The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 30, 1958 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1958
Page 12
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ft MILLION TO SAV8 HIM FROM A AINfft ANOONA COA/M6RCIAU AIRC(*AI"T WA61DCOM6 INTO NATIONAL AIRPORT IN UNIFORM CANYON l COUIP HAVE *AVS(Q UNOE SUCJAtt SOME PSNNICS ByCUMBIN INTO FLYINO aOTHS AND HOOKINO A Bit* ON ANY AIR FORC6 ~ BIRO COAAINO THI* WAV.., M VBBy «CMT-C* TMBV WDUUONT HAVE MB ACT «O CONSPICUOUSLY MARY WORTH 'AND 5HE HM LIVED A D07EN LIVES! t REMEMBK .HOW IT MCKEOTHEf AMILY WHEN SHE KAN AWAY „ f ROM SOARDINfrKHOoi WITH HER RENCH TEACHER] COUSIN CONSTANCE Bn ACTUALLY «ME<« A* OLD A* YOU ARE, ^ MOW STACY I UN'T SHE.AUNT MARV? ' OU)E *'» T A CVI ITS trrnc THINGS UKB THAT TMAT BUILD eooo FUMDS T MOM so COME PI THIS AWFUL BLIZZARD/ WILL WITH MYTEEM-A6E FRECKLES OH, SHE'LL BP HERE — NEED MUSIC WHILE BUT I POOR.UTTLE ME / 1 N6ED AMOTMER. PIME/ ^C FOR VOLJ? PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al Vermwr LOOK AT YOUR !! A SHAMBLES THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH YOU, PRISCILLA! YOU NEVER HANG UP ANYTHING-.' '—' ON CHRISTMAS EVE I HUNG UP MY STOCKING OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Wilh Major Heqpl* WEEK WITHOUT BEATING THB KHRUSHCHEV.TbMARRYIMTOTH6 x , ..aperi^ vtfrru c^-r* \ '• ROCKEFELLER FAMILY AS PICK I iKHTi??.™. ^ FAC J S 'J ^ VOU TD STICKT& TH& FACTS, FOR SEVEN DAYS IN A ROW CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams BAH.' 1 THOU6HT VEW WAS A BUNCH O' TOUSH COW- PUMCHERS.' LOOKIM' UKE SICK, StSSI&S tAUSETH 1 SYRUP LIP COME OFF IK) TH' WAGOW AW GOT IWTO EVERVTHIWV Sj OH, 'TAIW'T TH 1 ^ GRUB, 5U<SAR« WE'RE HARPENEP T'THET.' WE WAS THIMKIKI z^\ ABOUT OUR —\ BEP5J SWEET MEATS AMP SWEET SLEEP MOMITIX-I HAVE THfi MOST STUPENDOUS ItfcA FOR " HOlOITHONEV«iwANTTO THI TOODLES nwkw 11/ nvmsr--* »»«n i iv KNOWIFYOURBAU26WEHE THCT PERSON BETTER BE Ml SO THAT t CAN CONVINCE MV CHIEF OF STArTTHW- TP|b"""" —•-—.-. ARCHII WHBNT X DIPtfT ROM FOR IT.' HE'S DOIN9 ON OP MISS A-—— ._ A A9KTHAIT A IN THE. , OP /mr' ) ART ROOM.' JUPD SAXON-By KM Jald and Jerry Brondfield NO, «rr you've ...IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR TOE FACT HE WAS PRtVWS HIMSELF CRUELLY-ANO COMPLICATIONS «WD HAVE THIS SPACE BISCUIT LICKEP. MB.t~XHAD SBfATWSPBCT IN IAURA LUCAS'S OFFICE. I'LL SEE WHAT I CAN DO. BUT I'M MORTY MEEKLE Theresa Helburn, executive director and producer of the New York Theater Guild, was first an actress, then a dramatic critic. Chief export of Libya in North Africa is esparto grass. Tula is used in manufacture of high grade paper and banknotes. "He proved you were right, Dad. He's an ill-tempered, bad-mannered thug!" THAT* FINE. WHAT DID MOO 00TO wiNrr? THATSTHC PEAUTVOFir. IOIONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING/ HEYMORTY; LOOK AT THE PRIZE I GOT AT BOBBY BARNES' BIRTHDAY Ba,RTY' NICEFW2EIP uiLGOHc RIGHT NOW PROBABLY NOT ACCUSTOMED/ VSR. TO HAVING / ICVE» LCVE-SICK OLD GOATS WALKING AROUND/ OOC..I MAT! TO WINS THIS UP BUT fM AFRAID THERES SOME BAD NEWS FOR US HERE COOP ELBERT.OONT TELLMEMDU DID FALL OFF THE DOCK/ VAH/1 TOLDMW HE PROB'LY \VOULD_ REMEMBER? OKAY, SO I WONT TELL MDU.' TOMBTHBYOCWLO HAVE A RAILING AROUND A PLACE LIKE THAT.' BLINP, YKNOW WASH TUBBS oritmtutoc*. NOTI»M<KU «^ADB0FTHKKTAUC»V«Rt TMeBNTIRt IKlTACT.,£UrUMFINIftHEPl J AMA WITH Hi WA5WT TO LfiWB IT'. THB PIW OFFICIALS WHO TALKJP WITH MM WEKE BROUeHT HERE StCRBTLV. «0 WAS MeKEEl ON OUR PERIODIC CHECK UR THE 5BCONP KIOHt COULP REO AfltMT* MAVB dEEN^ " EM KOUTE A CAFE OR HOTEL? PIAM6 AT NIOHT TO THIS SBCLUPBP HOUSE WBAR TOWN, WHICH WB srocxeowmi ii\ PROVISlON5i *" BUGS BUNNY I'LL PELIVER IT rveROFFice PER FREE I ILL YA A HANP. PORKY! I'LL T-TAKE ITf HE") AUSTIN (Mlftfi.) HMAIO Tw«iday, Dtc, 30, 1938 SHORT RIBS ,nm aW"5 JACOBY'S BRIDGE ^ - . AJ108* ¥5 V84S • QJ10III2 »B7 , *QW7 *JI4t AAK4 VAQJI7I • KB •ott Tulmnble 1* JJ Pw 4N.T. PM • ¥ Pan BN.T. Pan BV FM 7N.T. PM§ Paat PIM Opcalnf Itad—•> Q By OSWAtD MCOBt Written for NBA Mttic* "Wh»t U ft pieudo - tqueeri*}" tries ft Bt. P»ul r«ad«r. A pMUdo-iqiMeM oooun wbm • real WJUMM won't work, tout when a defender makes the wrong dl*c«r(U. Today'! h»nd hM 13 top trtok* and the 13th to there on a equeeae U on* defender hold* tour or more'ipadw and lire or more elubi. Tou win the opening diamond In dummy and run off your •!« heart tricki, dlioardlnff a club, a spade and a diamond from dummy, West throws five diamonds; Cait one cardxtn each suit. Mow you lead your king of diamonds and West follows. Ha started with aewn diamond* and one heart only so he holds five black cards and a real squeeze wont work. He probably holds three of on* suit and two of the other and his partner cannot tell which. Tou discard your last low club from dummy. This' gives up any real squeece, but you know there was no real aqueete. Hut does not know this. He says to himself. "South has three little clubs and my partner only two. My partner has three spades and I can afford to let another spade go." He does so and you have your grand slam* It will be noted that West can spoil the pseudo - squeeze by throwing a spade early in the hand, but West is afraid that South holds the ace-klng- ]aok at spades, not Just ace-king, small, Versatile Trio Gypsum U the mineral from which plaster of Paris is made. Spain ceded Florid* to the United States on Feb. 22, 1819. Px»U *•« aiYKlIti |j Aoilli Dally ClattHlnl Pagx ir« MlttM, Why Htl Try WANT TO SAVE MONEY IN '59? Reiolva- right now to make 1959 the year you are going to get ahead! And make the first step a sincere resolution to save money - no matter whatl Open your Savings Account at the Austin State Bank — then stick to a regular program. SAVING WILL HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOAUI The turest way to have money when you need it is by saving regularly. A definite week by week savings program soon builds a healthy reserve. Get the savings habit at the Austin State Bank... watch your account grow by leaps and bounds. AUSTIN STATE BANK (or We're herd to help you get what you want By I4UIU WHEELER 0o ohanning and u*elull OUon» a*rve« a* lunobeon mat, trio of doUUs as dresser set ... or individually on tabks. FUet oracbet dollies. F»tWn 9»s chartia croobM direcuoinji fov 9V». round 10. oblong U t 814 in No. 50 oottoo. ftsnd Tnutj . five CUM .._ ta>i pattsrn — add & o*»u ior pattern (or 1st » olsw to the Austin OtUf i— craft Dank. 9. O. Box 1«8. StaUonTNew York 1* FATTKBti I . •1 and ZONB. . <<w aoopyof i«68 „ *r N«*di*<xcait £ook. It AM al«as to o*d«r — knitun*. - 'book.

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