The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1931
Page 6
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>->AGli SIX nt,VTKKviUi. First Pictures of Demspey at Reno American Tennis Youths Face Rocky Road iu Duel With French Aces. •', BY CI.AIHK IHJRCKY . NEA Sprvtco Sports Writer For Frank X. Shields and Sidney B.; Wood, Jr., the tennis road leads to Paris for the Davis Cup challenge round with the French champions, July 24, 25 and 20. Perhaps it is just ay well tint William Talem Tilden III will Mad i . .no more tennis crusades against i France. The way is leng. with no] short cuts, and Is neither straight , nor down hill. It is not ovjn level, but winds upgrade, with dangerous curves appearing al intervals of approximately two weeks. Thus It seems best thai the responsibility of the 1031 crusade rests on younger shoulders The combined tig's of Shields and Wcod is only one mo'o summer than Tlden's. They will be able .to negotiate the turns at greater speed than old Bill. The youthful pair—Shields Is 50; Wood is 19—strikes the first obstacle next month. It Is Mexico and.' A from all indications, the youths! [, ni | others, pusht to take this corner at most [ /1 | X)V( , Brc river. lot of guys have been Ilsli for J.ick Dcinps: but the cx-chainpifin apparently the fli.'-l pictures taken of Dompsey near Rfim, Nov.. where Jack admits lie CnrpeiUler, Slmrkey hook. Including Wlllard, doesn't get. over so well wllh the real game Ash. on a (rout fishing excursion in the waters of Truckcc hus gone to have Ills marriage contract lifted. De'inp ! - sey's companion and guide on the trip was Mitkey Singer, Reno fisherman. Ixilt and o'.liers. Vines folded up In stial^hl sets under this very try- I In? clmng'j of puce. Wood's |h!.> work rk did not end w!!h the yenbrltilit chnmploiishlps. however. He trounced Gror« -Lot'. at Southampton and followed this with a victory over Shields after that young man Im-l milled Tildcn. Coin:; Into II-.? finals nt Soiilhnmp- ten, Wood comlmirtl his deliberate, | easy-uoini: gnme to win the cham- ftotn Allison. SIDNEY B. WOOD, Jit. any speed. They a:so are expected to swing around Canada without difficulty two wreks later. Bu'. thereafter the going gets • more treacherous as Argentina and England, probable winners of the South: American and Europe-nil zones, loom up hi the path of Paris. ... • « • Some of our most optimistic fol- -. lowers-of the. court game vision France's' crown as none too sqciirc In the summer challenge round. In the. recent Illness to Rene Lccoste they see a chance to breal: through lor a win! Of course, Henri Coche i and Jean Borolra remain to fight it out, but these optimists figure that the youth and fine tennis of America's youngsers may skid the French veterans oiit of "the championship picture, which is not entirely impossible. -After Shields flopped in the recent indoor championships, he worked his tennis fever up to n high pitch - and blasted Borolra clear ott the courts in the international team matches. The youns VJ APT What t- Mi.'ml (he ball? as STARS Pldil i'c IiUtini; the ciomitl Travelers Though Gain Undisputed ! Cnix Frounced Orleans. Idle Lead as Only two Raines were played in Uie" Southern circuit Tuesday anil wlillc the Little Rock Travelers Idled at Na.slu-iile localise of wet grounds, the Atlanta Crackers im?l'?d (hem inlo the undisputed learjue lend by defeating the New Orleans Pelicans. '1'he Crackers with Hurtdv Hcnrn Dllchiiv,' irrod hall defeated the Hiuls by stamina a five run rally T , , In the eighth innine after hnvin-' Hitting the ground may be a bfcn UHd'scarcless np to that II e care of improper pivoting. Instead ,, v O | nmcl , connasler of " Pels of tinning «t the hi;n. n. player H d n 1)erf( , cl (]nv wi , u ,, •""tS'sssSn^^.n ;!;^r cr " ntlm m " lr ^uxi?. 1 l »rs r t,s| ,' T ^,rCn c ^ s cS<^ HOW THEY STAND Southern Little Rock Birmingham W. L. 5 2 4 2 New Orleans '.... 5 Atlanta -...,-.-... 5 Memphis '.- 4 Chattanooga :'. 3 Nashville 2 Mobile -...;.'.'...:..' l, AnvTlran Ltnsrue W. Washington 5 York Cleveland St. Louis Chicago Philadelphia Detroit Boston National W. THIS lUUSTRATlOU SUDU^O now C.'.'E IS APt ro HIT THE cnauWD i»\ 6AU, klHEl) -THI ;,^ a ~ St. Louis 5 Ixirkouls. The Lookouts got oft| 1)oslon '••• 6 lucky at that as Ihe Chicks scored '* ?lv Vovk s four rims In Ihe ninth before rain Interrupted and reverted the score to th? close of (he eighth Inning. Quite a collection ol fans waited for the rain to stop but when the showers ceased it was too dark lo | finish out UieiroRiilatlon nine inn' hii!. Harry Kcsllcy of llw Chirks i gave but five hits while the Chicks I Qot lo Ragland and Simmons for j ten. 1 Mobile and Birmingham were unable to play at Birmingham due to rain and the same h?ld true for 1 the I'ebs nnd Vols at Nashville. j 1'AVUS. UJt'l—M. Austin de Croz? i famed Parisian gourmet, lias com: pSted a book of H.OOO different re! ciju'S for delicacies in a coikbnok. i He Is an ardent enemy of cock! taih which he contends kill ihe weight on the left leg chirins (h->. '-' K -° back-swlng, instead of shifting it ' over ncainst n sliffpncd rljht ics. • Chick Evnns. amateur champion in 191Q and 1920. savs. "A p'.njvr. In his haste to hit the ball causes' he club to c.ime down inside tlie path it followed in soin? up The • clubhead thiLs hurricti down di;;s nto the ground Just back of the nil. This happens b?can<;e the riu'ht shoulder drops, with Ihe Jressins c:i the club. RITZ THEATER Tupsclny. Wednesday :inil Thursday ra lilcago Piltsburgh Philadelphia 3 Cincinnati 1 Brooklyn L. 1 2 3 4 3 4 4 5 1 6 Pnt .714 .661 .625 .625 .500 .315 .333 -.143 Pit .114 .714 .714 .600 .400 .280 .28G .280 Pet .83 ;i .750 .625 .571 .42!) .429 .167 .14: HOME THEATRE Tuesday- Wednesday Thursday TIFFANY bfe-sents Wliilworlli Fixture In 'Baina Out field All-Grid!i-on FRANK X. SHIELDS inan entered that match determined to "shoot the works' and win In slraight sets or be eliminated In the same man:rr •^Shields occupies No. 2 rankln? pehlnd Johnny Doeg. b!ond Caii- romla southpaw. The difference in their rating is One-only a matler .of two straight games in n five- I set match which sfmn? out m-rr SO I tamet hi the deciding set for the national championship. _ Vincent Richards. wcll-knotiTi tennis professional, declares that Shields' one fault Is nervousness Savs Richards: "When he gets a little older nnrt overcomes that nervousness, he'll be hard for any man to beat." Wood lacks the strength and Physique of Shields, but he is a cool one and master of a soft eame that pesters a hard hitter to dis- .traetlon. He holds No. 4 in the na- no TUSCALOOSA. Ala.-WIU- T'ete Famine, centcrflclder. t"nr.xi:ari:v nyt of (he llnnuo due to a case of Pink eyes. Abbama is rearosenl- "d m Ihe outfield In- a IM per cent Rov Bo-.vl delegation. Freddie Sintfon. aM-Amerlcnn the first Die \;LW pame with "one ol the lonsrt-st hcn-.-rs ever hit In Dcnnv Field. ^Doiherow is iakint; rifmlnj's Pisce and is unusually fast for a fig man. He is counted or. heavily tor a win<> noslUcn r.ext fall Ears Whitworth is a fixture in rlRlitflcld. "Ears" will be long r.- membercd for his otacemcnt kick in the Cou?ar title New Year's Day. Whitworth is hlttlne near the •400 mark. Whltwcrlh liails from Blyllievilio, Ark. PARIS. (UPt_An OBfra wri|tcn viCTon. MelAGLEH MAR.IENE DIETRICH . O Qtiramotint gtclure ATsb Comedy & News Ailin.—Matinee—10 & .'iOc Night—15 and 40c. Money Morals Marriage Ulm Modern Drirni of Wivij] Who Get the LuxuricijTbeirJ Husbands Can't" AfforclA Livish, RavuKing] Fishion Display; .ALLSTAlTCAST) June Coll^ )^Ltoy3] Hughes : Owen Moore; Dorothy Christy' DirttttJ ' LOSE; WEES Craves Beat McGrawmen ?ncl Dodgers Stumble; Macks Bow lo Pennock. JVKUNE31)AV, /.iVkIL-22, 1031 Play Their is The St. Louis Caidlnals retained 10 National league lead though allied out yesterday white the Boson Braves defeated tlie Giants press close on th?lr heels. In. he American loop all three leaders, lie Nats, Indians and Yankees ,enl pace by turning In victories, i Ed Brandt, portslder, held the icavy huilnt Giants lo five bin-' :les and ll-o Boston Braves waltzed I n ahead by a 5 to 1 count. The I haves jumped on the offerings of j Me Dunohue to ixnind out their ictoty. • I The Brooklyn Dodgers received mother setback yesterday at the lands of their ex-team mate Jum- ! m Jim Elliott. The Robins fjot jut nine scattered hits and lost 7 o 3 while tlic Phillies hopped on lemlneli nnd Oallivan. Hennan and \rlett hit homers. | Hrrb I'cnnock, Ihe foxy old lefl- riclc'.;r, held Ihe Macks to seven' ills yesterday and the Yankees icat the world champions, 12 to 1. j Hie A's used three pitchers. The Yankees scored eight runs In the second inning. Cooke and Lnry of be Yanks contributed home runs, j The Washington Senators got' cvcine for a walloping by the Red Sox when they turned the tables iy n 12 to 3 score yesterday. Fred ' Marbcrry, the big relief liurler,' started (or Washington nnd went lie routo In fine shape. - The Braves used four pitchers.,Vi-> i I Wcs Fen-ell relieved Brown' for . the Indians and got credit for his :nd victory when his mates cop- GAMES TODAY Southern Ltajue Memphis at Chattanooga. Little Roclc at Nashville. Mobile at Birmingham. New; Orleans at Atlanta. American I^aeuc Cleveland at Chicago, at. Louis at Detroit. Washington at Philadelphia New York at Boston. ricntas Sunday afternoon, I 2Gth. Tlie vls'tors have SDl i ',->jm which they feel are , of ha:idliii!! Ihe Buffs. There 1 HO doubt of Ihe fact thai they t have a real boseaall team, but -— i when BY J. Al.LKN KKVKS \ fan MONETTE, Ark. — The Monelie' ; . ie al baseball game. The approaching gamo Is draw- in-; quite n lot of Interest in Monett? onil the fsns are anxiously walling Ihe time for-lte gong to round to start the battle. A larger crowd than ever has been in Monette to witness any sport is expected lo 1)0 |)rcsent at this grand iinenlnj. The management of (he liuffiilois assures the fans that they will not be disappointed in ll'eli- ex'vclatiom of this game. Every cffcrt possible is being put. nuffaloes have at last t'.?cl<!ed to imcork the tnsc-ball season in Monelte it) a fast game with Pot-a- ped 5 to 4 over the r/elvoll Tigers. The game was a pitchers' bntilc bc- j Uveen Sorrell and Hei-rinn of the Tigers and the tv.'o Clevelund Pitchers. 'Hie Tigers rallied In HIP ninth to score four nm.s befure Forrell went In and stopped them. Cleveland's winning run came in the last hall of the ninth. April ( forth In pre|)arat!ons to make (his " a. rm (!?.me a huee success, it h true thai Monctt.-! is a small town and cannot afford the conveniences that towns much larger than this do have, but the managers of tli" they handle the Buffs the herd of Buffaloes will do their best s will say that ttey have seen to mate every fan that comes to -Moneltc to witness this game fee! comforable and provide such cn- lertainment thai the fe.ns will be well pleased witii their short visit to ihe c.ipltcl city of Buffa'o island. Tlie batteries (or Monette will [>; Markin and Witcher. Marlkn worked in a few games for the Buffs la'st year and did Ills work w?ll. Witcher Is an old head catcher and is a>i asset lo any amateur ball club. Pitrtcn and Smith form for the 1'ocahmitas club. 1:tr - National League Bcston at Brooklyn. Philadelphia at New York. Chicago at Pittsburgh. Cincinnati-'at St. Louis. We Are Now Prepared to Give You ICE SERVICE At the Old Webb Plant on Highway 61 Arkansas - Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service" THE Also Comedy &, Travel T.-ilk Atlrn.—Matinee and Xi k '),i 10 and 25c. me Knock-out io ^ *. ^ il-failu re) I — J BE SQUARE MOTOR OIL BARNSDALL ' Jke Worlds first refiner NSURING unt. form lubrication under all operating temperatures both summer and winter, BE SQUARE Motor Oils arc Stabilized by the most modern refining practices, with processes developed by Barnsdall and under the personal supervision of men who represent all fields of scientific knowledge and are specialists in the manufacture and development of lubricating oils. Made of the very choicest of carefully selected paraffin base crudes, free from wax and purified to the fullest extent. Drive in wherever you see the Blue BE SQUARE, trade mark of 71 years progress—from the World's First Refiner)', to give the motorist better lubricants and more eco- ,nomical operation of his motor car.

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