The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 30, 1958 · Page 15
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 15

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1958
Page 15
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DREAM CLOSE* Old Trade Barriers Falling as 6 Countries Start Plan fty DAVID MASON Each of the six'nations will cut PARIS (AP) — Six continental its tariffs against the other 10 per Charles de Gaulle pushed through Parliament decrees to implement the first measures Jan. 1. nations turn* over a new leaf cent. Thursday, bringing closer to Each of the sis will open its! Last-Minnie Changes reality the dream of a United | frontiers to an over-all 20 per cent j Last-minute monetary adjust- Europe. [more goods from the other five.jments were ordered during the As the new year dawns. cen-|This is technically known as in-1 Christmas holidays. These includ- turies * old trade barriers will begin to fall away. The European creasing import quotas. ed a new devaluation of the franc. Tliis is just a small start on! making it worth less in terms of Economic Community, or Com-j the way toward completely free! foreign currencies. This was an inon Market, will gradually come trade—as free as exists among J artificial means of bringing down ; the 49 United States. The final j French prices so they could com' goal is to be achieved over a into being. With the six western European nations "disarming" their trade i transition period of 12 to 15 years, with one another, farmers of the Common Market treaty look In "Little Europe These drastic liberalization pete in the Common Market. The Common Market also presents a new challenge for America. "Little Europe" will make ahead to higher living standards j measures will be applied only• more of her own cars, refrigera- for their 168 million people. But,within "Little Europe." There;tors, washing machines and other rqually important, they feel that ' still will be a barrier between the i manufactured goods. To get into Western Europe will no longer be i six-nation area and the outside i this market, U.S. industry has al- cauldron of war. Signed 2 Years Ago stons go Day. into effect New and Luxembourg. Its first provi-| Belgium, wealthy in minerals and materials. to full functioning of the Common Market is France. Only a few days ago, Gen. Basically, this is what will happen: Year's other raw The key world. j ready begun to establish factories The Common Market treaty 1 within the market area. There is The Common Market Pact was provisions will also extend to the' expected to be a broader field for signed nearly two years ago in j vast overseas areas belonging to i U.S. investment, raw materials Rome by France, West Germany j the six. They include the huge and capital goods. Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands \ African territories of France and As the six nations join in their customs union, a storm is gathering outside. The other nations of Western Europe fear they will be frozen out. Britain is leading the push for wider, more loosely regulated free trade area, including the six Common Market nations and their 11 neighbors. But France is bitterly fighting the free trade area, claiming she cannot stand broader trade liberalization. The Six and the Eleven will confront each other Jan. 15 in Paris in a new effort to make peace. Should they fail to reach accord soon, a trade war appears inevitable. V. F. W. Post No. 1216 MEMBERS If you art net paid up for 1959 as yet ... DROP EN AT THE CLUBROOMS NOW AND HELP US MAINTAIN THE TOP IN MINNESOTA. A gala party at th* Club en New Year's Eve, every Saturday night, and evenings before a holiday with one of Austin's best small bands for your dancing pleasure. Don't Get CougKt Short ... Pay Your Dues Today! REFRESHMENTS NEW YEAR'S DAY 10:00 to 12:00 STATE Tonite & New Year's Eve. 20c - 45e - 60c A NEW ADVENTURE INTO TERROR! MTII SUNKI MUNCH MKHAK CUIHMO • OAYMN • MATTHIW! • OWYNN ttrm«i * iwMr UMtra. mtic* * imam mm OimM tj TOOK mm. * wuMtt Ian rwouenoK JOHN MACKIE DIES GALLOWAY, Scotland (AP) John Hamilton Mackie, 60, a Conservative member of Parliament since 1931, died Monday. OVERCOME — Robert Schdenherr, a Fort Wayne, Ind., fireman, was overcome by smoke as he helped fight a fire in the business district. He escaped serious injury by coming down from high ladder when he felt ill. District Fire Chief Frank Talarico (upper right) administers oxygen before the fireman was rushed to hospital Where he was found to be in shock. (NEA Telephoto). Will-Power, Love Keep Sheba Guiding Master COMING NEW YEAR'S DAY SPARKLING COMEDY "RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE" CONTINUOUS SHOWS THURSDAY AT 3 - 5 - 7 & 9 U, Favoritt of r the College Set Coming ; SUN., JAN. 4 ,5 Adm. , $1.80 p«r p«non tax incl. I* (Checking lOc) iis TODAY * JERRY LEWIS in "GEISHA BOY" SNOWS WEDNESDAY AT 7 - 9:15 and 11:45 P.M. MARTHA HYER-ARTHUR KENNEDY NANCY 6ATES u* DANA DAVE WAS BACK IN TOWN, AND WOMAN-TIOUUE MUST IE CLOSE BEHIND! M-G-M presents A SOL 0. SIEGft Production onm FRANK SINATRA DEAN MARTIN SHIRLEY MacLAINE METROCOLOR CINEMASCOPE | A AUSTIN (Minn.I HEftALD IV tulldoy, Ott. 30, t»58 Old Solar Relic Is Identified in Greek Museum WASHINGTON (AP,) —A J.OOfr year-old working model of the solar system has just been identified in a Greek museum, "Finding a thing like this Is like finding a jet plane in the tomb of King Tut," reported Cr, Derek rf, Price of Cambridge, England, and the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, ( N.J. It seems to 'exhibit a stage of technological development per haps more advanced than that of Europe in the 18th century, he told a history of science meeting in connection with the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science. The curious did relic was brought up from the depths of the Mediterranean by sponge fisher men on Easter Day, 1900. But it remained an object of curiosity in the Greek National Museum in Athens until it was identified this year by Dr. Price. It is a highly precise median! cal model of the earth, sun, moon and planets, fashioned by some un known 'craftsman about 65 B.C.— give or take 10 years. It includes an intricate and precise set of gears, made to be turned by means of a small crank, keeping every heavenly body in proper position. It is now too delicate to touch, Dr. Price said—for pieces continually break off. But looking care LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sheba dies a little bit every day. And a piece of Ray Myers* heart goes with her. They're buddies, you know. Close as only a blind man and his dog can be. For three weeks the gray German shepherd has lived on will power and love. She goes right on working, guiding her master through the city hubbub. In Agony The scores of people who scurry past them at the little sidewalk stand where Myers sells novelties little know she's in agony from the cancer eating her intestines and throat. "She should have been put to sleep three weeks ago," sayd Morris Kaufman, a cafe owner, and a friend of the blind man. "The vet is trying to keep her alive until Ray gets a new dog." Sheba's not old. Ray trained her himself when he bought her for a NEW YEARS EVE At 7:15 and 9:15 P. M. THE FIRf T GREAT— SPECTACLE OF THE JETj AGI dollar 2 years ago when she was young. He won't be training his new dog. Professionals will do that. On Jan. 10 he starts two or three weeks of schooling with the dog which will become his new eyes. This was one of the things arranged by Kaufman. Patrons Chip !n Kaufman also got a new room for Ray when he was evicted because of Sheba. And patrons of the cafe and employes of a large store nearby chipped in on expenses for the new dog and it's training. Sheba scarcely touches her food now. Each day she gets more gaunt and finds it harder to get to her feet. She gets pills three times a day, for the pain. She'll go to her well-earned rest just before the new dog enters her master's life, if she lives that long. For Ray it's a sad New Year's. But there's a silver lining. Even though he can't see them, friends have come out of nowhere to surround him with warmth. ROBERT ROBERT MITCHUM-MNER RICHARD MAY EG AN-BRUT IE! PHILIPS TAKING A BREAK — Ernesto (Che) Guevara, Argentine-born right-hand man of. Fidel Castro, relaxes after leading Rebel troops in the capture of Fomento, Cuba, in Las Villas Province. (NEATelephoto). 1903 DISASTER Terror Hits Chicago as Blaze Kills 600 fully, you can make out the sparp history. CHICAGO (AP) - Fifty-five years ago today Chicago and the nation were stunned by one of the worst fire tragedies in modern teeth of the gears and the wheels. Whoever made it must have pounded bronze or brass until it was quite thin. Then the individual gears were fashioned. Dr. Price is working on a recreated model of the original, which remained behind in Greece. U.S. Denies West Berlin Force Boosted More than 600 persons, 212 of them children, perished when the new Iroquois Theater burned during a matinee performance Dec. 30, 1903. The Iroquois, on Randolph street just west of State in downtown Chicago, had opened only 38 days before the fire and was billed as "absolutely fireproof." But much l ot the fireproofing had not been i completed in the rush to. open. j Standing Room Only { There was a standing room only i crowd in the theater to watch the extravagana "Mr. Bluebeard," starring the late Eddie Foy. About 1,700 patrons were seated and an other 200 were standing. The fire last only 15 minutes. But hundreds of men, women BERLIN (AP)-The U.S. Army i today denied that delivery of six ' armored personnel carriers to its I West Berlin garrison meant the " u ' »«•«««• U \." K I garrison had been specially rein-i andtchlldr , e " wer «L taUed b * f " mes iforced because of the Communist i or tram P led ln the stampede to : threat to the city. eS °u Pe 't., , , ' An Army spokesman said the Th « bl f e ustarted d ™ the 12-man carriers were standard (second act when a stnp of gauze equipment for the two American Foy made a heroic effort to calm the audience. He dashed from the wing, partly costumed in tights and with his face half made up. Charlie Chaplin Pays Taxes To Uncle Sam LOS ANGELES (AP) - Chat-lit Chaplin hag nettled § $700,000 United States income tax claim fot fft6,000. His attorney* handed • check covering the Settlement to Internal Revenue Service officials Monday. The check wa« drawn on a Swiu bank, fax officials said, the British- born comedian, now living in Switzerland, owed $642,000 in back taxes for the years 1951 through 1953. Interest at 0 per cent raised the amount to $700,000, The case against Chaplin had been set for trial Jan. 8, The principal issue was whether he was entitled to claim status as a nonresident alien not subject to income taxes prior to April 10, 195.1. He moved to Switzerland in the fall of 1952 and surrendered hi* permit to re-enter the United States in April 195S. The revenue service contended he engaged in business la thi» country after giving up the permit. Don Doiley to Get Jury Trial Feb. 5 LOS ANGELES'(AP) - Actor- dancer Dan Dailey, 43, has pleaded innocent to a drunk driving charge and a jury trial is set for Feb. 5. He was arrested Sunday after police said he tussled with them at the scene of a minor traffic accident. On the stage apron the comic joked with the audience, even caught one of the burning brands, and calmed some who had risen to run for their lives. He ordered the orchestra to play, then ordered an asbestos fire curtain lowered. The curtain jammed partway down. Sucks la Flames The panic was on when a door was opened and sucked the pent up gasses and flames over the audience. A fire company was only 200 feet down an alley from the theater and a stagehand ran out and shouted, "The Iroquois is on fire." By that time, most of it was over. LAST TIMES TONIGHT At 7:00 «n4 9:15 P. M. "THE BUCCANEER" No" tanks used by the American Army in World War I were of American make. They all were made in Britain or France. battle groups stationed in West ! Berlin. He said no additional manpower came with the vehicles, which have been delivered during the past two weeks. "There is not a bit of truth in reports that there has been any special reinforcement of the garrison," the spokesman declared. 'on the curtain brushed against an arc light 12 feet above the floor and caught fire. COLOR by OE LUXE OlMB«v*A5cO Admiuion 50c-35c-20c ADAMS& ^HH •**** 'j> .. ( CELEBRATE NEW YEAR'S EVE at the American Legion CLUB ROOMS Snacks and Favors GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE WEDNESDAY, DEC. 31st TOPS IN DANCE MUSIC JULES HERMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA Adm. Advance $2.25 at the Door $2.75 KOftf . . Hats, Horni, Balloons etc. Fun for all. THURSDAY, JAN. 1ST. "ON THE HOUSE PARTY" FREE BEVERAGES ALL EVENING Adm. $1.35 Inc. Tax — Checking lOc Mixed Dancing THE TOM OWENS BAND FRIDAY, JAN. 2nd. BROTHER BURR & THE BURROWS SATURDAY, JAN. 3rd. HENRY CHARLES ORCHESTRA COMING SUNDAY, JANUARY 4th. IN PERSON RICHARD MALTBY AND HIS ORCHESTRA Adm. $1.80 Inc. Tax Per Person — Checking lOc GUS YOUNGS AUSTIN BOWL WILL BE NEW YEAR'S DAY AT 1:00 P. M. OPEN BOWLING EVERY DAY & EVERY NIGHT DURING THE REST OF THIS WEEK GUS YOUNG'S AUSTIN BOWL 204 N. Riv.r Ph. HE 3-4250 New Yeof'i Iv« SKATING Com* To Our SKATE and SOCK HOP New Year's Eve 7:30 p.m. Afternoon Skating Saturday flr Sunday 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Night Skating Wed. . Fri. - Sat. 7:30 p.m. Pat's Roller Rink Hlwoy 218 N. After Your New Year's Eve Party, Stop arthe OAK GRILL ^««>«i*«^HO_a««B^^_« OPEN NEW YEAR'S MORNING Until All Our Customer* Have Been Served STOP IN FOR A SNACK OAK GRILL 402 W. Oakland HE 7-4135 ARAMOUMT Storting New Year's Eve PERFORMANCES AT 7:15-9:15.11:15 P. M. ALL ADULTS ON THESI SPECIAL SHOWS .90* Start The New Year With BEWITCHING Ce/e&rate AHEAD . Mom and Dad' piSNEy . / CARTOONS; ADULTS and JUNIORS REGULAR PRICES COMEDY ABOUT AN EHGHANTINft JAMES STEMT BEU.BOOH JACK, LEMMON ERNIE KOWCS TECHNICOLOR* 5 SHOWS HEW YEAR'S DAY t -.00-3-.00-5:00-7 -.00.9:00 AT REGULAR

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