The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 17, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 5
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IW£ UJJHJ.3lJt #«J Sftfc Mirgttst, to ffcf ««Mfftf tout friftce At*, **« Alt* fristtftf ctroDJe 18 WM&tn aft* fetttfneH to **« SttSda? mfttaf. ttf * And Mfi. fflioft at* Welt kBe** aftd popnlaf Wkft* MMI« aftd forth ates *t ttiltttft Wgft Mrt. BhoH attended f»ettt State college afcd ha* . ftemf Jlenireod the coining W. M*. Short attended Iowa ftatt collie at Ames two tears At present he !a employed at the Leader oftlce. Thi fieWlyireds will reside at the hoffie of the bride's tef the time being. M. **» of Mis* It's always CCCL at the E M PR ESC THE ; •*• • 11 •• v »" THEATERO MALVERN Friday lid Siturdiy f Aug. 18 attd 10 Back lone* in a hard riding WBiUM'li — —i-.i FORBIDDEN TRAIL and Added Short* lOc and > S5c Sndiy, Meidiy . An*. 20 and 81 Far Wray, Robert Armstrong In the most specUc. nlar prbdaotlon o* the year KINfi KONG Neolithic* monster* in 19331 {More thrills per minute than you believed possible! •*•-'•" Shorts. ' ^PERSONAL |i and Added Short* Our Big BARGAIN NIGHT! Adm. ol , M. Waltfey, son of . a«d Mrs. MofHs Walkrty ot RH-eftea toot place Safcda* ••«. it g o'clock ai tfe* Methodlrt ftafe. tke ftet. ft. ft. of tfes M«t»odirt chflr fofra«d tfre fieremeny. fae gttte were a*let»ded bt Mr. a&d M«. Wttttaffi Warfie*. A ftgceptlon wat held at th» ifte of the bHdegfoom's parents in Ritettos following the ewe- ftoay. ¥he immediate famrty and a few close friends wete Dtetent. Mr. and Mfs. Walkiey then left rot their home which the brld*- te had already famished on farth between Rtterton and tfambnrf. Mr. Walkley was a former resident 6f Malvern, his parents 'ecently moving to Rlverdon. The best wishes of his many friends are extended. ttoitots Birthday Sunday with Picnic Mrs. ft. W» Mansfield enter* taifled Sunday evening at a, pie* nle supper honoring the birtBday of Mr. Mansfield. Those enjoying this courtesy were Mrs. tt. Mans* field, Mr. Mansfield's mother of Hamburg, and ban Mansfield, tils nephew, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry oalllher, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Herti, and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McCaupland; Entertains for Baylor College Oirls Honoring those girls from Malvern who havr attended Baylor | college during the past few years Miss Bernice Wilson entertained at a 1 o'clock luncheon yesterday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wilson. Following the delicious two- course luncheon the afternoon was spent in visiting and reminiscing of college experiences. Those who enjoyed this delight-' ful occasion were: Misses Doris Fickel, Dorothy Durbin, Marticla Davis, and Helen Zene Wortman, lot mat} ysm Hiteftt*. d tfc* past ***. ft* iM always ttfteft treat tttorwt fii tfrft ftftftteffttte* tout ft*4 tooftett fotwstd %ft4 so WKfe leasure to the wetting fit Cat, Ms fioitte town, oftt death Mm SefottS tfce t»« «*« . tfce audience stood for a iB6metl w!t& f»Wsd fcetds ft 6ty of t§s departed a«d. e eommtttea oa nominations ». P. Rotfef, fred tNfWft, P. M. Laird — reporte* fi- ft* the aext place of msetiftg and tfe« foffewtfct ttst e! offtwts: President, B, 8. Mann, Tabor. * A. g. Slo«deti, OLD SETTLERS (Continued from page 1) socialism. Railroads, banking and other industries being especially affected and said that we were compelled to put before the, people a new program that would require great effort and wisdom to accomplish and that the country Vice president, fftftoftt iy, t», fi. Laird, Sidney. Vice president, Mills F. ft. dnaatfyi Mattefft. Vied pfesident, Pottawattamie cotifity, Kick o*SMen, CoaficiJ Bittffs. Histotian, W. l», WdfHSafi, MatfefSu ^dildwittf the ptoffam thefe were two big g*me? df kittenbail that ieetted to dfaw the crowds even better than the program. The general opinion Was that it Wit a mighty good meeting, Frank Shiun, first president of .he association, was present, at* though he came in a wheeled chair, and seemed to enjoy the occasion as greatly as any of them. His chair was constantly snrroanded fay old friends and well wishers anxious to speak to him and see him again. Mr. and Mrs, Gilbert Cheney of Emerson were the oldest married couple present from Mills county; Mr. and Mrs. Wiiloughby Dye of Macedonia, the oldest married couple from Pottawatta- mle county, and Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Scott of Farragut the oldest couple from Fremont county, Mrs. R. R. Durham, <93, of Carson, was the oldest person present and she seemed to be enjoying the occasion as fully as any one. Otis Allts, Olenwood, 80, was the oldest person from Mills county and Martha J. Taylor, Tabor, 90, the oldest person from Fremont county. — ^^^^•"•^•^••^^••^•^^^^^••••^^^•••••••^••••^^••^^••••••^^^^Hlii^HH^^^^^^^^^^^^^I Landig Hardware Cash Raising Sale Closes August 26 Our Big dub Raising Sate !§ -.till on and earriei tome of the greatest Hardware Price reductions we have ever made, With everything going up this is your chance to buy low. Sale ends AUGUST 26, See last weeks Leader or our big bills for these VERY SPECIAL PRICES, .. LANDIS HARDWARE . . "fl PRIZEWINNERS ber of short talks by old settlers Prank Turner; F, M, fcalrd, M, F. Rohrer, and others. Secretary Kettlewejl then gave a brief memorial talk , on v those who bad passed from among us the past year Rod gave, a feeling tribute to Frank O, Weeks.Vfor- mer president of the association Malvern Fruit Co. -:Wr-Gao<l Thing! to E*f "• l for FRIDAY and SATURDAY WE SELL RETAIL IT WHOLESALE PRICES FREE DELIVERY WITH EACR $1 Frwtooe PEACHES, » do». -.-_.—' —,15c JEEF ROAST PER Large Siw BANANAS, (fox, „„„„ vw.. Special Prica <m Bushel Basket PEACHES. BUTT! Cream CHEESE, . Wf rr*>****>•, ww»* fiup 25c MATCHES. CIOXES IN Powder or PI LE, (Continued from page 1) tured the senior grand champion bull and Summers Bros., the Junior champion bull. Dick Hyde had the champion female Shorthorn. In the Angus class Jamie Summers had the champion bull and Bd< Wearin the champion .female. Mayo Bass captured the honors in the Holstein class and R, Eight Teams Played Fair Kittenball Meet Spectators Entertained by New Sport Here Last Week Kittenball rames — a new sport for the Mills County Fair — attracted considerable attention on the fair grounds diamond last week as the county tournament was held. Co. I of Olenwood won honors Wednesday by defeating Pacific Junction and Olenwood, and Malvern took the Thursday games. In the first game Wednesday Malvern defeated the Hastings ten 8 to 6 after a decidedly warm contest. Better luck at batting gave the local club some advantage but hard competition put some exciting moments in the contest. Co. I of Glenwood had equally good luck against Pacific Junction, defeating the west county group 6 to 2. Ftinn was in the box for Co, i and allowed the Junction but five hits. Anderson and Kissier pitched for Pacific Junction. *' The Swine Division V^ There was « nice display in the swine classes, In the Poland Chinas honors were about even with the exhibits of B, F. Anderson of Council Bluffs and Leonard Anderson, of Malvern, • . -In the Durocs. Floyd Crane of Sbenandoab had the senior champion and Julius Buch of Olen- wood the junior cbftmplon. . In the Hampsblres Lee Roland made almost a clean sweep with .his exhibit, . In the Spotted Polands Hubert Nanaej O f Council Bluffs bad It all bis own way and In the Berkshire class pick . Hyde took »n the honors, • ' . Tbe Sheep Dwight Caraiebael of ViUiseft took tbe show In tbe Shropshire class, and Russell Kesterson of Tabor did tbe same in tbe Hump* sblre class. Beat agricultural display be* Uffige4 to Walter Hilton pf HJHs* dale with Ernest Irvin of Emerson second, Both made unusually good sbowjngs, I Tbose witb many entries IB canned gopd$ were; Mrs, will Jr» via ot BinersQ^ Mrs, p, q, Mo Cord, Mrs, ,l?sn McOora, Mrs. Waiter HHfon, Mrs, Wilbw Walk. er, of Malvern. 5fg tb« *rt 4epartw w t 4 Mrs, B. U, gentsa, Mrs, jr. B, mtrt* Mrs- J, N, Swain, ana Mrs, MarsbaU .CusBloBbaw were among the cbiftl vlmm, f eanj PulWftg Ooat*^ Tbe tea« pulline coatesf we af tb» tbtaf a of tbs anj ujej tea W9 .*•» ..ft*, were recorded during ttta battle, Malvero. getting but one when McCord connected with a fast toss from Fllnn. McCord circled tbe bases for the only homerun of the day. Co. I, playing leisurely before McCord's hit, went to work seriously thereafter and shortly rolled «p the two counters for the win. Kline was on the mound for Malvern. Thursday big Paul Hertz's Nira ten met all comers with considerable success. Jn its tilt with Silver City, tbe r Malvernians brought Jn a 14 to ••. victory when they started to bit tbe Silver City pltpber. Bell, pretty much over tbe field. Sliver City played a ewappy game but the team's batsmen couldn't. handle Hertz's pitching. Cleaner* pefeM Tabor Cooney Cleaners of Glenwood id tbe Tabor tea,staged the closest game of tbe day, Qlen* wood winning by » § to 5. margin, Myers, Jn tbe bo* for the cleaners, allowed .bis opponents bwt few bits .a»a this seriously tb» Tabor wering, Young pUcbed for Tabor, getting but seven bits from bis offeriBp,, ; In tbe fin_ai game ${ tbe s&> Completely blankiBlf tbelr opponents, Hertz's mes g|j{ie4 gi^seiy Team Pairings Klttenball pairings for the coming week include: Thursday, Aug. 17, All Stars vs. Firemen. Friday, Aug. 18, Plymouths VB. Merchants. Monday, Aug. 21, Boosters TS. Oilers. Tuesday, Aug. 22, All Stars TS. Plytnouths. Tabor Loses to Kilmartin Nine Spurt After Weak Start PuU Malvernians in Lead, 7-6 Opening up after a lasy start, the Kilmartin baseball team narrowly defeated Tabor Sunday when it came from behind for a 7 to e win. It was the third time the two teams had played this season,' Tabor winning both previous games. Repeated errors by the Mal- vernians enabled Tabor to pile up five of their total in the first two innings. Buck Windom, dealing out his famed round bouse curves from the box, stayed in good shape all through the, game *nd, his, opposing batsmen.,could get little done after'their .first ppurt Harry Zanders popped out smooth home run in the latter part of the game and this, with a three-bagger by Marvin Fazel gave Malvern the winning position, The Brothers Tyler were in the box for Tabor. Co. I Nine Wins from Dutch Team Hitting hard and fast, the Co. I baseball team of Glenwood ran up a heavy lead over'the Dutchmen nine of north of Malvern Sunday when the two clubs clashed on the Dutch field. The county seat athletes won 16 to 7. Tbe fifth inning spelled disaster for tbe Dutchmen when Co, I batsmen Umbered up, whammed out balls sufficient to bring in eight runs. A heavy rally In the ninth made that the best scoring inning for the Dutch who put down three markers in the period, Hatcher, Huebner and KUlmon pitched for Co, I, the latter two alternating at catch as well, ft, Zanders and H- Phillips were on the mound for tbe Dutchmen witb . Plumb behind the bat. Bluffs Service Nine Loses Tilt, 12 to 6 Zanders Scores Spectacular Double Put Out Unassisted Pounding two pitchers for 20 hits Malvern'a town baseball team easily tromped over the Council Bluffs Serrlce nine Sunday, 12 to 6, in a tilt filled with exciting incident. The game was played on the fair grounds diamond. Frank Zanders made himself a candidate of all belleve-it-or-not categories when he completed a double put out from his position at catch without assistance. Catching a fast pitched ball he surprised a base runner who was midway between second and third, Sprinting out to the baseline, Zanders held the man confused until he tagged him out and then did the same to another runner who was prancing between first and second. It was the first instance ot its kind ever recorded here and oldsters could not recall a similar play in any baseball history. In addition to this extraordl nary effort,. Zanders popped out 8 j;?f^b4|«|tRit04tf lw toip i> ,t ft i,tbii se. Gene Hoover, Jones and Curtis also marked up three bits each during tbe tilt. Hoover pitched an able game, striking out six and allowing the Bluffs athletes but eight scattered hits. Bayes, Anderson, and Mullen did good Infield work. Malvern plays Quick, la., a team from near Council Bluffs, Sunday on the local diamond. Anxious to increase the' size of tbe crowds, the management urges all fans to attend the contest and promise good entertainment. The admission price is but 10c and 16c, The management has appreciated the attendance of the few oyal fans but would appreciate better support by larger crowds at tbe.remaining games. Net Men to Clash Again on Sunday For the second time this season Glenwood and Malrern ten' tils teams plan to have a dual meet Sunday when they will play on the Falrvlew Country club courts. The matches will start at 9:46 a. m. As in the previous meet events will consist of four doubles and six singles and it is expected that matches will be determined by best two of three sets. The new president ot the W. 0. T. U. promises a Carry Nation type ot leadership, "if necessary." Oh, well, that means increased production at the hatchet factory. — Indianapolis star. "Steamships, stabilised, lose their roll, whereas business, done the same way, gets it back." — Arkansas Gazette. « to* tM tofl 4Jf teulty 9*eri»|8 Sftd but three felts were ~ , I» ton form tb* batted well and fl» Mysrs, nty $Ule was e flo, I «,Bd Nir j-e team U bits as to as fi0 t With the »W of iba Jfcvy 4e- jonjg «gu,bniar(Be l*," a &B saR ajcend. froja § d.eptb of Iflfl Iftftt to sea saiftute. grade, t » *Uft» rouud, Jft tt» the little All Start Protect Honfth with Win Long have the other flye teaps Q| tbe kitteubftl) league been gun* Bins for the bids of tbe AH Stars decade. Monday evening tbe em* bottled All Stare protected tbeir bonab against tbe onslaught of tbe Oilers by defeating tbem 17 to 6. Cyrlous incident of tbe tilt was thftt wbite tbe All Stars scored 17 ma, ibelr batsmen get but 16 hits fro® Q4ier pltcb w Burcsy, walks, accounted for tbe desrepaeoy. Ollep hftts»en were fljren lm *»S«isaJul ftftd ftprj, Ufllftcky, Miiji HjrH j^ ^btotewi oigtt WU ft&4 were aijle to § «mjf to «» Mui4 iaa mih Ui«i. ^* tlw« far All SUr th» aljtb inulng tb» t*aw (o* MOST folks, when they decide to have a piece of printing done want it at once. We are well equipped to give prompt service on your work, Furthermore, it will not look like a hurry up job, since our ability to handle rush work enables u» to give it the same carefy attention that is given lew hurried work, ; That's Us r \OISTINCnVC FUNeftAL SCWICC ,^mi»^ Our Prices We have kept an accurate record of our business all through the years —good times and bad— We know what it costs to operate a funeral business. We do not guess at the price of this or that funeral service. This insures each and every one the same fair* ness in price. 'Mansfield ». w J'lalvern WB

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