Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 20, 1948 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1948
Page 4
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14 July 19, 1949 ••••» City GI«b«-G»ieU«, M»*n Cllr, tf. Midwest Livestock (MONDAY'S Albert Lea, Minn. 25c higher Trend Good Butchers— 140-150 Ibs 150-160 Ibs $25.25 160-170 Ibs $2625 170-180 Ibs $27.25 180-190 Jbs 190-200 Ibs 180-200 Jbs. ., $28.50 200-220 Ibs $2850 220-240 Ibs $28.50 240-270 Ibs $2725 270-300 Ibs $26.00 300-330 Ibs $24.50 srjo-seo ibs $23.50 Good Packing Sows— 270-300 Ibs , $23.35 300-330 Ibs $2325 330-360 Ibs $2300 360-400 Ibs $22.75 400-450 Ibs $21.25 450-500 Ibs $20.25 500-550 Ibs $19.25 PRICES) Austin. Minn. Steady $20.00 $22.90 $23.90 $26.50 $28.00 $28.50 $28.50 $28.50 $27.25 $26.25 $24.50 $23.50 $23.25 $23.25 $23.00 $22.25 $21.25 $20.25 $20.25 Waterloo 25c to 50c higher $25.25 $26.75 $23.25 $28.50 $28.50 $27.50 $26.25 $24.75 $23.75 $23.25 $23.25 $23.00 $22.00 $21.00 $21.00 $20.25 Cedar Rapids 25c higher $28.00 $28.25 $28.25 $27.00 $25.50 $24.25 $23.00 $23.25 $23.25 $22.75 $21.50 $20.50 S19.50 $18.75 Hogs Steady to Higher Chicago, (#>)—Hogs were steady to 25 cents higher Monday, but cattle were steady to 50 cents lower, vealers weak to $1 less and sheep steady to $1 off. (U. S. D. A.) Salable hogs 8,000, total 9,000; moderaly active, uneven, and steady to 25 cents higher on all weights butchers and sows; bulk good and choice 170 to 240 Ib. $29@29.50; top $29.75 sparingly; 250 to 270 Ib. 527.75@28.75; 280 to 300 Ib. ?26.75@27.50; 325 to 350 Ib. $24@25.50; severa.1 loads butchers 400 to 450 Ib. $22@22.75; good and choice sows under 350 Ib. $23024.75; 375 to 400 Ib. $21(222.50: 425 to 450 3b. $20@21; heavier weights down to around $18.50 for 550 Ib. averages; good clearance. Salable cattle 11,000, total 11,300; salable calves 70D; total 700; fed steers and heifers steady to 50 cents lower; cows 25 to 50 cents ott; bulls iully steady; veal- ers weak to $1 lower; stock cattle weak; choice 1,100 Ip. steers topped at $40; 900 Ib. choice heifers $38.50; most good and choice steers and yearlings $38® 39.50; comparable heifers $34@3S; cutter cows $18 down; common and medium beef cows $19(gi23; heavy sausage bulls to $26.50; vealers $31 down; medium to choice stock cattle $24.50@31. Salable sheep 1,500, total 1,500; uneven; spring lambs steady to $1 lower; yearlings 50 cents lower; ewes weak' most good and choice spring lambs $30{?30.50; few at S31; common springers around $23©24; 2 loads good to choice 00 Ib. yearlings with No. 1 pells $26; native slaughter ewes $11.50 down. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK KECEIPTS (Monday's Market) Chicago, (iP) —(U. S. D. A.)—Estimated salable livestock receipts for Tuesday: 9,000 hogs, 6,000 cattle and 1,500 sheep. Local Livestock noes MASON CITY—For Monday Steady to 50 cents higher. Good light lights 160-170526.50 Good light lights 170-180 527.50 Good med. weights 180-200 $28.50 Good med. weights 220-240 S28.SO Good med. weights 220-240 $28.50 Good med. weights 240-270 $27.50 Good med. weights 270-300 526.25 Good med. weights 300-330 $24.75 Good med. weights 330-360 $23.50 Good sows 270-300523.25 Good sows 300-330 523.25 Good sows 330-360 $23.25 Good sows 360-400522.00 Good sows 400-450 $20.50 Good sows 450-500520.50 Good sows 500 and up 519.50 No hogs received after 5 p. m. Jacob E. Decker & Sons CATTLE MASON CITY—For Monday Good steers and heirers 533.00-36.00 Good to choice steers and heifers S31.00-33.00 Good steers and heifers 530.00-31.00 Medium steers and heifers ... $27.00-29.00 Fair steers and heifers $21.00-23.50 Plain steers and heifers 519.00-21.00 Choice cows $21.00-23.00 Good cows $20.00-22.00 Medium cows S19.SO-22.50 Fair cows $17.00-18.50 Good bulls S21.00-23.00 Medium bulls 520.00-22.00 Bologna bulls $18.00-21.00 Canners and cutters 514.50-17.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Monday Choice $23.00 Good S26.00 Medium S21.00 Common $18.00 Cuils $14.00 CLIPPED LAMBS MASON CITY—For Monday Good to choice $22.50-23.50 Medium 519.50-20.50 Common $15,00*16.00 Culls 12.50 GENUINE SPRING LAMBS Good to choice J29.00 EWES Good to choice S 7.50- 3.50 Medium $ 6.50- 7.50 Common and culls $ 5.00- 6.00 Corn Weak on Trade Board Chicago, (/P) —Oats broke sharply on the board of trade Monday as the country unloaded heavy- supplies from the new crop. Corn was weak, but losses in wheat were not very large. Toward the close wheat rallied. All oats contracts with the exception of December sank to new seasonal lows as heavy selling swept that pit. At one time the July delivery was down 6 cents, the daily limit for this grain. Prices plunged even further in the cash market, where there are no daily limits. Offerings of cash oats on a to- arrive basis from the country expanded to around 200,000 bushels. Much of this was believed to be new crop grain. Reports from Iowa said farmers were combining oats over a wide area with yields large. At one time all wheat contracts with the exception of December sank below the government loan of ?2.29 a bushel for No. 1 hard cash wheat here. Wheat was disturbed by weakness of other markets, including securities and cotton as well as other grains. Trading was active at times, particularly when corn and oats were tumbling. Wheat closed J lower to 1 cent higher, July $2.25i-|, corn was 2^ lower to J higher, July $2.10J-i, oats were lj-4g lower, July 82J-j|, rye was 1£ lower, December $1.87^ and soybeans were 3 to 4 cents lower, July $3.75. CHICAGO GRAIN CLOSE (Monday's Market) Chicago, (iTi — WHEAT— High July 2.25'i Low 2.24 2.27 2.2!Pi, 2.2G',:, Sept. 2.28V« Dec 2.30'i May 2.28'i CORN— July 2.11 2.07 Sept 1.77 ".'a 1.75} Dec 1.59'k 1.57'. May 1.G1V* OATS— July 86 Sept 79 3 i Dec 81 May 8i?u RYE— Dec 1.87-U May 1.87** SOYBEANS— Close 2.25 V.i 2.28 2.30>/3 2. 28 = 8 2.10"* 1.77V. July ... Nov. ... LARD— July ... Sept. ... Oct Nov. ... Dec. .. . 3.BO ... 2.98 ...22.00 ...22.42 ...22.52 .. .22.;15 .. .23.52 Jan 23.50 .80 *,', .75 .77 .77 'i 1.87 1.87?* 3.73 2.93 21.25 21.75 21.75 21.75 22.70 22.85 .821-1 .77-% .79 'i .80 = 8 1.87 1.87 •''I 3.75 2.93 21.R2 21.95 22.15 22.00 23.10 23.07 Rally Steadies Stock Market New York, (ff) —A last-minute rally steadied the stoek market Monday after heavy selling had pounded leading issues down 1 to 12 points. It was the 3rd successive day that the market has had to contend with a full-scale selling drive. Worst losses were trimmed 1 to 4 points in numerous cases but the price break was still the most severe in around a couple of years. Volume approached the 3,000,000-share mark, which has not been equalled since nearly 4,000,000 shares changed hands in mid- May. Wall street blamed the news of Berlin as the ma.ior factor behind the rapid-fire selling. Produce (Quotation by E. G. Morse) MASON CITY—For Monday Eggs, No. 1 44c Eggs, undergrades 33c Eggs, nest run 37c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. up 27c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. up ... 22c Light hens • 18c Springs, heavy breeds ....... 37c Springs, Leghorns 33c Old cocks, heavy breeds .... 15c Leghorn cocks 12c Eggs, at retail 43-53c Butter, Iowa State Brand . 87-89c Butter, Corn Country 86-88c SOUTH ST PAUL LIVESTOCK (Monday'x Market) * South St. 1'aul, (U.B—(U. S. D. A.)— Livestock: Cattle 6,100. Largely cow run, approximately 70 per cent that class, slaughter •tccrs and heifers making up about 1C per cent with balance repiacemcnl classes. Slaughter trade tilow. Early (ales slaughter steers, heifers weak to 35 cents lower. Load good 050 Ib. mixed yearlings $57, small package choice •leers $38. Early sales cows unevenly itcacly to 50 cents lower, few good cows $23(fr25.50; common-medium $lflr<i22.50 cnnners-cuttcrs $15.SOr<itlR.r>0. Bulls wfrnk lo 50 cents lower; medium, good bulls (33025.50; cutler - common $20@22,50 utockers not established. Mason City Grain (Quotations Farmers' Elevator) At 10 a. m. Monday No. 2 oats, 32 Ibs., 5 day 71c . 2 yellow corn, 5 day . . . $1.93 Soybeans, No. 2, subject to quotations. Soybeans. Nov $2.76 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN' (Monday's" Market) Chicago, (/Pj—Wheat: No. 2 red $2.27: No. 2 red tough ^2.19'/2; No. 3 red S2.2G : !i; No. 4 red S2.2-5'/i; No. 2 hard $2.2G?i(fi.2.27 \'i; No. 1 yellow hard $2.26^; No. 3 yellow hard tough $2.mi; No. 1 mixed tough $2.20; No. 2 mixed tough $2.24. Corn: No. 1 yellow 32.16^177.2.18; No. 2, $2.18'/ 2 ; No. 3, S2.1G'/i; No. 4. $2.13',i. pats: No. 1 heavy mixed 88Vic; No. 1 mixed 85c; No. 3 heavy mixed SBV'-tc: No. 1 heavy white 90!'iif£9iy.ic; No. 1 white BTT.ityDO'.-ic; No. 2 heavy white SO'Ac. Barley nominal: Malting $1.60(31.95; feed S1.20di'1.5S. Soybeans: No. 1 yellow $3.75 track Chicago. New York Stocks Am. Tel. & Tel. 1531. Anaconda Cop. 35i. Bendix Aviat. 32g. ' Beth. Steel 35J. Boeing Airplane 25J. Chrysler Corp. 60i. Gen. Elec. 38 Gen. Motors 59J. Illinois Central 37|. Int. Harvester 31. Mongom. Ward 55 N. Y. Central R. R. 16. Radio Corp. J2J. Sears Roebuck 37J. Stand. Oil Ind. 47. Stand. Oil N. J. 80J. Texas Co. 58J. U. S. Steel 771. Game of Childhood Turns to Reality Swea City—When Joe Fretty, Jr., as a small boy played the game called "Going to Jerusalem," little did he dream of doing just that same thing. He is now stationed in Jerusalem with the civil service, according to reports received from his mother, Mrs. Ronald Evenson, Elgin, 111. Joe, who is a grandson of former Swea Cityans, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Nelson, was in South America with a Minneapolis friend until recently, when the 2 were ordered to Palestine. He talked to his mother by telephone before leaving. Now, judging from international news releases, he is in the thick of the Jewish-Arab fighting raging in the Holy City. His mother will be remembered here as Gladys Nelson. Joe's work in Jerusalem, as nearly as she can ascertain, has to do with the mail service. Bassett Man Named Swimming Supervisor at Teachers College Bassett—Bob Schlader of' Bassett has been named a supervisor in swimming in the summer intramural program at Iowa State Teachers college at Cedar Falls. A senior in physical education at Teachers college, Bob, is one of 2 students who share the duties of running the swimming program. These duties are part of the class work in the supervision of athletics course taught by Art Dickinson, Iowa State Teachers college track coach. Money to Loon LOANS BORROW 'Money in Minutes' On your SALARY' CAR FURNITURE FARM EQUIPMENT REPAY IN 20 MONTHS OR LESS See, Call or Write E. A. SPAHN, Manager Telephone 516 19Vi N. Federal Avenue Federal Discount Corporation FOR SALE (Sacrifice) CLEAN CAFE IN PLYMOUTH, IOWA Tirst six months net this year was $2,200. Building, large lot and fixtures, all for $3,250. LELAND MIKKELSEN F. H. A. LOANS for house repairs at the United Home Bank & Trust Co. PAID IN FULL Wouldn't it be a wonderful feeling to have all of your next m o n t h's statements show this stamp . . . "Paid in Full" Whether you need $50, $100, $200 or more, we have a plan to suit your income. Loans on just your signature, car, furniture, farm equipment or other collateral. Phone, write or come in! UNITED Financial Service "Family Finance Counsellors" Serving North lowans Since 1927 Finishes Course in Industrial College Greene — Capt. Malcolm M. Cloukey, USN, of Greene, has been graduated from the'industrial college of the armed forces at Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D. C. The industrial college ol the armed forces is a joint armed forces school on the highest level of military educational system. It prepares senior army, navy and air force officers for important command, staff and planning assignments in the national military establishment. Ten-month courses of study are conducted each year in all phases of the national economy, the relation of economic,factors to political, military, ana psychological factors, and joint logistic planning and its relationship to joint strategic planning and national political planning. 15'/a North Federal Phone 67 Over Ford Hopkins Drug Store APPLY BY'MAIL FOR THE EXTRA CASH YOU NEED $25 to $300 Employed men and women, single or married, can borrow from us on signature alone or security such as furniture or car Convenient monthly payments. One-day service. Mail your application TODAY need $ Name ....'... Address . .. . D hone Imployed by How long. ...... Salary $. ' have credit at NEW YORK VKOIJVCE (Monday's Market) New Tork, (iV) —Butter receipts (2 daysl 515.033. Easy. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons: Creamery, higher than .92 score and premium marks AA 81'nB2c; 92 score A 18'-<*(<i ,7'Jc; BO score D 7.We; 89 score C 74 lie. ^New tubs usually command \ b cent a pound over the bulk carton price I. Cheese receipts 499.020. Steady. Wholesale sales, fresli American ciicese (whole milk) Cheddars 52<f<52",ac: Cheddars (grass 19471 57<fi'59c; Cheddars grass 1947) shelf cured 58(r;Glc; single Daisies 52V 3 «>56!ic; single Daisies (grass 1947) 5Bl;(ilc: single Daisies (grass 1347) shelf cured GO'ii! G2c; flat 54 : U'ii55Vic; flats (grass 1947) shelf cured 61diG3c; Midgets S(i«fi.5Rc; Midgets (grass 1947) 62foG3c: Midgets shelf cured G2f(iG5c; Processed, 5 Ibs.. 52'a(Vi54 ! ,ic: Domestic Swiss (single tubs/ best G3{;85c, others 53<<tG2c. Eggs receipts 17,958. Irregular. New York spot quotations follow: Midwestern, mixed colors: Fancy heavyweights 53'/'a?i5Sc; extra, No. 1 large HOffi'sic; extra, No. 2 large 47if<.4Bc: extra. No. 1 medium 47(i;.48'ic: standard. No. 1 45» 45!' 2 c; dirties SO'.lic; checks 36'.^c. Deoth Notj-ces 1 KUNTZ. John, 64, died at a local hospital at 7:30 p. m. Saturday, following an illness of about 2 weeks. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. The Meyer funeral home in charge. WENTWORTH, SM/lc Dale Edward, 2317 N. Federal, died in the service of his country, May 12, 1944, in the South Pacific near New Guinea. Services will be held at the chapel of the Me An ley and Son funeral home at 4 p. m. Tuesday, with the Rev. F. W. Wcndland, pastor of Grace Evangelical church, officiating. Burial will be at Memorial Park cemetery. The McAuley and Son funeral home in charge. CHICAGO rOTATOF.S (Monday's Market) Chicago, (/!>)—(U. S. D. A.)—Potatoes: Arrivals 373, on trTick 484; total U. S. shipments Friday 482. Saturday 385, and Sunday 58; supplies liberal; demand fair; market firm on good quality. Arizona Bliss Triumphs $5. California Bliss Triumphs $5, long whites $4.10<fi)4.50. Idaho Bliss Triumphs $3.80(^X90. Kansas Cobblers $3, Red Warbas S2.50. Nebraska Red Warbas $3.30@3,65. Texas Bliss Triumphs $4.35<ii5. CHICAGO POULTRY (Monday's Market) Chicago, (1P>— (U. S. D. A.)—Live poultry: Steady. Receipts 1Q trucks. Prices unchanged except fryers 1 cent a pound higher outside. F. O. B.: Fowl 33c; Leghorn fowl 30c; roasters 38©40c; fryers 3G<?i40c; broilers 37(Td40c; old roosters 23c. F. O. B. wholesale market: Ducklings 28c; heavy ducks 25c; small ducks 20c. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Monday'* , Market) Chicago, (IP) —Butter weak. Receipts (2 days) 1,043,286, Prices »'« to 3 cents n pound lower. 93 score AA 79.5c; 92 A 78c; 90 B 75c; 80 C 73c. Cars: DO B 75c; 80 C 73.7Sc. Eggs. Irregular. Receipts (2 days) 34,- 35R. Prices unchanged except dirties and checks to \'i cent n dozen lower. U. S. extras 70 per cent and up A 46fi48c; BO to R9.9 per cent A 44Gtf4Bc; U. S. standards 3r».5«?43c; current rrccipts 38.5c; dirties 35®30c; checks 33.5®34.5c. WILSON, T/Sgt. Darrcll E., 9?7 9th N. E., died in a field hospital near Densheim, Germany, April 4, 1S45, from wounds received In combat. Services will be held Wednesday at 2 p. m. at the chnpcl of the McAuley and Son funeral home, with Doctor Paul A. Peterson, pastor of Wesley Methodist church, officiating. Burial will be at Elmwood cemetery. The McAuley and Son funeral home in charge. Card of Thanks WE WISH to thank our neighbors and friends for all the kindness that has been shown us during the recent illness in our home. The Duff Family Funeral Director AIA.rOR Funeral Home. Phone 511. "Major Service Meets Your Need." Auto or Air Ambulance. MEYER Funeral Home. A beautiful service need not be costly. Ambulance service. Phone 1505. McAULEY & SON Funeral Home. A distinguished, dignified funeral service. Ambulance. 8 South Adams. Call 651. PATTERSON - JAMES Funeral Home. Known for Service. Ambulance, oxygen equipped. 322 N. Washington. Ph. 1140. Personals FAIRMOUNT; Maternity seclusion sanitarium for unmarried girls. Low rates. Working reduces expenses. Confidential. 1414 East 27th. Kansf.s City, Mo. Lost, Found LOST—Lge. silver lace earring in 200 blk. on N. Fed. Keepsake. Reward. Ph. 9GG. LOST—A sum of money In bills, Monday July 12, In Mason City. Liberal reward. Write A-19, Globe-Gazette. Money to Loan 8 VACATION MONEY $50—$100—$150—$200 AND UP Why not enjoy n worry-free vacation: $50 costs only $3.00 when repaid in 3 monthly Installments. Ljirgor amounls at repayment plnns lo fit your income Loans to meet oilier needs also. 25 YEARS FRIENDLY SERVICE Security Loan Co. Room 321 first Nat'J BMg. Phone 412 Phone, \vritc or conic in. State Finance Co. Room 201 Weir Bldg. 5 W. State Over United Cigar Store Phone 1038 Business Opportunities 18 Help Wtd., Male 20 DO YOU need more money? McConnon offers you an opportunity to increase . our present income during spare time; or a pleasant, profitable, full-time business of your own. Write—no obligation —to McConnon find Company, Dcpt. BH- 12, Winona, Minnesota. Wanted/Young Man With Car BETWEEN 25-35 YEARS Neat appearing, with ability' to meet public. This job has a real future. Fair salary while training. Contact Mr. Deutscher SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 123 North Federal BOYS wanted. Over $50 week! Soil name plates for front doors. Write National Engravers, 212 Summer, Boston, Mass. RELIABLE man with car wanted to call on farmers in East Cerro Gordo county. Wonderful opportunity. $15 to $20 in a day. No experience or capital required. Permanent. Write today. McNcss Company,, Dept. A, Freeport, 111. WANTED AT ONCE—Married man for farm work on lUO A. farm. Write D-19, Globe-Gazctto. WANTED Man to Wash Cars Pritchard Motor Co. Help Wtd., Female 21 Wanted—Housekeeper on Farm Water pressure system. Lights. WRITE W-17, GLOBE-GAZETTE DEGEN hardwood floor service. Laying, sanding. Ph. 1672. Situation Wanted 22 WANTED—Housework or practical nursing. Ph. 5C16-W. Help Wtd., Male, Female 23 WANTED—Dishwasher for machine. Apply Witke's Cafe, Clear Lake. Salesmen 25 SALESMEN AMBITIOUS TO EARN UP TO $500.00 AND MODE IN A MONTH WANTED, local city and county salesmen in unoccupied territories—build up business in your home city and county. No capital required for stock. We ship, bill and collect—mail profit checks weekly. Straight commissions far above average salaries. Established in 1916—AA1 rating. Exclusive types of Underwriter's approved fire extinguishers—no competition. Sell direct from factory. Here are a few of the hundreds of prospects: Schools, hotels, restaurants, boarding houses, churches, dance hall?, summer resorts, lumber mills, building supplies, homes, farms, factories, public institutions, etc. Thousands of prospects. Fear of fire greater than ever. Cash is on the big demand. Write quickly for lull details. Address The I'yr-Fyter Co., Dcpt. T-8, Dayton 1, Ohio. SALESMAN wanted. Man now traveling Iowa to sell nationally advertised line of brassieres. Write .for application blank. Griffin Barssicre Co., Griffin, Ga. WANTED GOOD RETAIL MASON CITY MAN with car for 16 daytime hours weekly to explain training program available under G.I. Bill of nights. $13.00 salary arid auto allowance with opportunity to earn do'.ible and triple for satisfactory work. Write V. P. Dcpt., American Technical Society, 850 E. 58th, Chicago 37. SHOE SALESMAN We have a good position open at this time in Casper's largest shoe store. Mu.s be extra £0od salesman, have personality be neat. GOOD HABITS. NO DRINKERS WANTED. Apply iu own handwriting send snapshot, also advise what you have in mind as to salary, etc. Vacation with pay each year. I£ interested write MR. WOLFORD PHIL WOODS Inc. Box 1286 Casper, Wyoming Services Offered 27 WANTED TAP ROOM ATTENDANT Mason City Country Club, Phone 1512 MAN WANTED to take over established home service route fur 150 famous Watkins household necessities. Careful training furnished. No investment. About S40 lo $50 a week to start. See Mr. Malls, Hotel Cerro Gordo, 7 to 8:30 p. m. WE WANT YOUR APPLICATIONS FOR CITY LOANS AND FARM LOANS We can Rive you first class service in every respect. Call or drop a line and let is know your requirements. HUGH H. SHEPARD Suite 205 Foresters Bldg. Phone 284-285 MASON CITY, IOWA Emergency Loans ONE DAY SERVICE '20 MONTHS TO REPAY [£ you need money for any worthwhile purpose, phone or visit rlouschold today. Loans made m $20 to S300 on salary, car or furniture without endorsers. Household Finance Corporation 117-i N. Federal Avc. Phone 541 Seeds, Feeds 17 FOn SALE—10 Jieres of Ames No. 2 oats from the combine. Ph. lC2fi-W. 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Travel- master trailer house. 3 rooms, elec. refriy., plenty closet space. Excellent cond. Call 120-J, Hampton, la., for Information. U- - WALLPAPER lumping in our businoss. Phone 3441-W. WANTED 2 Neat Appearing Young Men 19-25 Free to travel Ca5. and return. $200 per mo. plus bonus. Transportation furn. Immediate drawing account. See Mr. Gressctt, Hanford Hotel, from 2 to 6 p. m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. WANTED—Open ditc-h work. Creek straiphtcninfi. Raymond Schultz, Marble Rock. Ph. 137. H & H MOTORS Sale, PACKARD Service Also repair any make of car. HAROLD HOOD 12 Seventh S. E. ASHES and rubbish hauled; basements cleaned. Phone 5487-W. COMPLETE your hlgn school at horn in spare time with American School. Texts furnished. Diploma awarded. No Classes. Booklet free. Write American School. Dept. M.. P. O. Box 672. Des Moines, la Business Locations 30 FOR SALE BUSINESS BLDG. on Main Street, Thompson, Iowa. CONTACT RUSS SHAY 204 E. Division, Clear Lake Or will be in Thompson Wednesday, July 21, 1 P. M. HOMES FOR SALE 3 room partly modern, East Park Place $ 3,000 G room home Alonroe School district 510,500 2 bedroom home East Park Place S S,950 2 bedroom home East Park Place S 8,400 4 room bungalow, garage, near East Park S 6,500 4 room bungalow, new, Central Heights S 4,500 5 room bungalow, 1 acre, Winnebago Heights S 6.500 '5 room cottage. Clear Lake s 3.800 Small house in Central Height;; . S 2,500 C. R. Brown, Realtor Over Decker Brof. Phone 1314 - 2374 Lots for Sale FOR SALE—Good lots in the Highlands. S<>wcr and water. $400i Kennison, 2318 S. Bryant Avc., Minneapolis 7, Minn. Acreage 37 Rooms for Rent 32 FOR RENT—SlecpinR room for 1 man. Priv. entrance. Ph. I739-W. FOR RENT—Slpg. rm. for 2. ventilation. Ph. 1772-W. Two-wav FOR RENT — Sleeping 4703-LJ. room. Phone MIRRORS res;;vcretl. Factory process. Guaranteed. .Mackct's. Phone 782. BRAKE SERVICE BK-Vacuum Brakes for Trucks Female 21 Young Lady Wanted WILLING TO LEARN BOOKKEEPING Must be good in 'arithmetic. Five and one-half day working week with time and hall! over 40 hours. Location in Mason City business district. Handwritten application desired. WRITE L-17, GLOBE-GAZETTE I— C ,*~\ /— 4~/™N *•" ^ T or r-^r V_C11 $125 to S150 month steady with room and board to right lady under 40 with best references for housework. Business man and wife in ultra modern, protcs- tant home in town near Mason City. Write A-lti, Globe-Gazette. MAKE $25 selling SO boxes 21 for $1 Xmns cards. Also with name on 50 and 2"i for 51. Napkins, coasters, stationery and complete line. Costs nothing to try. Send for samples and selling plan on approval. Merit, 370 Plane St., Dcpt. 1G4, Newark 2, N. J. WANTED—Girl in grocery store. Starting wages 527.50. Write K-19, Globe- Gazette. Let Us Check Them Today CENTRAL AUTO 25 First St. S. W. FOR RENT—Large sleeping room for 2. Girls prof. Close in. 525 S. Washington. FOR RENT—Larga sleeping rom. Gentlemen. 223 :!rd N. E. Applv at 2U1 4lh N. W. FOR RENT—Sleeping rooms. Girls prc- 'fcrred. 407 1st S. W. For Sa e-3.75 Acres'* With Garage _ 3C ft. x 22 ft. r,ast on Highway 105 out of Northwood, Iowa. Priced 53500. EARL WINTERTON Phone 350-LJ Humboldt, Iowa FOR SALE—Acreage. Possession within. a few days. Mrs. Fred Janssen, J .a mile South of Plymouth, Iowa. FOR SALE—20 acres with buildings. 1. mile North 1 mile West of Rock Falls.* Farms for Sale 39 I'OR RENT—Sleeping rooms, men or working couple. 32t! 2nd N. W. FOR KENT—SlocDini: rm. for 2 girls or working couple. 621 N. Delaware. Apts. for Rent 33 FOR RENT—Furn. apt.; slpg. rm., cooking priv. 2K'. E. S. St., Clear Lake. FOR RENT —UnCurn. 5 rm. apt. Ph. S74. FOR SALE—1GO A.s, 8 rm. mod. house. tenant house, full .set of bkigs. All well fenced and tiled. Close to M. City. S250 per A. Dave Ryan. Realtor. Ph. 327. FOR SALE—Large selection southern Minn, farms. Write for bulletin. Johannsen Realty Co., 422 ',i N. Main, Austin, Minn. FOR SALE—1^0 A. farm in Cerro Gordo Co. Write L-1G. Globe-Gazette. FOR SALE—ICO acres improved and 110 acres unimproved in Avery Township, Hancock County, la. Approximately a 70 acre tract with improvements in Hancock County and Wright County. la. These farms formerly belonged to W. A. Rhodes, now deceased. C. G. Waterman, . Referee, Klemme. Iowa. < FOR KENT-:! rm. apt. No children, pels' FO J} SALE—Farms in Cerro Gordo, Elderly couple pief. 221 8th St, S. E. TRADE—Furn. apt. in DCS Moines for same in Mnso'i City. Nn children. S43 mo. Inquire 616 3rd St. N. E. Houses for Rent 34 FOIl RENT—Nice, modern, furnished house iinlil next spring. \Vrilc R-1S), Globe-Gazette. Houses for Sole 35 PREPARE FOR SPRING RAINS Gutters and Down Spouts Now Available. KELROY'S 137 4lh St. S. W. Phone 441 WANTED—Waitress. Canton Cafe. FOR SALE—Beauty shop. One operator, completely equipped. Excellent business. Votfuo Beauty Shop, Sheffield, Jowa. Box 457. nvestment for Sale BRICK BUILDING FOR SALE * 33x125 feet. County Scat Town Northeast Iowa. Price $22,500 Have good lease for purchaser. WRITE W-19, GLOBE-GAZETTE OWN YOUIl own wholcsnle distributing and service business. Thick market. Repent orders year 'round. Employ others. Trotrcled territory. Hlnson & Co., Richmond. Ind. FOH SALE—Clean cafe. Uptown, with 14 year lease and doinR Rood business. Writo Postorricc BOX ionr>. FOIl SALE—Established portrait and commercial studio, county scat, north- enst lown. Write H-17, Globn-Ga/.cttc. Department Head for Piece Goods and Domestics We have an opening for an experienced saleslady, attractive salary, bonus plan, discount privileges and thrift fund plan. SEE MR. PERRY AT PENNEY'S Go to McKibben & Brvan / Service at 5 S. Penn. for that EXPERT SIMONIZE JOB RADIATOR BACK FLUSH WHEEL PACK GENERAL TUNE UP WANTED—Severn! tccn nged fiivls to ride on riclasscllnR machines. Transportation furnished. Write card Riving ape, hoiRht, phone number and address. Batz Seed Farms, R 4, Mnson City. WANTED—Experienced waitress. Crystal Lunch. HAVE SEVERAL GOOD Full Time Year Around Positions Open . . . Sec MR. CLOUGH, YOUNKERS WANTED—Women to take care of rooms. Full time and part time employment. Permanent work. Apply Hotel Eadmar. NORTH IOWA WALL MASTERS WALL WASH ING by Machine HOMES AND COMMERCIAL Buildings Free Estimate FRANK AND BILL TENNEY Phone 812 310 North Federal PAINTING wanted. Phone -1BD7-J. Authorized Maytag Sales and Service CALL 1G2 Pickup and Delivery Service HOME APPLIANCE CO. 201-03 S. Federal Mason City ASHES nml rubbish hnulcd; basements cleaned. Th. a5fl9-W. FOH SALE—By owner: 3 bedroom house, modern, lliis large living room with fireplace, hcnted sun porch, double garage. Phone 2075-J. FOR SALE—R rm.. all mod. house, gas heat. auto, hot water, 225 7th St. N'. E. Shown by appt. C rm. partly mod., new furnace, auto, hot water, 3 lots. MO 2!st St. S. E. Shown by appt. Ph. 827. Dave Ryan, Realtor. FOR SALE —Or rent: New bouse-. Furnished. Rent 57S rno, 201) U7th St. S. W. Inquire at 131 2Btb St. S. W. FOH SALE—By owner: 2 berlrm.. mod. home. Auto. heat, sood location. G. I. with SI.000 down. \Vritc T-19, Globc- Gnzctlc. FOR SALF.—Nice, mod. srmi-buncalow. 2 bedrooms, bath 1st fir. Close to Roosevelt sell. SS.Dofl. See Guild, o4 2nd St. N. E. Ph. R(i7 or 13S9. Floyd. Hancock. Howard. Mitchell, Winnebago. Worth and Wright counties. Man- Icy s, FOR SALE 180 ACRE FARM Worth county. Possession March 1. SEE LESLIE BOOMHOWER 19' East State Farms for Rent- 40 FOR RENT—50-50 basis: 245 acre stock and grain farm. List stock and machinery and give references in 1st letter. Writo G-14. Globe-Gazette. • Machinery 41 FOR SALE—2 good belt tractors for threshing, very good, cheap. Van's Sinclair Service. Hollandale, Minn. FOR SAl.F.—Partly modern S rm. house at Rock Falls. Write or see .loe Jones, fl mi. X. W. of Rockwell, lown. FOR SALE—3 bedroom house, auto, heat, dbl. lot. 2 blocks from high school. 419 1st N. E. HOUSES FOR SALE 4 rm. partly mod. hsc., S. W. ... $4000.00 6 vm. mod. bungalow, S. W. Sec. SB500.00 6 rm. mod. hse , gas heat, garage. Central Heights $8000.00 3 rm. mod. hsc., close In S12.000.00 6 rm. mod. hse. Gas heat, sleeping porch, N. W $13,000.00 B rm. mod_ hsc. Close in. Good earner .', $10,SOO.OO Excellent Forest Park home. 5 rooms and bath downstairs 2 bedrooms and FOR SALE—McCormick-Decrmg 10 ft. grain binder, A-l cond. Marion Co.v, Jr., 1 Mile So., 'a Mile W. State Park, Clear Lake. TOR SALE New 36 Ft. Grain Elevator. New Innes ' Pickup for Mnsscy Harris Clipper. Used Tractor Mower. New Hay Loaders. Hay Rack and Trailer. New Flare Box and Wngon. -J Van's Sinclair Serv. HOLLANDALE, MINN. biilh up $15,000.00 W. L. PATTON, 109 E. State St. FOR SALE COLONIAL SPORTSMAN 20 FOOT ALUMINUM TRAILER HOUSE Equipped like new . . . $1400 BRITT CABIN CAMP FOR SALF,—3 room house, lights-, nowly decorated. Possession now. S2.2r>0. 3 lots, hnlldtng <m one, S700. George Van Kvcry Phone 31lif>, FOR SALE—Bale tics. New stock at lowest cnsh prices. Store, Osage, la. Adams Implement^ FOH SAI.K RY OWNF.U leaving town: 5 rm.. story. Built F. H. A. Will . . . G. T. Shown by appointment, 828 91!) N. E. Phone 4845-J. TRAILERS AND FLARED BOXES Heavy duty farm trailer with hi- speed bearings, oscillating bolster and auto-steer guide. 5,000 Ib. capacity. Only $99.00 Less Tires Choose a flared or flat bed box while we have 5 models available. Heavy steel, aluminum or wood construction. ri Ward's Farm Store FOR SALE—A very 32 Inch thresher. Hearty lo >jo. Price JI.IO. Inqulr* 17 on 2 Phone, Forest City, la.

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