Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 21, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1933
Page 3
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lOLA, KANSAo THE fOLA DAILY REGISI'ER. TUESDAY EVENING. MARCH 3i. im. ?0 - Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nichols and their son Dale Jr., who live south of town, were guests Sunday of. Mrs. ;l*chols"s mother Mrs. Pearl Osbom, i^td of her sister Mrs. Karl Bedenbender and her family. —All outstanding LaHarpe banit checks on Elm Township will be • paid U presented to the Allen County State Bank. ; Mrs. Isabelle Moco and her son Kenneth Moco arrived Friday from . Detroit, Mich., for an indefinite A'islt with Mrs. Moco's sister Mrs. F. S. Beattic, and Dr. Beattie. Any Sail, bres.s or Overcoat Cleaned and Pressed -35c- ABLESON CLEANERS Phone 103 One Dav Service If Desired • Mr. and Mrs, J. K. Averctt have been informed of the safety of their niece Mrs. L. L. Watklns and Mr. Watklri.s, who live In Los AnRelcs, • Calif., in the earthquake area. Mrs. Watkins was formeiiy MLss Vera Williams of loin, —Persons having business with the Cu.stom Tailor ShoD operated by the late Wm. Havekolt call at 420 East Jack-son or phone 662. Mr. and Mrs. h. J. Gladd and their son Delois sj)ent Sunday at Gamett as quests of Mr. and Mrs. .T Moi.senhcimer. Meek's I'OLLV ANN CAFE - Invites Dr. and Mrs. F. S. Beattie and Mrs. Isabelle Moco and her •son Kenneth to be its guests to • dinner W c d n e s d'a y. Complete flUcken dinner from grape juice rocktall to apple roll with caramel . sauce. I —. : Mrs; W. J. Evans and.Mrs. Florence Kent Belding spent the week•end with Mrs. Belding's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kent, in Pleasanton. While :tliere Mrs. Evans also visited her ^brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Evans. SIMMONS BEAUTYREST I —Know the value of restful sleep. /Try the world's famous Beautyrest Mattress. A. R. Sleeper Fum. Co. > Mrs. Si E. Broaddus of Los Ang- •eles, Calif., formerly of lola, is safe : according to word received here Monday by Mr. and Mrs. J. K. - Averelt. : Radios, Washing Machines, Tubes. Batteries and .Service RADIO SERVICE SHOP 109 West Madison Phone ."53 - Mi.s-s Maxine Fleming who has " f)^, 11 visiting her parents Mr. and . .'tirs. J. A. Fleming since Friday, re- timied Monday morning to Peru where she is an instructor in the MUgh school. • —Spring is hert>'. See Antrim for Wall Paper. 219 Nortli Jefferson. Lucille Wagner. lola. a soiihomore iit the University of Kansas, has lust been initiated into the Kansas chapter of the National Collegiate .))layers. Remove the Footlines From Your Face 47 NEW EA.STER STYLES Blue. Chaff Beige. Grey. White and Black—AAAA to D U.\RRISON'S BOOTERY Mr. and Mrs. J. B, Aydelotte and .their .son Richard and Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Garlock returned Sunday evening to their home in Fort Scott •' after spending the day with Mr. and ' Mrs. T. O. Canatsey and F. S. Ca. nausey. F. S. Canatsey accompanied 'them home for a few weeks' visit. -Mrs. A.vdelotte and Mfs. Garlock are daughters of P. S. CJanatsey and ,ire .sistei's of T. O. Cahatsej-. "NOW I FEEL FULL OF PEP" After taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound That's what hundreds of women say. It steadies the nerves .,. makes you eat better . . . sleep better ... relieves periodic headache and lj|;.ckache .. . makes trying days nadi/rable. , ; If you arc not as well ias you It to be, {live this medicine a chance to help you. Get a bottle Irom your druggist today. THE NEWFANGLES (Mem^n Pop) 1 HATE .TO TXO THIS~\"r'S GOING TO BE .TOUGH LBSSON TOP CHICK.... STIV.U, HE CAN'T "DO H*5 STUFF WERE /KV THE. OFFICE, THE. VslA*< TWE CAt?l5SARE STACKED AGANST HIM An Impc»lant-D€ciBi<Hi! By Cowan lb POPS . REUATIMES, CHICK'S BOSS. HEAVV •- THlNKlNCr Mrs. Lloyd Carter received a letter by air mkil from her sister Mrs. W. B. Buchanan of Lynwood, Calif., Saturday telling her that she and Mr. Buchanan were ^afe, although she was badly bruised pnd that their home was damaged e^ensively during the earthquake. —See the new Coats. Dresses and Hats at Seneker's. Miss Martha Hull, who has been attending high school in Moran, arrived Sunday to enter the lola high school. Miss Hull will make her home with her aunt Mrs. J. M. Row- .den during her stay in lola, SELF SERVICE MARKET Pork Tenderetts 20c Pork Sausage, 4 lbs 25c Round Steak or Sirloin. 2 lbs.. .25c Kraut. 5c lb.; 6 lbs 25c Bacon. Sliced. 2 lbs 25c Lamb Chopi. spring lamb .....20c Leg o' Lamb '.. .18c Miss Mary Jane Thayer and Miss Ruth Curtis returned Sunday eve-, ning from a week-end visit With Miss Irene Roe in LaHarpe. —Dr. H. L. Lacy. Dentist. Office over Browns Drug Store. X-ray equipped. Phone 149. Dr. and M;rs. A.. R. Chambers and their daughters Charlotte and Jean attended the funeral of Mrs. Chambers's grandmother Mrs. G. Funk which was held Saturday at Kansas City, Kas. .Seamless 9x13 Rugs .. Rue Cushions, 9x12 .. ...$14.50 ... .S2.T5 We Can't Be Undersold! Free Delivery. Easy Terms. W. H. WOOD FINE FTTumTVRE 202 S. Jeff. Phone 19ft Mrs. J. A. Fleming returned Friday from Sedan where she has been during the critical illness and death of her sister, Mrs. J. A. McKlnney. —Stoj) those dripping faucets with Drip Proof Washers. lola Plumbing Co. Phone 1175. , Mrs. W. L. Lewman and Mrs, H. L. Lacy will attend a meeting of the M. club tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. Stella Green in LaHarpe. SPECIAL. ALL THIS WEEK "The Famous MILK CHOCOLATE CAKE : Made fromaBetty Crockerrecipe : -—25c each—i For sale at your grocer or : lOLA BAKERY : 120 E. Jackson Phone 502 : STOMACH UPSET Get at the real cause. That's what tliousands of stomach sufferers are doing now. Instead of taking tonics, or trying to patch up a poor digestion, they are attacking the real cause of the ailment—clogged liver and disordered bowels. Dr. Edwards, Olive Tablets help arouse the liver in a soothing, healing way. AVhen the liver and bowels are performing their natural _ functions, people rarely suffer from indigestion and stomach troubles. Have you a bad taste, coated tongue, poor appetite, a lazy, don't-care feeling, no ambition or eperey, trouble with undigested {bods? • Try Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound. Know them by their olive color. They do the work without griping; cramps or pain. AH druggists., 15c, 3Ck; and 60c. Take one or two at Bedtime for quick reliel. Eat what you like. They've Stood the Test of Time Established 1906 Williams Monument Works 301 S». Wash. lola, Kas. i C. C. Ausherman received word from his brother Will Ausherman, that he and Mrs. Ausherman, at Bellflower, iCaUf., 'were safe, although he was rendered unconscious and the grocery store which they own was demolished during the earthquake. —A sincere Invitation is extended to those who may desire advance mortuary information. Sleeper Mortuary. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bixby and their daughter-in-law Mrs. S. A. Bixby went to Emporia today to be guests of Mrs.'Russell Carlisle and her family and of Frank Bixby. Mr. Bixby and Mrs. S. A. Bixby will return Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Fi-ank Bixby will rernain for a two- week visit. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lawyer and their son Fenton of Tulsa, Okla., visited Mr. Lawyer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Lawyer, over the week-end, —A Chapel service with no extra charge. Waugh Funeral Home. Mrs. Hollis Flint and her datigh- ter Shirley Ann arrived yesterday from Humboldt for a few days' vlalt with Mrs. Flint's mother Mrs. P. C. Irwin, and her sister Miss Julia Irwin. THEY'RE DELICIOUS! Fairmont's Milk, Cream, Cottage Cheese, and Dairy Products are pure, nutritious and tasty. Made in lola by Fairmont Creamery Co. P h o n e 9 1 Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Averett and their; granddaughter Lucille Patterson,, and Alma Marler visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Matthews, who live northwest of town.. —A. R. Chambers, M. D. Office Mittelbach Bldg. Pho. 303. Res. 377. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jemison and their daughter Barbara Louise returned Sunday night from WUifield where they were week-end guests of Mr. Jemison's mother Mrs. Clint Ward and her family. WEDNESDAY MENU Yes. we are still serving chicken with dumplitigs at the old stand. A real dinner for—25c KOZY KOVE IIORIZO.NTAL 1 Who was the first man to win tlie Nobel prize tor literature? 7 Makes possihlo. U Otic. 15 Resembling a rose. Ifi Miner note. IS FOR signaling apparatus. 20 Gullet. 21 Sounds. 23 Hodgepodge. 24 Tears stitches. 25 Measures of cloth. 26 Bottom of the toot. 27 Departed. 2S Name. 29 Closed. 30 Place ot] Napoleon's first exile. 32 Northwestern. 33 Aninial. 34 On the lee'. 35 Exclamation. 36 Strong taste. 37 Unoccupied, as Since. 39 Your mother's .AnMvcr to Previous Puzzle Sister. 40 Third-rate actors. 41 Furnished with a shoe. 42 Monster. 43 Half (prefix). 44 Extra tire. 45 Pale. 46 Layer of animal tissue. is Like. 49 Outer layer of fruit. 51 To intensify. 53 Testifies under oath. 54 Duplicate. 1? VERTICIL IWhat two cats fought unt^l nothing was left hut their tails? 2 Father. 3 Protuberances•4 Angers. 5 To scold. 6 Enchantmem. 7 Irregular. S Wooden pegs. 9 Onager. 10 To exist. 11 Thin scale. 12 Public storehouse. 13 Embroldersi 17 To permit 19 Hat iMteri ^I. 22 Ampblblanf. 24'Garment. 26 To make rough. 27 Cheerfulncsk 29 Delivered. 30 Measures ' of length. 31 British territory In Africa. 33 Fatal mlscli|ie{. 34 One who admires. 35 Market plaj' In a Oreek cjity 36 Vegetable. 37 At^ iambus. | 33 BxdamatiDik of surprise] 39 Gaping with wonder. 40 Herbs 41 Fit. 42 Was ipdeb^eJ. 43 Withered. 44 To bite. 46 Male. 47 Chopping tool. 50 Company. 52 Seventh ndte HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Quirk Relief, or You Only Pay When Satisfied. If you suffer from High Blood prersure, dizziness, ringing in the ears, can't .sleep at nights, feel weak and shaky, bad taste, nervous. If your heart pounds and you fear a paralytic stroke, to demonstrate the value of Dr. Hayes' successful prc- s(;rij)tion we will send you postiwid. a regular $1 ireatnient on absolutely rn£F. TRIAL. While it Is nOn-spe- cific. many cases report remarkably f?uick relief; often symptoms dimln- is!' and quiet normal sleep returns within 3 days. Contains no salts, physics, opiates or dope. Absolutely harmless. You can '• continue with treatment yiu arc taking. It cannot conflict. Perfectly safe with any diet. PAY NOTHING UNLESS GREATLY send SI. If the charge. A.s.s'n-.. 2202 City. Mo. i rMPROVED. Then |not your report cancels Write to Dr. Hayes Coates House, Kansas LIQUID-f-TABLETS—SALVE Checks Colds first day, Headaches or Neuralgia' in 30 mlautes. Malaria {in 3 days. 666 SALVE for Head Colds Most Speedy Remedies Known IS BrWHl ItUiia BcduU V»U<. tactiMc bmo. icilcd vUh Blue . liRAND l>ILLa.r <ir4« ran kooa r uHni. safest. Keliabu. BarNawl S6U> >T mvcGisrs nzMmsu George Lewman and Sylvester Metzinger returned today from a short visit with Mr. Metzinger's sisters Miss Mary Metzhiger and Mrs. Richard Sproat and her family, in St. Joseph, Mo. —See the new Coats. Dresses and Hats at Seneker's. Sam Lyon returned today to ^lis home in Oceola, Mo., after a weekend visit with his brother Fred Lyon and his family. SUPER SERVICE FOR YOUR CAR General Repair Oiling and Greasing Car Washing General Tires and Repair SHELLY MOTOR GO. 214 N. Jeff.—Phone 80 Roscoe Richardson, proprietor of the Richardson store, made a business trip to Chanute today. —Electric Radios and Washers, new and used, at Curtis' Furniture. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Burger returned Sunday night from a weekend visit with relatives and friends in Kansas City and Topeka. - Suit, Coat, or Dress Cleaned and Pressed 30c This Week Special 4 Garments for $1.10 All Work Guaranteed WARDWAY CLEANERS (Formerly Cut Rate) Opp. Postoffice Phone 775 Mr. and' Mrs. Fred E. Durst announce the birth March 18 of a 10- pound son whom they have named Donald Lee. WINDOW SHADES —Good quahty. choice of colors in standard size, 39c each. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. Miss Ivalee West returned last night from Kansas City where slie purchased ready-to-wear for Seneker's. "FRANK SEZ": We'll Weld Any Break Except tlie Break of Day! Test our Welding Service as you will, every piece of work stands up under the severest strain. i Frank Lawyer's Repair Shop ' Blacksmlthing, Welding, Machine and Woodwork 12 N. Walnut Phone 119 Mrs. Roscoe Richardson will return Wednesday evening-from Lyman, Miss., where she has been a guest In the homes of her brothers C. A. Bush and Homer Bush the past two weeks. Her mother Mrs. D. E. Bush, who accompanied her there, will remain for a longer visit. FOR COUGHS, RUNDOWN Kan.<ias City, Ktiii.s.—"Almut four yen PS ago I biui <>e- ciision to use Dr. IMorce','; Ooldcu Jlnd- joul DisciiviM-y for my d.iUKlitpr, lOdith, wlio liad bceomc run- ilowu and thiu," said Sirs. Louise B. Adair of 10'20 W. Blvd. "Her ,Ti>p<'tili- wa.s poor nnd she ahvjiys caiiglit cold eiisil.v. TU«> colds V niiid be int'ompauic<l by ;i severe <• p iftli and she could hardly sleep at r tjht. Hut the "Mediciil Discovery' ' ijilt Iier risht' Up. Iicr appetite improved, sbe gained in weight, it drove away that agnrnvatias cough and she was much stronger, too." If 70a want frro mrdiral adrire wrllo to Dr. Fl«rce'> ainlc ia Uuffalo, N. Y. Clarence Eddy returned Saturday evening to Topeka after an overnight visit at his home in lola. —New Coats. Suits. Dresses. Hats, just received at The Leader. Miss Alice Nell Lewman entertained Miss Josephine Day of Garnett. Miss Julia Ann Livingston of LaHarpe. and Miss Lela Ruth Oliver, at dinner Sunday noon. McKINNEY CROC. & MARKET Crisco. 6-lb, bucket $1.10 Crisco. 3-lb. can 57c Crisco. I'i-lb. can 30c Ovaltme, $1 size 83c Vicks Vapo-Rub 3Sc FREE DELIVERY 110 S. Wash. Phone 173 Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Bennett visited Sunday with their . daughter Mrs. Liither Clover and her family in Humboldt. Miss Florence Grecian of Asher- vlUe and Mr. and Mrs. George Varnes and their daughter Georgeann of Lawrence were guests Sunday at the ,home of L. Gritton. Mrs. L. E. Horville, who lives northwest of town, has received a letter from her cousin, Mr.'. F. F. McKelvey, at Los Angeles, Calif, stating that she and Mr. McK< Ivey escaped injury in the earthqi ake, although their home; was damfiged to some extent. Mr. and Mrs.. George M. Kerr and their two children, who Ihe in Long Beach, CaJiL, foriner reslc ents of lola, are safe according to word received here today. Ruth Dean Beauty Shopp^ : Croquignole Oil Parmanents $11 .50 : ; Shampoo and Pir^ger Wave 35c : 210 S. Wash. Phone 282 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith of Humboldt, announce the birth March 20 of a 7-po-und daughter whom thev have warned Frdnces Paulme. Mrs. Smltii. before her marriage, was Miss Dorothy Mc Vlul- In. a daughter,of Mrs. Carl Freifman of lola. OUT OUR WAY * Sl-\R^MPS, Oil SATAKI. New York, March 21. (AP)—After a slow early slide, stocks tui'ned heavier, in the late trading today and • closed around the lows. with net losses of 1 to around 4 points rather numerous. Sales approximated 1,100,006 shares. Utilities weakened rather sharply and rails, which had been firm up to early afternoon, also sold off. Trading appeared somewhat professional, but offerings found buying support thin, especially in a few leading issues. Enactment of the beer bill prompted profit-taking in the "wet" issues. Sugar sliares also sagged. American Telephone lost nearly 4 points, while Consolidated Gas, Union Pacific, Allied Chemical, Case, Delaware & Hudson, American Tobacco "B," American Sugar, and Au- Reduction 3. U. S. Steel, United Aircraft, New York Central, Westinghouse, Loew's, Crown Cork. National Distillers and Owens Illinois yielded a point or two. General Motors was down nearly one. Meanwhile, the American dollar was exhibiting unusual strength in the foreign exchange market, especially European gold currencies. United States government bonds were heavy. High Lowi Close Cities Serv 3 2'-.; 2-.i SO of Ind 19'; 18"i Alaska Jun 13 12'i 13 Amn Can 59'L' 56'i 57U AT&T 101 97 't 97 •'s Amn Tob B .... 61 58"i 58".; Anaconda 7"; 7 7 Atchison 4543-'; 44 Auburn .. ... 36", 32 32' i Beth Steel 13^, 13 13'. Can Pac ' 8'.* 8'.; 8V^ Case 47-'s 43 '2 44 Chr>'sler 9"; 9'i 9'i Cons Gas 46':: 43'; 44', Cons Oil ..'. 5'< S N 5 'i Drug 34-', 34 34 DuPont 39 's 37 37-"-; Gen Elec 14 13 13^; Gen Motors V2'-^ 11 \ ll"^; Int Harv 23 21 21'i Mont Ward .... 13'-, :2''; 12'; Packard 2', 2'; 2'; Penney J C .... 23^ 23 23 Phillips Petr ... 6', G G Radio 4'^ 4'.s 4'', Soconv 6"-,i 6''.s 6'i Std Brands .... 17 16<i IS-', SO of NJ 26', 2525"s Uniqn Pac .... 78 v 75 75 Texas Corp 13\ 12''; 12'i U S Steel 30 28-.'s 28-N Westlngh E .... 2624 ••i 25 LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, flrste ..10c Eggs, seconds 8c Eggs, .thirds 6c Eggs, ungraded 8c Hens, No. 1 ...Sc Hens. No. 2 6c No. 1 Springs, I'.i lbs. up 5c No. 2 Springs ...3c Butterfat, lb 12c Cocks 3c Geese, lb .2c Guineas, each , 10c White Ducks, lb 3c Colored Ducks, lb 2c Hides, per lb Ic Mixed Corn, bu 16c Yellow Corn, bu 16c Wheat, bu ...SSc Kafir Corn 15c Oats 10c Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Mar. 21. (APi-- (V. S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs: 4.500; 700 direct; slow, steady to strong with Monday's average; top $3.80 on r. few choice 180-210 lbs.; good and choice, 140-160 lbs.. $3.40-65; 160180 lbs., $3.50-80; 180-220 lbs., $3.65- By Wiliiams DiOMT THIMK' COOVO 8E rtAPPV OOVvitr OF 'VSIOPK' OOMT v4oniR*-/~ \-ie. AMO ^ V^AVe TO l_E.t/ OMTHW I DONi'ruWE / \T , To KteP Hiv\ / , ,,:^JJS^*^':^V .HC. HHROES ARE MADE-MOT eog ^N4. • SO: 220-250 lbs., $3.60-75 ; 250-260 Iba. i<i3.55-75: 290-350 lbs.. $3.45-05; packing sows, 275-550 lbs.. $2.90-3.35; stoclc pigs, good and choice, 70-130 lb.-... $2.40-75. Cattle: 4,000; calves: (100; bulk of nm fed steers; early trade on killing classes steady; 'part load yearlings $6.25; Blockers and feeders firm; steers, jrood nnd choice, 5501100 lbs., $5.00-7.00,' 1100-1300 lbs., $4.25-6.50; 1300-1500 lbs., $4.00-5.75; common and medium, 550 lbs. up, $3.25-5.00; heifers, good and choice; 550-900 lbs., $4.25-5.75; cows. good. $2.50-3.00; vealers. (niilkfedi, medium to choice. $3.00-6.00; stocker and feeder steers, good and.choice. $4.00-5.75. • Sheep: 8,000: opening sales killing classes steady: early toprwooled lambs $5.50; some held higher; lambs, good and choice (X). 90-98 lbs., $4.75-5.50; ewes, good and choice, 90-150 lbs.. $1.75-2.75. (Xi—Quotations based on ewes and wethers. DE SOXO 8 SEDAN OLDS 6 COUPE ; FORD A ROADSTER FORD "31 COUPE ESSEX SEDAN CHRYSLER 50 SEDAN PONTIAC SEDAN ROSS ARBUCEE GARAGE CHEYSLEB-PtYMOUTH Sales—Service—ParU AUTOMOTIVE 6 ~ Anto Acceasoriea. Tires, Farts- TKXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Tires. Cash paid for used cars. _ Logan_Re;noIds, 307 West Street. T~ EMPLOYMENT " Help mnted—Mate IE YOU WANT A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY to make $10 a .day operating a "Neighborhood Store" send me your name Immediately. Brandrnew idea. No capital or experience needed. Write .•quick for details. Albert MUls, 2321 Monmouth, Cincinnati, O. LIVE STOCK K. C. Livestock Close. Cattle: Fed steers ;steady to 15c lower; -slaughter cows strong; a short load of choice mixed yearlings $6:15: yearlhig steers $6.00: choice 1504-lb. steers $5.25; steers, good and choice, 900-1100 lbs.. $4.85-S7; common and medium $3.25-$4.85: cows. good. $2,65-$3.00. Sheep: killing classi's mostly] steady: closing dull; top led lamps' $5.60. Hogs unchanged. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 3.500; liogs 3,000; .sheep 8.000. 32 Fotdtry and Supplies CHICKS, Feeds, Poultry Equipment. • tAllen coimty's largest hatcherj'. Hatching thousands weekly, certified, blood tested; honest prices. WillsonFarm Hatcheries (Formerly Cantrell), 2 mi. south on 73W. .'•Talk Chicks with Wlllson." ; CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 per .case; less than case lots, Ic per egg; chicks, A 'ic and up. Taylor's Hatchery and Produce. 201 South Jefferson, lola, Kas. I Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mar. 21. (AP) — Produce unchanged. Kansas City Hay. Kaiwas City. Mar. 21. tAPi—No h.^y, receipts too light. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City. Mar. 21. i AP>— Wheat: 51 cars; unchanged to higher. No. 2, dark hard, nom..'47-"i '!'57-,S; No. 3. nom., 47'i''"56-,; No. 2. hard. 47'.'ii50'i: No. 3, 47; No. 2, red. 50: No. 3, 48'-.i'ii 49^ . Close: Mav 45'1 ; Jiilv 45 'i : Sept. 46%. " ,. Cora 9 cars; ' J lower to 1 liipiher. No. 2. white, nom.. 2a':'^'26'i: No. 3. nom., 25-25!-; No. 2. yellow. 26: No. 3. 26',; No. 2. mi.xed. nom.. 25'n 25'•; No. 3. nom.. 24';'f(25. Close: May 25; July 26";. Oats: No receipts: unchanged. No. 2. white, nom., 19-20; No. 3, nom., 18'j-191i. Milo maize, nom.. 56f< 59. Kafir, 50. Rye. nom. SBt' 39. Barley, nom., 24'i'!/28. Milwaukee—Just about the time fishing and swimming would be good, the boys would ^e in their class rooms learning readin: and writin' and 'rithmetic if Edward A. Little, a citizen, has his way. He suggested to the school board that the semesters begin' in March and Augtast instead of September and February. The idea would be to save heat in the class rooms. An intelligent person does not know all—he knows where he must look to be enlightened on the particular subject. SWAPPER'S COLUMN 4-WHEELED TRAILER--New tires, for wagon, pigs or what have you. A. W. Stout. 2 miles south Lone Elm. ANNOUNCEMENTS AncUons BIG STORAGE SALE of household goods]. Wednesday. 1:30 p. m.. at Corr'!^ Storage Room. 218 N. Jeff. Bedroom suites, dining room suites, 1 walnut; IMng i-oom: suites, odd dressers, rugs. 9x12. 7',jx9; gas range, coal and wood stoves, rocking chairs, odd dining room chairs, chiffoniers, porch furniture. Vlc- trola, kitchen cabinets, pedestals; and furniture of every description to be sold for storage. C. S. Bishop, Auctioneer. AUTOMOTIVE Antomobiles For Sale SALES Dependable Used Cars and TruckB ELLIS MOTOR CO.' Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terma PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY, MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 6 Aoto Accessories, Tires, Farta BATTERIES —For; your car, $3.65 exchange; made of new material unconditionally guaranteed. The Major Co. JUST WRECKED—4 Pordsons, '28 Pontiac; .'27 Dodge coupe for saie. lola Auto Wrecking Co. Phone 782. Regular GAS—Wholesale—5%c Federal Tax Paid—40 gal. $2.60 VINE OIL & GAS CO. State and Lincohi Sts., lola CHICK SPECIAL—S. C. White Leg' horns and Minorcas from wonder'; ful flocks of blood tested, certified birds. We have one grade only, THE BEST,iat $4.95 per 100, $24 per 500. Wlllson Farm Hatcheries, * (Formerly Cantrell), 2 ml. south on 73W. "Talk Chicks with Will* son." CUSTOM HATCH—Ic in Modern Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have purebred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4c, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Rus- seU Ha,tchery, Gas. Phone 955-3. CUSTOM HATCHING * SPECIAL We are starting our second Big Smith incubator and can't fill it with bur own eggs. For a limited time only $1.25 PER TRAY OF 150 EGGS OR 52.75 PER CASE. Willson's guaranteed hatching at less than ordihary Hatcheries charge. Take advantage of this •^opportunity. We set every day. All Heavy Breeds 5'ic Assorted Heavies 5c WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W "Talk Chicks with WUIson" HIGHER PRICES paid for poultry : for our retail trade. Brownie's, lola's Ci-eam Headquarters. OVERSIZE C HIC K S — Standard ' weight of good chicks is 9 lbs. i>er. 100 chicks. Average shipping weight of SUNFLOWER CHICICS is 12'^ • lbs. per 100, Including 2Vi-lb. box. Sunflower chicks are 10% oversize. Before buying chicks look at the fluff for color and luster; weigh a hundred. Are they actually from ' blood-tested stock? SUNFLOWER HATCHERIES, Gas City, Bronson. 31 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles TEAM HORSES—Weigh 3000; team sorrel horses, weigh 2800; mare, 7 . years old, weigh 120O; bay horee, 5 years old, weigh 1200; team mares, weigh 2400; 4 sets work harness; 3 wagons; 3 discs; 2 cultivators; 2 disc cultivators; 2 mowing machines; 2 hay rakes; 2 com. planters; all kinds farming ma' chinery; 3 good bulls; 25 fresh cows; 20 cows to freshen soon. Will seU on time. J. C. Butcher. 23 Wanted—Live Stock CATTLE TO PASTURE—Wanted. J. W. Sherwood, 2',i miles northeast of Geneva. ' MERCHANDISE 24 Articles rat Sate FOR SALE—Solid walnut antiques in excellent condition. Mrs. Chas. E. Kesler, Colony, Kas. OFFICE DESKS and Safes. Henninger's Fum. Store, W. Madison. SHOW CASE—A No. 1, 6-ft., 1 garage jack. Golden Service Station. Colony. ^ HoBseboM Goods COMPLETE LINE of Nesco Oil Stoves. We buy for less! Wo sell for less! W. H. Wood Fhie Furniture, 202 a Jeff. Phone 190. SEE the new all porcelain coal and wood ranges in colors. We trade. Curtis Furniture, 10 N. Wash. USED Electric Washing Machhies, $10 up. Henninger's Fum. Store. 25 USED Gas Ranges, $2.50 up. Hennlnger'3 Furniture Store. 29 Maebinery and Tools 1 GOOD USED John Deere manure spreader, $35,00. Allen County Implement Co. 31 Seeds, Plants, nowers SWEET CLOVER SEEI>-$1.25 per bu.; Lespedeza clover seed, 7c per lb.; loose timothy hay, and first year cutting of sweet clover. Glen Thompson, Moran, Kas^ Real Estate For Rent 37 Honscs For Beat FOR RENT—Houses, good location. See O. E. Fees. HOUSE—7 room^ 'modem, garage, _jarden, $7.00. V. C,_Archer. Real Estate For Sale 41 Houses For Sale FOR SALE—The modem qottage on South Main street, LaHarpe, lately occupied by Dr. Lacy. J. H, Ham"- iiton, lola.

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