, Vestal, and Misses June Douglas and Earlene Martin of Council Blaff* were caUer* HI1XSDAUJ Mrs- P«ell* fttwyejr*, Mr. »»d Mr*. Frank Sawyer*, Mr. W** Mr*. Iverett gftwjrert *«4 ftuaQr* Mr. »*4 Mm 4, & Ciarer. Mr* jgyHgj *§* **"***** *** Read What Others say M*tti* of the Be*con Hotel July 8, J933, here in Chicago was every- I expected and more too, The surround* BfW acquaintances nave been most pleasant The Hotel service and meals have been wonderful, All w aU my first visit to esgo and tbe World Fair has made a very impression OB me. I know it is I will jwsrer forget, fhaafc you for all your services and modations, * July l, 1988, We have been patrons of the Beacon organ* Mkm for a week, and have been greatly pleased with it, H baa equalled or'exceeded expectations In every way. The WAS excellent, tbe hotel •n— *i«i'i' ^^~-i?->»Rp VAAP'-I'I! yfWff^K W'^^'-T the City PJ»» "Jost thi« letter to Jet you know what a did time I had at the "Century of Progress" and tbat I thoroughly enjoyed going the Beacon Way, The main point which caught my eye was the organised system of seeing the F&ir. Jt seems to me that it would be impossible to make the best of our stay without this system* »tte arrangement, We all, J am sure, appreciated hiving a guide at least the first few days in order t» help us get our bearings, As to .BMMrOiyttielft I don't believe tbat I can aay too much. The food was excellent, tbe beds were very fine, and the conveniences were in» deed convenient I certainly enjoyed tbe maid service, and I enjoyed many of the acquain* truces which I made. I would not heaitate a moment to recommend thia way of seeing the of Progrwa" to iayon«, W* are Proud? The Malvern *P" ^^^^^^ ^p 4PIPflM^ flMP^Hr'W TT sMiWTHlF ^^ ^^PJBP ™BpiWPWWBP

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