The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 30, 1958 · Page 14
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 14

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1958
Page 14
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MARKET iTt**r\r\ci f, tit*. », ii . Ve«l«ft w*w $« *,t«Kiy. Good «nd and . ..... 121:18 • ........ £"""11*.. ....... • 1 2&gJ ••' ...... >&§ ::::::::: ?&3o ......... AH imtohi(i"«i«hiB|«»i ' * Ifid* of shorn offerings were wd e*e* i*7.w. (AJP) - .(tNDA) . Batcher* fflMly n to M 200-228 n> bitchm » -to* largely i7.6M7.?8 »t w.2s carrying « i*ne P*««ttt«e» No. fc and generally 200 and 2» lbs; awwnd 40 200 * J1S lbs 18 -W; t f«w »m lbs down to 17.28; M fc^M lb » M-W-IT.W. largely - « few i* MI *«S5 lb * to - lw *! .. ow «oo ............... .....7.00 utid«fint»h«d eun tor filled hoti i»t be dt»count«d tceordtngiy. fit ISM <m * 1 "* * |0 ™ Bment ln> IMS 81-110*0 tAMft MARKET , i7:so>it.M others steady to weak- aev*«-»1 | ftft j« n lil" , ,« ,„„?;,. 8e * erai lowu P™« 1,165-1,260 lb steers 2«-76-29.28{ some mixed choice and P r '«ne 950-1,026 lbs 28.78 • mOst a** 1 and cholc « 1.200 lbs down 2S.00.28.50; good and choice 1,300- All buck ambs discounts $1 pet i« saa'n pound over ioo. . utility ISO-MO ib« ......... 23.oo-S'4.50 CATTtt MARKET nM 8 W * t * M * * Q.»Wi-;^: ,,,M hol l* rt a c « n fc to 50 c«nte CWT ""?« •*•« Prtwi. All atctra over i.OoO iba. and ntlftn over 950 lb». ore riiscountwi according to walghtT H 1 f' ,9?.? 1 . mercl > 1 Co*™ .. cowg . . r ann «« ......... M > .'.'.'.'.»! > .l4'.oo.i84)0 u. wt. Thin suiii :::::;::if.oo.i6:oo MARKET |2.w • ° rn ...;;;;;::;;;:; i- SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - (USDA) — Cattle 5,000; calves 3iOOO; trade very slow on slaughter steers and heifers; scattered early sales slaughter steers 1150 lbs down and all weights heifers about steady • with Monday but steers above 1100 lbs weak to 50 cents lower; cows and bulls steady load high choice 1249 lb slaughter steers 27.50; average choice 1136 lb weights 27.25; good and choice steers generally 25.50-27.00, with good around 1200 lb weights 25.00 load high choice 959 lb heifers choice heifers . cows 18.00 13.00; canners and cutters 15.00 17.50; cutter and utility bulls 21.50-23.50; commercial and good .22.50-23.50; veaiers fully steady; slaughter calves unchanged; good to low choice veaiers 80.00-34.00 average to high choice 35.00-37.00, few prime 38.00; good and choice slaughter calves 24.00-28.00; stocker and feeder classes steady; gooc stock steers 25.00-26.50; good anc choice stock steer calves 32 003,-).50. Hogs 19,000; barrows and gilts 50 lower; sows weak to 50 off- 2 and 3 190-240 lb barrows and gilts 16.50-17.25; numerous lots 1 and 2 hogs 17.50-18.50; 2 and 3 240300 lbs 15.25-16.75; 1, 2 and 3 169190 lbs 16.50-17.25; 1, 2 and 3 sows most weights 12.00-15.00; few 15.2515.50; odd head 3 sows down to 11.00; feeder pigs 50 lower; good and choice 16.50-17.25, Sheep 5,000; slaughter lambs fully 50 lower; other classes steady; good and choice wooled slaughter lambs under 105 lbs 19.00-19.50; around three loads 1!).75; small lots choice 110-125 lb wooled slaughter lambs 15.50-17.00; few down to 15.00; small lots good and choice shorn lambs No. 1 pelts 17.50 . 18.00; load choice shorn lambs 110 lbs No. 1 pelts 17.00; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.007.50; good and choice wooled feeder lambs largely 20.00-20.50; few 21.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) - One of the sharpest setbacks in months took butcher hog prices down as much as $1.25 a hundredweight today with trade very slow. Heavier weights were moving at $16.5017.75, and sow* at $13-15.50. Cattle prices were steady to good 1,075 lbs 25.00; good v • package of choice and prime 1,100 lbs , a!s ° 28 ' 00i utult * and commer- dal cows 17.00-20.00; canners and CUttWS 15 - 5 °- 18 - 5 °; "'My and commercial bu "» 23.00-25.50; 32.00 down; a load of eood feeding lii aS,; , good 975 ' 1>075 lbs ' 24 - 00 • PEOPLE IN THE NEWS FIRE IN THI NIGHT — Firemen are outlined against the glow of flames that destroyed 70-year-old wooden Bethany Baptist Church in a half hour early today. The fire threatened several adjoining houses but nobody wds injured. The fire was discovered by Boston Globe cameraman Paul Harrington who made this picture Loss was set at $150,000. (AP Phorofax). e classes steady; good and choice wooled lambs 101-ing lbs 18.50 - CUU ^ ^ity 15.50-17.50; good and choice 8horn la mbs 98102 lbs with No. l pelts 18.50- 8l *" ghler CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Live poultry no tone; Monday's receipts were 119,000 lbs; wholesale buying prices unchanged; . sites over 4% lbs 19-19%; under 4% lbs 19-19%; white rock trycrs I772*lo72 f Plymouth rocks CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) _ (USDA) ~ Potatoes arrivals 52; on track 181- total U ' S - shipments 470; supply moderate; demand moderate- market for russets stronger; round reds about steady; carlot track sales: Idaho rus sets 3.75; Idaho bakers 4.00; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley pontiacs 2 20-2 35 v^mcs CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago Mercantile Exchange - Butter weak"- « ' 16,800; . „ prices unchanged to % lower; 70 per cent or better grade A whites 4 V , mixed 40; mediums 35; standards 35%; dirties 32%; checks 31%; current receipts unquoted. NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) _ (USDA) Butter, offerings ample; demand fair; receipts 1,028,000. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons (fresh). Creamery, 93 score (AA) 60 3 ,i- 61 cents; 90 score (A) 60V4-60%; 90 score (B) 60V«-60%. Cheese steady, receipts 289,000; prices unchanged. Wholesale egg offerings increased, with demand fair today, receipts 34,'400. (Wholesale selling prices based on exchange and other volume sales.) e> New York spot quotations follow: includes midwestern: mixed colors: extras (48-50 lbs) 41 %43%; extras large (8 lbs ; e 36%38; smalls 32-33; standards large 40-42; checks 37-38%. 43%; extras large 45-48 lbs) 41-41%; extras medium 36%-38 smalls 32-33; standards large 40 42; checks 37-38%. Whites: extras (48-50 lbs) 4144 extras large (45-48 lbs) 40%-4i extras medium 36%-39. Browns: extras (48-50 lbs) 42-44 7 HELD CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Seven men suspected of planning an attack on President-elect Romulo Betancourt were held today for questioning. The men were picked up while near Betancourt's house Saturday night. The Prest dent-elect was not at home. TIZZY-By Kolt Osonn MM* Wfenhi. k» T* ft* u* n* M. Gamble-Skogmo Will Make Sales Houses Out of Stores MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A plan which eventually will make automobile sales houses of 2,100 company owned and authorized Gam)le-Skogmo stores in eight mid- western states was announced today.' 8. C. Gamble, president of Gam- jle-Skogmo, and W. R. Stephens Sr., president of the W. R. Ste>hens Co. announced they were oining in Continental Motors Inc. a take over retail sales and whole- sal* distribution for Goliath motor cars in the area. The Goliath line, which includes 5 passenger car models, 3 truck models and two bus models, is manufactured in Bremen, Germany. Under arrangements recently from f»«fi !i> filiation and Conservation com- ffitttM. , , J a m e s Buckley was elected president of the Northern District Youth Work geeretftriei Assfl, . .the Sundet triplets, Erik, Mark and John, were one year old , .Thomas Dowd, one df the "seven original Democrats in Mower county," greeted Eugene McCarthy here in hit bid for the U. 8. senatorship. , .Rep. AI Qule told the Congregational Men's Club that every person has a Christian responsibility to take an interest in politic* and government. . . Mr. and Mrs. Alton Wilder, Lyle, were elected to state office of the Soviets Claim H-Bomb Head for ICBM LONTlOtf (AP) - fhe soviet Union today rattled iU intercontinental ballistic missile, and a hydrogen-bomb head for it, in defense of East Germany. "Any provocation in West Berlin and attempted aggression" against East Germany "may start a major war," said the Soviet communist party newspaper Prav- Lenny Larry Not to Give Up Owl Service ST. PAUL (AP) - The Twin Knight* of Pythias and the Py thian Sisters. . .St. Augustine Parish Credit Union named Ben King "Brother's Keeper" for 1958. . . Golden weddings: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klaehn, Elkton; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Lane, 306 N. First; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Searles, Lylej Mr. and Mrs. Hans P. Kuhlman, Myrtle. NOVEMBER completed, Continental will be! B. J. Huseby and H. B. Hillier jointly owned by Gambles and Stephens Buick Co. Continental will appoint automobile dealers in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming and Wisconsin. All Gamble company owned stores and Gamble authorized dealers will act as sales houses to locate and develop prospective car purchasers. They will then refer prospective buyers to regularly assigned Goliath dealers for final sales and service. Boy on Bean Diet Dies of Malnutrition AUSTIN, Tex. (AP) - Officers | said a 4-year-old boy who weighed' only 24 pounds died of malnutri-j tion here Monday. They said they found two of his sisters about to' City Rapid Transit Co. is seeking {starve to death, permission to withdraw the peti- j The boy, Wilborn ilowe Battise, tion, filed in November, in which it was dead on arrival at a local were honored for long-time service in the Mower County Farm Bureau. . .Lois Thorpe was employed as Mower County social worker. . .Speaking at Lafayette, Ind., John Jones of Geo. A. Hormel & Co. visioned the spread of merit meat buying. . .Rotarians heard Arthur Ulland tell about his trip to Russia. . .Bobby Larkin, 15, described his 44-day visit in Communist Czechoslovakia. . . Forty years after the original Armistice Day, Howard Vandergrift recalled how he broke his foot falling from a horse during the spontaneous celebration. . . Mr. and Mrs. Emil Scheid were sought to abandon all owl bus service in the Twin Cities. President David E. Ellison said the firm was making a new study of the 1 to 5 a.m. service and probably would submit a new petition, hospital. Detectives quoted the victim's mother, Laverne Sylestine, 24, as saying the boy had been on a diet of "beans and bread for breakfast, nothing for lunch, beans and seeking to cut service only on | bread for supper and plenty of those lines showing the least use- age. The State Railroad and Warehouse Commission earlier had set a hearing for Jan. 6 on the first petition. In it, the firm estimated it could make savings of $220,000 water." Officers said the sisters, ages 6 and 2, were so weak they could hardly stand. The mother and her male companion, who brought the boy to the hospital, were jailed on va- yearly by abandoning the early grancy charges, hours schedules. Bob Home Returns After Long Jaunt HOLLYWOOD (AP)—Bob Hope is home from an 18,000-mile Christmas tour entertaining some 50,000 U.S. servicemen. It was his eighth Christmas tour. "The greatest thrill was the gratification of all those kids overseas," Hope said. "They were wonderful." Presbyterians Fete Egyptian Mothers PHILADELPHIA OB - Women of the United Presbyterian Church have launched a program to promote American-Egyptian friendship. As part of it, three leading Egyptian women, Including the Egyptian "mother of the year" and her daughter, will visit America this spring for participation Notes New Surge of Piety in America BETHLEHEM, Pa. If) - In a new book called "The Surge of Piety in America," Dr. A. Roy Eckardt, head of the Lehigh Unl- versity Religion Dept. cites three different forms of religious manifestations in modern society, including: The "cult of reassurance," with Norman Vincent Peale as its chief spokesman; the "new revivalism,' with Billy Graham as its outstanding leader, and the kind of faith that identifies itself with "the American way of life." Koreans Protesting Rhee Security Law SEOUL (AP) — Scattered manifestations of opposition to the Syngman Rhee government's controversial new security law con- in local meetings across the coun- j tinued in Seoul today. Reinforced try, sponsored by the United; P° lice patrols maintained a tight Presbyterian Women, STOCKS YORK (AP) - 1 p.m. watch on the city. Some 200 youths gathered near tb« downtown railroad station to a Miss Cummings vacationing in the Bahamas. . . Hormel retirers: Jake Becker Charles Bell, Lon Enochsoh, Pete Haffner, Archie Bullis and John Berg. . .Sharon Madson, Austin High School student, headed up the housing arrangements for the Minnesota Student Council Assn. meeting in Austin. . .Suzanne Williams, cellist, was to make a tour with the St. Olaf College Orchestra. . .Max Proctor and his daughter, Miss Maxine Proctor, took unusual interest in the Austin High School play, "The Crucible," because two of the main characters were direct descendants of theirs . . .William Lacy was named of the St. John's University ROTC. DECEMBER Bryan Marmesh made the nationally-known precision drill team at Shattuck Military Academy. . . Mrs. Donald Weseman received the Order of the North Star for her work in the Minnesota State Centennial. . .Two grandsons on the same day were presented to David S. Owen. . .Achieving six crops of pigs a year, Loren Loucks, took the "calculated risk" out of marketing. . .Mr. and Mrs. James Greenlee, 317 E. Water, celebrated their Golden Wedding . . .Ralph Peterson hauled 500 silver dollars to the bank as first payment on a car. . .Kay Chihak won her wings as North Central Airlines stewardess. , .For outstanding participation in Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary, Mrs. Hans Paulson was named to make a pilgrimage to the National VFW Home in Eaton Rapids, Mich Robert Shaw was named First District representative on the board of directors of the State da. The same threat was made before in trying to pressure the wett to accept Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's proposal that the Allies quit West Berlin and let it be turned into a disarmed free city. Polaris Rocket Blasts Off Pad CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) —A sleek Polaris test rocket roared off to a beautiful start today but was blown up minutes later when it drifted off course. It was the third time in a row that a Polaris was destroyed after launching. The temperamental two • stage missile blasted straight up at 9:58 a.m. However, 15 minutes after the spectacular blastoff the Navy announced that the range safety of ficer destroyed the missile when it deviated from its planned tra jectory. The mission was to shoot the 23-foot test rocket on an 800-mil 1 flight across the Atlantic. Two predecessors exploded violently on Sept. 25 and Oct. 15. Shattered pieces of the missil splashed into the Atlantic severs miles from the cape launching site. Polaris is the top priority Navy program to develop a 1,700-mil missile for shipboard use. Whe; ready, probably in 1960, it wlil b capable of being fired from nu clear-powered submarines. 9 Teams fro Ploy in Mitchell County CARPENTER, Iowa - Five boy's teams and girl's teams will i compete in the Mitchell County j Basketball tournament in the .Car- jpenter gym, Jan. 12, 14 and 17. | Defending champions are the St. Ansgar boys and the Carpenter | girls. j The tourney pairings have Rice- j ville girls meeting Carpenter girls and Riceville boys playing St. Ansgar boys on Jan. 12. The winner of the Riceville - St. Ansgar game meets Little Cedar and Carpenter boys play Mclntire boys on Jan. 14 in the semifinals. Finals are Jan. 17. Game times are 7:30 and 8:45 p.m. Additional SPORTS Pettit Rules NBA Scoring NEW YORK (AP) - Towering Bob Pettit of St. Louis still is the ruler of the National Basketball Assn.'s sharpshooters but the pro circuit has a new playmaklng eader in an old hand — boston's Bob Cousy. Pettit is the top gun with 817 j related colleges and universities points and ft 26.2 per-game aver-i is up to 37,000 this year, about Church Mogotines Mtrgt This Month NEW YonK « ~ Two Presbyterian women's magazines, the 71 * year • old Missionary Horizons, and 84 • year • old Outreach, were combined this month as • result of the merger forming the United Presbyterian Church. The new publication, called "Concern," will be the official magazine of United Presbyterian women. j Baptist ColUgt j Rolls Inertost 1,000 NASHVILLE, Tenn. 1*1 - Enrolment at Southern Baptist eon* vention seminaries and church- AUSTIN (Mlnn.1 HERALD f £ toe. 30, 1911 19! * , ----- ——»•» v* v» Ma*vvvv*>3 wi bllv 0i>QlyC demonstration against the law ap-! Association of County Coramis- proved last week, but armed po- sioners.- NEW Stocks: " r icemen dispersed them before Abbott L 65 Intl Paper 116% ; * ey could 8 et organized. ! AlliedCh 95 Jones & L 60%', The national Police announced) . Allied Strs 53 Ken'cott 97 | ^at anyone organizing demonstra-'5oUK AllisChal 28% Lor'lrd 80% tions in °PP osition to the security Amerada 100% Lukens Stl 72 3 !i law would be severely punished. Am Can 49 a /i Minn MM 113 i ArnMtrs 39% Minn P&L 35'^Syrio Stamps Out AnacCo 60'! Mon Dk™ SOU;' 1 ™ 05 ' 011 °* l-OCUStS ArmcoStl 66% Mon Wrd 41 ; < s ! DAMASCUS (AP) - The Syrian Armour 22% Nat Dy Pr 4tt'-i i province of the United Arab Re- Beth Steel 52 No Am Av 43%: public is claiming a complete ""•""' Boeing Air 45V« Nor Pac 49% j victory over a locust invasion. A' V1 ° eS 22% i government announcement said 31%; the swarm which invaded the 108%' southern border area Sunday had 47% ' been completely wiped out before 43 lit could harm crops. Antilocust 47% i teams had been rushed to the 75% area. 89% ; 5. iHovt Horse: Wont 84, Girl With Sleigh 45-Year Attorney at College Basketball Kentucky 82, Navy 69 West Virginia 76, Tennessee 7a Auburn 69. Florida State 62 Washington 73, Minnesota 57 Penn 81. Catholic (Puerto Rico) 32 Vanderbllt 75, Virginia « College of Pacific 70, Arizona 61 85 Valparaiso 91, North Dakota State ALL COLLEGE Championship Oklahoma City 75, Duqueone 59 Third Place Bowling Oreeu 92. Xavler (Ohio) 71 Fifth Place Oregon State 67, Tulsa 65 Seventh Place Wichita 86. San Francisco tig FAR WEST CLASSIC Championship Oregon State 72. Iowa 71 Consolation Final Wyoming 55. Air Force 50 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE Championship Texas A&M f-l, Texas Chrtitian 43 Third Place Bice 81, Southern Methodtat 79 Fifth Place Texas Tech 72. Arkantai 63 Seventh Place Baylor 75, Texas 54 QUEEN CIT7 Championship Dartmouth 72, Canlslus 69 Third Place age for 29 games. Cousy moved ahead of Detroit's Dick McGulre n the assists department with 30 feeds In his last 3 outings for « total of 221. Tricky Dick has 217. Figures released today by the NBA cover games through Sunday, Dec. 28. Top scorers behind Pettit are familiar faces, Paul Arizln, Philadelphia, 724, 25.0; Elgin Baylor, Minneapolis, 721, 24.0; Jack Twyman, Cincinnati, 709, 23.6; and George Yardley, Detroit, 695, 22.4. Pace-setters In other departments include: Kenny Sears, New York, field goal percentage, .828; Bill Sherman, Boston, free throw percentage, .929; and rebounds, Bill Russell, Boston, 651. Gophers' Johnson 4th in Point Roct CHICAGO (AP) - Minnesota's Ron Johnson is in fourth place in the Big Ten all-games basketball scoring race today with 139 points in 8 games for a 17.3 average. Iowa's Dave Gunther took over the lead with Northwestern's Joe Ruklick dropping to second place. Gunther has a total of 202 points in 8 games for a 25.2 average while Ruklick has scored 175 in 7 games for a 25.0 average. Purdue's Willie Merriweather with 164 points in B games for a 20.5 average was in third place. Winner Jorgensen Wonts Title Chonce DALLAS (AP) —• Paul Jorgensen, the young man from Port Arthur, Tex., who's rated No. 2 among the world's featherweights, figures he should be mighty close to a title fight with Hogan (Kid) Bassey. The trim Jorgensen, who has gone through 27 fights without defeat, in two years, swarmed tough Bobby Bell of Youngstown, Ohio, for 10 rounds Monday night, to win an easy decision in the feature bout of the Cotton Bowl boxing show. Weighing 129 pounds to Bell's 127, Jorgensen won every round and outpointed Bell 100-89 on 2 cards and 100-91 on the other. Jordan Is Cleared of Narcotics Charge LOS ANGELES (AP)-Don Jordan, world welterweight champion, has been cleared by the district attorney's office in a narcotics possession case. Jordan and four others were arrested Sunday in a car in which police said they found a smoldering marijuana cigarette. The newly crowned 147-pound champ, who won his title by beating Virgil Akins, denied any knowledge of the cigarette. Vlf I had known there was any marijuana in that car I wouldn't have been riding in it," he said. The district attorney's office also declined to issue complaints against three others in the car: boxer Javier Benches, 24, Mexi- j co; Pete Padilla, 19, driver; and Hail 82. Brigham Young BO George Chavez, 21. A fourth youth, ECAC Richard Holguin, 18, will be st. John-. C ?NyfT h 8t P JM eph Pa. «*«?<» with nar °<*<» P°«ession, i the distnct attorney said. I I NEW COACH ROCK ISLAND, 111. W - Ray Loeschner, assistant foptball and track coach at Northwestern University, has been named head foot- I ball coach at Augustana College. KX-GRIDDER DIES GREEN BAY, Wis. <#i - Lyle R. Sturgeon, 44, former North Dakota State and Green Bay Packers football player, died Sunday night of a heart attack while curling. 1,000 over last year, the convention's education commission reports. RETIRES ST. PAUL (AP) — B. R. Resell jwill retire Jan. 1 after 21 years is executive secretary of the Minnesota State MeJical Assn. m A flBfltw BANMfcMfet FVM Of CHf WMHtt wattM ftorti adMad for tanfttatrt awllty tad tto«M fMiMHtlM, Mtif Afc id lot tnt bfl*teH«lp»etM M Wright Wt !!• & Co. lit N.t'l lMk , BrMg* S». Intranet AuttlN HI 3-3050 MOM. READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS, (ot) 79 Third Place T3ta» 79. Dayton 70 Fifth Place Syracuse 88. Holy Cross 82 CARROUSEL Fordham 85, Pittsburgh 76 Davidson 62, South Carolina 55 (2 ot'a) St. FraucU (Pa.\ 73, BuckRell 65 Otoorg* Washington 72. Clemsou 13 DIXIE CLASSIC Cincinnati 94, Wake Forest 70 North Carolina State 67, Louisville 61 (ot) Michigan SUit* 82, Duke 57 North Carolina 92, Yale 85 MOTOll CITY Detroit 98. Army 87 .Michigan 71, Princeton 58 SUGAR BOWL MUsltslppi State 56, Maryland 45 Memphis State 73. Loyola New Orlean* 71 Case JI Celanese Ches&O CMSPP Chi&NW Chrysler Cities Svc Comw Ed Cons Ed Cont Can Cent Oil Deere Douglas 19% Nor St Pw 29 Norw Airl 66% Penney 25 Phil Pet Pure Oil Radio Crp 62% Rep Steel 56% Rey Tob B 63% Shell Oil Sine Oil 56% Soc Mob | SAUK CENTRE, Minn. (AP) -' Laurel L. Kells, 75, city attorney j here for 45 years, died Monday' after a brief illness. A lifelong resident here, he got his law degree in 1908. Survivors include his widow, Laura, a son and daughter. Serbe held Wednesday moning from the First Congregational Church. Pastor Says They Just Drag You in TACHKAWA, Japan i* - A Lutheran pastor from Lakewood Ohio, the Rev. George P. Vijtko, made this comment on his new job as director of » Lutheran center "ThoM? Oh. thoM trt my ChrUtmt* ribbons t*i»t I'm •»ving to ti« up «ny lovt Itittrt if I g«t any!" 47H Bid 54'v Oeor(e A. Horael 4k Co. CoounoB Stock (WrlgW Wetit k Co.) Asked ST. JOHNS, Mich. (AP)-Tom for 8ervice men here: Pouch, an 18-year-old Michigan State University student, has a sleigh but no horse. He has adver-1 Every other building- in this city Used in this town's weekly paper: 'of some 65,000 is either a bar or "Wanted—girl with horse by boy , dive. . .You walk down the street "The moral climate. . .is quite bit different than it is at home. with sleigh." and they just drag you in." For The Purpose of Inventory WILL CLOSE AT 12 NOON WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 31st HAPPY NEW YEAR To Inturo) Your Happiness in 1959 and in thr y«tr» to com*, buy your homo or soil your prostnt houso at public auction! Whothtr it bo to buy or sell, you can bo assured tho price will be right, and your happiness will be great! ALBERT HOPFE & SON Auctioneers AUCTION Having tola my farm, I will tall Hia tocrlM pt»a«rty ta Hia hiohait Bidder, locarad.4 mlla* tait •MrtwnWala, than '/» mlla North an County Highway; ar 9 milac Eait af Auttln an 16 rift* 5 mllai Narrh M County Highway; or Vz mila lait af Sargaant, than 4 milaa South. SATURDAY, JANUARY 3 COMMENCING AT 12:30 P.M. LUNCH ON GROUNDS 73 HEAD of LIVESTOCK 7 HEREFORD and JERSEY CATTLE 5—Hereford Hilfcri, du« in April. I—Jtmy Cow, |uit frnh. 1—Jersey Bred Heifer, due in March. 16 HEAD OF SHEEP IS—Large Native Iwti, tat to Hart lambing April lit. Shroothlre lutlc. FEEDS AND GRAINS Appr. tQAO fan. far Cor*. Appr. 100 ••Ifl of.Strew. 40 HEAD OF HOGS 21—Weaned Plat, very «oid. 5—IrtdSowf, doo r.bruary lit. U—feeding Shoati. Z-Wet Iow«. 10 SHETLAND PONIES An opportunity to get In thli fait . •rowing SMtlond Pony Surineii. A . -fine selection of (hole* brood itock. 2—Black end White Maret. » yeori eld, bred to lorrel italllon with, • white monei and tail, gentle. 1— Black and White Mara, 3 yeari old, bred. t—Slue Roan Mara, t year aM. 2—Chettniit and White Yearling . Mam, wlilte manei and talli. 1—Cheitnut Stud with whit* mana and ttll, IS Inches tall, J yeort old. l-Chejfnut Stud, white mtwe anil tail, yearling. 2—Stud Corti. Saddle and 'any. equipment. • •:• GOOD POWER FARM NACHIHERY John Peere Hommef MHI, tO-inch. Allli "M" Combine, rower Takeoff, A-l condition. ' (OButhel Hog feeder. « Volt Fencer. Cement Mixer, «n rubber. Bradley Drag. . John Peere Cndgatl Seeder. Oliver 2-ftow Power Planter Fertilii dition. Fertiliier attae ir Plant ihmont, good con- Oliver '70" Tractor and Cultivator Rubber Tired Wagon and Box. It41 Ford U-ton Pkkup, Good rubber, Gram Box, 4 Speed Tranimii- tlon, with Radio and Heater, In good condition. Weodi BfM. One law Cora Picker, In A-l Condition. ' Minnesota T-Ft. Power Mower, 7-foot Grain Swather. International Electric Fencer. Water Tank. Hat Wctertr. 2-WhMl Trailer. ' , McDoerlng Sprint Tooth. John Deere 10-ft. Field Cultivator, On Rubber. TIRMS:—Anyen* fairing credit ft* »urch«M W fjM*1g M tfcig tala, mtfa •rr*nf«m«nt* with •** l«nk er tht CUrk MM* »im« of Ml*. N* swtMfty t« b« rtimvttf inm pramisM until fully MttM f*r. . CLIFFORD I, Owner ALBRIGHT « SPARKS, Auction**!* STATE BANK OF 8ROWNSDAU, Cterfc ^^^i^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H AUCTION Ay I •m quitting forming, will Mil tl| my MNM«| t>r«t«rty •» PUBLIC •VJSIiSftJ?*.* 5 ' /J w ." w 8AST ef «NIVA; .ri mlta NORTH .f JJ, A A R J^5?^ h "" * •""•• IA$T; or 5I/ * •""•• NORTHWIST of CURK1 GROVi; or 12 Milig NORTH of Albert Le, to BATH?TORf, thtw Vi milt IA$T, •• ,. SATURDAY, JANUARY 3rd COMMENCING AT 1:00 f.M. Congr«gotion«l Laditi Unit New RichknJ, Will Serve Lunch 39 PURfBRED BLACK POLAND-CHINA HOGS 4—Second Litter Sowt, due to farrow In March. 1—Optn Sow. 1—B(«d Giltt, due to fallow In March. I—Sow, with pigs at tide. 4—Feeding ShooTs, 150 Ibi. each. IS—Fall Feeding Shoati. 1—Purebred Yearling Boar. 1—Jteel Rotary Self Hog Fteder. 4—Hog Wateron, Hog Trough!, *tc. 265 CHICKENS 265 2»5—4-A White Leghorn Pulleti, very good healthy flock. Feederi, Fountains, etc, flectric Brooder Stove, SOO ilie. FEEDS AND GRAINS JOO—Bale* Alfalfa Hay, all in born. 400 —Inlet of Strew, ell in barn. MO Buiheli of Oats. 700 Butheli of Corn. 100 Bushels of Shelled Corn. U Buiheli »f Certified Soy Bean*. 27 HOISTEIN CATTLE Vary Choice—Ixceptiwiolly good herd and high producer!, ell negative to. Bangi titt. J—Long Yearling Open Helfen. I—Second Calf Heifer, due Jan. 4—Third Celt Cowl, I freih, one Cloie, up Springer. 6—Fourth Calf Cow«, } fresh, } Clowup Springer!. 3—Short Yearling Heifen. I—Steer, weight 700 povndt. 4—Barn Calves. Colll* Cattle Dog Dairy Equipment M. D. Milking machine, one tingle unit end MO doubt*. One tingle unit DeLaval Milker, pump, motor and pipeline far 24 cow*. Galv*ni*ed Stock Tank. S—10 gallon Milk Cent. 6-4 gallon Milk &M Milk Mil* Srrsineu, etc. Good Line Power Machinery 1951 Model U-A John Oltr* Cwnfcat Motor drive*, all ottochmtnti, MW canvai, «ator overhauled. Minntopeiii-MftMni 2 (tow Cultivqtof. Hantmtr Mill Belt. Maim- Harris J lottem H-in. Tcwtar flaw. McCorraick-Otiring I lotlom U-intb Mat Mold loord Tractor Plow. Mlmitiatg f-fr. Greta Swatter. McCaraick-DuriM Endaato Sieder. M. P. W«td Ckepixr lltctrlc Ftncir. If jl John Dun 2»0 Power Cora Plant. «r vita ftftlllur attachment. IMI Model W-P AiUi-ChalntWi Tr^ctar Old 2 Row Cultivator, ia wiceptlos- Qood ihape. ll-too Oliver ll-toot field Cultivate, M rub- llT-Ryfa U-tt. 411 Jteel Corn «ad Grain tie va tor, oa rubber. My-Mwrii f-l«at Tojdem Oi«. M*C*»lek-0»erln8 4 fectlo* Jteel Uv- V CotAAi |aM»k«i«r*maric Hay Minnesota Power Mawar, 7-H. cut, and Swather. I—Minauota Sida Pillvary Rak"1»}7 New liea » but. Tractor Manure Spreader, on (ubbtr. Sam* furniture. J»44 Model W-C «MUi-Ch*lm«ri Tractoi aad Cultivator. WS Ami-Coalmen Mounted 2 - low Cora Pkker Wagon Holit. Machine Jack. G. t 50-901. Bcctite Hot Water Heater. Power Circle Saw. with two blades. «—loth Cora Cribbiaa. 1MB Ford V-* Pickup Truck, all MW brtjta, good then*. Oil BarrTli, Fork., So»*U, Tool. tad To, W«<* Tri»??W, Triple Waaaa lax. »-»t«il Waal Truck W«f«M. J-Hal; Ndfc J-taU; |!3Su. 1MI Joky B**r* W-lMfc HaxuMt wm :— Aayon. cr«di» n«k« «rr«a0«m«tu with »w« lank or tk* Clivfc b«4»r» timt ttf *•!•. N« »n««rty to b« r«m»vo4 from »rt«Uot uatU fully wttM tw LEONARD C* LOMBABD, SH, Owner WENDOtf t HUH, Auction*** STATE BANK of CIA1KS GtOVL CUrk I.--'"

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