The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 17, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE tWO MALVtftN LEADER. MALVr** t tOWA. AUGUST It. THE MALVERN LEADER A* Att*e«tjit«ttt* t TOM* Step* WIMMI T<mt it W. P. WOKTMAN, Ratere* ta* f«*t 0*** *t iwtt JMrttw. t» Advance Cra* copy «*ae year OM *«W *tt Ta» *at» «a t»* •ertpttea to p*J4. It.W .51 Oae <«t$ three months ' . Stagi* «n$ ....... .»» t*» »i#wa ti* tita* to which tfca •*.&• M EM NATIONAL ASSOCIATION „_ ORTSnt rAPKRj—All the ott'elal proceedings of the B*ard «vt Sape?***** are pmted la tail la this paper. S» e**t* a oMama iaeh; ft cents an inch additional tot **aiiwftttfea, Kttra for guaranteed position. LOCALS. da****** - - - *e a tine LOCAXJv anxwg readtac »*tter l*c a line 0Mt**ry rvrtry « . . * fte a line Car* *t Tmaaka* - - - - »ec tk« ]»*t *mc*. to atee tfc» j t» JcttTMT M> t»UUT« t* c*t t** •*»«*, Tft» !*•*£*** }» «• »md UM ehM«* et attrtes In •OVUM*. ' EDITORIAL Kvea with NRA we'll need some higher farm prices before thtaga look prosperous in Iowa. Thought tor school boys: school begins again in three weeks. Thought tor school board members: we hope we can keep the school going a full year with the funds available. Thought tor taxpayers: we hope we'll have enough money to pay enough taxes to make all this possible. Southwest Iowa's corn crop looks singularly blessed when compared with that of other parts of the atate and even other corn raising states this year. Cuba to having the typo of revolution which is necessary when thing* really go to the do«a. Bren a national election y The brief period of shorter business hours In Mills county showed — regardless of the failure to make them last — how much easier the same amount of business could be done. The radical change from the longer hours formerly used made the new time temporarily inconvenient for buyers, as any change causes temporary Inconvenience. But it would have taken only a short time to iron out such Inconvenience and the shorter hours would make tor more efficient selling — and the savings would eventually be passed on to the buyers. There Is little point la taking twice as long to do a thing which can be done In halt the time. More and more it becomes apparent that further inflation is needed it quick relief is tfc*. the XftA p*#ralif» *h»*1d Haw a «**Me*iy taHatiftnary ft*e* by rfttritif the national tmyfa* f*w«. Wftbdfawa! of tb«> R«v?*rftBM>»t fretfi coTiipetl- tlea with private borrowers would bate a wneh greater and flalcker effect. Wheft ttattotwl eoftftdenc* is impaired private loans will always be difficult to obtain and will carry eorfe- upondlnBly higher service biir- d*n. especially when the government asks for investment money and pays an Interest rate several times higher than l» necessary. Ufltll short teria loans are again o,nlekty and easily available business a«d farming will need to be on a far too conservative basis than I* necessary for rapid recovery- Many odd types of things flourished tor their brief days during the depression. Miniature golf, walkathoiis (li» cities large enngh to have a sufficient number of mentally deficient to support such things), highway construction, speculative buying on margin by those who could scarcely afford dally bread, national waterways development, land reclamation and of course the Chicago World's Fair. Future students, as they discover the history of this depression, will be hard put to reconcile such things with hard times. ftipttfttlit *,. .tree* to rf htt »e<*«ary ot ot Wat tronp* 0« *«* «* <,.ie«t for a tea** o went to the eotintry. 1 *** te * tt *f , admtaistratlon to the of State — who happ«8*d to be the Secretary ot War. Hte tera «.f office lasted nntll noon, when by prettens agrwraeat Manael de president, while antt-Slacbado men replaced all Cuban officials favorable to »a- cnado. «A The following verse was sent »ttt wten rtt ft strcn Itwf tt €tfiftfc f g«» ta i« on the cetlttg, ! tm on t ««e fates tit tfc fcltcTieti, t «» twtes tn tfcs *ttl, i tee taies in the d%fftit reoa, I see taxes on my plate, 1 believe I Sift tftfte tittl ft everytnlBg t eat. t believe In payin* t»t«e, ! B*li«t« in being t believe these nnjnst taies ate taiatlon of tire fetala. ! see taxes on ny chlldfea, t see taies on toy wife, I see taxes on ffiy incotne, I tee ' fates on my llf*. . • __ Oes Motnes, la™ Special: the biggest baby beet show ta the United States this year wfll be held at the Iowa State Fair. Aug. M U» 8»pt i, when over 800 animals ted by farm boy* and girls of Iowa and selected from over 4.009 head la 99 ceaaUee, will compete tor the baby beet championship of the state. Tats wQl be bat one event ta a complete Junior Livestock Show headlining the Iowa State Fair. ta which nearly 1.500 pigs, cairn, colt*, iambs aad poultry raised by farm youngsters wttl he exhibited. ! to the Chicago Dally News by 0. • each day you toav tee me ont' The next bum fat* that w* pte- i working on the tartn. I diet with no oih«r <*n ««»p*tft, i have a little forty, a cBlcken It's a metef on mt windpipe, coop and barn. then tat «8 t«t_i**_O* t If all good ideas wer« worked out when first con- cplred what a remarkable plac« this old world would be. Pro* craittnatlon robs us of far more than Just time and many of the test Ideas and thoughts of the world are lost tor any beneficial use simply because those who conceive them are too buy or too modest to fire them a proper opportunity for development. Cuba's revolution proves that any government which tries to live by persecution of Its enemies must eventually fail. And that is a potent thought even tor more democratic countries. ATI ^wr** wor* mutta are Chicago is making a noble effort to apprehend and convict gangsters tnd hoodlums. The effort has been «o successful that many cltlzans ar» a*kiog why it hasn't been tried before. The NKA cauipaign is being given a thorough test the country over. Perhaps the biggest detriment to its success I* the taliet by nearly everyone that th* uncomfortable and iucou- features of the plan apply only to the other fellow. Nothing can be gttiued without «4?riact> and we «»u- ttot gain 4«ytUtUK {row NRA uulversal saeriSce. Tae of tho plan is uot to radically th* «utir« aud sixia\ structur* ot the country but to put as mtuiv uu«ttyloy*i to work as vxxisiblo with a corrwpouaius lacrwaso to w»&«« »u*i uattcMiil buy (us power. MOJW «u«$«m«rs *iU uieau higher vrk-«w — (or tarm prodtt«?t» as well, as twr msui*- f*tfiurts<l gootU. That Is th* r«*- IKMI why \ift*9l«»a support of t«» NRA yrv>sntui wilt eremu- ally ui*aa b«tt0r tiw** tor ail «rt a*. Century of the hundreds of James Trus5ow Adams his which roil up aad down, the mala written that tae World's Fair of f boulevard* of th* city. Oae can 18»3, by th* classic beauty of Us presentation, allowed America us to stop and consider the possibilities for cultural d«v*topai»nt which was theirs attw their century of subduing th* frontier wlh derness. Th* Ceatury of Progress should giv* Americaas the 8am* f**Uag t>l prid* ior ta* coaatry's •ctenUfte progress. -M-V- AVith certain few ^wptkuis. hou*v«Y, th* exhibits M the (air tut> not «k» uultfiUtdiKK a» th* jcwrral |wvM«taiUkMs» That Is, MM? ctuk alw«y» s<e* th# a*w« esl Oevelo^uutNU^ IB »p«Mrial tivltls by vMtiniK private ur I**. but ualy at History . . of the . * An interpretative news summary of the Important events of the past week. (Continued from page 1) (tlon was being completed (he de- promlfced, too. that the blue eagle, partraent of agriculture an~ would not be left at any estab-1 noaaeed tt* latent JOB of detegat- llshment evading tta Intent. 81*! tat to the eottftty commute** the mutUn«ou»lr. h« launched the broadest possible powers to second phase of the campaign, the 'bur Now' appeal to the public — but buy of members of the NBA. Tbere «rvrr> discordant accompaniment* to the procreat of the New Deal. too. After the violence of the milk strike to New York state had apparently been subdued hy greatly augmented police toreea. on Saturday a strike of milk producers to ConnectUst appeared ta spite of earlier ra- ministering the plan to their areas. The committee* will be made up by the farmers participating: and wltt have full control ot the local investigation and administration. * * • * Very little leas directly con- cemlng official Washington than domestic affairs was the hitter crisis ta Cuba. After .three weeks the general strike directed la op- poeiUoa to President Maehado mors of a peaceful settlement. > had extended aatil every fora of Maay of the striking Peaasyt- vaaia coal miners returned to work attar the suvpoeed •agreement* of confiicUag lama*, but some didttt aad gave aoate element of emergency to the hearings la the coal Washtngtoa on a coda tor industry. Oa this code there appeared th* first prospect tor a court teat ot the industrial recovery act. While the administration waa firm ta tta demaad for th* elimination of th* company union clause, th* coal operators gave evidence of detenat- aatloa to ehalleag* th* preeldeat ta any attempt ta ettmlaat* It ay th* drastic teeth of th* K*X3* . - Your PtttMBER U. Html. tw 4iM| >H «*» World's V*ir Vftv WW'« oj As Jar as albitiou oa« th« *«rwts aiaas th* vb.tttt«ric beamy auO. th* uiodwa buMiux* w«r» i*« t«* cas xisiior would ftud it w» ou truutbl*. Ta« «t*etr&at tb.» Biiurxttlous Usfetttt*> torn possibly ta» wo #v*r t«i be \»a. it tb.« «x- wer« «lc$»d *p ot th* fair *U« troat. th* t th* lago lorw of th» al f»tr worth see better and have more tun do- tag; so by cutubinx to th* upper deck ot th* opea buses and ob- taia th* full effect of both: wind and open vistas- The ride north along ta* take sao**, starting Irora th« fair groaada, takes oa« through. b«sla«as ttk* Qraat park, along th* tamed lake treat skyline of tall buU4io«s. across ta* double-decked hridx** past tha Tribtut* tower and Wrigter b«U«t- iuxs and Drake hotel. thro«&a rt*Hful Ua««ta park am4 swaak ap*urta*«at buildings amd a t*w pruat* hoaxes. aa«i OB. oat atoas (h* wealthy north shore are*. -f-t-l- Ut th*> fc*ir om» ewaaot «o»- Tni* ituw «if k.yntaaHy fe t* •¥>«» iat]|W(t«Ht nan «f the fair i^trts vlu mot buM » «*acQ» t» th» i»:*««i«, u» wferj waj, tu «*«a-' . Praat. 4**fc RooaeveH toattaaed to »t*dy with «ia exports poosthl* syst« for • managed etrreacy. * * * * Th* OMMsittae of Twenty-Five. repr*«eAtl«c th* eon and hoc producers, preaaated last week; to the farm adjwttateat ad«t ttoa heariBca ta Chicago their concrete and spectacular protract for th* eatexcaacjr r*a*f ot th* hoc markettac atteatio*. lusti gtaw wdkh, *8.<i il*a Uaw aftef my ota«r* t«<«, e«Nia,l -f-fe-t- b* ahutshterwl thte fan, to remove th* pnavAt mad ftttara b«* deft of surplus atocka avovias to the markets Of «he»ft h^ps * *tt- Ho» .would h* Pigs ttwbjr lft» pottowfe, bovchjt at prftt* craa at*d from ft to |» p«w handr**- veicfct -n» oltaw «tt»o« ho W4NS& b« PJCfjT W»» >*HM!»t V * ftOftsty ot M per Ik«tt4 *»«*» ewntwst martet attaft, tt Is ftp* thejr p*9poa«d «*«t th* pork frwat ta* better gxad«a h« asJ4 to ttrf orsantaaHaaa at « nto«taiaJt» pr&». o« tiMir a«r««««at aat eunaii r*g»lar p«r«haai«ft af nw r«4 t»l th* t»w«f.' it ut li^dc. busiaeas in Cuba was closed, and the efforts to tore* th* resumption of bmstaoas wer* fruitless. Th* peculiar posltloa ot the United State* as th* Underwriter ace load* ot Cabaa indep America necessarily the protector foreign interest rell s her Throaghoat the week Ambas- utor WeQes. la dose coatact with Washiagtfl worked with the Yarloa* croaaa tor a formula tor the padOetioa ot the latesd. Taroughoat the week < tori retaaal ot •tort ay th* to HORSE RACES » b*r» t mttaw A tl^A AA (.AC*.^^ W&W9*I9 IWnWM ttfttUiaiafMaiS AwflMt. Mlffct rsdas (ant la l«ws) enty tUU, AM.U4L AK. CIRCUS GAODQISMOW' AUTOS f R£€ 1 AC«B| » \mflt AT THE PRICE OF R EC-Ill A B; ta* **tw«ait«&.w to* Ukc ft^haa> 'WP H^V ***** lh*« 4* I r*a* « • *^. *.- ft "

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