The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 8, 1974 · Page 5
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 5

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Wednesday, May 8, 1974
Page 5
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E. Koistad Denise Younger is bride to head BPW Club NEW FHA OFFICERS - New •Keen of Ftttre ibmeouken' of America, installed during ceremonies tot night at the senitr high, •re (left to right) Linda Woolsw, treasurer; Mary Ewtenoa, wcretaryj Paula Frazee, vice president; Locia Mobraten, president; Kirei Youfreo, birttrlu; Elaiie Aitrap, pwilameatarlM-, Uaei Andenoa, reporter; mi Kare* Balkea, recreational leader. A program of sktU, MOP, amd bdormation regarding FHA WM gives for motken and triads of FHAen preceding the iattaUatloo. The Fergus Falls-Business & Professional Women's Club last evening elected as their 197<-75 officers: Eleanor Koistad, president; Frances Peterson and Cleo Kohn, first and second vice presidents; Esther Schroeder, secretary; and Phyllis Novak, treasurer. Lillian Njus has served as the group's president for two years. Contributions from the club this past year were made to the Red Cross Bloodmobile, the YMCA, and the Otter Tail County Museum. The Bell Choir of Trinity Lutheran Church entertained the group at the dinner meeting which was held at the Elks Club. State convention delegates to Minneapolis May 17-19 are Pauline Strief, Elizabeth I^Plante and Eleanor Koistad. Linda Cram Denim styles roam is bride of far from the range Jay Berge SPECIAL AWARD — Janet Boh, retiring preiident, receive* the Outstanding FHA Award from her instructor, Joyce Yoangren. Other awards were presented last night by Mrs. Yomgren to Carrl Enderson, Sharon Flick and Denise Jensen. Home EC teacher Sue Lovaas presented pin awards to Mary Enderson, Linda Woolsoo, Lucia Mobraten, Heidi Heiserman, Sharon Flick, Janet Holt and Karen Youngren. (Journal photos by June Barnum) Don't monkey around with chimp! By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: I hope you won't laugh when you read this because I am sincere. I love all animals, but I am especially fascinated by chimpanzees. I go to the zoo and watch them for hours. I would like to own a chimp as a pet, but don't know where to buy one. How much would a young chimp cost? Are they hard to care for? What do they eat? Would I need a heated cage to keep one in Ohio? Any information you can give me on chimps would be greatly appreciated. LOVES CHIMPS DEAR LOVES: According to John Fletcher, head zoologist at the Como Park Zoo in St. Paul, Minn., chimps are presently in very short supply. When available for circuses, zoos or behavior research, a yoong chimp costs between $800 and Sl,«0». Dr. Fletcher informs me that a single chimp would not make a very good house pet. because when a chimp reaches sexual maturity he becomes frustrated, ill-tempered and unpredictable. So the word from here is, don't monkey around with chimps or you'll have nothing but problems. DEAR ABBY: Billy and I have been married a year. I am 20 and Billy is 22. We get along fine. The problem is Billy's mother, who lives near us. Billy gave her a key to our house so she can get in in case of an emergency or so if we go out of town, she can come in and water our plants. We have never had an emergency and we don't go out of town that much. Several times after we've gone to bed his mother has walked right into our bedroom without even knocking. She says she got "lonesome" or she had something to tell us. What she had to tell us could have waited until the next day. I didn't expect our honeymoon to last forever but I can assure you, it has ended because all I have on my mind is worrying that his mother will come walking in on us. I have told Billy to ask his mother for our housekey, but he says he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. I don't want to ask her for it because I don't want her mad at me. Can you help me? FRAIDY CAT DEAR CAT: Don't be afraW. You are entitled to your privacy, so if Billy refuses to ask his mother for the key, you ask her. Tell her if you leave town you'll give her the key. And if you can't do that, get a boH and chain for yoor bedroom door. ProMems? You'll feel better if yon get H off you cbest. For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. CS7M, L.A., Calif. Ml"4. Enclose stamped, self-a<UresM4 envelope, pkue. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send $l to Abigail Van Baren, 132 Usky Dr., Beveriy Hills. Cal. SM12. Linda Kay Crain and Jay Scott Berge were married the evening of Apr. 27 at First Lutheran Church, Fergus Falls, by the Rev. C. K. Preus. Mrs. C. K. Preus provided the nuptial music. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Harold Crain of Yucaipa, Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Berge of Fergus Falls. Given in marriage by her parents, the bride wore a street-length dress, trimmed with lace, and carried a bouquet of white carnations tinted with blue. She was attended by Lynn Lorsung as maid of honor. She wore a baby blue street-length dress and carried a bouquet of three white carnations. Marc Erickson' of Fergus Falls served as best man. The ushers were Neil Burton and Chris Berge. Honored guests included grandparents of the couple — Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Selvin Berge, and Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Mieska — and the bride's great-grandfather, Victor Burton. Following the ceremony, a reception for 65 guests was given by the bride's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs: Frank Burton. Mr. and Mrs. Berge are now at home at 228 E. Vasa, Fergus Falls. The groom attended Fergus Falls High School and is now employed as cook by A&W Drive-In. LPNA to hold state convention The Minnesota Licensed Practical Nurses's Association will hold its 27th annual state convention May 20-22 at the Hopkins House in Hopkins. Members attending from Seventh Area are Nancy Larson, Martha Quarum and Joan Westro, all of Fergus Falls, and Alicia Thomas and Helen Wendels, both of Wadena. Business meetings concerned with the licensed practical nurses' role in the health care field will be highlighted by prominent guest speakers, and Mrs. Rosalie Butler, past council woman, St. Paul City Council, will be the association's guest speaker for the annual banquet. And education seminar on the Care of the Ostomy Patient will be held May 20 in conjunction with the convention. Registration should be made through the Minnesota Licensed Practical Nurses Association, 711 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, 55408 or at the registration desk at the Hopkins House. Non-members, friends and guests are welcome to attend the social events and the educational seminar. The humble blue jean has been stretched round the world. In the United States fancy patchworked, rhinestone- studded, embroidered, faded blue jeans costing from $50 to $500 are all the rage. Traditionalists, however, still cling to the much cheaper, baggy, "Farmer Brown" look. The French have adopted the American Wild West style. An American firm in Japan is selling more than a million pairs of jeans annually. "Fashion-conscious Japanese ENGAGED JANELLENEISESS and JOHN LEROY Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Neisess of 538 E. Charming announce the engagement of their daughter Janelle Faye to John Allen LeRoy, son of Mrs. Eunice LeRoy of 627 W. Laurel and the late Mr. James LeRoy. A September wedding is being planned. Both are graduates of Fergus Falls High School. Miss Neisess is employed as a dental assistant by Drs. Severn, Smedstad and Anderson. Her fiance attended Fergus Falls State Junior College and served in the Armed Forces. He is presently employed by Minnesota Motor Company. Seamed-To-Slim HOSPITAL NOTES Discharged May 7: William Aasness (F- Harvey), Route 1 Mrs. Gregory Barry and girl, Underwood Mrs. Robert Cookman, 618 S. Oak Mrs. Darwin Burner, 740 N. Springen Stacy Endres (F- David), Route 3 Robert Kidder, Route 4 Mrs. Helmer Martinson, Underwood Mrs. Glen Moen, 515 Lundys Lane Mrs. Rose Mounsdon, Alexandria Mrs. Nanning Nissen, Route 4 James Ott (F-Larry), Underwood Mrs. Caroline Schumann, Broen Home kids consider the pants a status symbol," said a recent visitor. Although American teenagers made "blue jeans" a household phrase, its origin. probably can be traced to Genoa, Italy, the National Geographic Society says. Centuries ago the .city specialized in weaving a heavy, twilled cotton cloth called genes. Genoa in French is Genes. French immigrants brought the cloth with them to America. The material, dyed blue, long had been a favorite fabric for making work clothes. Henry VIII once bought a large shipment of it for the British royal household. The word dungarees arrived from Dhunga, India, where denim work pants were fashioned in the 15 century from cloth woven in the French city of Mimes. Nimes was a textile center as early as the sixth century. A blue cotton cloth made there was called serge de Nimes. . Possibly Columbus used it for the sails of the Santa Maria. In about the 15th century, Englishmen imported the cloth and shortened the name. De Nimes, "of Nimes," became denim. The word Levis honors a Bavarian immigrant merchant named Levi Strauss who took denun to California during the Gold Rush. He tried to sell the forty-niners tough Nimes serge for tents, but they liked it even better for pants. Strauss set up a factory and bought a patented idea for reinforcing pockets by riveting the seams. His work clothes caught on so well that they soon were worn by cowboys and lumbermen as well as miners. Traditional denim cloth — called white-back — is made from heavy cotton with a twill weave. The warp, or lengthwise thread, is dyed indigo blue. Filler thread, or weft, remains unbleached. The product seemed practically indestructible and was ideal for the kind of life on the range described by one old timer: "Each day started before daylight when the cook yelled, 'Come and get it or I'll throw it in the creek!' and the cowboys crawled out of their suggans, or quilts. No one had tents. An old joke was the 'Tucson bed,' as the boys called it, made by lying on your stomach and covering that with your back." Many of the synthetics and new styles that have contributed to the worldwide, billion-dollar-a-year denim business are far removed from • yesterday's cattle drives. Old cowpokes would snort in disbelief at the lace trimmed denim skirts and sequined denim purses seen on the streets today. AAEN IN SERVICE STUART B. JORGENSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elroy K. Jorgenson, Kothsay, entered the Air Force delayed enlistment program May 2, according to Sgt. Rudy Auch, Air Force recruiter in Fergus Falls. Jorgenson selected the security police area for job training and will attend a six- weeks course at I^ackland AFB, Texas, starting Sept. 18. Vukku I^itheran Church of Foxhome was the scene of an afternoon wedding Apr. 27 as Denise Younger became the bride of Jeffrey 1-abrensz. The Rev. I/well Berg performed the ceremony. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Burton Younger of Campbell and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Labrensz of Mclaughlin, S.D. Music was provided by Glen Karlgaard as organist, and Curt Funkhouser and Dawn Younger as soloists. • Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a floor- length gown of nylon, which featured a full-length chapel train, and a long veil, trimmed with lace. She carried a cascade of white roses and peach, yellow and mint-green tinted carnations. Mrs. Ron Hegerle was her personal attendant. The bride's sister, Debbie, was matron of honor, and Dawn Younger, also a sister, was maid of honor. LuAnn Lankow of Fergus Falls was bridesmaid. They wore princess- styled gowns of polyester crepe in colors of mint, yellow and peach, and carried bouquets of white roses, peach, mint-green and yellow tinted carnations and baby's breath. Mike Labrensz served as his brother's best man, and Kenny Brendefur of Campbell and Dennis Vadnais of Brooklyn Center as groomsmen. Jack Anderson of Fargo and Arlo Labrensz of Mclaughlin, S.D. ushered. Honored guests included Mr. MR. and MRS. JEFFREY LABRENSZ Fergus Falls (Mn.) Journal Wed. May 8,1974 5 Personal and Social Mr. and Mrs. Ed Heyen of Fergus Falls spent the past weekend with Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lucier in Minneapolis and attended the 40th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Heyen of St. Paul. Mrs. Lillian Bechtel was speaker for the annual meeting of Alpha Delta Kappa which met Monday evening at the Holiday Inn. She gave an informal talk on the early days of the FergusFalls school system, which preceded the installation of new officers. Clubs & Societies Woman's Club will hold its spring luncheon and annual meeting Friday at 1 p.m. at the Holiday Inn. Mrs. Al Hartl is chairman, with program arrangements by Mrs. R. J. Hyslop. Committee members include Mrs. S. P. Adams Sr., Mrs. Harold L. Dell,' Mrs. Bernard Gervais and Mrs. Arnold Mau. The Fergus Falls Senior High drama department, under the direction of Lynn Balken, will present a special program. and Mrs. Frank Funkhouser, grandparents of the bride, and Mrs. Emilia I^brensz and Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sustacek, grandparents of the groom. A reception for 175 guests was given by the bride's parents following the ceremony with Mr. and Mrs. Don Funkhouser and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Stugelmeyer as hosts and hostesses. Others assisting were Mrs. Glen Herman, Mrs. Rueben Spiedel, Mrs. Herman Lenser, Mrs. Ron Schlenker, Becky Harvey Offs married 56 years Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ott of Dent were honored on their 56th wedding anniversary at a surprise family dinner held last Sunday at the Fergus Falls Holiday Inn. Arrangements had been made by their four children — Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ott of New Brighton, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Trites of Dent, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ott of Underwood, and Mr, and Mrs. Verdelle Pederson of Underwood. Three married grandchildren were also in attendance — Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Skinnemoen of Wendell, and Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Trites and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barry, all of Dent. Mr. and Mrs. Ott were married May 3, 1918 at Maine Presbyterian Manse by the Rev. Crafton Craig Adams. The couple have lived since at Star Lake, Maine Township. They have 12 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Erickson, Becky Ellington, Tonya Schuler, Shirley Karlgaard, Ruth Karlgaard, Melinda Komestakes, Teresa Anderson, Joan Odegard, Mr. and Mrs. Tedd Steenbock, Twyla Hach, Connie Stugelmeyer, Kyle Brendefur and Deryk Funkhouser. Mr. and Mrs. Lebrensz are now at home at 519 29th Ave. N., Fargo, N.D. The bride, a graduate of Campbell High School and Moorhead Tech, is employed as accounting clerk by Blue Cross- Blue Shield. The groom is a graduate of McLaughlin High School and State School of Science, Wahpeton, N.D.. He is employed as electrician by Neshiem Electric. Cards of Thanks CARDOF THANKS Thanks to relatives and friends for visits, cards, flowers and gifts while I was in the hospital. Thanks to Pastor Underdahl for visits, Dr. Syverson, Dr. Horn, nursing staff on third floor and the therapists for their care. God bless you all. Erwin Thorness CARD OF THANKS Our sincere appreciation to all of our friends and relatives who have shown their sympathy and kindness to us with cards, flowers, memorials »nd food in the loss of our beloved husband, father and grandfather, Norman Gilberlson. God bless you all. Mrs. Norman Gilbertson ,. Births Large WEDDING lUITlTIOVN Mi \\w\mim TOPS Club 37 will meet tomorrow at 7 p.m. in the Carnegie Room of the Public Library. Weigh-in starting at 6:15. Dane Prairie-Tumuli Farm Bureau unit will meet Friday at 8:30 p.m. at the Peter Tungseth home. Agnes and David Thompson will assist. Lyn Schultz will show pictures on fishing. SALAD BOOSTER There are many tempting ways to utilize leftover beef. In the summer, especially, it's smart to perk up a salad with it. This is an efficient way to provide a nutritious meal because the leftover beef contains the same amount of high quality protein and other important nutrients as when first prepared. Cut the cooked beef in julienne strips for salad appeal. NELSON: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Nelson, Underwood, a girl, May 7. DUPLICATE BRIDGE WINNERS North-South: 1. Betty and Wally Kjos • 2. Dorothy Mickelson and Esther Spranger 3. Carpy and Ivy Bonrud 4. Ray and Myrabelle Oelslager East-West: 1. Wilma Johnson and Betty Olson 2. Helen Nirva and Mary Johnson 3. Nick Weyrens and Sylvia Benser (tie) 3. Don Jenson and Mary Peterson (tie) mm KINKS Fast Service, Beautiful Styles, Reasonably Priced! Napkins Imprinted Free with S2S Wedding Order Printing Office Book and Stationery Store Chinese soup bowls and porcelain spoons may be used serving condiments with for curry. Place the bowls on an attractive tray. S^nntc-i mil in ihf sn in a SKAMKH-TO-SI.1M Styl.- uitli tool, cf-nllf prince.-^ lint-*. Sp«rk scooped neck wirh <|iiipk i-mbroideiy. I'vinii'il rarinrn 3333: Ifnlf Sizi-s 1114. 12^. Hfe. Ifi'.i. IV4. Size U'.i (bust 37~> lak.-s •_>!, yards fin". Transfi-r. Send $1.00 for each pattern. Add 25c for first-class mail and special handling. Send to Marian Martin, Daily Journal 408, Pattern Dept., 23i West 18th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER, We need your hefpu. To help defray the costs of the STUDENT EXCHANGE program, the AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE is holding a BENEFIT AUCTION on Saturday, May 18. We need your good used items that sell at an auction-like: furniture, appliances, sporting and household goods. Leave your items at the Friberg Ave. School Garage between 4 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, May 13-17. For pickup of items, call Mrs. Blatti (73S-7860) or Mrs. Bopp (73S-2282I for Sat., May 11 pickup. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE tlMSS - Bach to Bcrnsfe •free concert choir • community singers •f.rst 12-13 8pm All seats Sl.OO. Tickets available at Roy Olson Music, Humanities Building office, by mail from FFCC (please enclose self-addressed stamped envelope) or al the door at First Lutheran Church. The record "MUSIC PLUS" by the 1973-74 Madrigal Singers will be for sale at this concert, or it may be obtained by mail from the Fergus Falls Community College. The price is $5.00. (Mail orders please add S50c for postage and handling.) Proceeds from the sale of this record will be used for music scholarships at Fergus Falls Community College.

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