Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 30, 1965 · Page 23
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 23

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, July 30, 1965
Page 23
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PRIDAY, JULY 30, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THREE Raid on Missile Sites Influences LBJ's Decision dispatched even after the projected level of 125,000 is reached. Officials said Johnson's latest move will have as much immediate impact as any broader mobilization. For one thing. Church Services IRONWOOD Little Girl's Point, Immanuel Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. they said'there: would be a con-'R- W. Heikkinen, pastor. Wor- siderable time lag before any ship service, 9, conducted by reservists could reach Viet Leonard Mattson. in the absence Nam, whe'reas some seasoned of tlie pastor, regular troops can move in al- st - John's. Lutheran (LCAi, I most at once. Airport Road; North , Iron wood. The Rev. Oliver A.'.-Hallb e r g, pastor. English service with Holy Communion at St Paul Lutheran Church, 9:45. , ' Seventh-day Advcntist Ay e r and Curry. Pastor L. A. Bierlien. Sabbath School Sat- MUSKEGON (AP>—Missjurday, 9:30; worship service, By FRANK CORMIER WASHINGTON (AP) — President Johnson's decision to avoid calling reservists to fight in Viet Nam was influenced, in part, by Tuesday's attack on two mobile missile sites near Hanoi by] American fighter bombers. • Johnson felt that direct and'Michigan, the girl who will rep-ho:50"; Ends Tonight quick retaliation against missile launchers that bagged a U.S. jet bomber Sunday was sufficient proof of what he terms the nation's "no retreat" policy in Viet Nam. Had the launchers not been the resent the state had America contest children's story hour, in the Miss | 3:30. at new school on East Cin- City, N.J., in September, will be picked tonight from among 10 state beauties. The 10 are semifinalists. They at Atlanticj nebar Street, Bessemer. BERULAND Calvary Baptist. The Rev. Douglas McNeil, pastor. Sunday were picked from an opening discovered and attacked, it was; field of 49 girls vying for the said, Johnson probably would i Miss Michigan crown have felt compelled to mobilize some reservists and National Carol Marie Fedewa, 19, of Wyoming, was named the third! School 10; morning wors h i p, 11; evening service, 7:30. Methodist. The Rev. James riillla r r< pastor Worship serv The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Clara's problem is far more common than most of you laymen imagine. But it is not incapable of being: corrected, though the victim must use tremendous will power to grow up emotional- ly.For this wrong sexual habit is not inherited! And it is not an indication of a low I. Q. so face up to this crisis intelligently. British Home Owners Grow Own Tobacco By EDDY G1LMOKU He operates a nonprofit busi-! f*> • ness at nearby Dunmow, County! f FlfJlG Essex. I After paying an entrance fee! of $2.10, members can have up to 25 pounds of their own tobacco cured—dried and prepared— for about 6 cents an ounce. I_ 1 15 Guardsmen as a display of na-! wlnner in tne t^ 6 " 1 Preliminary | tional determination. I competition Thursday. The administration view Kathleen Ann Sullivan, 18, of ice, 9:30; Sunday School/ 10:30. St. .\nn RomaA Catholic I'he Pernaskl, -pastor confessions befire i di'en. i lets.) "Dr. Crane," she b e g a n, I (Copyright by "when our oldest boy finished i syndicate, Inc.) high school, he joined the Navy. "He seemed to be doing very well and has served two years. "But yesterday we received a pathetic letter from him, saying he and several other sailors had been accused of homosexuality. "So they were being given from a normal, heterosexual romance with the opposite sex. So send for my medical booklet "Sex Problems of Young P e o p 1 e," enclosing along stamped, return envelope, plus 20 cents and use its information „, , to vaccinate all teen-agers' LONDON <APi — Backyard] mc to usc lo ° many matches against wrong sexual habits. ] tobacco growers are growing^nd made my pipe filthy." like weeds in Britain. ; (Always write to Dr. Crane in I There arc no official figures! care of this newspaper, enclos- on the number of householders • i ing a long stamped, addressed raising tobacco for their own] smokes, but a big cigarette manufacturer estimated it as over 100.000. ; DETROIT (AP)—Police saicl A large seed company saicl! lwo fires which broke out Thurs- Hopki n s that its sale of tobacco seed had; day j n a Detroit hotel during increased by 75 per cent this j the first day of an employes' year over last year. strike probably were deliberate- NEW YORK (AP) — A $2.8 ir.illion national campaign di> The vicar es'^once"ragout of rerteci at public apatny to L crime me. viocu, oo, UIILC. ion uui. ui jj. kejne undertaken bv the Ni- buy commercial tobacco. j H^Lr.™ 11 " 01 ° ""^ ^ "I couldn't bear it," he saicl. ' "^ ™, i envelope and 20 cents to cover CASE W-459: Clara Z., aged'typing and printing costs when 44, is the mother of four chil-1 you send for one of his boo k- Suspect Arson of the program, announced '•VVdnesday by Sigurd S. Lar- tr.on. council president. Tin loundation is providing a $1.23 million grant and the council plans to raise a matching sum. The Ashland Play Season Ends Job Proposal Added to Bill What's the attraction of homegrown tobacco? The answer must be to get ASHLAND — The bacco. curtain The around the high price of commercial cigarettes and pipe to- government this spring dishonorable discharge. He con- fal ^ s on tne Northland Summer hiked taxes so a pack of ordi- that the charge against• Stock Theatre Company season] nary cigarettes retails at 78 ly set WASHINGTON (AP) — A No one was injured in the! special provision to make jobs brief blazes at the Fort Wayne for chronically unemployed poor Hotel, where members of the adult workers has been added to Hotel and Restaurant Employes; the $1.9 billion antipoverty bill, and Bartenders Union walked, The Senate Labor Committee off thir jobs Thursday. None of, wrote the provision in Wednes- the guests was evacuated. scemed to be that the assault on ! 0ak p . a . r . k - won the swim sult the launchers would be weighed; com , pe «°!1' • rf ™\* a Q,,IH most sprinuslv in trip rnrnrnn ' Miss Fedewa and Miss Sulh- nst camp because so rS™Hs ! van ^ oin eignt other earlier Wil> mot ^ctillp ULLdUSL, 6U Idl do IQ ; _,,_„_ i__ 4--. —*«.t.,f i« ftnol oiront known, the United States struck ; neis in toni e nt s final event without knowing or caring whether the installations were manned by Russians, Communist Chinese or North Vietnamese. If this is correct,' and high administration officials Wednesday night the Ontonagon Briefs Miss Charlotte Brookins, Ce- darbure. Wis., is visiting her said' Parent?, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. missile I Brookins Also uests of the Mass -, Trinity The Rev him was true. Lutheran (Missouri) ! "He was very penitent and David Musall, pastor, i begged us to do something t o , No Sunday School until Septem- i help him. ' ber: worship, service, 11, with Holy Communion. ftRUCE CROSSING Bethany Lutheran. The Rev FYed Uergfeld pastor. Worship service, 9; Sunday School, 10. EWEN Firs! Lutheran (LCA). The 'His father consulted a psychiatrist at once, for we didn't know what to do. with two performances o f "Thurber Carnival" this weekend. cents. President Dwight day. It would provide $150 million to be used on jobs in such Eisen- ; federal fields as conservation "This doctor suggested there are "if Grant Had Been Drink- is very little likelihood of a] m g at Appomatox," The Mac- cure. So he recommended t h a t j beth Murder Mystery" "T h e our son just lose himself in a'Little Girl and the Wolf" a easy to grow as tomatoes. Cur- The play will be presented ing it for smoking is another Friday and Saturday at 8:30 matter. p.m. in the Alvord Theatre. Featured in the series of skits In Britain, tobacco is about as ; hower was first U. S. president and on state or local projects ever to travel under the sea in such as park improvement and an atomic submarine. i highway beautification. base episode was a turning point in Johnson's deliberations, Bookins family are Mrs. Brookins' parents. Mr. and Mrs. C.F. the end result also coincided Kranke. Milwaukee, neatly with the President's per-] Mr and Mrs. Kenneth De- sonal inclinations. large city! "But, Dr. Crane. I can't be- 11 St. Mark's Episcopal. The Corte and daughter, Plymouth, Johnson has seemed anxious are visiting his brother In law to avoid, to the degree possible, i and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ed- Rev. Charles Swmehart Jr., any direct provocation of the' mund Szaroletta. and family Communist camp. And, officials, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lahti, said, he was reluctant to order a ( Milwaukee, and Mrs. Joseph mobilization that might have. Warpeohawsky, Green Lake put the country on a semiwar' Wis., spent a few days visiting "• Rev John Llnna pastor Sunday iieve our son is not worth sav- School, 9:45; worship service, 11. ing. Methodist The Rev James 1 "He is a sensitive and talent- dilliard, pastor Sunday ed boy, so what can we do?" Schoo 4 . 9:30: morning worship, HOMOSEXUAL PROGNOSIS spoof on "Little Red Rid i n g H o o d", and "Word D a nces" where four couples toss humorous offhand remarks while dancing. Mrs. Barbara Franks, director of speech and dramatics Thousands of young men (and ' at Northland, is the company " women) are being washed out j director. This will be the fifth for t h i s i presentaton by the professional j s t o c k company during i t s footing and made any peace! friends in Ontonagon. talks - the ultimate more difficult. One of the mobile aim - Mrs .John Torvinen has r e tor. Holy Communion and ser- °[ mUltar y service mon nj same reason. ' GREENLAND For nomosex uality often d e-| second season. The group also Methodist The Rev Geo r e e vel °P s in colleges, prisons and; presented "The Cat and the Ca- Luciani, pastor.' Morning ''mmfeiry service where y o u n g nary", "On Borrowed Time", *^ npnr\lf» 'i ro icnlotorl fr*r\m fl-io *-\r»_ . " Annfi. With so many householders growing tobacco in their back yards and gardens, tobacco- curers have sprouted. There are many, but none operating on a large scale. The law sees to that The amateur totaacco-curer may cure a maximum of 25 pounds for each grower every 12 months. The grower and the cur- er usually use parcel post to get it there and back. The grower can buy the seed, mail it, have it cured and delivered back to his house for about 14 cents an ounce. On the commercial market, one ounce of worship, 11:15. 1 , people are isolated from the op- "Auntie Mame" and "Inherit St. Peter & Paul Roman Cain- , P° sUe se , x - w hen their erotic lie The Rev Norbert LaCosse ' deslres demand romantic outlet, turned from Detroit where she p ast0 r Sunday Mass 9; H o l y i if tne opposite sex is not avail-' . .. . ------------- , ._,„,_ missile vlslted relatives and frlends ™ll,p American fighter bombers were listed by the Pentagon as shot down by conventional antiair- is a patient Nursing Home at Milwaukee. Persons interested in partici- craft fire during the 46-plane pating In a Little Theatre organ- attack, izatlon are invited to attend a After weighing all factors in a meeting at the William Born solid week of conferences, John- cottage on Lake Shore R o ad confes . ; able, then many of them be- sions Saturday, 4 to 5 p.m. KENTON Methodist. The Rev. Hilllard, pastor, ice, 7-jO p.m. come paired with their own sex. This is a throwback to the i "gang" stage in which children Jam p s i fi nc i themselves at the age of 10 Worship serv- i to 12. 1 Then IMARENISCO Community Presbyterian. they actually prefer Rev their own kind and hoot at any The boy who shows fondness for a the Wind.' retails for a i The Rev. Hugh Cuthbertson, an Anglican vicar, started curing tobacco as a hobby in 1943. smoking tobacco little over $1. The Rev. Hugh son limited his Viet Nam'policy locate"! near the Johnson Motel, Worsnip ser vice, 11. actions — announced at a news tn ' s evening, at 7:30. | M CSK j a h Lutheran (Missouri Winifred Lomas, minister. : girl classmate. But the vast majority of children move onward in their emo- SATURDAY NIGHT Mr. "V & His Orchestra Fabulous DINNER MENU Dining Room Open Monday Thru Sat. 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. FRIDAY NIGHT FISH FRY . ----- — ---------- --------- . , conference Wednesday — to a The Ontonagon Township Li- The R G V. Toivo Miettinen, pas- i tional growth to the next stage, doubling of the monthly draft brary will be closed from Aug. t or. Worship service, 10. , which is called the heterosexual call to 35,000 men and quick 2-9. Tne librarian. Miss F 1 o r- Sl . Catherine's Roman Catho- increase of 50,000 in the size of ence Spellman, will be on vaca- the American force in South tion. Viet Nam. Johnson also said he would Ex-Ontonaqon Woman ask Congress this year for addi- Jl . * c . .. tional money to help finance DrOWHS in Monad i Sl Paul's Lutheran expanded military commit- 1 ONTONAGON — Mr. andlxhe'Rev. A. A. Lepisto, pastor. ments. Officials said the amount Mrs Paul Guzek and fa m i 1 y I Annual Parish Festival at Wino-; power and firm i tic rhe Rev Samuel Bottom. Villa st. Thomas, associa t e s. pastor, with Techny Fath e r s, Masses. 7:30 and 9:30. would run between and $2 billion. Therein, they loop upon the opposite sex for romantic stimulation. So the adult homosexual has simply stopped at a more juvenile level of emotional develop- (LCA). : merit. The solution requires will resolution t o big powderhorn mountain SUPPER CLUB Available for WEDDINGS .BANQUETS, PARTIES PHONE 932-4838 for Details, Reservations Bar Opens 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. CHAIR LIFT RIDES 1 to 8 p.m. Sundays 'All I said was, Show me a filter that delivers the taste and I'll eat my hat." Try new Lucky Strike Filters $1 billion: were called to West P a 1 m ] na Church: Worship service, 10: grow up! Beach. Fla., by the drowning of dinner, 12 noon; progam, 1:30. | Parents and friends He said more troops would be , their daughter, Mrs. Ric h a Carsten, 28. WATCH FOR THE OPENING OF AN EXCLUSIVE AUTO PARTS & ACCESSORY SHOP in DOWNTOWN IRONWOOD Mrs. Carsten is the former PAYNESVILLE Savior's Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. John Linna, pas tor. Shirley Guzek and was gradu- j Morning worship, 8; Sunday ated from the Ontonagon High school 9-30. School in 1955. i PRFSOTTF isi r Mrs Carsten had gone to thej PRESQUE ISLE _ ^___ beach with her four children! Bethel Lutheran (Missiouri). ; habits and adopt better ones. can n o more change a homosexual than they can change a chronic alcoholic ! In both bad habits, the victim must take stock of himself; then firmly desire and resolve to break off with the past bad Friday morning and lost her , The Rev. Clifford Brege, pastor. life while attempting to rescue ; Worship service, 11. one of the children she believed j ROCKLAND to be in danger. Surviving are her her children. Carol, husband; Penny A homosexual can change into a heterosexual personality if he will steadfastly date a member St. Paul's Methodist. The Rev. i of the opposite sex and force himself to pay court to her. "If you go through the proper motions," is an axiom of psy- ents; two sisters, Mrs. To m , The Rev""Norbert"LaCoss~e". pas- i chology, "then you will begin to Johnson of Racine; Sharon at] tor s unt j ay Masses, 7:30 and feel the corresponding e m o- Candy and Richard; her par- G eorge A. Luc I a n i, pas t o r. Morning worship, 10:30. st> M ar y' S Roman Catholic, j home; one brother, Tim, at'^-gg. home pnd her maternal grandmother, Mrs. Deliah Picotte of Ontonagon. *«**** Family Style Dinners ««IM«^AMP 2.85 Adults— $1.30 Children Under 10 Serving Every Day Noon to 9 P.M. Now Serving Delicious Breakfasts — Griddle Cakes, Bratwurst, Fried Potatoes, Apple Sauce, Syrup, Donuts & Sweet Rolls. Milk & Coffee, Scrambled Eggs on Fri. Adults 1.50, Children under 10— 75c. CAMP STYLE CHICKEN Served Every Day (Except pri. & Sat.) Plus Two Meats Served Each Meal SUN. — Sirloin of Beef au jus MON.— Baked Ham, Potato Pancakes, "Jack Baked Beans" TUES. — Sirloin of Beef au jus WED. — Sirloin of Beef and Pan Gravy THURS. — Logging Camp Beef Rsl., Potato Pancakes FRI.— Sirloin of Beef. Walleyed Pike Fillels Potato Pancakes SAT. — "Camp" Turkey, Dressing, Sirloin of Beef U.S. Hwy. 51 Between Minocqua and Woodruff Masses, 7:30;; tions." Holy Day Masses, 7:30 a.m. and' A homosexual who thus acts 7:30 p.m.; confessions Saturday,! the role of a normally mature, heterosexual person, will soon De Sin to feel the emotions of the heterosexual. " Act the wav vou oueht to be »i s another axiom ''a n d • ^ fou'H be the waTyou act" I Sometimes an abnormal fear j I of venereal infection or preg- i Methodist. The Rev. Jam e sj nancy or a fixation of his moth-i Billiard, . pastor. Sunday School, er, may prevent a young man 10:30; worship service, 6. 7 to 8 p.m. SAXON ^ „ ™_ Saxon-Gurney Community. The Rev. Nathan L. Daynard, min- later. Summer schedule: Worship service, 10.^0. SIDNAW •WE SELL THE MOST BECAUSE WE GIVE THE MOST CLOSED 1965 TOPAZ St. Paul's Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. David Musall, pastor. Sunday School, 10:45; worship service, 12 noon, with Holy Communion. TROUT CREEK /Assembly of God. The Rev. A. Lepisto, pastor. Annual Parish Festival at Winona Church: Services, 10; dinner, 12 noon; progam, 1:30. WINCHESTER St. William's Catholic M i s- sion. The Rev. W A. Torkild- son pastor. Masses 9:45 and 11. Donald L. Meece, pastor. Sun-; Confessions before Mass. day School, 10; morning worship, 11; Young, People's meet- To Treat the Whole Family this Sunday... Bring them to the BIG WHEEL FOR A LOVELY DINNER! Try our Sunday Specialties: Turkey, Beef, or a Ham Dinner. The treat will be lorig s remembered; especially by Mom . . . Com? in soon for true dining pleasure. At our modest prices. NOON LUNCHEONS DAILY Enjoy the Delicious Varitty b Zest of Our NEW SALAD BAR %;:&•• Chef • Charlie Bobbins "Plan now to meet your friends at Big,Wheel" OPEN at 11 a.m. Daily The BIG WHEEL Located off Higways U.S. 2 & M-28 on the Shores of Beautiful Sunday Lake DeVries, minister. Sund a y School, 9; worship service, 10. Trinity Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. John Linna, pastor. Worship service, 9:30; Sunday School, 10:45. WAINOLA Lutheran (LCAj The Rev. A. WINONA Lutheran (LCA). The Rev A. A. Lepisto, pastor Annual Parish Festival: Service, 10; dinner, 12 noon; program, 1:30. WOODSPUR Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. A. A. Lepisto, pastor. Annual Parish Festival at Winona Church; Services, 10; dinner, 12 noon; program, 1:30. BLUE OX INN Family Style Meals 2.85 Adults—Children Under 10—1.30 Serving Every Da>—NOON to 8:30 P.M. Now Serving Delicious Breakfasts .Griddle Cakes, Bratwurst, fried Potatoes Apple Sauce, Syrup, Donuts and Beverage Adults 1.50—children under 1-0—75c > Plate Lunches Noon to 3:30 Daily Ex. Sunday Oven Fried Chicken served every day (Except Friday and Saturday) Two Meats Served Each Meal Sun.—Roast Sirloin of Beef—Pan Gravy Mon.—Logging Camp Beef Roast, Whipped Potatoes Tues.—Baked Ham & Baked Beans, Potato Pancakes, Applesauce Wed.—Boast Sirloin of Beef au Jus Thuis.—Roast Sirl'oln of Beef au jus—Potato Pancakes Fri.—Fish of the Day, Logging Camp Beef Roast Potato Pancakes, Applesauce Sat.—Roast Turkey with all trimmings, and Roast Sirloin of Beef au jus U.S. 45 N. of Eagle River at Pleasure Island FORDS MERCURYS COMETS MUSTANGS PICKUPS During This Sales Event! • You Can Buy a Car for Less at BESSEMER AUTO CO. U.S. 2 Bessemer .WE SELL THE MOST BECAUSE WE GIVE THE MOST

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