The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 2, 1933 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1933
Page 4
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2. 1933 ICCLY WIGGL and EW&Y STORE ~f t-2 I I wi r r--i< >i T Prices Effective Friday and Saturday, Feb. 3 and 4 EGGS U. S. No. 1 Extras doz. 16c CORN MEAL—White or yellow ££. .... each CLOROX— o^Ii^r lno Pint bottle each 8 c GRAPE JUICE—Welch, pint bottles .... each 20 c HEINZ VINEGAR—14-oz. bottle each 9 c CORN—Standard Pack, No. 2 cans . . . . 3 cans 25 c TOMATO JUICE-Del Monte c N a 0 ns 1 Ta " ... 3 cans 2Oc SIERRA CHOCOLATE 8T£-Q«.,,ty Ib.can25c WHITE EAGLE SOAP CHIPS-5- Ib. pkg.. each 27 c PANCAKE FLOUR-Sperry's, large pkg. each 15c DORIS JAM^^-lb. jar . . each25c QUAKER OATS—Quick, Regular s pX s e lze . . .each 6 c GLOBE A-l BISCUIT FLOUR . pkg. 25 c PAR WASHING POWDER large pkg. 27 c AIRWAY COFFEE Fresh Ground . . Ib. 19c CORN—Del Monte Tiny Kernel S.°n. 2 eachlOc SWANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR package 23 c PRINCE ALBERT TOBACCO—16-oz. tin . each 86 c BREAD-24-oz. Loaf Union-Made White or Wheat each 7c Camels, Luckles, Chesterfields or Old Golds CIGARETTES OLD DUTCH CLEANSER BUTTER—Golden State . . pkg. lie 4 for 25 c . .Ib. SUGAR 10-lb. Cloth Bags Pure Granulated each 43c FRUITS and VEGETABLES Potatoes, Local Grown . . . lOlbs. 13c Cauliflower Local Grown - Lar « e Heads . .2 for 15c Spanish Onions 5 Ibs. 8c Apples-Pippin 8 Ibs. 25 c Oranges Fan <* Tabl * Fruit 2 doz. 27 c Rutabagas-Local Grown . . 6 Ibs. 15c Safeway's Stall Fed Baby Beef for Indispensable Protein It Is a fact that all protein foods are not of equal value. Meat Is one of the best sources of this Indispensable food factor. For this reason meat has an Important place In the diet. The wear and tear of everyday activity Is constantly breaking down the body tissues. Protein foods are the ones which repair and build up the worn-out tissues. One reason that meat protein Is so valuable Is that It Is 98 percent digestible. The body is able to utilize practically all of the protein In meat. Another Important characteristic of meat protein Is that It makes other proteins more valuable by making up their deficiencies. The pendulum of "the protein requirement" has swung back and forth between high and low, but scientists are generally agreed that a liberal amount of high quality protein Is safest. And Safeway's STALL-FED BABY BEEF Is a rich source of high quality protein. HAMBURGER Made From Safeway's Selected Stall-Fed Baby Beef—the Super Quality Hamburger Ib. lOc FRANKFURTERS Cudahy's High Quality Frankfurters Small, Large and Medium Sizes 2 Ibs. 25c Pot Roast Shoulder Rib, Baby Beef Cuts. Tender, and Young Enough to Roast In the Oven Lb. lOc Leg-o-Pork Very Choice Selected Legs Lovely to Slice Cold Lb lie Lard It's Pure Snow White, Just Rendered and Bulk Pack 4 Ibs 25c Bacon Cudahy's Fancy Eastern Rex Whole or Half Slab Lb. 12c Rib Boil The Plate and Brisket Cuts From Our Stall-Fed Baby Beef Lb 8c Sauerkraut Fancy Eastern Wisconsin Sauerkraut—Nice 'and Crisp Fine Flavored 2 Ibs. 15c MANY ARE NAMED ON COMMUNITY NEWS FRUITVALE, Feb. 2 Quarterly re>ort cards were given out at the i'rultvnlo School Tuesday, and Mrs. .largarct Stockton, principal, announced the following as members of ho honor roll: Eighth grade—Eugene Griffin, Robert Booth, Richard 'Orion, Virginia 3r.aso, Florence Hlghtower, Margaret Owens, Lucille Stancllff. Seventh grade—Frank Nutt, Ruth 1/leach, Jewell Orton, Ruby Royce, Eleanor Stanford, Alice Flelschauer. Sixth grade—Merlin Champlln, Bob Chesney, Clarence Rea. Fifth grade—Floyd Nord, Dorothy Casterot, Luclo Dlxon, Rhoda Klzzlar, Anna Flolshaucr, Dorothy Rea. Fourth grade—Clara Jane Booth, Clyde "Vincent, Clarence Perlera. Third grade—Joo Casterot, Arnold fjlesch, Veda Erase, Florence Mills, Olive Ogden, Betty Root, Rosalyn Stancllff. Second grade — Victor ChampHn, Walter Qoree, Alva Lou Grlbble. PIrsf grade—Enimett Cooper, LeRoy Denham, Marian Lewis, Russell Ward, Theresa Jucobsen. Those having a perfect attendance record for tho past quarter were as follows: Eighth grade—Eugene Griffin, Richard Orton, Virginia Brase, Florence Hlghtower, Margaret Owens. Seventh grade—Daniel Domtnguez, Frank Domlnguez, Frank Nutt, Ruth Llesch, Jewell Orton, Alice Flelshauer. Sixth grade—Merlyn Champlln, Bob Chesney, Eugene Medearls, Roselee Denham. Fifth grade—Jessie Henderson, Floyd Nord. Cody Ogden, Bill Root, Dorothy Casterot, Audrey Cooper, Lucle Dlxon, Anna Flelshauer, Barbara Jacobson, Blanche Oddous. Fourth grade—Leonard Lundqulst, Martin Lundqulst, Opal Mills, Clyde Vincent. Third grade—Alvln Elrlch, Oliver Ogden, Florence Mills. Second grade—Alva Lee Grlbble, Calvin Heler. First grade—LeRoy Denham, Theresa Jacobson, Billy June Brase. KERNVILLE KERNVILLE. Feb. 2.— Miss Evelyn Palmer, daughter of Judge Rober t'almer and n teacher at the Frultvale school, spent tho week-end with various friends In this section. Alfred T. Slatcn, Inspector of the Los Angeles police department, with Mrs. Slatcn and their son, Glen, were visitors over tho week-end with Mon roo George. G. R. Mergenthaler, superlntenden nt Edison KR3, braved the snow storm to Bakersfleld Sunday, to re turn students attending high school. Dick Price was up from Bakorsflel to spend the week-end with hi parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Price at KR3. Tom McKelghln, of Fresno, was guest for several days of the Rev Roy C. and Mrs. Mason and Mis Gaylo Mendelssohn at the Kernvlll parsonage. MO J AVE MOJAVEJ, Feb. 2.—The Reverend nd Mrs. H.' Elliott of Whlttler were eek-ond guests in Mojavo. Reverend Ir. Elliott was the speaker for last unday's services at Community Church. Mr, and Mrs. Charles Reynolds mooted to Lancaster to spend Sunday Ith Mr. Reynolds' mother. Miss Juanlta Kennedy attended a arty given by her cousin, Miss Am- Ida Heitzman, In Bakersfield. last aturday night. Miss Kennedy re- urned home Monday., •• Miss Thelma Stoval fenjoyed a visit roin Miss Flora Hoist of Los An- eles and I. Iversoii of Hlnckley, 1 Sun- ay. Hiss Hoist Is connected with he Los Angeles Public Library, in he music and art department, and is laying hero to recuperate from a ro- ent illness. Charles Tomoler, Ray Slaglc, Q. L. Webb of Mojavo and Jack Crosley of 'rona motored to Bakersfleld Mtonday, o attend tho Masonic school of In- tructlon. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Potts and daughter Bllllo from Death Valley, arrived here Sunday to make their lome. They are stopping at tho Mo- ave Rooms preparatory to taking one jf Bill Shield's courts. ,Mr. Potts is jmployed as electrician at thd Pacific Borax mines. . C. Gephart of Muroc, was the guest of the Pete Goebels over the weekend. The Qephart school was named or Mr. Gephart, as he was R former ichool bus driver In that district, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bunten of Vnn \'uys spent the week-end with Miss Mabel McDonald.' Grace Beane of Beverly Hills, spent ie week-end with her parents, Mr. md Mrs. George Beane. Eleanor Ames of Lancaster was the iveek-end guest of Grace Everett. W. Kerchmler of Los Angeles Is manager of the Harvey House newsstand now, as Joe Ernst, former manager, was sent to Bakersfleld to take charge of the stand there. Mr. and Mrs. Roy McKenzle are en- .ertalnlng Mrs. Hoffner and son Hny- ward and daughter Louise, and niece Joyce Smith, and Guy Rushing, all o" Hollywood, also E. O. Rushing o Anna. 111., who recently arrived hero The house party Is In honor of the eastern guest. Mrs. Tom Gallagher spent Saturday n Los Angeles shopping. Mrs. Qody Miller of Cantil left Monday for a visit In Los Angeles. Guests of the Tom Gallaghers over Lhe week-end were Mr. and Mrs Jack Beach of San BernarSlno. JacI Beach was storekeeper for the Harvey people some years ago. Mr. Beach Is now state traffic officer for San Ber nardlno county. Mrs. James Mattingly and daughte: Miss Elizabeth, nnd Mrs. Charlli Tomaier were recent motorists to Long Beach. ^, GARMENTS FOR NEEDY COMPLETED BY CLUB DELANO DELANO, Feb. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. B M. Nellsen of the Rlchgrove dlstrlc transacted business here and at Me Farland on Tuesday morning. -Raymond Ramsey and H. S. Me Glees motored to the Plxley dlstrlc on Tuesday to transact business. Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Kyle, thel daughter, Juanlta, and the Mlsse Elma Grogan and Ffelda Hylton, an Delmas Blair motored to Bakersflel on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Henry W. Mellon was a Tues day afternoon business visitor Portervllle. END 0' THE SEASON Shoe Sale Olir entire stock of women's high grade novelty shoes is ordered sold by the management. We know that there is only one way to get action nowadays—and this is, price them lowl Our stock has been divided into three groups. GROUP No. 1 Contains black and brown kid, patent, satin and calfskin materials. Cuban, military, spike and low heels. Not all sizes in each style—but all sizes in the group. GROUP No. 2 $149 1 Trapped in Snow, Lion Hunter Has to Abandon Car <$>- FELLOWS, Feb. 2.—The Areme lub, O. E, S., met Tuesday for an 11-day session, flnlshln/ up the work tarted for the needy several weeks go. It was turned over to Mrs. T, . Barnes for distribution. A special uslness meeting was called In the fternoon with Mrs. Clara Brand, resident, in the chair. Splendid re- orts were given by the committee on he "jitney" dinner and card party nd thanks wore extended to Mrs. alsy Carr, chairman, for the success f.the dinner, The club voted to put on the lunch- on for the matrons, associate ma- rons and past matrons of Districts 37 and 38, at their meeting on 'ebruary 18, to bo held at Masonic emplo, Fellows. Mrs. Emma Morris t chairman of arrangements. All lembers are urged to attend the reg- lar meeting of tho club on February which will be held at the home of Irs. Henrietta Young. On February 1 the club Is sponsoring a public ridge luncheon. Mrs. Maggie Tabcr 3 chairman. The "good-will" chairmen reported nd at the close of the meeting Mrs. Brand announced one quilt and three rib quilts, besides five dresses and peclal donations ready for Mrs. Barnes. A potluck dinner was enjoyed t noon. Present at the meeting were Mesdames Clara Brand, Myrtle Moodle, Alice Hamlln, BeJle Whltlock, Ida 'arsons, Emma Morris, Ella Falrey, rene Bennett, Mary Anderson, Etta Sturglll, Geraldlne Roeder, Lola Ma- FELLOW6, Feb. 2. —Charles Tant, who makes his home In Santa Maria wh«n net, engaged In mountain lion hunting, aided by hli six foxhounds, found'.his progress blocked when he reached the head of the Slsklyou In Santa Barbara National Forest, by the heavy snow. His oar battery was froien, so Tant decided to work his way out on foot. He left the car on Sunday, January 29, and.with the dogs reached the ranch home of a friend In the Cuyama valley, where they stayed Sunday night, leaving there Monday noon for Fellows, and by walking all night Monday were able to reach the home of his friend John Weddle, Jr., of the Santa Fe, at 9 a. m. Tuesday, Tant has killed SO mountain Hone in the past 18 months and after •his visit here, Mr. Weddle will take him back. They will try to get the car out, but If Impossible, Tant will return to Fellows and later leave with the doge for the Hearst ranch near San Simeon, where he expects to hunt mountain lions. OTTEN WEDDED IN WASCO CEREMi son, Daisy Carr, Jane Kofahl. Zella Parker and Contains black and brown suede, kid patent and satin materials—Rood sizes in all heels. GROUP No. 3 $198 1 Our best shoes in all the most popular materials and colors. Values to $5.00. These are the biggest and best values ever offered in Bukersfield, folks, and there'll be a mob after these shoes, so get down here early. Sale Starts Friday, 9 a. m. THE EMPORIUM DEPARTMENT STORE 1313-1315 Nineteenth Street TUPMAN TUPMAN, Fob. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. M. Stutchman and children spent the week-end at Coallnga visiting Mrs. •itutchman's sisters, Mrs. Charles dewberry and Mrs. B. C. Llsman and 'amities. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hughes and aughter, Shirley, and Mrs. Pansy Jones and son, Richard, of Bakersfield, were guests Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Ahmann. Mr. and Mrs. James Inglls entertained Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hughes and daughter, Shirley, at dinner Saturday. Jean Evelyn Inglls, who has been sick the past week, has recovered. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bowman are spending several days in Fresno visiting relatives nnd friends before leaving for Missouri, where they will make their home. Art Clements and Miss Alice Rust surprised their friends last Wednesday when they slipped away to Fresno and were married. Mr. and Mrs. Clements are at home to their friends in Tupman, having returned from a short wedding trip. Paul Brown spent the week-end In Bakersfield the guest of his friend, Gerald Green. Mrs. Mary Young of Bakersfleld Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Roberts and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson of Fellows Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bolerjack and family were guests at a surprise dinner party Saturday, given by Mrs. O. L. Brookshlre, honoring her husband on his birthday anniversary. Other BEARDSLEY, Feb. 2.—Honor Roll of Beardsley School for those averaging not less than "B" for the second quarter In their respective grades or grade groups Is as follows: Martha Abbott, Lynn Adams, Ila Baker, Alice Bnllard. Mable Ballard, Edward Bllsborough, Charles Bishop, Robert Blanton, Odessa Brown, Patty Brown, Dorothy Buckingham, Marjorle Buckingham, Mary Opal Burns, Orln Cam- enlsh, Muriel Cook, Dorothy Davis, Jacqueline Davis, Stewart Davis, Barbara Force, Beverly Force, Donald Friesen, Norman Gallagher, Jack Garner, Ida Mae Gray, Anne Louise Greene, Barbara Hannwalt, Eleanor Hanawalt, George Hanawalt, Lois Hanawalt, Odette Harron. Mary Lou Hasson, Dolores Heyart, Evelyn Hitchcock, Geraldlne Hood. WASCO, Feb. 2.—Miss Cornelia Otten, daughter of Mrs. H. Ott«n, was united In marriage to Albert Pohl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pohl, at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning, In the Catholic church, Rev. Father Kennedy performed the ceremony In the presence of about 60 friends and relatives. The bride wore a gown of white silk crepe and lace combined, carrying a large bouquet of roses and Hltes of the valley, her veil being held In place •with a small wreath of the same flowers. She was attended by her sister, , Miss Elsie Otten, whose gown was of pule green silk. Frank Pphl, brother of the groom was best man. Tho ceremony was followed by a wedding breakfast as the home of the bride's mother. Other guests beside tho bride and groom and the bride's family were Miss Lucllo Pool of Greenfield, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zolle- man, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pohl, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kloepple and Messrs C. Kloeppel, Oeorgre, Johnny and Louis Otten. Additional guests for a dinner served about one o'clock, and for tho evening wero Mr. and Mrs. John Reuttergers, Mrs. Jack Bennet, Mrs. Thomas Prather, Mrs. D. Herman, Miss Molllo Herman, Rev. Father Kennedy, Albert Holtermnn: Mrs. B. Loehner, MJss Josephine Schroeder and Jo Wanpum. After a short honeymoon the couple will make their home near Wasco. Mr. Pohl will continue to farm the Victor Cretoll place. . *M»+ , Plan Pageant for Rio Bravo Meet RIO BRAVO, Feb. 2.—A founders- day pageant will be presented at the regular meeting of the'Rlo Bravo P. T. A. Friday, February 3, at 8 p. m., In the local schoolhouse. Other entertainment will be furnished by pupils from the Munzer and Rio Bravo schools. Following the business session, Mrs. Andrew Hancock, seventh district president, will speak on "Legislation." Mrs. D. O. Moore is in charge of the program and Mrs. W. 'M. Smith and Mrs. J. O. Coble are In charge of refreshments. Cora Howell, Dora Howoll, Hunting, Kalzer, Humecky, Glenn Kalzer, Kathleen Klrkpatrlck, Harry Klarlch, Krebs, Rosella Lay, Nellie Esther Eileen Walter Bertha L/eake, Marston, Veora McClure, Julia Tjedrano, Don Mitchell, E. H. Montgomery, Betty O'Dell, Mary Poe, Jean Poteete, John Reed, Hazel Robb, Joyce Rolley, Betty Schuler, Constance Schuler, Herbert Shlvely, Howard Shlvely, Geneva Stewart, Jeanne Tleck, Marian Underwood, Almlna Utt, Daniel Utt, Charles Varner, Robert Webber, Jeanne Woessner, Harry Zuercher, Robert Zuercher. guests were Mrs. Zola children of Olldale. Carter and Mrs. C. H. Traweek and daughters, Beatrice and-Wllma visited Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Arnold at Frultvale Sunday. •#- McFARLAND FELLOWS FELLOWS, Feb. 2.—Messrs, and Mesdames C. A. Lindsay. Gust Johnson, T. A. Lambert, J. B. Irwln and daughter. Avis, were In Wasco Saturday evening to attend the Joint Installation of Wasco Rebekah Lodge and Wasco I. O. O< F. The Irwlns stopped en route home from an overnight visit with Mr. and Mrs. Wardl* McAllister In Fresno. Mrs. O. P. Goode and daughter, WASCO Delano. Mr. and ti) — McFARLAND, Feb. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. John Moomaw recently enjoyed a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Ed Richardson of Mrs. Sam Kruger spent Saturday In Porterville. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Holland entertained Sunday for Mrs. Otha Woods. In celebration of their wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Hendry enjoyed an Italian dinner and attended a theater in Bakersfleld Monday evening. Miss Helen Danner returned to her jiomo here Friday after spending several days with friends in Fresno. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Branlger are living on the ranch owned by W. H. Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. Joe McKlvaney of Bakersfield were guests of Mrs. Me- Elvaney's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Branlger, over the week-end. They also called on Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Parker Sunday. Mrs. J. Frank Edmonson returned Tuesday to her home at Carruthers after spending several days as a guest of Mr. and Mrs. U. C. Allen. Mr. Edmonson and their three children were also guests of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Harry Wheeler ' and children and Mrs. Tod Garrett spent Tuesday afternoon in Bakersfleld. WASCO, Feb. 2.—Week-end guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fraser wero Mrs. Johnson Hughes of Santa Monica and Mr. nnd Mrs. Frederick Galen of Los Angeles. Johnson Hughes, who has been visiting with his sister, Mrs. Mark Kraser, for the past three weeks, returned to his home In Santa Monica with them on Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. George Summervtlle entertained Mr. and Mrs. C. Chandler of Fresno, parents of Mrs. Summer- vllle, over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Everetto Crush spent Sunday at Morro Bay, bringing bock Mr. Jansen, grandfather of Mr. Crush, who has been visiting In the coast cities. Miss Dorothy Grubb spent the weekend as guest of Miss Mary Prunty of Lost Hills. Jofin Kloeppel has rented the ranch owned by Mrs. F. Sldllnger. Mrs. Std i»il D* W. I • VrUUUO iHH-L UILU£11 LCI | Margaret, and son, Loren, returned Monday from a few days' visit In Ventura with the former's mother, Mrs. S. A. Harris. * Lee Sparks Is at home with an attack of the flu. linger will continue to live on place.' tho H. Halt of Phoenix, Ariz., has leased what Is known ns the K. B. Moore place. This ranch contains 1!IO acres and will be planted to potatoes and cotton, except the 35 acres that are planted to vineyard. Dave Mendrln, who formerly had the Moore ranch leased, has rented CO acres for cotton at Pond. Mothers, Mix This At Home for a Bad Cough SoEaay! NoCooktac! NORRIS Firemen know that Ungnentlae stops agonizing pain and helps heal without ugly scars. Ask your druggist for the red-and-yellow tube, SOc. ' NOHRIS, Feb. 2.—Miss Tyawrenoe Moore and Miss Dorothy Hlemforth were recent guests In the Norrla dln- triot. Qlen Preston was a ftuest of Louise Etchechurry Sunday afternoon. Pupils of tho Norrls School who nt- tended the high school play Friday afternoon were: Odette Da^•ln, Mary Louise Robinson, Jerry Berry, Virginia, ISva, Eiirl and Roger Snow. Julia Mendlburu IB seriously 111 at Mercy HoHpltal. Miss Hallle Parrish has returned to school after a business trip to Chlco. Mrs. IjOtha Green substituted at the school. The Norrla Fleet FlnRpr 4-TT Club met Saturday at tho home of Mr«. R. J. Snow. The girls were divided Into croups and each group entertains at a social meeting. Tho girls talked of building a fish pond at the school for their community Improvement. Each girl wrote a message to Julia Mendlburu, who Is 111 at a. hospital. Some of tho girls cut out dresses. Chocolate and cake were served. Thoso present were: Odette Davln, Mary Ix>ulKe Robinson, Marcellna and Eulalla Yrlbarcn 'and Virginia and Evu Snow. You'll be pleasantly surprised -when you make up this simple home mixture and try it (or a distressing cough. It's no trouble to mix, and costs but a trifle, yet it can be depended upon to (ire quick and lasting relief. Make a syrup by stirring 2 cups of granulated sugar aud one cup of water for a few moments until dissolved. No cooking needed. Get 2V 3 ounces of Pinex from anr druggist, put it into a pint bottle, and fill up with your sugar HJTUP. The pint thus made costs no more than a small bottle of readr-made medicine, yet it is the most effective) remedy that money can buy. Keep* perfectly and tasti'B fine. This simple remedy Has a remarkable three-fold action. It soothes and heals tbe inflamed membranes, loosens the germ-laden nhlepra, and clears the air passages. Thus it makes breathing easy, an'd lets you get r.-stful sleep. Pinex is a compound of Norway Pine, in concentrated form, famous •• a healing.agent for throat membranes. It is guaranteed to give prompt relief or money refunded, Most Coughs ^ Demand Creomulsion Don't let them get a strangle hold. Fight gejm* quickly. Creomulnon com; bines the 7 best helps kpown to modern science. Powerful but harmless. Pleasant to take. No narcotics. Your druggist will refund your money if any cough or cold no matter how long standing U not relieved by Creomulsion. (adv.) WOODY Holds False Teeth Tight All Day Long Fasteeth, a new Improved powder keeps ph.tea from dropping or slipping. No gummy, pasty fueling. CJIveH real tooth Praised by people Sweetens breath, comfort all day. und dentists everywhere. Avoid worry. Get Fastecth at your drug- glst.—Ad' WOODY, Feb. 2.—Ward Woody and Carl Carver went to Sunger on Wednesday. Mrs. Ci. H. Moore was a Bakersfield visitor Wednesday. Mrs. Ethel Bohua and children of Cummlngs Valley spent the week-end at their home In Woody. Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Olds and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Moore and family of Glennville. Mr. and Mrs. Dell Moore and. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Moore motored to IJeluno Saturday evening to attend the Legion banquet. Ward and Robert Woody have been ill with the flu. Mr. and Mrs! C. F. -Maltby and family have moved to Kernvllle. Mr. Maltby Is one of tho road crew working on the highway there. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Snow wore In Woody Salurdny. , Mrw. Hazel Wwddoll ontortuinod h»r sister. Miss Allco AI wood of Toft, over the week-end. Bakorsfield visitors Tuesday were Mr. and Mrs. F. J, Weringer and «"*. T. M. Nash. THE NEW DEAL OFFERS YOU INTEREST PAYABLE QUARTERLY FOR 20 YEARS Title conveyed by deed. Exempt from' all Uxitlon. Always worth the purchase price. When Sorrow Comes Consult Our Advisory Department Phone 5032 or 340 WE INVITE CRITICISM Bakersfield Memorial Park, Inc. Exclutlve Service— Representative J. K. McAlpine Land and Development Co., Ltd. Main Office—Community Mauioleum i Phone 6032

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