The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 17, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 4
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George and family, south of Malvern recently. . . and Mrs. Arthur DaKon, daughters. Marguerite and Maty Alice, and SOB. Jack, of Grant, fr«hf . spent last week with Mr«. Dftlton's sister, Mrs. Elmer flefc* el, and family. Miss Elsie Pontow went to Red Oak Sunday morning to Join the Cotter T OB? fot a trip to Chicago and to see the World'* Fair. Mrs. M. E. Bell and her daughter, Mrs, Oliver Bfewster, of Portland, Ore., woo has been visiting here for several weeks, left Tuesday for Chicago where they will visit relatives a couple weeks and attend the World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Curtis of Rockport, Mo, were guests w««- day in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cox. They were Joined at dinner by Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cox and daughters, Grayce and Wahneeta, and grandson. Robert. Also present were Mrs. Charles Johnson and son, Max, of Hastings. They all enjoyed a chicken feast served cafeteria style. Mrs. Charles Johnson and son, Max, of Hastings were week-end guests in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Carl Cox, and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Paulson and Mrs. Sam Taylor attended the funeral of their cousin at Plaits- mouth, Nebr. Sunday. Mrs. Florence Hannah and children, Donna and Joyce, returned to their home in Shenan* doah Sunday after a weeks visit here in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Knight. Mrs. Mable McClain eame down from Omaha Sunday for a visit in the R. J. Knight home and Miss Kathryne Knight returned home with her for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Donner and Dorothy left early Tuesday morn* ing by auto for Hemlngford, Nebr. where they go to visit Mr. Donner's brother, L. 0. Donner, and family and enjoy an outing trip out across Nebraska. .. and . —•—, . — Sunday bj antd for Cnfeafo Where they wH attend the Century of Progress Exposition and then drive on np to Sehooleraft, Mich, for a visit with relatives. Miss Mildred Bwefdfegef came down from Omaha Saturday fof a Week-end, Visit in the D. B Whitfietd home. Mrs. Paul Gate* and son, Bobby, of Hastings, Nebr. drove In Sunday evening fof ft visit at the parental G. S. Eacrett home. She plans to return home Friday and hef daughters, Peggy and Charlotte, who have been visit* Ing here, will return home with her. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Conner of Fall City, Nebr. came Sunday evening for a visit in the A, P. fCllmartln and Wm. Warner lome. Miss Frances Benton returned Sunday from Chicago where she spent a week and attended the World Fair with a group of for* mer Iowa University classmates. Mf. ftftd Sirs, ftat t. soft, Joe, Of On?*** wefe fUceni Sunday guests of Mf. and Mrs. Glenn Summers southeast of Malvern. The De-wetts had Jttri returned from Fort Meyer*, Fla. where they Were visftiftg Mft. Dw- well's parents. While Jn Fdrt Myers they also visited Mr. tad lALVtRfMOWA,. f»*l^^*i^^^b^B^^t^B^ki^^a^^s^a^^^^^fc^^M Out on the OH tttim&zlmA Again Mrs. I. P. MeSpftdden, parents of Mrs. Glenn Summers. Mr. Dewett is special commercial paotogr* pher for the Omaha dallies an< also does work in that line fof the tt. S. Government. A son was botn to Mf. and Mf* Harry Hoover, jr. Thursday, Atg. 10. We extend congratulations. Dr. and Mr*. M. A. Gable and daughter, Rowena, of Indianola were guests from Wednesday until Friday of Mrs. 1. C. Kayton and Mr. and Mrs. George sal* yers. Dr. Gable spent part of the time in Council Bluffs looking after business patters and Rowena also visited there. Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Speas drove down from Marshaiitown last Friday for a Visit with the Grouse families near Hastings and Strahan and other old time friends. They and Mr, and Mrs. A. F, Grouse were in Malvern Saturday afternoon and made us a pleas* ant call. Mrs. Speas was formerly Nellie Grouse and she has man in 01 Awna uuiverBliy CiaBSmaieB. •**'•••» v/»vwww ctuu auv tlttB iUItU B. H. Abel, northeast of town, J friends in the county pleased t - taken very sick Tuesday j Bee &er again. George B. Alstrope of Wake* field, Nebr. came in last week fo a few days visit with relative and old friends. His nephew, Jo Muusinger, and wife were out t HOSTESS MAOASIDTB Coffee Richelieu Jupiter Brand -jrv pound - . • .«3UC Gelatin Richelieu four packages - . Shrimp Richelieu The finest Gulf <f rr Shrimp, per can A3C Aworted Vegetables for Salad Baby Stuart No. 8 can T Orange Fruit Juice Richelieu No. 8 can Grape 4 g iDC Cuke Flour Richelieu package 30c Soap Chip* Beby 8t«ftrt package 20c Genuine Ma*gn Fruit Jwrti complete Pint* * Quarts doien 75c SATURDAY ONLY Granulated Sugar TEN PQUNB8 H, A, Deardorff The Richelieu Store was morning with what to an attack r _. _ D. M. Kline was summoned and had him sent to the Jennie Ed* mundson hospital in Council Bluffs where he underwent an operation Tuesday afternoon, shortly after arriving, for acute appendicitis, it was a severe case but be stood the ordeal well and his condition was reported satisfactory yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Landls drove to Omaha yesterday morn* ing where they attended a meeting of retail hardware dealers held there to consider problems connected with the NRA work and its application to their bust* ness. Our friend, George Gee, of southeast Deer Creek was in town yesterday. He says that their community had as yet received no rain and things were terribly dry there. He believes his corn will not make more than Wayne visiting and he came baci with them. Mr. Alstrope made th .editor a pleasant little visit an< we recalled old times when we were both going to school down at Western Normal college In Bhenandoah some 46 years ago Yes, we could still remember a •lot of things that happened down there. Mr. and Mrs. L. Z. Crosier and daughter, Frances, drove in from Ottumwa Sunday for a visit with. Mrs. Crosier's mother, Mr*. Eva Durbin. Mr. Crosier and Frances had Just returned from Chicago where they had attended the Century of Progress Exposition which they greatly enjoyed. Mr, and Mr*. Harry SlothOwer ,,, MHV ««,•««, *uvio IUBCJ *•»•« «•««%• *•**«« fiutry 0'vf.uOwOr half a crop now even though it of Wellsville, Penn. ana Mr. and does rain. Frank Rockafellow Mrs. Kenneth White cf Phlladel- from north of Hastings was here P&la drove in last Wednesday and at the same time and reports a visited until Friday with their One rain up in his vicinity and cousins, Walter and Paul Sloth' they have been coming that way °»er. They bad been to the Chi- pretty regularly for the past six <»K° expositlpn and came on out weeks so their corn is in pretty bere to see a little western conn* good shape, try, Mrs. Ethel Oilmore and son, Teddy, and Mr; and Mrs. Ifame* Swain and son,- Jamie, drove in Tuesday evening from Chicago where the Swains had been visiting and attending the Century of Progress. J. H. McKown and family drove in from Columbus, Nebr. last week to attend the fair and visit relatives and old friends a few days. T. R, pot?s came over from Red Oak Wednesday to attend the fair and visit his daughter, Mrs. W. S. Bradley, southeast of town. Mr. Potts was for many years a resident of Malvern. Miss Jessie Wortman left last Wednesday evening for Wausau, wis. to resume her work Jn the Waussu Memorial hospital after a four weeks vacation at home, Helen and Allen Wortman accompanied her as far as Chicago and the three of them spent a few days at the Century ol Prog, reas Exposition, going the con Way, Our good friend, G, B. F*VMM of the WeaJey Chapel neighborhood was In town Saturday. Harvey Gary of •-' was ii their vicinity last week suro helped the looks of g 8 Mrs, Inez Summers, Smith and *on, Ward, returned to Omaha Sunday »fter a ten (Jays Ttajt in the Frank Summers home. «__ • ****MB» •«, r-if ^vmw-+" * . Tf ya^mi daughters, Dorothy and -^« came over from Corning Thur*day and spent the day visiting Mrs. Paul Slothower and other friends. Miss Dorothy formerly taught in the Malvern schools but has for some years past been in the Cleveland, Ohio schools. John Barker of Indianola was here Saturday for a short visit with bis aunt, Mrs. Frank Robbins, and other relatives. Miss Kathryn Boord came in Sunday morning from St. Louis to Join her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B, S. Boord, who moved here a couple of months ago. She has been spending the summer witn - - - —... +*** u01ft6 BfeTQ$& OUT tan letter from the homestead wat tft fM»t. I beTfeve I pratt ttejd *otte One that t would writ i Wfle ol d*f return trip. _ W* wt Edgar, Moat, early J*f*4*f frothing and drove to BJnings irtd thence down to Sherldaif, Wjro., otef the old CW- ter itettiefteld Hlghwfty, and theft at* enf boon d*y luncheon |ft th* twttttlful bro*k tide park It w** * cloudy, cool morning ftnjoyed the ride thor- 1%t country we came _ had suffered quite ft lit* tie frott the drouth and will not ** *p to t*f with their regular yields of train. frdta Sheridan we came southeast, mote south thaft east, over iaine highway which, by the way, hag Been vastly improved tine* lay last trip over the same. — the roads have flow been placed ofi grade and straightened out, mostly graveled and largely oiled, making a very smooth, ftnd Jhefe oiled, dustless highway. The road has left the hilly part "the former highway and we follow down a pretty irrigated valley a food part of the Way to Cleawnont, Arvada, and Gillette and thence east through Moor* croft and Sundance to the Black Hills country. The country from Sheridan down to the Black Hills seemed to be in unusually good condition and to have had recent rains Qaite ft contrast to southern Wy* otalng which we had traversed on »ttr out going trip. The country to given ever largely to grating but where farming operations had been carried on, especially in the Irrigated sections, things looked very good indeed. There was also plenty of grass on the range and we occasionally passed "^«J nice looking herds of cattle. The drive from Mooreroft over to Sundance is especially scenic taking in a corner of the famous Black Hill* country and the road, which Is on excellent grade, winds ironnd and over the tops of the Hills opening frequent vistas of exceeding beauty. There seems also to be considerable ranching interest* in this section. The far- famed "Devil's Tower" to off the road to the north and to visible for; miles and miles, and to those who have not seen it close np, "»11 worth a side trip over to it. Sundance is a typical western own, so hedged in by the mountain* or hills as to be Inaccea*. for a railroad, so had no I | ** w * east however We passed through a comer of tie Sad Lands and the conn- try adjacent which isn't so very good. It Is hard to see how they Bate ft living on some of it but they evidently So. We did have ft fine road, however, ail the way acrow. As we cane further east we struck the drouth stricken areas and what was still worse the "grasshopper" area, this is about as desolate aid forsaken ft sight as one can Witness. In some places the hoppers had eaten everything, even the leaves from the trees. The ground was bare with occasional stumps of cornstalks left and small grain and grass eaten to the roots. They told as that the hoppers had come to then from northern Nebraska fthd gone on to North Dakota and were even then in southern Canada Working on their Spring wheat. They are a terrible scourge. We reached Mnrdo at 11 o'clock but discovered that the line changed here so we lost an hoar—the noon whistle was even then blowing, prom there We drove to Chamberlain where we crossed the Missouri river on heir magnificent toll-less bridge They have them in South Dakota After leaving, Chamberlain ew miles we left the Custer Bat tlefleld Highway and turned south following the Mlssour river south and east to Yankton Passing the beautiful Lake Ande where so many of our nsherme have tried their luck, and thu on to Sioux City. Thto southeast section of Souu Dakota is vastly different from that farther west and the crop ftre more like those in Iowa, lu •orne Places the drouth has hnr them pretty bad as it has here W* reached Sioux City a llttl after 9 and concluded that as w were that near home and a goo< Iowa paved road we would Jus as well come OB which we did f !£* * bo ' lt * *• n " «"> h * T wt?t"? " 7 ttllea **»* d «* Which to enough, except to say as we hare frequently said before: we traveled far, but did no see anything that looked quite so «ood to us as the crops and the jcenery ot good old Queen Mills. The corn here sure does look tal after seeing crop* in other places. VB I.UV »•*•• wswvi - ——— - — te*«« into the pat*. to A *Mt of God's p«ep» *«» J* wattfnf to weTtwine ye*, pat* you. Win *«e you at Watbontre at sumet Aug. id. WfnUeTd Scott IntTey, See'y Sunset Association. O.twp*thic Adnlt Health Clmtc at SUte Faif The citizens of this community will agatti have the opportunity of securing a thorough physical examination while at the Stats Pair, through the courtesy of the OStsopftthle Profession of Iowa. ; Because these are such strenuous times, the need for the care ot the * ™ —• —• «•••» v wav €»l A fa:- ay&Mt«*i^j^»Mv i js uBuwwry to Wtef early, b*rof e th* test Gefdofc> i«8 MftWrttfc Tefetiat »«f snaffllewBv *fil to gfod t6 arrange ft time fof yot. A large Mat of phytfciaftg «fg he on hand ts iefrt re*, fect«& ing our ot*n DY. lohn Itline. Df. Ant Mf*. & Jfc Agftn'ef Oletwood and tnetf tfiftgntef a** husband, Mf. ftftd Mfs. ft. A. GoJ. try, ot Chicago dfe>v« oter t«fc day eveftihg fof I short Visit ft the W. I*. Wortffifttt hdmft. WEMjSsUu, ™, K» T Mitchell, Ind, Chas, storms Sprjn * drove in from m Winner, So, Pak. the first of the week for a few days visit with Malvern friends. Tom Benton. Max and Junior T f ?*£ Robert Bent °n' «nd Lloyd Herman left lart night with Allen Wortman for Chicago to spend a few days at the Century of Progress Exposition, of w ^ d ., Wr8< Bobwt WWM88 of Woodlands, Calif, visited here over night Tuesday with aunt. Mrs, w. P. WPrtmW id^town IB it* bowliike setting B the nilte and in the old "cow town" days was the scene of maay cowboy frolics. From Sundance we drove on a ew miles further east and cross. «d,the line Into South Dakota at leulah aud drove OB iato Spear* sh, one of the pretty towns of he Black Hill* country, situated t the mouth of scenic Spearnsh canyon. Here we ate. dlnaer and ; especially enjoyed the fresh caagW Rainbow trout served as their feature on the menu. After eatinjsr.we concluded to drive « little further and ~ai. !£?"*£ U w *» raining'again by tteto time we dro?e ( on, to Stur. gto, another very, pwtty town adjacent to the.,Blank mite, Here wepBt.ap ftMne ol.tbe nicest cabin camps we had yet seen, It was located JiTttie edge of •ad a fparkUBr-MWlf stream wureer;thren*,.,,, .,„ bin* too were superior,,Fancy ea,«a with electric lights, gas Beat, and gas copying stove, ran* BiBg water wjtft toilet and anower bath, hot *nd cold water, ana above all, most exoeUeat beja, From the Elgin,, .New*, we slip the folioi *'' *** - Wck and „„,,„„ returned with them to > for a few day* visit, Frank Summers went to Ian Tuesday where he Judged livestock at the Shelby Couety Fair. On Wednesday be Judged at the West Pottawattamle Four* H club show in Council Bluffs. Mrs. summers accompanied him and visited friends in both places. Miss Ruth Wylle , eauty Shop left Elgin, Nebr. where «he »-, „ a two weeks vacation »t her h there..MUa Gore of Sidney is lug her place In the beauty a Clifford Mackey has take » To the Pessimists of America livt in dt*.fco»wln « Des Mpines, Aug. 9 - Barney Oldfield, tof S3S« «;?* <»*$* j\ IW! ** ~w«t to of our local reader* „„„, „„ wu renir* of the old World'* Colam, WaB Exposition held In JMS in Chicago: ' Mrs, B, F, Hlgglns, *jo Elm street, i, another Elginite who the World's Columbian Exposl- •ilk handkerchief with a picture ture of the Machinery hail on it and Mrs. Biggins' name, "An- Ble,'' embroidered |n one The handkerchief was by her fattier, the late D. w* vey, of Malvern, la, Sim*** Service at ™ Waubonsio AU*. 20 muate, whan *h Baptist _.,._.. VACAffOJf "This day, 0 God, we are reminded ot Jesus who stopped In Bethany to rest from the toil of teaching the mysteries of Thy kingdom, and bringing cheer to all those who were poor in spirit. As we go to rest and recreation, be Thou with us. Strengthen weakened bodies; renew tired minds; rebuild shattered nerves; heal us ot alt diseases. As we go, help us not to forget Jesus who went into a mountain to pray. Grant that we spend an hour each day in meditation so that not only shall our physical fitness be restored, but that our spiritual capacities may be en* larged. May some of us tarry long enough in the mountains, alone with Thee, until our mountains shall become mounts of transflg- uratlon. May our vacations mean that we shall get a new range of vision, and see life more fully than ever before. May we bring from our mountains visions ot Thy glory and Thy command* menu written anew In our characters. Stand by those who can not go away. Help them to bear the toil, have faith, and find Thy blessing in their labors. Bring us back to our tasks, dear God, unsullied by sin and fit for the Master's use. This we ask in Jesus' name." Amen (By the Rev. Stephen Gill Spoils- wood, Buffalo, N. Y.) You would be welcome at our Bible school next Sunday at 10, Theme of sermon Sunday morning, "Two Things Which Abound." the church a* cafe to be there. The chotf Witt practice at the parsonage Friday it i p. m. Services next Sunday wilt be as follows: Sunday school ftt 10 and preaching at 11 a. m. The sermon subject wilt be "Religious Certainty." The scripture assignment from Aug. l? to 98 is t tt, and 111 John, and on Aug. 84 it is Jnde. er, paatof CJrcI * WHI «"•» OUre K*rton thi« (Thursday) afternoon. The Fourth Quarterly Confer* ence will meet in the church lee- tare room at 8 p. m. today (Thursday). We hope eyery official and committee person will be present and as many others of 31,000,000 children wilt start the annual school parade in September, Mow ate your child's eyesT Better see L. S, Robinson, exclusive Op* tometrlst, Qlenwood. about this. The Red* White Store The Best for Let* Pork and Beans Blue A White. 4 f\~ No. >K can IOC Catsup Red ft White, 14 01. Bottle... Salad Dressing Marco, 4*4 _^ qt. Jar—.—_.P I C FORD OWN Exc, Vmm&^lym^y^^^^^^ No Jong wait w* have fts irinEralGi* _ — _ -^ J *-~"WV»KW'L..»a«_^»^B«»M»« srs ,_ WT ^_ Sfr A KAL ^ IICES «« WSW SR<i «4 PUB oFT«n3l«* u

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